Session 664-6/23/04

Greetings to all here present we are in the area. We think the records of the President, the Reserves mysteriously appears. We kind of find this very interesting and also very fabricated. But they have the right numbers this time therefore they could find it. It’s not so interesting. The more you look at it the more you realize there’s more to be done, more to be had. It doesn’t really matter whose right or whose wrong the fact is the World Order will still have its agenda met. It’s interesting how they go from President to President, we don’t understand that the World Order does not have any position of political stand; they just utilize whoever’s in the office regardless of Democrat or Republican.

Forces-We’re now ready for your questions.

IS-Thank you for coming in. (Something taping?)

Forces-You mean to say (?) words are not to be recorded?

IS-I don’t know.


IS-It’s recording?

Forces-We would not continue to talk if we felt (not).

IS-Thank you so much for coming in. Ah what is that wounds on Tom’s arm?

Forces-He particularly hit his arm against the wall without knowing as he was bombing through the unit, in such created a bruise. Just a simple bruise but in his particular case it’s something that stands out more ah (?) something that he (?) what would be considered has reaction quite easier than the average person at this time


Forces-Well because of his blood flow and taking of certain things for his breathing (????) bruises easier.

IS-You said blood flow.

Forces-Yes. His capillaries are much thinner than normal because of the medicines to help him to breathe and these are a side effect of making the ah, ah, ah what would be considered ah bruises easier on the top of the skin.

IS-Would Paul Oko help him to get off his medicines and (??????) natural?

Forces-Well we don’t see why not.

IS-Why isn’t he better then?

Forces-Well it’s something that has to be and (?).

IS-Thank you. Now why is it that (?) working with (?????) I couldn’t see a dam thing, I couldn’t see nothing, I couldn’t understand anything they said. I ask for names who they are through a certain entity can I do that?

Forces-We’ve completely lost you.

IS-I’ve been (?) with the cards and I’ve been getting no answer nothing that I could understand.

Forces-In what particular case.

IS-For instance the (?)

Forces-Run that back again (?)


Forces-Well we see them as sister figures, ones a younger sister the other is a younger child.

IS-That’s what I said. Ok so was (?)


IS-Is it this child?

Forces-It would be more or less the child of the sister.

IS-That’s what I said. (?)

Forces-This is (?)

IS-So how come she was all over the country with him and if you could be so kind what is the name of the wife (?)

Forces-Well we see that (?)

IS-(?) Could I have the spelling?


IS-Chiwu. (?)

Forces-Wu. Woo.



Forces-Wu or Wuo.


Forces-Well your on a roll.

IS-Ok thank you. What is (?)

Forces-It’s a very simple name, it’s American called Sally.

IS-So they named the child an American name.

Forces-Well the name is Sal-Lee Sally.



IS-Ok thank you so much. One..

Forces-Or Sarah, Sarah Lee.

IS-Is it really Sarah Lee?


IS-Now how come the older sister is constantly traveling with her daughter, is that it?

Forces-Well there is a interesting family heritage here, that goes beyond normal (?). We would go on to other questions.

IS-Thank you so much. So I wasn’t wrong?


IS-Thank you. Thank you so much. (?)

ES- With the Gregorian Chants what time frame would be closer to the six notes, ah chords that we had talked about before that were more in the healing pattern?

Forces-Well we want to say five in the morning or we would like to say three in the morning. Three to five.

ES-Thank you. And what year of Gregorian chants (?). What date that was made? Was it more in tune with the six chords?

Forces-Well you have the twelfth century.

ES-And a country most specific (?)

Forces-You would find it in Ireland or England.

ES-And a specific composer that (?) more?

Forces-See the composers were just simple monks and we can have monk Henry and monk DD, well they were just simple monks who were creating psalms and their fame, (?) the fame that we have like St. Benedict or St. Bouranos or St. Bryan, O’Brien so it’s all variances and what is hap is the common monks would do or record and then it would go on to St. Benedicts Order.

IS-Since they didn’t seek their fame (??????????) what is their next lifetime or reincarnation or is it reincarnation, are they finished (???)?

Forces-Well believe it or not they did have the choice to be distant from that and raise families and large families, they can normally come back if they want to, to run airlines or run engines or run carousel or run ah, ah run boats or they could come back as bishops or high and soaring powers in that particular field.

IS-Thank you.

NN-In the beginning of the last Session, the one that we had on Sunday you referred to certain facts they were not focusing on with the 9/11. Could you say what those are?

Forces-Well the implosion of the buildings, the setting up of the bombs within the buildings the inability for the planes to be ah released, skirmished through ah the attack mode, ah releasing planes completely different from the area they should have been released from. Ah were talking about jets to intercept, even to the point of ah the detector of ah, ah safety detection in, in your airports. The inability to recognize the dangers of the message of the first attack of the towers and also the ah attack of terrorist in Washington State, Oregon and allowing it to be released in Clintons time and not paying to much attention even though they caught and apprehended the terrorist, they could not still put it together that the attack into America was preeminent. Ah we also, even to the painting of the entity and those who saw the painting and heard the message would not even listen or understand the immanent effects of the attacks on New York City. It’s always the way that people in societies feel that ah nothing would happen until like Pompeii a great explosion took, took off. Sometimes we wonder if the government in itself would come clean with its ah agenda, and it’s quiet obvious the agenda was to get into a skirmish with Iran and also Iraq and more so ah Afghanistan and Iraq. So the agendas were already pre ah planned and preempted to be accomplished. While nothing can be said any greater than Spirituality to offset all these plans they’ve (?) always send a cake or a chain or a, or a wrench into, into the works.

NN-So even though what you said about the New World Order that they always manage to get their agenda, but then at what point, you let it play out to a certain point and then?

Forces-And then we blow it up in their faces.

NN-Thank you.

IS-Has that already happened or is there more coming?

Forces-Well of course it already happened but there’s still more coming ah in many different formats.

IS-Is (??) ever going to go back into (Politics)?

Forces-Well we have tried many different ways, ah I think (?) we feel that every single time there is a kind of direct attack on to this household, we seem to see ah some distancing ah in the political world. Ah we also feel the ah strain of ah the, for the sake of words and, and record, there’s always this logical mind that versus the spiritual mind that goes on.


Forces-Well we don’t want to elaborate but it’s not easy to have the members of the house, ah not be pulled out of the house by different words and comments of the people of the world. So that would be considered attack.

IS-Are the persons that have been influenced, influencing are they aware. Is that person aware are these people aware what they’ve done?

Forces-Well it kind of sometimes ah irresponsible, but again it sometimes they’re not able to ah be held accountable because they not aware.


Forces-(?) has a certain amount of awareness but you know it, you deal with the world. And it goes to the fact that one game goes into another game, and it doesn’t really matter, it’s they call survival.

IS-So in that case do they not see those people that they’ve pulled out the people from the house?

Forces-No they don’t see it that way. They just see it normal survival, worldly and (?) concepts, that’s all.

IS-So they don’t at least see that they have lost too what they thought they going to get?

Forces-Well eventually they always lose too and, and, course that doesn’t go across too well, you know. Lets move on to other questions.

DD-Plato, I’m reading this book (Plato’s Mathematical Imagination: The Mathematical Passages in the Dialogues and Their Interpretation. Robert S Brumbaug Hardcover June 1954) about Plato. It seems like in his writings he evoked mental images. I don’t know, that was the purpose of his writing. Mathematical (?) images, is that a correct way of looking at it?

Forces-He was projected images into the ah fantasies of the pictorial ah concepts. And of course it is true mathematical images are always projected symbolically into the atmosphere or projected into the Ethers; you never really interpret any mathematical problems just by numbers alone.

DD-So when he was doing these images he was evoking certain keys to Atlantis and Giza Plateau?

Forces-Well he also used like a monogram or ah what would be called a holiogram (? heliogram message transmitted by means of the sun’s rays).

DD-So his words, so his words created holograms?


DD-And that was a science he studied in Egypt or in..?

Forces-Of course.

DD-How is that ah, How is that done, I mean it takes many years to learn.

Forces-Well projecting of the mirrors, the use of mirrors with the reflection of the mirrors upon mirrors.

DD-And the words and the sounds would (create)?

Forces-Yes of course.

DD-Ah could I ask about, is there anything else you could tell me about that would help me understand and connect and be able to write about it.

Forces-Well remember everything is encased into this, nothing is out of and nothing is within of, but it all is of, so it’s encased with in itself.

DD-And does this have any relationship to like an analogue computer?

Forces-Yes you could (?) compare it as such. Question.

IS-So is the electricity ok in the house?

Forces-We find it to be so. Question.

IS-What can be done then if there’s always that pull from the house by other people?

Forces-Well basically you cannot do anything it’s the freewill of the individual to center and keep (?) on the spiritual aspects. You know it’s the old age thing; Jesus had the same thing going on. But it’s something that’s not, you just cannot lock things down but the fact is it behooves those souls to stay on the path so that it would be in, in harmony to the, to the, to the ah vision ah. What, remember there when one does take it to this field of being pulled away, it’s their thinking that pulls them away not the people. It’s their not having the right thinking that makes them susceptible. It’s the age old cycle you know either you study and do your homework and take the test and pass or you don’t study and don’t do your homework and take the test and fail. Question.

IS-Thank you is there anything you can tell me about what I feel like my brain is (?) and everything. It’s like I wish I could have some more faith. I feel like I need more faith. (……)need help?

Forces-Where do you want to be helped at.

IS-First with my brain.

Forces-Your brains doing fine, you just daydream too much.

IS-And my retaining is almost zilch.

Forces-Well we all don’t retain everything were not, that is because you focus on so many different things, but also just try to focus it will be ok you, you have so much in your brain but it’s we find it to be ok.

IS-Am I (?) all of those things?

Forces-Well it’s quiet obvious you are.

IS-(?) Thank you.

ES-With all the elected officials in Iraq being murdered is the American Government secretly quietly behind it though?

Forces-Well one ah does ah understand why that is happening and would, would perceive or think that maybe it was a planned to happen. Don’t under estimate it, it is quiet real this is how they also weed off the individuals they want and not to want. But again it’s what up is down and what’s down is up. Ah it’s a quiet good statement that who has the hand in the cookie jar and unfortunately you’ll never get the real answer because everyone is just as, as responsible. So were at an age where it’s not right or wrong anymore that were looking for, it’s just get the job done.

IS-How many times should I do castor oil?

Forces-Well how many times are you doing it now.


Forces-Well I think that should be quiet sufficient, if you want to do three every two weeks that will be ok.

IS-Thank you.

NN-The peace that passeth all understanding.

Forces-(——) said that.

NN-Ah is there a color that represents that closer than any other and also musical?

Forces-C and the color is purple.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving and will speak to you again soon. Greeting to all here present.

Group-Our Father.