Session 126 – 8/15/77

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been around the area quite a while. We have been aware of that particular (serious event?) this has been complete. It was a good feeling as we are with you all tonight we are all rooting for you, also, it seems like we need strength and stamina. Do not worry about the little incidentals. Do not allow them to detain or keep you back. Remember that the things of tomorrow, the things that we are striving to perform and to prepare. There is a lot of planning involved. It might seem sluggish at times and it might seem every working force field to come, but do not allow this to be interpreted as such. We are striving to manifest and to bring into prospective all elements that would be in harmonity and in duration to the systems and planets involved. It is an exciting moment for us, for we are striving to manifest certain unique qualities through your own indivisible and individual actions. We would say do not have too much anxiety with this particular trip for it is something that we will strive to be with you and glide you along as best as possible and as close as we can come with you and to you, without causing anyone to become frightened. But remember we will be right in front of you and in back of you and we will guide you along what would have to be done, but you will be moving according to an army or a system and you must bring a light of spirit of joy and of happiness to where you go that those who perceive and see you will pick up this revelation and excitement. Remember the depressions of life are all around us. If you’re afraid to express yourselves and to enjoy that which is around you all those things are around us that tie us down. Do not be tied down. Be tied up. Tied up with that of the other elevay, elevation of life and joy and most important, the experience for your own particular soul growth. Remember this is very important and each and every one makes his or her own private contributions and sacrifices in order to evolve and make this particular trip a wholesome and enjoyable and learning one. We have watched the general situation within the city, within the country and we find it below average and very poor indeed. There are great strains and struggles that will follow coming soon. There are strange happenings around Washington that will not be able to be interpreted by too many people for they will be strange indeed and it would be theft, robbery, and even … do not be a bit surprised … but these occur within the White House staff and along the own personal families of that of the presidents. We see great frictions and great lights, a general apathy at a general frustration throughout the country but a moving forward to the spirit and a moving forward to a great development to come. As far as this particular what would be called inflictor of harm upon people in the area, it seems like they have received and captured them. Remember it is not to our liking or disliking that we approve or disapprove of such, but in such conditions we found it only accessible not to comment too readily upon what was happening. In short to give you information on this particular subject, it was a physical manifestation of black forces on the earth that was being counteracted by the white forces. We were striving as best as we could to bring in to manifestation the consciousness around him and around those who would capture him. There was a complete battle going on between the accessible amount of black forces that had manifested on this earth and the great fought battle of white trying to conflict or confront this particular individual. Remember this individual is not an individual by himself or alone. It is many, many particular possessed individuals within. You would be called safely to call this particular individual possessed by legions of legions. You could not imagine how many it is inside this individual that is possessed. Do not or be not to go in the vicinity or near this particular individual for they has a habit of rubbing off or being contagious. We are ready now for your particular questions. We will strive and stress to you that there are many more inventorious or inventing aspects to come if you only keep your own individual minds active and productive and away from thyself and your own physical comfort ability. Question.

IS: This individual, he is black forces, correct?

FORCES: It is to generating power of the black forces but remember the black force of the manifestations of the sins of the country most of all of the consciousness of the city that has enabled this individual to come from the roots.

IS: And yet it manifested in him or in people like him.

FORCES: It manifested over a period of time in people like him and in him.

IS: What caused in his individual self to … from his childhood on … to degenerate, to decay into that position?

FORCES: You would have a three-fold item. One, karmetic, two, the ability of always wanting what he wanted and not receiving it and feeling rejected and retreating, and three, a desire for power.

IS: Now, karmetic cannot be helped, but wanting what he wants, if he would have received that would it have changed anything?

FORCES: It would have only made his condition worse.

IS: I see. So actually giving into anything like that is even worse.

FORCES: It will manifest doubly the scale of harm.

IS: Thank you. So far with the preparations for the trip, the things that we’ve got so far, I don’t …

FORCES: We are overjoyed and excited with the tent aspect. We are overjoyed that you have taken it upon yourself to be ingenious, incentive and creative, industrious, invented in that of the inventory taken which you had not relied upon already planned and made items but you had given it from yourselves and had the responsibility of making a decision that was out of yourselves.

IS: And the other things besides the tent that we have gotten?

FORCES: We would suggest many interesting aspects. One item, of course, we notice the bags sleeping, or the sleeping bags, the bags for sleeping, they would be sleeping. Snoring. In this particular instances the colors are perfect for they represent the harmony of the psychic over the mind. We also appreciate the deduction of that particular sound to make it possible.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: We prepared it that way. It is only the beginning. We would also suggest as you have already picked up the jeans would brought over and worn, this would be interesting and good along with one pair of what would be called casual pants or something that would be more reclined. We would suggest also that a certain amount of mosquito spray would be good for the skin or area. It is not necessarily for that but for other reasons involved. We would suggest the aluminum (?) and also a scout knife to remove scales of fish because remember as you move up there there will be fish with scales. So get yourself a scaler. Descaler. Scalp scaler. In such a way we would also suggest that there should be what would be called a light within a lamp condensed by the own gas or a tube of gas which would give you a Benson burner or something a Bunson burner, a camp light, or something very nice and homey. This would be adequate for lighting and you will find the proper storage and condition needed. This would be needed during night and during the dark hours. You will find them properly and would find them quite cheaply if looked into. We would also suggest a certain cutting in the sides where the lawn so you would have a window strapped with a net if necessary but if not necessary there is no need. First aid equipment of course must be taken along, the band aids, the booming thing-eys, all sorts of inkin-dunkeys. Most important to bring a positive attitude along with you. Do not need a negative attitude. And that is why this whole two weeks is a preparation. Get ye out of negativity because, remember, a secret is of this: If you’re going to a negative attitude now it will manifest on a physical level something two weeks from now. So be on a good term and two weeks from now you will be in a pos portium, or better yet, for your communication a better frame of mind. We would suggest that you would strive to drink plenty of water and also to prepare mixtures with yeast inside and if you are enthused enough to get during the trip and before the trip what would be called flakes of dessert of flakes of grains, or breakfast flakes of bran. Bran flakes. This would contribute to the highest amount of nutritional value in your diet. We are ready for your questions.

IS: Um, now all the things that you mentioned is for the trip?

FORCES: And trips.

IS: Special kind of shoes besides, or other clothing besides what…

FORCES: Shoes could be the normal half or what would be called above the ankle booting if it would be necessary. If it would not be necessary we would suggest a half ankle boot, or we would suggest a perfect walking shoe. Something that would be comfortable.

IS: And those dresses?

FORCES: This is an interesting aspect. The dresses could be perfectly understood, involved in many avenues, interestingly designed to be long and straight. The ones that are plaid would be good and the ones that you wear around the house would be (accurate?). And if what would be considered in good tastes around the tent.

IS: But they wouldn’t be too cold?

FORCES: Of course there would be a certain amount of karmetic cool upon the body. Yes, they would cold.

IS: Well I guess this is not something that we should … we could possibly at this moment. Thank you very much.

FORCES: But remember, during your vacation the services of your own spiritual worship is very important. Do not strive to walk away from them. Keep them ever burning.

IS: Thank you.

Q: Could you describe at this time the services that took place in Atlantis?

FORCES: The services that took place in Atlantis were many, many different avenues of expression. That of the descaling, removing the abominations from the body, that of the mind and growing and implanting within the mind, developing cells to make them stronger and that of the soul which would prepare the physical/mental aspect for the future incarnation.

Q: Thank you.

DD: Tell me if the calculator that I constructed was right?

FORCES: We find the calculator in good condition.

DD: Do you have any insight on how it can be used?

FORCES: This can be used with a proper attitude and with a receptive finger. The digits on the bottom could be used parallel to the digits on the top. Straight lines and vertical lines represent one aspect, and the other straight lines would represent another. In time, remember, this is a calculator not on a physical level, but is of a spiritual energy calculator that once was used during Atlantis to calculate on a spiritual level, also, it can be used very nicely on a physical level.

DD: Thank you very much. You said once that to make a study of history, would be very good and that it could be calculated, uh, the cycles of history could be calculated mathematically. Was this used for something like that?

FORCES: This could be used correctly according to that.

DD: Thank you very much.

Q: Proverbs chapter 6, verse 1 through 5 tells how to deliver oneself out of the hand of thy friend. Could this be telling you how to break karmic relationships and also to stay in this lifetime and work out relationships instead of dying and escaping? Is that what its meaning?

FORCES: It also represents the enemy within. Many, many different prospects that we strive to make it more comfortable for us.

Q: So the reason they write “friend” instead of deliver thyself out of thy hand of thy enemy, they say friend. That means it seems like a friend to you?

FORCES: Let us perceive that this could be right.

Q: Could you tell us what word Incandos means?

FORCES: This could be the representation of removing or getting rid of small animals.

Q: Tell us why HP has a fever and what must be done with it?

FORCES: This of course is a blockage of the intestines, also the voice infection the crying and screaming and the whining could be the aspect of the breaking down of his own health cells, demanding too much for himself which is another aspect of replenishing or taking away his energy.

Q: Anything to be done for it?

FORCES: This could be done, that of water, sunlight, fruit juices. Also we would represent that of fish, tomatoes … these two would come in brewers yeast and warm water. We would also advise a certain amount of patience and time and trying to relate with this individual in his life.

IS: What can be done for his demanding things?

FORCES: This has to be in time. By talking to him, explaining that it could not get him what he wants, in fact will take away what he wants, but if he would learn only through the ability not to demand … then the receptive time will follow suit.

IS: What is the difference between HP and a person that grows up with those three things? But we don’t know HP’s karma, but the demanding is just the same? What’s to prevent from him to turning into that? Of the destructive power?

(long pause)

IS: Should we continue asking questions?

FORCES: This would not interfere with what has to be done. We have no problem in answering your particular question.

IS: Is there an answer to my question?

FORCES: It would be a striving point, again, remember, silence at times, remaining patient, also trying to teach the individual why it is no, and what can be done for it. Just saying no will not help the child to understand why.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: This has an indirect meaning to your particular question.

IS: Yes.

FORCES: It will not be revealed at this moment, but it will be given to you in time.

IS: Thank you.

FORCES: Remember, in the silence of our particular sessions, we are working with other thought forms and patterns. As a session is beginning in progress there are also other forces around and above. There are tremendous amounts of change about to happen, what we are in, is not the best time in the world, but what you have here is the joining of services between one and another. What you are doing here will be forced upon those who are living by themselves in many strange climates. There are many different ways in which they will be forced. Some will be forced (?) where they work, some will be forced in (?), some will be forced in their own sadness. Question.

Q: The other night there was a lot of lightning in the sky. What was happening then?

FORCES: This represents an encounter with that of the white elementals and the black elementals causing a great force field or battle within the sky.

Q: Thank you. Could you tell us what it means when HP says “go in the snow/I’ am going to put you in the snow.

FORCES: It is a strange expression. It could represent merely those things in which we standing still.

IS: Does HP have any of these powers that we would like him to have, or…

FORCES: There is a certain amount of perceptivity with dealing with boats, water, cargo, a receptivity of preparing for all the boats that come on the high seas.

IS: But it’s not the things that we’ve been thinking.

FORCES: That is also there, the perception of those who are (Machiavellian?) and there is a drive or a certain amount of drive in order to express these feelings.

IS: But, is there … can he actually do things? Not just receive, but active?

FORCES: There is a great deal of creative energy within the child. It will take a few months or years before they are manifested, before she can go through that what would be called the Scales of Popularity.

IS: Popularity? Who is she?

FORCES: This is the invisible friend.

IS: It’s a female force?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Now, is it correct or that he can actually eliminate things with his …

FORCES: It would be considered making them disappear.

IS: And that is correct then?

FORCES: He has a certain amount of power within himself to make certain electrical components just simply disappear.

Q: (?)

IS: Electrical components would be… that could mean also things that are made? Let’s say this paper could be made … could have so much of electrical components in it. Is that correct?


IS: Thank you.

Q: During the meditation service tonight I had ideas for how we could sew the ropes to the top of the tent so that the poles wouldn’t have to stick through the top, but the ropes would be connected to the poles and the top of the tent would be laying on the ropes. Would this be, like, the way we should do it?

(very long silence)
Forces: ? force that would be………….lives in different parts…….particular

FORCES: In with such a vehicle we find certain vehicles, we find outside.

IS: Can we ask questions now?

FORCES: In short, it would be good.

IS: Why do I have a particular interest in crime?

FORCES: This would analyze certain amount of pressure and intents and a weak as-, weak aspects are developing that of sin and sight.

IS: Sin and sight?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: In me?

FORCES: It is more or less needs to be dealed with from those around you.

IS: In that connection, I don’t know if it is, but why is it that I feel that certain times or that I’m a hindrance to people?

FORCES: It is not a hindrance but a changing of the vibration from a slower to a faster one.

IS: From a slower to a faster rate?

FORCES: It is not a slower speed that I speak of. It is that of (sin, sound?). This would help soli-date the moving of the tent.

IS: What would help?

FORCES: That of quiet inventory and (wider?) thoughts. That would be it.

IS: For me?

FORCES: For you (?) and for those who are involved in the spirit of understanding and of giving in wisdom.

(tape cuts off)

Session 126
Part II

IS: Well what does it mean, though?

FORCES: Preparation of the centers and the force fields in which one says he or she is okay and appear of thoughts and of wisdom will manifest (in the open?). How would you become to that?

IS: I don’t understand.

FORCES: There are different centers within the body that are responsible for responding when the body is joined by three or four individuals.

IS: Which body?

FORCES: This would be a combination between the astral and the physical.

IS: Now all of it is relating to me now?

FORCES: It would be indirectly related to you.

IS: But how do I deal with that feeling of … that I … I truly, I feel like I’m a hindrance and it’s like I don’t even want to … it’s like if I say “good morning” I insult the person. What shall I do?

FORCES: It is a representation of power and energy. But remember seek not just for their own remarks to do what is right. By doing this it would be a strength beyond compare.

IS: But is it … is it in any way, shape or form something in me? That is wrong?

FORCES: It is not that which is within that is wrong, it is the application of putting forth the best knowledge and wisdom so that they can apply their own perfect life ahead. In that of struggle and in the pain they’ll not necessary for these individuals to receive such strength.

IS: It is not necessary for these individuals to receive that kind of training? Is that correct?

FORCES: This would be taken to be.

IS: What does it mean these individuals don’t need training?

FORCES: It would represent that of re-filing or putting forth the energy in order that that harmony can be produced.

IS: So ignore them?

FORCES: Not the point of ignoring but to move on and not to allow these individuals to have a large percentage of consciousness within your mind.

IS: But now for these individuals, then, what about them?


IS: Should we continue asking?

FORCES: …(energy) that this in case when two, that of the forces within. Interesting point of commitment.

Q: In Ash Wednesday and Yom Kippur, are they both equal, just that one is the old covenant and one is the new covenant or is one higher than the other?

FORCES: (?) of the forces to that……

IS: Should we continue being here?

FORCES: It would have a result that would be positive.

IS: You will let us know? You will tell us? You will talk to us?

FORCES: It would be end for the ending of it would be an apparition of the stone.

IS: Apparition of the stone?

FORCES: Of the stone that is to be resurrected.

IS: Tonight?

FORCES: It would appear tonight but it is at any moment or any time to be accomplished but the wisdom might be broached and the knowledge to carry it out.

IS: You will direct us? You will …

FORCES: It is in a direction of movement, the movement in which one would receive intuitive conscience.

IS: Intuitive conscience?

FORCES: Intuitive conscience.

IS: Into the conscience. It will be a physical manifestation?

FORCES: It would be in a manifestation on a physical experience.

IS: Tonight?

FORCES: Not only but part of tonight but at any moment. Push on forward and gather all that is necessary. Questions a penny?

IS: Will you answer them?

FORCES: Striving to answer them as we will try to understand to answer them …

(recording stops then resumes)

IS: …of children that have no parents is for them to have no parents?

FORCES: That’s the relative truth of the matter, to be but not to have parents. The forces are certain out, rather to have companions and a friendship of development in the individual adoptee. But try to substitute and become mother or father, a large percentage has an adverse affect on, on the child.

IS: So those parents that don’t have any children, that’s how they’re supposed to be … without children?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: And children without parents, that’s how they’re supposed to be, without parents?

FORCES: Cor-right. But there are also times when it can be changed for the benefit of growth. It does not necessarily mean that a child without parents should stay that way. It means if they become adopted they are either strong or weak. And to take over and try to make up, or to become the parent overnight, could be dangerous also.

IS: Going back to this man that was captured, if this child would have never been adopted, if he would have been put in a home and had to live with other kids, forced to be with other kids, forced to just worry about the basic necessities of life, would he not been a better person in the long run?

FORCES: It would have manifested in a different way, still.

IS: It would? A different way meaning not killings?

FORCES: It would have been a perverse way, but you are talking of a future. He would have been a strange and stronger personality but maybe not in killing. Because of the adoption and the attention that was not paid to the child then the adverse affect began to happen.

IS: He wasn’t paid attention to?

FORCES: Properly, no. On a superficial level, yes.

IS: Then is there anybody, really, today, people, parents, whatever, that do pay attention the right way to children?

FORCES: The right way is found in this house.

IS: And yet we have so much trouble.

FORCES: It is not really trouble. It is a normal growing process.

IS: So, actually, the paying of attention is … one of the questions that I had about myself and that is that I thought is very, is not right, but … then the right thing is that kind of pouncing, seeing those things. Analyzing those things that are not so good. Is that attention? Well, what I mean is being aware of all the shortcomings and looking at them to their final conclusion of what can be. What can eventually …

FORCES: Looking at the situation and coming up with the best. Correct.

IS: That’s a misused word, attention, again, just like Christianity.

FORCES: Attention can be a thousand plagues.

IS: Thank you. Is there an any way, shape or form that we with our thoughts and desires can change you in any way, shape or form or your communications to us, or does the quality go just by what the entity Tom is? Regardless of us?

FORCES: Communication is like a crystal. If you are cloudy in thoughts we cannot come through strong. But if you are crystallized in strength then we come in loud and clear. There are other conditions that are called spirit battle conditions that you have no control over. They are atmospheric conditions of above us. Sometimes, like tonight, there is a total lapse of quiet but this has nothing to do with the reflection of the group. Has something to do with the black and the white forces hovering above. Sometimes it has something to do with the white forces altogether. Sometimes it has to do with the black forces altogether. Sometimes it deals with both … black and white together. But the reception of the forces is indescribably explained in such a way that you are all transmitting and receiving and when we speak through we are speaking through all those receptive parts. Yes.

IS: But yet this type of thing is only been happening, I don’t know, the last year. Before that there wasn’t that kind of a thing.

FORCES: But you must remember the years coming up are complicated and they grow more and more in confrontation. We only suggest that you strongly prepare for many great changes on the earth that will cause pain and suffering for those who are not prepared and ready. In the Bible in Leviticus it said that you plant for six years and on the seventh year you do not plant. And by doing so God will bless your land in the sixth year and give you three years of abundant fruits. Well the same applies here, that when you have it is for your purpose. When there is none it is that you should assume and digest the foods you’ve already have.

IS: Is this the seventh year now?

FORCES: It is not the seventh year yet. But we will let you know when the seventh year comes, for during the seventh year certain things must be abided by. We would only suggest that proper living and directions are taking everyone forward. The storage of foods, surpluses…

IS: Should we get some more the storage of food?

FORCES: In time. Not at this moment. But we would say in sixth months time you will relatively have a rough idea what you can do.

IS: Will we be already in Virginia by that time?

FORCES: There are many complex endeavors about to happen. It will be strong and developing in many respects. There are of course many beautiful works ahead and in short Virginia is already here.

IS: Virginia is here?

FORCES: It is already in manifestation.

IS: Are the SR’s moving? Is that it?

FORCES: It’s inevitable. They no longer have any rights to this particular parcel.

IS: Will they move out on time?

FORCES: There is a complex situation but if all goes well they will be gone. We would only advise to help push them out. So they might and should ask for help to move certain small and odd things and that should be no problem, to push them out like a bird of course is pushed out of the nest.

IS: Should we help them? They’ll call us to help them move their things, you mean, and we should go and help them?

FORCES: At a point in time yes.

IS: What about August? You said something a long time ago something about August.

FORCES: There was a tentative date in which they would be able to move in August. As all has been planned they are preparing major moves and major forces of disconnecting from the house that have already manifested in the month of August. There are also other complex complicated elements around the house that have prevented them from terminating or disentangling themselves, disconnecting themselves from the house. In one respect it is good that they remain for a few seconds for there are other items that need to be taking care of but in short August was and is the date of separation. If it is not completely done on the physical it was accomplished on the mental.

IS: What are the forces that were sent to them? Were there any of them on a physical level or all on a spiritual level?

FORCES: It is on a mental, spiritual and physical level that accomplished their work.

IS: What kind of … could we know? What are the things that happened to them?

FORCES: Let us say that there was a tremendous facing of facts that they realized they could not stay any longer and that they once and for all must make firm commitments and obligations and contracts to move.

IS: You mean to say until now they still believed that they were going to be able to stay there?

FORCES: It is not that they still believed that they were going to stay, it is that in their childish way they did not think on it. They have a habit of pushing things under the carpet.

IS: What happens to people like that karmically?

FORCES: They repeat over and over until finally they have the right application and lessons.

IS: And that’s what happens really in all karma. Where ever you do something wrong that’s where you keep repeating it.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: I mean, if you did wrong as a king you’ll keep coming back?

FORCES: Very good. There are so many bloody kings walking around as they would be termed King for a Day.

IS: Well, king for a lifetime. Is that what you mean?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: But then the poor guy that got … that made his mistake when he poor slob, he’ll keep coming back as a poor slob?

FORCES: Isn’t that hilarious.

IS: Yeah, but that’s not… something is … I don’t understand there something.

FORCES: You get lost into a niche and until you come out you stay in the niche.

IS: Yeah but you might as well get lost in a rich niche than in a poor niche!

FORCES: Sometimes kings have it poorly. But your point is well taken. If you want to stand in front of an ice cream truck and do something you can be guaranteed to come back as ice cream man.

IS: Yeah… well I don’t know, it sounds a little funny, I mean, it doesn’t sound really correct, but …

FORCES: Remember the soul has a particular pattern that they apply. We have cells within your body that in 2,000 B.C. you grow and you produce all the cells that you have gathered together. When you terminate all these cells gradually go back into the earth. Some are retained. Some cells can never go back because someone has taken them, adored, honored or worshiped them in such a way that the cells cannot go back properly. That this will have to take time and wait in which finally the cells go back into circulation. When the cells are ready they go through a course of evolution. When a person does terminate the essence or elements of their bodies go into food and milk and water and air and fish and fowl, therefore the entity lives a different type of existence of life. Maybe this is where the Indian’s interpretation goes wrong. But then these souls start experiences in rocks and minerals and plants, in animals, in fishes, and then in a couple of thousand of years when the lessons have been learned in different animal kingdoms then the call for these cells come back and all of them join again to make what is known as man. And then his lessons start again, and if succeeding it will move on. If not it will go through the whole pattern again.

IS: Yeah but what I’m saying is, it’s like, it’s almost like saying the…unrighteous …

FORCES: Unrighteous.

IS: Yeah, but no, the unrighteous shall succeed.

FORCES: It is not really so. For each time it gets difficult in the particular slot and never easy in which they can make the right decision.

IS: Yeah, but, well again I guess that’s the justice so I … I really don’t understand.

FORCES: When you make a mistake as a milkman you come back as head of milkmen. If you make the mistake again you come back as in what would be called a confrontation or at mercy towards milkmen. That means you don’t necessarily, you do not necessarily have to become a milkman but you will have a encounter and be at the mercy of milkmen until you react in a proper way. If you are a king and you are a bad king you come back over kings or involved deeply within kingdoms, and if you continue then you will be involved with being at the mercy of kingdoms. This does not necessarily mean you would be a king.

IS: But somebody like, ah, (Jacqueline Onassis?) and …

FORCES: It just so happens that her pattern manifest this twice. There have been other patterns within her lifetimes that manifest her as servants.

IS: But yet whenever she came into a little bigger position she makes it very big. Is it known …

FORCES: Big or traps herself.

IS: Traps herself big. But it’s like becoming like a very known figure. It is not maybe better, but yet if you ask a lot of people, 90% of the women would rather have her headaches, her miseries and be her than …

FORCES: That is their fantasy.

IS: Yes.

FORCES: It would quickly change in a period of two days.

IS: Yeah. But see she, she focused; she’s being focused as an eye catcher.

FORCES: She is being focused on.

IS: As the … that the bad is worthwhile.

FORCES: But it is not.

IS: Yeah but that’s how she’s focused.

FORCES: But it is not.

IS: But will there come a moment where others also can see and not be lured or attracted by it or …

FORCES: They are seeing, others who have the eyes to see, are seeing.

IS: See …

FORCES: But yet your point is well taken and yet it still must be accomplished.

IS: Because I feel like a lot of people that if they could see … well, it sounds like I’m telling God his business, but it’s more …

FORCES: It is still complicated to do his business.

IS: Yeah. No but it feels like if people could see, could physically see that there’s really not …

FORCES: The outcome.

IS: Not just the outcome, that the hell that she’s going through every single day.

FORCES: That is the particular outcome of her actions.

IS: Then if they could see the outcome of her actions, physically, and not … but I’m only saying her name because it’s only one. I’m speaking for all of these things. It just, it could be seen, then other people that maybe have a chance, they’re just a little weak would not fall into that fantasy.

FORCES: That is correct.

IS: But it’s not done that way. Thank you very much.

DD: Could you tell me about my dream of finding stones, …All green and mystical looking and I found some one day and I was trying to find the next day?

FORCES: There is a classic example of a stone representing the pearl of great price or wisdom. It would be finding certain gems of wisdom that other people could want and need.

DD: Halaliel and Hilarion are they the same entity?

FORCES: Repeat?

DD: Halaliel the angel and Hilarion?

FORCES: We would say they came from the same root force.

DD: And they both represent by the eagle?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: What is their function as an eagle?

FORCES: They represent that of quick thought and flight within the third dimension.

DD: Is it correct the Urim represents Genesis and Thummin represents Revelation?

FORCES: The beginning and the end. Correct.

DD: The alpha and the omega. This says it has to do with the calculating?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Is that the Urim or the Thummin or is it one of the two?

FORCES: It is one of the two.

DD: Is it the Urim?

FORCES: It is the Beginning.

DD: Thank you very much.

Q: Could Ash Wednesday and Yom Kippur – are they both equal, one being the old covenant, one being the new covenant or is one higher than the other?

FORCES: There’s a holiday spirit. Each one has its significance. It is in similarity and yet different.

Q: Is one higher?

FORCES: We do not analyze higher or lower in this respect.

Q: Thank you.

Q: Is the chapter that I was reading in Ecclesiastes, um, can I give what IS was asking about where Solomon talks about kings and children?

FORCES: It would be the truth in that space of time.

Q: Transfiguration … was that Jesus, Elijah and Moses?

FORCES: Correct.

Q: Is there anything that could be given for my wrist or is the caster oil packs. Is that just all that I have to do now?

FORCES: It is not all that you have to do now. It is in the head that has to be done. The rest is secondary. But remember there is a lot of work ahead of you. You have not put too much into operation. You’ve relied on the redundance and the conditions. You must discipline yourself and guide yourself in expression of opinions because the rest is flexibility and the application of the spirit. When it is hampered it represents the inability to manifest the spirit without a opinion that is charred with a selfish plight. So therefore in order to heal this particular wrist you must be flexible. You must apply in your daily living a no judgment policy by being positive and active without expressing a statement of opinion as a matter of fact.

Q: Thank you very much.

Q: Can you help me with that aspect of pride that I keep clicking into even though I know it’s a pattern, um, it keeps happening and I don’t seem to be able to stop it from happening.

FORCES: It has to be done. You must learn to discipline yourself from it happening. Done for that which is put on the clock. You become conscious of the clothing you put on. When you forget yourself you can only bring the spirit of life into you. When you remember yourself you always remember the same old pattern over and over again.

Q: Did Mawyer do a good job on the roof porches?

FORCES: I would say he’d better, but in short it could have been a better position. But I would say you could have gotten a person to where it really messed them up.

Q: What should we do about it now? What should we do next?

FORCES: What should be done is patience and wait and then complete the porch on the top and then we will design and create in yourselves.

IS: That is we should let him continue the thing that he’s found wrong?

FORCES: In short you should continue and complete as much as possible with reasonable that is assessable to your means.

IS: Right. Is he overcharging us?

FORCES: I would suggest not to look into this matter but strive to put it behind as you move on. It is a reasonable question and we should say yes and no, but chances are it would be better to say no.

IS: Now will the SR’s try and approach us as far as trying to stay on in the house?

FORCES: I would say on my own personal level of thoughts I wouldn’t put it past them.

IS: What do you mean your own personal? Whose person?

FORCES: It is just a general fun of game talk. It is alright too, to try to be human. In our own expressionism we use coin-phrase-ology that is kind of hilarious. My own personal thoughts, but if I was me I would do such and such. Oh I wouldn’t say that. I never thought in my whole life, etc, etc. It’s a human expressionism and as far as we are concerned up here we wouldn’t pair it past him or past them put it.

IS: And we should sort of ignore it, right? I mean or tell them that …

FORCES: It is better to take and see it will not become a strong issue anyhow. But remember it will work itself.

IS: The weight of the van and everything, will that be okay? All the stuff that we’re taking?

FORCES: It will be in proper condition. Sometimes you will have to levitate some individuals but generally as far as carrying and the consciousness of what you are taking will create a certain harmony in the weight aspect.

IS: Now for the entity RH, is there something that … for instance should she … if she wants to go out of the house, should she go out of the house or should she do other things, or what should be done? Or can I ask this question?

FORCES: We do not understand. Does the entity wish to leave the house?

IS: That is my impression that she would rather go out and work or something.

FORCES: Then I can only say that she is in a very sad rebellious attitude and if this is the case it is not really progressing. It is an escapism and it is a very critical moment in which must be taken care of. This entity needs very strongly to find out why she is expressing such low ebb thoughts. Why the entity is not being creative and why she has found herself in an expressionism that is contrary to the group consciousness. What is the purpose and the matter. Or is it in the individual herself? Is it all her fault? Point at lies is that these, this to relax or what is her object? We would only stress that for her to leave and go out will only be a retreating sign for there is much more here to work and develop and grow by. But I would say in all of this that each soul has it’s own rights to make up its mind. Do not become off the track or off the purpose. Too many moves or too many depressions is a critical sign and for those who go too much into depressions must answer to themselves truthfully and come out with what they are doing in their minds and strive …

(tape cuts off)

Session 126
Part III

FORCES: … in their minds and strive to discipline themselves from such thoughts.

IS: Well the entity does not believe it sleeps enough or it gets … I guess justice is the main thing or what-have-you. And it does have (?) moods and it does disturb everything else and it has been every single time after we go see any one of the parents of that entity afterwards from that day on until whatever time it will go on. What can be done? You said before something that I did not understand for me. I don’t understand. What can I do about it? I feel … I really feel that I’m in the way.

FORCES: If the entity does not correct this particular aspect of retreating into a cloister of comfort ability then the entity will find a tremendous sickness at it’s disposal. But again we cannot force this issue. We must allow the entity to make her decision. But as sad as it might be she must face these facts that you have pointed out and once and for all come to a finalization about them. Or, in short, do not visit the parents any longer.

IS: I really … I feel afraid every single time. And maybe I shouldn’t but it’s like, and I try to forget it affects me.

FORCES: It is a pattern that she RH has filled into her void. It is part of a quest that she needs to burn out. It is part of a habit that she falls into. Not really part of herself but part of a habit.

IS: What habit is that?

FORCES: A habit of being comfortable. A habit of living in such an existence that needs to be broken.

IS: I also feel responsible since I’m personally responsible … I feel personally responsible for her because I brought her in and I …

FORCES: It is sad that when she was brought into this house she was really gung ho. But now with the slothfulness and the relaxation of the conditions have allowed to take its course she must remember that in order to stay here she must put a lot on the line along with others. But everyone else is responsible too. Each one is becoming lazy in their own activities. Not only RH but if you look around you will see that everyone else is taking it easy in their own particular sphere. So maybe to analyze each one of you in your secret chambers, to put out there rather than to retreat in comfort ability, to go out of your way to be productive and make that which you do more meaningful in your daily living.

IS: But it’s like another thing that I feel is because I have to fight so much with her mother, if she does wrong and then she gets hit because of her own wrongs, the mother will come to me as in though “See, you took my little baby and you destroyed her!” I don’t want that. I swear I’d rather have, maybe now, “Go back there. Stay there. Maybe she will find out something different.” Because I don’t, I can’t feel because that’s who is going to get it. If she’s going to get sick who is going to get it? I’m going to get it. From her mother. And she does keep that thing in her mind that my mother will protect me. So there’s really no separation from her family or whatever it is. I don’t know what to explain. I’m really not any longer asking for help. I’m asking for myself. What do I do? What do I do for me now? How do I handle this thing in myself?

FORCES: There is only one thing we can say is to give it up to God. Chances are if RH is using this aspect, which she is, it is a human quality. She might not have a mother too long to use it. It might be some one else. But it is something that must be looked into and if it is seriously looked into it could be corrected, but knowingly it is a human aspect. RH grows thin, then she becomes weak and it reflects upon the house.

IS: Exactly! And that’s … she’s holding it above us. She’s holding it above me. She’s holding it above us. That’s exactly the point, and she’s holding it to her family. That’s exactly the point.

FORCES: And it is of a sad condition and it needs to be altered and corrected.

Q: Is it okay to have some of the poles of the tent outside or should they all be underneath the covering?

FORCES: If you want to put the poles outside the tent it’s all right by us.

Q: The Celtic art that I’ve been working with for the last few weeks, can you explain what’s involved with that? What’s behind that?

FORCES: It represents the many different patterns of natural energies that flow over the crest of the earth.

Q: I heard tell that it was Atlantean art. Is that correct?

FORCES: It is the energy pattern that is from the beginning of time.

Q: Also in meditation the other night I saw the whole temple filled with golden light and these patterns throughout that temple scene. Could you explain what this means?

FORCES: It is the energy patterns that is a culmination of thoughts and the process of prayers that gravitate around the building.

Q: Thank you.

IS: The Israeli kings, the kings of Judah and the kings of Israel, almost every single one of the kings of Judah, or after the split up, were sort of … well some of them were a little better, nobody came of course to King David … but they were all sort of good. Mildly good. On the other hand the Israeli kings were all either bad or very, very bad. And yet …

FORCES: We would advise you to turn the air conditioner off. You’re suffering from it people. It is a sign. Your own comfort abilities. You keep something on and you all suffer through it. You have to learn that comfort ability is usually your downfall. Question, go ahead.

IS: So, now, with the Israeli kings, all of them are bad. And yet, of course, God is still sort of … not sort of! … He’s taking care of them. Sometimes he’s taking care of the bad, bad ones. Better than of the good ones from Judah. Now my question is like this: what was their being so bad? Was it because none of them had the ability within them to unite themselves to the kingdom of Judah and make it one kingdom again? Is that what they did wrong?

FORCES: This is a strong possibility and expression of yes.

IS: I see. That’s why the kings of Judah, even though they were good, they didn’t receive as much fruits because they didn’t have so much to have to be good. They didn’t … there wasn’t that much required of them to become good. While in order for the Israeli king to be good they would really have to give up everything … everything.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: But that’s not including Ahav, right? Ahav was mean by his own self to.

FORCES: Um. By his own integrity.

IS: Is that happened in other places in the Bible? That even though a person was mean yet for him to be good would take so much more and that’s why punishment is not come upon him?

FORCES: It is a law of interesting effects but none the less punishment does come upon them in time.

IS: But is there such a thing maybe even today or in the karmic pattern or in justice or whatever it is that we’re striving for?

FORCES: There is such a thing.

IS: That a person appears bad simply because his moment it is to do so much more good?

FORCES: Correct. We will only strive to again remind you that your thoughts must be perfect as far as your own production. Do not fall into moods of depressions for they drain your energies and mar your scar of appearance. And leave a effective experience in your path. There is no way of escaping what has to be done. Own up to the facts that it has to be done and your life will be easier. Run away from the facts that it has to be done and strive to find excuses and reasons and doubts and fears and depressions and you will be the worst off. Not only are you wasting time but you are misusing and you are becoming left behind until finally the day will come when you will cry out for help and there will be no one there to help you and you will have to do this whole aspect over again with no help but on your own. Be strong and be productive and be with one another. As the outside world is tearing itself apart if a weakness of a chain happens then it will tear at that weakness. Be it the outside world, if a weakness here in this particular group, be it on a physical level or a mental or a spiritual, they will tear and see and sense the weakest part of this consciousness in the group, be it whatever it is. They will strive for it and try to rip at it but be not weak and be not the one to advertise the weakest part. Greetings to all of you here present now.

Group: Our father who art in heaven…