Session 117 A??- 5/29/77

Forces: We have only ask for this session that we might talk with you as freely as we possibly can. As for your questions make them as creative and as industrious as possible. Question.
NN: Does the nervous system have a connection with the tentacles of the blob?
(long silence)
NN: With the mysteries of the Rosary, what do the different … what do the joyous ones do as opposed to the sorrowful ones or the glorious ones?
Forces: Its like a consciousness below (buffet).
NN: You mean they all do the same thing the joyful, sorrowful and the glorious? They set up the same consciousness, whichever one?
(long silence)
NN: Can I ask another question, or ask the same one?
(group singing a Hebrew song follows a long silence)
(group sings again after more silence)
Forces: In this the point in which man must reach (going the red pair) to betray him on that of the worldly (….plans). It is yes he has passed on but a deeper test comes hereafter. Question.
NN: When you were talking about Noah’s ark and you were saying that there was something like R-E-OM made the ark grow and expand, does that mean like … not just like R-E-OM but anything say like Adom- Malek-Ko-ni-om, anything with the syllable OM could cause the space around to expand, either molecules or atoms or cells? Is that why our living room in flushing is growing bigger?
Forces: It could expand in many ways. We shall return in the future. Greetings to all here present now.
Group: Our Father who art in Heaven…