Session 609-4/24/95

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area as you have noticed, and the weather has been predominately covered. We stayed in the area for the penetration of the energy fields as we have said. There are many different happenings and encounters in your country. We find great changes and turmoil’s within all people of this country. Shall be many confrontations, dialogues of group mass meetings, and congress monopolizing on the tempo and expansion of energy. Different Congressmen and Senators will make bill after bill in reference to terrorism, each one outshining the next, completely overlooking the needs and the demands of this country. No regulations or laws should be made at this moment. But as always, people jump on the emotional bandwagon to emphasize their own personal greed and need. We find the United Nations clamoring for power and strength of this world army. We find England demanding and sending its own battalion of the finest for terrorism. We find France going through internal upheaval in a political system and a new type of president because of this terrorism. We find Germany becoming more closed down in its own approach. Israel going through many different fears in its feelings. The terrorism, we find individuals shooting and maiming people in this country who look like a terrorist. There is no question the bitter pain of this explosion will take years to heal. The building will go up as a memorial forever. Different groups will hold spiritual and religious services in front and constantly around. Stamps will be inaugurated in lieu of this; Plaques, statues, images, coats, hats, paper, candles. The FBI is clamoring for more power and strength. Different groups of the CIA: of HUD and FEMA as your groups. There isn’t a moment, there is a second that doesn’t go by that individuals are now going to jump on the bandwagon to get their own personal attention. People who have been hiding in the closets will now come forward to shake and shatter the peace. There is even a military group that wants to fly a plane over the White House to bomb it thinking that this will devastate the emotions and the morale of the American people. There are also people wanting to blow up the Niagara Falls altering the course of the water. One very big detonation can throw off the whole water supply in the whole eastern area. It is definitely a time of prayer and meditation and spiritual inner-search. It is a moment for big ocean liners to be careful of explosions at sea. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Why isn’t anyone crying for the children of Waco?

FORCES: It is something that needs to be looked at. Some say that the parents were responsible for the children at Waco and it was up to them to get those children out. But of course, the security and the eyes and contacts would stop that. And also the programming and different feelings of the need to stay there by the parents. Unless they should look at the fact that they were children, too. That has to be focused on, that they were 17 or more children there killed, just as there were children in Oklahoma City killed. Each one doesn’t mean it’s right. Its tremendous pain and suffering, but the country must look at the Waco incident in order to put this behind them and look at it properly and truthfully. The Black Tape videos of the Waco attack by the police and governmental offices should be viewed by the public. And the public should make its own judgments. But remember, this too is part of the anticipation and the program of morale lessening and disillusionment of the government again. Each step within this road has been planned carefully. You may think it hasn’t, it has. Nothing goes without planning. Question.

IS: Once the morale is destroyed as it is almost destroyed at this point in this country; people are demoralized because fear in now reigning and it will get worse. What then are they going to do, why are they setting up this set up? What is it that they want?

FORCES: Again, City controls, Marshall law, breakdown of law and order, control of your freedoms, mass hysteria, prison camps, everything that was said to you.

IS: So, the government or certain elements in the government don’t want a democracy here any longer.

CH: They want to be able to take more control.

IS: And is it just some parts of the government?

FORCES: The World Government Order. Question.

IS: What should we do with all this information? It is mind boggling. What can we do?

FORCES: Some will believe you, some will think its foolish. Others will totally not believe. Question.

IS: Who should we give it to that would believe and won’t think that we have something to do with it?

FORCES: This is totally up in the air. Question?

IS: Thank you

TV: Thank you. With this people that are the top part of the world government, the one’s that allow all this and the one’s that are in contact with the aliens, where is their humanity at this point.

FORCES: To see other civilizations on the planet Mars develop, and persevere for the preservation of humanity.

TV: So they have, they think they are being idealistic?

FORCES: They think they are being realistic by getting the top-notch people off the earth on to another planet to cultivate, and high qualities of beings to get rid of the inferior beings on the earth.

TV: But, doesn’t that still compromise just basic humanity? Basic love?

FORCES: Unfortunately, that’s outdated. That’s old hat. Those concepts do not work for the superior man to come.

TV: Thank you

IS: Is there a superior man that is coming.

FORCES: They believe genetically, intelligently, superior mentally, have been weaned off the earth and placed on Mars.

IS: Couldn’t they have Mars and leave Earth alone?

FORCES: No, because they need to wipe the earth clean and repopulate it with these superior races to come.

IS: So Mars is an incubator?

FORCES: Call it what it is. The point is the aliens as they are fighting among themselves, our own governments, fighting for supremacy; it’s an unbelievable mess.

IS: People in the government that are involved in this, do they think they are going to be chosen?

FORCES: Well, they feel that by being involved in it, they are already chosen, question.

IS: Thank you. But they can be eliminated just as easily.

FORCES: Yes, at any time. Question.

ES: Thank you. You said in the last session that this property is on one of the mystery schools? Could you explain that? Is that under the ground.

FORCES: It is the starting of the school from the beginning. And it is on the ground itself with its own evolution.

ES: So the etheric energy of this property is..

FORCES: That too, yes. Also the electro-magnetic fields and the lines of work.

ES: Thank you very much.

JW: So, the aliens. Their real hope is to get back their worker beasts and to destroy those with spirit?

FORCES: More or less.

JU: In earlier sessions, you talked about the souls being as souls hovering over the earth and then getting involved in materiality. And in the last session, you talked about the beast forms that the souls were brought into by the one who we call the Christ, how do those two reconcile?

FORCES: We don’t understand your question?

JU: There was two different forms that were given to how we got involved in physical forms in the earth. One was we were souls on an etheric or higher level and we became involved in materiality by constant experimenting, etc.

FORCES: Exactly, it was the DNA changes within the beast. The DNA structure was taken out of the souls. They were superior element under distant galaxies.

JU: So we interfered with the DNA structure of the beast body and came into it?

FORCES: Repeat?

JU: We interfered with the DNA structure that was in the beast bodies and then entered them?


JU: Well, it said that we came into, the souls came into the, that are in the earth came into the beast bodies that were here. Maybe I misunderstand it?


JU: I don’t understand.

FORCES: What do you mean by WE?

JU: You said that we; it talked of us as being souls in the earth that were brought into beast bodies by the one we call the Christ. So I am trying to understand how they both mean the same thing, its just…

FORCES: The element of the soul was taken by the angels and through that of Adam the spirit of light was placed within the beasts of the earth, of burden, illuminating his soul and
conscientiousness by the changing of the deep sleep and his DNA structure creating a soul within the beast. The souls, who were taken out of a lineage, in line of superior force that completely altered and changed the plans of the gods.

JU: Now, our souls that were existence in a life prior to coming into this level?

FORCES: The souls were of an existence of an element of a superior force of the best qualities of these force; altering and entering into the structure of the beast of burden, sabotaging the plans of the gods, altering it for the creation and duration of eternity.

JU: And in saying the plans of the gods you mean who as the gods.

FORCES: Yahweh, Elohim, Sabboath.

JU: And these are at what level in relation to, is this you or a different level or being entity from what you are.

FORCES: We are the humble watchers of this play that is working out.

JU: And at one point you said to us years ago when you described the table around which you sat in the ship through which things were beamed to us that we too, who ever was in the room I guess at that time or whatever, had sat at that table. Then in what form had we also been at that table?

FORCES: The form in which we beamed you

JU: From the earth and brought us to the ship for that moment in time?

FORCES: From the beam to the earth.

JU: So we were brought into the earth from that point?


JU: One further, the session tape recorder; the one that we have is still rated as top of the line. Should we purchase a new one, should we have this one fixed and use a loaner while this is being repaired?

FORCES: Either one. Having it fixed will not hurt.

JU: Thank you very much.

NN: The stones in the breast plate. Did each of the twelve stones function individually or did they each have an individual purpose or where they in groups of three or did they
like some, were they for protection or channeling energy or did they all have the same function?

FORCES: The stones on the breastplate are vibrational energy fields that were set for the control and focus of discernment. In discernment was the focusing of the pattern of light while the development of the vibration of light, the energy of fractions; these fractions had a focus and demanding sphere of influence in projecting the energies of tomorrow. They all have a fracturing sequence. and each light or stone represented an element of alien power. These were the 12 guardians of the alien power. Those are the force of the different plates in conjunction to that purpose and power of the establishment of earth.

NN: Thank you. So these all were good. None of these were having to do with the five?

FORCES: They were in subsequent order and reflector of the five.

NN: Thank you

IS: You mean they bounced the five off.

FORCES: They complemented the five.

IS: But they weren’t the same side, the five bad ones.

FORCES: It was used to the complement of the total.

NN: So they would kind of reach out. What…

FORCES: They just joined in, in its focus.

IS: The five bad ones were?

FORCES: The five bad ones were also used for other propagation of the species.

IS: So my understanding of those five the way we talked about it yesterday, that is correct.


IS: Meaning like the Hero’s which is…

FORCES: Everything is thrown in the chicken soup.

DD: Do I understand correctly like in the beginning of the Zohar it talks about the 42 letters which could be 44 adding 2, the creation of one another, these are 42 alien races plus two that were involved in the creation of what we know as creation when this earth, this universe. And the 5 were against the creation. 44 were somehow involved for the creation of man, the five were against it. And this is where it started the whole chain reaction. Is that sort of correct?

FORCES: It is correct.

DD: And then you get the, when they go to the council, then the council, talking about the council on Mars is all these alien races together.


DD: And the five are the ones that always say why was man created and they were against it, they were against it in the beginning.


DD: And they are the same as what they call the 42 judges in the Book of the Dead, who judge man.

FORCES: Yes. Question.

ME: The fact that so many children are being sacrificed in these terrorist bombings and with illness, starvation, and so on, would that have to do anything the point of revelation about the Guff of souls being emptied and at what stage of revelations would we be in now?

FORCES: Let us say that some say the third seal, some say the fourth and sixth, and it is true what you asked.

ME: I am also listening now at night to the Tibetan Bowl. What does that do for the inner self when listened to?

FORCES: It is good to listen to a louder sound and it’s for the internal organs of the body and the centering of the mind.

JE: You mentioned that the god’s original plan was altered and the souls were attached. What was the original plan?

FORCES: That man would be happy in paradise to know and to love and to serve him. Forever.

JE: So man was created just for the service of those gods?

FORCES: Well, there were lots of fruits of the trees and leaves on the ground and the trees need pruning and keeping. Someone had to do the work.

JE: And when the soul was entered in or when it was attached so to speak, that started the whole chain reaction that has changed everything since that point?

FORCES: That cast them out of the garden of happiness.

IS: They still do the work, they just not happy about it. Thank you

FORCES: Thank you.

IS: Now, how much or how far can you, are you allowed or can you or will you, I don’t know which part you are of that, interfere or influence what’s happening on the earth. Are you allowed to interfere or is that free will.

FORCES: We interfere, not. We affect. Change does happen. We only pronounce when it is done.

IS: But yet these are the things that are, somehow that world government, are they going to get away with it or is it going to be revealed.

FORCES: We are talking on it. It starts off with a ripple. Things do have a habit of cascading to greater and greater. Come and talk and open it up, and then come and talk.

IS: How is Susan receiving, and Helen, how are they receiving the session I have given them. Are they able to receive it, understand it.

FORCES: Well, so much has happened since that particular session. Nor did you expect so much to happen from that session. But all things point to what has been said in that session.

IS: And they see it?

FORCES: Well, they are perceiving it.

IS: That session is probably then to have many copies going around all over the place, is that right?

FORCES: It is these things can happen.

IS: JMM I can’t remember exactly his second name. The one from the MI. The one that I am reading the book. He is a good guy.

FORCES: Yes, he has been through a lot.

IS: What is he doing. From what I understand, the RV or whatever he calls it, it is basically trying to make a legitimate thing out of something that probably gives a psychic a lot of pain? Is that basically it?

FORCES: Yes, 443.

IS: What is that, 443. Well, the entity can do that right?

FORCES: Oh, we doubt that very much.

IS: You doubt it? I mean he can do that right, he can RV . Okay, my question is when JMM does the RV, that is JMM doing it, its not you coming in and doing it for him. It’s not you, it’s that man and he goes as far as he can with whatever he is doing. But when the entity that comes in well, that’s you, so my question is can the entity do that kind of stuff or is it a totally different thing?

FORCES: (……….) can be done.

IS: Now another question, can I ask the next question?

FORCES: Are we going to stop you?

IS: Can you medically change or affect things?


IS: Why am I not changed yet. I am so tired. I want my life back. I mean, I don’t feel, I am so continuously with this Epstein Barr, the diet, the therapy, everything, I don’t have a life. Is there, would it be a terrible thing if I could get a little bit something, if you could change that for me?

FORCES: But you are being changed at this very moment.

IS: The Epstein Barr, can it be completely cured.


IS: And while I am on a roll, how about Tom’s breathing?

FORCES: Every day is a better day. Question.

IS: Thank you. For Julia, the thing about should she or shouldn’t she get a whole person or…

FORCES: We answered that already.

IS: Yeah, so what I was talking to her on the phone tonight is that all right, sort of?

FORCES: It is either all right or its not. It can’t be sort of.

IS: I see. Well, was it okay what I told her then?

FORCES: What you told her? You already said it. Question.

IS: The oil that is supposed to be on our property somewhere? This would be a really good time to find it, if it is time. Again, I don’t want more money than, its not money…

FORCES: Than you can spend.

IS: Right, I don’t want to be rich so people are jealous at us and hate us, I just want it to –

FORCES: Do you want it?

IS: Yes, I want it to meet our bills and everything. I want it so I can fix a roof without me worrying about who is going to do it.

FORCES: Then, lets take a vote among those who are here. Those who would want it raise your hands.

IS: Oh boy.

FORCES: Those who do not want it? What does the vote say?

IS: Two to eight or one to nine I don’t know.

FORCES: One to nine for what?

IS: For finding. I guess, the oil. Or another means, I don’t care.

FORCES: One vote to nine to find it?

IS: I guess that doesn’t work.

FORCES: Who is the one vote?

IS: Me!

FORCES: Who are the nine votes?

IS: Oh, and ES and NN are for finding the oil and the rest of the guys I guess don’t want it.

FORCES: Then the oil cannot be found by them!

IS: Oh, God.

FORCES: The oil can be found by those who had raised their hands. That doesn’t get you anywhere.

IS: No, I can’t carry a rig, I cannot, I don’t even know who to talk to.

FORCES: None the less, those who will find their oil will be those who have raised the hands. Question.

IS: When, around.

FORCES: As soon as you get out there, question.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Would you bless my new rosary?

FORCES: It is done.

IS: They said it was already done.

JU: It’s done.

NN: Oh, I thought they said stand. Thank you.

FORCES: We figured you wouldn’t.

NN: Thank you very much.

JU: When the instructions were given a while back dealing with effects from the aliens; you said to do the 150 psalms. What exactly does that do and how does that change?

FORCES: Those who do not live in the house should recite the 150 psalms. It sets up a vibrational field for that individual.

JU: And the aliens can’t affect them then? They are protected?

FORCES: The psalms are coded networks of the alien message of declaration of universal protection.

JU: Now, for us in the house, when I have done it, I felt a release of pressure or something… but it is beneficial to anybody, I guess. But what does it do for us if we do 150 psalms?

FORCES: On the first Friday’s of the months, a recital of 150 psalms could be done starting at the 8:00 o’clock reading till the end.

JU: Okay, now, thank you. In this, the one they call the Christ bringing the souls into the earth, is this what became filtered down in one form as the Prometheus story?

FORCES: I would have two on rye to go.

JU: Okay, and the apostles’ understanding, do they have an understanding of the aliens and of ships or they didn’t?

FORCES: They could not quite understand how Jesus walked on water. They could not quite understand the loaves and the fishes.
They could not understand the rising of the dead. They could not understand the water to wine. They could not understand Moses appearing before them. They could not understand do not build temples and keep this secret. They could not understand the deaf could hear. They could not understand the blind to see. They could not understand the Christ to rise from the dead. They could not understand this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. They could not understand all these things that had been done, but in turn, each and everyone, at the moment of their own death, they could not but understand.

IS: I can’t understand either. [long pause] Tommy?

ES: Wow!!

Group: Our Father…