Session 127 – 8/26/77

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We are hovering in such a fashion that all those who are perceptive will see us us. It is a interesting night and interesting day. We have watched your progress and found it exciting in structure and typically so. But in such strength there is more to follow and to come. But the most important aspect is that each and every one would take up their own particular position and spread light and joy from that section. Yes we are watching and concerned. You have progressed in such an avenue tremendously. There is still a tremendous amount of work to do. As far as the trip is concerned we will be darting across the countryside and as far as Newfoundland are concerned if all is straight and narrow the path shall be good. Remember each day dictates that of the consciousness of the group. If it is to be productive it must be a group unit constructed. Remember that the world outside is going through a transition tremendous and if this world inside can only unfold itself to the people outside than there is a lot of magic in what you have constructed. Depend upon this magic and be not afraid to draw upon it and use it. Now as far as the atmosphere is concerned we will strive to keep you in touch and on location in the area that you are in. As far as our personal signs to all of you we shall always be ever in front of you, ever in back of you, ever to the side of you, to the front. You shall see us but not see us. You shall experience but not experience. You shall go through us but not go through us. We shall be there but not there. We shall be evident in the morning hours stronger than in the evening but in short we shall be rolling, dodging and on top of. We shall not allow you to see out of but yet you can see out. You shall see in the middle but yet not be in the middle. In this paragraph of usage of words I am only expressing the totality of the manifestation of spirit which will be in abundance in the morning hours you will see us but not see us, go through us but not go through us, experiencing us but never to experience us. This will be where we will be at. This will be our position. We will move in the wind, in the stars, in the sounds. You shall see us; people shall not see us. But you shall know we are ever so near. Questions.

IS: Are we packed correctly with the right things?

FORCES: Let us say that it is attitude that needs to be packed first and if your attitude is right that is all that is necessary for what comes upon you, you can handle with a proper spirit in which is a true judge.

IS: Thank you. Could I have a health reading for myself? Or rather is there something wrong with my stomach?

FORCES: We see it is a combination of many avenues of expression. It is not only in the stomach area that lies this (aggravation?) but it is in the system of the canal works and in the blood system, of flowing of the liquid and in the constant capillary and controlling system of ruptures. It is a group effort and to advise a certain period of rest, relaxation and faith … that faith of committing it to something higher … so it will get off the ground. Yes we would advise warm milk for certain aspects to be taken and a certain break of tea or that of liquids that would be pleasing. We would advise a certain amount of herbal essence, that of chamomile, mint and sarsaparilla. Sarsaparilla should be an interesting combination. Also to stay away from fat or oil, grease, for this would not be in appropriation for harmony in the body. Generally it should be taken care of by a resting of the mind. A peaceful experience that all is in the hands of God and what will happen will happen not from accident but from God’s hands to tempt, test and put us in a proper respect.

IS: Will I be okay on the trip now? I can’t now go resting.

FORCES: It is not a physical rest that one has to say I am resting. It is a mental rest we speak about. To give it the struggles to the hands of God to work with.

IS: But I’ll be alright on the trip then?

FORCES: It should be taken care of in perspective to time. The elements of the atmosphere, the good food if appropriately cooked and received right, and generally the relaxed atmosphere of movement of speed and time.

IS: Thank you very much. I have another question that happened … something happened … is it… I don’t know how to ask the question the right … is it a bad thing if one is dependent too much on the Bible?

FORCES: The Bible is interestingly good enough for guidelines but most of all depend upon the heart. Depend upon the feeling of the moment. Depend upon your intuitive faculties. The Bible is used only after these faculties are attached or… encountered or asked for.

IS: So, my concern was a real concern, I mean there is basis for that concern?

FORCES: Sure. Applying the Bible properly must be a twofold meaning. Not just to open the book to retreat from responsibilities. To open the book after you have made a decision or after you have come to a decision or fact and then opening up the book for clarification of your decision.

IS: Thank you. Now we can see a lot of people in fashions and things like that, that they copy-cat us. They copy us. It takes a few months, a year, two years, but they copy us in all these outward things. Do they also copy us in the more serious things?

FORCES: There are definite groups now springing up all of the metropolitan area that will soon need help, guidance and revelation. If the group is on it’s proper path this group could be a tremendous asset to the people who are searching for God. That is the major reason of travel the past week to come. That is to make a revelation for God to practice and put into practice the faith and the belief of the strength of God in our lives.

IS: Thank you. Was it a momentary thing with the Bible or is it something that I slipped into which I became aware of?

FORCES: We would consider it more momentarily than slipping into it.

IS: Thank you.

Q: Can you tell us what the gulf stream is? Why it’s warm and where it comes from and how it … how it keeps from filtering into the rest of the ocean?

FORCES: This stream is like a constant as up and down throughout the earth. It carries warm air because it is the culmination of the heat force in the earth that comes together in these sectors in which it spans out and still reabsorb … reabsorbed into the atmosphere and the earth. It is generally the life currents of the spirit of life that moves along the world in such an organized pattern like an energy field. Question.

Q: In regard to the entity Tom and his vegetarian diet that he’s been pursuing for the past few months, should that continue?

FORCES: It should be in appropriation strengthened and continued except for the 20th or the 21st or the 22nd part of the month. This is still necessary.

Q: It is acceptable when we make a soup in the house with beef stock or bones for him to eat that soup?

FORCES: This is not acceptable but occasionally it would be given for him by his intuitive faculties to accept it.

Q: Thank you.

IS: When you say that 20th, the 21st, the 22nd, you mean just one of these days or all three days?

FORCES: Could be one of those days. Again the intuitive faculties must be used.

Q: The dream I had two nights in a row where I was showing IS houses, the first dream was showing her the inside of an elaborate embassy-type mansion, the second dream showing her exterior extensions of houses, what do those two dreams mean?

FORCES: They could easily represent the justification and strengthening of the finer things in life.

Q: Thank you.

FORCES: Do you all have a perception of how we are to manifest to you this week coming? Do you have an i.. idea of the natural perception in which we will use?

IS: Is it the aurora?

FORCES: That if it is in question can be seen in such a way that it will take time but there are other signs that will be yours.

IS: The sky that I call Bible sky …

FORCES: You will see an eventual Bible sky also.

IS: But that Bible sky, that’s a real something special, isn’t it?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What is it?

FORCES: Each time one of those apparitions of the sky appears it is a communion of spiritual laws of love healing upon the area.

IS: So it truly is a Bible sky?

FORCES: We shall manifest to you point blank in the tremendous amount of fog in the morning hours.

IS: Ahh.

FORCES: You will see an uncanny amount in Newfoundland. Be not concerned but be concerned. Be one with it but yet not. That will be our manifestation of our presence here to you.

IS: We’re not yet ready for you actually to come close?

FORCES: It is not given, rather not ready but is not given. Question.

IS: Thank you.

Q: Could you tell us about the new cycle of power energy source that will be coming through Newfoundland after we visit there, Tom told us about?

FORCES: This also represents within the body the ears and the line in that of the voice. It is a strength of the energy that is coming forth to give and to teach that of proper harmony and discipline and peace within an individual. It does take time but it is worth it.

Q: Thank you.

Ninai: Could you tell us what the key of G minor represents?

FORCES: This is a golden note. It is a key to the spheres of listening or to the heavens.

Ninai: Thank you. Also, could you tell us something about the entity that was Vivaldi.

FORCES: It is not at this point necessary but other than complications were set in because of his so-call complicated but childhood ideas.

Q: Um can you elaborate for us in any form about what Tom was telling us this evening about the trip? Any more information on it or what might be happening this weekend as we travel there?

FORCES: It is generally a sharing and an encountering of the spirit of life around you that you will be perceptive to the wills of God … the will of God … in everything great and small, that you will be perceptive to that where you are at and where you shall be at.

Q: Is the uh … is there any significance to this full moon that will be happening as we travel? Any special significance?

FORCES: It is a harvest moon or it is a autumn moon and it is a strange moon. It is very strange the moon this time of year but all strength and energy comes through it also.

Q: Thank you.

Q: In all the places of the world such as Jerusalem and Egypt or South America where … there’s the places where there have been …

FORCES: Correct. Go ahead.

Q: Okay, well my question is, do these places have power because either you or other forces pick them or did they have a power of their own and that’s why they were picked?

FORCES: They have power only after the reflection of the spiritual prayers and adoration of the people.

Q: So why were these places, other than say any other place picked, for a base to be located or a center?

FORCES: Why is the big question. The answer is why not.

Q: Does it have anything to do with maybe the five appearances of Adam throughout the world?

FORCES: It is good. Each time Adam appeared he took a bow.

Q: These places that we know about, were any of these places where the appearance was made?

FORCES: These places we know about were all the places of man made his appearance.

IS: Isn’t it true that everything was chosen except at certain parts there was response … there was a respond … and so there was the flow and a channel was created. In other parts there wasn’t the response and so the channel was broken.

FORCES: Correct. It is why it’s well to leave a little bit of air circulation in a room. People we are only here to say this moment that go in a strength and go with a consciousness and the oppositions and obstacles that you might meet will be passed away and will melt into oblivion. Knowing that God will go with you and smooth your own path in front of you. But remember the laws that are in front of you, abide by them, and you shall have abundant peace. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our father who art in the heavens…