Session 661-4/28/04

Greeting to all here present now. We are in the area and see so many different elements happening. There are those things, quite bizarre and in explainable. There is a sad event in the country of Spain to see the attack on their train system, but the Spaniards are very cultured and spirited people. This will never set them down, in fact above all it stirs them up. It’s kind of a misjudgment on the terrorist part to attack Spain for this in itself will make Spain great, in its own zeal that has been dor-mented for many years and now become alive and become so emotionally fired that it will unify Spain like it has never been unified before. One of the miscalculations with the terrorists has accomplished. We also find that it has activated Italy to become strong within themselves. And it has scared France in the stand that it has taken with for they know they will be attacked by their laws and regulations against Moslem dress of a woman with the coverings. We find France is very great in its intellectual and spiritual occultism, has made kind of sad vopos in its own development and inner strength. Hopefully they will begin to turn around and face what Joan of Arc has showed them who and what they are. They don’t have tremendous ah strength in the action part, they have tremendous love and compassion but they need to motivate their zeal and their inner strength to commitment to what is their secrets of uncover like Nostradamus who is a son of France and Joan of Arc who is the leader of a new revolution, that of the spirit to stand up and do what is right and not to be subservient and submissive to a conquering force. France unfortunately has always had that power of giving in when they could be the strongest country in Europe. We now turn to England and find that in their strength of keeping their spirit alive there must be still more responsibilities and more understanding of the world around them, yet they have the key to democracy that no other country has, again it is in their hands that they can lead that, what would be considered the Lion of Judah. Now we come to America and of course it is the sons of Joseph, but is it as a troubled time and Israel is on the attack, of course Joseph is flaring up in its own self, but so are the sons of Judah and of Israel in its own dilemma, but we always say that when Israel is under attack great strength comes from a small country. It is unfortunate that their going to be tested in the next three (3) years in the most unbelievable experiences of disease through germ warfare of missile attacks and do not underestimate Libya, in the front door comes the Americans and in the backdoor they sell their bomb warfare to the Iraqi’s the Iranians, all the terrorisms of Ben Laden as they call it. So it is a interesting folly. We also find that the bombing of Israel that will happen in 2006 of atomic nature.
It would create a great strife, but then Israel will unleash one of its most secret weapons that they have that will astonish the whole world. In fact Israel will take over many of the skirmishes and the fights dealing with the terrorism and fighting them and uprooting them as we speak. The Palestinian movements have created tremendous damage within their own relationship with sending people out with bombs strapped around children’s bodies and, and going to war. It would be interesting, there has to be a peace among both of these brothers. And a peace has to be a lasting one, side by side, but if they continue with the Palestinians, to speak on one side and then on the other, great conflicts will ensue. Also the United Nations should be involved in bringing some sort of stability in and area that is so unstable. Nonetheless Israel is fighting for its own survival and we have to support this. In their own behavior they have been victims in many different countries and situations, and here again they are a victim in their own land. Remember it is not the end of all, but when we do get involved, when we do involve ourselves and make that commitment of involvement, we have taken on and change the whole dynamics of the far east. So tonight we say this, that we have made our commitment to be involved in changing and altering this course. We are reached as they said in that message a point of intolerance, we have (?) for so many years, many different years (views) have passed and then we understand (the most?).
Forces-Yes a number helps to call back. Well now that we have heard that message, we must understand the fact that we are involved and will become involved. But for so many years we have totally not been involved or committed in making ourselves involved. Again were not a 100 percent involved because of what and who we are, that we cannot become totally involved. Let us say we will alter a few things that will allow people to be in the right place (?) isn’t the right times. This is the best we can do to help the affect of bring peace to the area, not only to the Palestinians but also to the Israelis. It is a unforgivable crime that so much blood shed has to be ensued for peace. But maybe with so much skirmishes going on both sides and all countries must look on themselves and look at the things that they are committing themselves to make errors through greed, malice, judgment and harshness. We all are responsible, but we all must make a stand that we become servants of the Most High and not slaughterers of the most lowly. We would also make an alert, as this country does yellow alerts and brown alerts and green alerts and blue alerts. But the alert is to New York City again, that they will be under attack 2004 starting from that of the beginning of June to that of the end of October. In such a way we would make an alert, an alarm system, for this time four (4) missiles will be sent to New York City, atomic in nature, it will land two (2) in the city area. Unfortunately we are again altering the items to prevent such an attack. But at least it is now time for the city of New York to realize that they are not safe and that attack is still em-emminent. We also would say that those people living in the city area should think very strongly about moving out if they are to survive any sort of disease or mutilation or chemical alterations. We can try to prevent this and through the entity it will be prevented and we wish this to be prevented. But we are only saying what is eminent in the minds of Ben Laden and his next attack, also his last attack of a great nature, before he is caught.
We are now ready for your questions.

IS-Thank you for coming in. Ah before ah so many ah things that have been said. But before that can you give me what is wrong, if anything with my body, my back, that I fell and..?

Forces-Well you know from the many years past that you were told you’re lucky you can walk in many different directions which you try. The body’s made to walk in one direction you try to do seven (7). And in such doings you’ve got to remember that your back isn’t the best of conditions, never has been, but it is not in a condition that is severely bad, or worse given 20, 30 years of life, your back can sustain your life. We wouldn’t suggest operation on your back, but looking through your body as we have before we don’t see problems of a nature that would alarm us. But that was always your question, so therefore you have found something to be alarmed about, but it doesn’t alarm us, because we don’t have 20 years of life or 30 years of life to live. We have 2000 years of life to live, so therefore were in a different sort of area, nonetheless you would still be in the same area we are in eventually, so bottom line is it’s not a chronic disposition of danger. It is a malfunctioning of the body back spine area. It could lead to other things. Now remember leading to doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen. It means it could lead, doesn’t have to lead and chances are probably will not lead. But this is what we say at the moment.

IS-Thank you very much. Ah the fall that I took ah what did it do is there a hairline fracture, what’s the, will the pain go away or is that a permanent thing/

Forces-The pain will subside in time it is a lot of ligament pain that you’re speaking of. The hairline fracture you speak about, we hate to tell you this but this has been done many years before, therefore it’s not really a hairline fracture we see. So we don’t see one existing per say. We do see different components in the bone that make it kind of strange curvature but ligaments heal over time, given about three (3) to four (4) months. Ligaments once sprain or torn or pulled takes a while to heal as far as your own pain ah that they produce.

IS-Thank you. How did my back injury happen I don’t even have memories I mean they told me if I had a memory?

Forcers-It was a lot of jumping you did in Israel that was kind of foolish and that’s where it started.

IS-Dancing or?

Forces-Also remember unfortunately your high heels contributed to back malfunctions.

IS-Was it in the army or was it in?

Forces-Well it all contributed. And it was a fun life so you know, you know as time goes on there’s payments for everything now isn’t there?


Forces-Now lets not squeak about the little things.

IS-But the curvature of the, you know the whole thing.

Forces-The curvature of the spine was contributed by excessive high heels. You didn’t know.

IS-No. And the fracture I mean the hairline fracture?

Forces-We’re not even worried about it.

IS-Thank you is there anything else with my body that I need to be aware of?

Forces- Well you know unfortunately as time goes on there’s something else to be worried about. The body is of that nature. But at this moment we wouldn’t worry about it.

IS-I’m just sort of constrained by all these pains that I have.

Forces-Well fortunately the pains will subside and go away.

IS-Oh thank you very much for that. And the blood pressure how is that?

Forces-You seem to be doing pretty well with it.

IS-It went way up, but I’m ok now, I’m back..?

Forces-Well it went way up because we remember, you were eating those, well we won’t go into it.

IS-Thank you. Now when Moses was in the desert and he goes up the second time, comes down from the mountain and there is this glow about him, that ever bodies freaking out, what was that?


IS-It was radiation?


IS-How come on him it didn’t affect, he lived another Forty (40) years?

Forces-Well it did affect him but it was absorbed in a different way. Then he was told what to take as time went on to help alter the affect on his cells.

IS-So where did the radiation come from?

Forces-From the ship that was up there. Extraterrestrials and God, he was radiated. You look upon God and unfortunately you ah, ah, well there is a large percentage of record on record of those who have been taken, abducted or seeee the extraterrestrials of God there, let’s understand this how many thousands of years ago, wouldn’t you not say it was God.

IS-But isn’t there also a God above all gods?

Forces-Well let’s talk about one thing at a time.

IS-Which ones were the ones in the desert?

Forces-Does it matter? Does it really come down to matter? Three thousand (3,000), Five thousand (5,000) years ago when Moses walked the earth if you saw something that he saw like that, who would you say it was the janitor?


Forces-Of course not. You would say it was God, it was God. From in the Forces ah if you saw us what would you call us?


Forces-Well how come?

IS-There is a difference in my mind between the Higher Forces, that I call you the Higher Forces and ah extraterrestrials.

Forces-And why is that?

IS-Well extraterrestrials are beings, they might be elevated, they might be higher beings than us, but we still beings created, living by ah certain organized ah laws of the universe. While the Higher Forces..

Forces-And because you missing a very important aspect. How many years have you known us?

IS-Thirty (30).

Forces-Have we ever wanted anything for ourselves?


Forces-There’s your difference. The only thing we wanted was for you to develop and to put down some of your selfish desires

IS- Correct.

Forces-So you can work together as a group.


Forces-Unfortunately the group had kind of worked within themselves to get their own particular greed and desires and justifications and fanfare and judgments on themselves. They didn’t understand the total ness until they either left or have to deal with it today. What were trying to say is the extraterrestrials are interested in themselves and their own needs and procreation and their own desires for control and power of the spice, huh gonna call it the spice (Dune). So the trade routes ok, you know, so unfortunately these extraterrestrials, each one has a different greed. Each one has something to offer, the grays and the talls and the blondes have ships and the stealth bombers and now you have people who are being abducted in mass amounts because of the gene population and this government giving ahhhhh, sixty (60), seventy (70) thousand worth of soldiers in the fifties (50,s) and they were just, but they were being taken away to be ambassadors for the earth, no they were taken away to be chicken soup. So the point is were not trying to make it strange or bear out for something, each particular extraterrestrial group has a tentative ah agenda. Also things as with the earth each, each country has their own agenda you know unfortunately France can’t expand anymore than what France is, but I think it’s reached the point doesn’t really want to expand, Germany can’t expand, because it can’t it just doesn’t want to, has enough of its own internal problems. If you look at all the countries nobody really wants to expand anymore its to much problems, they just want to keep what they have.

IS-Except Bush he wants to expand.

Forces-Well it is that he wants to expand globally on a market to get other countries to do the work for America. He doesn’t want to take over the countries he justs wants the, wants them to do the work. I mean brings, bring the corporations as you would know in your countries in America to other countries to make it cheaper and, and out, out box the ones that are, ah who are corporations in your own country because of red tape on and on and on. Oh it is just enormous what we see here, we could talk about this for hours. But we are not really that involved with this every day to day ah, uhhhh ah, uh, ah stupid ness, stupid stuff, children’s stuff. Were striving for higher stuff to come out of this all.

IS-But that’s what I mean. So the people, so the en, the force that was in, in the time of Moses on Mount Sinai wasn’t extraterrestrials the way we understand, the way I said it, it was you correct?


IS-Who was it then?

Forces-Well you could flip a coin, it’s half a dozen this and half a dozen that. The ……the reptilians were much active in Egypt and Israel and of course they were. Moses visited many different extraterrestrials. So you do understand that concept.

IS-Visited their ships?

Forces-Not only then visited, but had appeared in front of them. In Egypt he was appeared by the extraterrestrials there, you knew that. Did he not, did he not speak to God while he was in Egypt.


Forces-So there’s your example. Did he not speak to God when he was in Israel.


Forces-Well there’s your example.

IS-He was never in Israel though.

Forces-Well he was taken into Israel, he saw Israel through the ships.

IS-But, so that was extraterrestrials that was not you, that was not the Higher Forces?

Forces-Well we’re not going to say we didn’t take him too and talk with him. He did meet with us face to face yeah. He had a smorgasbord of the best.

IS-So the extraterrestrials he dealt with obviously, they weren’t looking to make chicken soup out of people?


IS-That would be yes?

Forces-Well they had their own agenda.

IS-They had their own agenda.

Forces-Well they were fighting other things that were going on. There is a lot that Moses was a key factor. Remember Moses was not just ahhhh, he was not just an earthling, his very genes were changing, his structures, DNA structure was changing, he was evolving with the encounters of all these extraterrestrials. He was a ambassador of the Earth and what we would consider a, a, mmmmm, it was through Moses that the genes were changed and altered in mankind, to the evolution that you are today. If Moses did not happen you would not be the civilization on Earth that you are today.

IS-You mean the Laws or you mean the human DNA?

Forces- The Laws are in the DNA. So practically Moses gave himself up so that the Israeli people, the Jewish people would start the right DNA structure throughout the world.

IS-What was the agenda, I mean there is the god Nashon, which would be the equivalent to the, to the ah Reptiles.

Forces- Yes of, many Rabbis talk about the word Navi-she-um.
Which is reptilians.

IS-Yes. Nashon, there was a god Nashon which was the Reptilian, but then that was not, that was a god of the…

Forces-That was a god of the underworld.

IS-Yes it wasn’t a god of the Israelites.


IS-Except in the desert.

Forces-Except in the Dead Sea.

IS-In the desert when Moses is holding up the, the stick with the, with the snake on it.

Forces-The Staff.

IS- The staff with the snake yes which is Nashon, which is Nashon, which is the god Nashon and he’s stopping a plague with it.



Forces-He’s using that energy of that particular extraterrestrial. Moses used all the tricks from different extraterrestrial lots, but they did not cohabitate or mix with the talls or the blondes in the north.

IS-Why not?

Forces-Cause they both, well they were at war with one another on the trade route. And the war continued even to the time of Hitler.

IS-Ok now if that is the case with Moses, number one did Moses know he was dealing with many life forms?


IS-Different extraterrestrial life forms?


IS-The ones he dealt with how did he stop them from eating the people, if some of them were those kind?

Forces-Those were the people who refused to go and were left behind.

IS-Left behind in Egypt?


IS-And they were eaten by those.

Forces-Well they were offered up.

IS-And the third thing is where were you at that point in time and in this whole entire smorgasbord, where were, what was the role that you played?

Forces- Well we liked playing the clouds up (?) night and dropping the Manna down at day.

IS-So in that case all…

Forces-We feed the people of Israel to keep alive.

IS-Thank you your still doing it for us.


Forces-Basically we were the ones that opened the Reed Sea. Not the Red Sea, but the Reed Sea.

IS-What was that?

Forces-That was the little estuary that they crossed over.

IS-It wasn’t the Red Sea?

Forces-Well it’s known today as, it became known as the Red Sea, but it was a Reed R_E_E_D Sea.

IS-So it was a small thing?

Forces-Oh no, no, no it wasn’t that small. It was big at that moment to have this waterfront open up for you. Nothings ever small that we do.

IS-But in that case if you were there, that means to me that all of these other extraterrestrials were being controlled or put on a leash or somehow it’s as if though..

Forces-Things don’t change do they.

IS-It’s still the same?

Forces-Sure nothing has changed in thousands of years. The Battle still goes on.

IS-But you sort of leashed those beings and sort of utilized, so you utilized them for this whole entire venture with Moses, like for instance if one of the, equivalent, if one of the, those extraterrestrials is good to make shoes, even though they might be eating people but their good in making shoes. Moses needed shoes, the Israelis needed so they were harnessed into it. The same thing with some other extraterrestrials that were good at something else. Is that not then what we were talking about?

Forces-We count, that’s true yes.

IS- Therefore they may have been gods in their given profession or their given talent, but truly they did not have the control to themselves. You did.

Forces-That this stands true. That’s why we must go on to your next question.

DD-What is the thing in the Dead Sea that there talking about in the Bible Code Book two, it’s called Lisan, and Steel Ark and there talking about the Obelisk and..

Forces-All buried under the Dead Sea.

DD-Is it a..

Forces-As the entity had said when you stood on it, that under this Dead Sea is the extraterrestrial base buried. The Underworld.

DD-So those ones are underground reptilians?


DD-What is the Steel Ark.

Forces-That is also underground. It is a replication of the energy field of the DNA structure and the whole system of the development of the evolution of you guys and where you are to go.

DD-And the ah, where are we to go?

Forces-When you finished you find out.

IS-You mean to say when we pass over, die?

Forces-Don’t die, there’s no death. Death where is thy Victory oh Death where is thy Sting. Death is swallowed up there is no death. So.

IS-So when we cross over?

Forces-Cross over you still continue with your development. You should do your work here as we’ve told you that before. So when you cross over you will have something accomplished.

IS-But are you saying that we are going to cross over through the Dead Sea, underneath?

Forces-No, no, no, no we didn’t say that, we didn’t say that. We are saying the Example of where you all are going is found under the Dead Sea. It’s recorded.

DD-Could you

Forces-Yes you too.

DD-Could you explain more what the, what the Steel Ark is or..

Forces-It is a recorded history of the evolution of man simple as that.

DD-And the three Obelisks?

Forces-Those are the elements that control the Universe, basically your Earth.

DD-How do they relate to the Steel Ark, the obelisks?

Forces-It is, holds up the Ark.

DD-So the Ark is a ship?

Forces-It becomes a ship when these are connected.


Forces-Yes. And they already know where it’s at because the entity has informed them of it.

IS-Has informed who?

Forces-Can’t tell.

DD-The Israeli government.

Forces-I won’t go there.

IS-Thank you.

CM-Thanks for coming in. Can you talk a little bit about the ah, the Venus Transit which is coming June 6, excuse me June 8 of this year and also June 6 Two thousand twelve (2012) and how it relates to the Age of Gemini or the force of Gemini. You said that maybe New York City attack between June and October. Is that June period or the Gemini period in general some sort of force or is that a period of force?

Forces-It is a force that will be very strong. It is a Satanic force of the mind from Venus the Bright Star. It always deals with the Bright Star of illumination through science. But it also deals with the evolution of mankind. But it also deals with the evils of the government to be revealed and the government shall be revealed. It is a very vuneral-pile time for Bush as your President. This is the time when all……ethical questions and breaking of the laws will be ah opened to investigation. It is already beginning to happen, but as it continues, it is also very interesting how the Presidents break the laws and feel that they can get away with it. Can’t they see other Presidents have done the same thing and did not get away with it, is it because they are misguided or do they think the trust of the American people are too inept to find them out. In, in, in, in reality this is the most vulnerable time coming up for this Presidency in your country. But I guess the means justify the ends and every President has a way to get to that means. So there is a mean streak in him and of course he uses, utilizes every advantages that he can possibly get or make. Were not partisan able with ah the, were not Democrats by the way. Of course were not Republicans, nor are we Liberals, nor are we La Roche’s, nor are we Nader but the fact is you know your actions should be careful and, and you should follow the laws of the land, if you do that well then what can we say, you know sometimes a President wants to be a little spicy. I guess we can’t all be Carter’s.

IS-Carter was the best?

Forces-No. Auffh.

CM-So is there anything during 2012 Venus Transit that ah might be, I mean..

Forces-Well what we are speaking about and we did not mean to be awry with getting off the track and but they ah we really didn’t get off the track, we actually are telling you what’s going to happen ah during June 8th coming up. All mmm hells going to break loose through the things that are being hidden. Ahm we would say that this time coming up, it’s just going to make everyone very ahm, energy wise increased tremendously. It’s not going to make you nuts, it’s just your energies and perception level going to be heightened to an unbelievable level. Of course it is the part of it, the gate of this happens on June, no the gate of it absolutely opens, that you will start feeling that on May 20th. On May 22nd the doors will be open, in which Gemini Truly reigns. So this would be an expression of what you are talking about. On May 22nd will be unbelievable energy coming down that will be, lets say, never felt on the Earth before. Tremendous energy. And it’s fitting for the entities birthday that we give it this way. But this particular energy will then reach a lower level and that will be the June 8th the lowest and that’s the bridging and the ah, the trisect of Venus, which then that aspect takes over, not the spirit aspect of May 22nd, but the mental aspect of June the 8th.

CM-Now is this the Mayans had the Venus transit in their books because that’s a period of darkness or…?


CM-Or represents a dark period.

Forces-To hide and of course they realized the beginning of the energy coming down in May with the ending of the energy for June 8th. And again it is the alignment of the 2012 where the whole thing in itself begins to explode and a new understanding of creation begins to fill the earth, at that time.

CM-Is it fourth density?


CM-So that’s the crossing over that you’re referring to?

Forces-Which will take another thousand (1,000) years to accomplish.

CM-It will be some sort of threshold?


CM-Thank you.

JU-In the morning routine that I do there’s this image that I focus in on and tune into and then something changes as I do that. Ah is that helpful for me, is something actually happening when I do that?

Forces-Can you repeat yourself.

JU-There’s an image that I use of the Name when I do this morning routine every morning and it seems that by focusing that something changes as I’m doing it. I seem to ah either connect with it or something else happens and I don’t know whether that’s me thinking or actually something takes place that’s beneficial?

Forces-Well what is something else happens.

JU-All of a sudden I’m in a different focus and a different frame of mind when I’m looking straight into it, after a few seconds or a minute or two it seems to change the focus and the way I relate to it.

Forces-Does the change of focus becomes what.

JU-It just seems like I’m more in contact with whatever that represents.

Forces-And what does happen to you.

JU-I feel better about things.

Forces-Then maybe this should be done more often.

JU-Sure and is ah there seems to be the touch of just ah, just the ah, can you tell us what number the Session is?

Forces-What did we just, I’m sorry what was this.

JU-I was going to ask something else, but I just want to ask this question, just want to know?

Forces-Well can we just focus on the question your asking and not jump around so we can not be thrown off with what your saying.

JU-The original question where I focus in on?

Forces-Well the question you were saying and where you heading with it lets focus on that at the moment.

JU-There seems to be at times I have the ability to do telekinetic stuff like move things mentally and it seems to be not when you try but when you relax and want something to happen and I don’t know if that’s imagination or it’s, I know several people have that, ah but it seems like certain things move a certain way. Not when you focus totally with your mental mind but when you relax and something inside does it. And I don’t know if that real perceived or it’s wishful thinking or it’s just something that sorta seems to be.

Forces-Are you working on this, is this what your trying to tell us.

JU-Not necessarily but it happens sometimes and then I notice it afterwards.

Forces-Well I don’t want to say ah I we, we only are seeing uh ah, what were trying to say is these are mundane things, these are tricks there not of the highest spirit. These are things caught of the flesh ah these are parlor games. I mean I’m not, were not trying to diminish it you should be going, after so many years you should be developing other things then these ah, maybe the group could try to help you out in this but for the sake of time and energy and what were all about ah yeah you could focus on these elements and move coins and, and bend spoons and ,and do all thes things but is it what you want to amount too after thirty years of us working with you. Ah.

JU-It just seems to happen by accident it’s not something I really want to do.

Forces-Well maybe you should make other accidents happen. And now your next question that you tried to say.

JU-The number that this Session is because we had them numbered fairly accurately with dates and everything and it seems it may have gone astray so it might be useful so in future years when we want to look back on something, when they become catalogued in some way…

CM-They already come catalogued and we have the numbers.

IS-So what number Session is this?

CM-I don’t have the book in front of me but when I go downstairs I’ll write the right number on them.

Forces-Well you have the answer right there.

JU-Is that the correct number.

Forces-We find it to be two off but it’s correct.

JU-Two off.

Forces-There are other Sessions that have been given that is not been officially given in the microphone, these are closed Sessions and they number to the period of twenty-six closed Sessions. But they are not to be counted in the number of recorded Sessions. And there are two Sessions that were recorded but have never been produced. So the number that you find would likely be that plus two.

JU-Thank you.

IS-Those two Sessions are they in our keeping or are they not here?

Forces-They are, no longer exist.

IS-Oh God id they get destroyed?

Forces-Yes. Lets move on.

NN-With Israel in 2006 can that also be something that the entity you mentioned intervening with what’s going to be happening in New York. Is there something that can happen to stop the destruction of Israel in 2006 or whatever destruction that’s slated to happen right now?

Forces-Things can change there’s always that possibility of things changing. But 2006 as we all know and have been told to you over and over again will be the most testing time of Israel. Even the entity mentioned that while he was in Israel in ninety-six (1996).

NN-Thank you. A question about the beef.

Forces-Where’s the beef.

NN-Is there something going on, like a New World Order adverse thing to try and, is that some kind of adverse thing to try and negatively affect DNA or part of the dark extraterrestrials or?

Forces-We find a, we usually are not confused, we find ourselves confused with this question. What beef.

NN-Well the beef that’s been contaminated that, we’ve been told to stay away from beef and it’s because of certain antibiotics and certain things that are.

Forces-So are you asking was it deliberately done.

NN-Yes is it deliberately being done and is it because of a negative attempt to adversely affect DNA. Could something that..?

Forces-Well lets give you the answer yes that it was deliberately done. And I think that will lead you to other questions.


IS-What NN is wondering is whether the, were not just talking about the antibiotics in the beef were talking about the disease that the Mad Cow disease.


IS-The Mad Cow disease is basically trying to make vegetarian animals into carnivores. Because they fed them their own meat and so the animals basically are rebelling because they’re not by nature.

Forces-Well this is totally, totally correct so were not disputing that. It was pleat, ah it was planned.

IS-It was planned. Now NN wonders whether it was planned by a higher…

Forces-World Order.

IS-World Order?

Forces-Yes. It was just as they planned to exstimi, exterminate many of the animals and creatures.

IS-Why? Why do they..?

Forces-Because it would spread diseases and that it would be a component to creating a certain amount of free force energy in the earth that they do not want.


NN- Thank you. Was one of the positive vein like the, when you were talking about Moses actually altering the DNA, was part of that manifesting what they call the (?manna, nanite)?

Forces-Yes. Question.

ES-Thank you. Could you help me explain to my Mother what she might be able to do to help her blood levels with the coumadin?

Forces- You know it’s a simple, it’s always simple. The solution. She doesn’t drink water. And her blood is thickening because it lacks water. She doesn’t like water. So there’s your answer. You need to get her to drink water with lemon and you need to also get her two, strange as it is it wouldn’t hurt her to hold a crystal in her hand. Those crystals that have that in her hand and also drink water, lots of water, she doesn’t drink water.

Forces- You can disguise water in jello and that might help her.

ES-Should she stick with the vinegar for (long)?

Forces-Oh yes definitely the entity was right on that.

ES-Thank you.

IS-The plague in Israel that you are speaking of the biological plague that you said was going to start in two thousand and six(2006). Where is it going to come from, whose going to spread it?

Forces-It’s going to be ah released in Israel by the terrorists, by Syria, by Libya, by the elements of Iraq and Iran, ah different elements in Egypt, ah the Arabian Countries that do not like Israel, the terrorists but aum it’s going to be released in the waters and ah things in the air. We see about seventeen to twenty thousand people affected.

IS-Is there any way of stopping it?

Forces-Of course, we have some ways in that. The entity will be useful in that.

IS-How what can we do, what can he do?

Forces-We can’t talk about this right now. Not open for discussion.

IS-I’m just wondering…

Forces-It’s like trying to tell someone how to do the ah explosion of the, of the, of the, of, of the ah, of the power plants in America, can’t talk like this.

Forces-At this time we have to go. We are asking only that, we understand the Session to be kind of chock full of nuts and it’s not a heavenly coffee. Greeting to all here present now. Our Father.