Session 666-9/24/04

Greeting to all here present now. We are in the area and have witnessed the hurricanes one after the other, this is too what we had spoken several months back of hurricanes at your door. In this particular hurricane one after the other has assaulted the state of Florida and has wrecked havoc onto this land. There is a chance but a slight one that this particular hurricane could be deviated and go out to the ocean. But again the particular force field energy is very adamant about going on land in Florida and in fact all the way up the east coast. We have seen such disheartened souls with their situation. If only they would hear and understand that Global Warming is not just a pastime word, but reality. With the sliding of the ice slate fault into the ocean, it’s kind of mind boggling for you to understand that the whole area space of Rhode Island falling into the ocean would cause the same cataclysmic affect. Not to mention that the other conditions of ice and breaking in nature of the different levels behind this is very alarming. It is a time to understand that it is not the condition of the scar or scars but it is the attitude and the approach of those in the middle. We see that those living in Florida have not stood up to the election fraud create a great vacuum with in nature and even though one is labeled a particular fruit and seed, it is human nature to come back poking and prying. (What in?) this particular case we find that there are many to take and move with a car. We do not need to surrender. Our main concern is to say the conflicts that is happening and also to fill you in that the condition of your East Coast (??) would be underestimating a critical hour. The storm and storms that attacked Florida is now weakening in itself. How many more would have to be. We also understand that to wash this out is easy for it is one of the pants that you use in (?). But at the same time we have a tremendous storm coming up through the east coast. Not all of those who are involved have paid their dues and not all those who are waiting for the Father will have a official encounter with these individuals. We would strive to see that the control factor on the tube system has had them merry go round doctors. We also feel that the dedication is (?) on an individual level but also, but also on a spiritual level as well. Now those who will receive this honor but still will not know how to use it. And of course if you can do (/////////). As you may know the conditions in Florida and this very night is very taxing. We see the window open one more time. Not the window that had the carry, this particular window is open for the Magical Gentleman with Scarf (?). And then we find that the storm continues up through the east coast going into Georgia, North Carolina. Well I think in our dialogue, it is safe to say this. One-The Earth Changes are about ready to take its manifestation form. Two-It started in 1996. Three-It is also better to appease that which is your love for the spirit of things. For all things have the same spirit but are they all on to the same page. We also feel that this particular hurricane must be accepted among the group and recall their presence into a secure area, be it a number of 144-6670, and that is a calling card for the hurricane. We have talked elaborately about the Earth Changes and of course when this particular procedure is accomplished then that which is your signs can be delivered and recycled. It is not easy to have an affiliation with a school and bank and the bank moving out, it is not easy that this is taken care of. But at the same time we do not want to bury our own heads in the sand. We’re now ready for you questions.

IS-Thank you for coming in on this ah most Holy of Days. Ah you have spoken about many things and some of the things you spoken about in between things and I don’t personally understand what you were speaking about. Something about the car, something about, all kinds of things and the magical person or something that’s coming or I, I, I don’t have an understanding, could you help us out with that?

Forces-Well if the one from the meter is here with the meter, then you do not need the roaming phone. That should be canceled.

IS-We don’t understand.

Forces-Repeat your question again.

IS-You have spoken many things and some of it was linear and from time to time you would go into another subject and I, we don’t understand. And there were many subjects, it’s like you were speaking linear about Florida and the hurricanes and the Earth Changes and then you went in some interspersed with other kind of words that have nothing to do with what you were talking.

Forces-Well they might seem like we don’t know what were talking about.

IS-No I didn’t say that.

Forces-Well were not actually jumping to conclusions were just making a joke. It might seem we don’t know what were talking about but in all reality we don’t. (Laughter) The reason why we say that is because as we are filtering information to you we are also receiving the information that we have on board and what we would like to transmit. At the same time transmission can get convoluted and the conflicts of information can be crossed, the wires that is. Our wires have been crossed occasionally and not deliberately but the information lies there at stake and therefore interpreted either for now or later down the road. It is also determined oh this is what we are saying. We camouflage some of our prophecies in that cloak so it would not be revealed totally only to the worker at hand to uncover it. Simply if you do not understand what we just talked about chalk it up. And the reason why we say this is because there’s more to come to understand. So in this particular case chalk it up to interference and also getting into the Earths position. From where we are at to where you are at can make one quiet dizzy.

IS-Well thank you for explaining it, but some of the references or some of the sort of odd sentences that you sort of smuggled in. Some of it I could even almost relate to it as you were speaking you know. Some of it was answering something in my head also.

Forces-Oh! We—-.

IS-I think.

Forces-Well that I think therefore I am. (Laughter) As they say but we were answering questions that were there, not only to your questions, but to those who listened to it.

IS-I see.

Forces-But in (?) all respect there is great upheavals, great earth changes that are about ready to plummet the earth into a very cataclysmic experience. We say this with all sincerity. We warned the people of the United States and of Europe and of London and of New York City. We warned those of Los Angeles in California and San Francisco. This is the hour that is about to happen. This is the moment that has been predicted. This is the hour of transformation. It is the time when great changes are about ready to take and is taking place on your earth. You have seen the cycle. You have seen your weather changes. You’ve also seen the populations of fishes being changed; temperatures of your oceans have changed you also see tides, you also see islands in the Pacific that once were walking islands and now under three to seven feet of water, clear crystal blue water. But it’s below the ocean. It’s no longer above the ocean. So in the Pacific and in those areas of islands, they’re disappearing. Now you have to ask yourself the question where’s the water coming from, how come there disappearing. Well your ice sheathes are melting, they’re falling drastically into the ocean and it is like a bath tub, if you put ice into the bathtub and gallons and gallons of ice it finally will melt and the level of water will rise. Well this is exactly what’s happening. We would not say these things if it were not to be. But the changes of your atmosphere, your looking at the hurricanes that are all about. We have never seen such tumultuous force of energy always turning into hurricanes in the Caribbean’s. But it is the hour for this to happen. One hurricane after the other. It is just inhumanely as to your quiet terminology word impossible to handle to handle so much attacks onto one area. But this is kind of the waking up stage to get people to wake up. A. The weather is changing. B. You have too many hurricanes. C. Fires are great as in the west. D. Your atmospheric changes, your temperature changes. And of course Alaska is losing its own glaciers, rapidly and before you know it all this will turn into higher levels of the (?) water table. Once the waters start rising those that are on sea level will be under water. Very quiet considerablely London, as you know it will no longer exist. Islands in the Pacific will be gone. But of course New York City will be gone. They will have to build dikes around Manhattan to prevent water from going into Manhattan and we would advise Manhattan to start the plans, to start the construction, to start the engineering work of dikes along and around Manhattan. It did save Holland for a while, but Holland will no longer be for that too will be under water. Venice will no longer be for that too will be taken as it is crouping in as this very moment. We are just trying to say that prepare yourself, prepare yourself and go to higher ground. We have protected this area of Charlottesville, (up to) Schuyler, on the Skyline Drive. All these areas of Williamsburg. What is know as Richmond could very well be your next ocean up to Richmond. And it is not to prophecy doom, but it is also to encourage people to start thinking of the earth changes. It can happen and is happening and you are witnessing to it. One day you will wake up and you will see that there are certain areas that are below ocean, South Carolina, parts of Georgia, and Florida. And it will happen just in a moment. Now what do you do, there are no jobs people do not have jobs per see, there are no skills to talk about, everyone is educated, everyone has a college degree, where are your skilled workers, where are your talented men and women. They do not have Trade Schools per see, it’s looked down upon. These qualities are the backbone of America and no one can do anything. We would advise all those who are listening to come to areas of a mountain area and start developing your skills of trade skills, iron works, soapstone works, wood working, sculpturing, electricity, cars. All these qualities and growing of food needs to be developed one more time and people need to come together in groups to live, in communal qualities of (live stock). Living alone and in a house by yourself is the greatest assault against the Presence of God. True Communism as Jesus has taught will flourish in Russia. And the true way and understanding of communal living, of working together and sharing will come alive and be developed with the Russian people. It will also be developed from the support and extension of the kindness of the United States being friends to Russia. We should never turn our back on Russia we should support them they are our child, they are like young adults. Just as parents need to support their children so does the United States need to support Russia. And out of China will come the true Christianity, the true spirit and salvation of the world. For they will show how to work and live together and to develop a society with wisdom, understanding and their great history of civilization to the spiritual components of mankind will flourish beyond expectation. So we look to Russia for true Jesus’s communal living as it was started when he walked the earth. Now we would give this as a suggestion for survival. Get Ye to Groups, form Groups, Survive, Discipline Groups, Develop your Social Qualities, your skills, your Art, your Music. For this will carry on the Culture during the time of upheaval. Listen to the warning, you have No More Time. (Long Silence)


IS-Thank you. Have I or we failed then as a group?

Forces-We do not see it as failure. Your group still exists, you have lived for thirty years to develop group living and tried your best. Not always being successful at it, but at least you’ve made the attempt. You learned your lessons along the way. But now others will listen to these tapes and develop their own groups from the tapes and develop their own social norms. This is why you have lived for thirty years, to prepare others so they can prepare themselves. It is not going to be easy to live in groups, but it is the only way at this time in your society when economic disaster is around the corner and the way this is going about, the only way of survival is group living.

IS-Looking at this situation that we are the group. Should there have been other things applied by me or by anyone.

Forces-Let us say this; your group is continuingly to grow. Your our (are) teenagers even though you feel you’ve been thirty years old in the making and working. Your not old you’re still young you just gone through childhood age. Now come the twenty’s, but there is still more development and work ahead. The work is just begun.

IS-From all the people that have been in this group and are not here at this point any longer. Is there any lessons that they have learned that have been or will be lasting, meaning will they ah come into that understanding in some fashion. Because the way it looks or feels is they all went back into private lives.

Forces-They all kind of retreated back to the way they were in the sixties only for a moment. But everyone who has been in this group has taken away some of the spiritual components. Most important they learned how to cook. (Laughter)

IS-And maybe I’ am looking at it as a failure because I feel that they all sort of used this for their own purposes until they no longer needed that particular thing and so they said now they don’t need it anymore and ah..

Forces-Well the rude awakening is they do. Where ever their at they will still need to form groups. And the work and the lessons go on.

Forces-At this point we would like to have the entity DD speak, from the last time he was not able to ask questions and we haven’t forgot.

DD-Thank you for the certain understandings you have given me lately. Feel like I’ve been out of touch. The gentleman Keely( John Worrall Keely), Tom was saying he has the right approach to understanding the energy. Is there anything you could say about him?

Forces-His concepts are very simple and that is why people do not understand them. His concepts are very pure and in harmony. These are the same concepts that ran Atlantis.

DD-The book by Hughes (Harmonies of Tones and Colours Developed by Evolution by F J Hughes, 1883) about tones and colors Keely was inspired by that it’s so simple ah his music. Can you help me to understand that or…

Forces-Music must be listened to and gradually understood it takes time to understand the scales and the octaves. Understand the Clef and you understand all.

DD-And just one other question ah Dunn (Christopher P. Dunn, “The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt”)who wrote about the Pyramid being a power plant.

Forces-The Pyramid was constructed to be a rejuvenation and a recycling of energy and in course a power plant. The very structure and form of the pyramid creates an energy vortex in the Kings and Queens chamber to create tremendous amount of energy when the stars go through and shines in. This is stellar energy taken and encompassed into the pyramid in which it is multiplied and becomes the source of Initiation.

DD-And the Five Chambers above the Kings. What do they represent?

Forces-They will be those what you would call, Rejuvenating Chambers.

DD-Thank you very much.

CM-Thanks for coming in. I just want to ask a question about ah the World Order Government or the Aliens, do they have any technology for manipulating the weather and these storms. How much of these Earth Changes that we are going to see are going to be just as a result of Natural processes and how much are instigated or begun by the, by the dark forces.

Forces-Well if you would understand this your hurricanes that you are experiencing have been created.

CM-And what are the forces behind that?

Forces-It is a desire to create a great deal of havoc and get more of changing and forcing the flight of many hundreds and thousands of people.

CM-So they want people to leave those particular areas?

Forces-It is the way of organizing and structuring the world.

IS-How is that, where do they want the major power to be? Is there any single……?

Forces-They want to have a reorganization of population and a sifting of power from one areas of the earth to a new area.

IS-What is the new area of power they want?

Forces-The ability to move people and change their area of living is the greatest power that they have.

CM-Is part of the earth changes have to do with closing or destroying certain populations of humanity?

Forces-Unfortunately the earth changes will cause a great deal of destruction and conflict and anxiety. But it is also to try to give the message to that of the common person to love one another, to work with one another, to support one another. For no one goes, when they are to understand that if one is hurt you all are hurt, if one is in pain your all in pain. And as the Spirit of Jesus speaks, love one another. This is the highest order of the land. Regardless of what the World Order or the people who are in manipulation try to do, Loving One Another Supersedes all activity for control. The unexpected element and surprise of humane nature is that each one forgives the errors and the flaws of one another and hope in one another and support one another that they can develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses. No one should be judged by their weaknesses but everyone should be supported and encouraged to develop their strengths. Sacrifice and giving of that Spirit is what is the call for the day. And this will supersede any World Order, any bomb, any control and organizing.

ES-Is actually what you’ve just said, is that sort of in the Cabala when it explains the desire to receive the light, manifest the light?

Forces-When it all comes down any progress that has ever been made has first been done on a spiritual nature and a spiritual force of sharing, meditation, sacrifice and caring. You have to do the spiritual qualities first, before they materialize in the earth of any need, any structure. Question.

ES-Is the Burning Bush a portal into other dimensions?

Forces-It is a experience of Time travel, yes.

ES-Thank you.

NN-Is what you were giving in the beginning of the session numeric codes for both creating and also counteracting the storms, if there’s a code to, that’s used to create, but then also a numeric code that…?

Forces-We would say that’s correct.

NN-And is the Rosary, saying the Rosary is there any numeric code contained for combating or having some affect in counteracting the storm. Is some of that contained in the Rosary?

Forces-We would support that, yes.

NN-Thank you.

IS-The numbers that you gave sounded to me like, I don’t know 144 something. But it sounded to me like a code that was being given out to ah certain that, certain people that represent either this group or a particular group or almost like shepherding in like putting numbers on, on, on people.

Forces-No, no, no, we don’t put numbers on people. We just do the call, the call is too awaken.

IS-So those are the numbers that are our group?

Forces-That is the Call. It is the starting of Awakening. It’s the Illumination of Knowing. It’s the Call. It’s the Activation of the Work.

IS-How will it affect us personally?

Forces-You’ll be busy with lots to do and lots more to do and lots, lots more to do. And there is a Call that has been sent tonight. And it is the Activation to get all people to work together and to form your groups, be it ten, be it five, be it twenty, be it a hundred, be it three hundred. It is the only way to survive the next thirty years.

IS-Thank you. Also you mentioned something in one of those side sentences, those hidden messages. You said something about a car. Is that something that relates to me to ask?

Forces-It always relates to all of you. Question.

IS-Am I helping the people that I am working with?

Forces-Yes you are very much so.

IS-Thank you. Please continue helping me to really help them.

Forces-We’ll make sure of that.

IS-Yes I need the information not for my sake, but at least for their sake to be accurate.


IS-Now there is such a thing as free will and so I understand when you keep referring to it like ah maybe and maybe not, there is a good chance or not a good chance. But are there not things that are sort of like definite, prophetic that threes no way they’re going to be changed. What I am saying is what level of prophecy would that be.

Forces-Well let us say all prophesies can change by mans behavior and thought forms. So everything has a possibility to change. But to change something that is drastic in place for hundreds of years, well I think they say it, the cards are stacked up against you. Question.

IS-So those are the kind of prophecy that if possible to give for this group. Is there such a prophecy that is stacked that there is no way that we can mess up or change, because the way I feel is that when we start changing things we unusually mess it up we don’t make it better?

Forces-Well we hear what your saying but there are a lot of hooks let’s say that are out there that are waiting to be grabbed. But things do change. Question.

IS-Thank you.

DD-Could you tell me about what this Gentleman is talking about Hydrogen Welding. That it was something they had phased out because it had some secret involved with it. Is that correct and could you say anything about it.

Forces-Well the Hydrogen Welding is a very explicit creativity and experience far beyond your particular age hear of reasoning. It is also the ability to bring other elements into place to unify and join those of a ah suited ah agricultural and also ah spiritual beat of movement. So we hope we answered it.

DD-So it could be used for energy?

Forces-Yes of course. It takes time and you just can’t get the cow to give you milk just because you squirt its udder into the bucket.

DD-Do I understand what your saying?

Forces-I hope so. (Laughter)

DD-And so could I find one of these or would I have to make one?

Forces-You will have to make one, you could find it also.

DD-Where would I find one?

Forces-When you open your eyes and you put your hands on it.

DD-Also on the Dyna-sphere that Keely made. A gentleman made one in Colorado Springs Colorado; ah the one they made is it…

Forces-We don’t see it in Colorado, we see it’s on its way here.

DD-On its way here?


DD-Are they going to come here?

Forces-Of course. Question.

DD-Thank you very much.

CM-Should we try to network with them and get them here or do we need to do anything for them?

Forces-Well you will be able to do it. It’s quiet simple, there’s a lot of simple things, it’s just complicated to talk about it. (Laughter)

CM-Also just to go on record this is Session six, six, six. Is there any particular symbolism for this particular period in time or that we’ve gone through this much to this point or what’s ahead?

Forces-Well we have expressed to you what’s ahead and also of the quality of the evil one who uses the mental, rational, rationing mind and to devoid themselves of all spirituality. People just need to support their spiritual self. Everyone has a right to their opinions, so do we have a right to ours. We’re not trying to change the world we only are trying to get the world to change. (Laughter)

IS-What you are saying is that you respect; you want everybody to have their freewill and to do the right thing with it.

Forces-Well this is your quality of being humans and it helps to take ownership and to, to create that quality of owning what you have. Unfortunately ownership means responsibility and also (?) to do that which has to be done.

IS-Thank you.

ES-Thank you again for helping my Mother and my sister through the last few weeks after my Mothers fall.

ES-In the Solfeggio notes you mentioned that they heal the Stomach, the diaphragm, the throat and the tongue. Those seem to be active parts; does the healing occur when the chanting is done only or just more so?

Forces-Well any single time you have five or more people you double the energy field. So when you chant with five or more people times it by a hundred. So healing goes that way, your totally right.

ES-Thank you.

IS-Was ESs dream the way I interpreted it for her Mother correct/

Forces-Yes we see that.

ES-Thank you so much for taking care of her.

Forces-Well remember you know she has done a lot for others and of course it’s an emotional situation, but you know, they say it happens.

ES-Thank you.

NN-Is there something you can recommend for when the entity gets stopped up noses, that he’s been getting more of lately?

Forces-Well it’s just the way the pollen grows and sometimes the salt solution to the nose and on and on and on, but it’s appreciative the question. Question.

IS-What can you help me with my body, I mean the other problem hasn’t resolved itself and I don’t know I feel like I’m a, getting to become a mess?

Forces-Well if there’s someone who’s a mess, they sure would have to say that there are so many people that would give that experience to be that in a mess. So it’s not your in a mess, your in a situation of spiraling on and upward. And every single time you go to a different tier you have a different situation you have to handle. But it doesn’t make you a mess; it just means you have a different element to deal with.

IS-Yes and it make me less productive.

Forces-Well we understand that but we always say you have your good days and your bad days. And when your not as productive well chalk it up to a bad day. (Laughter)

IS-But is there anything else, I mean I do drink the aloe Vera but I don’t know if, what else do I am I, if there is something because…

Forces-Well the entity did speak to you about increasing your green juice and this needs to be done now. But also a tad of garlic a day, even if it’s a clove of garlic, that’s one clove more than your eating.

IS-So that would help that particular problem that…?

Forces-Well it, it yes. …very simple answer, yeah.?

IS-Is there on this day, I mean it’s registered as six, six, six but in reality this is not session six, six, six. It’s officially six, six, six but there has been other sessions that are not recorded correct?

Forces-And those sessions if you add two hundred and you had session two hundred public every unrecorded session will be two hundred A., two hundred B., two hundred C. until you have your next public session. And that’s your proper number.

IS-So that’s why this session also speaks about all the earth changes. How will we be affected with these earth changes at this point, are we on a high enough ground?

Forces-Well let us put it this way, you’ll be OK.

Forces-At this point we have given you enough information to have your adapt to it.


IS-Can you give us for this next year since it’s Yom Kippur, also on a personal level should I go back to taking the Chinese stuff?

Forces-You can try that now that you haven’t had it for a while and try it for a month. Question.

IS-And for the group, what kind of futuristic or something for the next year or for the next few months that can be given to us to look forward to or understand or concentrate on?

Forces-Well remember this the more you do the more you do. And concentrate on just doing whatever you do, get done, to be just as involved and personally committed to getting the work done.

IS-And is there a reason why my client flow this month was so low?

Forces-Because you did not have that many people calling you. (laughter)

IS-Can you tell me why?

Forces-They were busy.

IS-Thank you.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving. We only give you a certain amount of blessing upon your life on this new day and ah knowing that you would move forward in creativity and in illumination.

Forces-Greeting to all present now.

The Group-Our Father…