Session 158-5/8/78

Greetings to all here present now. We have been watching the area in this section and find many things are in the making, and changes are happening. Guide against the outside force by internally disciplining and moving constructively inside. All the forces seems to be slowly penetrating with a slowness that would meet such a reMKable condition. There are many slow forms and ways in which one should move, but this particular time and space should be dedicated to the construction of the purposes and ideals that are set and for future development to come. There would be many changes to happen for creative purposes, but we would also suggest that each member went in one way or the other look into the perfect system of expression and giving of oneself in the most unique and most popular way of expression. This being done would allow total dichotomy in the system of preserving and moving forward. Questions.

RU: The author C. S. Lewis, how is it that he ‘s able to express the spiritual laws in like little things that happen so clearly?

The Channellors: Because he was receiving the information, you might say, telepathically or by a automatic response giving.

RU: Thank you. Was he a character or scribe? Did he write before, or is it separate…

The Channellors: It is more of a jurisdiction over the group of Asiatic countries lawmaker.

RU: Lawmaker?

The Channellors: You would find him in the area of Mongolia and
in upper China.

IS: Was he aware it was automatic writing?

The Channellors: Yes.

IS: Then he believed in the psychic?

The Channellors: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

NN: When you refer to each member expressing the most popular and giving ways for them, would you tell me what that means for me?

The Channellors: The expression of the energy force and utilizing such a force that you would surround yourself by God in a most positive way for expression.

NN: Thank you.

BR: Can more be given about Metatron?

The Channellors: Metatron moves through the atmosphere faster than could be realized. The energy (recoups) that of the sun’s setting power. There are many stages in which Metatron would and should and go through. Some of it will be more active, some of it more dormant, but there are many changes that does happen in the expression of this particular angel.

BR: Thank you. What happens when you call on Metatron?

The Channellors: A force of protection and supplying of the taking part of the fruit. Question.

IS: Should the dining room cabinets be changed?

The Channelors: We would see them to be interestingly designed. We also would see that at this point, both would have a positive effect, as keeping them and as or changing them. Each would have a different aspect and also a different expression of that vibration to come.

IS: Could you tell what would be more better or…

The Channellors: Each seem to have a different expression of energy and force-field around. Each one would have a different fit. The particular style that is being set here would be known or expressed as King George dominant side or set stage of expression. The finer set more in which would be a liking of a French particular expression, Louis XVI or Louis XIV expression, would be the thin force field. Yet each one would have a dominant expression of statue and grace.

IS: You mean to say that, I’m not looking about change the style, but rather the structural part of it and you mean to say that the structural part of it is a thing that is a style by itself, the way it is now in that way, or cut off all those extra beams?

The Channellors: You would find the internal structure of items a particular style in its own right.

IS: And the library cabinets…or cabinet?

The Channellors: This would be to your discretion to make it in an expression of shelves.

IS: Why don’t I know these things? Or what is happening that I find out about these different things months and months afterward? Is that what you mean about my receptivity?

The Channellors: There are force fields that have to be broken through. They’re in each part of a room is located a force-field. When the heaviest point gets through, that particular force field is vanquished and vanished, leaving open the finer force-field to finally manifest and become visible. Because of the owners’ previous experience in loading down of their thought forms within the house, it is not seeing the items and refined items that is the problem. It is the getting rid of the heavy force-field that manifests in the expression of sometimes what you would want to be finer quality. But in order to replace or bring in this finer quality, you must manifest the heavy expression of same, then move on to the finer quality. It might appear to be double work or expensive, but in reality it is cheaper in the long run to manifest the thicker and export and move it out, than to remain with the thicker and bring in the finer, for the finer has a habit of falling apart under a thick vibration and does not stand up to that ether in the room. When you are constructing in a house, any particular house, you are demanding and dealing with spirits force and energy. The spirits have a construction of wanting to express -their sphere of energy. The force of their expression of lines and shapes, and dimension and energy works through both. In the secrets of construction, you are more like building from the fourth dimension into the third dimension. This in itself can be very tedious, very pressure us, very pressurizing, and very stressing. Any individual who is termed an architect or a builder, in short, is that conscious creation of bringing always from the fourth dimension into the third sphere. Builders and architects in this dimension are known as doctors. These doctors bring and manifest the spiritual world, that three dimensional level, more permanently than ever could be realized. The expression and formation of solid objects only takes their shape and position after the thinking process of the objects and the thought process of finer qualities have been sifted and received around the entity’s area or areas of communication. Surrounding oneself with finer quality is not the process of moving out just to do it. It is the process of the faculties and the expression of discipline throughout the entity’s life. Therefore, when you receive or ask the question “how come you do not receive?”, it is not the question “how come you do not receive?”. But the answer is the expression and the giving out of what is received into the third dimension, for you perceive on the fourth dimension the invisible level, but it takes coworkers and masters of the spirit to bring forth on the -fourth dimension what you see into the third dimension. These are those who do or are interpreters of your vision receive a, what would be considered, a growing process of communicating themselves directly with the fourth dimension. So, in reality, anyone who
builds or constructs a large edifice is tapping into the fourth dimension. Anyone who builds with a constructive mind with expression -for the spirit taps deeper into the fourth dimension, in which the Angelic or Angel force comes and lends a hand.

IS: Then should we move into the finer things, then or are the heavy things all right? In that case it seems that it’s a progression then from the heavy, we should then move to the finer?

The Channellors: The heavy must be expressed as far as words and thoughts, then the movement into the finer details must be drawn out on paper and expressed on the material or finer level in the air.

IS: So, in that case, the cabinet should be changed?

The Channellors: It would be better to change in a perspective way to the finer qualities.

IS: Thank you. John and Kay, the people we have
met, could you give us anything about them and what is our interest, our function, their interest, their function?

The Channellors: This is a normal relationship of trying to search or bridge the spiritual world. More of a introduction to many ins and outs of the sections.

IS: Nothing special?

The Channellors: There could be if the entities devoted themselves to disciplining and constructing in a self-searching manner.

IS: The dream I had about Tom’s mother, is there anything to it?

The Channellors: It only represents the anxiety and the warning to be careful while driving, not being upset.

IS: For me?

The Channellors: For the entity’s mother.

IS: It’s her own fears of driving, is that it?

The Channellors: More of the future than the driving.

IS: With the cabinet and things, what should I do, how do I know which one is…how to do the finer things or how to get to that point, because is every single thing going to be done twice or three times?

The Channellors: Unfortunately, there are things that need to be done more than once, but the majority of things, if entered properly, would only have to be done once.

IS: But see, if I had any learning, I would know how to do it.

The Channellors: If you had learning, you would not know how
to receive.

IS: But yet architects…they do receive?

The Channellors: But not from a physical school.

IS: Physical school?

The Channellors: Not from a physical school.

IS: Oh, I see. But just structural things. But then, does that answer the thing with the upholstery course?

The Channellors: The finer qualities could be taught in this particular course, but they also could be received if practiced on the leading up points. Any particular library could offer the techniques in the service of upholstery as what could be paid in the course.

IS: And for my own self and the things that I’m involved in? I’m not very good with reading up on what I call technical materials.

The Channellors: This would be allowed not for you to read up, but only to receive what we give down into you, hoping those around you will now pick up the energy field -that we transmit through you in expressing the fourth dimension through you that they might pick up the spirit of that expression and put it into their work.

IS: Thank you. The carpets that we ordered, is everything okay there?

The Channellors: We are working on them. It will be all right.

IS: The van is okay, right?

The Channellors: It will be just fine.

IS: Thank you. And MAR and the restaurant, what’s the significance of that?

The Channellors: There is a strange feeling of falling or lack
of interest that is taking over, which should not be. Lack of little things that should be caught before a slump or slum carries it into a different consciousness. It is the things like that that they have to be careful of, not to take things for granted or slumping into a slum.

IS: Do people look upon on us as what they would consider on the worldly level not important to impress and things like that?

The Channellors: Repeat.

IS: People around us, around this group, people that come in contact, do they see us as not important, you know, just a curiosity for one time, like a curiosity like a circus or something, and then not really important?

The Channellors: It is not like that at all. They are impressed and wondering about many forces that are to happen. They do not know how to handle, but are striving to find out how to relate with it. They are awkward and also concerned of how to express themselves. It still will not come into a true force until finally all members are here and the house in operation and into full swing.

IS: Thank you. All the fires that have been happening since we moved in, is this anything to do with us moving in?

The Channellors: It would not have that particular problem, but these elementals do conjure up a force-field that must be surrounded and try to put them into positions. There is that energy that needs to be worked out.

IS: So it’s the community?

The Channellors: Exactly.

IS: And it has nothing to do with us?

The Channellors: No.

IS: So it’s for us either to get caught in it or
to protect ourselves from it?

The Channellors: This is true.

IS: And that’s what you meant at the beginning of the session?

The Channellors: True.

IS: Is it more than usual catastrophe change that
is happening around, or is it the normal?

The Channellors: It is a abnormal, for the Eastern Seaboard, along with other parts of the country, is now going through a purging and test period.

IS: So it doesn’t have to do anything with us, but it does have to do with the timing?

The Channellors: It would have to deal with the timing.

IS: Thank you.

MK: What is the maximum amount of spacing that you can have between studs in a wall in an effort to cut down on the use of wood?

The Channellors: The maximum amount of spacing would be twenty 20 feet.

MK: Between two 2 studs?

The Channellors: We would find it as such.

MK: Twenty (20) feet?

The Channellors: Twenty (20) -feet in a certain way.

MK: Thank you.

IS: What would be the recommended thing for us then?

The Channellors: Sixteen (16) to eighteen (18).

IS: Inches?

The Channellors: This would be found twenty 20 feet for certain construction of bridges of steel girders. Remember, the question must be asked in such a way that you are receptive and to all possibilities of building. There are other answers and questions to be designed. The possible dimensions from one to the other would be twenty 20 in the house more or less two and a half ft (2 1/2) feet to three (3) feet. For you would be sixteen (16) to eighteen (18).

IS: Inches?

The Channellors: So-called inches.

MK: Thank you very much.

DD: The Book of Joshua, what does that represent?

The Channellors: The crossing over into the Promised Land or taking upon responsibilities of the spiritual self.

DD: Does it also have to do with, in Joshua, the resurrection of the body?

The Channellors: This would be the resurrection of the spiritual centers within the body. Commitment.

DD: Also, the Name that was given, the picture that Tom made, is that Metatron?

The Channellors: The energy of Forces.

DD: It’s not the same entity?

The Channellors: All entities seem to corroborate from the same force.

IS: So Metatron is more like a law with many appendixes?

The Channellors: Correct.

DD: Is it like the, ah, because his name comes out in numerology 3,1,4…has to do with mathematical laws, too?

The Channellors: Correct.

DD: Thank you.

RU: Would it serve any purpose to invite any of the members of the staff at school to this house?

The Channellors: It would make RU very happy.

RU: Would it serve your purposes?

The Channellors: We work very nicely in every condition.

RU: Should I encourage GL to finish that course he sighed up for a year ago?

The Channellors: If he wants to.

RU: Would it be better if I didn’t say anything to him about it?

The Channellors: Whatever the case will be.

RU: Thank you.

IS: Does that answer my last…this particular last question I have on my page?

The Channellors: You would find it might answer it properly.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What happens to doors on a spiritual level after you go through them? Are they still there, or do they no longer exist once you go through it?

The Channellors: The doors are still there, but they don’t exist the way you know them to be.

NN: Did…like all the doors that souls go through is it like there’s a certain standard test…

The Channellors: All doors in the third dimension creates from the third, opens to the fourth. The more doors you have, the more dimensional openings you have.

NN: Is it up to each particular soul how many doors they have? How open they’re willing to be?

The Channellors: Up to a construction worker how many doors he has.

NN: The chant “Forces on High” like you were saying the other night helps you go through a door, does like singing that chant bring you also not only through a door, but brings you closer to a door, like brings up a test or a door to go through, brings it up sooner?

The Channellors: This could be true.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Did also in Egypt when they had those hundreds of doors around Egypt, were they then for this purpose of reaching other dimensions?

The Channellors: Correct.

IS: And in this house?

The Channellors: Correct.

IS: Then if it’s a larger door or a smaller door does it make…?

The Channellors: More energy force field and connection.

IS: Thank you.

BR: What is the meaning of the dimensions?

The Channellors: Something that’s not in this.

BR: What’s not in this?

The Channellors: Something that’s not in the fourth.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Now, those openings that are created or that are there when you pass through or whatever, is it something that we would understand like a piece of rubber, thick rubber, with a slit in the middle? And Michael guides the way in of the ship, I don’t know, molecules break up, change, come in or whatever, and then the slit just closes itself?

The Channellors: You would use that as a explanation.

IS: Thank you. The understanding I spoke about to Jesse about Tom and his higher self or the other personalities coming through, is that correct?

The Channellors: We would find that accurate.

IS: Is it a waiting period?

The Channellors: We would find that, too.

IS: But not the whole thing? I don’t know that it’s not the whole thing? Is that it”?

The Channellors: Partially.

IS: The black forces do they have a hierarchy etc. and down the line?

The Channellors: They have a small hierarchy, but not as great as the White Forces.

IS: Do they also give rewards and things like that to their people?

The Channellors: No.

IS: Then somebody that belongs to the black forces like
so many of the female species, what is it then that they get?

The Channellors: There is an emptiness and nothing.

IS: Is it something as the “Screw tape Letters”

The Channellors: Something near to the same.

IS: So they don’t do anything for their people?

The Channellors: There is not that much boundaries to do.

IS: The only thing they can do with is White Force that is given to them?

The Channellors: For the moment, correct.

IS: These outside forces that you spoke of, are these -the elementals that are going wild at this moment?

The Channellors: We would say similar things to that, yes.

IS: Is there arson going on, too?

The Channellors: There is, but not as great as the natural laws
of accidents.

IS: The main thing of this whole community is
greed, is that correct?

The Channellors: It is a group of children that are dying for the light to come to their dark home.

IS: Then why don’t they deal, like the incident with the store and the buying of the meats. That was done purposefully. Why don’t they let it come in then?

The Channellors: Because of certain fears. They have to be taught that God can give without being afraid He might not.

IS: Then that’s a lesson for all of us?

The Channellors: It would be an easy lesson for those who concentrate on it.

IS: Thank you.

MK: What were the tools of architecture
used in Ancient Egypt?

The Channellors: The screwdriver and the hammer.

MK: For making plans what did they use?

The Channellors: A pencil, stork, elephant ears.

IS: So they did it much the same as what I’m doing?

The Channellors: In one respect: they have a screen and project the pattern onto the screen. Then the screen projects it onto the sky, and they build in the area where the projection is.

IS: They did it then by thought.

The Channellors: Correct. With prayer and surrounding yourself with thoughts of the item you are going to create, then you will have no problems from that point on. Praying is the only reason why you have complications: forgetting to pray over the work, and asking to be done, should be done.

IS: These old masters that created all these styles and designs that’s how they did it?

The Channellors: The master is the key expression of the soul. Each design is a certain expression of the soul that you call upon to come into the house to help guide the souls. This master is a spirit master.

IS: I see. It’s only a reflection to the worldly level?

The Channellors: What they would see.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain about the fifty (50) gates and my understanding of it?

The Channellors: Each one represents lessons of learning and commitment and movement of doing.

DD: Is it right, I read about a person who took a grid that had designs on it and moved it around, and that showed evolutions of man, and the past. Is that something similar that you have?

The Channellors: You would find something near but far from that.

DD: What is the lines for? Do you have
something like that? Lines crossing both ways?

The Channellors: Lines of measurements. Question.

DD: What is the…Sometimes in the Bible they speak of The Book, so I know it’s not the Book of the Divine in the Bible when they speak of The Book…

The Channellors: You would find this as the Book of Written Laws, Regulations, and The Book of Future.

DD: What is the Book of Future?

The Channellors: These items are buried periodically
throughout the earth to be found by other people.

DD: What does it mean when it’s sealed?

The Channellors: The spirit returns not until it’s fulfilled.

DD: The same soul that sealed it up would return
again and open it up?

The Channellors: Partially true. Question.

DD: Thank you.

IS: How can I help DD?

The Channellors: More that he should surround himself by prayer asking the Higher Forces to guide his hands. in receiving the confidence that it can be done.

IS: Why do they all fight me so hard?

The Channellors: It is more of a subconscious blocking out and the stopping the expressions of the finer things. Also, it is a black force action to stop the progress.

IS: Thank you. Now, Jesus the things as I am going through, was he bitter or angry or something like that?

The Channellors: You would not find him as such, but heavy with responsibility that had to be met.

IS: Did he feel like very, very bad? Can I associate anything of my feelings at certain moments with the feelings that he went through?

The Channellors: Partially.

IS: So it was more the thing that the time will go by and the thing would not be done? Something like that?

The Channellors: Partially but not fully.

IS: Was He a very patient man?

The Channellors: You would find Him as such.

IS: I don’t mean patent in the spiritual sense, but He did only have a certain amount of time in which to do certain things?

The Channellors: He was patient on a worldly level.

IS: Thank you.

RU: In Psalm 13 the phrase “Lest we sleep the sleep of death”, is that directly connected with what Tom was talking about in the kitchen Saturday night, Sunday morning?

The Channellors: You would find something similar.

RU: Is that why that particular Psalm was given to me for faith?

The Channellors: Would find that interesting. Question

RU: Thank you.

NN: In the Song of Solomon when it says ‘I am black but comely”, what else did that mean besides referring to the Queen of Sheba

The Channellors: This represents humility as a virtue.

NN: Thank you.

BR: With each lamp or chandelier, when people look at it what type of reaction happens to the person?

The Channellors: In what particular room?

BR: In this room?

The Channellors: This is a chandelier that opens up the spirit of laughter, of giving, and the pineal gland.

BR: Thank you and the one in the dining room?

The Channellors: That would operate a very different aspect of cooperation and growth patterns to be had.

BR Thank you. And in the entranceway?

The Channellors: This would represent the shield of protection from the force of blackness.

BR: Thank you. Does each one of these
Chandeliers represent an archangel?

The Channellors: You would find something similar and something expressive of the laws involved with each particular door.

IS: The library?

The Channellors: The Book of Life and Knowledge.

NN: If there’s an Archangel for this room
would it be Zadkiel?

The Channellors: Repeat.

NN: If there’s an Archangel for this room
would it be Zadkiel?

The Channellors: It would be near to same.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Would it be something of the Seraphim? This would be more than accurate.

BR: Which archangel would be the one for the dining room?

The Channellors: It would have a couple, the most interesting of them would be considered Danielle or, or less considered Zephiel.

IS: And where would Metatron be, the library or hallway?

The Channellors: You would find in the books of library into that of the dining room.

IS: Should we have a head light also in the master bedroom?

The Channellors: If desired. It should be…It would be all right.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Why hasn’t the group called yet?

The Channellors: You would find movement on the road in which they have been going to, and you would also find certain what would be considered, invisible fields to be moved out in order that they can move on. Movement is the question.

RU: Then everything’s okay?

The Channellors: Things will be all right.

RU: Thank you.

MK: Could you explain what is a spiritual warrior?

The Channellors: That who can see and do, but he cannot see and do on a physical level. Perceive what would considered, imagine and perceive, and then do.

MK: Thank you.

DD: What is the difference between the Book of
Life and the Book of knowledge?

The Channellors: One is therecording of things that could be done, and one is the recording of things that have been done.

DD: Things that had been done in a different life.

The Channellors: Correct.

DD: Where do they reside in the body?

The Channellors: Repeat.

DD: Where …What center in the body would they
be residing?

The Channellors: You would find it near the thyroid or near
the pituitary.

DD: The Book of knowledge would be in the thyroid?

The Channellors: You would find something similar, yes.

DD: And the Book of Life would be in the pituitary? Speaking of the pituitary, would that be the sixth center?

The Channellors: You would find this to be near correct. Question.

DD: Thank you.

IS: Is the house next door in process of being transferred from?

The Channellors: This has been going back and forth for a while. It looks more to the transferring point.

IS: And is it for us?

The Channellors: It would be.

Isle: Thank you. What is there that I can do that, even though I understand that the heavy has to come first, but how can I help that the heavy should not be so permanently put in?

The Channellors: Prayers must be said before any operation is done.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything else I
can be doing?

The Channellors: Receiving is 95 percent hard work.

IS: What did you mean when you said I’m not receiving?

The Channellors: We did not say you were not receiving, only that you must receive.

IS: Am I then receiving as much as I can?

The Channellors: More than average.

IS: But not the most at this point?

The Channellors: I would consider the most above average.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Could a prayer he given to us to say before we start the work?

The Channellors: This must be from your own selves.

BR: Thank you.

IS: Is there anything for the entity Tom that could be given?

The Channellors: Not at this moment.

IS: Is there anything for his parents that could be given, for his mother?

The Channellors: For the entity Tom, it’s his responsibility now in working in the community, as far as their spiritual objectives, and getting involved with the movement, for there is a lot of responsible work ahead. As far as his parents are concerned, just that they might stick to disciplines and forces of concentration in their later years.

IS: Can anything be given for Hope Island and her parents at this point?

The Channellors: More of a ability to allow them just to be and not to possess them like a dog or cat.

IS: Us not to possess them or…

The Channellors: Hope Island.

IS: Hope Island not to possess them?

The Channellors: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

RU: Can anything be given for the children at
this moment?

The Channellors: They will be moving if they are receiving in
themselves and giving and sharing with those around them. Everything at this moment is being done.

The Channellors: We only stress that through this constant change that prayer and adoration be constantly near you in a personal way that you can jump the hurdles of confrontations and meetings. We will speak to you soon. Greetings to all here present new.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens..