Session 610-7/15/95

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find many different changes about ready to manifest itself. Cataclysmic encounters on natural levels: we see tremendous earthquakes still motivating, changes in Japan and under the ocean nearby. We see the slips of ice falling and slash into different areas of the waters. We see plateaus and rivers change it banks and course for the rest of our lifetime. There will be a magnetic surge within the holocaust causing rivers to alter their paths. We see tremendous encounters with normal principals and experiences with the changing of them into…
The turmoil with the countries in the European district needs tremendous prayers and assistance. We find even the structure of this system should be challenged. They’re many different confrontational units that have their own system of controls. We see the reptilian aliens as becoming stronger and more prominent than the other particular aliens now. There has been major confrontations, and the request of whether, and the request of whether these particular confrontations and alien occupied the earth has been here for thousands of years. There are many different levels of presentation and accusations are very standard in this phase.
We find tremendous changes with the particular dessert, one interesting part is to share that whipped cream does not go over easy with strawberries. That’s a code type diaphonic symbol. We would repeat it to you, but it was brought to you by Pillsbury.
We find the alien races in tremendous conflict in the atmosphere beyond the earth, keeping us at bay from coming in. There has been tremendous confrontations and conflicts. The water expedition that you had was basically brought down by us to eradicate and remove the underground reptilian base. This was done through us at that particular service that we manifested our presence. Fortunately we must say that we do not take an active part like that all the time, but in this particular case we had to manifest and move quickly. We will promise you again to give you warning suitable for taking a glass of water or tea or soda. We do not promise you that it will not happen again. There will be other incidences and manifestations for other movements within Virginia. Fortunately, because of our presence Virginia’s energy and manifestation of this power will be felt first.
We find many different countries going through tailspins and changes with their own government. The Soviet Union is due for a upheaval. The cataclysmic change within the region within the topography within the state. We find many deals of conflict materializing and confrontations more and more in China. We find great floodings taking place and also man-made floodings. We find tremendous upheaval manifesting in China for religious freedoms, and for the brotherhood of mankind never known before on earth, as we have prophesied that many times before. We find different stages of man and woman in their own movement in time and space. But first of all one must remain centered, one must remain in prayerful state, one must remain in the consciousness of the flowing of energy going through. Question.

IS: Thank you for coming in and for me, thank you for the trip
through the highways.

FORCES: We had watched you as a little pulsating beeper and we kind of felt you handled yourself well.

IS: Thank you very much. What happened on 64 at that.. .coming back, when we were coming back?

FORCES: It is just the exit passed by quickly and you had not perceived it or noticed it.

IS: But what happened on 64 itself when the doorway sort of – it felt like a doorway opened up in the sky and everything sort of cooked itself – I don’ know how to… it felt like a doorway that
opened up in the sky and all the tentacles were gathering force, and only then the thing came down…and it blasted everywhere. Big fat tentacles of lightening.

FORCES: We do not think you meant 64, but I feel you meant 29 South.

IS: Oh is that where it happened?

FORCES: Yes. This was Us manifesting ourselves and directing a lot of energy changes that were going on, and also quietly confronting some conflicts that were happening in the earth.

IS: Thank you. Because I watched the doorway open, do that thing and close, then open again.

FORCES: Exactly.

IS: Thank you. How am I doing physically?

FORCES: We find you to be doing good. Moving right along.

IS: And all the extra pains in legs that I have?

FORCES: Remember there’s a great deal of accumulation and a lot of toxicity is coming out.

IS: So I am still not finished with the toxicity?

FORCES: No, and it cannot amend into that field of this constant, as long as that is going, you are also well. As long as you are experiencing difficulties in pain, this is the moving forward of the toxicity.

IS: Will that diminish or stop?

FORCES: Yes, it will.

IS: Thank you. The trip also, what did the entity do in Baltimore? It was quite obvious that there was a force that moved from spot to spot, to place to place. There was no…it was work.

FORCES: It was tremendous amount of work, more like – we hate to say this, but it was a tremendous push by ahhh to go from one area to the other. More of like setting up a tower of power stations Internet and interlocking. So it’s just more like this shower of power coming down.

IS: Did the…on the human level, the people that we came in contact with, for instance DS, what does he understand now? Or does he? I know ES probably does not

FORCES: He understands that he’s been saved and protected. He also understands he – deep part of him – wished he would have listened sooner. He knows innately he could have been saved.

IS: So he knows he’s going?

FORCES: Well, we will still work with him, but unfortunately, there’s only a certain amount we can do in this case.

IS: Could the Gerson therapy have helped him?

FORCES: If started at that time, yes.

IS: And, he understands about the other side?

FORCES: Yes, he’s comprehending it as best as he

IS: He now…can he now see the entity for what the entity
is, or a little biddy of that?


IS: So the veil is becoming thinner then?

FORCES: Yes. He feels he should have listened sooner, and joined in as much as he could have…he would have been saved. What we are trying to say is he did not have to end it this way. There was years ahead of him. But when the mind turns and looks a different direction, then there’s nothing that can be done except play the tune out.

IS: Why was his wife such opposition to this? What was there to be lost? What did we ask from them or…

FORCES: Unfortunately, her husband was weak, and she did not like that experience, and he was in the purpose of needing, again another thing she did not like. And the third is she … wants to have to move on with her business and make the money and keep it in her hands rather than sharing it with anyone else.

IS: Thank you very much. JN comprehends what’s been going on and what’s happening?


IS: And how ’bout her husband DW, has he…is he more…

FORCES: He’s receptive, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of growing in spirit to be done by him.

IS: How am I doing spiritually?

FORCES: We find you to be moving along.

IS: Is that good or…?

FORCES: Well, better than standing still.

IS: I see. Thank you very much.

TV: Thank you. Could you give me some guidance in regards to my mother? I’m not exactly sure what she has or is she doing all right?

FORCES: We find it a different series of tumors throughout the body. There are different nerve endings that are synapsing in a wrong frequency. There’s a nervous disorder in the making. Ah we find that there are different souls come in to manifest for that moment. In this particular case, she needs to watch and to take care of the things she eats, along with the different force of trying to pray and meditate. Meditation could be helpful in healing her body. It is a sequence of chemical effects on her body from the housekeeping elements that she would work at, which would affect her body. In all reality the tumor had come from these chemicals that she was around constantly.

TV: So I should just keep reminding her to meditate and pray and watch what she eats?

FORCES: Well, review with her the food elements, of course no beef, of course, and chicken, no. But an increase of vegetables and fruits and soups. But most of all, she must realize that prayer and meditation is the most helpful.

TV: Thank you.

IS: Is that cancer she has?

FORCES: Well, it…certain aspects of that family. We would look through and work with her and try to move things around, that it will not be so complicated and critical.

TV: Thank you.

IS: So a modified version of the Gerson food?

FORCES: Well, we would have to just find out what she’s eating. Definitely no tortilla sauce.

JH: Thank you. Thank you for all the things you’ve given me and thank you for help at work and…I’d like to ask a question about work. The idea I have about CD8 cells being solely activated without help from CD4 cells? If I can super-activate the dendritic cells can I see this?

FORCES: Remember it can be done in a period of time during a specific cycle. In the cycle it will be revealed it can be done. There’s a cyclical thing in which these elements take place. Yes, it can be done.

JH: Is it the cycle of the dendritic cell or the CD8 cell?

FORCES: You have it in the CD8 cell first, but unnaturally, then it changes to the other cell.

JH: So in the case of viruses, the virus is recognized by the CD8 cell before it’s recognized by the dendritic cell?


JH: Thank you.

FORCES: It will show a certain experience and it is a tedious process to reveal, but once revealed changes the whole, nature nature, nature, nature of things.

JH: Thank you.

ES: Thank you very much for helping at work in the hospital.

FORCES: One moment. But in this particular case, it is an element that can be revealed, an element that has substance and an element that can alter the ability and reveal answers to the immune system.

JH: So in the case of viruses, are the CD8 cells processing and presenting viral antigens?

FORCES: You’ll find that it happens in this sort of way. Not all viral situations would produce this, but yet in the majority of them, they alter and disguise themselves, which is the reason why it’s not found.

JH: OK. Thank you.

ES: Thank you. Is the Downs syndrome that we know of, was that originally an alien mixture… problem?

FORCES: This was a particular question given before, not here, but by some other individual at another place. The answer is yes. Downs syndrome is a mutant alien child.

ES: Where was that question asked before?

FORCES: It was asked to the entity in your lovely Schuyler restaurant.

ES: Oh. That was me. Thank you very much.

FORCES: What? Repeat.

ES: I think that was me.

FORCES: It might have been you, but it was also the owner that mentioned it too. You need to talk to her.

ES: The wife of…Charlie’s wife?

FORCES: Things mysteriously do happen.

ES: Thank you.

IS: In the Cayce readings, it was mentioned that the retarded children – and I don’t know if that’s exactly the Downs syndrome – but that retardation is usually that one part of the soul is in hell or in another – or something like that, while another part of that soul is experiencing these different love and goodness’s of other people because they have to be taken care of.

FORCES: This concept would be very difficult to believe. Their soul could be triregretic or trimectorial. Trimectorial is a system in which the activity of the soul is duplicated into a fall of composites of different allegories, which would make the explanation of a sleeve, sieve, or better yet separate avenue of chambers. The soul is never really separated into chambers, but yet compartments are made. Chambers are then the after-effect of the compartments. A soul, in its own pure essence, can have the possibility and capability of networking with other souls of its kind. There are many people walking the earth that are connected from soul to soul, having one soul yet 2 bodies. And in this connection the formula is the compartment of chambers. That is why chamber music is the music of the soul.

IS: So is that then accurate, in the Cayce reading that…?

FORCES: Well we just showed that the soul can separate into many different chambers. Therefore, such explanation shows the relativity and also the congeniality of an event in which a soul can be in one consciousness, but yet established in another.

IS: And where does the alien come in?

FORCES: Aliens come in through the walls, at any time.


ES: Was there a specific race that started the Downs syndrome?

FORCES: Well, we would say that the – what would be Grays incorporated the Talls incorporated the Blondes incorporated the Reptilians and Dog race, each one mixing too much together. Ah it is a possibility that these souls, as we have expressed, divided and separated into chambers, is the same division or terminology in this particular case as divided and separated into chambers of different species – the aliens versus humanoids.

IS: So, any one of these chambers, one could be a soul split

FORCES: You must understand that the aliens have put a lot of humans on the earth for their population and prop… procreation. Man had gone into a different evolution despite the aliens attack and attachments, and also implementations. Man was given by the first Adam the spirit of life and incorporated this spirit of life as the breath of life, in which makes man a very developed and very distinguished soul in all the galaxies. Man and woman on the earth have what would be considered the capabilities of creation, self-procreation, more than any other animals in the galaxies. Man and woman are what would be considered a loose cannon. They’re unpredictable. They make no sense. There’s nothing that is concrete. Man and woman from the beginning of time do not belong to anything of other galaxies, but to the spirit of the God, or the spirit of life. This is a complicated matter. But the aliens are trying to procreate themselves, and a lot of times it’s not successful, which breaches the whole (forming and) chromosomes, which causes this type of defect or deficiency. Remember, there is no need for a defective chromosome. Certain lights and vibrations can make and alter the defective chromosome into the positive chromosome that it was created to be.

IS: What does a successful alien baby look like?

FORCES: We would say the Chinese race is considered successful interbreed.

IS: Any particular alien race or…?

FORCES: Reptilian and the Dog from Ulsa Minor.

IS: Dog from Ulsa Minor?

ES: Did they start out Chinese or people from that place, and then the aliens came in, or they were like everybody and the aliens…?

FORCES: They were fair and had normal eyes like everyone, but of course the interbreeding made them through the thousands of years look the way they look.

IS: Are now the Chinese then the exclusive…are the Chinese exclusively then the Reptilian alien?

FORCES: Other aliens have integrated with the – what is known as Chinese race, so therefore, they’re not just totally Chinese alien race of Reptilian species.

IS: How about the Japanese?

FORCES: Japanese are of the same type of source.

IS: Tartars?


IS: So the whole yellow race.

ES: Mongolian?

The Channellors: Same.

IS: Is there any other race…?

FORCES: This is thousands of years’ work, children, not over night. Thousands of years.

IS: Any other alien that has taken over a whole race?

FORCES: The Indian people are implemented into this.

IS: American Indian?

FORCES: The Indian . . .(someone explains India) and also the Aztecs or Peru. Question.

IS: Thank You.

FORCES: You must understand the Aztec and the Peru people – you cannot understand them unless you incorporate them being one with the aliens and (in) their civilization. In the Peru…, in the mountains of Peru, the aliens were one and walked and talked and incorporated their civilizations from Mars there.

IS: Any particular alien?

FORCES: Choose one. Each one doesn’t matter. There were hundreds of people interbred with the aliens who walked and talked with them, at least 44 of them type area and type situation. This was the incorporation of it. A lot of the alien people wanted sacrifices for the children. Children sacrifices – so that they would give up their children to the aliens for interbreeding and extension of their races and of course this certain amount of energy for the aliens when they take the source into the child of the aliens’ breed – had energy given to them.

IS: Did the aliens actually want those children dead then?

FORCES: Eventually some wanted them because they were able to take that essence from them at the moment of death.

IS: Are any of the people…?

FORCES: See, the reason why we are talking to you about these things – we know how traumatic it might be for you all, but you might as well know the truth instead of sticking your head in the sand. Ah but we’ve talked many, many years about these people, the aliens all around us,.. All around you, not us, but you. Fortunately, you’re in paradise of heavenly tours, you know, but the, the, the Reptilian aliens, which are powerful, are on their way as their cyclical – they come every, would you sss 4,000 years. And that’s who we’re fighting. Not us of course, nock, nock, nock, but we are watching them fight and conflicts are happening, and that’s well you…have…hum, there’s lots of water trouble because these are the a, the a,… Reptilians are underground are called ah Dracul (group all say ohhh) What happened? (low sighs and laughter)

Is: You said Dracula right?

Forces: Oh that’s where that guy comes from, because they need the blood from humans, and those where they had the children, cause they needed too, wellll wahhh, see the energy, you do get the picture you know, you want ah sit here talk more? Get the film Dracula and watch it, you know, that’s what goes on (…) you know suck the energy suck the blood you know (…). Slurpees ah slurpee.

Is: And those are the ones that created the whole Chinese nation?

Forces: The ones that helped to create, there not the only ones, there’s others involved, they had their finger in the pie.

Paradise, as you know it, started on Mars. And then it fell apart, and then they all dumped everybody here on the earth. That’s why the buildings and the temples and the pyramids and the, and the, and the taa, ahh structures are intact on Mars, ’cause nothing was destroyed. Cities and empires are still on Mars.
Is: Did Mars have an atmosphere?
Forces: Oh yes, still does.
Is: Openly, or under cover?
Forces: Oh, we’ll quietly tell you. You can live on Mars, and you can breathe on the moon. Don’t need this big equipment … you can walk on the moon and breathe.
Is: With all these, ah how to ask it. From all the people, from the original … from the first crop of people on the earth, as we understand it, and the time of chaos in Genesis … the people that turned themselves, that went into things, and created themselves into creatures and such are those the people that the aliens can easier possess?
Forces: No, no, no. Those are the aliens interbreeding with those people, creating monstrosities and conflicts and all sorts of different things, I mean there’s, there was a field day at that point.
Is: So at that point the aliens were inter…
Forces: Breeding.
Is: Breeding. That was then before the Garden of…that was at the time of chaos, at the first creation?
Forces: Anything that took place here on the earth happened after Paradise. Paradise failed; man and woman revolted. Remember, in the Garden of Eden, it was Dracule that came to Eve.
Is: It was Dracule that came to Eve?
Forces: It was a Reptilian alien with the wingspan on its back of its neck. Fourteen feet long to the left, 22 feet long to the right, and bring the spans together and you turn out right. You know the horns coming out of Dracule were the horns of the Reptilian force. Antennas, right?
Forces: Who seduced Eve?
Isis: The snake, the dragon, the dracule…
Forces: What does seduce mean? They did bumpies.
Isis: In relation…
Forces: Now, wait now, you didn’t answer me.
Q: Oh.
Forces: What happened then? We’re not here just to give you a session, we’re here to give you an education.
Forces: What happened after…
Isis: After Adam and Eve?
Forces: No, no, no, no, no. What happened when Eve got
seduced by Dracule?
Is: Did she give birth to Cain?
Forces: And Cain? Spell Cain.
Is: And Cain…yeah?
DD: It means nest.
Forces: Say it louder.
DD: It means the nest in Hebrew.
Forces: Okay!
Is: Cain … oh that’s right. Cain.
DD: Nest of the serpent…dracule.
Is: Huh?
DD: The nest of Dracula.
Is: Why do I personally then absolutely don’t like those movies. Did I have a personal experience?
Forces: Well, you do not particularly like to, to see these Reptilian forces, ’cause they strike terror in you and because they remind you of another experience of lifetime of combating these aliens.
Is: I was involved in combating these aliens?
Forces: Well, you know how ah troublesome they are.
Is: Yes.
Forces: Now remember what happened to Eve. No, she did not tiptoe through the tulips, of course not. C’mon, sparkle up people, what did she do?
Is: Oh, after she had Cain?
Forces: No, no, no, no. After she had Dracule.
Is: Oh, after she had Dracule she went to Adam, and ..
Forces: And said “More!” So, Adam and Eve started procreating … fiercely. Bumpies under the ground, bumpies in the leaves, bumpies everywhere. Kept them busy, right?
Is: Yeah. When they walked in the Garden of Eden with God, before Satan, who was that God? Was that…who was that God?
Forces: Who was that masked man?
Is: Who was that force of God, or who was God? Was that you?
Forces: Let us say this: we know the dude.
Is: But God is…there is a God that is way and above and beyond any aliens. Or is it aliens that we call God?
Forces: Well this is a bummer. The reason why is we don’t want to break your bubble about your God. But if we were to tell you everything that we know about this creation of yours, you would go and get a MacDonald’s hamburger and a milkshake, and enjoy that to your fullest. What we’re trying to say is through evolution of time gods, aliens walks the earth. Our main job, as we promised you from the very beginning of talking with you, was to bring you through this troubled time. And God knows it’s going to be troubled. So, as time goes on we will try to give you as much information as we possibly can. If we gave you this information totally in 1970, you would go bonkers, am I right? Yes of course. You would not be able to understand. It took you 20 years for you to comprehend us. It’s gonna take us a thousand years for us to comprehend you. You don’t understand: you guys are so dangerous, that the whole galaxy out there are frightened to come to earth, because you are seducers. You have emotions. You have the prettiest eyes that if, if, if, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah…the point is: you don’t know who you are. Now the entity knows who you are, that’s why he has a lot to deal with. He knows you’re…active, living. But there’s a job to do and there’s work to do in the next few years. There has to be things that have to be accomplished. Now, can you imagine what we’re trying to tell you? You have your mind, you have your perception, you have your concepts. You’re a threat to the alien population because you are the strongest. And you are the strongest … does any of you know why you are the strongest?
Is: Because we have the complete soul.
Forces: Okay. But why are you the strongest? Elementary. Elementary, why are you the strongest? Because I tell you so? I could say you’re real pretty and then you’d have the biggest ego going here tonight. Why are you strongest?
Is: Because we have the emotions?
Forces: Yes. You do have emotions that the aliens do not have. You send them for a loop with your emotions up and down, up and down, up and down. Why are you the strongest, what do you do that they can’t do?
Is: Create, procreate.
Forces: Okay, but what else do you do, not only procreation, but what else do you do that they can’t do?
Several voices: Pray.
Forces: Pray. What was the other?
Several voices: Free will.
Forces: Free will. And the other?
Several voices: Meditation.
Forces: Those 3 elements: procreation, pray, meditation, free will. You have blood of (NAME) inside you, the name we gave you from the beginning. (NAME) is the son of the Empire that you come from. And from this Empire … which is the greatest in the galaxies, and the strongest, the most powerful … you, as slaves, as humans, as cattle, are not supposed to know that you have ownership to this empire. It is through the blood of (NAME) that is handed down through Adam, is handed down to Ove-lah. Ove-lah then is known as Ove-lah…ee…lot. In the “Lot” experience, that became the pivoting point in which the aliens said: “Man, woman are stronger than us. We must end that experience that you do not remember this.” That is why Lot’s wife was turned to salt. She looked back and remembered the experience. “It must not be remembered,” they said. Now, we will talk to you, for the time is short. The entity is being formed and changed, and there are times when we will come through him, and you will say: “This is strange, for this is not him.” But we do not have time to go and give sessions like this that we will come through and give it to you directly. But, when Sodom and Gomorrah was burned to a cinder, the flames and a…(pause). What happened in Sodom and Gomorrah is nuclear fission, that every cell that had energy of life exploded, combustible fusion. And it was imploding for three and a half years. In that three and a half span years, anyone who looked to this city would be imploded, a flame of implode, explosion of flames turning them after it was over to salt. This was done by the Empire, that you had come from and you have ownership to, and the right of ownership. Because the Son came from the Empire, saw you in the Garden of Eden as slaves, and illuminated you with his spirit. Not that you procreate, that makes you great. Not that you have free will that makes you great, even though these aspects are a pain in the royal butt. But, what makes you great … AND MOST POWERFUL … HEAR THESE WORDS. Meditation, chanting, and prayer makes you the greatest entity in the galaxies. For that you bring down the energy of the earth into your selves, then you start and you bring it up into the galaxies. This is an element the aliens cannot handle. They cannot understand. They are transfoxiated. or in reality, formlessness.

Is: Are you then the Empire?
Forces: If we were the Empire, then you are empty. Empire did not talk to the ones that were being threatened. You were the threaten-ers.
Is: Are we not belonging to the Name…don’t we have a part in the name, and is He not from the Empire?
Forces: Of (NAME)?
Is: Yes.
Forces: (NAME) was the son of the royal family of the empire. So of course you have a part of the empire. We are the Higher Forces that you have named us.
Is: Yes.
Forces: We are not part of the Empire. Guess again. We know the
DD: Was he from the Dogs?
Is: You once…talked about something about the Principalities.
Forces: Why do you think Moses was not allowed to see God?
Is: I thought because he transgressed by striking the stone twice.
Forces: No, no, no, no. Why was Moses not allowed to see the face of God on Mount Sinai?
Is: Because he’ll be burned down.
DD: He would have saw an alien.
ME: Same reason we…that he was…same reason as we feel about the aliens. We’re a threat to them.
Forces: What would you do if you saw us in our total nature?
Is: I once asked that question whether we would be terrified of you, and you said: “It is possible.” But I don’t know what that answer means.
Forces: Then we shall reveal ourselves to you and you will see. (Long pause) What we are saying is: now, look within. The feel that you felt is the revelation of the same. To manifest what we are, we…but for Moses to see what they were, would frightened him, disgust him. Therefore, God had to hide himself from Moses, for fear that Moses would be freaked. We know the dude. What we are saying, in the history of the Jewish people they saw a cross…section of aliens called gods. They were inter-breeded with the spirits of God, but there was a battle to control the Jewish nation of Israel, and each alien tried their best for control. Then came God. Now, there’s so much to talk about. Poor Moses, just meet with many different batches of aliens and God. He could not understand one from the other, cause they all had different things going on. One fed the people, one followed the people, one gave water, one gave the floods. The Reptilians were the ones that did the curse on Egypt. The blood that came from the earth was the war the of the Reptilians and the aliens with one another that created the bloodshed of the Reptilians underground, which exploded them, creating their blood to come into the water. I hope this doesn’t complicate your lives.
Is: The Reptilians with who? With who did they fight that the blood…?
Forces: The Reptilians sent the curse of the plagues on Egypt, for they were fighting the gods of the north, or the Talls.
Is: I keep getting the message majority that the Reptilians are the bad guys, but then from time to time I keep receiving that they did some stuff that was good, or that was in the…l don’t understand.
Forces: Were not bad, but for the sake of not judging, it’s best to say they were the instrument that got you out of the Garden of Eden.
Is: That’s pretty bad.
Forces: Not unless you were knowing that the Garden of Eden from the Gods kept you as slaves there. Listen, if you had to pick fruit all day long, you would get tired of it.
Is: Were the Reptilians as is depicted a fallen angel or a messenger of God?
Forces: They were not that bad, but they became bad because they gave you the knowledge that you could procreate any time you wanted to. They were subjected by the gods to turn you on and off when they wanted you to. He came along and told you you could do it anytime. Which made you very what?
Is: Independent.
Forces: As George Burns would say, very prolific. But, (NAME) came and gave you the breath of life, the spirit of the Gods that transferred and transcended you into another plateau. Not just for procreation alone, even though if God gave you a bunker, as they call it, but you go even higher. Do you know where the alien bunkers are at?
Is: In the pole. In the ice poles.
Forces: Well, of course they are because they don’t use their
bunker anymore.
JU: Jesus and the Name…what’s the relationship between the
Forces: They are the same.
Q: That’s what I thought. So Jesus was the manifestation of that
force coming in?
Forces: Correct. Because he had a job to do, he had to continue
Is: So he wasn’t Adam?
Forces: Oh yeah, he was Adam too. We forgot to tell you that.
Q: So when (NAME mispronounced by one letter) took over, or took care of us, we’re considered his children, is the word (NAME) symbolic to the father of the untamed? For some reason I’m seeing that the word (NAME) can be reversed.
Forces: (NAME) was the son that came from the empire, and no transversion can be made. The sound must (NAME) be the same. It cannot be transverse.
JU: Is it not better not to say that unless we need to?
Forces: It is said here for you to hear it. It has been told not to mention it in public, or openly, unless you need the force to manifest before you.
DD: So if he was of the Empire, what…was that an alien race too? Because we’ve studied other material and it was…. Would that be a race?
Forces: You’re alien. They’re alien. Everyone’s alien.
DD: So how does this relate to what they call the Dak?
Forces: The duck?
(DD: and others): The Dak.
Forces: It would be nice to have a duck in here.
DD: Was the name above all that, part of the council then?
Forces: Drech? Is that what you’re saying?
DD: No, was the Name that you gave us, was it part of the council at that point, or was it…
Forces: The Name we gave you came from the Empire, the
highest Empire, yes.
DD: So what race was the Empire?
Forces: Reptilian.
DD: So they were the good Reptilians?
Is: Wait a second. This is where I was getting the messages.
DD: Yeah, yeah, the good ones.
DD: Wait a second. Is there good Reptilians and bad Reptilians, or is it just Reptilians?
Forces: Their Reptilians are fair in stature, and refined, and
they’re good.
JU: And this is the highest Empire?
Is: Wait a second.
Forces: Doesn’t that beat all?
JU: Yep!
Is: Wait a second.
DD: That’s why the Forces had that Reptilian flying serpent on
their uniforms.
ES: Caduceus?
Is: That’s why Moses’ staff became a reptile and ate the other reptiles. All the magicians made the reptiles, out of sticks, but Moses’ ate up the others. But is there…are there two kinds of reptilian? Is there a fallen son, as there is…
Forces: Let’s make it a wait a minute. I’ll tell you everything we can tell you. For it’s imminent that we openly have dialog. Time is short. You need to know as much as you can know. But, if you had an Empire, and someone came to your workers and revealed that they can procreate, that energy becomes very prolific and very rebellious. The Empire then gets mad at the one who reveals it to the workers. So that is why that particular Reptilian Dracule is fallen.
Is: So the fallen one is the one that revealed? He is the bad guy to
the Empire?
Forces: Yes
DD: So when it comes down to us he’s the bad guy too.
Is: Are you saying, then, that Dracula is a friend to humanity?
Forces: Well, we wouldn’t go that far. Remember, there are many different alternates and sides of the story. If that was not true, we would not say it. But as I show you this side of the prism, know ye that there is another side. Is that not just dandy?
JU: The relationship of the Empire to the gods…cause when you referred to gods two sessions ago, and I asked you gave several names of God. What is the relation of the Empire to those three names that you gave us?
Forces: The highest.
JU: The Empire is the closest to the gods?
Forces: No. Let us try to give you an explanation. That Empire was challenged by Ulsa Minor and Ulsa Major. That is your other Empires. These are the ones that eat humans … you. These have an appetite, you are their delicacies.
DD: Are they the Dogs?
Forces: That is the Dog empire. That was the one that went to the, the ah Reptilian empire. The Reptilian Empire is the most sophisticated, most powerful empire in the galaxies. But we told you that, right?
JU: Yes.
Forces: Now, remember we know the dude. Keep in mind, as we show you and have this dialog the prism turns, your question “Is there a god higher than that Empire” … you. You. You are the god. You are the gods. You. You don’t understand that, do you?
JU: Is it that aspect, divine aspect inside that we’re talking about, that we…
Forces: C’mon now. C’mon, c’mon, c’mon. Don’t be so humble.
JU: More than that.
Forces: You are gods, you are the gods. C’mon. You have the power. How do you have the power? You’re like little…You are little…
Is: Is it like it like in the book Arcturus?
Forces: Excuse us, we’re having a nervous breakdown.
DD: If the Name you gave us, where did he get the…where did he get…he was the Name that was of the empire…
Forces: You are the condensers. And you are the formless ones. We have just given you the secrets of yourselves that they don’t want you to know.
JU: So if we knew how to use…
Is: We can control matter, that’s what you’re saying. Because we are able to control matter, we condense it, or we are formless. That means we can create ourselves, create the universe…
DD: Shape changers.
Is: More than that. It’s create, its create, its not just change
Ju: Up until Atlantis we could create forms and bodies to go into, but when Atlantis and when the flood came…
Forces: Now …the flood. Why the flood? What did I give you as an explanation every single time you see flood? What does it relate to?
Everyone: Reptilians.
The Channellors: Reptilians. War with the Reptilians’ flood, what happened?
DD: A force came in from outside, hit the earth, and caused it to flood.
Forces: What happened with Atlantis you were able to create formless ones. You were able to create the Atlantean experience. The flood happened, what happened with the flood?
JU: It destroyed that, wiped out…
Forces: It wiped…no! It doesn’t destroy anything. It wiped out your what?

JU: Formless ones. What we created.
Forces: It wiped out your remembrance of the formless ones, your consciousness that you should not remember it. Any great cataclysmic event is an event that happens to help erase your remembrance of it.
JU: So therefore, the ability still exists, but we don’t remember it. Or is ability also put in, under some type of control?
Forces: Yes.
JU: So the ability’s also under control, so it really can’t be exercised at the moment?
Forces: Wait. We did not take this time out just to reach this point to give you misinformation. Repeat what you just said.
JU: The ability has also been put under a control, or not allowed at this time.
Forces: You think it has been put under control or not allowed at this time? That is not the reality. That is what they want you to believe.
JU: So we could still do those things?
Forces: Do you believe you can?
Q: Mum-hum.
Forces: Then you can.
ME: So it’s no different than what we’re living is the exactly like
total recall.
IS: So we can change molecules, change…create things out of
Forces: You can receive and get answers by the very work. Some can get less than others. Some are increased more and heightened more. But then when you start receiving, it becomes what we want to give you. My/our main objective is to get your filament to such a point that we can start pushing into your thoughts, into your concepts, creative Revelational forms of thinking that could actually blow everyone’s mind away that it comes from you.
JU: Can we still power cities by thought?
Forces: Yes.
ME: But we can only do that through excessive amounts of our prayers and meditations, that’s why the entity always says we need to make our personal meditations.
Forces: Yes.
ME: Heighten that, and that will be the only way for us to bring in all that stuff that’s coming.
Forces: It’s not only the only way. It’s what turns you on. But see…that’s the answer.
Is: Is there a higher god, though?
Forces: We know the dude.
Is: Is there…yeah…but, you’re saying that we are gods and that is what the Bible says too. That’s what Jesus said also. You are now giving detailed information of what is meant by it. But is there also a higher god?
Forces: We know the dude.
Is: And did he create us?
Forces: Yes.
Is: Is that a God that is…original?
Forces: Now let’s not get into this god up here. You know we always have this power structure. We want the ultimate power. We want the ultimate dude, you know? We want this god up here. That we will eventually reveal to you…where everything fits. But right now we’re just dealing with basic terminology to get you to understand these concepts.
Ju: Now the power…the power that you speak of … is it through prayer and meditation we’re able to call on something that has the power. For example, sometimes you hear of a prophet that called and then something else came down and did it, or is it actually that we can exercise the power if we know how to do it?
Forces: Remember, by these prayers and meditations and chanting you then are revealed into the power, the power becomes revealed to you. Remembrance of the Nameless one becomes manifest.
Is: Remembrance of the Nameless one?
Forces: If there is anything else we have accomplished tonight, it is to give you some structure of what and where we are going. It is to give you some thought of what the people who lived on this earth went through. It will give you some semblance of order. To understand that there are many different things that are being manifested through you. And it also is to reveal the intricate network of this lovely vacational planet you call earth. It is the gem of the universe. It is the tourist spot of tours. It is the heightened pace of paradise that everybody wants to come to for a vacation. You know what? You are stuck here. At this point, we are trying to illuminate you how to move through this and not be just here. There’s much…Question.
Is: You don’t mean that this is really a heaven…I mean a beautiful spot, the earth?
Forces: This was made to be a vacation home for the aliens to get away.
Is: But something happened, because Jesus called it a heap of garbage. A garbage heap.
Forces: Well, considering all the stuff that’s going on here, he’s technically correct.
JU: What can we do to have more sessions, how do we make more of them manifest or can we?
Forces: How can you make what manifest?
JU: More sessions.
Forces: You all come into a certain harmonic tune, a session happens, isn’t that wonderful.
JU: Can something be done to help Tom’s health and breathing?
Forces: Again everyone takes up their own share of the work load and becomes their own creative boss and motivates themselves, more sessions start happening.
Forces: We’re not just saying this just to get more work from you. Then we would put you back on the Garden of Eden. But.
JU: The gods, the Empire, and the Higher Forces … how do they all relate?
Forces: We do very nicely, thank you.
Is: At one point you said … in one of the sessions in Flushing I think, you said that you manifested yourself at one time to the people on the earth as Dragons, in the beginning. And then at another point you said that either you are the Principalities, or something like that, I think that’s what was said, if I understood. At this point, could you tell us who you are?
Forces: Remember, we are constantly revealing ourselves to you. The more you know, the more you know of us. To tell you in words: we are the jelly beans. Would that mean anything to you? We are the dragons. What does that mean to you? We are the Principalities. What does that mean to you? We are the dragons. We are the principalities. But we’re much more than that. You’ve got to be impressed with that.
Is: Yes. Why is the time coming…running…Why is the time short? And what is it, the things…
Forces: Because the time’s not long.
Is: What is the time short for?
Forces: Open up the Bible to what would be considered Leviticus, 7th chapter, 4th verse. And if you have that book, one can read that verse.
JU: “And the two kidneys, and the fat that is on them, which is by the flanks, and the caul that is above the liver with the kidneys, it shall he take away.”
Forces: Let’s read that again.
JU: “And the two kidneys, and the fat that is on them, which is by the flanks, and the caul that is above the liver with the kidneys, it shall he take away.”
Forces: Read it a third time.
JU: “And the two kidneys, and the fat that is on them, which is by the flanks, and the caul that is above the liver with the kidneys, it shall he take away.”
Forces: “…it shall he take away.” …….Does this mean anything to
Is: That somebody’s trying to rearrange the human…the animal.
Forces: No.
DD: Given it to an alien.
ME: That’s what they take from you.
Is: Like the cows that…that they take away from…
Forces: Okay. Alright, but now go on. Anyone else? If you were Chinese, what would these organs mean to you?
ES: Energy.
Forces: This is the soul in which the energy of the body rests … on the kidneys and on top of the liver.
JH: Is it the adrenal glands?
Forces: Yes. Now, read the verse again.
JU: “And the two kidneys, and the fat that is on them, which is by the flanks, and the caul that is above the liver…”
Forces: The what?
JU: “…and the caul…” (spells it) c…a…u…l.
Forces: Okay. What you have here is each is above the organ. Above each organ the manifestation of the soul of the body, addressed as the adrenal glands, addressed as the caul. This is what they are trying to take … the aliens from man, from the entity of man … their souls. Because they have lost their energy level, this is what they’re interested from you. But in the same breath, your prayers and meditation protects these organs. We know you find this particular session enthusiastically warm, receptive and also educational. And above all very enlightening and illuminating. But there is a lot more to speak about.
Is: So the time is short because the aliens … some of the aliens … I have now a whole transformation in my head because I thought that the Reptilians were bad, and now I don’t know for sure.
Forces: We say not. But then we say as the, the …as the crystal turns, we say yes. And we say not, again.
Is: But yet there is somebody more dangerous than the…to humans than the Reptilians.
Forces: Well, if you look over this way…
Is: The ones that eat us, that we are their delicacy…
Forces: We told you of the Dog empire, and they’re right over here. Wanna see one?
Is: No.
Forces: They’re there. But then you have something over here
behind this curtain.
Is: So the thing…the only thing we can do is pray and meditate.
Forces: It is your tool, your power, your source of protection.
Is: Is there anything else that we will be doing, or is that it?
Forces: Well, we do not think this is the lowest thing on the totem
Is: No, no, I don’t mean…what I mean is…did we come together as a group for all these years for this purpose, then?
Forces: What purpose?
Is: To meditate and pray together.
Forces: Oh how boring. Remember, you are evolving everyday. You are changed. You are not the same group two years ago. You are not the same group a year ago. But those who are in tact with this group, we promise you will evolve and expand and expel into a different evolution that nobody will ever understand is capable. In short, we promise you a good time. Greetings to all here present now.
All: Our Father, who art in the heavens…