Session 646A-9/12/02

(Tape of this Session very bad)
Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have seen the different (?) going to the end and know that the escalation of for to get the reserves that you have up and ready to be called (?). It’s interesting that um it only takes a month to get ready and put your house in order ah and to be ah it, does mean a lot of fast moving and to getting things ah put into space. We find that the Iraqi situation um with the United States having photographs of their own buildup of missiles and plants of atomic waste. Now if all goes well ah it could very nicely (? escalate) ah into a situation that the United States and of course other countries might have to ah go and fight Iraq. (Part missing) Unfortunately there is so much other things that (?) we think that we need to (?) in itself.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in. What do you mean it takes a month everything ready or something?
Forces: It takes a month for the reserve in your country to be able to march into the conflict.
IS: Which country.
Forces: (?).
IS: What about JW who left?
Forces: (?) wanting to ah expand and go on to different areas of jewelry and also a desire to open his own shop. There’s also a desire to go over to this area that he said but there’s always that opportunistic approach that he carries with him that someone will fit the bill to help him have his own shop. Now all these things are ok but he needs time to air out and, and, and refocus for his own mental skills are dwindling down and needs to reevaluate ah himself and his spiritual approach.
IS: You would think as much as he knows, he would know better?
Forces: Well he is trying to get himself together and this is the way he’s doing it. Hopefully to return with a better attitude. Remember he comes from a line of ah young ah as a youth with emotional moments and problems and carried them throughout his existence. He carries a lot in, in that regard.
IS: It’s very strange that a person with that knowledge, the things that he gave here. All good and (?) and yet it’s just a little (?) a little something…?
Forces: Well there’s the desire that he has to excel with this area and one would yet to (?)the proper channels have offered him a (?) a particular experience up that way. And we just move on now that this has to be.
IS: Anybody else in the house?
Forces: Oh no but we just have to think, there are troubled ah hard times out there, that there are others that are coming to want to fill in the void and become part of the working experience here.
IS: You mean like CM?
Forces: Well he does have a tremendous desire and respect for the house and the work of the Sessions that he puts his tremendous effort of ah work skills to ah to create the Sessions ah Website that they call.
IS:Is it going to be morale wise a downer for everybody?
Forces: No not at all. A lot had experienced some of his crankiness and to tell you the truth sometimes people get tired of cranky and all in all they all know it is the best thing for the group.
IS:I just wondered about that, that’s why I become halfway bitter because I always worry about the consequences?
Forces: (? No when he hangs back and throws it over his shoulder and move on.)
IS: Who would be the best person at this point for me to do the money with?
Forces: Well the next person ah I wouldn’t ah, ah underestimate that NN could be very good at it and ah unbenounced to everyone even ES could be good. (laughter)
IS: I’m glad to do it by myself?
Forces: In all reality we are there doing it with you.
IS: Who else do I need?
Forces: Not anyone.
IS:I always did that to keep somebody as a witness.
Forces: I think you should forget about that.
IS: You think so.
Forces: Let’s move on.
IS: Now this month, but last few months, but this month has really been slow for me.
Forces: We’ll try to pick it up a few octaves for you.
IS: Is it because of 9/11?
Forces: The holiday season and everyone rushing.
IS: But the last few months is it because of 9/11?
Forces: A combination affects but more so this inability just to look around because of the terrorists movement.
IS: Right. Money factor.
Forces: Well yeah it would be () surprise. You have people not wanting to make decisions until certain items of fear subside.
IS: Will next year better for me?
Forces: Yes of course.
IS:(?) Complaining.
Forces: No, no.
IS:(?). Carpet
Forces: Well again no need () be doing that once.
IS: Room (?).
Forces: We find it such.
IS: The other side, measure the doors (?)?
Forces: Again that’s for you to decide.
IS: Not clear dome room.
Forces: Well it could be all wood but it also could be the sheetrock on the upper half. Whichever is easier.
IS:I will do sheetrock any particular color for that room?
Forces: Well a kind of Spanish color would go.
IS: ().
Forces: Yes.
Q: The other day I () with my heart, was it just my fear that I am ()?
Forces: ().
Q: ()?
Forces: No it’s () the whole thing. There’s a whole test of energy going on.
Q: ()?
Forces: This is right yes.
Q: And what kind of ultra
Forces: No it’s more like a violet blue ultra light.
Q: And that frequency()?
Forces: It could help yes.
Q: Thank you.
DD: On the (calculator?) you start from the bottom and go to the top like right to left from the bottom or from the top, put the first one down/
Forces: We would say the top for the first one and then the rest would be right to left.
DD: The top right to left and then the second right to left?
Forces: Yes.
DD: With the Pyramid you used the word it would merge together what does that mean, merging?
Forces: To join.
DD: How would it join together if there’s something in the middle separating it?
Forces: It will have to come a piece that no longer makes it, it () itself to it together.
DD: So that goes over the middle piece?
Forces: Yes.
DD: So it’s like a slide rule?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Is there anything I need to be doing now to strengthen myself?
Forces: Your doing (better) in what you’re doing.
DD: (Sound) seems to be coming up a lot and like chanting, I realize how powerful it is, when I chant Psalm 11 its very good when I chant Psalm 20 I cant get into the cadence of it. What’s the key to chanting?
Forces: With an open Heart this creates the chanting to be in the right place and the right octaves.
DD: (Faith?) So open up and sort of feel it and you’ll get into it?
Forces: Yes.
DD: Thank you very much.
IS: Will JU get a job?
Forces: We don’t see that but we do see the desire…
IS: ()?
Forces: Well again we have a lot to be thankful for.
IS: I’m thankful for the veggies and the bread. Am I doing something with the energy ()?
Forces: No your doing fine.
IS: So this is not interrupting ()?
Forces: No.
IS: Which place () by the house here or by the waterfall?
Forces: ()
IS: ()?
Forces: Right an energy field that.
Forces: At this point we will have to leave.
IS: Could you give any kind of prediction for me?
Forces: We will try to get more clients for you before the week is out and of course they will be a lot more interesting encounters with even putting together some of your famous or most (practical) predictions.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.