Session 294. 3/24/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have moved into your area since last and ah plan to stay here for a while for maneuvers. We have been here working on a few things and moving it along. As far as movements are concerned this would be bringing into April and new (starts) and as we have said new undertakings new beginnings. There will be more or less a green light for many creative things to be done and undertakings to be formed. As far as the country is concerned, your country is going through its own development stages, disciplines financially of course which will bring them to a different type of consciousness as time goes on. Those who don’t own there property or land, do not have a place or home that is paid for and living in it times, times ahead could be very trying and (—-). Now is the time when certain doors on a Spiritual level are beginning to open. The iron is beginning to get hot and there are people out there are beginning to believe now in miracles, why not. When it is down at the lowest point people (believe) in miracles more readily then when things are going much easier. The trouble is when you have it you’re the Miracle person and when you don’t have anything well your not a miracle person. Well you have it so you become the miracle people now keep it, that is keep the miracles happening. They’ll be many Miracles to perform and many avenues to be worked with. The miracles of life is, is, is meant to be given wisely and not foolishly it will be done right. As far as the Shah is concerned running from pillar to post, he really is getting a lot of people into trouble as far as his very presence into other countries it cause a great deal of ah eruptions and diseasements especially going to Egypt did not have a positive result in anything over there, but at this point anything is a positive result. Anyhow so you (—-) too much to worry on that. The Gold will of course you have is going up and down and many insecure investors and sellers don’t know which way to run. Of course your base commodity now is food and purchasing of food and that is Gold in itself and just being and preserving the energies, creative energies of working and moving forward in a disciplined manner can save lots of labors and headaches in the future. As far as the Soviet Union is concerned of course you know they have their hands in this whole mess and trying to play one against the other. We would be looking to Yugoslavia this month for certain eruptions and, and movements and certain changes about ready to happen.

Forces: Now we’re ready for your questions.

David: Is the first 6 chapters, the Tarot cards in general as we worked out last night, is that correct?

Forces: Yes you would find what you were going through is not only correct but it fell into place.

Isis-In Revelation the last chapter Jesus is called the Morning Star. In what connotation is it meant in that particular chapter about Jesus? The Morning Star is also used in Isaiah for the Prince of Darkness.

Forces: The Morning Star considered (Goddess) of firmament, consider the firmaments, the handiworks of God. When a baby is born there is no comet or star seen they only usher in that of Princes and Royalty and that of course you know from Shakespeare. Shakespeare of course you know from Cesar, you’ll find that in scene two act two. Now I think its line 6, scene 2 act 2 line 6. We’re not up on your literary ah as well as you are but we can quote with the best of them. Yes it is only that you are, lets speak about comets, anyone knows or know what a comet is ah that’s where we must speak about. Comets and Stars, anyone know what comets are. What is a comet anyone know what a comet, if you see a comet in the sky what does it mean. When was the first time there was a comet, there’s comets all over the place. What is in your Bible that you have a comet sighted, by what Great King. That’s right Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadnezzar saw a comet and what did he do. In the year 60AD there was also a comet, but with Nebuchadnezzar keeping to the subject too this comet hovered over what, told the takeover of Israel, dealing with Babylon and taking over of Israel right. When is your next comet, 60, 67AD is your next comet sighted over Israel and it stayed over Jerusalem for one year right. You all know that right.

IS: No.

Forces: And Rome defeated Jerusalem, after that year was up Rome came and conquered Jerusalem. When was your next comet that someone would say comets, of course Napoleon. Napoleon saw the comet, he interpreted it wrongly of course, he invaded Russia and that was to his own defeat. So it all depends on how you’re going to interpret these comets right. Comets and Stars are new beginnings just as a Spring. Comets are when a comet does come, your next comet here is 1984 right, in (winter) Halley’s comet does come around that time no.

JU: Yes.

Forces: So you know Halley’s comet is going to usher in a takeover of a new political and social and financial system. That means in 1984 there should be, now comets are not bad, comets and stars are dropping angels coming in, pure angels coming in and dropping into the earth that you, you people souls need to develop. Comets are new beginnings followed of course by hard times and crucial moments of discipline. No matter how you like it discipline has to be done. Either you stick with us and it will be easy or you run away and it will get harder, discipline no matter how you look at it has to be done and the comets are the ushering into of a new cycle of evolution for mankind. So the Prince of this what you would call the star of the sun of, Son of God being the Morning Star represents the New Era, the New Consciousness, of course many months ago we told you, you have 425,000 years before this New Era can finally manifest into the earth so, something like that right.

IS: Right.

Forces: You have a long time to wait so if anyone comes preaches doom, doom, doom you say no, no, no, 425,000 years we have to search, search it out and, and, and be here and what you do is you hold up a sign (Keep On Trucking) you know put 425000 underneath it and that’s all you need to know, the end, the Iron Age, the Age of Keli (Kali) Kele just begun, just begun (Forces chuckle) (group Laughs) so the comet which will be representing the Age of Christ coming now is coming and will take over the whole dominion of the earth and will come in with its new system and will never change form that point on. That is nice to know isn’t it, yes. Your responsibility is to be servants and to bring a new consciousness and to get rid of the gross and the dross of the body, the desires of this body that weighs us down so we cannot be creative. The more you become creative, the more you give into the earth the more your life becomes easier right.

IS: Right.

Forces: Yes I knew you would agree with me that readily. So what we’re speaking about is the Christ or the Spirit or the Authority or the Star of Light or the Morning Star will be a New Consciousness in mankind that new elements and Ethers will be dropped in 1984, new beginnings, new ideas, new inspirations are going to be dropped in less than 3 years from now, in less than 2 years from now certain things are going to start popping and people are going to start thinking and receiving new inspirations, now isn’t that wonderful, you are the channelors people for this new inspiration especially around here. You come from a new different consciousness lets face it you come from New York City another planet. These people don’t even know what you have seen; you might as well have come from another planet and its up to you to make your mark and your position and your power and your pull and your movements forward to bring these people into a consciousness of beauty and the arts and music and refinement and that is your job. We are not asking you to have a hard time we’re asking you to enjoy yourself. So that should answer your question.

IS: Revelation not until 425,000 years?

Forces: No, no, no 425,000 years is a different beginning, there are many, many beginnings on the road before the final beginning, begins so don’t, don’t, don’t look for 425,000 look for now because there are new beginnings everyday, its up to you to become the Sons of God everyday, every single time you create and bring beauty into the earth this is the manifestation of the Son of God in you.

IS: Thank you. You said in 2 years it’s going to start popping, but 1984…?

Forces: We’ll they’ll be new ideas, new inspirations new ways of doing things, new ideas as far as nature, as far as growing things as far as herbs as far as looking out on things, a whole vista, new colors, new smells everything.

IS: Hardships

Forces: Oh well hardships come everyday. Hardships are those, the, they happen but they; those who don’t want to do or move into the Spirit or the Vein of Creation.

IS: Hardships…?

Forces: Well yes the look at the other side of the coin of course, that’s, that could be very, very prominent too.

IS: Strongest thing…?

Forces: Well you have your hardships social, sociological hardships, the young and the old; these are your 2 classes and your minorities that need to be worked out in your societies. That’s why the young and the old are very important to balance out to get them into a creative perspective or else the society in the middle cannot really flourish.

IS: In 1984 with the new comet…?

Forces: (—-) many governments will fall many things that we consider to be strong today will be very, very inadequate and, and, and gone tomorrow. Many changes on an earth and land level and just changes in general so we’re prepared for them.

IS: How would we prepare?

Forces: You now your preparing ah what you think what you are what you create and what you give is, is a preparing for that moment.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Where in the Psalms would be found most the 14 precepts…?

Tape switch some lost

Forces: Psalms that go with the Alphabet, Alpha, Gimel and Beth. These are your, these are your moments of breakdown.

NN: Thank you.

LK: In the Cayce Readings it tells that the Viola was first introduced in Ancient Egypt and used in the Temples and that it dealt with the Lords of the Nature Spirits of Fire. I am wondering if the violin was also introduced at that time and what it deals with?

Forces: This deals with the Nymphs and the Lords of Regions underneath the crevice of, of, of Vectus which is the Law of the ah not only Fire but also Air and ah was also used by the Giants in, in, the good Giants, not the bad giants but the good ones that did disappear later because they became no longer creative, they went into the center of the earth. You also have them in the Temples of Atlantis and they weren’t 4 strings they were, they, they were more or less 2 to 7 strings on different levels. So that was your beginning of the string instruments that came down from the 144,000 that also carried string instruments with them.

LK: Thank you.

BH-Does being non receptive and having a hardened heart go together?

Forces: Yes.

BH: If you work with your receptivity then you work with the other quality as well. Could you give me something to work with receptivity?

Forces: If you will read some books on Thomas Aquinas this would help you out.

BH: Thank you.

JB: What holds a person back from creativity?

Forces: Stopping the person.

JB: Yes. From moving into creativity.

Forces: Jumping the precept (Precipice), the lack of Faith and wanting to contain ones self in a moment of ah, of, of security and not wanting to jump out into the, into the Unknown. These are all the qualities of lack of creativity.

JB: Thank you.

HI: In the Dream I had last night where I was to work as a nurse (—) in a mental Hospital. Is it something to happen physical…?

Forces: This is on an astral level that had been happening this week; you had traveled into many zones of caring on an astral level.

HI: The entities that I saw were they aspects within myself?

Forces: Also aspects of those who are caught in an astral level.

HI: The catatonic lady that I saw I thought she was myself is that true?

Forces: Possibility of becoming that when the Spirit is, is ah, is stifled.

HI: Thank you.

JE: In the Bermuda Triangle where planes and ships disappear into the fourth dimension. Is it possible that they ever return back to the third and what causes them to go back and forth between the third and the fourth and if they do come back?

Forces: Its possible but its not probable because they won’t come back in this lifetime.

JE: The Ship called the Flying Dutchman supposed disappeared then reappeared again sometime later?

Forces: This has some validity yes. But not during the same moment, not during the same age.

IS: Can a ship disappear…?

Forces: A ship can disappear in 1930 and come back in the year 2030.

IS: But it cannot disappear in 1930 be 200 years there and come back in 1930 the same moment it disappeared the people feeling they had a dream?

Forces: This is possible too.

IS: Did those things happen?

Forces: That in that particular case very unlikely but it can happen.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Thank you.

BR: Does the letter Aleph still correspond to the Tarot card the Fool?

Forces: Yes you could associate with that, yes.

BR: Thank you.

GL: Could any guidance be given to me in reference to my job and the situation there and what I should do with it?

Forces: Well it’s a creative and industrial point. Remember they usually say ah during the difficult moments it is that there’s light up ahead. Ah we say that there are certain tests within the Hospital structure. There’s going through like black versus the white ah a little perseverance and, and a little Spirit talking can change a lot of elements within the confines of this dominion as already has been changed.

GL: Thank you.

BN: Did the Hebrew and Chinese languages written languages diverge from a common source and what was that source and when did they start diverging from it?

Forces: Well you would say from Babylon they had a common feeling internally and, and were separated in its own form.

BN: Thank you.

JU: Is the Heinrick Heine book of songs and poems is that the one you referred me too and if so can you give me any guidance on using it?

Forces: Yes that’s the one ah, read it.

JU: Thank you.

DD: In the first 6 chapters of Genesis is it right the way certain things were reversed and the way I have it written down is that correct?

Forces: Well it is working out rather well, it needs more work to it but its, it will do.

IS: What does it mean that its again popping up the Master Race and those people that are trying to inseminate genius’s with genius’s to have genius children?

Forces-They seem to be taping on to a future ray of the root race they keep hitting on ah where superior souls will come down and take over and the ones who are lazy souls, the souls that refuse to create the souls that bog everything down they are the ones that they want to do away with and ah even in the Spirit world these souls the unproductive souls will leave and not come in for a long time until the superior race as it would be called in the earth has refined themselves and developed to such a point where they can pay attention and help these other souls develop and move on. This is like a pre-thought that they have in their heads, but they are manifesting it wrongly on the physical level by taking it into their own hands.

IS: When will those children start coming in?

Forces: Ah they at any moment.

IS: But not through their way?

Forces: No.

IS: Do genius souls have to have genius parents?

Forces-Oh no, no, no, no, cause many genius parents or children have really very common parents.

IS: And many genius parents have common children.

Forces: Yes of course.

IS: So really no human being can do that?

Forces: No, no, no.

IS: Never will?

Forces: No impossible.

IS: Are the Black Race considered lower?

Forces: No, no, no. Different developments but no higher or lower, different force fields to develop. One is working on one aspect and the other one is working on another aspect.

IS: So actually when any human agency is going to try and better things by taking things into their own hands…?

Forces-They make worse ah items to manifest.

IS: Thank you.

NN: How can I apply the Psalm with the letters? How can I get a system out of that for the 14 stations?

Forces: Just use it and it will manifest itself as you go through it.

NN: Thank you.

LK: Was Rasputin black or white force and what powers did he have?

Forces: He had powers and it could have been used for white, at times he did, there are other times he used it on a ah dark side. Ah to give you a final summation on it let us say he was more of the, the Sword of Death or the Sword of Learning ah the Sword of ah, there’s a great deal of darkness near the end part of his life. But he had a great chance of bringing a terrific light to the whole country.

LK: Thank you.

JB: How to help somebody move into some creative fields?

Forces: Well just ah presenting or putting forth certain things and putting time and the elements and patience work the best out and more or less it comes from within the soul and the soul knows what it needs to do and eventually the soul does take it on and, and picks up its (cause) course.

JB: It’s a matter of time?

Forces: For some yes.

JB: Thank you.

JE: When these ships (Bermuda Triangle) go back and forth what causes them to go in and what causes them to come back and where is it they go?

Forces: By the funnel they do go into a fourth dimensional state. They pass over this funnel.

JE: But to where?

Forces: To the fourth dimension.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Within an anti-matter planet.

JE: What would cause them to come back?

Forces: Crossing over the same funnel on the other side.

JE: Just by chance?

Forces: Yes.

JE: Thank you.

GL: What is the nature of virtue could it be described?

Forces: Virtue is the Faith and the Belief and the Trust in the Spirits.

GL: Thank you.

BR: When Abraham ask his servant to go back to his homeland to get Isaac a wife, the servant wanted to know if Isaac could go with him and Abraham didn’t want him to go back to his homeland. What was the reason for that?

Forces: Certain commitments and Abraham realized that power more so would be given than

BR: Thank you.

BH: In a previous Session it was mentioned the symbol of a cube, if you pictured it with your eyes closed it would project peace to another person. Is there a symbol that could be used to project healing or Love?

Forces: A Green type Flame or Torch could have this affect.

BN: My ring I had planned to put a malachite stone in it. Is that still the best stone to put in that?

Forces: Yes.

JU: How can I break out of a pattern?

Forces: Ah prayer, prayer has a great deal of strength over this ah what you call thought form, you are talking about thought forms that you had created and fall back into. Prayer is, is, is the key of breaking these thought forms of creation over the years.

JU: Thank you.

DL: What was happening earlier if anything and what would it look like if I could see it and how could it be recreated on a third dimensional level by us?

Forces: More or less a changing of the rays in certain areas and coming in of rays to fulfill certain other things. You’ve got to understand that there are rays that precede action. Before any action on a worldly level ever happens it happens on the astral level and of course as we are speaking about the comets coming into the earth, there are rays that come into the earth to affect your astral bodies. How to manifest this and describe it, this is of the Spirit and if you just use the hand and let the Spirit guide you the rays will take over and do exactly what it wants to create into the earth.

DL: Thank you.

DD: In doing the Tarot I reversed the Emperor and the Empress to apply to the 6 chapters?

Forces: Well your speaking about the 6th root race aspect, this could be done now.

DD: In talking about reversing the Emperor and the Empress is that correct to do that?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Thank you.

NN: The women in Israel that Herod ordered their first born sons to be killed, were those the same ones that made their sons and daughters pass through the fire in the time of Jeremiah or Ezekiel?

Forces: Well the same analogy could be associated but no they weren’t the same.

Forces: At this point we will be leaving ah knowing that there’s lots of questions more to come. But remember that answers are always coming and your questions are always there. Ah there is a great deal of insight and Revelation that will be happening for the world. Remember when the world falls apart its now your turn to bring what you’ve been preserving for so long to them, and you have the light and the torch and they will look to you because now it is dark out there.

Forces: Greetings to all yes…

IS:Is it 1984 when the darkness and this group will manifest miracles?

Forces: It is already manifesting the miracles at this very moment.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.