Session 296-4/7/80

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. These are the moments in which certain elements are counted this is the time of reaping and also at the same state it is a entering into that of the very there are those thoughts that needs this group (—) and those thoughts that (judge?) a person is to remain. For this is the cycle in which those with power or as it is it’s a masterpiece in and (——–). We have watched and have seen the cycles in this particular country come and go but there are those major ones who take the fine detail work to finish out (EK) the others. This is sometimes (—-). All these million cycles that we are into, into should bring new energy and new missions and channel that source that is in front of you. The Iranian situation it seems to be getting worst, they’ll go back and forth with it certain (coins?) against and certain cats would eat (—-). So there are many forms of changes and many changes of this particular developing ah better (—-). This was the (——-). As far again as Iran is concerned they are going through many internal changes and conflicts along their own lines this is not (solved?) but is helpful to understand that no (—-). These signs are signs of a road. This course that we are taking our time we are just working odds and ends into this. Working as you all know this few bits of problems here and there. The Soviet Union of course is doing their share of the matter. And (—-) China do its share but (in spite of that?) We can only do so much.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

IS: Is there something we can do to make the channel clearer?

Forces: It is the after affect of a storm which comes by sometimes to make the, the sound lower but it, it will pick up as you move on.

IS: Thank you.

DD: There’s some automatic handwriting (Frederick Bligh Bond) that I’m reading now César Augustus was he a spiritual soul and gave spiritual messages?

Forces: He had a certain amount of strength and awareness and (he) could be classified as an influence to many souls around him.

DD: Thank you.

IS: This Greek bishop Hilarion Capucci
that is always shown with the hostages in Iran and he is a very big rebel bishop or something like that. Who is he?

Forces: He has a certain amount of power to bring in the influence of the Eastern hemisphere more or less of a, of a spirit and a new interpretation of a, of that word and incarnated in that spirit.

IS: But he’s not a good one?

Forces: There is those forces that he had been arguing with and fighting with, more on a worldly condition and consciousness for the fight that he has gone through has and is going on.

IS: He’s on the side of the Iranians?

Forces: Yes and no.

IS: You mean to say he has to act like this because otherwise they wouldn’t let him be there a big shot?

Forces: More or less. There are other things involved with this particular behavior, but the spirit is trying to manifest and seek its way out.

IS: Thank you.

NN: In the time of Ezekiel with what he did, did it mean that the souls that were with Moses in Egypt those same souls, that pattern was broken with what Ezekiel did?

Forces: Yes, yes you could put it in, repeat that question again.

NN: In the time of Ezekiel the same souls that were with Moses and you said in one Session when I ask about Ezekiel why he (bore) the sins of Israel, you said so they wouldn’t be revisited.

Forces: This is true yes.

NN: So it means the pattern is finally broken in that time?

Forces: This is true, Prayer also prevents ah, ah certain amount of hardship and ah disease onto the body.

IS: Wasn’t it also a smaller scale what Ezekiel had done through the physical things what Jesus has done?

Forces: More or less yes, ah the first coming and the second coming of Christ.

IS: Ezekiel was then the first?

Forces: No the forerunner as John the Baptist was.

IS: Ezekiel was the forerunner of Jesus as…?

Forces: No, no, no the domino theory one on top of the other but all having the same purpose and the purpose of the highest.

IS: Thank you.

LK: Can anything be given on the early years of Elijah before he became a known prophet?

Forces: He had a great deal of difficulty with his own disciplines and he had a great deal of justice trips, as you would call it, but then they were also many, many years that he studied the Laws of the past gen, generations and civilizations, just studied the in depth mysteries and laws.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: There’s a lot to speak about he came across some of the magic of the yesteryears and ah this has a lot to do with his ah affecting of his service.

LK: Thank you.

BR: Both Abraham and Isaac were entering one went into Egypt another went into another city, what does it mean that both their wives had to go through that?

Forces: This is their faith quality and ah these things have happened, putting back that receptive quality so it would not get hurt or damaged. Some say it was not right that Abraham had did, had done this act but this was the act that had to be done.

BR: Thank you.

JE: How did you part the Red Sea?

Forces: With a comb. (Laughter) Serious sending out column waves of different frequencies (? standing columnar waves?) and which becomes stronger than the water itself creating the barriers between the water against water and the strongest where the combs vibrated created the more or less a ah vibration and spreading out that comb of vibration thicker and thicker allowed the waters to ah abate and form a canal causing a wall about 20 to 30 feet high, in some places they’re reaching over 50 some odd feet high.

JE: How is it dry on the bottom?

Forces: Well let us say it wasn’t, it’s ah more or less ah (long sigh) how could we explain it, Moses was instructed to gather with him 24 baskets or, or, or what would be considered barrels of carts of soda like substance of hay that they so called used with their bricks ah this was one instrument that was used to be thrown on the ground and there were some parts of the water formed more or less solid and became a cement structure for them to travel on.

JE: How long did all this take?

Forces: Well it varied ah from 2 to 3 days.

IS: It took them 2 to 3 days to pass it?

Forces: No 2 to 3 days just to get it parted.

IS: How long to pass it?

Forces: Some was 10 to 15 days others ah was about a month. It is a strange analysis; there were points in it in which it was a year.

IS: To pass that water?

Forces: To get them all across.

IS: And the water was parted the whole time?

Forces: There are times when the water had segments to it, ah let us also try, when, when we say a year there were those that were left behind after the water had swallowed up the Egyptians, they hiding and then decided they to wanted to come across but they come across in different ways.

IS: But when the Egyptians came how long for that part of the people to pass?

Forces: More or less yes ah it took 3 to 4 days to get the water separated the Israels took another 3 days to passover and the Egyptians took about 15 hours to get caught.

IS: Thank you.

BH: Which center governs the gallbladder the solar plexus or the Leyden?

Forces: The solar plexus would have control over this area ah along with a certain affect of the liver.

BH: Thank you.

BN: Who were the people that the modern day archeologists call the Paleolithic and Neolithic people where did they come from?

Forces: More of a strand or a servants to the higher race of men.

BN: They were servants who left the colonies and tried to set up on their own?

Forces: Well let us say they were created as servants by the race of the giants.

BN: And they’ve been raised up by the giants?

Forces: Like nourished and nurtured to their development yes.

BN: Thank you.

GL: In this particular book I’m reading Shikasta what is the signature that he talks about in there?

Forces: More or less the vibrations and sounds that emanate around and gives the key to every, every atom and living thing that is and has a being. Each item and sound has its own personal signature.

GL: So this is his personal signature or name?

Forces: More or less his laws given to balance (him) or break or to teach about different sections of the universe.

DL: (—-) change jobs (—-)?

Forces: This is totally up to you at this moment ah its your choice your development ah everything is there for you to make a move if necessary or to stay each one will be in a positive note for you on working and developing ah its relatively your feelings and decisions in the growth patterns that needs to be done.

DL: Thank you.

DD: The signs that Jesus gave to the Apostles could you tell what they were and how they go along with the Apostles?

Forces: Well let’s say 12 signs were given; distinct signs and each one represented a law that each Apostle could work with the Master.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is there a connection between Elijah and St. Germaine?

Forces: There were many classes and laws and learning processes and teachers involved with Elijah, Elisha, Melchizedek, St Germaine of course being in that linage, teachers of the earth and on the astral level and teachers that are around at this very moment yes.

IS: Elisha made many more Miracles, more than anybody else in the Bible, yet Elijah is the one that everybody loves in the Jewish tradition anyhow.

Forces: This is true.

IS: Why is that because they can identify with him better?

Forces: And live with him better.

IS: Meaning he is more comfortable to them?

Forces: More acceptable, more, more passionate.

NN: Is the soul that was Judas in Charlottesville at this time?

Forces: Why do you know who he is and should warn us of him. (Laughter) Judas (——-) was known to have lived somewhere in St. Paul Minnesota in the 1940,s, somewhere around the Midwest section of your country.

NN: Thank you.

JE: What is the similarity between the Greek gods, the Roman gods and the Egyptian gods?

Forces: All were visitors from the Higher Forces or forces of planters, workers of the earth, all being laws and governors of these laws.

JE: Thank you.

BH: Did Nebuchadnezzar redeem himself at the end of his life?

Forces: Not really he still he still had to ah, ahh work out things.

BH: Thank you.

BN: Wilhelm Reich tried to gather energy in a box for healing…?

Forces: This is dangerous ah we know all about him ah the energy was good as far as his understanding of it, but the people around him couldn’t handle it and it made some different patterns in the brain working and development of the brain and there was a great deal of ah arguments and fights and disagreements between of course the Government versus him and his ideas. He generally had sound ideas but impatient and to ah to soon to come to the earth to put them into fruitation. Sometimes too much energy or too much concentration of the energy does affect the brain ah in a negative way and retards it in its own growth pattern ah process.

BN: When will that be good to bring forth?

Forces: When a certain amount of science and religious overtones of balance, then you could use this power in a positive way.

BN: Thank you.

GL: Where is Canopus located in the galaxies?

Forces: Well anywhere where there is a growth and process of order and free choice of development for the Spirit and in the Love qualities not more or less a particular constellation or planet ah but a learning experience for the soul.

GL: So it’s a consciousness rather than…?

Forces: Developing of such.

GL: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell us what Joseph of Aramathea did with the Blood that he took from Jesus? If this was true?

Forces: Well there are certain things that retain a certain amount of Blood and put it into a so-called chalice type fixture and preserved it for (—) centuries.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Those in the Bermuda Triangle does it mean that some day they will reappear, we will catch up with them or they will reappear here?

Forces: Sometimes they would reappear on the other side here but their feelings of reappearing there is much more stronger than coming back here.

IS: So they reappear in the future of this earth?

Forces: Well future more or less of the other side of the earth?

IS: Could you explain that?

Forces: The other twin of the earth.

IS: Oh there’s another earth a twin just like this?

Forces: In a different way of speaking yes.

IS: So that means that somebody that disappears in the 1500s could not appear now because its already 500 years past?

Forces: More or less.

IS: They can’t or can they?

Forces: There’s always that possibility yes they could, but the law said no.

IS: Are any of them alive?

Forces: Some are given up the body others are of the spirit involved in working.

IS: So it means the same thing they all are dead physically?

Forces: No some work on a astral level and never come into the body.

IS: Never come into which body?

Forces: The physical body.

IS: But they left with physical bodies, their physical bodies are not found here.

Forces: This is true we’re speaking about those on the astral level that are involved with work in this particular section.

IS: You mean like angels or like guardians?

Forces: Servants ah guardians.

IS: That are…?

Forces: Workers.

IS: Workers that are in charge of the Bermuda Triangle?

Forces: Well controlling it.

IS: But what do they do with those people that pass over?

Forces: They develop and work with them and get them familiar with the other side.

IS: On a physical level or…?

Forces: Astral or in physical.

IS: Do they achieve any kind of special senses when they do cross?

Forces: More of an acute awareness of sight.

IS: Are they met out there with other people?

Forces: If necessary it could be done.

IS: They are not manifesting into another civilization?

Forces: Umm yes they are, they could yes.

IS: Have some of them done that materialize?

Forces: Yes, yes.

IS: And that other civilization is that our future or is it…?

Forces: No a different segment altogether.

IS: A different earth, the parallel earth?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Has anybody appeared from 500 years ago here?

Forces: Yes and no, yes.

IS: Would they be 500 years old?

Forces: No the growth process is much slower than on this side.

IS: Is there reasons why it cannot be explained fully?

Forces: We explained enough for the moment.

IS: Thank you.
NN: Are there 7 specific letters of the Hebrew Alphabet that represent the 7 pillars of Wisdom?

Forces: They do alter and change from pattern to pattern yes.

NN: It’s not necessarily always the same letters?

Forces: No they do change.

NN: Thank you.

LK: In a lot of occult fiction books they talk about the PK power where you can move things with your mind and we know that’s how the pyramids were built, so that man used to have that. Will man in the future have that ability and is it something he will be born with or is it something he can learn?

Forces: He can learn it through ah basic laws of science.

LK: Thank you.

Forces: Not the earth science of course.

BR: Where was the chalice with Jesus Blood placed and what happened to it?

Forces: A Monastery in England there’s Peter, ah or Philip ah, James and John. Its still preserved some of it is in…

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