Session 134 – 11/20/77

FORCES: Greetings all here present now. We have spent a long time on being here with you because it had to be this way. Many avenues of learning and lessons had to be applied and encountered but most of all it is the reception of the spirit in this world that must be manifested on a physical level in a daily routine in and out. We are pleased to see your progress on many levels. We find it an interesting account on the things that need to be done. We are also watching the area where what would be called Virginia and lines around ah seems to be in a progressive state and a receptive mood in receiving the fanfare. Question.

IS: Uh… this weekend that we are going to go, is the house going to be ready for us?

FORCES: We would say it would be as ready as it ever will. It is going to be a parts here and there to move but in general the house is yours.

IS: Who are the people that should go and stay there?

FORCES: Roughly the people who have in their minds and in their hearts to be a beneficial and a factor of cooperation and creativity. We could ah suggest everyone to go on down but this would be kind of difficult to send all of you down at such short notice. But if you have in mind in sending a few down first then send those who will do the rough or the creative work first for this must come first and those who have the endurance to produce that ah style. We of course would suggest as you have already chosen MK for the industrious and the creative heavy work that needs to be encountered. We would also suggest that someone equal to status or size or of course David has been selected. It would be a interesting decision lots of creations and items to be done. These two should be more than enough as far as a female to come along with you, one week we could suggest a woman and, and, and the other week another woman changing into relating, that is one week could be RH, the following when that is done would be RU and the following could be Beaura. It could be inter-related or interchanged at your, your discretion this way giving each individual an opportunity and aspect of development in this environment. Ah, ah Question.

IS: The entity Tom is that correct? He is coming along?

FORCES: Well it, it would ah, well to, to well the question of his terminating his job has been given long time ago. Ah we have prepared and, and made ready at this termination a long time ago and it should relatively be easy. When it should be done, preferably for this entity to go on down would be in the mid of December, the 15th of December should be the best time to break away from this particular company and in harmony with the stages of their karma that they have to work out.

IS: December 15th. So actually it’s not before that.

FORCES: It would be kind of on a … it would, it would be … it wouldn’t be right, difficult in certain stages for it to be earlier than that point in time. Preferably, of course, giving the information of termination tomorrow and sort of the, the waiting for replacement to the job but it could be changed and altered in, in the moments tomorrow during the encounter.

IS: Changed?

FORCES: To make it earlier.

IS: I see. Thank you.

DD: The New Jerusalem has twelve gates and I was thinking about the other day, like when the sun goes through the prism that has seven rays come out. There must be five other rays to make it twelve rays all together, is this like the crystal had twelve rays coming out of it, the Great Crystal.

FORCES: There is a slight difference. One was to take in the energy; the other one was to reflect the energy.

DD: Which one? The New Jerusalem reflects it?

FORCES: We would say it would reflect and gather at the same time.

DD: What are the other five rays that go along with the seven rays? We don’t see the other five.

FORCES: This would be of the centers of psychic ability of the touch and sight and smell and taste. Question.

Q: Could you tell me what my … the dream I had about Arizona and the spaceships, what that meant?

FORCES: There is a force that is now landing in Arizona that is going to be discovered and recognized as the years come on and this could be a revelation of these discoveries in the years to come. Question.

Q: In relation to the move, uh, what would be taking or changing the meditation room … taking down to Virginia this coming weekend?

FORCES: In relation to the move it would be the smaller arc, along with the archangel Michael statue, along with the, the sundry of candles to balance out down there six and little as seven.

Q: Should we change this time to the new colors, the red and blue?

FORCES: It would be agreeable to change it to red or blue, or preferably the color of the candles could also be the colors of light blue. Question.

Q: The astrology that I’ve been work on … in astrology there’s two basic ways to do it, one which is based on the actual constellations and one which is more of a symbolical system.

FORCES: Both are very necessary in it’s ordinance of revelation.

Q: Well when I did this … the horoscope for AX’s sign I used the symbolical one because that’s the one that I worked with. If I’d used the other one it would have been completely different. How does that … what does that mean?

FORCES: One is on the physical level, the other is on the astral and spirit level.

Q: Which is which?

FORCES: Symbolic is the spirit and astral level and the physical is ones that you see.

Q: I see, oh, great. Thank you.

Q: Could you tell us what actually happened at AX’s party?

FORCES: What happened at his party, ah well lots of people were there and, uh, some of them were not nice and some were more into selling goods and some would take things and, ah, others were interesting and decent people, but it’s a circa, hodge, comburg, combination of all entire, entire different people. It’s, um, it was an in, in, in, interesting night. It was a foundation to bring a certain catalyst within the family structure. Something to……. alter things a little bit.

Q: Who were all those people?

FORCES: All the people at the party? They were good people at the party. Yes.

Q: In (?) of what Tom explained to us about the party and this has been in planning for so many thousands of years.

FORCES: Yes, yes.

Q: What actually happened on a spiritual level?

FORCES: Oh ah. Very interesting question, yeah. Spiritual levels. You would … you would say that the our forces of course as great as they are in retrospect and in their own interesting way ah planted a person into the ranks to future endeavor to our work at a certain complex scheme of relationships with ah many forces to be met by this ah particular family.

Q: Are they involved in ah AX or people around him or both are they involved in any kind of illegal…

FORCES: Oh well no. No, not, not necessarily what you’d call illegal. No, no.

Q: Outsmarting?

FORCES: Well they have a certain amount of responsibilities to meet and they have to be careful how they are, work with what they have and they have to be careful and it’s all right but it’s not at the destiny of this particular group to be there and to socialize. This is not really, no it’s not no. You did what you had to do for what we want done and it worked perfectly, really beautiful, really nice night. Really had a cool time.

Group: (laughs)

IS: You mean to say there were people there, entities or people there even on a physical level that had done or were going to do or were doing it at that moment things, not transact … well some sort of transactions, not necessarily just money but had to be one way or the other taken care of.

Forces: Oh yes, um huh, um huh.

IS: Which, we might never know, but actually it affects a great deal of the future endeavors.

FORCES: Oh yes um huh definitely.

IS: And so we came in as the nice little lamb, pigeon?

FORCES: Mmm hmm.

Q: When we were walking into that bedroom?

IS: The duck?

FORCES: The duck? You came in as a, um, as a, ah… farmer.

IS: Farmer? the peasants? And the thing was done?

FORCES: Right.

IS: Did it have anything to do with the upstairs bedrooms?


IS: Thank you.

Q: The words “from the rising of the sun to the going down thereof” could you tell us what they’re a code for?

FORCES: This is a revelation within the body to bring a perfect harmony and alignment of the spiritual centers of the head. People we would only suggest that as we stay here and talk with you that the particular party was a tremendous success an endeavor that the Higher Forces as you know them, have tried very, very strongly to manifest into the earth vehicles such as yours. We are very pleased and proud of all of you in which you allowed us to come through to you and work what we had to do. It was a extremely beneficial moment in the development of humankind. We would also suggest that you with patience and with your heart open up this to the new house that is to come. We will be with and surround you and guide you periodically. If there are decisions to be made we will be happy to tune in and give you the answers as time goes on. We are pleased and very happy to see such a magical and strong moment come in and take over such a beautiful and productive endeavor. It would be interesting to note that all of these things that is of strength and character last forever and this house is a particular example of the strength and character of the individuals who strive to master the spirit. Question.

IS: What did you mean periodically?

FORCES: Periodically or what?

IS: That you’re gonna be and guide us periodically?

FORCES: Oh we have an easy excess of communication there easier than in the city of New York and it will be much easier to tune into us … ah it doesn’t stop us where you are, but we will be there ah more often to help situations and environments out.

IS: But you will be actually all the time with us, right?

FORCES: Oh definitely. We would also manifest certain things from time to time.

Q: The crosses that we received from AX, could you tell us about them………..?

FORCES: They are particular crosses that would represent the sealing and the creating of certain monuments or certain other stones. It works a form of this sealing and creating of a master stone.

IS: Are these crosses going to be … at least two of them ah somewhere in the temple, in our temples?

FORCES: You, you could do that.

IS: Where would you like them?

FORCES: It would be well to place them in the entrance parts of coming into the house.

IS: In the entrance or inside the house?

FORCES: This would be on the road coming up to the house.

Q: In the driveway?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Oh! Like where they have like … oh, I see. Thank you. And the third cross is a mold, right?

FORCES: Yes. Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Q: How can we use it, the cross with the mold? How do we use it?

FORCES: This is usually left and near or on a particular place. It is not necessarily to be used.

Q: Okay. Thank you.

Q: Um, about IS’s dream about the plague, could you tell us more about it or if it’s going to happen?

FORCES: This particular plague can be taken care of if people were receptive to certain spiritual thoughts and forms. It might not manifest if certain prayers for this are said.

Q: What?

FORCES: That this would be the Psalms 116 and 117 you would find certain gems within these particular psalms. And prayer in general that comes sincerely from the heart and not a fixed role.

Q: Thank you.

IS: Was it a prophecy? Or…

FORCES: It was (estimating) prophecy. Something that could happen.

Q: When you say gems do you mean actual physical stones?

FORCES: This would be stones in general.

IS: Why did I get that dream?

FORCES: It was a symbolic gesture of a changing in a metabolism within self and walking through solid objects creating a strange effect.

IS: Solid objects ?

FORCES: Correct.

Q: In another session it was given that the astrological signs were actually the one before. Can you explain this further which one would be or is more apt to manifest, the one given in the session or the one as we know now. The ones that we think we were born with?

FORCES: The ones before this.

Q: The sign before, the one that we think we are.

FORCES: Question.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Um, I want to make weave belts for the mediation room in Virginia. Should they be white or should they have any color? Could anything be given in that regard?

FORCES: There are no cotton belts more than adequate.

Q: Does that mean fabric instead of weaving them? Just make them from already made fabric?

FORCES: Correct. Already made fabric that you have.

Q: How long will it take before we’re all together in Virginia?

FORCES: This will take a period of time and this and that and things can be moving.

Q: Uh, also, are J. and J. supposed to be in this group?

(long pause)

(group begins to sing)

FORCES: The force that has been strained, we are surrounding you at this moment with the energy that will give you the strength and bond and the intuition to make decisions. We are ready now for your final questions and only ask that you open up your spirit to what has to be done. Question.

Q: The astrological chart, is it the apex sign or which sign is it that indicates the planet that we just returned to the earth from?

FORCES: You would find it near or so-called the half-moon or half-cresent aspect. This is usually bestowed upon the soul when it comes in according to the design of the moon. The moon is in a certain particular house, the complete opposite of that house is the moon or the planet you have come from. Question.

Q: If the moon is in a house, each house has a natural ruler would the planet you came from then be in the planet that rules the opposite house from the house that the moon is located in?

FORCES: Correct.

Q: Now, uh, with my apartment, when should we give notice?

FORCES: This should be done in the month of January, December, the end of January and to move from this particular place at the end of January moving it into the areas that you have made ready for it in January or February.

Q: Thank you. With the LaGuardia group is things being taken care of sort of okay?

FORCES: In an indirect round about way, okay.

Q: Are they purposefully, the females, not wanting to come here?

FORCES: They are going through a complex situation. They do not understand totally too much so their evolution is completely different from how this particular group is going. Deep down there is still that commitment to the ideals.

IS: So it’s not that they don’t want to be here?

FORCES: It is a question of other items that have come up for them too.

IS: I see. And, so, the thing …

FORCES: You also have a slight tinge of not wanting to be here. (They have not more SH, but then MY.) It would be certain growing pains that she is going through.

IS: Thank you. Now, the Psalms, are all the Psalms prophecies, every one of them, prophecies and codes?

FORCES: We would say they were prayers and prophecies and revelations, correct.

IS: And what was indicated in the Bible that King David set up prophets through music.

FORCES: Correct. Remember people you must strive to get back on the spiritual interpretation of living and be part of it. Do not seek after too many worldly things. They will be given to you in time. But strive after the spiritual harmony of life and benefits and the progress of enkindling in the revelation. As far as this particular entity is concerned, it is time that he now endeavors his strength upon the spiritual side, upon the metaphysical and the occult side of living so that the development of the group can develop and move on and become strong and more responsive and responsible ways of expressing and enkindling into others who are yearning and searching for the fruit. It is a moment of a good times and the highest time in order to bring this into consciousness and manifestation. It is also a positive moment of moving forward and a positive step of moving forward in a strong and meaningful expression. We are proud and pleased to be here and to see and witness these moments that are taking place. We have worked with you a long time and will continue to work for other things to become manifested. But we are strong in believing that you can handle anything that’s put in front of you. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in the heavens…