Session 157-5/7/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. We have been moving around the areas and find certain sections interesting. We would like to say that the progress is moving well in order for the advancements and the strengthening of this group. It is a spiritual home and center for the occult and metaphysical laws of life, and this would be the relations and outpourings from the sections involved. We would say that this week has been productive in many ways and will continue to be productive as time and essence and moments move forward. Moving forward with the understanding that this is bringing together the spiritual foundation and home life so that the fourth dimension can move and have it’s being more freely around this area. We are now ready for your questions.

BH: The ceiling that we’re working on…Tom said it was a city and said that it had been in Atlantis. Can you tell us exactly what it is?

FORCES: It would be a symbolic geometrical signal and sign for the major cities built in Atlantis. The typical cities had a center point from which all forces radiated in straight lines, so that the energy could be conducted evenly, It is a typical design city of Atlantis. Question.

GL: What motif should there be in the library?

FORCES: It could be a vase with roses in it. It could be a chalice cup. It could be a sun. It could be an eagle. Or, better yet, a phoenix bird.

GL: Thank you.

JU: What would be the motif in the dining room?

FORCES: Could be the same as mentioned. The living room could be the harp, and the dining room could be the items mentioned.

JU: Thank you. Could you tell us what gravity means on a spiritual level?

FORCES: Gravity is keeping you all down here. It is the force of pressure and the law of restrictions and karmetic.

JU: Is it the barrier that keeps the third dimension sort of enclosed?

FORCES: It would be said so.

JU: Thank you.

LK: In the book Etidorhpa, was the man who did it Tom?

FORCES: Let us say there is a similar connection and a great deal of similarities to come.

LK: In the book it was mentioned that at a future time the second part of the story would be given. Will that be given through the entity Tom to this group?

FORCES: Maybe the second part is being written as we live it.

LK: Thank you.

DD: The small hot water heater in the boiler room, is there anything wrong with it now?

FORCES: It can be operating all right. It’s not the greatest boiler, not the less, I’ve seen better.

DD: Should the thermostat be hooked in the line with one of the elements?

FORCES: It could be done.

DD: And the size of the pipes that we’re using now to go out through the house, the half-inch, is that sufficient?

FORCES: It should be all right.

DD: And the pressure will be all right?

FORCES: It would be.

DD: In the man’s bathroom on the ground floor, should we leave the access to the drain?

FORCES: It would be well if you could do that.

DD: Just make a door in the plywood floor?

FORCES: If that is what you want.

DD: Thank you.

MK: Tom spoke about the elements of fire and air and their combination. Could you give us any more about that?

FORCES: There is a great deal of knowledge to be had about fire and air and how they operate around mankind. The fire is the breath of changing the food into life energy, that the body itself is constantly putting elements into fire. The air is constantly being breathed in so that the elements can move on the strength that they do have. This is a understanding that if we have the fire and air elements under control, then a lot of other elements would manifest in harmony. There could a whole dissertation on fire, on air, and the conditions that surround man. The clouds, the wind, and the rain, the sleet, the hail, and also on air and different currents the positions in the world. Question.

MK: Could these elements be represented by the apostles James and John?

FORCES: They could be.

MK: Thank you.

JE: Could you tell us about one of the major sections of Atlantis, sort of like its trade, its spiritual development, its commerce, its art, its social structure?

FORCES: Well the major parts of Atlantis would be considered the seacoast, bottom right-hand side, known as Lanthius or Lanthea, or part of the black force, Lapi, all these are cities within networks of cities. The major contract and commerce would be taking of the silk from the ocean and spinning it into cloth, for at that time the silk was about an inch and a half on top of the foams of the ocean which would reflect light. The 1ight would he made into a garments that would be considered today electric. Major other source of income is the pearl and also the rubies that were lying and to be refined and cut into shapes and designs. Population ah could be anywhere from 23 billion to 23 million. Musical instruments were the reed, the windpipes, and string instruments. This was portrayed or played always up in the atmosphere, and it drifted on down.

JE: Where did that section of Atlantis lie in relation to now?

FORCES: You would find it off the coast of France.

JE: Thank you.

RH: The dream I had this morning, is there any way… is it possible that that would physically happen this lifetime?

FORCES: It is possible. Things do change. Could be.

RH: Thank you.

IS: But it’s not probable, is that it?

FORCES: It is probable.

IS: But things first must change?

FORCES: Things do change.

IS: Is the electricity in the house done the right way, okay, safe?

FORCES: We would find them to be as safe as could be possible, a little bit more free analyzing what has been done to recheck and double-check and to restructure the thought processes. Double-checking it would save time and energy and just the fact of making sure on a conscious level that it is completed.

IS: Is that for me, then, the checking and rechecking?

FORCES: It is for the ones who have installed the items.

IS: Oh. Also, the way we discussed the electricity for this floor and the floor above, is that correct?

FORCES: This would be near to correct.

IS: Could you give something that would be better?

FORCES: I think this would be the best system and plan to have each floor into its own unit and section for its own safety and the raw equipment of what would be considered orderliness.

IS: Thank you. Could you give a section or sections that are more so weak in structure downstairs so far in the electricity?

FORCES: You would find around the boiler room to be looked into and around the freezing area to be rechecked. Generally, the connections of the major electrical lines to the line electrical lines to be rechecked just to be sure the connections are fulfilled properly.

IS: Thank you. Would it be advisable that we should also make a higher voltage from the major line outside of the house into the house?

FORCES: This you should try to stay away from in doing and receiving too much energy into the house would not be beneficial.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything that can be done or should be done technically for the guest bathroom and the visitors bathroom, other than the way they are at this point?

FORCES: We would generally leave them in the same conditions that they are in.

IS: Thank you. The only changes are really manicure changes, correct?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: The doors of the cabinets in the dining room, will they have a motif by themselves, or is that part of the motif that was given?

FORCES: You could have it as was given.

IS: As was given in the session now?

FORCES: As was given, what was received last night.

IS: I see. Thank you. Also the fireplace, should that also carry a theme?

FORCES: This could be done as far as scenes of plants or as scenes of animals.

IS: But not Biblical heroes?

FORCES: The Old Testament would be the best thing for this particular fireplace.

IS: In the dining room?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. Should Tom go to New York this week?

FORCES: It would be all right.

IS: But not necessary?

FORCES: Everything that is to be done is always necessary.

IS: Thank you. As far as health readin6s for the females in the group, is there a need?

FORCES: There is no definite need.

IS: Thank you very much.

DN: In the Bible there are stories about Jesus healing the blind. One story is that He mixed spit with clay and put it on the eyes, and there are a couple of other times where it says He spit on the eyes. Could you go into that a little further? Did He spit right onto the eyes, did he put it on his hands, and what would be the healing properties of the saliva, or what was happening there?

FORCES: This is a direct mud pack application to the eyes that refreshes and rejuvenates the certain word phrases the optic nerve.

DN: Thank you. Then the particular disease that the entities had at the time, we know them now as what?

FORCES: Some would have cataracts, others would have a blindness, other retina, others would have just a general obscurity of the retina or the optic nerve.

DN: In all cases clay or mud was used or sometimes only the spit?

FORCES: Certain clay and certain amount of mud and certain energy force generated like a heating pad.

DN: Okay. Also, do we…what we know as the Christ spirit and Metatron the entity, are they one and the same?

FORCES: The angel Metatron can and could help out the spirit of Christ.

DN: At the particular point of the Baptism where the Holy Ghost or the Dove descended upon the entity Jesus, was that a possession of sorts by the entity Metatron?

FORCES: A new entrance of spirit energy did come upon Jesus. Metatron could be the helping factor.

DN: But the entity Jesus, the spirit was the Christ throughout, it wasn’t like another entity that came into the body of Jesus?

FORCES: Occasionally another spirit came in to help out.

DN: In the body simultaneously, or the other spirit left?

FORCES: Merged in.

DN: Thank you.

NN: Could you give me guidance at this time especially the problem of being concerned about (?)?

FORCES: Just to move on as strong as you can, to do the best as you can. If you fail in certain aspects, the whole world does not end. Just keep on moving.

NN: Thank you. Also, with Solomon’s Temple, were any of the musical instruments or any of the items from the temple, were any of them preserved or was everything destroyed?

FORCES: A large percentage of it was destroyed.

NN: Thank you.

RU: Could you give me an explanation of the things
that have been happening to me lately?

FORCES: Sometimes the arrogant mind refuses to move and falls back into its own selfish patterns. Simply try to move out of your selfish routine and move into a giving routine.

RU: Thank you.

BR: What happened with Zykon and that dog? That that had to happen?

FORCES: The dog was filled up with black forces.

BR: A while ago I’d asked about a prayer for Metatron, could it be given?


BR: What is the “Kingdom of Metatron”?

FORCES: Healing and peace and movement and strength and authority.

BR: Thank you.

BH: What would be the best quality for me to be working on at this time? What aspect am I most lacking?

FORCES: Perseverance, patience. Perseverance and patience.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Is there a way that we could go about learning how to overcome the force of gravity like the People in those books, in the People Books?

FORCES: There is a way of overcoming the force of gravity. Just think upside down.

GL: Also, with the two elements the (Cyclones)? and the Salamanders that Tom was speaking about, are these governed by the forces of the moon and the sun?

FORCES: You would have it as such.

GL: And what would govern the earth?

FORCES: You would have certain planets like Jupiter and Mars.

GL: Which would Jupiter govern?

FORCES: Certain land areas.

GL: And Mars?

FORCES: Same. Certain land areas.

GL: Which would govern the water element?

FORCES: You would find that to be Pisces.

GL: Is there a planet in the solar system?

FORCES: Pluto.

JU: Can you say which word is represented in the bottom of the seal that Tom drew? It seems to be a Hebrew letter, but I can’t make it out.

FORCES: Repeat.

JU: There is a letter Tom said represented a word at the bottom of the seal that he drew. Could you say what that word is?

FORCES: You would find it as Belle or Beth and that which is Gimel.

JU: Thank you. Is there anything that I can say or do or give for the entity that is Oscar Brown, Jr., or why he has that disease he has?

FORCES: Sounds like a frankfurter. We cannot give the information at the moment, for it deals with certain things that could be very hurtful or not too strong. The entity himself would have to ask the question directly.

JU: Will there be an opportunity for that to happen, or do I just let it…

FORCES: If it happens, it shall happen.

JU: Thank you.

LK: During this month and next month, Solomon and Veronica’s birthdays are coming up, is there anything that I could or should give then as a gift that would help them in their development?

FORCES: Whatever the spirit tells you, you would want to do. Other than that, just to move on.

LK: Also, in the book “The Mind Parasites” which tells of a person who finally becomes aware of the dark forces working within him and begins to…all of a sudden they take on like a real…you know, consciously he’s battling them, and they become more than just an attitude that he fights in himself, but actually a thing, a manifestation, will something like that happen to us, where finally it becomes really more real to us, the battle of the dark forces within us?

FORCES: This should be true.

LK: And as that book went on, it became a thing where
he was able to help other people, bring them to that same point of awareness where an actual physical battle took place between the dark forces and these more developed people. Will something of that nature happen with us as a group?

FORCES: This is happening in every moment we turn.

LK: Thank you.

DD: At the bottom of the seal that Tom did is a letter, and I didn’t understand which one it was.

FORCES:You would find this letter as “Netziah” .(spelled phonetically).

DD: Which letter is that?

THE CHANINELLORS: This is more the creation of the mountains and the lands.

IS: Is it Nun?

FORCES: You would find it similar to that.

IS: You mean Netzach?

FORCES: That would be considered close.

JE: Could you give us a description of the Middle earth?

FORCES: No. The middle earth is a direct condition of understanding and learning process that would be entirely upside down from the earth’s surface. We already gave you some descriptions in other sessions.

JE: When you were describing the people in Atlantis, you said they were taking the light from the water and making it into clothes?

FORCES: Correct.

JE: How did they do that?

FORCES: The simple, raw silk hovered above the waters in reflection from the moon. When the moon was full or apparently moving through the sky, it generated these silk items to manifest in the ocean.

JE: How did…was it like something physical?


IS: Should we open a window?

FORCES: If you would like. Question.

RH: In the Bible when it says “the beast that were roaming the earth will come out and roam again”, is that going to happen on a physical level?

FORCES: You would find it as such.

RH: Will it be real beasts walking around?

FORCES: We would not be the best if we watch for four (?).

RH: Will man and science do things with cloning or will that…will that…will that…

FORCES: This is already in the process.

RH: Are those anything connected by making animals through clones and the beast, or is that not…Those wouldn’t be the beast, would it? Bringing back prehistoric animals or something?

IS: This would be more in the line of bringing back the slaves, is that correct, of Atlantis?

FORCES: Near to it.

IS: Thank you.

RH: Thank you.

IS: When you spoke of that body process of going into the earth that Tom also will have to go through it, is that what you meant? That Tom, too, will have to go through that process of shedding the physical body, how shall I say? Like in the book Etidorpha that he, too, will have to go through that thing, not necessarily step by step, but rather from a certain point, as Jesus had to shed his body and then pick it up in a different way? Is that what you meant? When Jesus shed his body, is that the thing that is considered the robe?


IS: Should we continue?

GROUP:(Chanting)”Forces on high, strong as the wind Stand…”

FORCES: The plan such as this to be the strongest part of the new future. The foundation is the most longest, the most difficult, from such could be the building. Question.

IS: Have I understood the thing that you answered LK’s question with?

FORCES: You would find it as near to understandable.

IS: Do you need a physical, structural thing in order to, done by men here on earth, in order to land your ships, or to come in contact with men here?


GROUP: (Chanting) “Forces on high, strong as the wind”

FORCES: With this strength and the power. You must organize your strength and the cooperation as a group, so that you can move forward. If this strength and cooperation does get channeled, then a lot of strong and positive things can enter. Question.

IS: So it’s nothing that is a physical structure scientifically…

FORCES: It is in the spirit that makes everything. Question.

IS: The miracles of Jesus that He did, they were not just things that could be explained in time to medical advancement or scientific advancement. Most of those miracles, or I don’t know, a portion or whatever there were those miracles that were done that could never be explained, never will be explained no matter how old this earth will get. They were pure…

FORCES: That is correct.

IS: Thank you. The young man from the next door neighbor, could you tell us anything about him?

FORCES: We would just simply go about thy work, not become too intrigued, but be receptive and try to help as best as you can. It is not such a bad, bad condition. There is a lot to work to be done.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything happening that all the people surrounding our property are being shaken off?

FORCES: It is strange. Question.

IS: Jesus says that He cannot take people into his group…

FORCES: We will not say it too long.

IS: Can I ask the question?

FORCES: Question. Continue.

IS: Jesus says that He cannot take people into his group that He is not absolutely sure that they are going to make it 100 percent all the way into the group. Is that correct?

FORCES: This would be near to correct. Question.

IS: What is the correct thing?

FORCES: That the group and the person and the entity gives constantly and as far as a spiritual understanding, accept. the ideals.

IS: Also, I don’t know if I understood it, but don’t mean that Jesus is saying not until all the Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah will Jerusalem be again…

FORCES: It’s a great deal of working out of the mental mind and the habits that we do enter into, but if this could be done, a lot of world problems could be solved.

IS: But is then, that the goal for Jews to be converted to Christianity?

FORCES: In time.

IS: Thank you. HI and her parents – is there anything that could be given or understood or what to be done?

FORCES: Question.

IS: Should I not ask that question now?

FORCES: If you care to.

IS: How are Veronica and Solomon doing?

FORCES: Movement slow, but movement nonetheless.

IS: Will there be contact?

FORCES: Contact is not to be looked forward to, but just the movement through space would be the best.

IS: The card reading that was given about the Lost One, is that correct?


IS: Thank you. And Barbara…

FORCES: More of an open as a child to help the entity, petrified of life and needing a anchor or harbor to rest.

IS: Thank you.

DN: What happened with Joe Laguna and all of that (tree) in New York? What was going on There?

FORCES: That Is more of a petrified example of the lack of faith and the amount of strength that is coming through and truth, fearful of truth.

DN: So it’s better just to leave well enough alone?

FORCES: Correct.

DN: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me more what the lyre represents?

FORCES: It’s more of an instrument that brings physical harmony within a dense material body.

NN: Thank you.

RU: Many times IS has referred to my job at the school as it being a school for my own development. Am I beginning to learn the things I’m supposed to learn there?

FORCES: Two percent.

RU: Is it foreseeable that that can be completed any time soon?

FORCES: It is as conceivable as with your own thoughts first.

RU: Is there any guidance you can give me to help me get me on the right track in that area?

FORCES: Lack of possession of things that are yours and giving them up for higher spiritual purposes.

RU: Thank you.

BR: Can you tell me why my left arm feels numb?

FORCES: Sometimes sitting, sometimes the pressure, sometimes pushing on it to a certain degree, lack of oxygen, lack of Iron, lack of a lot of items, sleep proper, also generally the sitting on the legs which numbs the body. Question.

BR: Thank you.

BH: Did Jesus have a son named Sirach?

FORCES: No, but near to it would be considered a very close friend.

BH: Did Jesus have any sons?

FORCES: This we would find as interestingly enough a yes and no answer. Question.

BH: Did the Garden of Eden exist on the physical level?

FORCES: Correct. You would find it near the Euphrates.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Could you give me a prayer that I could say that would help my mind to function more correctly and…


GL: Also, I’ve also been told that I will be working with healing somewhere. Could you give me any guidance that I should follow to go in that direction’

FORCES: Working with healing? This generally happens despite your doing. Question.

JU: Could you explain anything about…There seems to be a certain kind of power in Tolkien’s words or a certain kind of music In them when you just read them. What he’s doing there or…

FORCES: He Is taking the air elements and disciplining them in the book. Question.

JU: Also, the project I’m working on…are the colors correct?

FORCES: We like them. Question.

JU: Thank you.

DD: The tank down on the land down in the valley that they used to store water in, what can that be used for?

FORCES: Oh, you’ll find out.

MK: Can you tell us about the apostle James, more than we know?

FORCES: James was a good person. He lived a long life. He saw many things. James had a great deal of connection with what would be called creative ability and encouraging faith James was the actor and the doer at the same time. Acid and reaction. James was interesting, creative. James was a giving person. Question.

JE: Can you tell us what is magical about the mushrooms?

FORCES: You did them. Magical mushrooms represents the healing of the electrical nervous system and joy of just being around – that which is cute and that which is biologically safe.

JE: Thank you.

RH: For the children, is there anything that can be given with, more of playing outside playing or more studies and writing?

FORCES: Just your balance of the studies and the playing should be organized, and everything else shall fall in its proper perspective.

RH: Thank you.

IS: Is there a job for Ninai that she should…

FORCES: After a week’s time she should start applying.

IS: What is the thing I need most, for myself?

FORCES: The thing you need most is time. And faith in knowing that it will be accomplished, trust, patience, and receptivity to your reception, be wise and do them.

IS: What is receptivity to my…

FORCES: Imagination of the faculty for creative ability. Question.

IS: Is there a well on our land?

FORCES: Many. Question.

IS: Should we utilize?

FORCES: If you care to.

IS: Would it be beneficial?

FORCES: It would. Question.

IS: The prices on the stained glass, should they be changed?

FORCES: They can be altered to accent the increase.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything about my mother?

FORCES: She is nice…in New York. Generally, just the movement in her being shall be watched and taken care of.

IS: HA and SN?

FORCES: Patience, time, movement will be had in
time. Question.

DN: The things on the entity’s feet, can anything be given to remove those?

FORCES: Olive oil and the massages.

DN: What exactly was happening while I was working on the foot tonight?

FORCES: You were taking the direct energy force that was being absorbed through the ethers of the room.

NN: With the decoupage that was given to that priest, what did the design represent that was painted on the side?

FORCES: It’s more of a creative design of giving the spiritual fruits for those who are empty.

FORCES: Question.

RU: The physical reading that was given for the entity J. Riddick, is there anything further…is that an emotional problem, and Is it curable in this lifetime?

FORCES: More of a karmetic problem for another lifetime, more of a practice of patience, and we will work with. That strength of character must be tuned down, anxieties and desires must be put into perspective. Question.

RU: Have the physicans that have so called been testing caused something else to manifest so that…

FORCES: Oh, definitely.

RU: So, they actually worsened the condition?

RU: Is that reparable?


RU: Thank you.

RH: Can any guidance be given to me to help me?

FORCES: Yes. Move on the psalms and the scriptures, and it relieve the pressures. Surround yourself by water and movement. Question.

BH: The wife of Zebedee, the mother of James and John, was her name Salome?

FORCES: It would be.

BH: So that was the Salome that was a witness to the crucifixion, ah the resurrection with Mary, the mother, and Mary Magdalene?

FORCES: It wouldn’t be.

BH: That was another Salome?

FORCES: It would be.

IS: Was it the one that caused John the Baptist’s head to be…

FORCES: We would sometimes think of that. Interesting, huh?

IS: So she became a follower of Jesus?

FORCES: We would say she was around.

IS: It said “and ministered unto Him… So, is that correct?

FORCES: That Salome did minister unto Him… correct.

IS: And yet she is Jacqueline Kennedy of today. Then even that could not remove the black force from her?

FORCES: Powerful, isn’t it?

IS: Thank you.

GL: What effect do the tests they do in the hospital, like barium enemas and things like that, what effect does that have on the people?

FORCES: Slowing down the blood rate and other
strange contaminations within the body.

GL: Does it after the genetic structures of the generations to come?

FORCES: It could.

GL: Does it make it worse?

FORCES: Yes and no.

GL: Thank you.

JU: Is there anything I should do or become involved in with H. Cantor, or should I just let that go?


JU: The entity called H. Cantor.

FORCES: Generally work with her at a

JU: Thank you.

LK: Could it be given why I get such a good feeling from
the violin?

FORCES: Because you like to play it.

LK: Yeah, but why do I like to play it?

FORCES: It puts your nervous system in order. It
also sets the ethers in the room in order.

LK: Thank you.

DD: In the Book of Judges the first chapter I was working on, should I continue that?

FORCES: Yeah, think so. Question.

JE: Does the clone child that’s in the papers now does that actually exists?

FORCES: These things can happen.

JE: Are there any clone children actually existing?

FORCES: We would find a few.

JE: In what countries?

FORCES: Germany.

JU: How old are they?

FORCES: Thirty-five.

DN: They were cloned during the war?

FORCES: Nazi empire.

JU: From whom were they cloned?

FORCES: We would find them from the Jewish people kept in the concentration camps.

IS: They didn’t clone the hierarchy of the German Nazis?

FORCES: That was just the beginning stage to find out that it worked.

IS: So they didn’t have time to do that?

FORCES: We didn’t say that.

IS: They did have time?

FORCES: Plenty of time.

IS: Did they do it?

FORCES: They did.

DN: Does that mean there’s a Hitler clone on the earth?

FORCES: Might be.

IS: How about Heimler, Eichman…?

FORCES: Might be.

IS: The Eichman that was caught was he a clone?


LK: The Hitler that was killed in the barracks, was he a clone?

FORCES: We cannot give any more information on these.

IS: Are people aware…is anybody aware of this?

FORCES: I am..

IS: Those people that are cloned, do they know that they are clones?

FORCES: Cannot give any more information on this.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Could you give us a description of the religious
services that took place, in Atlantis?

FORCES: You would find them to last for 47 days, some lasting for three days, some lasting for four hours. Each consisting of the singing and the praising and the raising of the ethers around to such a degree that changed and improved all the areas for many, many months to come. We here will find it interesting to be to see and to express certain of the unknown things of the outside world. Too much information at too fast of a time can be detrimental. There is a lot of information out there that you do not know about, neither do you have to know about them, but these things do exist and have their being in the world of the unknown, but paying attention to the world of the known, you can grasp a stronger part into the unknown world of the psychic, of the spirits, of the elementals of the worlds beyond. Keeping your mind in this perspective, you could be taught and learned of these worlds. We will talk to you again, only asking the energy, the purpose, the idealism, the strength and the stick-to-itiveness not to be forgotten, but always to be sacred and kept in your heart, that you might prepare yourselves for what lies ahead of us. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heaven, hallowed be Thy name…