Session 295

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. As we move on to this new cycle we are only going to reaffirm a statement, that is that on a Spiritual world you seek after those elements, all things on a material (world?) will manifest. The world is going through its moments and movements ups and downs but you must keep strong in our faith and our Spirit. Tests do come but must keep that unity of the Spirit as we do move through time and space.

Forces: We are now ready for your questions.

DD: Could you explain the language of Dyzan, a while ago you said it wasn’t sealed yet and couldn’t be given? Could it be given now?

Forces: The language is a form of Music and Sounds, Rhythms and Purposes in which speaks about the origin of the earth on levels, physical and of the etheric and the Spirit level and 7 hierarchies above. These are the creation of the world, not as you see it but the happening of the creation of the world before it ever manifested as the earth. There were many what would be considered forces and of gathering elements in which they became stronger and stronger and in their own strength they received the hope and the spirit and the light of development. Many developed for the good others developed for the bad. In the development they became refined and greatly able to give. True spirit of development is always with their own particular light can give of things, of something, elements around them to give constantly is a true measurement of development. As we move on these forces came closer and closer heavier and heavier into density entirely forming what would be considered the third dimension by their own thoughts and then they manifest physically in the third dimension to the elements that were most akin to their development. This is a progressing pattern from the higher world (stand) into the lower that this creation was made.

DD: Thank you.

IS: This past week what did it mean and represent to all of us?

Forces: This past week was part of a moving through a era which was more of removing some of the problems and going through the motions. It was more for the rejuvenating and trying to restructure family life and planting seeds within the children and the Father and Mother system for their tests they are to meet as the days will come ahead. It is more on a spiritual level to give them the energy and the power to develop into the spirit and to become stronger with the Spirit as they make their choices. It is also a breaking through of the element and beginning to start developing into your new cycle.

IS: Thank you. And for us it was just cleansing of certain things is that it?

Forces: Helping, cleansing, caring, washing refurbishing moving into the new cycle.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Was it correct the way I used Psalm 119 with the Stations of the Cross?

Forces: Yes it, it would be good.

NN: But there’s other ways other arrangements too?

Forces: You can use it in many different ways and ah systems yes.

NN: Thank you.

LK: When Moses spoke to the Burning Bush and was given the name I AM That I AM was that the name of one of you and what does I AM That I AM mean?

Forces- It’s a name of a sound of a name ah you know it was not I AM That I AM of course it was not this at all, but let us say the Stillness of the word was given to Moses and ah in the Stillness was the strength of the new world. Moses received a New Revelation for himself and the I AM quality within himself that totally revitalized him. It is in this process that we as creatures of the earth go around for our desires, just as Moses had done anyhow. But in everyone’s particular life come it at 40, come it at 70, come it at 50 or 30 there comes a time when one finally stops everything and says ok now I truly want to know the living God and they find the living God by sincerely seeking after him in service to others and in their own perspective of how they look out to life. Therefore the I AM quality brightened up and revealed itself in its true form and sense of the word to Moses. Of course this is a name and sound force of the Fleet that we work through.

LK: Thank you.

BH: In the etheric body of plants it was given that there are messages are those the spiritual laws?

Forces: Yes of course.

BH: Thank you.

HI: During the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, all the people had one language, was there one language on earth or is that meant in a psychic or spiritual way?

Forces: Let us say all had no need of language, they all communicated by thought.

HI: Thank you.

JU: How can I focus my negative thought and energy into a creative constructive way?

Forces: You can carry the Crucifix around with you and consecrate and concentrate that particular neurotic energy on the Crucifix and the power shall be changed into a positive creative force.

JU: Thank you.

JE: Why did all the Egyptian gods have animal characteristics and were depicted that way on all the statues?

Forces: No not all of them were animal characteristics just some of the important ones. Why because some of the gods at that time had taken on animal forms and had done super human feats. Also the, the (—) of Egypt at this point had revealed the animal gods, not at all times was Egypt worshiping animal gods.

JE: Why did they take on animal characteristics?

Forces: At that particular time the civilizations of Egypt there were attachments and creatures that walked the streets with ah certain different styles of a, a garment and dress, in which, in which the Egyptians would pick the superior ones and make them into a form like god quality.

DL: Could you explain the time of Moses where I was swallowed by the earth so I can correct this aspect?

Forces: Well simply close your eyes and we’ll take you back to that point. Right now the light is moving and you’re going through a tunnel, at the end of the of the tunnel you will immediately come to a burst of light, at the burst of light you will see and feel the sensation of that particular era. What you would see around you is rocks and sand and stubble and people and a mass hysteria, in such there’s smoke and sensual gratification and drugs and all sorts of slaves and all sorts of sacrifices and blood and fights and arguments and strong versus the weak and also robots who were taken from Egypt that were used for also pleasures of the body. Also you have creatures that were half human and half beast.

Phone rings

Forces: (—) hold on a minute with this just keep your eyes closed as we answer it it’s all right. If it rings again you can take care of it.

Phone rings someone answers.

Forces: Ok now we’ll go on, in which point you were not a particular leader of the group but you were involved with organizing certain tribes away from the, the Laws of, of One, following the laws of, of the gods of Egypt, at this point you weren’t doing wrong it was a lot of distraction and scared feelings going on which is a quality which must be developed in this life time not to relinquish from fright but through Faith which you had certain aspects of guiding and coaxing the crowd into a certain amount of given consciousness, 40 days ah in which Moses was up the mountains was also a symbolic experience in which many of the Tribes of Israel gravitated to different consciousness’s or development and moved away from the Spirit and got more involve into the earth and structural systems of family and, and animals qualities belonging to who and what that this no longer had an active part in the development of the Spirit of the Ideal of leaving Egypt but more into getting involved for securities sake. The, could go on for hours explaining the circumstances and the details, the simple fact of the matter is when Moses in force was coming down of course you were first to ah convince people to go back to their way and ah not to continue with what was going on, but of course the earth quake did happen and many people were swallowed up in this particular earth quake without their choice of the matter and this is where you happened to sacrifice your life in giving up at that point. Well you should be coming back from that circle and moving on back through this particular tube and back to this present at the moment.

GL: The book that I’m reading at the moment Shikasta by Doris Lessing…

Forces: In reference to this particular lifetime there were many good points and many weak points. We cannot tell you or disclose to you the balancing of this particular lifetime of how you rated ah good or bad. There were some developments and there were some angles that still needed to be corrected as needed to be worked with during this particular lifetime today ah there were some qualities that were developed which moves you in a particular pattern for your development.

DL: Thank you.

GL: The book that I’m reading at the moment Shikasta by Doris Lessing how accurate is that?

Forces: There’s a great deal of information that (could) be utilized in a best way by progressively, not reading only, but also analyzing and ah and interpreting would help.

GL: Thank you.

BR: What happened to Elijah’s coat that he gave to Elisha, when Elisha died?

Forces: This is more of a consciousness that went on to a school of learning.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Did it ever end up in Jesus possession?

Forces: It was a consciousness that Jesus particularly attended to acquire the learning.

IS: So there was no physical robe?

Forces: There was a coat but also there was a robe of blend and symbolic robes.

IS: Thank you.

BN: The feeling I have about letting my mental mind die away taking away the nerve energy from the top of my head and centering on a more central spot is this correct or useful?

Forces-Yes this could occupy your time and go play Parcheesi with it.

BN: Thank you.

Forces-It would have a interesting affect upon the energy sections of the brain and patterns of its purpose.

BN: Thank you.

DD: Is the way I understand the Higher Letters and lower letters, the way they’re grouped in 7s, 777 and 3 levels is that correct?

Forces: This can be done (——) yes.

IS: With the new things we are entering into, have we finally entered in or are there more things that will take place before the actual?

Forces: There’s some foot works and ground works that need to be done there are great clearing roads to be done. There is a great deal of basics to be done first before the upper level is to be accomplished.

IS: Would you be able to give us a percentage of how much we have entered into this new phase?

Forces: About 15 points or 4 percent.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could anything be given on the Spiritual significance of the accident the young man at my work had?

Forces: More of a transition for the young man and his consciousness with the Spirit, ah trying to move the whole group of Crutchfield of course and ah Dr. Wen and the young man in the group to this particular force that we are using.

LK: During any of the Movies like the 10 commandments or any of the Jesus Movies…

Forces: Before you finish about this particular accident, there was a great deal of force of evil during that day and that this particular young man went through trying to protect or save the situation, sad as it is there’s a great deal of ripple affects all the way down the line to help him, move him and develop this particular individual to a better section of life. We’ll be looking on this particular case and trying to do what we can do, ah to patch up the seriousness of it.

NN: Thank you.

LK: During any of the Movies like the 10 commandments or any of the Jesus Movies where the miracles are being done or something of that nature. Even if it’s a bad Movie I always find myself breaking up during those parts. Why does this happen?

Forces: Well because the Spirit ah is very strong and its makes you grow towards the Spirit of Light and the Christ Spirit and developing the closeness was ah other lifetimes that it was locked because of certain injustices done to you but this is gradually opening up through Love and Trust and Faith and the Spirit of Christ is the key in which has that instrument, also there as we had said a large percentage of those in this room had been involved with the Crucifixion directly.

LK: Thank you.

HI: In one of the ordinances that Moses received is “you shall not revile the Gods” which Gods were spoken about?

Forces: (Phone rings) We wait.

Forces: They were the Gods of the Higher Forces, but Gods of the Gardeners of the earth ah they were also Gods of the Universe and Gods of the Celestial Courts (Force?), there are many Gods that had communications throughout the time of Moses, that were directly en-channeled the Laws, giving the laws constantly to the people and this was the particular case where the laws were given directly to Moses to bring to the people.

HI: Thank you.

IS: So they weren’t saying they were no good, they are doing it directly with you?

Forces: This is correct.

IS: It was the Higher Forces talking to him right?

Forces: It was a force field energy and direction of power in the Hierarc, ahhh, exemp, instruments of business that were being done.

IS: Thank you

BH: The nickname Elias does that stand for Elijah or Elisha?

Forces: It would stand for Elijah.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: Some say its Elisha.

IS: What do you say?

Forces: We say its Elisea.

IS: Elisha?

Forces: No.

IS: Elijah?

Forces: No.

JU: Alijah?

Forces: Alijah.

Forces: 3 points more for Elijah.

IS: How can it be more isn’t it a soul incarnation altogether?

Forces: Yes. What is wrong with that.

IS: You mean two separate souls or rather, are you saying that Elijah and Elisha were puppets of the same soul?

Forces: Yes (exhaling).

IS: Thank you.

JU: Why is that when a circumstance happens to me, I am in a complete opposite situation where I should be or think I should be to receive it or experience it?

JU: You concentrate too much on, on the words and thoughts and, and, and you look too much in details that you lose perspective.

JU: How can I…?

Forces: Just look up that’s all, don’t look so far down.

JU: Thank you.

JE: Could you explain the dream I had while ago?

Forces: Well let us say there are many elements standing around you and many factions that will be coming in to develop certain new traits. There are certain stages of consciousness that are being moved and used and there are certain levels of commitments that are being had and there is also certain ah what would be called, consider, ah Revelations to be given to you ah different parts of these dream, this dream reveals that section.

JE: Thank you.

DL: Don wants guidance on creative energy and any help that can be given?

Forces-Well we could say that Don needs first to keep quite for a few minutes so a great deal of electric charge is going through and he needs ah to be silent sometimes and these charges ah, blue and white would be good for him. If he could ah get involved with that of copper or that of the collection of small things or items or super things ah pieces ah things of rare nature for himself this would be a beginning stage ah for some of the developments that will be at hand.

DL: Thank you.

IS: Are you referring to jewelry also?

Forces: Well anything that could be molded moved, used, worked with ah developed ah scalloped, woodworking would be fantastic a small miniature wood working type, learning how to do miniature forms and ah carvings would be a beginning for him.

DL: Thank you.

Forces: Whittling of course.

GL: Could anything be given of (—–)?

Forces: What would you want me to describe to you (about?).

GL: What it is that…?

Forces: (————).

GL: Thank you.

BR: John the Baptist he was part of that soul that was Elisha was both Elisha and Elijah present anytime?

Forces: More so Elisha.

BR: Thank you.

Forces: And Elijah would follow up.

IS: Which karma did they do when they took the head off (John the Baptist).

Forces: Elisha.

IS: Was it for the 42 children?

Forces: That was some part of it, Elijah took part in that.

BN: How did the thing I described earlier?

Forces: Very good.

BN: How does it change my thought pattern?

Forces: Bad.

BN: Can any more be given?

Forces: No.

BN: Thank you.

Forces: That should be enough.

DD: Could you explain how the 42 letters connect with the 22?

Forces: They connect in the point of the upper and lower spheres. The upper ones being the 42 and the lower ones being the 22. A diamond shape inter, (interrelating?) into a square form and with Pockets on it.

DD: Could you tell me how the letters go along the 42 letters connected with the 22 letters like 2 letters above with one from below?

Forces: Yes that’s right yes. One from above, one on top of the above and one below, before anything from above can ever come down they are 2 when they come down they become 1.

DD: So one comes down to one and that comes down to the last one.

Forces: Then it might break up to 2 again.

DD: And these correspond to the Precepts?

Forces: Plus the male-female coming down as one did not make it broke up to 2. At the rate their going they make 3 or 4 out of it.

DD: (—–)?

Forces: I wouldn’t be a bit surprised in your civilization to come there will be species that will be 3 or 4. Male-female, neuter male, neuter female.

IS: They will be born like that?

Forces: As time goes on yes.

IS: Will they (———?)?

Forces: They’re universal donors, universal givers.

IS: Are they both male and female or neither?

Forces: They are man, they’re complex, your society will not know how to handle them.

IS: Thank you.

IS: Could you give me the interpretation of a dream that I met my father at a bus station; he was coming off that bus and he was crying, he was blaming himself for something that was done to me?

Forces: Represents the aspect of receiving Spiritual forces and giving it to you at this particular time and the bus represents the transportation from another particular lifetime of gifts given to you from other lifetimes to be manifested.

IS: He was bringing me gifts in the dream right and those people from another lifetime from my other lifetimes?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Why was he crying?

Forces: More of a purifying and spiritualizing the gifts.

IS: Of parts of me?

Forces: Not to many.

IS: Thank you.

NN: With Psalm 119 is it correct to start reading the first of the month with Beth rather than Aleph?

Forces: Yes.

NN: Thank you.

LK: At what part during the Bible did…?

Forces: The Beginning.

LK: Did the ships that were on Mt Sinai stop landing there or stop being visible the way they were in the time of Moses?

Forces: At the beginning of the point, during Moses (—-) it was a rare freak situation where we allowed ourselves to reappear, it’s when man became man and woman that we stop appearing.

LK: Thank you.

HI: For every image like statues is there a dimension where it is alive, what dimension?

Forces: This is possible but there is also energies here, in which the light is only temporal.

HI: Thank you.

BH: Forgiveness would be an aspect of the thymus center?

Forces: And the ah gall bladder.

BH: Thank you.

JU: (——-) It refered to a book that was found a Celtic Design book and you said in the storm is the laws given that was given before the (___) fall into physical being. Is this referring to a different book or is it hidden?

Forces: This is hidden but there is also another book we would like you to find its called the Iron Bars.

JU: The Iron Bars?

Forces: Vase, and there you will find certain truths that could be had.

JU: (____)?

Forces: (—–).

JU: Thank you very much.

JE: Could you give more information about the Egyptian gods?

Forces: Let us say they Egyptian gods were taken from Atlantis and they were more direct communication with the Spirit force and the Spirit force being in direct communication with their true home. In the beginning man was not alone as he appears to be today, but I tell you man is not alone today either, if he could only see the beauty and magic that is around him, man is not alone, he thinks himself to be alone but if he could only realize how many people are in his room he would not be alone, he would kind of crowded. Even as we speak to you here right now, this room is very much crowded (—-) want to listen.

JE: Thank you.

DL: In the Bible many people were healed miraculously do people have to come back with the same ailment and surpass it themselves later on?

Forces: Sometimes they do yes.

DL: And this Age is not the Age of Miracles because…?

Forces: Oh yes its an age of Miracles.

DL: But on the physical body…?

Forces: What do you think were doing here; we are a miracle that we put up with you this long. Yes this is an Age of Miracles it’s a slower age of miracles for the scientist because they have chosen without faith to follow a path that if they had chosen faith they would be able to go through and receive the information that they need to do right, you understand.

DL: Yes.

Forces: Yes you do them right and you chose the right by Spirit and let the Spirit guide you without fear of doing that without wanting (Working?) that factor of logic, a lot of information could be had quickly. It is a slower stage of Miracles of course.

DL: Those people are doing the working out now…?

Forces: More or less yes it is the perfect time of the needle-point to do it.

DL: Thank you.

GL: Can any guidance be given to me at this time for now and the cycle to come?

Forces: Oh just try to concentrate a spirit of the force of flowers to be around you and to concentrate that light in red and pink and ah quiet move, moves into the spirit, try to sometimes when your (—-) by things of the world, bring the spirit in with it and spiritualize it.

GL: Thank you.

BR: With that part of the soul that was Elijah was it in another body at the time of Jesus?

Forces: Not particularly no.

BR: Thank you.

BN: What power does the name I recently received have?

Forces: It is more of a force against negativity.

BN: Thank you.

DD: Do I understand the letters you gave me that the first 7 letters are the Stations of the Cross, the next 7 would be the Precepts and the last 7 would be the Aspects of the Beard?

Forces: All right that does very well yes.

IS: When we are watching a spiritual event…?

Forces: You must subtract the (False?) from the real of course.

IS: Yeah.

Forces: Yeah.

IS: Is that why those interferences are sort of showing us who is the false?

Forces: For this (—) have to be done (—) truth ah, remember you have the world versus the Spirit and the world would love to get the Spirit to do it there way, it just cannot be.

IS: So actually even what happened yesterday with the movie those that started interfering those are the ones that had shown themselves…?

Forces: Uncomfortable more or less, but only to learn in the point of being helped.

IS: Now the children subconsciously they are aware of that right?

Forces: More or less yes.

IS: To specifically choose…?

Forces: The most critical point in your movie, yes its kind of frustrating.

IS: So what is it at that moment that child represents…?

Forces: It feels the attention being taken away from the room into something stronger, it gets insecure, also the spirit force it sees build up and a communication of a very sacred message is about ready to happen, the child tries to divert it so its attention would be on itself.

IS: But its not every child?

Forces: No, no different child’s go, child go, no, no, no.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: Why did Ezekiel have to bury the Kings of Israel?

Forces: So they would not re, revisit them at later years to come.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: There were many, many information ah information’s that will be given to you as time goes on ah many changes of course are happening right before your eyes but to have a temple or a church or a, a temple more like it ah a center of receiving ah, also water fountains are very receptive to the Spirit world and they attract Spirits to bath in them and rejuvenate that is why fountains are so magical.

Forces: We are will be leaving at this moment and will talk to you again.

Forces: Greeting to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.