Session 654-8/3/03

(Start Missing) But there is so many differentiations with relaxing and doing of having no work. We find that there will be different cycles and different atmospheric changes that are about to happen and there are also different temperature changes that will affect the weather itself.
Forces-We’re now ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in. Why am I having such a difficult time with mechanical things, like even the exercise machine, things like that?
Forces: You just have to take things slower that’s all.
IS: Thank you.
ES: Can you tell me how my Mothers doing.
Forces: What?
ES: Her depression.
Forces: We find her moving out of it, but there is that concern that she has for these days ahead. But if you keep her busy and occupied she will figure it is not as serious as she thought it would be.
ES: Thank you.
NN: What is the main preface of Time Travel?
Forces: This is to focus on the Past and the Present and the Tomorrow and bring and bring into those conditions a strength that is beyond (—-?) that would be beyond Understanding. With Time Travel it is ah, ah it took us a while to understand what the little boy was carrying in the Time Travel Machine, it was Bubble Gum fried. So, that was just a private joke. Question.
IS-: Nothing can ever be changed in the Past correct?
Forces: Well it is all to, to just a simple slight tad, but not of that which is already done and finished. Ah, no the Alternate Self will testify to the person, and of course the one we have is still what would be considered up for grabs. It is a 18th (???) and we all kind of respect to, to, too. We’re now ready to ignore your questions and it’s time to move on we have a a cupid ah type of behavior but we’ll be full of these every moment. Yes.
IS: What can we do to make Session clearer?
Forces: Again you do not understand totally what we say you cannot be spoon fed all the time; some of the things we say are prophetic.
IS: Thank you.
JU: A couple of times over the past like (?) years I’ve experienced a specific type of sort of claustrophobia when I was working in the Colonial Kitchen and some other cases where something comes in over my head, not all the cases, but just these particular situations and I am trying to figure out why then? What is it and some of it occurred more recently in other circumstances within a crowd which I never had before. What is the cause of it and how might I deal with it.
Forces: Let’s be more specific when the last occurrence happened.
JU: Actually the Governors Inaugural Ball in a crowd which is not exactly the same type as what happened when I was working in the Colonial Kitchen and there was a stone slab over my head and I was lying on my back making drawers for the Colonial Kitchen I found myself having trouble breathing and I’ve had that in similar situations when something comes in over my head. I think if I am face down I am ok and I can’t control it?
Forces: Well there are those souls which are claustrophobic to space and also movements ah there are times when you find yourself in limited space it, it reflects that of another lifetime in which might have lost your life in what we would say might of but chances are it’s true that there are a certain amount of ah what would be considered ah, aum asphyxiation in the conditions that have lasted with you from lifetimes to lifetime and not to get yourself in a position where you do not have that which you couldn’t take off as far as breathing. So we would say that it’s an incident that continues to happen.
JU: Thank you.
ED: Is it possible to like separate from your body before your dead?
Forces: Yes. There are many people who astral travel and walk to certain areas but their cord is not separated. They just have the freedom to walk on and through and by that’s developed over time for each individual that’s all a developed thing.
IS: Wouldn’t it also be helpful for JU if he can find himself in a meditative state ah in a progressive way so that he can ultimately leave the body so the fear of the crowd will not be so intense?
Forces: Again this is a truism to be able to meditate with focus and purpose would alleviate some of those problems.
IS and JU: Thank you.
AL: What ————everything at—?
Forces: Well we would also suggest this question a certain amount of alliance of that of what you do drink and eat, you we have a feeling that the harmony and disharmony of the house is brought about by the, the anxiety that is provoked around the house ah through your actions of not wanting to eat. Ah we would say that this is your first ah kind of reception with the ah figures and menus. So we would say that people that are in the household who you would like to be in a happier mood or more giving mood would have to become very sensitive to the needs and the fact that their community also have needs to be fed. And it’s a wonderful experience when you have anything (?) (?) three feet on. (? It’s what warms us all) and this is the reason that you have conflict in the household. If you want to have harmony we would suggest that you eat a little bit more of your foods that you should have. You also have to consider the fact that the bone structure of your body is being compromised. You might find a point where you can do another procedure or the great higher state wizard of oz in Russia is sending you other pictures. What we need to do is focus on you what you have now and manifest a certain ah personal touch as far as what did Russia do to you how this is the (?——–?) and oh why wishes actually for. This is a doctorate. Well we then also are (?) but you have dialog about your feelings to those who are superior in this facility. But the eat more would create a certain amount of harmony in the house that hasn’t been there for a while. Question.
JN: Thank you very much for coming in. Ah how can we accomplish a complete healing of spirit mind and body so that she will do what she needs to do?
Forces: Yes we, w see what you’re saying, but of course the drinking of the wine it has to be red wine to begin with. The also the bringing of the Forces and their Feather of this to this particular altar.
JN: Are we approaching this in the correct fashion by bringing her to see James B.?
Forces: We would say this would be the correct fashion.
JN: And is there anything that AL needs to do?
Forces: Well again we would suggest that a certain dialog and inspiration. We would also suggest that once the entity goes to a new home she will have everything that she would want. Ah it’s an idea that we all told ah this has come but I did the print itself and I do not know if I got the blood from anything in that room but that doesn’t help you find out where you need to know. You come in to the main hospital and you’ll find two rooms that will find another two rooms that will be considered the bay room. But the fact is these souls are advanced, they know what they’re doing. And now that we hopefully answered that question correctly.
JN: I am not quite as to what you —–going to the hospital?
Forces: Well we don’t particularly see that at the moment even though if you have purpose and focus on this and that you keep a track of it every day then she’ll be the entity will find it to be easier.
JN: Are there any particular prayers that she should be saying?
Forces: Psalm 13 is always a good Psalm that deals with all Heart prob, problems.
Forces: We are ready for your questions.
CM: I have a question about the French Churches that I saw again tonight. As JN was going on her trip she took pictures of the ah, the wood carvings, the intricate wood carvings. Could you tell me who those were done by and–?
Forces: Well basically this is also the metaphysical genealogy of what would be considered the secret medicines of life. It deals with all the ah the information that one does studying on the ah, in sessions of knowledge. Aum it’s not easy to get it all going but they always say once it is going you don’t have to worry about that any longer. But I think you have had ah that topic to come up to you several times.
CM: I have found it synchronous as another research group was in France and they also came across the same concept of the (sanctuary).
CM: My next question, are we going to be going to war with Iran?
Forces: Well there is a possibility things are lining up but there is more so a stale front of that with the Korean Peninsula so I think we’ll be holding our own until that is put into bay.
CM: Thank you.
DD: On the square root of three that goes along with the third chapter of Genesis you told me once that it doesn’t go along with the other square roots like square root of 1 and 2.
Forces: Well you just sealing (ceiling).
DD: So what does the square root of three mean?
Forces: It’s more like a tangent of energy and the powers of such tangents. It is the measurement of such beings of another level of existence.
DD: Can it be found in Genesis Chapter Three?
Forces: Yes it can be found their yes, if you look carefully and see the wording it can be found.
DD: Thank you very much.
IS: Does the entity AL at this point does she recognize that she is causing disharmony in her household?
Forces: Well there is a certain amount of anxiety and fear but yes there is that knowledge of knowing that there are those who are uncomfortable.
CM: Is she under attack?
Forces: There is a certain amount of emotional attack that goes on here and there is a certain amount of ah physical attack that is let loose by just for the very presence.
IS: Does she understand that mentally does she comprehend that?
Forces: Ah it’s slow to comprehend it but in time she will.
IS: Because the question that she has asked is what can she do to create harmony and the simple answer is start eating.
Forces: Yes this is true.
IS: Is that something that she understood now?
Forces: Yes.
IS: Can she do it?
Forces: We would hope so in its own form and right yes.
IS: What is the thing that’s stopping her from doing that?
Forces: Well it’s not the question of what’s stopping her it’s just the question of filling up her desired order.
IS: The question is does she have it in her heart too?
Forces: There is a desire there to stop and it is in her heart it’s just going to take this card and a few words to ask for just the basic amount of information for the ah the cups that is found in her heart that she will begin to display these qualities and move forward as it is there is a lot of second ah peaches that will be coming her way, but we would suggest that the carrying on of the heart is very necessary.
JN: Could you help to remove the obstacles that are in her way for her to carry through with all this and remove all the restrictions she places on her problem?
Forces: We can do that for her it’s not that difficult. The question is just doing it.
JN: Is art something that’s she needs to continue at (?) the school that she’s currently at or should she just forget it and go to another school?
Forces: Well there is some promise there at the school that she’s at but if there is disharmony then easing this is upset-ment then the next nine bats can be deleted while she (——–) to another highlighted school.
IS: What is happening to the Catholic Church at this point and why and I don’t mean because they finally caught up with pedophiles. What is the reason physically, spiritually, karmicly?
Forces: Well it’s putting their houses in order and many, many years it’s taken them to get to this point. So hopefully they’ll be able to refocus their commitments in the Spirit world.
IS: So that’s what it is their—-?
Forces: Well a certain amount of individuals have not recommitted and in so doing you will have a certain amount of progress in this work. What we’re trying to say is once the Church looks at themselves and do their own particular homework then other things will come into being.
IS: Why is it happening under the reign of this particular Pope?
Forces: Well it is because it has to be done eventually somewhere but it’s also to lock away the authority of this particular area.
IS: Has he known all along what went on in the Church?
Forces: Some of the things but it is best not to ask questions on things that reference to this; they feel, but again it puts you into a different limelight if it is something that you cannot co-ordinate.
IS: Is this a moment of spiritual darkness for everybody?
Forces: It is a moment that isn’t the best of moments. But it has its own ups and downs of course.
IS: Is this a time when big organizations churches and such give way to personal responsibility and growth?
Forces: This is a time in which reevaluation of such is underway and it’s very important that they put these conditions aside and reap the ah ever so ah likely change and desperation to change and alter from the course that they were in.
IS: Thank you.
IS: Has the entity (?) that I have been speaking with this evening, how does she feel about ah?
Forces: Very good, you just have so many different avenues for her.
IS: Is a whole new level there?
Forces: Yes of course. At this point we will be leaving if there’s one or two more questions.
ED: Has my sister basically seen and being controlled by these evil forces that I once saw in a dream or astral travel?
Forces: We have accountability of these conditions but we would say not really at this particular time. It’s just the beginning of her life she’s so young. She needs to realize there’s so much to be gotten if one is a little healthier. Aum once the attack happens you won’t be as healthy as you think to head off these types of attackers.
CM: Is that 4th density attackers?
Forces: No but we will not (——-) a couple of bottles, but it’s the third dimension.
JN: So she is under attack because she has such a weakening condition?
Forces: Now we wouldn’t understand, we would want to sell glass candles but attack is that we’re all under a certain amount of attack but we need to be strong to keep moving.
IS: So the Love will overcome that?
Forces: Yes.
JN: How is her entire physical, mental being?
Forces: We still found that to be very good. We’ll give a call to, tomorrow nobody in their right mind would have a pigeon there in the wall.
JN: So she will be able to recover completely if she prepares what she needs to do?
Forces: Well there are many different attacks in different places that are going on. One needs to keep the chanting alive everyday and focus on the work that’s ahead of us.
JN: And is the chanting, chanting certain Psalms?
Forces: Yes as the entity has shown you some of them.
Forces: At this point we would suggest very ah strongly with you ah in a compassionate way AL that you go ahead and take on your food items so nothing else as far as bone structure and conditions that are too numerous to mention that you just get your own self together.
Forces: In so doing we also say to you all to drive home carefully as we will look outside. Discipline table with different books on it for sale. This is going to be a very important asset to Earl Hamner’s who moved forward with the respectives and global for help.
Forces: We are now ready for your questions.
IS: With the museum is here any circumstance in which this Mr. White— will resign?
Forces: Not at the moment but there might be in past days that will accomplish just that for you self.
IS: In past days?
Forces: In the past days these cur, current situations will repeat themselves and the space would be there.
IS: Will anyone in this community relieve him?
Forces: Well the point, he’s quite capable of getting up and moving his bed so we’ll see. Even though he’s thousands of miles away right now there is hope for it to be a drawn constant.
IS: White—– why is he holding on is he not aware that he has destroyed Schuyler?
Forces: There is a unfortunate situation here that it is not acknowledged that he understands totally.
IS: Can somebody tell him will that be helpful?
Forces: Of course people can tell them but then they will not listen because of considered a negative comment.
IS: Does the person understand what they are doing is it a conscious thing?
Forces: Well of course we understand everything is subconscious no matter what or how we say it.
Forces: Well at this point we will be leaving and we’ll speak to you again preferably maybe even tomorrow.
Forces: Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father.