Session 608 4/22/95

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and have seen many different patterns and destruction’s come forth when seeing such items it does shake the very foundation of your purposes. In such we had commented and warned about the destruction’s and how they are planned. It is unfortunate that such comments have to be said planned by government. But as everyone knows, the government too can set and alter things as they see fit. We have seen the different (focuses and powers) of the dark side. But now it is that strength in which the force of the whites sided (confidence) should increase. It is a very strenuous and bad situation to be wanting of here, and in the same way seeing that there is none to transport you. In this strange moment of time, things are changing ever so fast but in the change is the development of that which is a manifestation of the spiritual world come alive. The entrance to the tomb is and has been respected and is granted to enter within. We see that this onslaught of foolish destruction in your area city is painful as it is but retribution should never be had. But it is a continuation of being careful with the Armagon, in such a way, these who would cause explosions would utilize these guns in different cities and different focuses. The breaking of the bread is symbolically the getting of, and in so doing we receive the spiritual course of the getting. We are now ready for your questions, but before you ask, yes you may (to Isis as she gets up to turn off the air purifier), but before you ask questions we have to understand that the possibility of other aerial attacks and underground attacks in this country is great. We would watch tunnels and buildings and bridges. All these are very vulnerable now, especially in the west coast and in the mid-west. We would also watch entrances and exits of different groups coming and going under the auspices of news carriers. These two are vulnerable. We find that there are many orange glowing globes or satellite balls in the sky. We would say that the reptilian force has landed in many different areas. These are sightings and front of skies and windows and people would be seeing orange flashes or ball lightning. It is a satellite dish and dishes that are landing as we speak. This has come from the area of Jupiter and has come from the skirmish that has happened. We find there is much to talk to you about. We feel we would like to support you in this anguish and in this so-called terrestrial conflict of the moment. There will be many sides drawing interest now. you will feel the pulse and the magnetism growing stronger and stronger to the fact of protection. In these quarters would be protection and rejuvenation in which we have set up from the beginning. You will find the electrical field around here to be charged. You will find lightening bugs doing the charging and the electrical field will also be very static. This is of our doing. You will find different dews in the morning, and different energies emanating during the night. You will find electric lightning coming from nowhere and going to nowhere. Again our barrier field that we have supplied and is emanating and activating as we speak. These are the different centers and the courses we have set up in motion and will continue to affect and also produce energy fields of protection. There are many things again to speak about. There are the waters, the rivers,
the mountains, the oceans, the (Nile). There are the many changes and the many prospectus. Keep on keeping on in your inner strength. Do not let your spiritual development to alter or falter. The entity has work that he has to do in many different fields. Some to you are not knowing of or the varyings of such, but in all reality it is work that we have prescribed for far reaching and far active areas. Only for our fields , understanding and knowledge, in implementing on world activities and on mental and spiritual and physical and health areas. These are the activities of in interceding and in application in applying, overlaying and it what would be considered reinstituting, reinterating the force of this energy. It is something that has to be done and there is much work that the entity has much work to accomplish and to set up the different sectors as we’ve prescribed. We are now ready for your questions.

Isis: Thank you for coming in. When you say the government is involved, are we talking, is it Clinton? Does he know?

CH: We wonder about your question. But we also have to understand that these un underlings, they all have the power and all receive the knowledge of knowing. Clinton above all is far from being stupid and naive.

I: So these bombings are set up by the government?

CH: You say with such understanding and not knowing and such alarm and not seeing. You say with disbelief. Ah we cannot and we would not want to say such things, for the implications are tremendous. But come on. Wake up!

I: So, it goes all the way to Clinton and he knows that?

CH: You don’t understand. You’re, this belief and strange concept of why not Clinton. He is not the top of the Head. He is also a pawn of all those who would have to do with operating. and moving this government. Clinton is only a figure head. So for him to know, is no big alarm, no big thing.

I: Now the people that got caught, that they have in custody, are they not then guilty?

CH: We might as well fall it into line with OJ Simpson and now these and it goes on and on. It is not that they are guilty. There is a certain aspect that they are, but all this is underlying by this secret form of this energy that is planting a scheme throughout America.

I: Are you, is then the whole entire organization is the plant then? That organization throughout America that they are talking about, that they calling themselves, their not the supremacist, well… part of them are the supremacist, but I can’t remember the name. Nationalists something or other, that they have the boot camps and all of these; that whole entire organization is the plant?

CH: There is a great possibility and a truth within that.

I: Because if they planted those people that got caught, that would be, those people, I don’t see how any one of those people would agree to confess.

CH: It is the same type of institution found in Israel, where they send there best out to all the worlds to get the Nazi’s seniors and officers, and it does not matter how or what implements they take. And then when it is done, they disappear into the wood work. If they get caught, they get caught and die in the effort of the caught. They do not report back, they do not get back. If they get caught, they get caught. It is the same system.

I: Why are they doing it? Why is the government doing it? To Demoralize…

CH: We have told you. We ask you to have a certain amount of understanding. We have given you the ground works over the months. We have told you they are controlling and wanting the control over this country and take it into a stricter order of control.

I: Thank you. Is there anybody there that wants to do it for an altruistic reason, or is it just pure power?

CH: Well, we would like to say there are some who are altruistic, but unfortunately, power is the great scheme of all things.

I: And, if this country becomes more strict or less democratic, I don’t even know what to ask; how to ask it. I’ll think about it. Thank you.

JE: In the general scheme of things, like the alien population and man on earth. Were the aliens here first and then man was here or how does it all fit together.

CH: The aliens were developing on other planets and solar systems and then created man on Venus and Mars.

JE: Could you explain that, created man on Venus and Mars?

CH: They created Man on Venus and the became heavier on Mars, and then at a certain point in their evolution, they brought them to earth or the Garden of Eden.

Isis: Earth was the Garden of Eden

CH: More so Venus was.

JE: So who brought man to earth?

CH: Man as you know him was created. Man was a beast, an animal form and man was given the spirit, so not that man was brought to earth, but he was illumined in the earth.

JE: Thank you.

CH: Who did it? The same one that you call the Christ.

JE: So is he like.. .thank you

CH: Ask your question.

JE: I’m not sure what I want to ask.

CH: Is he like the creator?

JE: Yes.

CH: He is the mess up. Man was created as a beast and was never intended to have a spirit. He saw man suffering under the toil of the earth as a worker and gave him a spirit.

I: Was he Adam at that time?

CH: Adam was Adam. He was Adam.

I: So Jesus Christ was Adam at that point.

CH: He was the first Adam.

I: First Adam. Amelius meaning?

CH: Same, before Adam.

I: How many Adams were there?

CH: One. But in the one were thousands. The call has gone out. Tremendous force.

I: At that point in time?

CH: At this point in this very moment of time.

I: What kind of a call has gone out.

CH: The call as they entity has said. It has begun. The vortes, vortex starts in front of the Alter and changes the whole Universe.

I: Thank you

JE: Thank you

ME: What do we need to do to help the entity accomplish the things that you would have him to do and secondly what are those sectors that he is developing, if we could know?

CH: Repeat?

ME: What would you have us to do to help the entity accomplish the things that he needs to do and what were the sectors that you are developing here and can we be made aware of them.

CH: Basically, support and, and continue to produce the area of spiritual and focusing on the prayers and energies of self along with the act of work around this center and putting things in harmony and continuing on the path, working within self to develop self and to weed out those sorts of negative aspects within self that will drag down or make one unable to be a spiritual link or produce that hook up at the moments notice. What is going on in the sectors or the sectors we have implemented from the beginning of this mission and of time with the entity, and now his work is to hook up and charge and activate these centers.

ME: Thank you.

JU: Is the, we talk of aliens and I’m not sure if this is right. In my mind I see the guidance from the higher forces is a whole totally different aspect. But the aliens..

CH: We do work with the aliens on a different nature. We do communicate with the sister ships we call them. It does not mean we are involved with them, but under intergalactical laws and the spiritual foundation, we must be present in all affairs concerning the issues that deal with the S’s.

I: What is the name?

CH: Dealing with the S’s. These are the different serpentineam reptiles and the wokos of the four nature of the galaxies of the untas. In such a condition, these are the most powerful forces that are in this area, the most dangerous at the same time we of the A—n nature have complete distort and what would be called incorporated their distortions into what would be in linment of the illius-ottos. In this particular compenance and in this fear of ecidoctos intoome evotos. In such a element is to the supreme force of energy, this is our control.

I: Thank you

JU: The aliens that brought man to earth, that’s not really the aliens, that’s you or that’s another level.

CH: We are again the overseer of this whole play. It is not of our doing. But the one that have a implementation of such a contract was of a kindly nature.

JU: Now the aliens then to be regarded as something more evolved either being wise or technologically or something more than that of a divine nature. Are we talking simply higher evolution or divine nature or is that the same thing.

CH: Their divine nature is not as immanent and as progressive as man.

JU: So there is not a sacredness to them. It is more just an evolution of a higher level?

CH: Yes

Isis: Which one’s are we talking about, the reptilians or which ones. I’m very confused with this whole thing. With, it sounds like there are more than, there are quite a few of them but there are quite a few good and quite a few not so good.

CH: There are five that are not that great. Which we are overseeing and controlling but not getting involved. There are 44 total around the earth and the galaxies of the earth proper.

I: Out of those 44; five are not good. Are there that are right down evil?

CH: The five that are not so good.

I: Now, even those five. You have the right to be at the table there with them so to speak. At the conference or I don’t know what to call it.

CH: Sister ships.

I: You still call them sister ships even though they are not so good.

CH: We are nice.


I: So, if I would speak in a language, the only one I can comprehend is the sci-fi, shall we call it lets say a galactic or a universal, I don’t know what, but you are the observers of everybody and everything and therefore you have to be at all the conferences so to speak? Am I oversimplifying? I don’t know how to..

CH: No conference gets into conference without our being.

I: Okay. So that is correct? The way I am understanding?

CH: Go ahead.

I: So now, you oversee and you have the right to interject but you don’t have the right to negate completely? Because..

CH: We do have a certain force of operation when they offer a violation of the law we follow.

I: Okay. But they have as many rights as the rest of the 44, as the rest of the 39. Everybody is following certain laws and you are sort of, no not the police, you are not the police. There is a police force what we would consider a police force, but you, that works for you. Is that correct?

CH: No. They don’t work for us. We are simply where we are at, overseeing. But we are not the force of judgment or law or order, but that should be sufficient for the moment.

I: But there has to be a force like that because who has then if somebody breaks some of those rules or whatever it is that you are speaking of.

CH: It is by the rules that are broken. The rules themselves take discipline.

I: Oh my God.

CH: Question?

JU: Then when we refer to Black Force are we referring to those five groups of aliens?

CH: Now remember, the black force is your way of explaining this energy. But it is an energy field. Not that they are negative, but hostile some, yes; to certain things. But for us to explain the whole gamut what is out there, will only make you confused, nervous, jittery and Alka-Seltzer.

JU: But in praying, is it that we pray to the aliens that brought us here, we pray at your level, we pray to a level higher than your level.

CH: Your prayers are connecting yourselves to your soul. Or to your higher level that must be done in order to safeguard your identity.

JU: And our Higher level is at what point in relation to all these levels of beings?

CH:A little lower than the Angel. But much higher than anything that has ever been created than the angels.

JU: And the Angels stand at what place in relation to the level of these beings?

CH: The Angels are the Angels. They are the servants, the beings are interactions with them. Levels of Levels. But man and woman on the earth stands above all this which challenges the gods.

JU: Then when we say gods, we mean at what level?

CH: Levels of creation.

JU: But there is a one God that this connects to at a higher level than all this?

CH: I don’t think you can pin this on one person.


JU: Because there was earlier sessions where it was said that we too must bow to the will of the highest, the one god. That was said in earlier sessions, several times. So then what was being referred to?

CH: We are not disputing that. We are just saying you cannot pin man’s creation onto one god.

JU: But those are the words of a session, so the session was referring to whom or to what.

CH: What would you say it to be referring to?

JU: In order for there to be harmony in the universe as I understand it this moment which may change 5 seconds from now depending on what you might say or what I might think, it would be something higher that all must conform to some law and some way in order to keep some order in the universe. There must be some higher force or being..

CH: That is the being that we speak about that all order and all action, and the action itself if it breaks the law of this particular law of the, then that law itself becomes activated by the breaking of it. This comes from that force or supreme force.

JU: Then if I say a rosary and I call on the force of Mary, what am I calling on? What level, where is that in this whole….?

CH: Remember, you are dealing with your soul at that point. So you are creating a mantra around your soul and bringing your energy of your force of your soul down into the earth body.

JU: And where does my soul stand in relation to all these hierarchies?

Ch: Again, you are a threat because you have the spirit within given to you. And therefore you are above the Angels and of course when you were created, you challenged the galaxies.

Isis: So man now is a little lower than the Angel..

CH: But higher than the Angels.

Isis: But eventually has the capacity to be higher than the Angels?

CH: And also is the big enigma of the galaxies. All life as we know it on all planets look to the earth. This is strange. We would say who would want to bother with the earth. But because of your nature of being beasts, of being the ability to have procreation of the mental mind, of the soul within the mental body and the body itself, you are a component highly versatile, highly tuned and above all expectations that were ever devised to be made.

JU: Now, we have all of that but we were souls brought into a beast form in the earth. But that is what that action created?

CH: Unfortunately or fortunately, yes.

Isis: Now out of those 5 alien races, is any of them or all of them together or none of them. Or is it a separate thing, that force that we call..

CH: They all work as a team and have other ships that they all go together. They all work together.

Isis: the Five? (pause) Those five work together? (pause) Those five work together?

CH: Excuse us, we are trying to deal with something. Have a little respect.

Isis: Oh, I am sorry. (pause)

Ch: There is a need that the information that we are giving you does not come forth. Therefore certain other extra energy fields we’re trying to alter the force coming in. Of course, it could not ah have that effect. Now we are ready for your questions.

Isis: Thank you. Those five, are they different, the same or as what we call Lucifer, Satan or is this..

CH: Just leave it. We, no question the reptilians could and can be identified as Satan and Lucifer all broken down in their different categories. But there are those grays that work and on and on and on. But we have to understand that the evil one is also used for that which will eventually down the road be for the purpose. And that will eventually be changed.

Isis: Thank you. Also, from these 44 alien races, none of them can procreate?

CH: Well, No, No, No, no, we are not saying that. Some of them can’t do it because of a evolution hang up and change. But we are not saying that. We are merely saying that we have the corner in that market. Not us but you.

Isis: Right, Is that the most desirable thing then? Procreation?

Ch: No, no, no, no we never, no, no, no, no, no, no, no were not s…, we didn’t say that.

Isis: So then, what we pose as an enigma is because we have a soul, a higher self.

CH: It is so, it is so much to speak to you about, yet to do it fast or all in one moment we have spoke to you for many, many sessions. We are trying to keep it as concised, and as conserved, con-sovert in its informational text, but at the same time, your questions are very important for your understanding the concept. The concepts are very confusing and we do not blame you for being frustrated with understanding it. But at the same time, we want to give the opportunity to share information that is good and accurate and not complicated, confusing and totally, totally disengaging of what you might know up to this point in our sessions for over years. Everything ties in together. Some more, some less. But now is the time for us to be open, frank, expedient, and deliver to you what you need.

isis: Thank you.

DD: Is the information into RMS, is that accurate?

CH: We find to speak on that later. Question.

DD: Can I ask what I read about that or..

Ch: Question?

DD: The books on Montauk, are they accurate?

CH: They do exist. Question.

DD: Can I ask anything about the RMS or no?

CH: Let us deal with other information. If you need to ask we, we won’t stop you. We can come back to you with it but others need to ask questions, too

DD: Can I ask one more?

CH: Question

DD: It’s about time travel. The idea that I had was Melchizedek was actually Jesus going back in time.

CH: Correct

DD: Thank you very much.

JW: Thank you. What is the solvent to make the tincture from the black walnut husk?

CH: It could be alcohol.

JW: So alcohol better than water.

CH: It could be water, but when we say solvent, it is a tincture or drop of that.

JW: Okay, and the other ingredients. Would that be ginger or cinnamon?

CH: No, No it’s Cloves. Ginger and Cinnamon is making cakes.

JW: So its cloves and Black walnut and there’s a third?

CH” Black walnut, the green husks that surrounds it is what you want.

JW: Right.

DD: And Wormwood

CH: And of course the Wormwood. Question?

JW: And what would the proportions be? Equal?

CH: More of the green walnut, more of the wormwood, to balance of the cloves.

JW: Thank you.

ES: Are the 12 mystery schools still intact at this time on the earth?

CH: Yes

ES: Are we one of them?

CH: The land sits on it, yes.

ES: Was the area where Montauk was that another mystery school?

CH: Well, let us just say, before the Montauk Experiment was, yes.

ES: And that was with the Indians?

CH: Yes

ES: And they were related to the Atlanteans?

CH: Yes.

ES: The little girl, Sam.

CH: You will still see the Crystal Pyramid on the osh, ocean of course.

ES: Off of Montauk?

CH: Yes

ES: Thank you. The little girl, Sam, is there anyting I tell Valerie to help her that she is afraid at night?

Ch: Chimes could hang on the ceiling and a crucifix and glass of water with pencil.

ES: Thank you very much.

NN: The things the dentist I went to the other day told me that I needed, the two crowns, is that something that I need to get done soon?

CH: Your time is your time. Soon is up to you.

NN: Is it really necessary?

CH: Eventually it could help you, yes.

NN: And the other option that he told me about. The, he gave me a more expensive option or a less expensive option for doing that other filling, doing the less expensive one with silver would the less expensive one be okay, I mean just as suitable?

CH: Are you saying silver will be put in your mouth?

NN: Yes, so that shouldn’t be done? So I should go with the other one? Or is it even necessary to have anything done really?

CH: If you do it not silver but the alloyed of the enamel.

NN: Enamel. Okay, thank you.

TV: Thank you. Are these aliens the sons of god mentioned in the bible that married the daughters of men?

CH: Those are some of them, yes.

TV: And you had mentioned in previous sessions how man was like a role model in their evolution for the elements of the earth. If man prevails in its evolution and holds fast to what we have gained so far and continue to evolve, will the aliens eventually learn from that and evolve or will they just never cease until, the five ones, or will they never cease until they stop or die? Is there any chance that they will evolve?

CH: They are bewildered and perplexed and amazed with the spiritual attribute of man’s ability to pray. They do not understand prayer. And man doing it perplexes them because it is a energy field that is produced they do not understand. Yes, they are evolving just by getting in touched and involved with man.

TV: Is it because we, man, has slowly grown from like the beast and then slowly been guided up while perhaps they were not in the beast stage so they never felt the need for prayer?

CH: They were not created to understand that. They were more mental in their application and in being mental they do not understand the soul or spirit. Therefore, clue -answer. Gravitate more to the spirit and the soul. Conquer all that is around you this is the course. If you stay on the spirit and prayer and the spiritual road rather than the mental road; the mental road decays and falls to the spiritual road. The mental road becomes the spiritual road. Therefore if you take the spiritual road, offset by prayer and meditation and chanting and singing, then you will be at the place where you need to be without doing the work extra of the mental. The mental succumbs to the spiritual; the mental always leads to the spiritual confirmation. So, jump on to the spiritual and it will catapult you to where you need to be meaning you’ll be at the best place at the right place at the right time without that much effort.

TV: Ruben lost his birthright, and it was given to Joseph. Could you explain what it means in the Bible when it says that Judah became first among his brethren because he prevailed on them and why did that happen?

CH: This is speaking of the birthright of the spirit, the soul, the incarnate or the soul level of the birthright is given. One looses it when one A. does not keep anchored to the novitiate or to the teacher or to the advarter. This is the soul connection for the purpose and when the birthright is lost the link between that spiritual force hook up effects other generations down the line. Not necessarily the one that lost it, but the effect of it as a ripple

effect. Birthrights can be maintained regardless of level of birth. It is a given aspect that is received.

TV: Thank you.

Isis: The dizziness that I am continuously experiencing, the lightheaded ness. Why is that and what can I do about it?

CH: We would sometimes stay off some of the food elements that you would be not so used to be eating, gravitating to some and being relaxed with the diet that you have on creates the dizziness and the lightness. It is just a toxic reaction. It’s no more and no less. You are releasing toxins in a highly sensitive body and therefore creates the dizziness because of the levels of a, ah gases.

Isis: Can you give me anything in particular that I should stay away from at this point?

CH: Well, you have a guideline to this food eating that you do, but the slightest bit of oil or that type of grease would create such toxins within your body.

Isis: You don’t mean the flaxseed oil right you mean..

CH: No.

Isis: ?

CH: Weaned off as you gradually go on.

Isis: But will I ever get rid of it?

CH: Yes, you will. It will eventually just not be there.

Isis: Is it again the foods?

CH: Well, food contributes to the toxicity of it. Which has a habit of clinging to these certain elements.

Isis: So me going out and eating a little bitty of things..

CH: You have to be careful. You still need to watch the diet. Question.

Isis: Will the government ever be caught with what they are doing? I mean they caught Watergate; they caught this, that’s why I’m asking. Will they catch, will somebody catch this, is somebody working on it?

CH: Well, it is very highly likely it can be done but it takes a concerted efforts. Question.

Isis: Is there anything for the entity, Tom, for his breathing?

CH: One day at a time. Question.

Isis: For Julia and her work?

CH: She should be constant and consistent and focused. Question.

Isis: About, well, should she hire somebody?

CH: She should. Question.

Isis: Thank you

JE: If man was on Venus, what was happening on the earth?

CH: It was not the in place, it was not the in spot and there were no night clubs. Venus was the most active place and became more like the vacation place of the galaxies. And then it no longer was in favor and they made then man on earth, which became the vacation spot of the world.

Isis: Do any of these 44 have souls?

CH: For the sake of not confusing you, yes and some no. Question.

Isis: Okay, so it is a different evolution. Its just a different type of thing altogether.

CH: Yes. Question.

Isis: Were they here forever or did they converge on this earth?

CH: Well, they were converging and they were elsewhere. Question?

ME: Is there any direction for Debbie in New York?

CH: She is going through her changes and energy focusing and development, almost the same way as anyone would do on the developing and getting rid of pre-conceived ideas of spirituality. Question.
It is this pre-conceived idea of spirituality that confuses and screws up the mind. These thing locks in with judgments and what is right and wrong. But as far as the evolution of man, there is not this preconceived notion of this is spiritual. These things must be weaned away. Question.

DD: Do I understand that Talbot as being the 49?

CH: Question?

DD: The name Talbot in representing the 49.

CH: Yes. Question.

DD: Do I understand there are actually 44 plus the 5?

CH: Yes. Question.

DD: 49 all together then really.

CH: Yes. Question.

DD: Who gave us the gift of the feather. What was the name of the force. They gave us the gift of the feather.

CH: Let us just say the Angels did. Question.

DD: The five bad ones. Each one attacks a different sense, of the five senses?

CH: Yes. Question.

Isis: Are you then a whole separate thing besides the 49?

CH: We don’t eat at McDonalds.

Isis: Thank you

CH: We are not of the 49, but we are of the 49. Question.

Isis: Any of those 49 that are native to this earth?

CH: No, question.

TV: And you also, are you using man to kind of lure these beings so that they can be evolved?

CH: Yes

TV: Thank you

CH: You are the counterpart of changing the whole evolution of everything.

Isis: Are there any other universes with earths and free will?

Ch: Let us just say this, this hasn’t happened anywhere! Question

JW: Is it an 18 day course?

CH: We would like to say we wish, we wish it could be. Question. There are some aliens that still are trying to figure you out and catch up to you. Being that you are an emotional in nature, no one guaranteed and nobody ever will, question.

Isis: Do any of them have rights over people here on the earth since some of them abduct people? How do they get away with it since breaking a law would automatically put them in a bad, in punishing mode.

CH: Well, it’s kind of a human being question. And being a human being (bean) it kind of jumps up and down. They are not held accountable because were you had come from was worse.

Isis: For those who get abducted you mean.

CH: If they abduct you and you decry not to and to leave, by the law of the galaxies, then that is the crime. Question?

ES: So does mean that if they abduct you and you say this is not what I want, they are at fault?

CH: Well, let us say the sister ships do take and we do watch and we talk and we try to counsel them to decry that decry and to innately put into them. But sometimes they figure that these aliens are good brothers to them and make them gods. Then we have no other alternative but to mind our business. Question.

Isis: What is the cry?

CH: Declare! Question.

DD: Do I understand that the letters, the 22 letters can be like double that to get 44, each letter for a person who knows can tune into each one of those 44 for the letters of the Hebrew alphabet?

CH: Yes

TV: When you say this hasn’t been done anywhere has it been tried?

CH: No, no, no it has not. What is happening here on the earth was a god that came and gave you the spirit. That was never, never supposed to be done. And that was Elohim, and that was Yahweh, and that was that those gods, that got involved and we could go on and on but remember you have many names of God, each name of God is this might go back to your original question is there one God? Each name of God is a god force of that particular entities of gods that operate.

TV: Thank you

Isis: And all of these gods, that was Jesus Christ, one of them. Is that who gave us the soul, that you said in this session?

CH: That was the underlying focal point in heritage and gods of the distance.

Isis: Why did he do it?

CH: What?

Isis: What was his reason or was there a reason. Why did he give us a soul?

CH: (Hands are extended as is gesture of a question)

Isis: No body knows?

CH: We still today watch them go (extends hands again). At this point we will have to leave. We will speak to you again soon. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our father…