Session 659 3/16/04

Greeting to all here present. We have been watching the difficulties in Europe and find there is a great deal of (?) reactions to the terrorists, there’s also a great deal of undercurrent in Pakistan and India in trying to sequester or surround these terrorists in their own countries. Israel is going through there own bomb scares and cracking down against the Palestinians. There will be a case in which will be directly tied in using Arafat in sending bombers, suicide bombers into Israel, which of course Arafat will deny, but will have a direct hand with sending a child into Israel.

We are ready for your questions.

IS- What is it I either don’t sleep nights at all, then I bumble through and can’t stay up——-go between that and insomnia. Is there anything do to help myself?

Forces-sometimes when you deal with clients it keeps you up, because you have to be on a high to talk with them. Ah in particular your last night was involved with a client that kept you on open, on therefore the inability for you to sleep. To do clients at night, there are times you will have to realize that you cannot close the doors easily and you have to unwind. Search your cycles and not much you can do about your cycles. Just know that when you are up at night that your day next would be sleeping or resting to recapture your energies.

IS- Yet sometimes it’s not possible, if I rest during the day, then I, again I am not able to fall asleep at night.

Forces- Again it all has to catch up with a cycle and maybe there are those times when you ought to just push yourself during the day so you can sleep during the night to get back into a cycle. Best to do it, unfortunately your clients call at any time day or night and you have to be on to be able to give them information. You should take no dose or take dose or take these and take, take triads and, and take ah pm nocturnal meds or something so you can get some sleep.

IS- Thank you, I am grateful to have the clients at any time—that’s exactly right I have to make a certain—.

Forces- Well it’s very difficult to come down from that level once your up there for two, three, four hours.

IS- Thank you so much. Did I do ok with my telephone companies; is it all straightened out now?

Forces- Well the telephone companies very interestingly say it is, but then you find out it isn’t. So you just keep a watch on it.

IS- So I can’t afford to be left without a long distance telephone?

Forces- No you don’t want that, but still at the same time telephones have a slow way of rebounding.

IS- So it’s not completely (?).

Forces- No not yet totally.

IS- So I have to————.

ES- Thank you can you help me to be able to tell my sister JT what is the bleeding, what is the cause of her bleeding?

Forces- Well, we like to call it irritable bowel syndrome and we would like to call it nervous bowel or nervous (villia or billia) or what would be considered a, a intestines that are basically kind of nervous and she goes through her daily life and work and job related and family related and husband related and children related, so this is all a building stone, but she needs just to find time just to sit and unwind herself too.

ES- Was the, what—told her to eat, the oatmeal, yogurt and things like that?

Forces- Oh that would be yes, definitely calm the, the gruel, I don’t think she likes the gruel, but it is something that would calm her intestines down.

ES- The bleeding is old blood so once that’s out of there, is she, is she causing new bleeding or is she——–?

Forces- We see it to be a fixable item, it’s just a scenario of many different little issues that create this issue.

ES- She was wondering if some of the supplements she was taking was doing any damage, it doesn’t sound like it is that right?

Forces- Well again we don’t see that, it’s just a chain reaction of irritable bowel syndrome. There might be a few polyps that she will have, but other than that, we only see two polyps, but other than that we do not see any strongly, strongly difficult situation. It could turn into a difficult situation if it’s not corrected of course.

ES- By eating and changing her pattern and getting herself relaxed and–?

Forces- Yeah ah We ah also say the ah, the ah, we have the ah plant that would be creating a gel for her intestines.

ES- Aloe Vero plant?

Forces- That would help yes, this would help her too, to at least line the areas.

IS- Should she drink it?

Forces- Ah with warm water would be better than just drinking it cold. Put it in a certain tea or certain warm water with lemon too, would do the trick.

ES- Thank you very, very much.

IS- So it’s the Aloe Vera the liquid?

Forces- Yeah but not to take it cold, unless you take it with orange juice, you could do that to or apple juice. But to have it warm with a little lemon juice would be good.

DD- On the Mayan Glyphs they start, there twelve across and I believe it’s eight down, as I visualize it. Do you go from the top right to left down for the cards? Would that be the right way?

Forces- Repeat the question.

DD- On the Glyphs there’s like ninety-six of them, they go in I think it’s a row of twelve, twelve long and eight wide, and I was wondering whether you go from the top, from right to left. That would be the sequence of the cards

Forces- Interestingly we find that to be correct. We thought you were going left to right but that would not be the right way.

DD- Thank you. And also I was listening to typing the sessions and you said there was a certain Egyptian room that they found the unified field theory in. What room was that?

Forces- There is a room in the Pyramid of Giza that is, is revealed and they will reveal all these qualities in that particular room.

DD- Is that one that we know of, the King’s Chamber?

Forces- No it deals with another room they have not officially discovered, they Sonically discovered it, but they haven’t talked about it.

DD- So somebody’s already been in there though?

Forces- No not particular.

DD- Well how do they, how did they discover the unified field theory in the room if they?

Forces- Well we are saying it’s in there.

DD- Oh.

Forces- It’s just that they have just found the room itself being there.

DD- But you were talking about some German, or some Egyptologist that had found the, in the writings I guess, mentions the room. That must be it the writings mention the room?

Forces- Oh there’s also a corresponding room in the left spa, paw of the sphinx, the great hallway there that you’ll find the same type of room.

DD- But they haven’t got in there yet.

Forces- No.

DD- So the writing about it would be in the Book of the Dead and different writings?

Forces- Yes.

DD- I have a question about the Knights Templar, everybody is writing about them, talking about them, what were they really?

Forces- They were a secret society to build and create and to house metaphysical and occult information and to carry on the DNA structure of the Christ Spirit of the Servant from the beginning of ah it’s aix inception, ah from the Egyptian period, Atlantis period, all the way to the present time of today.

DD- Continuous?

Forces- Yes. It also has to do with Noah’s Ark where they had the same DNA structure of preserving all life in the Ark itself.

IS-So the Knights Templar (were?) society from…

Forces- A secret group.

IS- From before the time of Noah?

Forces-Oh yeah, (yes) of course.

IS-Is that what went on in the Elijah’s School of the Prophets?

Forces-It was incorporated into that.

IS-Is there a name for it that we could recognize from the Bible, there are certain parts in the Bible that they talk about something that seems like a secret group?

Forces-Well the Essenes were the, part of the group too, but there was branches off of that called the Children of Judah or there’s another one called the House of Ruth, then you had a group of, of, in, interesting ah individuals called the Pharaohs Claw.

IS-And before the days of Noah, what was it called?

Forces-Hey you. (Everybody laughs)

DD- Heru, Heru?

Forces-Heru yes.


Forces-Uh huh.

IS-And is that then connected with ah when there talking about the person that was never born or that, and then he was not, or, what was his name that walked with God?


IS-Enoch which walked with God and then he was not?


IS-Thank you.

IS-All the names, all the genealogy in the Bible, who actually collected it, who wrote it down, who followed it up to such enormous detail?

Forces-Well you always had scribes everywhere in the Temples, and you also, also had sec and secular and secret groups that preserved all information in the Temple, and these scribes all came together in the country.

IS-Were they family people or were they just monks or what was their (?)?

Forces-Well you would consider them monks, but you would also consider them priests, but they were very ah writers of everything that happened in the Temple.

IS-Did they have families or was it like celibate?

Forces-Some had families others did not. They were too busy writing day and night. Literally they wrote constantly.

ES-I know that you talked about the, answered my questions about the planet the tenth planet that’s on course, is it still a large planet that is heading towards that earth?

Forces-Well there is this secret ah existence, but its not going to be the impact that they say it will be.

ES-It’ll just go by?

Forces-It will have it’s own field but it’s not going to measure out the way the people of the earth will see it.

ES-And it’s a planet or it’s a ship?

Forces-It’s a ship.

ES-And whose ship is it?

Forces-It’s a ship dealing with those Anu-tians and also what would be considered the pirate ships of the ah, ah, considered the reptilian bank of the dog star.

ES-Are they interested, as the come closer will they be sending smaller ships to the planet earth?

Forces-You might have that happen.

ES-Thank you.

IS-2009, what will be the biggest revelation to the people of the earth?

Forces-The Christ Spirit.

IS-Not the anti-Christ?

Forces-The Christ Spirit at the same time will be seen.

IS-Will it be seen in the physical?

Forces-No not until the 2011 and 12 (two-thousand and eleven and twelve). At the same time of 2009 would be your anti-Christ too. They both come in of the same moment, equal time.

IS-They both come in at the same time?

Forces-One a little bit less and the other much more.

IS-Whose less?
Forces-Oh the Christ Spirit.

IS-Until 2011?


IS-So 2011-2012 the person that will be revealed as the Christ will not be a surprise for us?


IS-You mean we would have known him already for all the (3) three years?


IS-Three and a half (31/2) years?


IS-Now DD Blain, who is he in this whole scheme of things?

Forces-He is a young person that has done lots of work in magic and also in the occult and also the spirit (?) has crossed over from the real to the invisible and brings that constantly back and forth to people to see. An agent would be considered.

IS-An agent of the Higher Forces?

Forces-An agent of the, of a good side, not a bad side.

IS-Because he levitates? How does he do the levitation, how does he do also the writing with the fire on…

Forces-He’s developed these skills over the, over the ten, twenty years.

IS-Who taught him?

Forces-Through his vast reading and analyzing and his dream state, and putting all the metaphysical card-ponets together.

IS-Who was he in another lifetime that we would recognize?

Forces-Well…well there is a certain air of Rasputin in him.

IS-That’s not good.

Forces-Well Rasputin wasn’t that bad, but he turned bad as time went on. His concepts of magic and trying to help was motivated as good until he wanted more and other things, but Rasputin is not totally what you are talking about with this young man, but what were talking about comes from the Urals of the mountains. So he’s learned his ah magical tricks and metaphysical and mystical tricks from the same place Rasputin learned his.

IS-Oh Russia. His Mother was Russian right?

Forces-Well for some reason he has the genes that help him to learn these ah many mythological and mythics and, and magical tricks.

IS-Yeah I mean the levitation, I mean nobody really talks about it they shuffle it off but the man levitates correct?

Forces-Yes, yes he does.

IS-Isn’t that like something Jesus did?

Forces-Well yes, and its, it’s a certain amount of discipline he learned how to ah fight against gravity yes. But it does take all his energy to do it. He hasn’t learned to do it, (and) not be exhausted.

IS-I’d be very happy if I could do it and then be exhausted.

Forces-Well (?) (?).

IS-I mean I wouldn’t complain.

Forces-Ah it’s not an easy stunt to pull off.

IS-I wouldn’t think so. But is there anybody in the Bible that he, in history that would be representative, that he was an incarnation of?

Forces-He came very close to helping Samuel and ah also that of being the husband of Jezebel.



IS-Rehobam? (lifetime of Ahab)


IS-King Rehobam?


IS-No not Rehobam ah…

Forces-Well it’s some Reho-bum.

IS-Jerobam right.


IS-King Jerobam (Ahab?) the husband of Jezebel?


IS-That’s who he was?


IS-But so much, not connect?

Forces-Well read his life and you will.

IS-Yeah ah at the end of this lifetime for me is there a way that you can tell me what will have been the greatest of my achievements?

Forces-Your psychic ability to unleash it as you have. This is something you have come into this earth to develop and you definitely developed it.

IS-Thank you. Will there be any…

Forces-We see you develop it but you also continue to have your compassion and forgiveness for human nature which is exquisite.

IS-Thank you.

DD-Now on the Mayan glyphs you go from right to left, now do you go from the right to left and then you start back on the right again and go right to left again, next level?

Forces-Yes, yes.

DD-And the other thing is ah the Roselyn (Rosslyn) Chapel that was brought to my attention, the 215 strange cubes…

Forces-The painting of the Rosslyn Chapel, by the way is right over the entity IS’s head.

DD-That’s what I thought.


DD-I thought it was that.


DD-So what does that 215 cubes represent?

Forces-Each one is the evolution and the development of mankind and the different stages that mankind will go through in the spiritual journey.

DD-could I reproduce them in any way or would it be….


DD-Would it be useful to reproduce them like in stone?

Forces-Oh yes, it’s very magical no matter how you reproduce it.

DD-Put them in a cube like there’s 216 really, what would be the 16th, like a cube.

Forces-Whatever you do it would, creates a magical ah sphere itself.

DD-Do you think I’ll be able to get a copy of the ah….?

Forces-Knowing you, you would get three copies.

DD-Thank you very much

ES-The itching that I experience at time is that just a overload of salt that comes through?

Forces-Unfortunately it deals with your perspiration and it would be answered, the itching happens drink lots of lemon water. At least three to four glasses of lemon water. It’s a uric ah…..substance that creates the itch.

ES-Thank you.

IS- How about for me?

Forces-Yeah you could drink her water. (Laughter)

IS-So my itching is the same reason?

Forces-Again sometimes dehydration comes in many different forms and sometimes the dry skin comes in this time of year. So it’s a combination of ah of these two elements.

IS- Ah would, is there any physical thing that would have, that would be said that I have accomplished or anything on a physical level or..?

Forces-Well the ability of having this house stand together is an accomplishment which goes beyond all great expectations, that’s the name of a book and ah, so that in itself is, and also formulizing front and storefront and having people to come there is another great accomplishment. Sometimes it’s good to have you sit upstairs and people walk downstairs to bring people upstairs to you. That could be a good trick.

IS-Ah will anything be said about ah the book; will I ever write a book?

Forces-You can and still have that ability to do that.


Forces-We see it as something that can be done yes.

IS-…It’s in my hands?

Forces-Yes you can do it.

IS-You see it an accomplished facts ah?

Forces-Are you going to start telling us what were saying?

IS-I’m looking for the loopholes.

Forces-No loopholes here, you’ll find that in cereals.

IS-Is there anything for the entity…expecting?

Forces-Yes it’s just moving on as, as we have to move on.

IS-Now I bought this ah purifier into the room and I removed the other one, I mean I threw it away ah because I didn’t think it was working any longer maybe it did continue working I don’t know….

Forces-Which one is that?

IS-The one that used to be up here.

Forces-Well basically as you’ll do your homework it all will work out. There’s a purifier that actually blows the air up and the upright one just stands there and, and it’s amazing to see the only air it purifies is the air that goes through it. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that but you really need to circulate the air too at the same time. But in time you will find the right purifier and we’ll show you the right one as time goes on.

IS-Will that also take up all of that excess dust in that one section of my bathroom and room?

Forces-Of course it will.

IS- Is that from any kind of opening, why is it?

Forces-It’s just where it collects the magnetic field because of its energy. The dust has a magnetic cling to that area.

IS-To that area of the room?


IS-Because of the entity’s energy?

Forces-Well I don’t know if you want to blame the entity, but it does deal with a light magnetic field. Uh huh. (Laughter)

IS-JS and AC all of a sudden they have been ….Tom again. Is JS going to break down the…

Forces-I don’t know if you want to use the word breakdown, ah I think he’s been trying to make contact, he’s also very, very busy trying to keep his life on track and running but yeah there is a desire to ah contact the entity to do his wedding for him.

IS-Why is, what’s going on why is, why is the negative and why is the positive …. or is it or?

Forces-Well you know maturity grows very slowly. And I guess he realizes as time goes on that hey what the heck. One needs to be mature in this life and sometimes your best of friends, you don’t realize is are your greatest supporter ah before or after you throw them over boat. Ah one needs to develop insight and, and ah tact discreet digression is the word. And ah the JS has to learn as time goes on of course the, the art of digression you know.
Not everyone should know his business and not everything that’ secret or metaphysical or the occult should be told to everybody, cause not everyone understands where it ….or goes to. But again this deals with ownership for JS’s growth. You ah have a certain ownership because A. where he has come into the earth to perform B. Sometimes you absorb or get so much involved of worldly things that you forget your spiritual heritage. But I have a feeling the entity JS is remembering quietly his spiritual responsibilities.

IS-Thank you. Ah how about AC?

Forces-I think AC is learning a lot too on this and she sees embarrassing moments on TV to, to be seen but now again growing up is a very difficult to do and one always needs a certain amount of loving and, and tolerance to just keep moving. What might be true five; ten years ago might not be true today.

IS-Thank you. Ah?

Forces-Again there’s a certain amount of you know responsibility of knowing that this particular house hold has been always there to help them and has always been there to help the family develop and long before the children ever came into the earth they were brought down by the Forces so, fortunately they are not gonna be just average Joes, they do have a great deal of spiritual intellect that they have to develop. No one can give them that but themselves.

IS- It’s interesting that, that kind of moment something in him is waking up because the moments when his father passed away the only one that could really do that job was the entity, was you and ah I think maybe again I sort of like feel that moment again that kind of a crucial moment.

Forces-Well getting married is, is a serious thing and you want it to be the right thing and you also want ah the right blessing from the right place from the highest place. So of course those who do use the entity know this, secretly, innately, consciously and of course hopefully you don’t want to get married again, you want the highest and the best blessings to happen.

IS- With the entity JE, the conversation that he had with me, what did he think about it?

Forces- I think he has to realize his responsibility of how sometimes empty his words are.

Phone Message Sarah from whole foods.

Forces-That was a nice message.

IS-She’s a very nice woman.


Forces-Alright I think were.




IS-I wasn’t finished.

Forces- No of course we should have expected that. (Laughter) What was your question?

IS-Well the part that I told JE, well I don’t have to worry about him (??) said to his self, when I said well that’s not working, spiritual things we signed up for, we signed up for caring for other people, we signed up for taking care of other people, we signed up for all of that and I started expounding, has that done the trick?

Forces-Oh of course it gets to his brain, but you know sometimes he’s in such a litany of trying to have his own comfortable life before he dies. So I guess he wants to have something comfortable before he goes over. Ah this doesn’t normally happen because you go through life trying to find something comfortable but it never really happens. It’s only when your in the inner sanctum that you have it comfortable and you don’t realize it till your in the outer sanctum. So it’s all relative.

IS-Is there anything that I need to know for me to do so (not clear)

Forces-Well I think were doing a good job getting it to you.

IS-Yes, thank you so much.

Forces-I know we cut down on some of the bills.

IS-Yes it certainly did and also got the food and also again it cut down on cholesterol and on high blood pressure and all of these things because of those things.



Forces-I would say this to be true.

Forces-At this point we will be coming back again to speak on other things. Greeting to all here present now. Our Father….