Session 658-1/26/04

Greeting to all here present now. We are now in the area and find that there is so much to be, to be done. We find that the Martian planets. Some of it is staged and made as a platform. You have heard that some photographs come from Hollywood when they landed on the moon. What makes you think this is not the same. Everything is orchestrated to give information out. It’s too much of a hot number ah to allow a smoking gun, a cart Blanche ah affect to roam freely on Mars. They might stumble into a civilization. This would cause tremendous havoc on earth. So everything has to be kind of placated to the idiot, being civilization as you know it on the earth. Can you imagine the planning stages that has gone into the effect of setting this particular stage up of information released. It is the next agenda to release information. As the Entity has said many years ago, that Mars is the next landing area for civilization to learn from. And it is well orchestrated and they just cannot give out so much information about Mars per say. But if they had a joint expedition on Mars May 22 in 69 areas in (1969). Do you think for one minute there hasn’t been other expeditions to the Red Planet before this. What we’re trying to say is it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be as far as information release in time capsules. So the land rover might find a McDonald’s on the terrain of Mars, might find a bit to eat. We’re ready for your questions.
IS-Thank you for coming in. The pictures even look fake I mean it’s making tracks the little cart is making tracks through the sand, it’s like leaving tracks, it’s like totally ridiculous it looks a two inch ah. It just doesn’t look real like it’s on Mars or something.
Forces-Well again everything is placated to get the knowledge out in a nice way.
IS-Traveling on Mars would it leave these kind of slide marks from a cart I mean it looks exactly like somewhere you know just tire marks.
Forces-You mean they built the sand up so they could get the affect.
Forces-It is all the element of truth but it is something that you really don’t have the concept of, would they go all this way to bring out all this information and the answer to that is why not. What’s so difficult about them orchestrating a platform to bring information in such a way that people feel, would feel that it’s the first time ever on the Martian surface. It has to be done some day and so no time better than now.
IS-What exactly are they trying to prepare us for?
Forces-To get ready for civilization more or less ah, occupying and space stations on Mars.
IS-Is there a civilization there already?
Forces-Yes of course.
IS-That’s other than human?
Forces-Oh yeah, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
IS-In physical form?
Forces-Well they, yes.
IS-Who are they?
Forces-They are extraterrestrial of all shapes and sizes and the like. I mean, we find it very strange to start educating earthlings about extraterrestrials. You are on the earth and extraterrestrials are everywhere also, on the earth and everywhere else. You guys have a lot to learn. Be educated that you are not alone and you don’t own this whole Universe as you think you do. They just leave you alone because they have you so well trained in your belief system that they don’t want to upset the apple cart right now.
IS-Would there be religious ramifications?
Forces-One, one, one step, one body, one claw. One piece of hair of an extraterrestrial will totally un shake the religious world, even though they are preparing for answers for that. But it would just totally unshaken the religious concepts of the western world that they have spent thousands of years ah preparing and placat—, look at your religions, I mean, you got to understand that religions have been staged to get mankind to accept it. Well if they do that with religions don’t you think they would do that with extraterrestrials?
IS-which religion on earth at this point is the closest to truth?
Forces-All religions have truth in them, but all religions have their agenda. But we have always said that Spiritual Worship, Prayer, Chanting, and Singing and Service is a very different nature as far as energy fields. There’s nothing wrong with any religions, it is just its not one particular religional from another is serving the menu right. They all do their job. But it is the individual person as long as they meditate and chant and pray, they don’t really have to belong to a religion. They are the religion.
IS-Are we with the group as we are, whatever amount of people we have, are we, I always think of us as a Kabalistic group because we receive Kabbalah. And that’s (——-) You speak with us, so we receive. That’s accurate correct?
Forces-Yes, very accurate. You’re the Living Book of the Light yes.
IS- Ah.
Forces-It is also during this troubled time, most troubled time that this is the Oasis where people will come to drink the waters. Everything is drying up outside. It is the most horrible, horrible time and yet the most blessed time.
IS-why is it that those people like JE and JW couldn’t, can’t see that or couldn’t see it, cannot see it now?
Forces-Because, we have to say that they had their own fantasy of what they are or Spirituality is and they unfortunately have a child-ish concept, not childlike and there is a lot of growing that has to be done for both of them to develop their skills on the Spiritual Level. They just resort to this little light of mine. Some people do not want to grow and develop so they just veg out.
IS-And they do not see the difference out there versus here?
Forces-Well they do, but out there is so called comfortable and they have no pressure to excel or develop. But again it’s their own childish concepts that they are seeking to ah materialize. There are times when the entity JW realizes the BS that he’s in and knows the truth that this particular ah, We, us, group, Forces ah have proclaimed but again people have selective hearing. They want to hear what they want to hear.
IS-So JE doesn’t even have that much ah.
Forces- Unfortunately no.
IS-Is that why I don’t even think or miss JE but I do sometimes have thoughts about JW?
Forces- Yes of course. JE would have a tremendous growth and advancement if he would just not look for the comfortable way out all the time. It’s looking for the comfortable experience that makes him very uncomfortable.
IS-And that’s why he———–?
Forces-Well he’s in to his own little life.
IS- Thank you. Now as we are entering all of the 30 years in this group and …31 and 32 years.
Forces-It’s a new cycle a new birth for the group. 72 was a new birth, 82 was, 92 was, 2002 is. It is always the 2000 and two aspect that starts a new cycle, a new development cycle. Your cycles are every 10 years and they start on the second year of the decade so it——well into its new development cycle of its next 10 year period.
IS-Are you the same Forces that we had in 72?
Forces-This is a very interesting concept that you use, we haven’t changed a bit. We are still selling our apples in Pennsylvania Street.
IS-What I mean is it the same ah, I don’t know whether it’s a group or maybe it’s a, I don’t know how to call it, the same Light, the same (—), or is it a subsidiary. I have no idea how to put it.
Forces-Well you put it very, very ah direct. Let us put it also direct. You are, have a lot of lessons to be taught. The lessons we taught you in 72 are not the lessons we are teaching you in 2002. We hope you did your development, you’re in college right now, where we don’t have to spoon feed you all the time in college, you do your own homework. Therefore you’re not told what to do. You tell us what you have done. Were here as to develop you as skills. We have taught you through elementary school, through middle school, through high school and now you’re in college. And it will continue until you master your doctorates. But at the same time when we spoke to you in 72, we spoke to you to develop as child. And then as you develop you become more an adult, of course some of your questions still stay the same. Will I, could I, shall I, why am I such a bad person. If you particularly look into the questions over the past 30, 40 years, some of you are still asking the same stupid questions. Now you tell us, who are doing their homework. Yes we haven’t changed a bit; in fact in the next 10years you might see a different personality. Does that mean it’s our fault, no, it means that you’re developing your quality in teaching. Right now we’re going quite fast, now normally slow because the Entities breathing aspect and bodily functions are shit. So therefore we work through the bodily functions so that we can get our lessons across. And of course We haven’t changed, were just moving just fast as furious in this particular session. Not because Were lost our meek humbleness of the guru, I mean even your ah Yoda took up a sword in the movie and beat the crap out of people. So don’t be a bit surprised if we don’t come in and start beaten the crap out of you all. The fact is sometimes you need a little stirring, a little crap beating. We say this with all due respect because We’re not into abuse but at the same time your next stage of development is happening and we have to get you all stirred and fired like a, like a tent revival.
IS-The reason I was asking is because we started out 10 people, were now 6 people, so that’s why I am asking whether we still are you know, worthy of?
Forces-Let us just be said this, the larger the numbers the more you should worry. The fewer the numbers, the most you are and closer you are to doing the right. It’s not that the greater numbers measure your success. It is the numbers that are of the fewer that say that you are in a new beginning, a new growth, a new development and closer to the Altar of God. And then that as you see, even St Francis didn’t have all the numbers, now he’s everywhere. But the fact is when he started with his vision, he’s lucky if he had 4, or 5 that were strong. So let’s not be misguided by numbers and success.
IS- Thank you for sticking with us for all these years. And you mentioned the 2. 72, 82, 92. It’s in 91/92 that I ah got sort of ill. And I am sure there lessons there for me and everyone around me at that point. With every decade like that there were some major things that happened and some of them did not ——-good nature for any of us, for the group. So is there something else that’s coming. Could you show us or tell us, anything that, what will happen, or how it will happen, or what we can do to prepare for things maybe not to happen. Maybe we can try and stop it, even though I remember I had the dream about BN leaving 10 years before he was leaving and he was laughing at me as I came down in Massanutten to tell the dream. But never the less exactly 10 years to the moment he left. So is there anything that can be changed, what other things that can happen, only the good stuff is going to happen. Things that we consider good. Maybe we learn lessons during the time that we —–that culminates in something good.
Forces-Well do you think for one minute that one person comes into this house that it would be easy to teach or to develop or show them the lessons that have learned in the past 30 years.
Forces-No of course not. Every new person that comes into this house is new lessons learned. It is up to you, that all the lessons you have learned in the past to utilize them for that particular person. What’s happening is everyone is questioning their own validity, their own purpose and their own future. There’s no role models left out there. No way-showers. No one doing it right. No one sacrificing. These young people today, what do they have to hold on to. There are so many talking about pornography, so many talking about sex, so many talking about photographs and modeling, so many talking about drugs. Are these their role models, are these the people that will direct them and guide them into the oasis of God, no. These are the ones that bring them down and debase them and bring them down to the level that they want them to be. People are yearning for the Truth. Young men and women are yearning today for ways to show them how to get to the future. Nothing has changed as far as the plans and the guides and the principles of Spirituality. Unfortunately what has changed is there’s no one doing it. There’s no one showing, there’s no one showing or telling. There’s no one guiding. These Sessions are being put on the internet and websites; they have the Light to themselves. They don’t need have anyone there, the individual reading the Sessions will learn it by themselves individually and grow by it. Even though We talk to you a few, know that there are many thousands out there who will hear these Sessions. Many of them will give up their whole lives to live these Sessions. Will you know them no, will you be part of them, I don’t think so, will they be part of you yes. Will they support you yes. Will they believe in what we are talking about, that’s why they given up themselves to listen to every particular Session. This is what’s happening. We are talking to them and guiding them and showing them the way that they have to become, strong in themselves and their own principles and ideals, from right and from what’s wrong. There’s always a word that say’s that shit happens. It cannot stop from happening, but the young people nowadays, they have lost the directional find, they know what their looking for, they know what they want to believe in. They know what is right, but is anyone doing it. No. And the reason why they have their friends, they know what they want to find, they know what is right. But that’s very difficult to find those aspects that they are looking for. Because they don’t want to make judgments, everyone has a right to do what they have to do, drink, smoke and be happy. But they don’t want this in their lives; they don’t want this aspect in their lives. They put up with it, but inside themselves they kinda lost that directional find. Yes the Entity in himself has done all sorts of things trying to get these young people and also old people and also every people in the right directional, center. That’s why you are all supposed to be there at his side. To continue such missions and to hold these banners up. But then again what are we to tell you. Are you capable and strong enough to hold your own particular banner up. Are you envious and jealous and think that you don’t want to hold these banners up, because your too busy searching and looking and judging. To who’s doing what and who’s holding their banners up. And rightfully so the young people nowadays are looking for answers. For their also looking for the right way to do things. They also know they’re not getting younger and they also know that they need to make hay while the sun is shining. But they know the sun is going to go down eventually. It’s a sad commentary to know that you’re young but you’re not going to stay young much longer. As we all are young, but we haven’t staid much young, much young, much young. But in reality this group has lasted 40 years and of course the Spirit is still young, the body still does what it has to do. But here’s the testimony, if you look back in 72 to what we have talked about. We have not changed one iota we are still talking the same way. That is what you call Eternal Fountain of Youth. And it’s there for everyone who enters this group and keeps on the path. Right food, right meditation, right thoughts, right prayers, right singing-chanting. You got it made. I wish somebody would have told Us. (Laughter)
IS- Thank you so much.
ES-The tunnels, the glass tunnels in the picture that we saw. Is that, it seems so obvious but I guess there not trying to hide it very much. Is that going down to the underground cities?
ES-Can’t anybody see that.
Forces-ES, ES, ES there are ships all around the moon, NASA sees them and photographs them. Do they have time to call up ES to tell her what they see. No. Do they want to? No. They don’t want to tell you about the (pod) that’s about 15 miles out of the moon. Did you know that there’s a pod over 15 miles up. Standing straight up, on the other side of the moon taking and giving out, well we won’t tell you what it does. But what would you do if you saw something sticking up 15 miles in the air,
ES- Unbelievable.
Forces- And then it goes up to another 150 miles.
Forces-Well did they (tile) tell you, do they call you and say they found this no? Are they going to tell you no. There’s a lot of things, did I tell you the moon that’s on Mars that ships come in and out of. No. Are they going to tell you, no. Do you think, they think, they think, they think, they think, think that you should know?
IS-But what do they think it is? Do they know?
Forces-Oh of course they know- its extraterrestrials.
IS-And they know it?
Forces-Yes. They’ve been working and dealing with this for so many years. Do they tell the American people, hell no. Can I say it more bluntly? No they will not. Why. Because you have the JEs of the world and the JW of the world. Yet some of them believe. Some of them get very unsettled if you tell them the Truth about it. It’s one thing to believe and fantasize of extraterrestrials that live and exist. It’s another thing for someone to completely confirm it. We’ve dealt with this concept since the 72’s that we dealt with your group. We’ve told you everything candidly and blankly and there were always parts in your mind, oh this is a nice game. Now when it really becomes true and confirmed, what are you guys going to do. Piss in your pants.
IS- Ah from all of these aliens.
Forces-And you got to explain and you’ll (—-) excuse us from being more blunt with wordologies that were using, were not using curse words of course, because that’s ridiculous. But were being blunt because sometimes sessions deserve a little blunt—-words.
ES-How fast are they going to educate the people?
Forces-People are very slow to educate. It’s not the education of people. People have gotten Independence Day, ET, you’ve all gotten your homework in. You’re ready for it now. The fact is everything is at a slow warp speed. I mean they’ll educate you, they’ll tell you everything that you need to know, to know that you knew it all the time. Let’s say next 20 years you’ll be educated just fine.
IS-All of these aliens that are dealing with the people on earth here, one way or another Governments or whatever. But none of them are you correct?
Forces-Repeat the question.
IS-You are not dealing with anybody on that level, governments and stuff like that. Because all these ET’s, all of these extraterrestrials?
Forces- NO. We have not. We have not chosen to do it this way. We’ve chosen to do it the way we’re doing it for the last 40 years. Do it slowly, methodically, patiently, kindly and with love. The human beings on earth are undermined by the extraterrestrials. They’re overlooked by the capacity in which they are great. The human beings are connected to God and to the Higher Forces and to their Spiritual Self. The self determination of the human being, to know good from evil, right from wrong. To know what action is good and what action is evil. No one needs to tell anyone in this group what’s good and what’s bad. They innately know. Hell we’ve taught it long enough, you guys to do it in your sleep. But because of the weak side, then you are attracted. But what we’re trying to say, to answer your question, no, were not into the political realms. We are here doing one job. That is telling the Truth and helping people to develop and to get to know their own Self, Soul, God Innate. That is our mission. We’ve told it to a few, now thousands and thousands are hearing it. This is the way it is always done. Like sands in a desert, one grain doesn’t make a desert. Multiply it by thousands and thousands you have a desert.
IS-Now one of the reasons I was asking that question is because I make my mind think differently between all those ET’s and what I call the Higher Forces. And I can’t imagine that even those people like Bush and all of them, they probably are dealing with those et’s or maybe not. Maybe it’s another world government that’s (—–). But I cannot imagine that these people would be so cavalier in dealing with You that kind of way and still coming and keeping on doing the things that they are doing. So I know that they are not dealing with you. Now will there be a time that You, Yourselves, and I don’t know if that’s a possibility, I don’t know what I am looking at. I don’t know whether you can transform Yourself into a physical body ah besides what you are doing now at this point at this time. I don’t know if you can take on, I am sure you could. Will there be a time when you come down and the Revelation will be the difference between what is the Higher Forces, as once you walked with men on earth, versus all of those ET’s.
Forces-Well according to the Aztec calendar the year is over 2012 or something like that. But a new consciousness will develop and that will be the walking with the Higher Self or the Gods, which are the Higher Forces in this particular case, would come down physically to direct and to guide. Now you know we always say where are we going and what are we going to do. Where’s are purpose. There will be a time when we will materialize and come in and take over, but we can’t talk on that right now. We also would see the interestingly enough, according to the finances of the house. There are good times to deal with money and not so good times to deal with money. When you do the budget coming up do it on that Saturday ah, the 7th. But there is going to be a lot of negative influence through money for the first few days of the month of February. So it is best not to calculate your budget until the 7th of February and to, prepare yourself for that. The reason why we say this is because there will be a great money energy surge and ah assault on this Country, dealing with the etheric and the magnetic field of money and also like a ray gun or radiation or ahm filter of money negativities coming up throughout the Country and you’ll see what we are talking about. To protect you from this the best is not to deal with budgets until the 7th of the day of the month coming up. For there is going to be a great deal of conflict and undermining with the stability of the money market within your own country and its own qualities of ah, of ah finances ah the deficit is frightening and the conflicts are even more frightening to take a look at the responsibility of corporations and businesses ah being corrupt and falling asunder.
IS-Is there any way by which you can give me a little bit more understanding of what it is for me for this group is going to happen that I mean to be careful or something that I am not aware of at this point. Where is the drain going to come from.
Forces-We’re talking about a national drain. This particular group will be protected. Ah we don’t see what your talking on. For this particular group there will always be a level of protection and usage for resources. It is the Country that we are ah talking on.
IS-You telling me that I shouldn’t do the budget until the 7th is that what your saying that I personally shouldn’t do the house budget until the 7th.
Forces-Because of the extenuating circumstances of the energy field with money for this country and other things that are going to be done through money for 6 days.
IS-If I have money let’s say in the bank is that in trouble?
Forces-we’ll let you know when that happens for trouble but right now it is not trouble.
JU-A number of times recently more frequently ah, It’s like intuition or I get an idea or decision about something that I am not making logically, I get the idea I should do it this way, ah sometimes over ah just everyday matters and I am trying to figure out how to be more receptive to that ah and why it seems to be coming more now and what I need do to work with that more, because it seems to be correct ever time it happens.
Forces-It’s something that maybe that doing your homework finally.
JU- Thank you. And can you give me some guidance for this year to come?
Forces-We would strongly advise you to become a little bit more personable with the people that you work with and for. And supervise more on a personal human level. This way you can develop those skills. You haven’t developed them as of today in your place of business. Your not looked upon as a person that people can go to and talk. Your looked upon very harshly. We would ask you to develop your human skills so you can become a good manager.
JU- Thank you.
CM- Thank you for coming in. Ah for the new 2004 year, I have a few questions about ah the internet site the web site and what should go on to it so is it ok if I just ask a few things and just say yes or no?
Forces-You can ask.
CM-Also we’re now on a new server the web site and secure in Charlottesville. And I have much more capabilities including buffering all the (tape stopped)
Forces-(tape starts in the middle) All available of course payment is up to them as donations.
CM-And the task we are now on, we’ve completed the first book, the first 5 years, 72 to 76 and ah it seems to be fairly complete with just a few modifications. But we’ve decided to go and now transcribe and put on line some of the newer Sessions. Is this a wise thing to do or should we continue on a path to go linearly presenting each year one after the other?
Forces-Both directions is just as well.
CM-So simultaneously go put some new ones and continue on with the existing path.
IS-Should the book be called Lintus, The Book of Light or the way it is now. Should we have it on Lintus, The Book of Light?
Forces-The next Book shall be called the Book of Lintus.
DD- On the device of Noah’s Ark that slides up and down. Is that the correct way I understand to, it Forms a Cup, It forms the obeliskical series.
Forces-We find this to be ok (—).
DD-And the gentleman I just found, the Russian, Korzarav, is his material on time accurate or.
Forces-He’s missing a few flakes.
DD-His concept of time being an equation having nothing constant, is that true?
Forces-The concept is true but how he’s getting there he needs a lot more work.
DD-What would be the concept or the equation of time, or the ah, is there a definite value for time?
Forces-Well of course, you have the total space, space divided by distance equals time.
DD-So what is that I don’t understand, what’s the distance factor?
Forces-The distance in which space travels from point A to point B. Is the distance of Time.
DD-If Time is an Energy, they found it to be a Field, is Time an Energy Field?
Forces-The Energy Field, you are in distant galaxy Time will be different from what is on the Earth. If you go to Venus your year will be faster, if you go to Mars your year will be longer. So Time is relevant. But the Universal Time is something that needs to be understood and it does deal with the Space of Energy and the Energy in its Field. But anything that goes from point A to point B, in between the A and B is your Space and Time.
DD-What sort of, does it go in a rotational manner or how does it travel?
Forces-Time is everywhere and Time doesn’t travel. Time is in the Presence.
DD-It’s simultaneous?
DD-And does it have an Energy Structure though.
Forces-The very structure of the movement through Time creates your structure of Energy.
DD-What type of structure is it?
Forces-The structure is not a diverse structure of a square or circular or object. It is a structure that is not a structure.
Forces-It’s not Formless but it’s not a structure.
DD-Could you explain what it is?
Forces-It has substance, it has depth, it has width, it has Space, it has Time (—–).
DD-Thank you very much. Can I ask one other little, there’s one little thing you said in Session that I was listening to about how they tracked back to King David. You said they followed the pulse of genetics or something, traced it back, they were able to follow the pulse of something another. What was that speaking about?
Forces-This speaks back to the DNA structure. The DNA structure also operates through the Time Barrier or the Time Frequency or the Vibration-al Essence of Time. So Simple.
DD-And the picture I understand where they’re weighing, balancing the Heart against a Feather. The Heart represents like a gyroscope. In the Egyptian picture. Is that correct?
Forces-The Heart and the Feather, well it is something that, the Feather is a representation of Orion or the Kingdom of Orion and also of the Unk Empire. And also the Feather represents the 4th dimension of the Watchers. The Feather also represents the lineage between the angelic or archangel world and man. Man is developed not by himself alone but is meshed with the archangel world or the angelic world or the invisible world, the 4th dimension. Every person has an angelic sphere around him and her. So therefore the Kingdom of mankind is protected by the spiritual founders or the founding Fathers. Known as Archangels. Therefore they are protected by the very right to the Kingdom, which Jesus has said My Kingdom is not of the earth. He has locked the Gift of the Feather in the Heart. The Heart is filled with emotions good and bad. If your Heart is pure your life will be straight. If your Heart is evil your actions will be evil, therefore the Gift of the Feather is the Key to how you use your Heart, be it good or be it evil. There is no in between. And we would also advise to bring up the question again on this issue because there are tons and tons of items to talk about and books and volumes to talk on this very issue alone.
DD-Thank you very much.
IS-Ah in Revelation, I believe its chapter 12, 13 where their talking about the Beast getting shot in the head and having a wound unto death and yet recouping from it and living. Is that referring to the current Pope, what happened to him? (–) interpreted it at one time before it happened that the Pope is going to get shot and that, I interpreted that in Bible class in 72, 73 where I said and the Pope will get shot and then he will live. That was my interpretation I don’t know if it was correct.
Forces-Well let us say it was correct.
IS-Who is the second Beast then and is he on the map already?
Forces-As we have told you the second Beast is on the map already.
IS-Where is he located or where is he from?
Forces-Let us say he is now located in several places, moving from Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya and Israel.
IS-Is it a singular man or is it a consciousness a group?
Forces-Let us say a singular and consciousness.
IS-And by 2009 he’ll show himself or before?
Forces-Yes this is exactly what we said before, and should be put on the airwaves, in 2009 the Antichrist will show and people will look and you will be a (E C). This will be a topic of your next 10 years of work. This will be what you will be working on. Preparatorial work for the Antichrist. The consciousness of people not to be be-foundered or beguiled by this being.
IS-They are all beguiled by the current Pope.
Forces-Let us say the next one will be worse.
Forces-At this point we will close this Session only to begin another one at the next time. For there’s more to talk about. Each one will be more and more. And the Sessions will be more frequently now.
Forces-Greetings to all here present now.
Group-Our Father.