Session 677-6/12/05

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we have again seen to be watching the North Koreans develop a strategy of trying to work back into the world system. They very much want to open up their gates to South Korea, but there’s still a great deal of conflict in reference to this decision. You will be surprised to see that many of the North Koreans are quietly and anxiously waiting for communication with the South Koreans. But there is still the big fence between both. We find that the train system would be challenged for the next month and a half, with accidents of different natures being subjected to the different tracks. In America now you would find sometimes there might have little experiences but there is many to come in the next 3 months. We are also seeing the weather being tremendously changing of degrees, hot one moment and cold the next. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Is there a lifetime or a situation where you can give me that would be correlated with my experiences now with the group, or the last 30 years for that matter, but something that would explain the karmic pattern for me?

HF: Well, there have been plenty of times in the lifetime of Joshua with the many different experiences, and of course the temple of prophetess, who had the same experiences and conflicts within their area. But basically you have other experiences that could mesh together in one (actuary), but then be done only to reunite down the road.

IS: You said ‘Rafferty’?

HF: We have said that there is several experiences, and that would be one of them.

IS: When is that, the Rafferty?

HF: Well we pinpoint it to the area where what would be called Joshua’s point of experiences, but also we pinpoint again that experience during the building of the 2nd Jerusalem.

IS: The 2nd temple?

HF: Yes.

IS: So you’re talking about the time of Babylon, when they came back from Babylon?

HF: Yes.

IS: So, who was I, is there…?

HF: One of the major ah creators and builders of the 2nd temple of Jerusalem. Ah assistance to the, to the particular kingdom at that time.

IS: Which one,Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, Ezra, Nehemiah, all of these?

HF: Yes.

IS: And I was just a builder, a architect?

HF: More of a foreperson, or a fore master.

IS: I was a male obviously?

HF: Yes, but you took many responsibilities at that time to get things decorated.

IS: And that correlates to my experience here, now?

HF: Well, yes, there are many different changes and ah destructions in the building, as you well know.

IS: Yes. And, what was my name in that lifetime?

HF: Well, we have it as Israel, or Ezra is more like it.

IS: Ezra?

HF: Yes.

IS: You don’t mean Ezra the Scribe, himself?

HF: Well, we can’t give too much information out, but we do have that as someone in that area that would write things down too, yes. We try not to give too much information, because you’re overloaded with information ah in past lives. We need you to focus on your present life.

IS: Thank you. Can you then tell me how to … for me best to deal with ah with the current group situation?

HF: We don’t understand what’s the problem, with the conditions are moving forward and things are doing that growing pattern.

IS: Is there anything that I am doing that is in any way sabotaging?

HF: Well, you must try not to be too pessimistic in human nature, and try to create a positive approach in things, even though you feel at times this condition, it’s not the condition you usually go by anyhow. Question.

IS: What does that mean?

HF: It means you’ll finally focus on a positive when you have to make the decision.

IS: When I work with people I have no problem with that.

HF: Well, then there’s no problem to begin with. Question.

IS: Thank you.

NN: How much is the government looking at our website, to what extent?

HF: Oh, we would say you would have about 20% of the government in the facilities watching the website practically everyday.

IS: Everyday?

HF: Yes. Well they want to get as much information as they can too. They’re not stupid.

IS: Have they come across the Iraqi exact prediction of the exact date and everything?

HF: Well, it’s there. Of course they’ve watched it. Yes.

NN: And that’s even the executive branch of the government?

HF: We would say all the branches of which are involved in trying to watch, even if it be just one aide or another, they all try to keep posted.

NN: But they know it’s a place where they can come for the real information, the true information?

HF: Repeat the question.

NN: They know it is a place, that the source, and they know its true information?

HF: Well of course they see it to be very relevant to today’s program, yes.

NN: Thank you.

ES: Thank you. Thank you again for my mother’s health and her well-being and the reading she received from IS, and whatever will happen for her after that, thank you so much.

HF: Yes.

ES: In the book that the entity gave me about virtual reality, my question, I don’t understand which comes first I guess, like the chicken or the egg. In this book, and it seems on the computer with virtual reality, it is a world of a man’s mind creating what they want. But in the Tree of Life with the different worlds, the 4 worlds, is that … I thought that that was something that was already constantly happening and a true place that we can sometimes go to if we vibrate ourselves higher. Is that the way it is?

HF: Well we can apply that philosophy very nicely, yes.

ES: But is the, in the computer based virtual reality, is that tapping into a world that already is happening, like a parallel universe, that we’re just looking into a window accidentally, falling into?

HF: Well there are some that does incorporate that, yes, but in all reality it’s of a different nature, and deals with other individuals of a creative ah, ah resource energy.

ES: The world of angels and other beings, they are in their own existence, continuing on and we sometimes see them, is that right?

HF: Yes, that was all true, yes.

ES: Thank you very much.

IS: For themselves, what is the function of the angels? I know that they are helping humanity, but I think they are helping humanity more as a volunteer type thing rather than their own course of events.

HF: Well of course they are volunteering and yet they are helping for the both of events, but there is this chord that should also be set down, so that they will have the ability to learn at the same time. We are not happy with a certain amount of religious favor or knowledge that the learning process becomes different. So of course we hope we shared it by saying to you the different aspects of growing. But yet it is all going very, very fast.

IS: Do angels have their own evolutionary course?

HF: Well yes, definitely do. And of course, a lot of it depends upon their spiritual tests for what they have to accomplish. So sometimes they hang around to get these different things accomplished.

IS: So when they help a human being, is that part of their own taking on a lesson for themselves?

HF: Ahh, we’d say yes of course.

IS: So, how would that work, meaning, let’s say they’re trying to help a human being, let’s say, get off drugs. How would that work for them, what is it that they are trying to accomplish for themselves?

HF: Well (…….)and they find themselves involved deeply, then it is very difficult to use us to get off the drugs, but if they are in alignment to what we’re doing, then we find it to be an end, end goal fluid with the things that are being accomplished.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Thank you very much.

DD: Can you help me, I seem to go 2 steps forward and 1 step backwards in this recent situation. Is there any guidance for me?

HF: Ah try to keep focused on your plan and your research, not to become too overly friendly. Your intentions were good, but it, were misconstrued and it got out of control more than you realized. So, of course it’s always good to pull back to a certain safe base. But remember that you’re there to help support the, the house of its own endeavors, and also the ideals of the research that you have to accomplish, which is going along pretty well.

DD: Thank you. And recently you had been giving me more information about the research and…

HF: Well we thought if we kept you busy, you would not be able to get deviated into other situations, which I think our plans kind of helped the research part of it out, yes.

DD: I have questions about the Roslyn temple. It seems like they had a service there, and they set up time travel there using Psalm 119, and using the Psalm of St. John the Baptist, and then using the 15 Psalms of Degrees. Were they all used together to set up some force field?

HF: Yes you could use them as a force field, yes.

DD: And what kind of force field did they set up?

HF: Well, it was a field in which the information could keep coming down back and forth lateral, so it was a strong force field of bringing evolution into the earth, and also inspiration.

DD: You mentioned the Crescent of the Rock, now was that the St. John’s hymn, or was that Psalm 120?

HF: Well we would say it was the St. John’s hymn as a, as a tribute to.

DD: And the way one man had it, it goes up 6 Psalms, and then there’s 3 in the middle, and 6 down, is that correct?

HF: Yes, exactly.

DD: And were each 15 one of the steps for the quest for the Holy Grail?

HF: We would say more so or less, yes.

DD: And another question about this Rabbi I was reading about today, Abraham Abulafia I think his name is. He permutated the letters, is his system accurate:

HF: Well we would find them to be decent. Not 100% accurate, but decent to about 88-89% accurate.

DD: Can I ask a couple more? I had a dream a long time ago about my higher self having like a cone with knobs sticking out of it like cubes. Was that related to the Roslyn cubes?

HF: Well they can apply yes to that, yes.

DD: Did I have a lifetime there?

HF: Well we don’t see that per se.

DD: So I didn’t have any lifetime…

HF: But to bad you didn’t because you’re very much involved with deciphering the code.

DD: So why am I so involved with it if I didn’t have a lifetime?

HF: Well because you are controlled in a spirited way of inspiration of receiving the right resource, that you need to copy at that moment.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: When you say the lifetime I had with Joshua, are you talking about the book, what I call the Book Ieta, with Moses?

HF: Well we could apply to that, yes, that would apply very nicely.

IS: Because she lived through the desert, but she also lived at the time of Joshua.

HF: Yes.

IS: So that’s the lifetime you’re talking about?

HF: We would say yes, so by that yes.

IS: Thank you. What are the chances of somebody or the person, of MAY, to make it now here?

HF: Well, the listening to the sessions and doing her part to learn of them, chances are pretty strong. It’s the listening of the sessions that will make her path even stronger.

IS: Does she understand what damage?

HF: Well it’s…the question is that she needed to take a higher road to its development, which is ok. She learns as she grows. Yeah, we all learn. Question.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What is the main thing standing in the way for the wall to come down between North and South Korea?

HF: Well basically it’s the money and finances and also the difference of being attacked by America. They feel there are some things to be worked out there for their safeguard that they will not be taken and attacked or advantage of.

NN: Thank you.

ES: The Entity was explaining to me that some alien forms are using virtual reality I think to attach themselves or to work through other people and it’s usually someone that’s been very high in the computer world. Which aliens would be doing that and what would be their goals?

HF: Well again, there are those for the great learning process and research of medicine, and drugs, and also, a lot of ah that ability of those who are doing research and papers are the ones who are being affected. Also, those who are in the government form of research do get affected.

ES: What is the effect that’s happening to them from that?

HF: Well there’s more of a, a in-lusion (elusion) of ah of the process of control and being directed at the research process. Sometimes there are those intense (intent) not to discover the research that they’re doing because of advancements, so there are…there’s little forms that ah other qualities implant into that picture. Of course it can be conquered or removed sometimes-wearing little glasses while you’re doing your computer ah, ah interferes with that sound vibration. Question.

ES: Thank you.

DD: On the Sefer Yezirah, my understanding is that it’s sort of like an interface with all the higher worlds you have to go through … it’s like a computer interface.

HF: Yes.

DD-And it seems to have the same, as you go up the levels, the seven levels..?


DD: You seem to have more ram.

HF: Of course.

DD: And doubles the same way they do on computers. So how does that…it seems like when the Rabbis went in there they would…It’s sort of like programming, they would hit the right name they would go to another program. And the higher they got the more expansive it was. Is that the way it works?

HF: It has a certain amount of truth to it, yes. At this point we would be leaving, but we’ll speak to you again soon.

IS: One more thing?

HF: One more thing.

IS: For the Entity Tom?

HF: Yes

IS: Is there anything that can be done? He looked like he walked around a little down. Is there any reason?

HF: Well there is new research information and new understanding and of course the different particular person to deal and work with that has gotten him concerned about the processing so it is all ____ his working on another level while this is happening.

IS: And is (**) going to get the rector thing at the hospital, vice-rector, or something like that?

HF: There’s a good chance for it, yes. This is going to be handed to him. Yes. At this point we would be leaving.

Forces- Greetings to all here present now.

The Group-Our Father