Session 668-10/24/04

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area, and find ourselves very saddened and interesting in the different earthquakes in that of Japan but also of the different districts traveling once again under the, the belts to Alaska and also parts of Turkey and into Ih, Ih, Ih Istanbul and down into certain parts even Italy. We find that the earthquake movements and ca, capabilities can either even, even, even, even take a disturbing change ah turn to the California coast ah we also find very disturbing the conflicts still escalating in ah the country of Iraq and hope to find those involved with this situation a certain amount of peace and solace in the many different war torn ah vestiges of ah death and ah, ah, ah, wounded-ness of the soldiers on both sides. Now we are ready for your questions.
IS: Thank you for coming in. Is the earthquake in Mexico City still scheduled to happen?
Forces: Again, we see this devastation and near the end of the year, so we wish it wasn’t really taking place, but then again there are different earth changes that is in a hexagram that has formed both of you; you will utilize this at will.
IS: Thank you. And the lawyer that I am going to see, is that going to work?
Forces: Aum we find it to be appropriate for the moment. Yes, of course.
IS: So it will work for the money? Will he accept it and?
Forces: (———–) accept it in the many areas of expressions.
IS: What is the reason that, and is it so, that the person named SU is a catalyst for every time something going wrong? Specifically with a car, any car?
Forces: Well it’s just the tremendous amount of energy that she comes with its not a deliberate thing it’s just the way the atmospheric vibration of such a person could ah when (___) about ah would personally create (——) field. We would find that her vibrational alternative (—) from down under hasn’t really met the synch of up here yet causing a great sequence of dis-energy functions. If one ah kept themselves that as we spoke shouldn’t of ah had this type of effect on her system.
IS: I don’t understand.
Forces: The vibrational level in which she vibrates is different in the southern hemisphere versus the northern hemisphere, and it takes time for it to get into synch with the energy field that she is surrounded in.
IS: But why does it manifest itself always in my car, or in any one of my cars?
Forces: Well, unfortunately, or fortunately the _______. Well, we would see that it’s the way that she eradicates the polar fields that surrounds her causing a, a change of ah energy fields around your particular automobile.
IS: Thank you.
DD: Can you tell me about my ideas about Fludd, he wrote the monochord, and did that fit on Noah’s ark?
Forces: Huh, Huh yes we see this to be accurate and true.
DD: And also he wrote about the art of memory and that seems to be fitting into Noah’s ark, too.
Forces: Yes of course it does with the birds
DD: And also that brings me back to a modern theory, called String Theory. The numbers seem to resonate with a lot of these. Is there anything to this?
Forces: Well this is an accurate measurement the string theory is accurate in its evaluations of numbers yes.
DD: How do these strings manifest in the universe?
Forces: Linear bands.
DD: Can anymore be given on that?
Forces: Well, the atmospheric pressure and the vibrational field of the different individuals are forced focus on these individuals even though recovery could be expanded for those who want it. Ah, Ah, Ah we would find that the incoming ah transists (def. of transist singular, transition from one place to another) they’re a given normal. Ah we hope you answered we answered your question. ((Comment on Session travel of some sort using String Theory)).
DD: Thank you very much.
NN: You mentioned in a Session a couple of years ago about a product that was created in China that was affecting, that was causing poisoning in the air conditioning systems in certain cars like Toyota, Plymouth, and Volkswagen. I was wondering if that was still the case and if there any other cars that we needed to be aware of brands. I am looking for a car for ______.
Forces: Repeat your question again.
NN: The product that was causing a poison in the air conditioning air system in cars like Toyota, Volkswagen, and one or two others. Is there any other brand like that that we need to be aware of with the air conditioning system?
IS: Or any other system?
NN: Or any other system?
Forces: Repeat your question again.
IS: Ok…
Forces: No, no, no, no let the entity repeat her question again. Repeat your question again.
NN: There was a product that was used in the air conditioning systems of certain cars that was poisonous when it came through the air systems of the cars, and maybe you said some other places. I believe that you said it was created in China. And there was several brands of cars that were mentioned as being affected, like Toyota, Volkswagen, Plymouth. And I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything else, like Jeep if that’s is OK?
Forces: We do not see such. We had to look three times.
NN: Thank you.
IS: Talking about cars is there at this point or will there be after next year a car that would be the best to get?
Forces: Well, yes, we would also say a HumVee would be a great ah car for the entity this way he could lock himself in and nobody could get in. But generally, anything that particularly might smack of ah change of lifecycle like a ah a roofless top (?)car the sports car predominately red in color, and of course two seats only, that way we don’t have to pick up any more than we can deal with. (Laughter) No, in all reality, anything that you feel you are attracted to or wanting to four wheel drive, you have some people who have been observing them and some of them are also checking out the food that once was that should be al allocated. But as far as your car, it will be attracted to when you finally meet it.
IS: Thank you.
Forces: So hope we did a good job on that. (laughter)
IS: You did a job on everything.
CM: Could you tell us about what oil. Where does it come from?
Forces: Well, there are many theories in which we find the oil substance to be. A lot say that it is the day-composing of the dinosaurs ah we personally feel it’s ah three or Tri-level of the inner core of the earth coming up to the surface. Not only that be we also see or feel ah that you have this particular and then this other elements that will be attracted but in this particular case it could only be given a certain level of where it is found the oil level, and then you have the meteorites that have deposited items onto the earth and also animals that are decayed in a record number have a contributional factor to the etheric level of this element.
IS: Thank you. Talking about oil, at some point I think that you hinted that there might be some oil on this land?
Forces: Of course, there is a reserve of oil on the land where you can put things on top of it even to the point of floating, so of course there is a reserve that has been given to you from the beginning.
IS: Is this an oil we can pump and sell?
Forces: Well we could call it pump and sell gasoline but the fact is it, it takes many years for it even to get ready to pump and sell.
IS: My problem has not cleared up yet. Is there anything, I am drinking the Alovera?
Forces: Well, we will also say sitz baths are good for you and this would help, too.
IS: Thank you. Can you tell me why I am having that problem?
Forces: Well the change ah seasonal and of course ah the weather climate and the atmospheric conditions are being quite a factor for the change of the season, but if knowing how and what to do to prevent any other destruction within the system can be done ah Castor oil too has a tremendous effect on almost everything that the body needs help with. Castor oil a day keeps the doctor away, I believe it’s said.
IS: Well, I am doing castor oil twice a week.
Forces: Yes.
IS: Should it be used as a topical? I think A&D is the real A&D seems to work a little. I just don’t know why it happened like that.
Forces: Well, again, in, you know it’s the way it is with the different changes in the process the major ah Orion head is the aspect of the spiritual concept with the emerging and the identification of those items to be found and to be destroyed at the same time.
IS: Thank you. Why was Saul made king? I mean he was a dud. I mean he waited around and became more worthy but it was every time he did something it was because the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. I mean there was nothing in him of his own self. His son Jonathan seems to have been more heroic in every way.
Forces: He’s also a trouble maker they said that in the paper the other day so that’ok. It is totally true what you just said.
IS: So, and so why was Saul chosen and why did Samuel have two sons that were both duds?
Forces: There is open for another one but in so doing wouldn’t tell the truth that we felt. He was hoping for another but in so doing infuriated the reaction from the young lady of Mongo (MONGA?). We are trying to say something and it seems like you do not understand what we are saying.
IS: That is correct.
Forces: Yeah, what don’t you know?
IS: I don’t understand…Oh, in my question?
Forces: Yes.
IS: I don’t understand why Saul that really wasn’t that much of a prize becomes king then Samuel’s sons that he was such a prophet, he was such an incredible psychic, he was like one of the greatest psychics that existed and yet he’s got two sons that are so horrible and stupid and non-spiritual?
Forces: Well,…
IS: And I am just wondering how this, how or why?
Forces: It was just an accident, is was not secured as a, as a ah, as a particular manifestation of the animals, so therefore seeing this thing to be anchored down is your next thing to be working with as far as when the hospital themselves have shifted from level B to level C.
IS: Thank you.
DD: On the Globe Theater Francis Bacon or Shakespeare developed and Fludd had the Art of Memory, are they related to each other? And how did Memory Theater work?
Forces: They have been embedded into the circle learning process and it comes forward after a certain amount of hours of learning.
DD: Is it similar to what we know as computers today or were they…?
Forces: We are now ready for your questions, yes. We would believe that the chips would be involved in the relaying of important information no matter where the individual was its just the facilitating the in divulger which can always still always ah find its way back to ah the Philadelphia area. But again trusting in your own ah element in which she, she does say that its fre, freaky, ah this would allow you to have——— Question?
DD: Thank you.
NN: Will it be in our lifetime that the government will require people to wear, to have the implant chips, the RF ID tags so that they can be scanned?
Forces: Oh, yes, you can do that, too. We would find out important information on this on the 15th, ah five more days from this point.
NN: Thank you.
CM: You have already talked about the implant. What about the World War and this war with Iraq? Are they going to like use Carey now to project and keep the agenda in the Middle East going and is there any way we can come away from this with any semblance of respect and continuity or are we looking at some real cataclysmic changes in world politics and the state of America?
Forces: Repeat your question again. The more you have repeated question the faster it fills up on the tape. Question.
CM: My similar question is are they now going to be, I say “they” meaning the World Order, the powers that be, you know third density, core density consortium, Illuminati, the aliens, the controllers, are they going to now utilize Carey and are they even interested in keeping America a strong entity, or are they really just trying to destroy America, is that the fate of this country as Atlantis was fated to destroy itself?
Forces: Unfortunately, there are those people in power of the diverse ah committees that are stripping away at America in its own strength and making it vulnerable in itself. There is a great concern about the resources of the Earth and that its coming to a depletion or end and that the cycle in which the people of the Earth have to change or alter ah and extinction is in one part of a category that there are those who believe Ah is happening and is happening of course the other part is the exodus to Mars to create a civilization on that planet while this is going on in this planet.
CM: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. environmentalist just said in his book that there is this neoconservative, this core group, this Christian right group that does probably believe that the world is going to come to an end. Do they have knowledge that there is going to be massive global changes and they just don’t much care for the future?
Forces: Well this is their belief in which they are purporting, now whether it is true or not or how much we get involved is again the X factor.
CM: Thank you.
ES: Was the Book of Numbers ever a chanted Psalm?
Forces: The Book of Numbers is a chanted psalm, yes.
ES: And how is it broken up in?
Forces: In quadrants of threes.
ES: So that would be like three chapters or three verses?
Forces: We would say three for each one, verses, chapters.
ES: And when was that sung?
Forces: The psalms were chanted in the morning hours.
ES: Thank you.
IS: Who used it that way?
Forces: You would have the individuals during the certain Tem, Templar’s would use it at their services along with the ah what would be called it, the monks in the 17th ah year or the, the 700 year or 717 ah it was developed and started to make a stronger comeback. It is a very important aspect to get people together when society in itself and civilization is falling apart to be able to chant and pray and to focus on the chanting. For it establishes new regulations and laws of development in the earth.
ES: Does it also change the vibrations of in what you were saying the string theory, the vibration that is being forced on us by external things, this is the antidote if we did this chanting?
Forces: Yes, you identified that very accurately to that, exactly.
ES: Uh-huh.
IS: I did not understand before about SU and what is her effect with the cars with me, is it just with me, is it with other people also? If I put her in the backseat…?
Forces: Let’s us just say it’s the electric-magnetic field that both of you have that she offsets it in a different direction so therefore ah it, it kind of ah attracts a certain amount of chaotic ah vibrations or encounters with ah, the ah, the ah, the electro-magnetic field of your moving through time and space. It’s quite obvious you had several different encounters while she was there and ah it is ah not that it was her fault or she’s the one who’s the bad person it’s just the different force-fields of both of you come together at this particular place in America that causes a great deal of undisturbed kinetic energy.
IS: Thank you. If I put her in the backseat, then am I safe?
Forces: Well, you can try that. It is like a chocolate malted, you always have the residue on the bottom no matter how much you shake it up.
IS: What do I do about it?
Forces: Well, again, prayer and power of praying, and another interesting thing, have someone else drive. You do not have to drive during those times.
IS: OK, thank you. That makes total sense now. And ah when I asked about Samuel, I mean he was a great great prophet, a psychic and a prophet, was he not?
Forces: Yes, we have to say yes to that yes.
IS: So, how come his sons were so not with it, I mean, not only not with it, they went against it?
Forces: Well, unfortunately, you always have the greatest person create the lousiest children.
IS: And why is that?
Forces: Well you have the good vibration of DNA, then you have the jungle rot DNA.
IS: Is it because someone with that kind of high DNA should not have children?
Forces: Unfortunately or fortunately, the world would not want to hear that but that’s the way it should be, unless you want to run with jungle rot.
IS: Hence, the situation with JN?
Forces: Well of course, she had other things that she should do or could have done but she choose the children which is OK, it’s just that we’re not saying that children are jungle rot, but what we’re trying to say is that there’s different vibrational levels of DNA structure that needs to be focused and developed. Now of course some children need lots of attention, but when they finally blossom and come around it’s beyond all of us because it is a power that materializes beyond all of us.
IS: So these parents, with these kinds of parents?
Forces: Well, unfortunately or fortunately again, the answer to that is yes.
IS: Because Eli, the person that took care of Samuel and taught him and was his foster parent, his two sons also were very bad, and if we take a look at the whole history, most of king David’s sons were duds, the sons of the greatest wise man in the world, Solomon, his sons were really duds and this is like going on and on and I don’t know any one great great master that had children of any value, I don’t want to say value, but spiritual value.
Forces: Well, spiritual essence is a better vibe, but ah yeah definitely it, true I mean you see the pattern, might as well read the interpretation of it. We are tired of watching the patterns unfold over and over again and everyone down here thinks Oh wow that’s strange how did that happen. And of course it’s not strange it’s just a sequence of the pattern of good DNA, bad DNA, good DNA. It’s like having religious people, then the next children are contrary to religious they’re not religious at all, and then their children become very religious and you see it in everyday experiences.
IS: Thank you. And Saul is there any particular reason why Saul was; I am also, almost tending to believe that Saul was chosen because he had his son Jonathan, which was a great soul I believe?
Forces: Well, again, yes it’s true but Saul deviated from certain aspects in his food eating and, and of course too much hot peppers. Or too much spicy we wouldn’t say hot peppers. It is amazing to see how the, the now the hotness of the food is not going to be a negative but it does definitely, definitely affect the ah standards of the children that you have. The amount of hot that you do put into your system, it triggers the DNA to higher spiritual levels and we can’t really understand the total answer to that, but it does happen. So if your turn is to have a real ah you know Joe Palooka child then best to put a little spice on your food.
IS: Spices actually enhances the DNA to a greater spiritual spiraling?
Forces: Well they won’t use the word spiritual but eventually in time it will be proven.
IS: Thank you.
DD: Now, Robert Fludd was encoded with the flood in the Bible and where was Frances Bacon, Shakespeare encoded?
Forces: In the merry children, merry, merry children.
DD: Where is that?
Forces: Merry, merry children, everyone knows where the merry, merry, children of England are.
DD: Where is that in the Bible, in the King James?
Forces: Hvh we don’t know, it’s just the merry, merry children of what we so (sow?) (saw?) Glenmore.
DD: So he was not encoded in the Bible?
Forces: Only to be decoded, yes.
DD: Where was he encoded first?
Forces: First, that’s right, first.
DD: Was he encoded like in the Psalms?
Forces: In what would be considered vast Numbers and Deuteronomy or in those particular chapters.
DD: And what kind of information was encoded with him?
Forces: The secrets of the development of Man’s DNA, yes um-huh.
IS: But St. Francis was the culmination of that soul so any previous ah representation wouldn’t be as high as the one that he has accomplished and achieved as Bacon, is that so?
Forces: Well, we, we could see that similarity to be true, yes.
DD: But he was of the Knights Templar and he put that in there?
Forces: Yes.
IS: (He could have been Joe Smooh. He didn’t culminate— yet.)
DD: But still the information was in there or it’s not in there now?
Forces: Oh it still is, yes.
DD: And that is useful information?
Forces: Yes, yes just unlock it, that’s all. But you have to have the corner (Corn or?) what is called the Planter’s Wart.
DD: What does that mean?
Forces: You’ll find out.
DD: Thank you very much.
NN: Is it alright to invoke the power of the Holy Shekinah every day or should it be reserved for…?
Forces: Well remember if you want a really bumpy rush sure, but it’s something that too much energy ah some people can’t utilize too much energy but you can use it occasionally, yeah we would agree with this.
NN: So it should be used at special times like bringing in the Sabbath?
Forces: Well what actually what you’re doing is utilizing the energy that is being attracted to the land mass cause the energy of the Holy Spirit is attracted to Spiritual places of the Earth so all you have to do is stand in the place, you don’t have to evoke it, it’s already evoked.
NN: Thank you.
ES: Thank you very much for helping me with the little girl’s formula that I had messed up so badly the other night.
Forces: Well I mean it’s just that you weren’t, you’re too hard on yourself. You didn’t not mess up, you just made sure the formula was accurate. Question?
NN: And thank you for helping my mother.
Forces: Yes.
IS: The entity Tom is there something wrong at this point with his lungs his breathing that is more than it was before? I mean..?
Forces: There’s a normal sequence that’s going on but it is moving forward as we speak.
IS: So he is clearing up?
Forces: Yeah, there’s no question of that, that that’s happening. Question?
IS: My foot is there anything that is happening there for better?
Forces: Well, if you notice it is getting much better than what it was.
IS: Why is that last fall really did me in?
Forces: Actually it didn’t do you in it’s just that you were just so tired and that it was an exhausting, exhausting accumulation of different falls that you had to slowly get it back to normal.
IS: Will I receive the help that I need with the physical; will I receive the physical therapy?
Forces: Yes, Yes, you, you will receive it not long as you would want to, but it will be received.
Forces- At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon. Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father who art in the heavens…