Session 623-2/20/99

Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and find the major movements of time to be strong in its vibration of change. In this moment that we find ourselves here is the line of the energy of your planets in this galaxy. In the coming through and being here, we find that the massive changes in the structure of your government is in such as we have noted from prior meeting that we have had it with these republican form of party. Since our last meeting we have removed the speaker, and the second speaker of the House of your government. And also now we have put closure to this scandal that has wrecked havoc on your system. We are still not done in what we had said and plan to continue this course. But now we move on from this moment of course to the greater plans and challenges (about) (abound). There are many plans to come, and straight as it is, the changing of what would be laws and order of course. These will change drastically to the controlling of airports and also terminals of transport. We will also see a great change in the power structure of this government and country. All the other powerful countries look on this one as a source of strength. Now we also see the great volcano of many eruptions and force now close to Mexico and into state of Washington. Now we also see that these changes are akin to under water activity and pressure. Earthquakes too are formed nearby, and will set new records of scales. We find also that France will have a stronger say-so in the European market, and that Germany will again have disagreements with them. We also see a tremendous political change in countries of England and Denmark. But in all these things approaching the wire a most dangerous move to be made in the Slavic Empire, therefore see much trouble and damage within, it’s safe to say that there will be trouble within. And now we see that Russia does one (want), but not to be trusted even till this point of interest. We are now also speaking about the internal structure of releasing the revelations of extraterrestrial movements. We see the information leaks and understanding that these conditions will come forward more and more to the point the government will say one thing and do others. That in which they will be brought to reference of one comment, which would disagree with the other comment. And then all the cards will come falling down. For their timing (and sect) and where and how these things are matched are what would be considered a great change and revelation of sort, that the government will admit piece by piece, and give in to how much they know in reference to the extra terrestrial file. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in today. Is there anything that can be given about the entity’s father, since it is today his anniversary and, on the other side, and something that can be given for the entity?

Forces: It is a strong day, when we consider the birth of a new soul to the other side. It’s constantly working and striving to fulfill its own transition. In so doing, there are many fields of operation and work that is going on, on that side of his transition. Much is being accomplished by this soul, from the prayers and energy, and the focus of this entity that continues on the other side. It is as though gifts are given, and in continuation of these gifts are the same, and is doubled on the other side.

IS: Thank you. And for the entity?

Forces: It is a communication between him and this one that has moved on to the other side, much stronger and understanding of guiding him to where he has to accomplish the work that is gained for him to do.

IS. Thank you. The European market, is that a good thing?

Forces: We do not see it as such. We only see more complications and frictions abound. The moment it seems good, but in the long run it isn’t.

IS: Thank you.

JE: Back to this fellow Sullivan on the Titanic, I searched the passenger records, and I couldn’t find him. How was he traveling, and can you give me more information about him?

Forces: We need to look and see the gender be, not the same as you see this time. For the gender was not him, to speak, but a ‘she’.

JE: The name was Sullivan, or was he traveling under a different name?

Forces: Repeat your question.

JE: Was he still traveling under the name Sullivan?

Forces: She was.

JE: Can you give more background on the person?

Forces: We find this person to be in the class of coming aboard and living its existence there, and not a male, but a female, this Sullivan is.

JE: I found one Jenny Sullivan, but it was a young girl though. It was the only one I could find listed. From the Midwest.

Forces: And strange, is it not, to be young?

JE: But still be head of the project?

Forces: As we see it, there is much of this project that deals with a invisible force field that this particular child appeared through different channels, and changed its own nature of gender. What we are trying to say is that there were those beamed on board, and in so doing, altered their sexual component by the beaming process, and being of age, became younger in nature from the age in which they were. The change completely was rebound totally from not only the sex but also the age.

IS: They traveled through a back time?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Of course.

JE: What happened when she died?

Forces: She didn’t.

JE: So when the ship went down, where did she go?

Forces: Went back through the time zone to be changed again.

JE: But back to what? I’m not understanding.

Forces: Back to the origin of the year in which to be born again.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: What we are saying is when the ship went down, the continuation of the test and trial was accomplished, but at that point it was time travel that was accomplished, and in so doing projectile into the future in which was that moment of birth for self.

JE: All right. Thank you.

ED: What does the New World Order do specifically?

Forces: Control the time tunnels, time factors, emotions of people, and control money and apparatus of the UFO projects, and revelation of control, or trying to control this energy.

JN: Are the current treatments that C. Lombardi undergoing at J.H. going to be effective for her complete healing?

Forces: Complete healing is strong in words. There will be some moments, but we will say that the entity has set 3 angels at its feet, then the change will be complete.

JN: So it will be complete by Easter?

Forces: The time frame does not matter, but it will be complete in the etheric world by Easter.

JN: What am I supposed to be doing to continue and fulfill my mission?

Forces: Patience, endurance, and bringing up creative ideas to deal with the numb skulls.

JN: And can you suggest some creative ideas?

Forces: Silence. What would be considered a cold water treatment, developed by and also mixing up the – what would be considered – thermoses of hot to cold. In the sake of not explaining everything it is, there are times when you could just forget the things you need to do, but for the sake of not giving too much information, we’ll talk to you on a different level, in a different place.

JN: Thank you.

AL: Who was I in a past life? (Starts to repeat when someone whispers to speak up).

Forces: Yes we heard you. We would say we would have to look, but we would also say that you were involved with the last empire of China.

AL: What was my name?

Forces: The names are given in an etheric level, Shoo Li, or that of Flower Child of the East.

AL: How could they help my present life?

Forces: (It) will give you insight on how to deal with changes.

IS and JN: Thank you.

SRN: In terms of me and my wife to be, wondering if Charlottesville would be good for more than just a few years, or if it would be wise to move on elsewhere in the future, depending on changes so to speak. Or will the area be a good one to reside in during the upcoming change of millennium, and future as in more than 20 to30 years?

Forces: It is the best place to be during the next changes of the millennium as spoken. It also is an anchoring place for you. The next 20 to 30 years will find you here in many different areas. The changing or moving from place to place might happen. But the anchoring of this place will always be for you a settling and a focus. The changes here and the building of that structure could be very strong.

SRN: Thank you.

JU: In the meditations that I started doing these additional meditations that went deeper, and I felt a different kind of force or connection. Is there something different that’s taking place now that I was able to get a piece of or, can you explain what that was?

Forces: It’s the artery of the focus of what would be called ‘channeled’. It is pent up with the amount of time meditating for the period of time you were allowed to go to the next channel of peace that is in your structure and very rarely touched when is entered into. The peaceful channel is in all, but takes time to reach, and if and when is reachable, the channel conducts you to the next level of understanding of silence.

JU: Should I continue as I was, will that bring me closer to that goal?

Forces: Increased meditation will also be advantageous to opening that goal.

JU: Thank you. And in the last session, you said if I hadn’t located the 7th B vitamin, to come back to you and ask.

Forces: You will find it in what would be called the string bean, or that of the alfalfa – what would be considered … plant, but not the alfalfa itself. And would also be found in what would be considered the eyelet of the E vitamin, and also would be found in what would be considered the mushroom or skin of the underneath mushroom and squash leaves.

JU: Thank you very much.

ES: The branch of Tiphereth on the Tree of Life is associated with the middle ear, and in an earlier session you mentioned that the locked keys between the dimensions of the visible and the invisible are there. Can you help me to unlock those?

Forces: It is in reference to the cochlea of the middle ear, and the form of the inner snail. It is also representing to the unlocking of the foam or the Wave of Seth.

ES: And this would be the doorway between the visible and the invisible?

Forces: The Wave of Seth is that doorway between that which you see now to what became when Adam and Eve, and also Cain and Able, the fighting of this froth moved Seth into a different dimension.

ES: Is that the 4th dimension?

Forces: It is the doorway between this 3rd and the 4th.

ES: Thank you very much.

Forces: It’s called the Wave of Seth.

ES: Would there be a prayer or an invocation that would strengthen that?

Forces: Tippy toe I through the doorway of the unknown before. Leave that which I know, and grasp a hold the new of the unknown. It is the Tippy Toe Door.

ES: Thank you very much.

Forces: In all reality, it is the words of this door that we give you.

ES: Thank you.

NN: What kind of force field is the Burning Bush?

Forces: It is called The Illuminator. It is actually the energy of The One, blessed be He, who comes down in the energy, and illuminates the electrons, neutrons and protons, becomes the nucleus of pure creation.

NN: And is that how Jesus resurrected?

Forces: It is that form of explosion that engulfed this and imprinted the shroud with the impression of a photograph impression of the body.

NN: And how does the name Yahweh connect with this?

Forces: Yahweh is the energy of this race that travels in such a place.

NN: And is it one doorway, or is it more than one doorway, Yahweh?

Forces: It begins with one.

NN: Thank you.

IS: While we are on this subject, the covering between the cherubim’s that was made of pure gold, two questions. One, how come God is saying “I will come, I will speak to you from that covering between the cherubim’s on top of the ark?”

Forces: It is considered the seat of the voice of the Holy One as a speaking box. It creates a vortex of energy like a horn, and the horn is able to speak the voice of His from the other dimension.

IS: And that was done because of this gold covering?

Forces: The gold covering is the energy field that allows the horn to receive its vibration in its own skull.

IS: The horn was not the physical, correct?

Forces: It became physical when it is sung (sound).

IS: Is it possible to reproduce that?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Can we sometime get the…

Forces: It has been reproduced.

IS: By who?

Forces: The university that imitated the ark until it created a great deal of insanity, therefore it had to be stopped.

IS: And why did it create the insanity?

Forces: Because it revealed the truth.

IS: And God did not speak through it though?

Forces: Oh yes he did.

IS: Thank you. And the other part … I’m not really finished with this part, but I’m going to move to the other one. The other part is, why was the ark, the box, covered inside and outside with gold, not just the outside where it showed, but also the lining was made of gold?

Forces: It it a conduit of this vortex, or doorway, to what had been carried on the Titanic.

IS: And so, just to see if I can understand a little bit better the covering, was there some sort of mesh, something that was other than just the gold laid, was there something, or is it in the way the gold was laid out, or…

Forces: It is the way and the mastership of its imprint, but it was the energy field that it created which was more.

IS: There is a theory also that by creating this covering, that’s how the aliens were contacted, something to do with aliens, UFOs, or whatever, that would go along with that, correct? Or not quite?

Forces: We can’t deny that. It is what we have said a long time ago.

IS: Thank you very much.

JW: Thank you for your mercy. Can I ask a question for Michael?

Forces: Yes.

JW: He’d like to know if they’re doing the right thing for him, and if he’s making any progress where he might be able to get back to normal.

Forces: We still say the oxygen tank would be good for him, but we also say that it’s the advancement of his own spirit that will change all things. Whether they are doing the right, it is only right.

JW: Thank you. In Kings, they talk about the peoples and the gods that they made. Are they talking about the gods actually made, or are they talking about the alien races that they actually succumbed to?

Forces: Let us say the latter.

JW. Ok. And in doing that, when Hezekiah broke down those places, they speak of the high places and the groves. Would the high places then be the landing fields, and would the groves then be like Stonehenge where they were actually at one time temples?

Forces: One was the landing place; the other was receptive sacrifice’s.

JW: And sometimes those were human?

Forces: Well, let us, for the sake of understanding, was a sacrificial service that became a revelation spot of prayer and sacrifice.

JW: Thank you.

IS: In lieu of that…

Forces: Every single time you hear ‘grove’ in the words, it is the transition or the meeting place of that which is sacrificed.

IS: You wondered about a king, you know so many of the kings of Judea and Israel, but there is this king of Judah, example, and he’s a good king, supposedly. He goes to war with the Edomites and because of his faith, I mean he follows, he first goes trying to go by might, and then a prophet tells his no don’t hire the Israelites, go to war in your own faith in God, and God will help you. And God does help him, and he destroys all the Edomites there, and then he turns around, comes back, I mean he just witnessed the power of his own faith in God, and he picks up all those Gods that he just destroyed the people of, and brings it back to Jerusalem and starts kneeling and worshiping it, now what kind of sense does that make, what made him, what is the thing that was attractive there?

Forces: There are many times to worship and to do what is right is one thing, but the weeding out and the filtering out and the removing is another. In this particular case, it was the removing and filtering that had to be done.

IS: But what was attractive to the king, I mean he himself realized that he destroyed those gods?

Forces: What we were saying is he did that so he could remove those qualities.

IS: Oh. Then why is he setting them up in Jerusalem?

Forces: He is removing them by doing that. It is a removing of them. We are just giving you what really happened.

IS: Thank you. Thank you very much.

??: Are we going to be getting help from the white brotherhood in these days ahead?

Forces: They will intermediate and become a great source of intuitive knowledge and focus, yes.

??: How will we recognize them?

Forces: By the gathering together.

??: Will they be in the physical?

Forces: They will both physical and etheric.

??: Thank you.

DD: Now you said there was an ark on the Titanic?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Was it the ark?

Forces: It was…

DD: From Jerusalem?

Forces: It is what would be considered the mini ark of Jerusalem.

DD: And that’s how they affected everything?

Forces: Yes.

DD: One question about the…

Forces: All those who traveled on that ship were literally traveling in a time zone.

DD: You once said the formless ones, you said we made them, we were them. Could you explain that?

Forces: It represents the higher form of man. It is called the shape changers, the inability of the extra-terrestrial alien race to change as fast as we do. In such a way we form the sleigh to go upon. (Silence, followed by sound of Council coming in)

Forces: (Greetings we will give way to this Council. Ahket Um-puhm Maya Tum Inko Yunk. Uomayam Ump A-ump Aoimump Ump. Oahco Inin Enninzi Ump. Enlil, Enki, Aku Moa. Enwayan En-nept Ento In And Voit Essum And ump um. Monair ump hum Pai Inloit Descript Deum Makot Mustak.)

Council: Many a time in days of old, the sun did shine upon the Alt. And there it stood, the many did show, the sun was one, not two but four. And in its core the four did stand, the sun did shine on all the land. And in this sight when you were there, the earthlings did, did change their form. And in beginning of creation (know) that man and woman was woman and man, and to and fro. In such a way the shapes did change, and man was then encased in stone. And in this light the shape did change, that when we saw the emotions slay, that man became the master plan of shapes to change. The air they breath is where they stand. The viewers of far away from such a place and galaxy stayed. And then they said let us go see these shapes that change, they change energy. The energy did see the change through all the land did master plan these sights of all equality in aqua duct once led to thee. And now the race is far beyond to see that man is not the pawn. He changes shapes and sees the news, that now he is the master race. And so those see and look upon this earth a place vacation spot. But here that lives this alien race called man and woman … what a race. (Sound of Council leaving, then previous voice continues)
And so that you see and hear this (these) things you ask the question, and they did answer it for you.

DD: Can I ask one more? Does that have to do with…?

Forces: There is a point of mercy please, don’t want to be kicked out for them to sneeze. But go ahead, so much it be, we’ll try to maintain our sanity.

DD: Does it have to do with the point, line and plane in projective geometry?

Forces: Point, line and plane of projected geometry only goes to a certain point and line.

DD: It doesn’t go into the formlessness?

Forces: It changes and reverts (averts) back into the formlessness version, at that certain scene of the horizon.

DD: But you can use it to get so far?

Forces: And then it goes into the point of horizon.

DD: So it’s good?

Forces: And that is what God said.

DD: Thank you very much.

IS: Is Hillary Clinton going to become president?

Forces: Senator first. We’ll work on the president.

IS: But it looks like she may be first female president?

Forces: It is what they’re working on.

IS: Thank you. Could you explain… help me with those palpitations that I keep getting continuously now? And why it’s happening?

Forces: It is just the energy field moving through, and a tremendous energy change. Sometimes when that does happen, just to slow yourself down a second or two for the energy change around you.

IS: It used to happen not so often, now it’s almost continuous, and I get sometimes like a numbness in my legs and stuff.

Forces: Well, we all get some numbness.

IS: Thank you.

JW: Is there a tone that would activate the wave of Seth?

Forces: Some say G minor is the tone.

JW: Thank you.

IS: Jenny is concerned for the entity Tom’s health. Could that be given, how it is?

Forces: He is doing as best as he can, considering all the things that have to be done. One line upon line, step upon step.

JN: Could you tell us more about what is in his spine?

Forces. Nerves.

JN: Thank you.

JU: Do we currently have the ability to shape change? Capacity for it?

Forces: It is being done right before your eyes. We must admit that in the spine is such a transmitter that allows us to speak to you.

IS: Thank you. Has it caused him any physical deterioration in the body?

Forces: Everything deteriorates.

JN: Can it help him improve the health of his body?

Forces: Well we do send certain vibrations out to rejuvenate certain elements, yes. It’s our own, what would be considered, ah survival.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: I mean He’ll turn around to be younger and younger and you are getting older and older. It won’t be Clairol either.

IS: Thank you.

SRN: Kerry and I are to bring a being into the world soon as it seems now. Wondering if any kind of special attention you could pay.

Forces: Music right now, Beethoven’s Fifth on the 22nd of each month. Music around the child constantly, for the child will love to dance.

JU: The fifth symphony or the fifth piano concerto?

Forces: Symphony.

IS: Thank you. The government and the UFOs, is it going to be a UFO gate sort of thing, where it’s…

Forces: Yes.

IS: Ah. And when is the projected time for that…

Forces: Oh, it’s happening right before your eyes. At this point we will be leaving. We will speak to you before Easter, with many things anew to tell. Iraq should find itself in such a mess that its own help will be from us. Greetings all powers and centers, greeting to all here present now.

All: Our Father who art in the heavens…