Session 153 4/1/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been tuning in this week and find some items to be on schedule and planned and other items to be interesting…very interesting…too interesting. We will only, stress the factor of pulling together a force and conserving that proper energy for development and creativity, allowing it not to be torn asunder or pulled apart, but to keep moving in a strength force. We now shall take care of your questions at hand.

MK: The principles of dynamic symmetry are they used for building? What does it do to the viewer?

FORCES: It makes him perceive items in a retrospect dimension.

MK: Seeing into the past?

FORCES: You would find it as such.

MK: And when color is used also in this type of construction?

FORCES: You would find it exemplified experience of other forces in dimensions surrounding.

MK: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me about the dream I had where Tom was transformed into a different entity?

FORCES: This is almost the strength and the pliability of lessons to be learned.

DD: Was this entity Paracelsus?

FORCES: You would find many informations and informative thoughts in the area. All these questions of past existence of the entity does not make it a stable experience of now, but only now makes it stable. Question.

DD: …about putting a piece of metal between two pieces of soapstone?

FORCES: You could set up a electrical field or battery of a small condensing aspect or version.

SN: What can I do on spiritual and physical levels to improve the strength of my back?

FORCES: This is a rebellion towards the spirit that is creating the obstacles within your development. Either you put your force to God or you slowly watch your body decay. What could be done and should be done is the attitude finally and straightforward be set towards your God without any obstacles or deletions or omissions or exceptions. Water continuous of water baths, oil ointments, castor oil packs, all the like would release and ease, but will not maintain a stable condition within the said body until the mind and heart and soul is gone for its direct path.

HI: Why is it that lately I have so many dreams and communications with the entity Cher of Sonny and Cher? What is she to me?

FORCES: The quality and aspect that you would like to express if had a chance to.

HI: Thank you. Is that like memory of communications that you carry that entity?

FORCES: You would carry the desire to express that particular lifestyle if had a chance, an opportunity.

HI: Could you give me any guidance with that?

FORCES: The point is rather to disregard the whole nonsense and to move forward.

HI: Thank you.

LK: In the birthday sessions I was told that in the coming year I should try to concentrate on being receptive to small things. Could you give me some help with what’s meant by small things?

FORCES: We would say comments in general of positive nature, of morale building, of caring, of the understanding of the environment around, generally what was spoken to you this afternoon.

LK: Okay. With my eye, is there any more glass in it?

FORCES: We would find irritations of specks here and there which would be eliminated by movements of the eye and also by air and the liquid substance produced by the eye. Generally, we find nothing to be remaining in the eye.

LK: So then it really won’t be necessary to go to that other doctor?

FORCES: This is a second or a third choice to be made. We said there is nothing in the eye, but we did mention that there are items in the eye. If properly obtained and released in workable situations, these items can be removed, but it would be beneficial to eliminate all skeptical thoughts in self and to finally understand a spiritual network and fibre that is being made workable through you. The eye should be checked just to see if the proper situation and conditions were met.

LK: Thank you.

FORCES: They should be met and have been met, but according to the characteristics of these items in the eye, they still are being met, just to see the completion of the item being done.

LK: Thank you.

JE: Would you tell us what happened to the entity Jesus between the time he died on the cross and he resurrected three days later?

FORCES: The entity in question descended into the earth, crawled through its hole in which was the residues of lost begone societies and ages continuing from the Continents of Lin-te-us Mor-nium and Lemur-rium Lan-tus Sectus or better into the existence of the spiritual substance familiar-larity and constant companions of the spiritual vibration entity substance coming forth into the planet Earth through this called metal. In this the genetic structure of the societies and make-up of the genes to come would be expedient and explicit in many areas in correspondence to the spirit-forming body substance of now. You would find the society in a secular and complete system of rejuvenation and revibration of the center souls within the body today. The structures are familia, familiarly found within the centers and middle sectors of Earth, causing a society that would be giants terminology. The spirit of Chrst went into this world of existence to combat the forces of the explinted or more so the mind aspect, which would be beyond the mind aspect of the Earth, bringing a spirit of love and consciousness in the very building substance of its make-up. We would find that the entity Jesus resided here for a period of a day to two in which he had to meet special tests and regulations of a spirit nature from a spiritual sense. Each test requiring a maximum, If the spirit entity or that soul of Jesus would have failed, it would, it would consider the law that when that from above comes down to meet the test, if failed, then the complete changeover of systems and existence would do a reverse, for the middle to be on the top and the top to be the middle. This was the regulations, and all was there at stake. Then the entity Jesus returned back to Earth successful, and a new force of energy which would be rejuvenated through the contact on the Earth into the Higher Realms in which He then ascended through vehicles to another existence victorious in many levels.

JE: Thank you.

IS: Does it mean that if Jesus would have not succeeded that this Earth would have been no longer in existence the way…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: At that point…at which point the Earth would have recognized its own error of crucifying Jesus?

FORCES: Yes and no.

IS: But yet are there situations like that in which in order to…

FORCES: You would find that everyday situations like that. That is complicated.

IS: Yeah. So that’s what it meant. Is that another phase of the words “If you gain, you lose; if you lose, you gain your life’?

FORCES: Directly.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Does castor oil represent the attitude of forgiveness?

FORCES: Of cleanliness and forgiveness and purifying of thoughts.

GL: What other attitude does olive oil represent?

FORCES: This would be considered a heavier nature, natural base quality for the veins and the receiving of messages.

GL: And garlic?

FORCES: This would be considered that for the blood, the spirit, and for cancer cells.

GL: What would peanut oil represent?

FORCES: Oil from the peanut.

GL: Which mental attitude?

FORCES: The pineal gland.

GL: Thank you very much.

DL: The entity it’s either P. or D. VI, a friend of Joe L. has asked that you help him with his ears. He’s having an awful lot of problems with them, and previously you gave him a reading which he’s trying to do, I understand, some certain things, but his ears keep getting worse. Is there anything that can be done for him and what’s causing it?

FORCES: This is a swelling of more or less the glands in the neck into the areas of the canals, but more in general, you would find the quality of food and nervous condition related in a three-fold combination: the preservation of the energies and substance within the body, the abuse of the mind in thoughts that are not creative, and also a tension of tremendous anxiety and future wants causing a steam kettle to fit between the ear sockets. This would be treated with a perception of calmness, of water treatments, what would be considered a strength and harmony within the body, and a greatness in the understanding of the love aspect. You (he) would also absorb the feelings of massages to the neck and the lower back area and especially the right, proper shoes to be worn. With this treatment, a continuation in about three weeks would follow for more details.

DL: Thank you very much.

NN: The dream I had a few nights ago about the
church, was that for me personally, or was any of it real?

FORCES: It was generally a general statement.

NN: But it was actually happening?

FORCES: Correct.

NN: Is it true about the priest whose wife is going to have a baby?

FORCES: Indirectly.

NN: Thank you.

RU: The entity MK B. a student at the school, is there any way that he could be motivated to do something?

FORCES: We find the entity karmetically inclined from a lifetime during the Persian War which made him dependent upon horses. If you would get him interested in horses or animals alike, preferably what would be considered zoology or near to that of hard-shell animals, it might have a bearing and a releasing lock mechanism within him. Also, if you continue to talk and relate about Egypt, this might bring the higher qualities out of him. If these two aspects do not experience or have the reaction then happen, then we would suggest just the Fairy Tales and reading discussions should start some experience happening.

RU: Thank you.

BR: In Mathew it says that pilot washes his hands of Jesus’ blood, then the people had answered “Let his blood be on us and on our children”. What had happened to them and their children?

FORCES: A slight accident taking away of the empire of Israel from them.

IS: Did anything happen to Pilot?

FORCES: We would consider it nervous conditions, more of a nervous breakdown, and certain un-political favors to his deed.

IS: In the same lifetime?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: In other lifetimes, was he exempt or was he punished?

FORCES: He would be found without punishment and with punishment.

IS: He would be a person without being able to make a decision?

FORCES: Question. Correct. We are now going to leave. We will speak to you again scheduled tomorrow or the next day. Greeting to all here present now.