Session 283-2/8/80

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. As we move through this year, we will find that it can be a year of tremendous growth and strength. In short, those conditions that are placed before you are conditions that you yourself have chosen on the higher level coming back into the earth to fulfill that particular course. So in short, this month and the months to come is more or less the house that you live in is the institution. Institution of the Spiritual laws of learning the lessons, and if the heart is sound, if the heart is with love, there will he no obstacles. You must remember that no matter what we are doing here, it is for the manifestation of the spirit that represents that goal within you. Therefore, it will have its own effect and glory, no matter if it’s from removing your waste, to that of washing your windows, to that of nailing board, for each is, is all part of the Tree of Life. Your house, as we have said before, represents the totality of man and woman’s evolution through the stream of life. There is no other place in the world that a man and a woman can work and develop their potential of the spirit. It is this home that is the culmination of that unison of working together. When man and woman enters into the external world, it is in conflict all together. It is only in the home bases that this harmony manifests, and the true organization of every home is the manifestation of the harmony, the unity, the cleanliness, and the caring and the act of love in all acts working all deeds that are done. There is no room for justice and depressions in the home. When these moments do come upon us, that is why you have your sanctuary and meditation, our temple, or what would be considered here the beeping place. Many years in the future in the evolution of the sons of God in the earth, it will he common knowledge that everyone must have a place to sit still in, and in the years to come, every room will be equipped with the, what would be considered, the sitting room. That is the quiet room or the still room. For the human being to function properly in the earth he also must sleep; of course, a certain amount of sleep is necessary. But also the human body must eat, a certain amount is necessary. And also the human mind must read. A mind that dies not read becomes inactive and allows the thoughts that are imaginative and negative to enter in. It does not in any reference relates that the mind reading naught increases in its strength. In short the mind must filter a certain structure of learning, not to read for the sake of reading, or to skim through books for the sake of skimming, but to guide in a course of learning the reading materials that you must find to your own taste, strength, and development. Each particular soul is going through his or her own pattern of development. Now, of course, the most important aspect is the soul, which makes everything else possible on the mental level and on the physical, and that is the silence that one enters into and the prayers that one sends up the requests in. Prayers have strength in every fiber and nature. Without prayer, man dies. There is a atheistic nation, the Soviet Union, that deplores anything of God. That is, they do not recognize the spiritual factor within man. They recognize the psychic factor and the psychic factor of man’s mental mind, but Russia will and will come to that reckoning that the mind can only take you just so far. The mind in its own true state becomes totally stagnated if it enters into mind balance or mind acrobatics. The quite terminology of mind acrobatics is that in reference that the human being or species totally mentalizes everything that he or she receives in the earth and is taught not to come up with anything of the spirit. This, of course, is totally wrong, for the spirit constantly speaks to all those souls behind the Iron Curtain or the Soviet Block. In so doing, there is an internal turmoil brewing. It is, as we have said unchecked, and as you have known, when we decree something, it manifests. So, whatever we want to be done, all we have to do is say it, and in the very essence of saying and pronouncing the words, it becomes reality, as you all well know in the weeks, and the months, and years that have gone by. Russia, the Soviet Union, will have tremendous internal conflicts, as we have pronounced. There will be struggles political; there will be struggles financial; there will be struggles political; there will be struggles financial; there will be struggles. The weather in the Soviet Union will take drastic turns. It will be harsh, and conflicts of interest between other countries, not only with the United States at this moment, but other countries in the world, will come desperately in conflict with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is now on a destruct mechanism. It no longer cares. It is what we would consider, clinically insane. As far as what we will about, what we will do, or what we will about, that is, what we will do about this Soviet oppression. It Is that we must first and clearly mark to our conscious mind that Communism in any form or state without spirituality is the crippling disease of’ humanity’s modern day era, that Communism is the beast of the world, for Communism oppresses the true spirit of man. The spirit of man struggles within that of Communism and is continuing through thousands and thousands of prisoners who are considered currently outcasts in their own society, would be termed as a renegade, violent, antisocial, would be considered in the Soviet Block dangerous. The dangerous or criminal ah which they also would have to wear a bandetta or arm ah insignia stating that they were violent. This, of course, coming through the airwaves, but anyone in the Soviet Union who professes a spiritual process of thinking is immediately carted away into insane asylums or buildings of, of, of below degrees. We must pray for this condition that it does not take over America. It is at this moment taking over America. It is taking over America through the liberalism, liberal ideas. Now, you will not understand this, but MK was totally taken over by the liberal ideas. Of course, RU was enticed by the liberal ideas; of course, RK was enticed by the liberal ideas. To be Liberal is in this society, to be Communist. Now, you might not know what this means. How can you be liberal and be Communist at the same time if you believe in a God? God does ask all to worship Him, true. He also asks for discipline and sacrifice. If you do not discipline or sacrifice, you are seeking a liberal path with the relationship with your God. If you do not put things in action into the earth, manifestations of qualities cannot happen. Liberals in the United States is the answer to Communism in the United States. We know it will not make the Liberals happy with these statements, but Liberals have a tendency of corroding and corrupting into a blob type atmosphere, at which point it becomes too late to do anything about anything, and nothing ever gets done, in which is a perfect fermenting ground for Communism to take place. This is how liberals are Communism in its own standing. Communism is taking a strong hold in the United States, but it is those who are that which is the workers of beliefs, the workers of the spirit. These are the workers of the Brotherhood of Light. These are those who have to everyday fight the liberal thoughts of weakness, of contentment, of non-movement ideology. This non-movement is very destructive, for the spirit everyday must move and have its being, and expression of the spirit must manifest. If the spirit does not express in the earth one day anything, then this state of neutrality between movement and force, this non-state existence, non-movement, this neuter existence of stability, of non-existence, whatever terminology you need to apply becomes the void, and the void always comes the mushroom of conflict. Conflicts always come from nothingness when it becomes stagnant, it is the self-explanation of eruption, and, eruption comes from non-movement. It is why all of us need constantly to move through time and space, no matter how small our deeds or work is, we must constantly go out of our way to be producers in our society of spiritual beliefs, That is, we must be there able to work, to give, and to make that road and path able and better for society and the Sons of the spirit that live and work around us, It is our job, our position, our title to Pray. Prayer. Be strong in Prayer. Be strong in the spirit. Opposition can come at any time, any moment. The opposition can come from any place. Opposition is that of refusal to move, refusal to progress in time and space. Reality. We are not asking for material things to manifest in the earth. We are not asking for movements of material items. This, too, you could get caught up in. What we are asking for is the spirit movement. Now if you move in the spirit and you are becoming aware of your judgments, of your values, of what you are condoning. Look into the things that you are shaking your head yay, yay, nay, nay to. Look at your sympathizing roles. Do not take a sympathizing role to anything. Sympathy is not constructive; it’s destructive. It is patting someone on the back, pushing that person down. It is jealousy in its facts; it is jealousy in its root. No one likes to see anyone move, especially the Liberals. No one likes to see progress, especially when it leaves us behind. No one likes to see that which is development, in countries, in nations, and most of all, in the spirit. Truly you are moving into the 80’s. The 80’s represent the conflict of the spirit. The conflict between the materiality of why and where and how versus the answer, which is the Spirit. Man does not answer the why, where, and how by the formula of Spirit, he answers it by the formula of the mind. Two of the most greatest powers in the earth is that of building and that of destroying, both are simultaneously aspects of the human being. Man is the co-creator in the earth. He comes in with the power to do or not to do and it is up to us with each passing day to do. But remember that which you have done can be destroyed by undoing. That which you have done over the years can be destroyed by not caring. Truly it is a moment in which the Sons of God those nations in the earth who believe in the Spirit and the essence of living of growing of moving are in a conflicting state, a line of demarcation, a line of conflict with the Liberal movements and with Communism. Communism has been silent for 10 to 20 years. They have played their hand, have taken properties and control and institutions and demoralizing them and controlling them and making them weak. Communism had sought it fit, in its own theology to attack internally through the structure itself and in time as Khrushchev had revealed (we will bury you). He made a ploy, a coy, a statement many years ago. He revealed the hand of the Kremlin, which made them very upset. Khrushchev actually said what in reality are in the minds of the Red Army to control and bury the free nations of the world who believe in the spirit and to control and to program them into an institution of State. Look into your own minds and see how you have become institutionalized in your thinking. How you want to appear to be that which is the nice person, the good citizen the good guy. That is to look favorable that society will look upon you as favorable. But don’t look for the nodding of the heads that you are good, it is a hard struggle an upward movement strong together in the Spirit you can do no wrong. Strong together in the movement you cannot go astray. That is in fact your goal. Look to create to manifest to strengthen the Spiritual ties of your commitment, not only through you hands and your works of art, which expresses truly the Spirit that is within you. For all medias within culture of society is the Spirit. No matter what you would want to say, culture is the expression of the soul within man. That is even in the Soviet Union their culture is the expression of their Spirit if they like it or not. No matter how they might explain it as how their expression of their minds in the earth, it only shows the token of the Spirit that is behind as prisoners in the body of a Nation of the Soviet Union. We speak to you in these details, we speak to you open. (Tape Changed) We are not right or left up or down these are facts. When the body and the mind refuses to produce and move it stagnates and demands more and more never to be pleased. And then like a drowning man takes those around him or her into the pit. Remember stand on your own feet, be strong in your own demeanor for that of the Spirit will be your saving grace. That is what makes you the threshold the watering pond for many around who are in arid lands. The Soviet Union is presently actively planning to take over the world. The Soviet Union is planning to take over the Middle East. The Soviet Union is planning to take over Africa. Questions and answers are to be had. The progress in the United States have been hampered by the Soviet Union. The internal conflicts of oil in your country is not necessary. This has already been said you do have enough oil underground to last at least 300,000 years. Properly done, allocated with expense of projects, you have enough to last you 3,000 years. Properly handled, it can be extended for another 6,000 years. The natural state of oil if you tuned into the new mode of energy could last you 300,000, but at your present state and economic development, you have enough to last at least 6,000 years. We do take it that 6,000 years is enough time to develop your energy resources in other fields. (Laughter) This is part of our program, to reveal this to the media, to reveal this publicly, as it has and is being done, but remember, it is accurate and it is true. You do have enough oil in you, under you, and around you if you need, but it is politically strangulated by the regulations that is found in your bureaucracy at Washington. There is more harm that is being done in Washington. We have told you that your best senator in Washington is Senator Proxmire, and we are saying he is now coming to light and will be carrying the torch in his development of un-cleaning that which is clogged. There will be a purging that this country has never seen before in many avenues, many eruptions, many seats will be lifted. This tape of what we are speaking about seems to be heavy. It is not meant to be. It’s meant to be the facts. Whether it be right or left, up or down. The facts are the facts. Truth is the truth. If man and woman would labor together in unity and. harmony, woman would not seek after equality, and man would not be afraid of woman being equal. For man and woman rightly together are truly equal in their work. Man needs woman in his progression through the earth. Woman needs man in her progression up from the earth. It is both a give and take. Both partners are givers and takers, but truly and solely, givers at first. But remember, what we are saying, all that is created, all societies that have ever been made, is being tested on the precepts and the tenets of spirituality versus mental concepts. You had a great empire of Babylon. They, too, got involved with mental concepts. They had all the knowledge, but all the knowledge wrongfully applied, can destroy the best plans. What God points, as it is said, man points, God disappoints. In these moments of our speaking with you, we are here only to make you strong. We will not leave you nor forsake you during these troubled times. We are only asking that each link will be strong in its own self and empire. Each individual, male and female, represents a total existence, a small cosmic universe. Each universe must stand on its own strength, or it collides and crashes into its neighboring universe. We are summoning you to the call. Be strong in spirit. The spirit makes easy. If you do your work in the spirit, it is easy…So, when you manifest the work around you, do not OOOH or AAAH, but accept that that individual has manifested his or her own existence in his role of development. And in this development that particular person rightfully is taking his or her place in the world. Sympathy is not necessary. You are strong in the spirit. Sympathy has no part of it. The Soviet Union is the manifestation of the modern Babylon, and there are certain concepts and tenets within the United States that are taking the energy and strangulating the Spiritual principles in the United States. It is evident the United States in the past 20 years in relativity has been going through a strangulation of its spirit, and the spirit must not die by institutions, by Laws, by regulations. You, each and everyone of you are the free link that frees those workers in society to taking the cup of the spirit. You are the givers of the cup, your job is to give them water, to give them to drink. It is your position, it is your right, it is your honor, you are allowed, you can. Do not forget your position and your responsibility. Do not fall into the ranks of’ the many, for there you will never get to drink of the Cup but be that one to receive the cup, as we have given it to you to pass it on. You are the ambassadors in the earth. We have said that before, and we now we say it again. You are the ambassadors of the spirit. Your free spirit allows the movement, the being, the presence, the essence of life to joy, to happiness, to prosperity, to future souls to cone into the earth without harassment, without conflict, without injury. When the mind deviates from the path of the spirit and looks for the Liberal ways of doing things, it is a self-destructive path, in which one must truly avoid. To be Liberal is to lay the seeds of chaos, and out of chaos comes the ugly head of Communism.

Forces- We are finished at this moment. We will speak to you again in 10 minutes.

Forces- Greetings to all here present.

GROUP: Our Father…