Session 669-10/31/04

Greeting to all here present now. We are seeing many different challenges for the conflict in Iraq and many different spillovers for the country Iran. But we also see that there shall be Great Spirit of dedication and also the same words (?) lead us to the victory. We find that in the struggling of the conflicts between one state or the other we find that this particular conflict ah does look like the ah orange and ah beige and tan or it’s just unforgivably ah the quality of the weather and the different chair line of information in the past but this particular room or storage or whatever it is considered to be also ah also has taken its history from what is for the moment of today. Ah what we see that there are those conflicts between those ah Druids that would been the stone floor and the (device?) itself. We see that there will be many changes in the structure of the system and we also see the tremendous amount of power that people would want to a put into this to make it ready for its own advancing states of ah awareness. So we are now at this point ready for your Questions.

IS- Thank you so much for coming in. Thank you for this weekend, for me. This is the first weekend that I’m doing this totally from home. I think that this is the first time sort of. Is this how it is going to be?

Forces- Well, yes and even more. But we mentioned you to you this already saying it would be very helpful and very beneficial done this way.

IS- So, well, yes, I mean there are some people that don’t want to come out here but all in all, I don’t see me losing anything.

Forces- The only way that you can attract them out is to say that you will pay for their car gas, which would be $5.00 or $7.00 total.

IS- Ok, thank you. In the story of, David, Saul, Samuel, all of these figures, just a question of curiosity, what did David look like? I mean I have a picture in my head, but I don’t know if it is because I have seen him or just from stories, but how tall was he?

Forces- Well, you have to understand that Saul was very tall and that compared to David was very short to Saul. And Samuel was their helping to go betweens. Ah normally David was in today’s standards was like 5’7″ to 5’8″. Ah he could reach 5’9″ but in that vicinity he was not at all like the skin of Saul who was much taller and he was able to monopolize on his bank or candidacy because he choose it right away and wanted to go to the places ah that he choose. So sometimes you choose you choose you got to get it from ah places up North, but what we’re trying to say is that you choose a room and then you go scope it out. And these are the things that were happening in ah the vicinities and the changing of the sa-lent and grout and all sorts of things. So we do help, we do hope that any nourishment that has been brought back would soon ah be replaced by the cinnamon bottle of its nature. Yes, we speaking about bottles sounds like we are in the Mafia. But now we are ready for your questions.

IS- Thank you, but I didn’t understand.

Forces- Well what we were trying to speak about is how things even though they do not relate, i.e. bottles on the wall and on the counter, the food was brought in still by the people to enjoy and eat. But then you could only do so much of the eating of the food because now everyone’s wondering what has happened where do we stand, what will happen to what I, so these different conflicts of interests and concerns start mounting up from all over and ah eventually these ah place that is being needed as a demonstration, ah do not (unintelligible?) please. Ah we were speaking to somebody else………… So in all….
IS- Can you tell us who you were speaking to?

Forces- Oh, it was just one of the delegates that when we have a a session, it is usually surrounded by listeners and visitors of the council but one of the council members wanted to sneak off at the time and we totally did not mean to interfere with our dissertation, recitation or diat, dia, diatom it’s called, so ah let’s go on.

IS- Was Saul about like about 6’2″ or 6’4″?

Forces- Saul we would say roughly 6’4″ very easily even to the point of 6’7″. He was a very tall man and that commanded a great deal of respect by the people of Israel

IS- Going into that, Saul accuses Jonathan his son of ah having a sexual relationship with David. Was that correct?

Forces- Well, we don’t want to be a tabloid of enquiry knows, and the reason why ah the aspect of this information to be used is just because of general conversation or talk or…

IS- Because Saul specifically accuses him of that, he accuses.

Forces- Well, of course he did in the Bible, but was there other talk, did people say things, or …

IS-No, nobody else in the Bible? And David had many wives and children and there has never been ever again a whisper in the whole Bible about David, as person or king, having any interest in men and the same thing for Jonathan. Jonathan as far as I know because Jonathan had wives and children and etc. So there has never been any other kind of talk about Jonathan liking men or David liking men, but it is Saul that is absolutely saying it to Jonathan. So I was just wondering whether there was some truth in the matter.

Forces- Well, we always strive to give you the honest truth and breaking news, and there was a, a relationship between Jonathan and David that was very hush hush and quiet, but as the mothers would say, “what is a mother to do?” These things did happen ah but they were very strongly in love with one another in a, what would be considered leaders and directions they were very much politically involved and they represent tremendous power in a political arena. So they helped one another constantly threw out the ordeal of the household of Saul with David’s kingdom. So they grew more not to be lovers but more to be allies and supporters and strong soul creators of, of the country of Israel.

IS-So, was there a sexual relationship?

Forces- Well, of course there was but it progressed into something of a different nature dealing with a building of a country.

IS- Did at any time later on did any one of them have other relationships with men?

Forces- Well, they had what would be considered strong ally ships but they did not have total action or reaction. They were busy about the product, and the work that had to be done for Israel. Men had a certain amount of ah support and alliances, not the same type of relationships that we ah find today in a world of ah vast nations. But at that particular time the nation was new and beginning from tribes and tribal laws so there’s a lot of complications and survival had to be that not only who you knew but who would take you in and protect you in different land areas.

IS-Thank you. There has been also the whole thing of Saul becoming and going there all of a sudden where Samuel was and from the first time on before he meets Samuel and then he goes and becomes, prophesies. And then later on when he is trying to catch David, he sends people three times and those people whoever they are obviously military people become prophets. They become prophesying; they are again going to Samuel for these things. At the end, Saul himself goes there and he too becomes again a prophet, prophesying. What really happened, how did it happen? Obviously Samuel was the catalyst for all of that.

Forces- Samuel was the conduit in which his very quarter was, they drank water from a rock that had the ability for them to prophesy because of the mineral contents of the rock having a certain amount of what would be called mind blowing experience they had illuminations of, of the like, and in fact they went to this particular place or temple where Samuel was affiliated at and of course Samuel helped them to the bubbling water they were called.

IS-So, is that similar to the Delphi in Greece and in Italy I believe?

Forces- Well of course yes, they were all of the same similar qualities but they now find out in experiments and analogy of the rock contents or the residue that such a ah element of ah free ions were very active in these places which caused ah hypnotic and also illumination of a ah second degree and ah revelation of knowledge that normally would not be theirs.

IS-Are there today pockets of that mineral anywhere?

Forces- Well, you don’t find them too much nowadays cause the qualities are less and less. But you would find them around hot sulfur springs or you could find them in the country of Finland and ah Iceland, too, believe it or not.

IS-Thank you. Thank you very much.

NN- Does Amalek represents the whole Arab nation?

Forces- Well, we would have to say Ishmael ah represents the whole Arab nation in it’s, in its entirety.

NN- Thank you. What you Amalek be specifically?

Forces- Is the what would be considered the culmination or the footprint or the bringing down into the earth?

IS- The Amalekites were they not part of the giants?

Forces- They were the ah successors of the giants yes.

IS-So, they were basically some of the mountain, leftover tribes?

Forces- Yes exactly.

IS- Thank you. They were the slave traders, were they not?

Forces-Yes, but you could see Ishmael is basic, basically the spirit essence of the Arab people.

NN- Is there one particular country that today would be the descendants of Amalek?

Forces- Well, we would say there are several countries today that have the residues, one being that of ah Babylon, the other being that of Libya and Syria combined, and then the third would be that of Jordan.

IS- So they all stayed in the same area?

Forces- More or less, thousands of years of nomads not wandering too far.

NN. Thank you.

ES- It seemed that this afternoon there as a doorway that started to open, it feels like it is still there. Is that something particular for this night and time of year?

Forces- In what respect do you feel the doorway to be opened for?

ES- I am not sure.

Forces- Then, of course, we would say that you are experiencing or seeing the expression of the seasonal changes, but at the same time what you’re perceiving is the great revolution that falls believe it or not astrologically on Election Day.

ES … So it is not going to close until after Election Day?

Forces- No it’s not going to be closing. Its, will be at its zenith on Election Day which we speaks about the ability of a new ah revolution in your government. So therefore it talks on a very indicator, big indicator that you will have a new president in your office ah that would be a change of ours.

IS: So Kerry will win?

Forces: Well, this is what we see as an indicator and this is what we if all goes well and there is no manipulation of the ballots, which will happen, but Kerry is the one that will win your election.

IS: Of course this will be a revelation.

Forces: Well again, those who listen to our words would say we were saved (safe), but your next president will be Kerry.

IS: Thank you very much.

CM: The Cassini space program that is orbiting Saturn and Saturn’s moons, can you tell us if there is any information that they received that they are not sharing with us?

Forces: Well the one moon that surrounds we believe it surrounds, it is going around Saturn ah that this moon is glacier like oceans and indeed have a ocean base and land across like continents of the earth and basically it is inhabited with ah life that would be considered ah what a planet would have. Ah but they are not sharing all this information with the people ah at this moment.

CM: What is your vision, what do you see for Saturn. You mentioned Saturn many times over the years, it that your home base or is that a place that the Council resides, or what does Saturn represent to you?

Forces: Well no.

CM: What densities, I would like to know that too. What dimension does it exhibit or does it reside in?

Forces: Well, no Saturn is not where the Council is based actually, but it is an enormous planet implies it evolution on the 5th density level to be of a high nature. It is attempting to be on the 6th, but it is not. It is the 5th density, 4th and 3rd and it is also a prison shape for the souls that have gone in their evolution throughout the Earth and other places in the galaxies that have violated the law of the One and find that their term of sentence is planted on Saturn.

CM: That makes sense because the 5th density is where the 3rd and 4th density souls recycle to before coming back into this Earth or so is some of those recycling’s goings have some sort of lock down or some sort of realm in Saturn?

Forces: Well, that is why the belt is surrounding it. It is a prison of that dimension even though the dimension of existence is 2nd dimension level.

CM: Say that again?

Forces: The existence of their prisoners are found into the 2nd dimension level.

CM: Ok, So these are like animal level, animal?

Forces: Well more or so, but they cannot be, umm, the belt itself is more like a wall and that is their perception of where they’re at.

CM: Thank you. When would be a good time to release the new website that I have been designing?

Forces: Yes of course when you feel it is time.

CM: Thank you. And do you think that the 2005 year? We have had bunches of moments where we have struggled to get the sessions recorded appropriately and audibly and clear. Should the group for the 2005 coming up should we invest in a digital recorder for the sessions. They are not that expensive.

Forces: Well, this should be reviewed and of course it should be ah reviewed by the ah the information and sharing of information as a group, but of course we support it ourselves too. So it is up to the progress of where and what you would like to do of voices fine and bound to be very ah portable on many levels. What’s important is, most important, is the ability to save the work which is a tremendous asset for the tapes themselves would have started disintegrating if they were not brought into a disk shape, sal, salvation.

CM: So we should talk about it amongst ourselves if we should invest in it?

Forces: We also would suggest that the other tapes that you follow on a schedule as promised many ah months ago to adhere to those schedules. Ah Waffling back and forth on the schedule is OK and it deems itself necessary but of course to do all the tapes and get them on ah your particular carrier has been estimated anywhere from 3 and half to six years of work. So your work is as they say cut out for you.

CM: So when you say waffling is that my personal schedule or is that the schedule about before the beginning of the Sessions to the end, going back and forth, from the most recent to the most distant, what do you mean by that?

Forces: We do use the work waffling like an iron but we mean it to imply is trying to cover the beginning sessions and the end sessions together and get them posted, but it has to be understood it will have a lot of work involved to get all the sessions that you do contain and own and have as in the house to put them on the particular presentation. But also to note that even after X amount of years it is going to take a while to get all that put together.

CM: Are you suggesting we…

Forces: Well what we are trying to say is not to be discouraged. Excuse us for interrupting.

CM: Should we go back to just taking up 77 and finish session 125, and just continue 126, 127 and move forward from there and just not focus on the most recent sessions?

Forces: No, we kind support adding one or two of the old, or three of the old sessions and then going ahead to add the three or two or one of the new sessions, balancing them out, that is what we call waffling.

CM: Well the schedule has been definitely been, there has been a big space in between, the last two weeks have taken up a lot more work so I think we will see over this next few months a lot of work get done. Thank you.

IS: You also mentioned about the tapes going bad so basically we do need to sort of look at the old sessions so that we can save it because the new sessions obviously are, the tapes are much newer so that they are safer, but the old session are not as safe because they are a long time ago.

CM: We’ve been putting these onto CDs. That is what we do.

Forces: As long as you have the old sessions on these instruments you then therefore protect them.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Now the thing I was reading about Shakespeare…

Forces: Yeah, your particular concern and interest and comment is correct. Excuse us for interrupting.

DD: It’s ok. The thing that I was reading about Shakespeare and the 24, in Shakespearean English there were 24 letters and then Tom said that there were 2 more added and that goes along with the whole computational linguistics thing, this is a new science. Now I am reading the King James Version again in a whole different, looking at each letter in a whole different light. Is that correct what they are saying in this, each letter, each string of letters is like encoded in a way?

Forces: This is correct.

DD: So they have it right?

Forces: Yes.

DD: So you can find codes in there just by going through the strings of letters?

Forces: What they have done is decoded the Hebrew writing of the Bible and transformed it into the King’s James writing.

DD: So there was a massive… the ones that did that had to be geniuses, I mean it was a massive…

Forces: Well, it was a tremendous work ethics.

DD: And they also put the rhyming meter, different…

Forces: Yes. Um huh.

DD: So that is all correct?

Forces: Yes, there’s a lot of items that are sacred in the Hebrew language and it is sacred in the Torah that has been imprinted. And one day they’ll see if you run the Torah, the Hebrew words in a computer, it become a electric message amplified of ah atoms and produces a visual screen like what would be considered a ah hologram of the Israeli people of Israel in the beginning.

DD: OK. Another question I had is about the strings again. They come in 10 and 21 rotates clockwise in I think ten dimensions and one counterclockwise in 26, what the scientist say. In real way would you add these together? I just thought of that as I was listening to you.

Forces: 26 is not, it is a resting spot.

DD: So that doesn’t really…

Forces: It is like the item that overlaps 25 and what would be considered 27.

DD: So would you add the 10 to that?

Forces: It could be applied as a 10, yes.

DD: To make it 37?

Forces: Yes.

CM: 37 dimensions?

Forces: What we would consider this into aspects of more or less each dimension has three elements in it. So you take 37, divide each element into 3, and you’ll get your dimensions.

DD: Which is what you said before 12? Now that, how do these strings look. I know the scientist have an idea.

Forces: Now they gyrate or waffle. We use the word again. Ah it is more like they are cylindrical in shape and form and they wrap to the evolution of the dimension. It is like a DNA structure in itself.

DD: Oh, I see. That makes sense. And that is the way the Torah is sort of in a cylin, in a cylinder too.

Forces: Yes.

DD: That is amazing. Thank you very much.

IS: Is the Torah upstairs safe?

Forces: As far as we can see yes.

IS: Temperature wise, etc. That is why I am concerned.

Forces: Well the container controls that and it is ah to be, yes.

IS: Thank you. The therapy that has been given to me now, is that the correct therapy for me?

Forces: Yes, we find it to be very positive in its approach.

IS: Thank you. Ah is there anything that can be given to me that I need to understand some of the things that I am going through?

Forces: Well the fact is that you have to understand that you are being analytical in some ways and should not be involved with seeding or having been seeded and also that you should allow your spiritual intents to come forward. It is not a difficult part that you are going through; it is just an evolutionary part of, of looking. Yes, we do understand you are concerned that the group has fragmented and has failed because of the certain individuals leaving. But they do not make the group. They were only those who came into the group to develop. In a way, it is sad to see those two who have been with the group so long but in reality they were not able to change or and also they had been what would be considered inable to move in the group because of their judgments and their stagnations. So the ability for them to move ah was not there. They made a judgment call, an opinion, and they received information that blinded their own spiritual soul, so therefore they threw it over the railing. Instead of moving by faith and going on what has to be accomplished, they allowed to be tainted by those less fortunate than them in their analytical mind. So, judgments of others usually are the stepping, ah stumbling blocks of many.

IS: So you are speaking of the New York group that has basically contaminated the people here?

Forces: Well, let’s say that they had an opportunity and a chance and still do, but their analytical minds, and reasoning minds and wanting to do what they want to particularly do ah and because of where they were coming from ah again they were disillusioned and therefore they again separated themselves according to how they wanted to (?) and what they wanted to do. And that you’ll find in all walks of life.

IS: But I am not even concerned about these people actually all of these people I am very happy they are not here because they really really did not, I am sorry to say it, they did not affect me in a good way and I didn’t…that, they are not the ones. I am talking about from the time of BN, from that time on. The people from that time on. If anything, I am looking at that. But I am also feeling that I have been the instrument to bring in all of these people, and then I was beaten by the stick that I have given them, which again sounds like a victim. I don’t feel the victim. I just felt that I wanted to throw off all of these people off me because they just, I felt that they were just hooking up not on their own power, not giving, not helping, but just sitting waiting to take and see what else they can take. When they couldn’t take any more, they went somewhere else to take. I don’t think that they have changed. But I feel, that is what I feel, that I am the one that really basically kicked them out, and that is why I am not sorry that they went. Especially the New York group. To me it’s like I am delighted that they are off my back, it was like having a monkey on my back, and it was like I had no freedom to breathe with all of these people and their judgment and their demands of me, their happiness being dependent on, you know whether, whatever it is, they all of these things that were put on me that I felt. And I think partially this is what I am wondering, how, where to put it? Cause with that I do feel a lot of in one respect I feel a lot of freedom, a lot more freedom, because I felt they didn’t do nothing. And like I explained to JU, people that don’t do anything for me, I don’t miss them. And, but on the other hand I feel guilty that I didn’t, somehow I demanded too much, that I didn’t allow something for them to happen because they were just demanding so much from me. So, there is a sense of failure on a personal level, almost like guilt, like thinking “well, maybe I didn’t give them …” [long silence]

Forces: Did something happen? You just stopped.

IS: Well, I do feel a sense of failure, a personal failure, because I feel that maybe I didn’t help these people to their potential.

Forces: Let us know when you are done.

IS: I am done, for the moment.

Forces: OK. Let us say this. You do not run the group. We do.

IS: Oh, ok, alright solved.

Forces: So, whatever had happened has happened because of our wishes. We at any time could tell any of them to leave. We knew exactly where it was going to go to and how it was going to get there. We have a purpose in everything and in their own evolution, so their own development would continue, but above all, this is not something that you should fail or think that you failed. It is not in your hands. You have done your best and you have kept on keeping on. And judgment calls are not given to you to make. So therefore there is nothing to fear or feel that you failed because we are in control of your TV.

IS: Thank you. The reason I, I was looking at somebody like Tenzin and the Serenity Ridge and all of these people that (?) (?) and he saw Tommy. Well, of course he did not have to live with anybody, he does not have to live with anyone, but he is so happy with such little things, you know when that woman was singing and I was trying to stuff my ears, but there he was smiling as broad as anything and enjoying it and I thought “why can’t I do that?” Why can’t I be so happy with … but it felt like, I felt like these people, like they wanted me to tell them how wonderful they are when they did little mud pies in the sand with troughs of little water. And I sort of, sort of don’t have the patience for it. It’s like; well all right get on with it. And that is what I feel, you know where I saw Tenzin being so happy with whatever and I thought he is a good leader.

Forces: Let us put it this way. Did it cost him anything to be happy with it?

IS: No.

Forces: Would it have cost him something if he was unhappy with it?

IS: I do not know.

Forces: Question and the answer is yes. He would have hurt those who thought that what they were doing was the highest,

People who knows where their evolution is at we might (?) forgive with that smile and that understanding and receive it with knowing that we are seeing an evolution of a group to go forward. That way they’ll see that they can give more and be better in what they are doing. We hope that helps you.

IS: Well, in that case my question remains, should I have done the same thing? I can do it with people that don’t have to work with because I do; I do it with everybody I don’t have to live with.

Forces: Well, again, you do not know how the full picture of Tenzin is with his own group that he has to teach among. So, when the doors are closed he could react the same way you do, but when the doors are open then you see his reactions as if the doors are open. There are many standards of, of levels of protocol. Remember the doors are open, just as you when your doors are open you have a level of protocol. So maybe tonight is the first time you are seeing the secret that there are other levels that his own students that he is more stricter with than when the doors are open for the average person that comes in.

IS: But his students, the monks, have not left.

Forces: Well again you never know if they left or not, you don’t have a score card, nor do you understand how many monks are there verses how many monks did leave.

IS: You mean some of them got married to American women?

Forces: Of course, you know this is happening. Even the great lama of the 33rd says that this is the biggest challenge of the monasteries today.
IS: I see. So I am very grateful, in fact when I deal with my clients I am very patient and very.., but people in the House I always expect a little bit more.

Forces: Well, do temper it too. Work together as a group and work together in harmony as to the ah directions and ideals of the group. This more behooves all of us that we have things that through cooperation and coming together and sit down and have dialogue and say ok this isn’t being done, we need to. And not to tell people to do it but allow people to have the choice to say and take on the ownership to get it accomplished. This is what a healthy group is all about to work together.

IS: Thank you. Could I have done, going to the past with the people that I guess I became impatient, or should I have done differently?

Forces: Well, let us try again to relieve you of this judgment call. It’s not in your hands. You did what you did. It is in our hands. Again, even if you had done the best with an individual they had in their minds the things they want to get accomplished and left. And now they are still leaving. But the fact is when they go out there they leave wherever they start, and they leave to the next and then they leave to the next and they go from one job to the other. What does that tell you? While they were in this particular group, they were anchored and they stood stuck, stuck to the job at hand, the discipline was there for them to do that. When they were on their own they were not disciplined nor did they stick to the job at hand. The jumping from one place to the other is lack of discipline even though on the job level today it is encouraged to go from one position to the next. But there are those who stay in one position and develop it. Does one who goes from one position to the next become more than the one who stays in his position, or does the one who stay in his position become more because he or she is able to stay in that position? The question is they’re both right. Neither one should be criticized for jumping and for staying, but they are that way for it Masters Plan that has to be accomplished. And it is the same with the House, at this House. The Master Plan needs to be accomplished, and those who do come into the House, if they adhere to it and anchor themselves, they will be given a lot of information and directions and so the House develops and grows again. It is a living membrane, a living entity.

IS: Thank you. Am I have given correct information to my clients?

Forces: If you weren’t we would be the first to tell you.

IS: Thank you. I truly appreciate it because I don’t want to mislead anybody.

Forces: If you strive to find that innate direction and that search and to find the truth that you receive then you will do what is right.

IS: Samuel, he was so incredible with, he knew things, names, and he knew all of these things. That is another question I have….David. Maybe I will let somebody else go with questions to ask. Thank you so much.

NN: Would you say what the mineral components were that you referred to earlier in the water?

Forces: It was like a helium aspect but there was a certain element within the helium aspect of, we would like to say mercury, but it is not the Mercury that you know of, but it is a form of calcium and magnesium put together with helium which allows the brain to receive intuitive messages. What we are trying to say, and it’s a good question, and we, it put them into a trance state, how about that.

IS: Ah.
Forces: And then they bubbled.

IS: So it was helium…

NN: And calcium and magnesium.

Forces: I mean it is in the rock formation, a rock substance, I mean if you analyze the rock sediments of the time you would also know that it would double and triple that what would be found in the rock of today and that would be your composition.

NN: Thank you.

ES: The experience the other night that seemed like a dream but wasn’t, being on the ship, why was I watching someone being

Forces: Well let us just say there are many different types of implantation, one was that of making the person more receptive and more illuminated, and that is what you saw that was going on. Not the tagging or the watching, or the implanting for the ah controlling, but more so for the illumination part.

ES: Thank you. And what was the little jumpsuit that I went into?

Forces: That was a suit that you were quite familiar with and maybe for the first time on your conscious level there, those who were there with you allowed you to remember it, the suit that you always wear.

IS: What is this suit for?

Forces: Well it was for the containment control and the ah altercation of space travel in itself as you move through time and space. You all wear the suits very nicely; it’s just that you do as you move through time and space need some sort of protection from the radiation.

ES: Is that the blue chest piece?

Forces: That was your biological functions that were being monitored all the time.

ES: Oh.

IS: Why ES seems to get her back, sick every time, is it from work or something else?

Forces: Well, of course we have disc problems in the back but calcium should be taken. But also the brace itself should be worn, and lifting of things in the wrong way can cause the back to alter a little bit. Not to mention the weather, humility, and ah the aspect of just more or less doing normal bending exercises every day will help the back improve as so it will not tighten up along the way.

ES: Oh. IS has also suggested grounding myself before I start work when I am actually in the unit.

Forces: Well, this would be good too, because there is so much that is put on.

ES: Thank you. Thank you very much.

CM: There is lot of abduction implants you were just saying, what are the types that are doing the positive implanting, is it ah well it must be a freewill, respecting freewill, ah are these, what extraterrestrials are doing this and what kind of agreements are taking place between the human and the extraterrestrial that is allowing for this?

Forces: Well we would like to say the agreement is made along the way first and foremost by the individual. You subconsciously agree to go and do these things. On the second element of agreement is contracts or treatise made by countries and this too could be adhered to. Your third element is that of contracts made by different galaxies that come to different planets that say this is off limits, while others are off limits. So you have different aspects that talk about these ah contracts. The most important ah development of implantation, you could analyze the monkey being implanted with that genius to walk straight or that consciousness in the brain to be cognitive of things of words and thoughts and feelings. Evolution of mankind is constantly done on the earth and now you have the next step of, of computers which of course was 30 years old today but it is still with you and still vibrational, but the computers are a living entity in itself allows the development of mankind again. Now whether this is an implant or not, it’s irrelevant. The factor remains is that mankind is constantly evolving in the evolutionary scheme of things and it is the way of nature, it’s the way of work, it’s the way of development. We are constantly developing the things to do better. Are we not right?

IS: Yes.

DD: Um-hm.

Forces: The one who asked the question?

CM: I guess, but you know I see the vast majority of the abduction cases are not dealing with how we are going to work together with extraterrestrials to move forward, it is usually has to do with negative experiences, a control system that has to do with reptilian aliens working with the gray aliens as their slaves to control humans and keep them suppressed in evolution.

Forces: What you, what you have just mentioned is also going on and of course unfortunately we have no control over that element or conditions. But we would say that is totally true of those aspects going on. But at the same time mankind is being developed not only through implantation as the entity ah, ah has mentioned earlier but there are also revolutionary revelations that are sent down to you that also help you to evolve and does not need implantations. Some do because they are a slow development and they need to have this application ah implanted. Ah for the positive were talking on there are those who are implanted for a negative purpose and reason of control. Unfortunately both are going on. And also the element of revelation, illumination, ah you call the word the Para, Paraclete or the Holy Dove coming from above to illumine you, to give you information. I think that symbol is what we would like to leave with you, that the Holy Spirit will illumine you and guide you to your evolutionary goals of how to do things. And if this is contained in your evolution to the Holy Spirit it will fight and also alter and augment that spirit with creativity to conquer and to rebel the negative implantations of mankind.

CM: Thank you.

IS: Basically, what you are saying is that there is a bad rap because of a few bad alien races but in reality implantation of a good kind is like the Holy Spirit, the coming down the Shekinah, however we want to call it, but it is always that factor, the X=factor that is allowed to transform us into the next higher level.

Forces: And it is the way of everything. This stands to be correct at the moment.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We do have to say that particular dog has a set of lungs that we would love to (?)

IS: Also, about implantations, isn’t there the factor that the bad races of the aliens where they implant, they are implanting something to be manifested like babies physically into the earth to try and take over something of themselves, while the Holy Spirit takes us up away from the earth?

Forces: Well, this is correct. There is no argument in that statement. One is to bring down and control which is a very large negative aspect. Umm there are those who would say that implantation and abduction is good and there are positive signs for that. Unfortunately, and we hope that you do understand, we are not advocating implantation and abduction of any kind, but there are those good and there are those negative. And there are unfortunately the great experience of humans on the earth have experienced an abduction an implantation of a mineral and or metallic nature for its sensing and controlling device. This we do not adhere to and it also it is not particularly conducive to the humans for a healthy life. Ah that type of, we would consider, and we do consider it a barbaric way of expressing evolution and it is more so controlling the individual, and we never, never want to control any individual or force them to do anything that they wish not to do. Evolution is inspiration and perspiration. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our father who art in heaven…