Session 671-1/18/05

Greetings to all here present now. We find that the Christmas Season your New Years is come and gone and now the long plight of the winter begins. How cold it is on such a night as this degrees below. But then you must realize that at least you have so much to look forward to, us. Now we see the inauguration of your President to come and of course another interesting chapter of who took what votes from who. And who got what votes from who else. But as we can see there is a peculiar incident of planning, sabotage, gas attacks, chemical attacks, threatening of ah tankers and all sorts of bombers and all sorts of crazy ah mischief (abounds) (surrounds) with this inauguration. It is not an inauguration that is a happy one and of course it is a home drome, pay thousands of dollars to attend. But we must move on, remember the King of France went to the Tuileries and at the Twiddledies he twiddled his thumbs and there did prepare a lavish dance and Ball for all the royalties. Again we must meet the challenge that is ahead and must constantly bring a spiritual aspect to our daily lives. But remember the Miracles of the Magician and the Mysteries of the Beyond, how it Waffles in and out of your dimensions and how your existence of the now here is also the perpetuation forward of the Days to Come.

Forces-We are now ready for your questions.

IS-Thank you fro coming in, the book that I am reading that FD ah gave me ah about the Transformation of America, it sounds to me very, very hokey, but how much truth is there to it, I just don’t, the more I’m reading, one part of me it looks like this is hokey, really hokey and I’m going maybe you know. So how much of that book is correct?

Forces-Well unfortunately it’s disturbing and it is disturbing to see those in the political office, who kind of create such situations ah among themselves. These type of situations do go on and this it’s again when you deal with so much power, that people kind of lose the focus of the reason and the deliverance of, of it’s evolution. Ah, we don’t want to say to depend upon it and give 80% of validity we won’t, we won’t even give 40% validity to it, but there is a validity to it, but you must keep your focus and understand to discern the aspects of truth and the validity towards it and how it is meshed and weaved. So it is not whether it is 90% true or 80% true or even 60% true, it is that it is speaking of a truth of course, and that it is. But what is it weaving so you can understand it.

IS-Because if I go by her information, she basically slept with every president of the United States and every powerful man in the whole wide world from Haiti to ah Russia to whatever.

Forces-Well we have to say one thing unfortunately. If she did sleep with every different type of man and every different power, she would get kinda ragged and kinda very sloppy looking. So therefore her accusations of sleeping with everybody is not true. It’s a fable, in itself no women can possibly, well (…) lets not be, lets not be naive. There are the woman of the street that can do this. But at the same time there is a element of truth in it and there is something that goes on that it is either controlled and a divinity is put into it for evolution state or it is so distorted and sloppy that it is put into a destructive state. One needs to focus on the evolution of divinity and it’s evolution of involved evolution. In this particular case it’s de-evolution.

IS-I’ll go as far as believing she was a prostitute, a high-class prostitute.

Forces-Yes we call them that, mistress of the night.

IS-But that she slept with every single person in the White House, every president, I don’t believe that.

Forces-Well there are some discerning people that would say no to here because they know that she slept with every thing. So there is that…


Forces-Well what we are saying that human nature would say if you slept with every thing, there are those individuals, at least one that would say I’ll, I will not. So the question is, it’s a fable.

IS-On one hand she’s got a very good understanding of the political agenda of countries and people and I believe that regardless whether she was a sex slave or whatever. That’s correct right?

Forces-Well again there is an element of truth to it.

IS-Was she a carrier, a message carrier, was she even, I just don’t believe that she was even involved with all these powerful people. What I believe is that she was involved in the country music scene because of this man she was with. And ah there’s a lot of talk going on in those places and ah there’s a lot of theories and a lot of things and I do believe that she must have been also a high-class prostitute and that’s about it. And she overheard a lot of stuff.

Forces-Well that’s about it.

NN-How dangerous is it for me to use ah a product like Tylenol sinus that has ephedrine in it, as far as any long term dangers personally, it might be different for other people, but for me. If I don’t over do it?

Forces-Well don’t take three to four pills a day.

NN-I mean if I took one once a week or something it’s
not going to do any harm.

Forces-You could take one every other day, even one every day for a period of time. Um it will not have a long-term affect. But if you do three to four a day then of course your nose would fall on the floor.

ES-Thank you so much for helping my Mother with this, another transition.

Forces-Well yeah she should be out by tomorrow.

ES-There saying she needs some prolonged physical therapy and it sounded like they wanted to keep her there and or if my sister Janet can find someone to come to her house that would be able to help her with some physical therapy or just….

Forces-Well it’s quiet obvious at the house.

ES-So she should go home?

Forces-Well if she wants to spend another day or two or even a week, but to have someone at the house with physical therapy is something that’s, we would say very helpful and, and necessary.

ES-Thank you so much for that.

ES-Could you tell us who Tom the entity was in the French Revolution?

Forces-Well ah three is many different layers in which he served in the French Revolution, ah we would say that he was a spirit of a strong nature that went around trying to stop and, and secure a peaceful co-existence. Ah he did find himself in the royalty of the house of the King and was more of a minister of the church, of the King of what would be considered of Paris. But he found himself constantly trying to bring a peaceful end to the blood shed and because of the tremendous ah, ah responsibility he had with the court, we would not reveal totally his name, ah because it would bring certain pains and ah revisiting of ah the ah losing of his head in the guillotine.

ES-He seemed very sad watching that show.

IS-Is the name that I am having in my head is that correct?

Forces-Well we won’t say it’s not correct.

ES-Thank you very much.

CM-Recently the news about Saturn and the moon Titan. We sent some spacecraft to Saturn. Can you talk specifically about Saturn or my question is what density is Saturn the planet?

Forces-Saturn you will find to be a prison of souls, as has been given long time ago. Saturn is of the underworld and Saturn is also that of the Prisoners of the Din (? damned). It is of the second dimension logistics. It is from the first to the second dimension and the ring around Saturn is the gatekeeper or the lock of the souls that are encased within the planet. It does not see the stars it does see darkness and does see a wall of constant wall as in the second dimension, it cannot see beyond the wall that the rings provide as a prison. And that is why the rings do exist there. It is not of a high-density planet. It is the planet of a prison for all souls in this Galaxy, especially the Earth that have violated ah the spiritual aspects of it’s own ah those who have taken lives and have killed are found particularly very strong on this planet in the present state.

CM-So you say that Saturn’s a second dimensional planet, is that what your saying.

Forces-Saturn unfortunately as you shu, and as very concrete in its beauty, uhm is it (?) and also prison state for all the souls in this Galaxy.

CM-What density is Earth then are we, is the planet Earth a third dimensional planet or..?

Forces-The planet Earth spirals from the second dimension, third dimension and fourth dimension, coupling with fifth and sixth occasionally with the evolution of spiritual ah evolution of ah ah, ah enlightenment. So a soul on the planet Earth or body can achieve a illumination and can reach even to the fifth dimension while still on the Earth.

CM-Well my understanding of density is like Saturn is mostly gaseous.


CM-So wouldn’t more dense like your saying the second density would be like the opposite of gas it would be more solid, whereas higher density would be like more gaseous. I can’t understand why it would be less dense.

Forces-It is of a gas nature on the surface, but it is of a secondary degree of solid in its space. It is not the gas nature that you find on the Earth that Saturn has. But it is of a revolving solid gas structure that finds itself pivoted against the very element that you find on Earth.

CM-It does revolve extremely fast and it’s a huge planet. And the storms are just unbelievable.

Forces-It is exactly right; it is of an existence of a vibration that is not like unto the Earth.

CM-Your saying it’s a slower vibration?

Forces-It is of a density of form and structure. It is faster than the Earth, but slower than the Earths vibration. So it is a counter diction of terms.

IS-Is it equivalent to the very strong person physically that basically doesn’t have a mind.

Forces-There is a lot of information of Saturn that isn’t contrary to the form and laws of the Universe itself. Saturn is contradictory to that of the laws of the Earth. It is of its own nature the opposite in polarity and structure, and in its force field it is huge in its makeup. But at the same time its responsibility, controlling the souls that reside there, as a prison so they do not wander off is very ah de-speak-able of a lockdown.

CM-Well my understanding of the soul level would be like a higher density like fifth density like humans as we are now, third density and fourth density and fifth density is like where you go when you die and recycle back into third density into the body. So would that be a fifth density prison planet that is like, were you saying second dimensional?

Forces-Again this is true but you must understand when the soul falls into a lower consciousness it hits into a second dimensional orb creating a like of fifth dimensional lockdown in a second dimensional scale. It is a contradictory of terms Saturn will always be. One. It will be storms and then it will be silent. It will go fast and then it will go slow. It will have eruptions and then there are no eruptions. And as quick as they start is as quick as it ends.

DD-Could a name be given for Tom that I can look up in the Bible Code so I can find, you gave a name a long time ago, a Rabbi, a famous Rabbi but I don’t have that one is there another name or could you give the same one again the spelling of it?

Forces-It can be given, but his name is all you need.

DD-Why haven’t I found under his name? What am I not doing right, that I haven’t found it under his name as presently given?

Forces-Sometimes (coughing) it’s best to put the birth first and then the name.

DD-Put them together?


DD-Thank you.

DD-Is the book I am reading by the gentleman Peter Moon, it talks about the Temple and there being chambers underneath the Temple that Enoch built, nine chambers, nine levels. Is there any truth to that or?

Forces-There is.

DD-And do they exist now under there?


DD-What would they each represent?

Forces-Ah canals and channels.

DD-Would each one have different information or?

Forces-Different levels of, of evolution, yes.

DD-One last question about the Language and the Physics, I was just getting into it, I don’t know if you can say anything about it. I haven’t studied it a lot. But the meaning of language is very powerful and it goes right along with the physical level. How do you interweave it together, I know it can be done but I’ am just getting into it, is there anything that can be given?

Forces-Tones and words and language they do weave together and all you have to do is study the origin of the word as it was created in its beginning and you will find the origin of its creation.

IS-The therapy that I am under now, the (Ekhard) ah how good is it for me?

Forces-Again we would say its good, but then remember we suggest that you alter back and forth. Because then you get tired or you get strained in the relationship of the therapy. So always kind of fluctuate from therapy to therapy to go back to the therapy when you’re ready to.

IS-So would it be the other person there or should I go to the chiropractor. The other person is Peter and he does a different, a little bit stronger I suppose but..?

Forces-Well again balance it out, in we would say one month do this and the next month do that or one week. Well we don’t want to say one week, but one month at a time is sufficient and to alter back and forth then that would be more we feel beneficial for you.

IS-And is it between the chiropractor ah Dr. Walker or Peter the other guy that’s at the same place where I’m at now?

Forces-We find Dr. Walker to be the one.

IS-And ah do you see, how long am I going to be out of this therapy?

Forces-Well it could be for, anywhere from two months to three, which would have its affect.

IS-And ah why am I so tired. Is that why I am so tired all the time?

Forces-Well because it keeps bring up these toxins that of course you release.

IS-So what can I do.

Forces-Well again a lot of, of the juicing and your own treatments can bring them out, ah cleanse them and, and also we got to remember that doing the work on your own psychic level can be ah exhausting to.

IS-Is there anything I can do to do better protection or something on me?

Forces-Well again always take a high rate of water, of drinking and keep your fluids up. This will be a good protection and a balancing of the electric field.

IS-Thank you ah in the Bible in Kings, in all the Kings, it starts out that this King was a very good King and he lived, and he reigned for about sixteen years and died. And then you have and this King did evil in the sight of the Lord and he reigned for about fifty years and died. And it’s like, is there any relation really between long life, longevity and being highly good and spiritual?

Forces-Well there are those who live to a hundred and twelve and sixteen and they have what would be considered a uhm life of ah, of ah, there’s a word that we would say a ah, a, a, a ah, ah (IS-Self-Indulgence?) no, no , no, no, no a procedure of ah Traditional items that they do every day. If they read or if they write or if they relax, take a shower or they eat a certain food or if they just silently, become silent. There’s many different levels of ah fixing the energy field of the body and also focusing on places and development of these things. So ah we would consider longevity is equal to the purpose of accomplishing the mission and revealing the information as best as we can.

IS-So longevity really has nothing to do with being good or bad or..?

Forces-Ump good you know lets face it good can contribute to life. Ah if you’re on drugs and if you drink a lot it will take away life. So good can contribute to life you know right food right eating right, right sleep, ah light, right thinking all this are, are good qualities for the development for the perpetuation of the species.

IS-But those Kings that I am referring to, the Judean Kings and the Israeli Kings ah basically somebody like Ahab reigned twenty-two years or something, Omri twenty-two years, ah Joash a good King only reigned, I don’t know a few years. My question is that kind of spirituality. I don’t mean…

Forces-Well remember also that even though you might have many people working at a given project, the house is supported by many people in the project and therefore everyone has longevity by those who take care of them and, and the focus of the Mission of the project, so the project itself, ah, ah work creates longevity by the very fact of working. So not to confuse you but the work and the system of the work be it to record all the Sessions lets say, this it self can give longevity, the words of listening to the Forces, Us important as it is puts you into a state and that state gives a certain amount of longevity in its very fact. If you were to listen to all the Sessions from the very beginning to where they are at now you are actually guarantying while sitting and listening to add at least one year of life to every moment of Session hearing in the recorded voice. So you could add at least four to five years of life if you listened to the entirety of the Session in a given period of time, and the much, the most you can add could be anywhere from five to ten years. Now go explains it, there is no way to explain it.

IS-Thank you. So when as I
am standing now ah when should I go back then to Dr Walker?

Forces-Well you will begin to get the pull to go back in the beginning of February and you’ll see.

IS-And the Insurances the way everything is working, will I get all the compensation I need?

Forces-Yes you will.

IS-Thank you.

NN-What exactly was the ephod and in relation to the Breastplate and why was the onyx the recommended stone for it.

Forces-Well we would say the ephod is that of the centering of the stones and (coughing) the coming together for the answer, umm that that it would shine in its answer. Ah I hope we understand that.

IS-So then what was the ephod by itself, what did it look like?

Forces-Well just ump just stones itself, but it’s not what it looked like by itself, it what it, what did it become when activated and that is of a spirit form nature. It’s you can’t use your logical mind to the great spirit of transformation when it happens. Because the logical mind only sees solid things. But when the transformation is happening it is etheric and goes through every part of the body.

IS-The (five worlds found a) method of the psychic prediction as..

Forces-Yes and it projects forward. It is like a holo, hologram.

NN-The onyx was a particular stone, a conductor on this. I mean…

Forces-Well it produces upward yes.

NN-Thank you.

ES-Can you help me with the vertigo that I am still having at times? What could I do to stop it?

Forces-Well sometimes they say pinching the back of the ear. Acupuncture could stop it for you. Just find a good acupuncturist and they’ll stop that.

ES-And IS is doing a good job with that.


ES-Would it be ok if I just had IS do some more of that.

Forces-(Of course) it would improve it, ah yes considerablely.

ES-Thank you.

Forces-Even putting a heated stone in the part of, of the ear, neck area of course wrapped up. And that heat would help you to.

ES-Right behind my ear on the bone?

Forces-In that area yes.

ES-Thank you very much.

Forces-Yes. But don’t burn yourself.

IS-So what I am doing is ok; I don’t know what I am doing.

Forces-No, no, no, no you don’t openly say that. (laughter)

Forces-Your receiving, from that will be help.

IS-The other day when I was working on the entity, I mean it was you right pointing the hand and the finger which way to go?

Forces-Yes of course.

IS-Thank you.

CM-If we use the website as a guide for were we should ah be taken, our mission, there’s been a lot more readers to the website, could you give us a deadline on when we should kind of like ramp up to the next phase of offering what we’ve all been talking about some sort of like retreat or lecture or just offer to have people here you know. (?) people pay to stay?

Forces-Always, yes, always remember the spring equinox is appropriate time for lectures and retreats and this is a most powerful time. And the fall equinox is equally as powerful. And of course your summer equinox and your winter equinox, but your most important powerful times for lecturing and retreats are fall and the spring.

CM-So would it be a wise goal for us to set two lectures, two series this year in 2005 and just try to get, get by with whatever those two happen to manifest as?

Forces-Yes you could focus on that very easily yes.

CM-Thank you.

DD-On the Globe Theater (The Art of Memory by Frances A. Yates) and the Tarot cards I ask about last Session, you said during the 1600’s the Tarot weren’t given because they were too powerful and they were very etheric and manifest physically all the workings of them which would have been detrimental to people. So how did they present that or how did they use it at that time without being, or what form or was it used in the Theater or how was it used?

Forces-What is your question?

DD-About the Tarot during the 1600’s was sort of in the back ground because it was very powerful (The Greater Trumps by Charles Williams) and they wouldn’t release it then as cards. So how did they..

Forces-Well they released it through the costumes, through the songs, through the stage props, through the story and, and then of course the music.

DD-So the different personages like in Shakespeare would represent different cards and..?


DD-He planned it that way?

Forces-Yes of course.

DD-Thank you very much.

IS-The Cirque du Soleil, they seem to have the same kind of Tarot type figures

Forces-Yes of course.

IS-That’s what it is isn’t it?


IS-Thank you.

Forces-At this point we would be leaving but will speak to you again soon.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

The Group-Our Father