Session 656-9/19/03

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find tremendous upheaval through you hurricane and visitor such an energy field. There was a tremendous ship that was leaving replacing this particular field into orbit. We see that they have a extreme (?) of the complexities of these maneuvers (?). We are watching op, openly and watching to see how some (Restructure the?) orders (?) through this (star?). We also see the Israelis going through tremendous battling with the Palestinian movement and of course it takes two to tango and we do hope the Palestinians also will stop using aggressive tactics in their own (?) It is a shame to see both sides being massacred and brutal, brutalized (?) (?). (?) just now the Palestinians that need to come into the agreement of it rather than holding a (?) (?). We are now ready for questions.
IS-Thank you for coming in. This storm happened because of a spaceship, your saying?
Forces-Yes leaving the earth.
IS-What spaceship.
Forces-(——-) and creates a vortex, which creates a hurricane forces.
IS-Is that one of yours or?
Forces-Many different ones can create (?) ships.
IS-But was this one yours?
Forces-Not particular no.
IS-What is happening as far as, it’s like my immune system is falling apart. If I get a prick on a finger or something it just develops into this whole entire huge thing where it doesn’t go away. The whole finger peels. Just from a little prick. What can I do about that?
Forces-Sometimes it’s good to increase your vitamin C intake and vitamin A. But there are those times in which your blood is going through some sort of ah cleansing changing and again it’s seasonal. There are times when you’re very high up in the energies and other times the energy factors are kinda low. So it’s kind of a seasonal (?) of high and low in this particular case.
IS- I am now in a low and ah…
Forces-Not for long, (?) (?) start beginning to creep up and become gradually higher again.
IS-Is there a specific month or something that this happens to me?
Forces- Around August, September sure.
IS-Will we be losing anything from all of the storm, would we get the lights in time?
Forces-Oh yes you will.
IS-Ah The people that were here today looking at the extension, will they do it?
Forces-Ah it is very strongly favorable, yes.
IS-I know I’m the one who messed it up with Krishna. But there was appoint where he just crossed a line which I couldn’t go back.
Forces-Well he became very sloppy in a lot of things. It’s best that you just simply move on.
IS-I am just trying to see so I don’t repeat or I feel…
Forces-Do not worry about repeating, it’s just the fact that it was a thing that was over and you move on. That’s all. You can’t control everything in the world and in this particular case he has his own problems going on.
IS-Is there any conscience on his part at this point?
Forces-Again we wouldn’t begin to even fathom the word conscience. I mean if one person thinks there all right there can’t be a conscience.
IS- And the Body, Mind, Spirit people?
Forces- Well they are still there, they just talk best.
IS-They also think they did the right thing?
Forces-Well of course they had too.
IS- Thank you very much.
NN-Do any of those supplements for eyesight, are there any that actually really help, besides the vitamin A the ones like Bilberry or Lutein or all the ones that are out on the market right now. Are there any that can actually do any good for eyesight at this moment?
Forces-Well you could try that, it still will not hurt.
NN-Also with the ships, what you were saying if it were your ships it probably wouldn’t create as much havoc is that correct?
Forces-No, we wouldn’t have come in at that angle.
NN-So it’s more of a negative force ship that’s going to create..
Forces-No, more or less its, not to generalize but sometimes it is a negative. But we have to perceive the things that we have to perceive.
NN-Thank you.
DD-On the Unified Field Theory and it coming from the Egyptians. Which Hieroglyphs and which Hieroglyphic Books did they get that from.
Forces-Well we would like to say the Book of the Dead. But then there is the Book of Real-ities or Realities and the Book of Understanding it’s called. So all of these things can be equated to information leading to it.
DD-The Book of Understanding and Realities is that in the library somewhere?
DD-Is it called that?
Forces-Book of Understanding of THOH and Book of Revelation of Osiris. See if you really look at it Mars of course is related to the extraterrestrials or the gods coming to the earth and you all know that. But what is on the Space or the Ship or the Land of Mars is the Sphinx or the Reptilian Head of half Lion and half Man. As you look at it, was this not the extraterrestrial Lion-Man that came to earth as a visitor. He did have a very high forehead prominent and 7 foot tall. But of those who were on Mars in which was about 14,000 to 21,000BC, coming to visit the Earth were Mion Male or Animal Male or Lion-Males or Lion-Mate. So therefore if you really look at it, the Lion, or half Man, half Lion is what the Sphinx is. And if you look at the Sphinx, it smiles a little bit, this is the ah people, the extraterrestrials that have visited the Earth to give the Egyptians their information (on) or knowledge of House-Hold events. But of course what was unfortunate is that the Lion-Male never acquired shoes in the running or the walking. Babylonian and Mesopotamian, Babylonian, Persia, always had Lions in front of the Great Halls, half Male, half Lions. Even the Egyptian ah, of, of Osiris, which is the Son of Seth as is Set as would be what would be considered the Word for Osiris, H-ORUS (sounds like H is silent) and of course one war against Osiris, being taken away. So H-ORUS was warring against Osiris being hurt or injured and in so doing became in the Hebrew Language that of the Revolving Red Light, or the Revolving Light, or the Travelers from the Red Planet. So even the Hebrews realized the gods came from the planet Mars. And of course the Palestinians (?)is th, is the throw offs of the (preachers) of the Persians and Persians with the Babylonians knew the History of the Martians, or Mars along with the Hebrews knowing about the Lion-Male. So in so doing you have a whole history of the relationship between Lion-Males on the Earth.
IS-CM just came in should I open the door for him?
IS-You also said…
Forces-(?) do it quickly so we can go into a space.
IS-CM, CM, CM, CM, (?) come up CM (———-).
Forces-Before we move on the one who just arrived, do you have everything you need.
CM-Yes, thank you.
Forces-So this is the creatures that have always been on the planet Mars and, and we called them the gods that landed in Greece. And the Greeks knew of them coming from Mars and also in their was with Babylon the Great Lions that stood on walkways to protect the (cities ?). So it is a continuation between Earth and Mars and their relationship from Societies of Civilizations of, of Extraterrestrials, (own?) gods of many thousands of years. And Mars has come close again which is the insurgence of the reaction of such powers once more.
IS-Are you saying that the Greek Mythology or the Egyptian mythology, which one or is it separate or is it the same thing?
Forces-They are both related one always takes off from the other.
IS-So it is the Greek Mythology the gods that you are speaking of now?
IS-And they were not you they were something else?
IS-Were they, what you are saying they were aliens actually that visited Mars?
Forces-No, no, no they were from Mars going to the earth visiting the Earth.
IS-Oh, they were from Mars. Is there any life form at this point on Mars?
IS-Would we be able to understand it as such?
IS-Would they appear human to us?
Forces-Yes, half human, half animal, be it Lion, be it Reptilian.
IS-So the Reptilian and the Lion are they both different creations (?).
IS-Are they like here, white people, black people?
Forces-Something in that general idea.
IS-Ah, thank you.
CM-Ah, thank you for coming in. Ah we’ve been putting a lot of information on the web sites and I guess my question is should we continue where were going with 1977 and continue moving forward putting the Sessions on in linear fashion. Or should we start putting some more current Sessions on and focus on 1995 or.
Forces-Well it is always best to continue the added foundation of where one came from. But of course if you have a new session, you can continue to do one of the old and work on one of the new. This now puts you in a perspective where you can do the old and then one of the new, be it this one or, ones that have been 6 to7months before, but it is all kind of up to the perspective of what ones needing to get done.
IS-Ah, at this point It seems like I am a little bitty with the financial situation. Is there anything that I need to do that ah, that ah, or what I am doing, how——–understand or why or whatever is possible to say at this point.
Forces-The situation isn’t as bad as it seems, a little controlling, but it is a moment in time that will move on.
IS-And for me and (——-?)
Forces-As far as clients are concerned.
Forces-That will increase more and more as the seasons of the holidays come closer. We will make sure of that.
IS-Thank you. The projected figure it’s not possible any longer correct?
Forces-It can still be hope against that it can be acquired to the projected figure of the percentage.
IS-Ah, am I doing the best possible?
Forces-Oh yes,————the sense of its relationship of receiving yes.
IS-Ah, thank you very much.
IS-Also for the group as a whole, how is the group doing?
Forces-Course it is moving along trying to become more responsible in its own integrity and its own individuality of acquiring that spirit to be accomplished.
IS-Thank you very much.
Forces-It is also a point in reference that the group is ready as new individuals start coming in, to start expanding its field.
IS-Would AC have been able to make it (—————–)would AC been able to stay here?
Forces-And what particular thing are you speaking about.
IS-I don’t know what exactly, but whatever it was.
Forces-Well again we are kind of caught here to the understanding of what thing happened.
IS-Who knows her mind quality? (?) What happened, I think probably some misunderstanding, there always is some misunderstanding.
Forces-Well again if you speak about the entity and the phone call it was a particularly interesting aspect if this is where the encounter happened as we perceived it of watching your question that you’re asking. It was a phone call from this gentleman called William that was from the Innesfree sector as they call it the special agents, whether ingenious with slight difference of ah deficits and particular this particular person wanted to speak to the entity Jehu and it was unfortunate or fortunate that AC had answered the phone. In so doing AC had come to the entity and ask what should be done. Cause the entity was busy working and trying to get a letter out and he replied just tell Jehu that he is on the phone, in so doing this particular person ah Jehu ah threw a kind of encounter and went to the point of not wanting to take the phone call. And it was AC that had said it was your phone call and trouble ensued and, and conflict arises and the entity was trying to solve and feel that particular problem in which then took him up to room in the, what you call the Russian Room their AC perceived the entity wasn’t supporting her and all reality was defending her against this person Jehu. And in so doing misconceived a very important aspect of how the entity was basically supporting and protecting her and her interests, but then perceived of being attacked, which was not what was going on. And then the other item ensued and one thing led to the other and conflicts of different visions and concepts and, and the entity was dealing with his brother having more problems and other problems up there in city area. And the entity then at this particular meeting became real upset, a comment that was even, that implied that he did not see as the entity AC was his niece, but wasn’t what he’s saying. That you are her niece through blood line and that he also has nieces and nephews that he’s trying to work out things with and one thing led to the other, misunderstanding of your not my family and this upset AC tremendously and, but it all went from one misunderstanding to another misunderstanding to the point it was never really corrected and then of course your conflict happened during the automobile trouble. Not allowing her to have her own mobile, which was given to her and not allowing to have her money and not allowing to have what she wanted and things being tightened and then ensued another encounter where the entity had to say no you can’t have the car, because IS you did not want her to have it. So again one conflict after another conflict, which means one misunderstanding after another misunderstanding. Which makes the entity kind of the scapegoat in the whole situation and then we mix up with this batch of cookies immaturity. And we have an Atomic explosion of the worst kind.
IS-Thank you. Would she have been able to spiritually make it? That whole thing that happened obviously, (___?) people get all convoluted and insulted and more people loose God because they got insulted than anything else. I’ve seen it, in all these 30years I’ve seen nothing other. I’ve seen that as the major reason for all these people. They get insulted and they give up the most important thing in their life. Because they got insulted. And it’s usually over something (__?) but the thing is would she have been able to make it had this…?
Forces-Well the question is a good question but remember she made it as far as she could possibly make it. There was other lessons that she had to go learn. Unfortunately she could have been very creative here and make things even more powerful for her in that creative ability. But she chose to work on other aspect that she wanted to do. Don’t underestimate it she did it with her eyes open. A lot of times people are who visit their relatives have an argument with their in laws only so that they can leave and feel good about the leaving, it’s a psychological aspect, that you have a fight where you were comfortable and then you have a fight to catapult you so you can leave. It’s not a right way to do things but unfortunately a lot of individuals usually ensue with their argument or fight and then down the road 10, 15 years might say oh that was stupid. But at that particular time it was very serious to them. And in this particular case this is what is being implied.
IS-Thank you. I just felt like she could have been the perfect. Thank you very much. With my health is the physical body doing ok.
Forces-We see it as such. Yes.
IS-Except with the feet business.
Forces-Oh this happens to all of us.
IS-Also with Paul as I am reading in Romans and all of that he really has done a lot for Christianity too. What is the final judgment on Paul, has he as far as him being obviously chosen vehicle.
Forces-Remember when he came into the Sect of the older Apostles, they all disliked him.
Forces-But they disliked him because he was very vocal and very open about his feelings and opinions. And they felt he had no right to such strong opinions because they he was not with the master. He came and actually persecuted the master. So they thought he was quiet inappropriate to act like, and unfortunately or fortunately this happens everywhere in the world and they, Paul had taken over authority away from Peter and in all reality it is what had to happen and Jesus realizing that this too had to happen. Sometimes the Apostles were to weak in far as lazy and not taking on the Mission. Paul was kind of the activist who forced them to reawaken their Commission and put on their whole armor. So he was a very intricate part of Christianity ah and that was what Jesus realized he would play out to become.
IS-He was also a very eloquent speaker.
Forces-He knew Greek and Hebrew and Latin and Persian, of course he is.
IS-How did he finally die. Well we find many different areas in which he died. But he died of a broken heart of course, but there is also this aspect of him being crucified. But again we have many different accounts of what had happened, be it vat burning, crucifixion, his main thing of death came upon him when he saw the things he still needed to get done.
IS-So how did he die physically? What was the physical heart attack or crucifixion?
Forces- Well Heart attack would still be true for crucifixion, so we would say heart attack to begin with.
IS-Was he also put on a cross?
Forces-He was in all aspects put on it. Yes.
IS-As far as the Romans go that’s how he died?
IS-On the cross?
IS-How old was he when he died?
Forces-Oh of course this is debatable as being anywhere from the age of 38 to 46.
IS-You have all the records why are you telling me it’s debatable?
Forces-Because he was played as being dead and then went to another country.
IS-So he did not die on the cross?
Forces-Well again a replaced, it’s more like that he found himself to be in England.
IS-He was what?
IS-Replaced, by somebody else?
Forces-As a drop-in yes.
IS-Oh as a drop-in, oh but he didn’t get off the cross?
Forces-No he did and he didn’t. His spirit was dropped into another body in England.
IS-They all went to England then?
Forces-A lot of them, Thomas went to India.
IS-How did he die?
Forces-Well we would say he was boiled fire, oil, or flames.
IS-He was what?
IS-Oh my God.
IS-Who did that to him?
Forces-The people in India.
IS-In India?
Forces-Well They were afraid of his particular religion. No different from today, walk into any church dressed up differently preaching something, they would also be afraid.
IS-Hopefully they’re not going to boil us in oil.
IS-Ah Did he perform any miracles Thomas in India?
Forces-Oh many yes many.
IS-Is that what they were afraid of?
Forces-Well that was one of the things.
NN-Will Howard Dean be the next President?
Forces-Well it seems like he’s affecting a lot of people ah in the polls.
NN-Is he somebody that you like?
Forces-Well he’s a normal person who’s come up through the ranks. So now it should be ask is it somebody you like, because we like everyone.
NN-Is it going to be possible for one of the people, one of the democratic candidates that are out there now to beat Bush, is that going to happen?
Forces-It’s possible very possible yes.
CM-I would like to ask you a question about the extraterrestrial involvement underground bases in Mount Rainer. We’ve talked about this before and you’ve given information on that. There’s always new information that I see about Mt. Rainer coming up. Is this Mt. Rainer going to be going soon or is there going to be an explosion out there or earthquake?
Forces-We find Mt. Rainer being affected by the Volcano in Mexico City. So when the Mexico Volcano explodes you have what would be called chain reaction through simultaneous Volcano’s reacting at that point. Mt. Rainer will be reacting to the volcano of the one in Mexico City.
CM-Where are the extraterrestrials right now in their agenda. I mean we hear a lot of stories of abductions and actually a increased number of sightings all over the world. Are they really gearing up for a critical moment or a disclosure of some sort?
Forces-Well the answer to that is that it is a very gearing up moment. And the answer is yes. But there is no question of the amount of authority and power that is here from this house. That will recede and rescind their influence. Tremendously speaking the website that you have created has helped hundreds of people recapture their vision, their faith and their what would be called idealism and mission that they have lost in daily living. We’ve lost a lot in our daily living because of the complexities and complex of the daily ah demands. But of course this too of underground bases can be put at mute and conquer by the different chanting of psalms and the prayers that the entity has been teaching. Each psalm unlocked means each Reptilian force conquered.
CM-So it’s like a key of sorts for a mosaic of ah locks?
Forces-The sounds are called the Key or the Songs, but the’re also the Key. Each Psalm unlocks a different vibration and also different extraterrestrial to move and move them forward and upward.
CM-Were these locks placed on over the community or over the earth and is that what we’re trying to unlock or free ourselves in a sense?
Forces-Well they are called safety locks. Not that we’re trying to free ourselves of it, but were trying to unlock our own pressure gauge or safety gauge against these extraterrestrials, so each one that we unlock becomes a power tool.
CM-So it’s our destiny to keep unlocking those for all of humanity?
Forces-It would be that to be true. If you notice the chanting you practice and practice and sung and sung and then if you do this as we and you have done. New individuals who come the first time get to unleash the History of Chant, they are just simply wanting not to leave and take anything that would be (a rod?). So this could be some answers.
CM-Thank you.
DD-Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection is one of the books right?
DD-And the Book of Understanding, which one is that?
Forces-This is on Ra, the Understanding of the One God.
DD-Is that the Egyptian (?), you’ll find in the library?
Forces-Yes and you’ll also find that of 43 next to it.
DD-43 what?
Forces-That’s it 43.
DD- How about the Pyramid Texts that I have is that The Understanding of Ra or connected with that?
DD-So Mars, Earth and the Moon, are they a trinity?
DD-And they represent each one with one of these Books?
DD -And that’s how the Three cycle problem is solved?
DD-That’s the Unified Field Theory, the Three being the One?
Forces-Umm huh.
DD-Mathematically will I be able to see it?
Forces-Yes right On or (Yes why not).
DD-Is there any way you could help me with my back a little bit?
Forces-The Castor Oil will help you out (?).
DD Thank you very much.
IS-What were Paul’s feelings towards women?
Forces-Well of course he understood that they had to develop and move closer to their relationship with God, but at the same time kept at a distance.
IS-Ah was he gay?
Forces-Well it’s not the question of whether they’re gay or not, it’s because of his philosophy and his metaphysics of that search, it made him into that type of belief.
IS-So he was not gay; he just became some of it?
Forces-Well we always talk about the question of celibacy and if you find that one you love and have relations and if it is of that type, celibacy is that which is sacred to you and God. But there is a celibacy that is locked once that relationship happens with anyone, not to allow it to be violated by anyone else, but with Paul he was a strange figure in history. I would not want to break your bubble to say he was not celibate, but he was not celibate in his own demeanor.
IS-So he was gay?
Forces-Well again it’s not the word of the 23, 21st century. It was the common practice of that time to develop into different aspects and we won’t go into labeling him to that particular word, but he was a very opinionated person.
IS-He talked very much against gay people.
Forces-Well of course he had that going on too, but again you have many different aspects of this one named Paul and had been what would be considered all over the checker board.
IS-Thank you. Did any of the people that used to be part of this group at any time, did any of them see the web site?
Forces-Ahm we would say yes they have.
IS-Are those people here in Charlottesville or outside of Charlottesville?
Forces-I would say here in Charlottesville.
IS-And how do they feel about that?
Forces-Very impressed.
IS-So nobody from outside of Charlottesville?
Forces-Well you might have some outside but it happens individually.
IS-Is there a prayer you can give me at this point, prayer or a psalm that would be helpful?
Forces-Ah Psalm 41 can be helpful, And Lord here is the Spirit that I walk on, pick me up and carry me.
NN-Is there any other planet besides Mars that the reptilians have a specific connection with?
Forces-Of course that’s a big question. Yes
NN-Could you say which planets?
Forces-Well they go from many different planets.
(Tape change here) Some missed.
IS-So the reptilians are on Orion?
IS-Beetlejuice is that a planet next…..?
CM-It’s in Orion’s belt.
IS-I see and Orion, is Orion the good guys?
Forces-Well that is basically where, when the Great Master said my Kingdom is not of this world, He’s speaking about Beetlejuice.
IS-But he wasn’t a reptilian was He?
Forces-And that is who.
Forces-Well sissss, that is something you need to put together.
NN-He was from Orion wasn’t He?
Forces-Beet, Beetlejuice.
CM-Which is in Orion.
Forces-Also there is a place called Nibis, Nibis X, which you ask for another place and then you have Ithix, which is the other place.
IS-But Jesus was not a reptilian was He?
Forces-Well that’s something you need to look at. Because He’s a reptilian doesn’t mean He has scales and slited eyes, no their very advanced and very developed.
IS-But I thought the reptilians are bad guys.
Forces-Oh no, no, no their not bad guys, there are those who are, has a negative aspect of which are reptilians, but their of a different place.
IS-So what you are saying is that it’s like the Archangels and Lucifer was also an Archangel. So what you are saying is there the the reptilians and they have just power and some of them have gone bad.
Forces-Well we get into this quasi experience, is Satan bad or good or has he been dubbed to be bad or good or has he been put into this role by God.
IS-Well I guess when in Job they say, (The Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them) and all the Angels came before God and their saying Satan to came. So I assume that to God Satan was just one other messenger of a different nature, however the way we understand it, the true meaning of Satan in Hebrew means Lawyer actually, means the real interpretation of the word means Accuser, the Lawyer, that’s what Saa-tan means somebody that sort of puts in a bad you know, the true interpretation of Saa-tan is a Accuser, what’s the word, Prosecutor.
Forces-Or the Devil’s Advocate.
IS-Yeah the real word is prosecutor.
Forces-And of course you could have Satan work for you, don’t we see that on a worldly level where people who are in business and corporations use Satanic principles to get where they have to go to. Unfortunately it could only get you to a certain point and then either you jump ship and go to the right ship or you go down with it. See Satan only gets you in your perspective and vision that is why Satan is an outcast of all the Archangels because he cannot lose the concept that he’s wrong and so he fight till the end to prove that he’s right.
IS-So basically he, anyone that cannot admit a wrong is basically serving Satan or following, is a follower of Satan.
Forces-Well that’s another interesting debate. How do you get a person to see he’s wrong or she’s wrong, this is something that will America think that there wrong by attacking Iraq? We might have to debate this for the next 200years, whether the course of which America has taken has digressed from its principles of a Country of Freedoms. Now to, to squash the freedom of a given people, unfortunately something you need to look at, does power give you the right and the might or does might give you the power and the right. Did we or do we have that right to attack another country of a different society and custom, and customs that are alienating or alienated from our customs. In all reality, in all reality what is happening on a larger scale is the western world again attacking the Moslems and whether we want to see this or not it is a major, major confrontation and foothold into the Moslem sector of its own society and custom and culture. This is no different from Alexander the Great going into Greece and taking over that countries and taking over that countries customs and Egypt and that custom and India. And of course we see the Moslems taking over Spain in your custom of history and getting a foothold into that country for thousands of years, and then of course we see the same with taking over the Holy Land and then you have the western world coming into the Holy Land and taking that over. So and then it plays out for another 100, 200, 400, 500 years. So in all reality what you see happening is America has taken over the Figurehead of the Crusaders and now have gone into the Moslem land or sector to take over that part of that territory, getting a Foothold just like Constantine taking over Istanbul or Turkey and then going back and forth. So is this an age old conflict that happened that happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago and still playing out, we think so. What’s your questions, what’s your thoughts on that.
IS-Well I believe that Bush is almost like a double person, like a split personality, one part of him is so terrified of anything and everything is that the only way he feels safe is if he creates a greater and greater circle of safety, meaning more and more countries that will be subdued that no way they can lift anything into the air, more and more people that will be surrounding him, more and more ideas that will be surrounding him that are just his ideas, only then will he feel safe. The other part is he’s become like a megalomania where he wants America to become an empire, it’s the story of Nixon but this guy is actually going through with it, he’s creating colonies, he wants to colonize as many parts of the world as he possibly can and I don’t know if that also goes back to the crusades but there is this feeling in him that he needs to create to show America is not weak and in order to take it, he feels like he needs to take it to that place.
Forces-He also feels if any of the terrorists come to our land we go to their land, simple mathematical developments, keep them busy.
IS-It does work.
CM-Even though we talk about Bush we as a people on a karmic level have this leader for some reason, we’re going through some cycle of change karmetically that seems to be reminiscent of what I’ve heard stories both in the Sessions and other places about what happened in Atlantis. So are the American souls going through this and reliving as you said a cycle at this time?
Forces-We definitely agree with that.
CM-And how does it play out this time when we know what happened last time.
Forces-Well again it might play out a little bit different. As long as people can read this on the websites and have information from that which is the Overseer or the Watchers, mainly us, and watching you guys down here play out the same interaction or control and power. You know you really do not have any power or control over anything, the only control and power you have is when everyone works in harmony together for the common good, that is the true power and no one owns that. No one owns the Common Good the Common Good is by the Masses, if everyone decided to work together for the Common Good and it became contagious as it will, people will stop becoming selfish for their own means knowing no matter how much they accrue, how much they save, or how much they stash it still will be taken away from them, but to develop and to grow for the common interest of the many of the masses of the good, that then can never be taken away from you. So this is what’s going to be happening, that the Common Good of the Masses of the Individuals in America will begin to stand up, regardless of parties be it republican, democrat, liberal, that everyone will start working for the Common Good of each other and that itself will become so contagious that hopefully the disaster of Atlantis will not have to repeat itself.
IS-Thank you. So what we can do is what we’re doing or is there more that as a group we can do?
Forces-Basically you are the Beacon and the Light and the Burning Flame and the Torch in this great darkness. But it is living for the Common Good of Others and the interest of making life easier and more what would be called Creative and Finer for everyone, that everyone benefits together, not just for the few or those who are rich, that everyone moves together, and that is the Common Good. It is the same principle that Jesus was trying to teach, then got caught up in the Soviet Union under Communism, but it’s the same principle that the Apostles tried to follow and of course one man lost their live and one women when they were caught hoarding and stealing and stashing away from the Common Good of the group, so unfortunately or fortunately if we all start living for the Common Good of each other then it will be so contagious that the Society and the Culture of the classics will start enfolding and will become inspiring, because that which is Good will be that which everyone will strive for, the respect and the integrity of one another and the decency of one another and the Greatest Law be treated as you would have others treat you and of course Love one another.
Forces-At this point we will be leaving.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father.