Session 663-6/18/04

Forces-We are in the area and find that there (static for a time) We also see that these conditions between nine eleven (9-11) and today is something that will never be able to come up with the right answers. There are general ah overlays of ah whitewashings, never looking at the factual aspects of the imploding of the buildings.

Forces-We are now ready for you questions.

IS-Thank you for coming in. The car that I just bought for the house, for the group, is that the right one?

Forces-We are finding the car to be very well and we are pleased with it, yes.

IS-Thank you. Did I pay the right price?

Forces-Yes. We are very, very pleased with the bargaining powers that you have and that the car is in its own great opinion to ah be very ah accommodating to your needs.

IS-Could I have gotten lower the price?

Forces-Maybe by 48 dollars (laughter), or 50.

IS-Thank you. Can you help me with my foot, my ankle and the question of do I have a rip inside my knee?

Forces-Well the ankle itself, if you wrap just the Castor Oil around it in the afternoon or in the evening and elevate it, will do tremendous for the ankle.

IS-Without the heat?

Forces-Without the heat, just elevate it with the Castor Oil pack wrapped around it. And the same could go with the knee too, when you do the ankle, but we don’t see a rip in the knee.

IS-Why is my knee always (?) then?

Forces-Well it is kind of like we would suggest you wear a brace around the knee and it will help strengthen the knee. There are times when the muscle itself is weakened, but not weakened to the point that it gets out, sometimes you feel it to be weak and you help it along and give it out.

IS-So will I be able to just walk again like normal and everything?

Forces-You should have no problem with that.

IS-I know this is a small thing…… will I be able to have no problem (————–)?

Forces-Well you, we don’t see any particular problem with that. We have a feeling you will be taking care of that (?).

IS-Thank you for all the people that are coming to (?)

Forces-We find that to be correct yes.

IS-Thank you very much.

DD-Could you help me more with the Giza plateau, I’m trying to figure out the connection there. I still haven’t gotten into it yet, too far but. Is there any other answers would be on that, of Atlantis and?

Forces-Well it seems like you’ve gotten the hints that we’ve given you and the connections of it. Ah we have a feeling you have it to a (T) and remember that’s the hint.

DD-(?) to a (T). I made a diagram and Tom told me to merge it together the opposite way I thought it worked.

Forces-And that’s exactly your next ah Revelation yeah.

DD-(And that is the same…Giza plateau too?)


DD-Thank you very much.

AC-I just wanted to know what I should do to help every thing so everything is not such a mess. (?) that I’ve messed everything up?

Forces-Well we hear what your saying but no more tantrums no more stomping of feet no more I don’t want too. These are the things that cannot be in your vocabulary. This is not in your position to ah say I don’t. Please above all do. All things are put in front of you, have a can do attitude, no whining. The whining has to stop. And no putting fault or blame on any other person in your family. You’re totally responsible for yourself and your behavior and not your Mother. So what we would suggest from this point on a can do attitude, help those around you as much as you can, most of all help yourself. Help yourself to eat and continue to eat. And in fact take on food on your own volition, take and help yourself to food and constantly, we would suggest that you eat every hour on the hour so you’ll have a tremendous amount of victory in sustaining your body to a life that its needs to have. Your poor body has suffered too much, its like an individual. You’ve abused your body and abused the person in your body and it’s about time you started treating this person in your body in a decent way. Remember reflect the body as a child; it is a child that you haven’t taken care of. If you saw a child in the street and it was neglected would you not be alarmed.


Forces-Well you’re doing the same thing to the child that’s inside your body. So turn these things around and start taking care of the child that’s inside you it has been abused too much and it is about time now that you turn things around to give life to your child.

AC-But will you manage everything so that it works out…….school and everything?

Forces-If you do your part we will most definitely do ours.

AC-And also…………you know what it is?

Forces-Well again she needs to be careful, wear socks when she is gardening and weeding and also involve her (plants). And of course socks will not hurt her.

AC-What can ……?

Forces-Well we also have a feeling that if you take a certain amount of greenery like what we would say is there’s a simple plant and it’s a wild flower, it’s actually not a plant, a daisy lion. The daisy lion itself is a puffed up flowers and you just take the leaves of that and chew it or crush it up in such a way and make a pack out of it, then mix it with ah mud at the area. Then put that on the rash and this will relieve and remove the rash.

AC-thank you.

JN-AC had requested very vehemently that you’ll help her remove this whole (?) from her, so that she can be healed, almost overnight from any kind of impediment, in the way of thinking or ………..?

Forces-Bottom line you want us to remove that within side of her and have control over her and make the child in her come alive. De-x-eus Intuiteus-mem/ Day o veet/ E-mon tu dem/ way on con tet con didia/ Exactius/ e-sow-us/ ti-erra /en-terri-umn.

Forces-AC you are free of this particular plight. We would advise you to live your life anew starting today at this hour. You are free of it.


Forces-We would strongly advise cabbage juice to be given, even the bottle of it in the health food stores to be drunk at least three to four to five times a day. Yes we would also say her body will be restored back to health.


Forces-Well again the commitment has to be made from her. We can only do what we can do. She won’t need a hospital stay if she does her part.

JN-As far as the school is concerned should she return to St. Mary’s or (?).

Forces-Well either school has served her well.

JN-So she can choose either one?

Forces-It is again. It is more of a convenience in the school that she’s at, at the moment. Because the faculty does care for her.

NN-Thank you very much for giving us a new car.

Forces-Huh, weight off your shoulders.

NN-I wondered……?

Forces-You did carried yourself very well in taking on the responsibilities of the green van and also the maintenance, where the particular one JE who has left in his cowardice and left you holding a lot in your hands. But again it is always nothing is lost, because to make you a stronger and (?) person.

NN-Thank you.

Forces-We just want to thank you for taking that on for the household and we won’t forget it. Anything that is done for the house is never lost. We see it all even to the, (well which too) which the entity DD was sweating all day long. What he didn’t realize this allowed to remove his kidney stones that he had built up in his kidneys.

DD-Thank you.

NN-I just wanted to ask about my eyes, the floaters seemed worse lately and I didn’t if it’s age that’s fine I was just wondering, do I need to get my eyes checked again or?

Forces-You can do that, it wouldn’t hurt you, but we all have trouble with problems, now the floaters are what, UFO’s in your eyeball (laughter).

NN-It just seems like the black specks have been more pronounced over the past few months, I’m willing to accept it’s an age related thing or if it’s something that you think its something I need..

Forces-Well what did the eye doctor talk to you about that.

NN-Well the last time I went to him was about a year ago, Dr. Arnold Popkins and at the time he said it was nothing when he dilated them so it was nothing to worry about, then it is age related so..

Forces-Everybody has floaters the point is don’t pass them.

NN-I just wanted to be sure, thank you very much. Is it a bad thing to donate blood? Is it a negative implication spiritually?

Forcers-No you can donate blood.

NN-Thank you.

IS-I knew we were going to get a new car and I didn’t want the entity JU or JE to be here because we got a new car. And so I was basically waiting to see who can survive and who had something else on their mind to (get a car).

Forces-Well you won’t actually see the commitments (?) and ah unfortunately ah enough is enough. We definitely have to move on to other levels so we would suggest that we did the best we could. No one asked them to leave, ah that is JE, course the entity JU was asked to leave for his own sake, that(………)

IS-JU believed the whole time that you were protecting him.

Forces-Well we do care about him and (?) him as a person, we will not denounce or say not. But we were protecting him but we cannot protect him from himself.

IS-But is that (?).

Forces-Well we can call it enabling, but the fact is he needs to take on his own responsibilities for his life. What were trying to say is your private life should not be such a mess. One a person needs to take his private life and keep it in shape. And its up to the individual to keep their private life in shape. In his particular case it was a mess.

IS-Now thank you, the room with the (?) there. Ah is it correct, the whole drawing out on the walls, the way to do it?

Forces-Are you talking about the room downstairs or the room upstairs.

IS-Room (?).

Forces-And the drawing on the wall we find it to be accurate.


Forces-Yes we find it to be accurate.

IS-And the room downstairs, what needs to be done…?

Forces-Lets talk about the room upstairs (?), it is ah nice re, re, receptacle and it also ah has a good force field in it. So we find it that ah, this might be interesting ah there is those ah chandeliers that look like snowflakes is one thing and there are others that could be colonial that’s another and then there are of course the church crystal, which would be interesting.

IS-Thank you. (?)

Forces-Of course that’s all up to you how you decide what you want and how you would want it.

IS-It almost looks like a little meditation room.

Forces-Course it does, but of course it can be very interesting used like that as you work there.

IS-Like for (quiet) I’ll always have to use the Russian correct?

Forces-Well you might sport to use both rooms, that room and this room. It’d be a hoot to find out that you have so many different ah assembly rooms, they would be impressed to.

IS-But this one would take them through the bedroom, that’s not fair..




IS-Thank you. And the room downstairs, I don’t know where to put the lights………like make a shelf there on the top there.

Forces-Well what could be done is a little (?) or lip and the, and the lights around the dome itself under, under cover the lip. That will give you reflected light up above.

IS-And the room downstairs the one that he did not finish, it’s like those moldings that he added on and on, it just looks like a mess.

Forces-Well again we would be ah interesting to utilize the room in a diverse way. Aummm you do have a future listed plan of possessions. Possessions would be a lot accomplished if it was done in a room of private and quiet. Aummm it could also be used as, you have heard from the entity of Tom, talked too, that it could be an office for the work of the sessions and also for the work of futuristic book writings. It could also be a planned, ah working planned for a period of one year as a test. Not making it as an office permanently but as a test. And it also could bring revenue into the house. It could start at three hundred dollars a month. Ah looking for revenue that way could be very interesting, but it could also be used as a test plan to see if it’s feasible.




Forces-Just paint it. We would say paint it whatever gold or blue or paint it the dome that you have. But it is not that much to be ah worried about as long as it’s 99.9 percent done. We would strongly recommend the entity DD to designing and working on his concepts and futuristic plans of ah the sessions, and the excerpts and ah, there are so many things that to get accomplished.

IS-So that room would be also for DD to use?

Forces-Well we can also work that out and, but it is also a planning room to see what plans can be developed, something to be put on the drawing board to see the feasibility of it, ah the concept it can be put on paper.

IS-Thank you. Ah which (?)………?

Forces-Well Bradshaw is a favorable team.

IS-And is there anything for the entity (?)?

Forces-Well he has helped out ah in many different respects, getting you clients and all and sending um your way. So were pleased with his activities (?)…./ Ahm there is a just focusing on many different aspects, of course the job has so much and now he has other things to get ready. But one day at a time.

IS-And ……to know?

Forces-Oh just his work with his job profession, the Health Unit -Coordinator celebration and conference (?) not his life.

IS-Besides his job…….people call out. say there’s no one here, there’s no one here.

Forces-Well he could say that but there’s some other higher things that he just cannot leave the unit and the nurses and the patients. It impacts upon the patients and their care and also the vulnerability of the whole unit. There is a certain amount of caring that goes beyond just, if he wants to, to walk away ah no one will ever stop him, it’s the responsibility of what happens to the patients when the work ah quality goes down.

IS-The upper people that are responsible making sure there are people working there are never going to respond or help him because their not going to try to ah. The other people aren’t going to have any consequences to them because he’s taking on.

Forces-Well we understand what you’re saying the others are going to be written up and they’re already in process of the supervisors doing that. (?) And the job market is very bad.

Forces-At this point any questions.

JN-Is acupuncture helping AC at all?

Forces-Well let us say let’s focus on getting the food that she’s agreed to do, this will be more of a substance for her and working out. Acupuncture can be restarted in the months of August or the end, if we get through this.

AC-Can you help about the bloating and increase the appetite?

Forces-Oh sure, we’ll increase your appetite.


Forces-Yes we’ll increase your appetite.


Forces-We had done that today.

Forces-Question. At this point. No more questions.

DD-Yes. Got one. Is that board that merges together, is that a marketable item on the Internet?


DD-Thank you very much.

IS-Why is my foot still swollen?

Forces-Which foot.

IS-My right foot.

Forces-When is it swollen.

IS Swelling when I sprained it last Sunday, still not doing good.

Forces-Then the Castor Oil wraps will help that.

Forces-At this point we will be leaving and talk to you again soon.

Forces-Greetings to all here present now.

Group-Our Father.