Session 611-10/5/95

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area, we find it clean and whiter. The (>>>) of energies of blockage and removement of the force of the energy for us. We once more come in and bringing information. The conflict that had been happening and is (sudden) (….) is tentatively under control. We find different stages and levels of direction and indirection. Energies confronted and positive research of those elements of seen and unseen particles. But as you would know that no matter what is given, there are constantly changes in there particles of life. These new envoys of energy and changes have followed and come upon us and materialized with lots of energy. In all things that has been dealt with we see a creative and stronger force of regrouping and rehashing of that energy that is coming down. We see in the Creation and the building of that of the Holy place of Israel was started with Abraham and the great test of offering up and giving up is a continuum of the service. When Abraham took his son and put it on Mount Mori, we find it was the consecration and the beginning of the Temple of Jerusalem. In such was the beginning of the sacrifices and the power of the great Empire. So is this same power and beginning of our Empire in this stone House. It is a reflection of the same walls and stones of Jerusalem and a continuum of such. We see that this particular power will grow more and more, and cannot be quelled. There are many strengths within your own individual growths, but, its, you must know the spiritual development comes with lots of sacrifices and spirit of dedication in the knowing of the direction and accomplishment to gain. In this of Jerusalem, when Abraham was to offer his child, he was told to travel to this Mountain. Who many thousands of years before it ever existed would have know that this would be the place of Jerusalem. In such a condition, the ram or goat has to offer this sacrifice. The bring of the Ark to the area, the bring of the Ark to where Abraham had the first sacrifice and the materialization of the power is of the same force that is represented here. And this tribes of Israel in all its growth had to be continued and the strength of its accomplishment. The Entity was born on the 22nd day of the month to accentuate and too heighten and to emphasize the power of the Hebrew Letters. In such a position that each Hebrew Letter is represented within his form. We find that the 15 steps of accomplishment is the exact number of steps form the beginning to the height of entry into this particular Temple to materialize that accomplishment. We find that there is those spirits of strength and power. Just as the Temple had its own spring of water, so to accomplish this materialization on the new Temple here, you too have your spring of water. There was also a house of prophets that lodged outside of the Temple, so also of this Temple you have the house of prophets too. In all that one does the Temple was flanked by a house of not its own, so also this too. The energy of the house will definitely grow now more and more and not in your control of factors, but it is in that of the energy of us coming to materialize the manifestation of the moment. We have said the beginning of the formation and existence of this group was for the mid part of the 90’s. In our record this now begins the mid part of the 90’s. In this the directions and strengths of futuristic plans will come from here. All that would be said and accomplished and directed by the entity will come from here, and the futuristic effects and plans and accomplishments anywhere will be said from here. We find that in the accomplishment of what we had given you, that time and prophecy of aliens and that of Iran, Iraq and that of what is considered your star player O. J. Simpson, known in every land and quarter. The fame and fortune of such a force is unbelievable. An entity taken out of existence, for the rest of his life shall no longer be his. And every day he exists must perform the performance. The land will not giveth its fruit, the trees will drape low and be barren. The sun shall quench not the parched fruit of the water and the rocks themselves shall break asunder. In this Simpson of its Delilah, of its star performance (performer) yet some him sad, sad character, but we say again, out of the midst of this parched earth, out of the sadness of this drenched sorrow will come a profound revelation that will shock those questionable minds of judgments. Yes the judicial system has been without swift movement, how tell us be it that the scales of justice find themselves to be in the balance of the scales of justice, tell us how be it that such a scheme of theatrical performers, that what was on trial, was not a man, not a killing, the killing was of blood on the ground, a human sacrifice, but the sacrifice of this was the order of judicial system on trial. Beyond its own belief when all is ended and the silence of the room is set a naught, and the last entity has left this scurrying busy room called court, how quiet does the power of the mortal, mortal mouse that scurries through the crevices of the kingdom of its own. What take ye to a system weigh day and night the scales of your building was found to be the balance. But was it this man that was to be reckoned weighted and measured or was it your system that all stood watched to see. The system buries and is asunder torn. Now new thoughts to build a better structure. But let us see one just as the system at the judicial level it had to be, for it touched this entity in such a way it was to be put on trial itself as such a moment it did. Then that of the sheriffs and ruling force of law and power, that too tarnished under strain. But now comes the biggest call of that to the Black Man in all countries far and wide, the spirit of your Prayer was your Anchor, grab hold of it once more, let it be the beacon that you will lead the people on like in the days of Egypt when darkness was set free from the beacons light. Hold it high falter not, let the Spiritual songs that have saved a people be rekindled again to lead us on in the next century of plight that no sandals can walk or bear. The plight yes, we had given you the answers before, at this time was what would be considered a way mark. Fancy meeting the next way mark, (whisper) TWO/TOO/TO. Questions.

Isis: Thank you for coming in. You said that we begin now from the mid of the nineties, could you tell us a little bit about what is ahead for us as a group? And what is it that the way, the sign….?

Forces: All who will accomplish, all who will be successful will have to touch these doorposts and these stones. No success can be accomplished by anyone, from this point on until this has been done. They will know it consciously, they will know it subconsciously. They will know to come to this land called Schuyler to recreate a rebirth, the message will go out and beep and sensibly, endlessly, people will come for no reason at all, unexplained reasons of showing up, not knowing just being, and sitting and not talking, but being. It will go out from all of us. It will strangely be that pulse that has been set out at this hour. There was a movie, the worms did come (Dune) but they came to a sound of a thump…..thump, thump, thump, thump.

Isis: Thank you, and for us the group itself?

Forces: Strength is in the Spirit and form of Prayer and Meditation of ours. Those of personal development. It never ends, it’s a continuum of the hour.

Isis: For the entity you said something about accomplishment that Tom will do from here on. What kind of accomplishments could you tell us?

Force: We have explained.

Isis: Oh!

Forces; Quiet evident, the future is from this point and from his being (enough), he will alter, control, direct by our force that in which we would do. The world, the energy, the direction, consciously, subconsciously, super consciously. It is not of his doing but our, our doing, and the changes of this power has come to this.

Isis: Thank you. How am I doing physically?

Forces: We find that you are moving along and developing in that structure.

Isis: And physically?

Forces: We find you to be in form.

Isis: Thank you. And the entity is there anything that can be given about, will he get the assignment or whatever, will he be elected?

Forces: We see no problem there. Those things are taken of earthly matters, but we see no problem there.

Isis: That’s part of what’s coming for him? Now there was a letter that he received, can you see which letter I’m talking about?

Forces: Yes.

Isis: Does it have any validity, it talks about something October, a hundred and four days…..

Forces: Yes.

Isis: Does it have validity?

Forces: Yes it is what we speak of tonight.

Isis: But there is also another warning in that letter.

Forces: For guidance yes.

Isis: About the total if something isn’t done then a total other thing?

Forces: Of course this is the understanding too, but of our power we have involved and are doing.

Isis: So there is no need to touch that or should I or should he?

Forces: If the entity wants to leave to take something for the cough we wont stop you. If you want to stay and, we wont stop you either. But we don’t want you to suffer.

Isis: So ah I shouldn’t or…?

Forces: Whatever you decide to do its ok.

Isis: Well it could be costly I suppose.

Forces: It is, twenty-seven dollars is not costly.

Isis: Oh I see.

Forces: Question.

Daniel: Could you give me some guidance for this next year, this next period?

Forces: The focusing of the readings of psychic-ness and information has foundational law, the growth of spiritual evolution is now begun and the growth of revelation of the spirit, what we would consider illumination has now begun. For that in which is to be given you has been given to illumine and to enlighten that which is set inside you from the beginning. It is a good moment for many of the secrets of the spirit can be revealed now to you.

Daniel: Thank you.

Ninai: The energy that you spoke of that’s coming down now is that because certain victories were won, like all the wars, the alien wars and everything that had been going on?

Forces: Exactly.

Ninai: Thank you.

David: Isis had a leak in her bedroom that I tried to find before, ……..should I get professional help on that or you think I should still do it or, there’s also a leak in the Russian Room?

Forces: Again, the type of leak in that particular room is a wind leak through the down pouring into the chimney that seeps through the stones. This happens at a certain angle of rain.

David: Can I do anything with the chimney to help that?

Forces: Sometimes we would consider covering a col, closure or protective cover over the top, which prevents birds from going down, wild animals and of course this thing called rain.

David: And the one in here, in the studio here?

Forces: This is a combination of professional eyes and also hands of the normal individuals. It can be simplified by laying of different levels of a crisscross nature to protect the runoff spills of different areas which forms the gully of the leakage. If you would look at the angle of runoff the area in which the water collects and stays is the area in which it seeps through.

David: So where I’m thinking in my mind now, where the aluminum things all run together?

Forces: Yes.

David: It seeps down in through there?

Forces: Yes.

David: Have professional eyes look at it and give me like a something to do and I could do it?

Forces: Yes, um hum yes.

Isis: What your saying basically is that one of us could also do it by layering of material of the tiles, crisscrossing or layering in levels?

Forces: In a way what were saying to be done yes. Question.

David: John has a question, is alternative research something he should do?

Forces: There are three steps in this revealing of that answer. One is to accomplish it into that thought of alternative approach, but in midstream that approach needs to be changed to a second level of approach in the T cell. This must come after the second or third time of waiting into the space of its own answer. For the answer comes not on a direct approach, but on a laying angle or side approach to get the answer. Yes the alternative approach can be accomplished, but must not be accomplished totally fully. Question.

David: I have a metaphysical question now, can I ask those a couple of them?

Forces: Yes.

David: Mohamed they say he’s greater than Jesus, of course Islamic people say he’s greater than Jesus, and the people who say it I know are people who are real Initiates, but I think they mean something else than what people commonly think. They say he’s the last prophet, the seal of the prophets. They are saying something in there, I don’t know if it’s true, some of it’s not true. Can you help me understand that?

Forces: There is a greatness in the prophet, but not as great as the greatness in the prophet. So there are those who feel their prophets are the greatest, not to say that is not true. But we need to put this all in understanding.

David: You also said in a session that Jesus studied the Koran in India. Now the Koran according to history wasn’t written till the time seven-hundred years later. Can you explain…..

Forces: The Koran was given down from that of India into that of the Koran. It was Laws of the Language that made the Koran to be written. The fulfillment of the Koran was already in form before it was written.

David: So he studied a secret. Was it in Sanskrit originally?

Forces: Yes.

David: Thank you very much.

Question: Was the tropical storm that was hovering in the Atlantic three weeks ago, was that basically a reptilian ship?

Forces: It was created by an attach of same off of the Yucatan.

Question: Off of the what?

Forces: Off of the Yucatan.

Question: And they were trying to reach the Americas?

Forces: Or create a disruption.

Question: And they were stopped by you or….?

Forces: Well the aftereffect was to bring into and turn it from a what would be considered evil rain into the most powerful rain of spirit. It happened to touch that of the Jewish New year of Yom Kippur and the spiritual revelation starts to be the rebirth from that energy.

Thank you very much.

Michael: I’d like to thank you for helping me through these past months which have been extremely heavy in all senses. A couple of months ago I finished a book called Clowns of God in the book the author writes about a character called Johnny the clown. Is the author Johnny the Clown and was he given this revelation?

Forces: Well you could accomplish it as such. But remember your spiritual evolution and development and plateau leveling and moving on had to be done. Spiritual growth is not easy, but the accomplishment is lots of fun.

Michael: Can you, with the new surge of energy coming through from the mid nineties. Can I get some type of guidance that will keep me stable?

Forces: As we have said your Prayers and your Meditations are your anchor. Creative thoughts in this and watching the emotional judgments of what you would consider snap judgments, they’re normally not relevant and have no fruit or merit. But move by them and not be of them and things will go on a spiritual evolution with strength and power in it’s growth.

Michael: Is there anything I need to know while working with the entity on the job? Need to do…….?

Forces: Knowing and doing and always correcting and making it better as time goes on is what always does happen, but knowing and perceiving and generally being that strength as you are is the accomplishment to be done.

Michael: Thank you.

Isis: Now will I ah be able to get this list ah will this happen for me?

Forces: We see no problem in it.

Isis: Including this one on top that is not numbered?

Forces: Including the one on top not numbered. Remember the Great miracle of Shiloh etz Succor is the power of this spirit that washes through from that of the lake.

Isis: Now you spoke about the power of prayer with O. J. Simpson and his his Mother, they ask her why she was so somber even to the end and she said well she didn’t have any expressions because she wasn’t really there listening one way or the other, she was just praying. And I think from that she had such a enormous strength that she gave off, that it wasn’t even a question of well gee its not cool, she made it a cool thing, to pray, openly and just as she did as a matter of fact, as a matter of course. Is that the message?

Forces: It became that, yes.

Isis: Have you answered yet that question or is that not a question that’s going to be answered? Is O. J. guilty, not is he guilty did he, see that’s what we kept asking is he guilty and of course he was found not guilty as you said. But did he do it?

Forces: We gave you the answer tonight listen to it. Question.

Isis: I also read in one of the Sessions early on where you talked, after already I got sick, I mean you were talking about my immune system and of course at that time I didn’t know to pick it up —- I guess couldn’t care less so he didn’t pick up on it. But was there a way in which to have done something for my immune system originally somehow? Was there something and was there a reason why you just didn’t say, this is what is going on, this is what you have, this is, or was it something that, the only cure for that was this diet and if I didn’t have the cancer I probably would not have gone on this kind of a diet?

Forces: More or less this finds itself to be true.

Isis: And for the entities asthma is that not the same thing?

Forces: It is and in itself he finds himself to be semi on it, but it is also allergic to a lot of the trees and elements of nature itself. Question.

David: On the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit I have Judaism as being the Father, the Son is Christianity and the Holy Spirit Islam. Is that correct?

Forces: Yes.

David: And on the Tree of Life it would be the Middle Pillar is Judaism?

Forces: Yes.

David; The Right Pillar is Christianity?

Forces: Yes.

Esther: Is the Ark of the Covenant to be found or be brought forth soon?

Forces: When the entity returns to Jerusalem, then it will materialize.

Esther: Thank you.

Ninai: Should the leaks in roof be done by us or professionally?

Forces: An eye to look at it, and to handle it could be the both parties.

David; Am I studying the right thing? I think your guiding me to study a certain thing and I seem to find the right elements, they all fit together is that just me or are you helping me?

Forces; Remember these elements are etheric in nature and they deal with a different level of that spirit. To formulate that into a solid feature takes many different areas of help and this is what the knowledge and understanding is about.

David: Thank you.

Michael: Lately I have been having trouble with my right hand, both hands have been kind of weakened, but and I know its due to a lot of the stuff I do at the job and other stuff I do, scrubbing and stuff like that?

Forces: You mustn’t scrub too hard.

Michael: Is there anything I could take or…?

Forces: Well we had just mentioned not to scrub to hard, in so doing you won’t have this what would be called tendonitis. Also a band around your wrist with a pressure point is what you should wear constantly.

Michael: Thank you.

Isis: Now there are so many things in the house, the roof leaks, the driveway, the heat pump for upstairs. What should we do what can we do because money wise. Do we really need to redo the whole roof. What is it that, because this money can go quiet fast if we just…?

Forces; Well in your roof situation it is time to repair the whole roof in itself. The whole roof in time as time goes on, needs to be in every house needs a certain amount in which they have to accomplish the retiling of it. It is a job that not everyone wants to think about but it is part of the maintenance of the house. At this point we have talked many…Tape Ends.

Tape Starts Again

Isis; Is she going to win.

Forces: The element of winning and losing is weighted in the balance for her, she can only win if she starts believing in herself. She must not be frightened of who has or who can or the direction to lead her, she must lead herself, no one can do this for her now. And if sensing those people sense that she is without direction or without a goal or how to. It does not give a good message. Her heart is good, her spirit is good, but she must allow her heart and her spirit to come together to lead herself through this dark moment of what is the best for her to do. It is in the balance, whether she wins or lose. It is in the balance. A very thin line for success or failure. If she keeps her strength and listens to what has to be done, and she has been given many different directions. The entity had given her guidance, stay too that and then it will be accomplished.

Forces: At this point “Greetings to all here present now”

Isis; Thank you. Our Father…