Session 670-12/31/04

Greeting to all here present now. For ye are in the midst and in the area which you all have applied and are waiting ah for. There are no longer the internal or the other foot to use their open ah transcripts for this message of those qualities of time. Ah the name time in itself um-hum has all been ah measured. We find that there have been many upheavals and cataclysmic changes in the earth ah atmospheres and plates along certain regions. There is again no self-determination as to where this particular as to where this particular ocean area should find itself. We find that there are many, many areas of this futuristic ah presidents, but none so slow as that mind who refuses to see the (attitude) that is before itself.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions in regards to all.

DD-Originally in the English language they had 24 letters and two were added on. Tom was saying for measurement. Do I understand it right they (24 letters) would go equally into Noah’s Ark and form a code?
Forces-The code in itself is there.

DD-Would you put them in the squares of Noah’s Ark or some other way?

Forces-Well you could just put,…….. you can put it into Noah’s Ark. We also have a frac………well yes the,…..yes well, also you connect the Towers swimming in the breeze and in all reality this could be (?) in all yes the downfall.

Forces-We are now ready for your next questions.

DD-Thank you.


CM-Did the World Order have anything to do with the earthquake? For it was one year to the day difference between (?) India earthquake and the recent earthquake?

Forces-We would say (???????).

Forces-We find the contracts and semi plans with major medical companies in this area that were mentioned before the company closed became satisfactory ah after….yes people do, do their problems. Yes (?????) yes in a tea bar (???????).

CM-We haven’t had a Session in a while is there a reason why the connection is..?

Forces-Yes lets go on with your questions. We’ll find the answer is there.

CM-The question was about the earthquake.


CM-Is there a connection between, somehow some intervention that the earth quake it was triggered or some how influenced by the World Order.


Forces-(Stronger) We find many different answers coming through and filtering of this most important. We are ready for your questions.

CM-Ah the earthquake that has just happened and, is that part of the Revelation, that part of the Revelation.

Forces-The Revelations in John.



IS-So what there saying there, that the two thirds of the people shall pass away. Are they speaking specifically in the Middle East Israel in Israel or are they speaking in the world, parts of the world, and if so is the Aids Epidemic part of that since the Four Angels of the Apocalypse are not just one type of death, the earthquakes but it’s speaking of disease and the sword and, there’s four different kinds at least of death that will take away two thirds of the earth unless something prevents it (?). Is this what this is about?

Forces-Ahh-Huh. We would say there was a very big chance of, of a positive to that particular question. Yes. Question.

IS-So when Revelation speaks of Israel, the two thirds of Israel being destroyed they’re not meaning just Israel they’re meaning throughout the world because the aids epidemic is all over the world.

Forces-Well that is (?) from the area that this particular question cannot touch.


Forces-That is because of the area in which they were not able to touch. That is what the accumulation of ours are being made.

IS-You mean to say accumulation throughout the world?

Forces-Well it points to that yes.

IS-It’s like seventy percent of the Zaire or Africa is aids infected. Now all of these people in ah the Orient, so many people in Iraq is that the accumulation you’re speaking of?


IS-So this is the beginning of or already begun the two thirds of the world of Revelation. What the Revelation of John speaks?

Forces-We would say it is the beginning of the skirmish yes. In such a way it all starts in one bright sunny day. When they discover the weaponry system of the chemical ah situation (can) the chemical weapons of Iraq that have been buried in Lebanon and Syria. This creates a great conflict between the United States and Syria and Lebanon for indeed the mass destructions weapon of chemicals are buried in Iraq and Lebanon.

IS-Is it possible at this point for you to give us the longitude and latitude?

Forces-We would say we would like to give you the exact area but they do change it every day so the changing of the area where they’re stored is more like bussed around or chauffeured around from sector to sector in their country and so their even carrying it in what would be considered mini-boats. So the area of Lebanon if you would take the northern part of Israel and draw a line that would go straight into Lebanon ah half an inch to an inch (?) also an inch that is where it starts, then that would be the vicinity of where the weapons are stored.

IS-Is there many of these mini-buses or is there just one?

Forces-There are considered at least a dozen to twelve to twenty of these mini-trams.

IS-Are they ah at this point in Lebanon and Syria?


IS-So well that goes back to the Bible with that Syria is the culprit.

Forces-Syria will be the culprit in its attack on Israel for they will use these weapons of mass destruction in 2006 against Israel which would be the most unforgivable crime on innocent people ah being that Israel is striving for peace in that area especially. Unfortunately it would be one of the first atomic bombs Israel will release on Syria.

IS-You mean they’ll have time to do that?

Forces-Well yes when Syria releases their gases it will be in a sector near the borders and into Tel-Aviv in such a retaliation Israel will drop this particular bomb on Lebanon and more so Syria causing a great deal of chain reaction in the sectors even to the point of Syria, more so Lebanon flying a plane of an atomic bomb on the plane to drop over the New York City area. It gets quite complicated in its feat.

IS-Talking of prediction, and there’s nothing that can be done to catch this mini-van (?) or anything?

Forces-The very fact it’s been pointed out means that the Israeli Country, Government can spot them now. Ah the United States will corner them, Lebanon and Syria and will have a full frontal attack on Syria and Lebanon.

IS-Is that the reason why Bush is being kept as President because he’s really, he has a lot invested in funding all of that?

Forces- Unfortunately it points to that.

IS-And if it wouldn’t been Bush, who ever it would had been would have not been as invested in proving themselves (??????) in some fashion, and therefore protecting Israel.

Forces-We would have to say that is true.

IS-It’s reminiscent of the story of king Ahab that kept basically the same borders of Lebanon and the whole northern part of Israel and even though he was a (?) a terrible, terrible person spiritually speaking yet he was kept there for 22 years and ah I guess for the same purpose to protect the borders, to protect the borders of Israel is that correct?

Forces-We find this to be true.

IS-Everything (???????).

IS-Now you have predicted this catastrophe this cataclysmic ah earthquake that has happened and you said before the year is out, you said that and tonight is it. Why is that at, you saw it in Mexico only it’s really in another country. And everything else was exactly right.

Forces-Well we did have the sights on Mexico and a volcano being created by the earthquake. But as the entity had prayed every day not for it to happen and therefore we heeded this prayer, unfortunately because of the difficultness of it to be played out it was transvers or transversed into the eastern hemisphere rather than to the western hemisphere.

IS-And the other thing that you saw President Bush as losing the election and that (???).

Forces-Unfortunately Kerry did win the election but there was one snatched, taken and fixed away from him.

IS-The same way that it happened before?

Forces-A little bit more creative and complicated but it was developed in a same sort of linear (plan). If you would have the key votes ah looked at which they refused you to see, you would see the time to be transfixed, transfers to Kerry and not Bush.

IS-Ah in the Bible the greatest prophet that have been like Elisha, Elijah, Elisha, which was, even a stronger prophet than Elijah even though he was less popular. Ah there’s always even his prophecy he says something like well there’s something here which I am not aware of that’s happening because the Lord has not allowed me to see it. He also speaks of the choices that are taking place and he says, like with the Shunammite woman he says ah she’s a (?) (?) something he’s telling Gehazi his servant, go see what’s wrong but the Lord has obscured it from me I can’t see it, what is wrong. And that is a very ah———————-other things he says contingent on a Kings behavior, that you know something will take place one way or change. And yet this is the prophet that has brought back the dead to life has made the miracles of the oil that ah continued to run to no end ah this is a Prophet that has done, crossed the waters and walked on dry land, I mean he had done.

Forces-His fair share.



IS-And yet he reaches a place and says I don’t know God has taken away my vision for this particular situation. How do we understand this because then there are those prophecies that are not contingent on anything they are just going to happen, there is nothing that anything or anyone can change no matter what. And yet then there are all of this kind of prophecies. Even Ahab wow he died and then he said well he prayed ok so we won’t kill you in your day we’ll kill your son. And this is a continuous thing these are the greatest of Prophets that had no hesitation; they weren’t insecure in any way shape or form. How do we explain that?

Forces-Well prophecy is given by the vision from the Great Above. Prophecy also can be blinded from which you cannot see, just like the entity receives Psalm 9 and 11 to sing for two years but never was he able to put it together of the date 9/11. So therefore prophecy is a very delicate balance, not only receiving the information at hand and also perceiving the information received. But like everything else prophecy is something given as a gift by God and the gift is only revealed by the what would be called the infinite finite with this infinitesimal fragment of inspiration and intuition. It is therefore all prophecies must be focused under the litmus test and filter of intuition and inspiration. It is very difficult to get inspiration and institutional intuitive behaviors together at the same time. If you take all prophecies that have been given by us and put it under the microscope of inspiration and that of the application of intuition, then you’ll get the true understanding of the prophecy at hand even to the point of predicting the particular day, date and year that it will manifest. Same way with the entity it is given, it is received, it is placed out. The interesting thought of the prophecy of the end of the year in the month of December will come an earthquake that will destroy the land cities and that thousands and thousands, hundreds of thousands of people will be killed. Well the only predicament in this prophecy was it was stopped and altered and reversed transvexted to the complete opposite of the area. Only to say that prayer can change things. For once the Prophet receives a prophecy even though he has nothing to do with the prophet of prophecy received the Prophet does have the power to stop alter and change the prophecy when it is completely and what would be called with a contrite heart pleading to God to change it, in this particular case the Edict or the Prophecy was what would be considered measured out. It was changed to the hemisphere in which the angels dealt it out.

IS-However like in the Bible the story of Nineveh, where Jonah predicts the fall of Nineveh and then the people prayed and it changes. In the Apocrypha another man that sends out his son to Nineveh wants him to come back he says because I know even though that prophecy didn’t happen at that time of Jonah….

Forces-It would then happen at another time. And in this particular sense and case this still stands true too.

IS-So once a prophecy is uttered the only thing that can be changed is maybe time maybe a little of the space but even so it will really revert back, the story isn’t it like the ten lepers that Jesus healed and only two came back to thank him. I believe the other eight probably got the leprosy back later on.

Forces-Which they did.

IS-But those two that came back to thank Jesus I think they were healed.

Forces-Which they did.

IS-The same thing I believe is with this kind of prophecy. Even though the Prophet prayed away the disaster lets say from Mexico. If the people in Mexico, if the spiritual conditions do not change, if the world at large does not see what has happened and connects it to some sort of spiritual lesson.

Forces-Then it will be measured out.

IS-Then every prophecy uttered wherever.

Forces-Is fulfilled.

IS-So basically everybody has gotten the reprieve to just watch and learn while probably where it did happen the disaster; they’ve already been warned only deaf.


IS-So therefore it makes the world a very small place.

Forces-Ah we’d say so.

Forces-We will now move on to other questions.

IS-Thank you.

ED-So what would you say would be the state of this country like in the future, like in the near future or something like that, lets say ten to twenty years from now?

Forces-(………) what country.

ED-This country the United States.

Forces-It will be focusing on a great tribulation and also under estimation of its own power and force in the world.

ED-So would you say that this country will still manage or will it be kind of hurt by the foreign policy that going on now?

Forces-Oh yes. Most definitely.


Forces-Every community will be affected by it, even to get water will be an ordeal.

ED-Are you saying that because of this foreign policy going on now the country will be damaged collaterally because of that?

Forces-No we won’t say that it will be damaged collaterally but there would be some reverberation from it. But a lot of the citizens of this country will continue to work and uphold their principles and ideals and, and their own strength in their beliefs to keep those lights shining throughout their own existence.

ED-Is what Bush is doing right now getting us into further conflicts?

Forces-Well I guess you could say so. But there are many different conflicts. But you do have an opening here that is that which is preparing to leave will give many signs that those who have the strength to leave (lead) will then be (?) and show it.

AL-What should I do with my future like to (?)?

Forces-You should have (???????) in your high school area to paint and also (?) to dance. This is very important as far as your soul progression. Unfortunately you are (?) particular (?) that the do not is (????????) and brought back up to shape. But we do know that these prophecies would affect the writer in a positive way and it is good too have the (???????) protect this particular Prophet sees and the land that is right before you.

JN-I think what she’s asking is what should she be doing in the future. What is her career whatever?

Forces-Oh no it was (?) the boats and entirely (?) the boats. This would be a good position for her(?).

JN-Is she proceeding in the course that she needs to be proceeding right now. Does she still need the assistance of the people at the hospital?

Forces-(???????????)DD we would advise not to involve ah the Holy Supper (Sepulcher).

IS-What shouldn’t DD be involved with?

Forces-Well it is the particular ah field um well it would be considered very mundane toward anything deal with the radiation or radio waves for this would not be a good time to get involved with that.

IS-Is that for DD?


IS-Thank you.

IS-AL was asking is there any other message that because you were answering some other things you were saying some other things.

Forces-We would say that fruits and vegetables are necessary. Vegetables are necessary and to start (???????) generation of all the, so that it would be considered the most developed experience of the prophecies that (?) and be closed and open at the same time for the opportunity at hand.

IS-What is this referring to which prophecies are you referring to the prophecies that were given to us through the years or something because you spoke to AL also about prophecies and she has been given in the past prophecies, some of them dire some of them better and so which one what are you referring to at this point?

Forces-Yes sometimes trying to (?) off can put your life to sleep. We are ready for your next question now.

IS-AL was wondering what kind of career choice that she should take or what is in the immediate future for her that’s coming or that she needs to know?

Forces-Well there is a great choice what would be considered using the altar to bring in this ah unbelievable energy. She also is the, there is also a prophecy for her to bring in the magnetic field of the oceans and to bring in family members together to work together. For he has the ability to make a crest on a ship that will protect it, it would be two types of faces one is smiling and the other one is frowning.

IS-You just said he.


IS-Are you referring to AL or to ED?

Forces- Yes AL no, no AL. The dichotomy of it is that the male version of AL that we are addressing.

AL-Thank you.

Forces-Unfortunately AL or fortunately you have to realize that you do have that male personality that is there manifest from other lifetimes too. And so do males have the female aspect from other lifetimes manifest. So Yuk as you would say in the Indian words (verbs) Yuk.

IS-Is she at this point progressing with her healing correctly or will she need or does she need now or will need more help from…?

Forces-We only suggest this, she has a certain weight (?) she has to attain, she can do it. It does not have to be done by a hospital, just set your mind to attain the weight fold and there you have it.

IS-Is that acceptable AL?


IS-Did you understand what the forces said?


IS-They said it’s up to you, you know what way you need to achieve. If you will set your mind to achieve it by yourself as you are then you don’t have to go back to the hospital. Otherwise you go back to the hospital. If you don’t want to do it then you go back to the hospital. Do you understand now. Ok back to you then.

JN-Is it possible to ask that you will help AL to proceed in correct force rather then going through the mental hell that she always puts herself through?

Forces-We will help her with that.


ES-When you mentioned the Gregorian Chants with the ah Book of Numbers, were they in sequential order, was it verse one, two, and three and then four, five, and six or was it one, three…?

Forces-We would say one, three, six. And then take it from there. One is three, three is doubled, which would be six. Six then would be nine, nine would be fourteen and if it makes any sense to you, you could go on from there.


ES-Thank you very much.

NN-Thank you very much for the miracle that you did with my Dad.

Forces-Yes even though you all fit to bury him he was not in the time to go. That is a gift from all the things you have supported the entity in, we then support you in.

NN-Thank you very much.

Forces-And your Father (?) to give him the length of days.

IS-He is aware that this is what happened isn’t he?


IS-That’s why he calls her NN.


IS-Thank you. Now a double fold question.

Forces-No just one question at a time.

IS-What can you give me about this coming year for me that will occur will take place, that I need to work on, that I need to do.

Forces-Remember it is a double fold question.

IS-Well I was going to ask for me and the group.

Forces-You’ve got to focus on what you have been chosen to do. You have been sent into the earth as IS. You have manifested truly the focus of IS in the earth. You have been given by the Council your name. You have manifested the name too its truest form. You must set your vision and your goal upon the mission that has been given to you by the Council and that of the Higher Forces. Unfortunately you might have your mental mind drawing you back into the earth, but there is no time, there is no time left, every day counts. And we have to say that those who are in this particular group, from those who are in this house at this moment, meaning at this Session have been and will be part, an intricate part of the future plans of the Council. You must understand that sometimes there are those disagreements and conflicts with one another. Do not hold it against one another. Open your heart up to all that is in this room. They are those who have been chosen by this Council just as you have been chosen to fulfill your obligation and your own magnificent duty of representing that power in this earth. Now your job for this year is also to help those obtain and fulfill their obligation to the Council. We set your sights high, sometimes your sights have been set too high so you feel you’ve been cheated but in reality it is like a neck brace, it is set that way so your neck (?) (?). We don’t want you to be afraid (A crane) but we also want you to understand that you have fulfilled that part of the mission and prophecy for you. Now allow those who are in this group to fulfill their prophecies and visions. We have a mission to accomplish you have been given that power to help others in this group fulfill their mission. That is unfortunately your responsibility and your protocol job by the Council. It’s been given to you this power by those creatures who have interrupted your television set. (Laughter) Or have no control over the knobs.
IS-Thank you ah.

Forces-And the second part of your question is that your predictions and prophetic visionary wisdom will become more and more pronounced and more attuned in those that you meet in the days to come for this New Year. Do not feel shocked when you will be asked on stage to fulfill some of your prophecies.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-So prepare yourself. Question.

IS-Why is it that I knew from the beginning Bush is going to win. There was never a hesitation in my head that it’s going to be any different.

Forces-Unfortunately you knew the worldly game. But fortunately you did not know that he cheated the election and took it. Question.

IS-Even if he cheated I knew that that’s how it’s going to come out.

Forces-Well that is because of who you are. Question.

IS-For the group. This coming year for the group.

Forces-It is a question.

IS-Yes what is predicted for this group and..?

Forces-It will become the most strongest, unified, solidified and constituted energy that you will ever see. And in it’s existence. Question.

DD-(?) anything for me for the New Year.

Forces-Remember all the gifts have been given to you in abundance and you will mark (?) all of it. Question.

DD-Thank you. Things about the Tarot will that (?) (?) this year?

Forces-It will unfold itself in tremendous form.

DD-Also the idea do I understand about ah the 1600,s they really knew a lot about the Tarot but no did reveal it because the Etheric Level was too high then.

Forces-Of course this is the reason for it to be revealed.

DD-And do I understand the thing about the language being the physics was in the language?

Forces-That is exactly right. Question.

DD-And the radio thing you said not to be involved with radios does that mean not to be involved with computers?

Forces-Were not saying not to. But we are saying to be open to the receptive of the attribute and to the spirit of intuition to guide you.

DD-So that means more so by hand?

Forces-More so by the soul. Question.

DD-Thank you very much.

CM-Could you give us any prediction or prophecy about the networking for 2005 are we going to see ah one of my visions is that a lot of more people are going to become aware of the group and the mission and the vision of The Gathering and actually come in contact with the group in 2005.

Forces-There will be a steady stream of visitors and at that particular time there will be those who will be asked to stay for the weekend and there will be many different work endeavors and conversations. There will be those who will be coming and going and everyone will be changed when this will start. And there will be those times when sleep would not be necessary for the excitement of the moment will take over. There will be many visitors coming from all over the world.

CM-Thank you.

ED-Ah what’s my mission in life?

Forces-Remember your mission is for humanity and Brotherhood. And that is the ultimate in your caring for humanity and for the compassion of Brotherhood. Question.

JN-could you help elucidate what he should be doing in the future, whether he should become a physician or whatever I think that’s what he’s questioning (?)?

Forces-Humanity is a physician; Brotherhood is the application of such.

JN-And so he should ah, ah apply for medical school after college then.

Forces-He would be a very, very good physician and taking care of humanity and their problems. Also to deal with the family unit and trying to keep them together.

Forces-At this point we would say that there are many different blessings. We have a very strong blessing for you and that is keep that spirit and remember your dreams and your faith and most of all the responsibility to the mission yourself. For there was a time when you had (have) that sight, now comes the time when it needs to be regained again for the mission to be obtained.

Forces-At this point it gets to that magic hour in which we will have to leave you, but in so doing and so leaving we bring you a new year 2005 that of Brotherhood of combine-jing the forces of the ener-chi of the family and of one another in this group that you all work together in that same spirit. And no matter how you like it you all can’t run away from one another.

Forces-Greeting to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.