Session 662-6/12/04

Forces-We are in the area and find that in (great parts of this country) will lead to weather conditions of severe turmoil. These are the preludes to elements of volcanoes and also storms and hurricanes are (—). There will be a certain amount of hurricanes that will cause slight problems in other (—-), which will of course have a chain reaction. We find that August and September should be crucial for the two major hurricanes. We are now ready for your questions.

IS Thank you for coming in. Is there anything that we can do to alleviate the entities breathing problems? Is there something I can do specifically? I gave niacin…

Forces-Well peppermint tea would be good, along with certain regiments of a, what would be considered a, a, strange as it is ah tomato soup in itself has a certain quality of opening up the nasal passages the passages are blocked in itself. Other than that normal situations and enemas, ah coffee also helps out to relieve it.

IS-Drinking coffee?

Forces-No coffee enemas.

IS-And how about the breathe easy teas, those teas?

Forces-Yes those too we find to be helpful.

IS-How many of the treatments should he do?

Forces-Again two is, is adequate.

IS-Thank you. (?)

Forces-It seems to be corrected, ah maybe. And every single time there is a session things get better in itself.

IS-Thank you. I was right then.

ES-Would the castor oil packs on the entities left lower back, like we do for IS, would that help the pain in his leg?

Forces.Yes it will.

NN-What would be the ultimate goal for the New World Order in altering the DNA. The thing that their doing with mad cow disease and things like that. What do they hope to gain by doing that other than power and misuse of power.

Forces-Well the experience of extra, ah living longer and ah keeping younger.

IS-What part of the bovine are they using? Is that what there using the bovine?

Forces-Well it’s part of it but what they’re trying to do is utilize more of the systems in the child’s embryos and use that to ah keep ah alive.

IS-And the child doesn’t count?

Forces-Doesn’t need this.

IS-Need this


NN-You mean part of stem cell research?

Forces-There’s a lot of embryos that are given up because it is not the proper DNA structure, so all these embryos can be used.

IS-What do you mean, there are a lot of embryos that are given up because it’s not the right?

Forces-The fathers do not want that particular child after researching what type of child it will be, they give up the embryo.

IS-How do you make the cows becoming carnivorous (?) into it?

Forces-Well that is a change in the cycle of altering of their genes.

IS-The genes of the cows and……….?


NN-So ultimately background?

Forces-(Oh yes.)

JU-Thank you for allowing me at this Session. Could you give me some guidance please?

Forces-Well we did ask in the previous Session to say that it’s sad that you decided to go this route, but you decided by your actions, you decided by your (?), your defiance of what is the truth and slanting the truth to fit your needs. It would have been a lot easier if you would have made the commitment totally so when it was agreed that these things should be done, you would have done it. If you would have done it you would not have this repercussion. (?) at home does come to roost. We would give you advice, is to keep your disciplines and when you set them out try to do them. But after two years you should be in a better place and realizing the awful bad wrongs that you’ve done. But it is for your future; you’re not getting any younger. But at least you’re beginning to help yourself, because if you don’t do it no one else will do it. And this would be the sad moment in your own evolution. But as we had given it to you many, many years ago this is what you choose. You had chose to follow the Priesthood, but then you fell into what you wanted to do. If you would have accomplished and stayed on the track, on the, on the Faith of what you are doing and just kept on going in that Faith you would have been able to wipe out some karmetic deeds in France that you had accomp, acu, accrued, totally. But you know when we had told you that many years ago it was an opportunity to eradicate some of the karmetic deeds that you had. Point if we only realized nobody ever loses if they give up for God, nobody ever loses. But which try to say this before, we do say that keep your disciplines up and your regimen of what you have to do, do, your focus on the Spirit. It’s all in your hands and how and what you want to do with it. It could be for the (bond) or it could be for the discouragement.

JU-Thank you very much. Will you help me please, do this?

Forces-Well we didn’t have you come to the Session to give you a cookie. But we will try to focus you in the direction you would have to go, and remind you when you’re off the track. That is our part of our focus for you.

JU-Thank you very much.

DD-Those Solfeggio notes, the six, six notes, the cubes in Roslyn Chapel, there are many cubes but only six different faces. Does each one go along with one of the six notes?

Forces-This is correct.

DD-And also the ah Giza Plateau, is that true that it’s, Plato’s Atlantis is talking about that?


DD-There’s a manuscript called the Voynich manuscript that nobody knows about (what it means). Where did it come from, it seems like it came from outer space or received?

Forces-It was brought down from the visitors, it was received.

DD-The man (William Romaine Newbold (1928). The Cipher of Roger Bacon. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Press.) that I have did he translate it all right?

Forces-There are a few errors in it but about 90% right.

DD-One last thing about the Ship in the Dead Sea, you said it was a triangle shape and it was sitting on three obelisks. Would those obelisks be made like Carbon and one steel magnetic and the last one I don’t know what it would be?

Forces-Well they would all be a certain portion equal to the different chemicals of the earth.

DD-What would that third column be? Do I have the first two right?


DD-What would the third one be made out of?

Forces-You would have a Copper element.

DD-And then the plate itself would be Zinc.


DD-Would their be anything wrapped around it or..?

Forces-Just the way it is.

DD-And how would that be used?

Forces-Levitation and Time travel.

DD-Is there anything more that could be said about the, that whole area and what’s under there, you said our future was under there. A representation of our..?

Forces-It still………..

DD-Anything more that can be described?

Forces-Not at the moment.

DD-Thank you very much.

IS-About 30yrs ago the entity said that out of this whole group there would be five people left. We are now looking at that at this point. So what can you tell us about that? Why was it, why was it said? (……..) Whatever is possible to understand and the other question I have is if TV (?) 666 why was he allowed into the group?

Forces-Well there’s always that opportunity and a chance that, that will, that the spiritual aspects will take over. And there’s still that hope. And also about ah five, it represents the Tablets of Five, and then from that build other Tablets, for then more a continuation of Five ought to happen. But it will be ah that coming in to create the Five with the Five. So you would have a Universal Continuation of the same.

IS-In the time of Moses, when he, when he married the black woman was he already (married,) he was still (?) to Zipporah so at that point he just took a second wife. Is that correct?


IS-What happened (?) with Zipporah? What happened with the woman, with the Ethiopian?

Forces-Well which question do you want?


Forces-It was a jealousy of attention being given to the other woman. Which she, she could not handle.

IS-So she left?

Forces-She more or less went into a desert area and went into hiding.

IS-So she went back to her father’s home, which was in the desert, Jethro?


IS-So is that why she went back(?????)


IS-The children remained with Moses?


IS-Did Moses have other children with other women?

Forces-There was a, as, as, a what would say two to three tree from that. But there’s still a saying that they did not happen.

IS-So is it two or is it three or is it?

Forces-It was two.

IS-Why is the saying they didn’t have any?

Forces-Cause it was outside the areas.

IS-So these children were not of the Jewish people?


IS-It also mentions here (?)and Miriam says, and Miriam I guess is the instigator here, she says Moses is not the only Prophet here, God speaks to (many) here, to you and I also, speaking to Aaron. So therefore my recollections that I was writing in my Book Ieita, that was my recollection that, that School was a School like, of Prophecy, they were Prophets, including Miriam. So is that correct?

Forces-It is.

IS- What is the reason that none of her Prophecies are in the Book?

Forces-Well because it was all destroyed.

IS-Ah what kind of Prophetess was she. Was it Futuristic, was it dealing with the emotional things? What was it?

Forces-You dealt with other lifetimes and emotions of this one.

IS-Did she retain those powers after she had Leprosy and got cleansed? Did she retain her powers?

Forces-Not as much as she did have, but (?).

IS-When I was a little girl I could predict someone’s death. I could see it before the person. (>>>>>) I don’t think I could do that now, I know I’ve seen it a few time in the cards that somebody’s dying. But I don’t think I could be that Clairvoyant even.

Forces-Well at that Age you could, but now there’s other things you focusing on. And you did, did not look into that avenue.

IS-So what your saying is I have my own fears, is that right?

Forces-Well you have the reflections of other work being done and that particular work dealing with those who pass over isn’t necessary.

IS-Thank you. (?)would it help me get in touch with the other side?

Forces-Yes (?).

ES- Is it a true thing my idea of the meditation room in this house that we pray to, it’s almost like ah strengthen and brighten a crystal at the top of the house where everyone on the planet that prays for guidance is given something from the top. Is that true?

Forces-There’s an aspect of, of this house, throws out a message of Hope and an element of Belief and Trust in the Spirit. And this is a, ah Our energy ah a light of energy goes through and sends throughout the world (yes).

ES-So it’s important for us to keep that hot?


IS-Talking about the meditation room, is the roof still leaking?

Forces-We don’t see it to be.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving. We wish the very best to the entity who’s leaving and knowing that he’ll become stronger in the spirit world ah of prayers and meditation and where he sits down. Greeting to all here present.

Group-Our Father.