Session 302-no date

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We watched time and space move on and each passing moment and many things taking place. Of course the Russian element everyone is aware of and destroying many people in the areas that they have taken over and of course going through there positions of who’s, who and America going through its own internal conflicts of who has more power, the ones who do not want to do anything or the ones who want to do everything. All these must come into accords before anything can be done. Of course we have turmoil in California as changing in climate and fire and earthquakes and eruption and everything. This moment the strength is in the prayers and (of course) movements in your meditations is your strength.

Forces: We are ready for your questions.

DD: Is the matrix stone they talked about in the Darkover novels is that the Amethyst stone?

Forces: Well let us say the Amethyst derives from that source and is constantly changing and has its forces constantly being altered as time goes on. It started off as a light green stone and became more of a white purple and deeper purple and as time goes on it becomes deeper in color.

DD: Thank you.

DL: Can you help me understand the dream I had last night and in particular the one segment that is recurring I realized this morning.

Forces: Well let’s have it.

DL: Some sort of large auditorium.

Forces: Past life.

DL: Troop of entertainers and coming out and entertaining and switching.

Forces: Different thoughts.

DL: Parts from one to another to another.

Forces: These are lifetimes being passed down, things that need to be worked with.

DL: Ending up on the piano.

Forces: The sphere of life music of the spheres ah spiritual intuition coming down.

DL: And the recurring part is constantly the stage tilts and I slide off the piano stool to the left.

Forces: Application of this energy by practicing and of any (creosone?) structure of harmony within the body.

DL: Thank you.

Forces: Sliding off to the stage left is moving on to other lifetimes from this point on. Why bring in the body into harmony in the practicing of the spheres such music of love can bring this into perspective.

DL: Thank you.

ES: I had a dream this morning about meeting my two sisters Janet and Peggy in an open field I was very happy and thought that I was bringing them together?

Forces: Bringing yourself together in an open consciousness of the female’s aspect within and the sister spirits that have been guiding you.

ES: And Berry’s part in that in that dream when I saw him in the tree?

Forces: The application of the male aspect coming into a structure of unity.

ES: Thank you.

JU: Several recent nights going to sleep seems to be exhausting and I seem to be very active when I’m sleeping. How can I prepare for that?

Forces: Calming yourself down and bringing the spirit with you as you move on in to sleep ah saying certain psalms, psalm 21 and 14 ah 17 and most of all you must see how you need to calm yourselves down, you are thinking to fast and too much in the awake stage and to calm down to travel to the other side means that you have to gear down or slow down and this is only the after affect of it.

JU: Thank you.

HI: What is it that makes certain beasts clean and unclean?

Forces: The blood system.

HI: Is it also that they are an entirely different creation?

Forces: The blood system the microorganisms within the blood system the structure of the beast and the thought forms around the beast.

HI: Thank you.

BR: The dream that I had a couple of nights ago. I was a young boy a young Jewish boy talking to the congregation. Could you tell me what that means?

Forces: Many aspects or affects of other lifetime where you were working with this ah character.

BR: Thank you.

BH: When Thomas Aquinas dictated to 4 secretaries at the same time and then falling into sleep and continuing to dictate. Could anything be given on how he managed to dictate to 4 secretaries at the same time?

Forces: With our help.

BH: And that was sessions that he was giving when he fell asleep and continued to dictate?

Forces: Correct.

BH: Thank you.

NN: Could it be given about the rest of the lifetime of Lazarus, what happened after Jesus brought him back?

Forces: Basically he took care of, of the laws and regulations passed down by the Essenes.

NN: Was he put to death?

Forces: In a later part (—) years past that.

NN: Thank you.

LK: What would be the best little car for us to get?

Forces: Which ones do you want to get?

LK: Whichever would be the best.

Forces: That depends for the consciousness of the group right.

LK: Right.

Forces: You get what you deserve.

IS: That’s what we are afraid of.

Forces: That’s what you’re afraid of.

Forces: Well you have the Datsun, which nobody likes, did you ever hear Volvo.

LK: Heard of them.

Forces: Nobody likes that either.

LK: And they’re real expensive.

Forces: Yes.

LK: They’re real good though but they’re real expensive.

Forces: Subaru is nice do you like Subaru.

LK: Don’t know anything about it.

Forces: Look into it. How about the Toyota that’s a nice classy name. The Mark IV (laughter) ever try the Datsun (laughter).

LK: The Datsun’s I looked at that had gas mileage comparable to some other were a lot more expensive.

LK: Yes of course.

Forces: Well the Toyota you could look at and of course you could look at the Subaru, Rabbit interesting, Fairlane yeah its out with the wind. Well the Toyota, Subaru, Datsun, Rabbit and a your best bet in buying the small car try the Honda. Have you investigated the Honda.

LK: The Honda we looked at.

Forces: Seems ok.

Forces: Yeah. You don’t like it.

LK: Oh I like it.

Forces: Umm well try it, the Honda would do you best, Toyota we like Volvo we like too, we like the best. Rabbit does good; good mileage just feed it lettuce.

LK: So which of those would be the best?

Forces: On a scale of 1 to 5.

LK: Yeah.

Forces: Try the Honda first, Toyota second, Datsun third, Subaru fourth, Rabbit (said loud).

LK: Does that mean we should get a Honda?

Forces: Up to you.

LK: Thank you.

BN: When one lets their consciousness flow into another being or object, what kind of dangers is there, can one get trapped?

Forces: Oh yes, yes of course um huh, um huh, um huh.

BN: What?

Forces: Don’t do it that’s all, cut the nonsense.

BN: Thank you.

JE: Can you tell me how to best handle the situation that’s happening at work with my boss?

Forces: Well just keep records make official papers make it more officie looking sometimes come in with a suit and tie on and shock them all, clean up here and there general things like that, one step at a time, out, outward ah outward incidents circumstances, involvements with this. A new individual will become involved. Try to get her to social parties that will help her.

JE: Thank you.

DD: How would you cut the stone that was used by the witches was it certain facets?

Forces: Cleavage type cut.

DD: What type is that?

Forces: More of a 40-degree angle, half cuts and Two ah 12 degree angles.

DD: Were there a certain number of facets?

Forces: Well anywhere from 13 to 42, 78 and 104.

DD: Thank you.

IS: I keep getting John 4 and I’ve been getting the same chapter now for a long, long time. I don’t think I understand that chapter, what it means for me. Could you help me?

Forces: Deals most of all with things to come for you and the spirit to work in and through you as time goes on.

IS: What does the woman by the well represent?

Forces: More of the intuition part of yourself.

IS: So that chapter is a promise for me sort of?

Forces: More of a fulfillment of things to come.

IS: Thank you.

DL: Archangel Michael carries a sword and Gabriel carries a trumpet what do Archangels Raphael and Uriel carry?

Forces: They carry the bill. (laughter) Raphael and Gabriel.

DL: Uriel.

Forces: Uriel. Raphael, Uriel.

DL: Yes.

Forces: Raphael carries a thermometer, Mercury, arrows and lightning’s and speeds of magic and Auriel carries the Scissor or the Flame of ah, of ah of Parchment.

DL: Thank you.

GL: Could a history of Archangel Gabriel be given at this time?

Forces: Very busy fellow ah summons the troops in certain galaxies, has a certain command and power over satellites and planets of the earth. Co- Lieutenant or General Major or whatever with Michael, ah he enforces the dream world and also helps ah, ah souls entering to the earth.

GL: Thank you.

JU: Scientists are finding certain reversals in the atomic structure and molecular structure of things and they think its items from outer space.

Forces: Yes its true.

JU: It’s from outer space?

Forces: There’s a lot of things that’s coming outer space into the earth.

JU: Is any of the things their finding completely reversed…?

Forces: There are a lot of new things coming into the earth, comets usually drop a lot of outer space items into the earth, the astral, ah stars, suns, fires, moons, lights all that constantly drops into the earth new beginnings.

JB: Any guidance at this time?

Forces: Patience keep working with it ah try to be open and receptive to your dreams and ideals, ideas that are coming in and creativeness with the hands always is helpful for you.

JB: Thank you.

Forces: Time for us to leave and we’ll be back ah this week.

Forces: Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father.