Session 150-B ?date

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. It would be well not to turn the sound voice equipment on until we start finalizing our approach. Loud noises and bangs only send us back up. It is a terrific setback. We are here once more to speak to you to stress that unity and harmony must be accomplished in order that things might be manifested in the physical world. We also stress that your own personal harmony be in balance to your spiritual accomplishments. We are now ready for your questions.

BR: Tom’s dream about West Germany becoming fat and America becoming thin and that, I believe it was Denmark, sending out ships and England trying to survive. Could you tell us what that dream means?

FORCES: It stresses the balance of power and exploitation other countries do to the United States, Denmark representing competition within major seaports in the world by making it profitable for ships to embark there and leave the cargo without the need to go to other ports. Question.

BR: Thank you. Was King David Marco Polo?

FORCES: It would be such. Question.

DD: Is Australia and Denmark the places where the other two masters are?

FORCES: It could be found there. Question.

DD: They’re there right now?

FORCES: Going to be, yes. Question.

RU: The dream that I had last night. Could you please explain it for me?

FORCES: You can express it.

RU: I was a nurse or a maid to a princess whose castle was attacked, and when the enemy became the victor and was going to take her off, and then I realized that she really wanted to go with them, and I denounced her as being a slut, and I fled from the castle, And then I started calling for HP because somehow he was there and had been in the battle or something, and he came and then I woke up. But she was like this beautiful woman that I was like Serving, and then I realized that she really wanted to go with them in the first place.

FORCES: Then you have answered your question. That is what you are and what you have been doing. Maybe it’s about time you finalized it and woke up and took on your responsibilities in training HP.

RU: Thank you.

HI: There was a dream that I had a long time ago, about a year ago, that always baffled me. I think I was in Holland, but I’m not sure, and a time span of 30 years had elapsed, and we hadn’t aged at all, and then…and then I got suddenly married to someone, and that someone didn’t even seem like he was from earth. And I remember in the dream that I said “This is after 30 years of service”. Could you tell me what that dream meant?

FORCES: The service into the spiritual world would resign no mark upon you and give you health on the physical level.

HI: What was the 30 years about?

FORCES: The years of conscious dwelling of the spirit doubled in rest.

HI: Thank you.

SN: The house should…how would it be best for me to devote my free time as far as working physically at the house in North Garden and the house here?

FORCES: One that has the most importance first and the one that has least second. It cannot be any other way. Each will have its own perspective point in time and reference to be accomplished.

SN: With the new dream I asked in general about before, what did my losing JH in the crowd represent?

FORCES: With our interpretation on it, going along with that, only simply refers to a point of losing the perspective JH in the many, many thoughts that you have in thy head. False impressions and imaginations.

SN: What…in the same dream, what did the dragon or lizard represent?

FORCES: This could represent luck or certain serpentine qualities of desires.

SN: Thank you.

HA: You said before about the Revelation Chapter 10 angel is Raphael, and you said something else. Could you explain what you meant?

FORCES: This is the point that Raphael does travel and manifest in many strange ways. Rather than Michael, it is Raphael

HA: This group works under Raphael, does it? Under Michael?

FORCES: Correct.

HA: The entity Tom once told us that we, I and SN, work under Raphael. Is that so or has that changed?

FORCES: Raphael does not mean that you do not work through this course. Raphael is like a guidance and a message of force different from that of the Archangel Michael

HA: Thank you.

MK: Who was the Pharaoh in Genesis?

FORCES: We would have many types of Pharisees and Pharaohs and patriarchs and monkeys. It is many degrees of Ramses. You would have many degrees of Let-tos or Laot. You would have many degrees of new, high kings coming into Egypt and taking over using their fairytale names at birth. You could have this particular pharaoh change at least two (2) to three (3) times in names and situations and positions. Question. (Pause) You would find him as Ramses the third (3rd) to Ramses the first (1st). Then you would find him as changing as the dispute took place in the nation. There had been some strange going-ons, in which the daughter of the pharaoh was busy doing unusual things in the courts, in which one strong slave owner came and possessed her and took advantage, and a child was born in which later became the curse to Moses. Question.

MK: That child was then was the Pharaoh in Exodus?

FORCES: This you would find that to be true.

MK: Did any of the apostles achieve a higher consciousness while Christ was alive?

FORCES: John, Thomas, and Philip.

MK: And then afterwards did any follow? After Christ had died?

FORCES: They all followed.

MK: And was this on their own merit through meditation?

FORCES: That is the way.

MK: Thank you.

IS: What does passivity mean? A passive person?

FORCES: It is all relative, as you would say. Passivity or passiveness comes from the ability of knowing what one should do and deliberately trying to get it done without fighting. To do something that the mind has been given to do and not to relinquish a bit of ground in doing. Passiveness does not mean only just to sit and do nothing. Passive is a being, state of acting the most reciprocal manner in order that your own principles might he laid down.

IS: Is it then my laziness that I don’t want to do then what I call the construction?

FORCES: It is a reception on the psychic level of receiving other materials and tier between the physical work of putting that in perspective and the receptivity work of receiving which causes the big pull

IS: I don’t understand.

FORCES: It is the reception of psychic material that you are trying to receive. At the same time, responsibility of seeing that the work is accomplished right. This creates a pull in the middle in which you would have to restrain to be receptive to the psychic material and the reception of materials on the physical level. This is two jobs in one.

IS: So what should I do?

FORCES: Weigh it in the balance of whatever attracts you to do.

IS: And that will be the right thing?

FORCES: We would find it near to correct.

IS: What does it mean that in the day of Peleg the son of Eber the earth was divided?

FORCES: This was the consciousness on the face of the earth changing from that which is righteous to that which is unrighteous or from that which is unrighteous to righteous. You had dramatic change in man’s evolution.

IS: Now this is very early in time, as we know it. Does it mean that everybody at this point was righteous on this earth?

FORCES: Definitely not.

IS: So is it a change of consciousness in the whole earth or is it per person?

FORCES: We would say from person to person.

IS: Thank you. In the old days there were marriages between brother and sister, was it right then, I mean for them then?

FORCES: It was sometimes necessary but not right.

IS: How did Pharaoh find out that Sarai was Abraham’s wife?

FORCES: Through a dream interpretation.

IS: Did Abraham know the three men to be angels when he first saw them or was it his custom with everybody?

FORCES: He had a perception of being visited by men from a unit or club.

IS: A unit or club?

FORCES: A organization.

IS: He thought they were from some organization?

FORCES: In his identity, correct.

IS: So he didn’t know that they were angels.

FORCES: Yes and no.

IS: Well what kind of organization did he think?

FORCES: An organization on a humane level

IS: You mean to say angels at that time had organizations on earth like…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Correct?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: That does not exist as yet from this earth, does it?

FORCES: Not as you would understand it to mean.

IS: It says “…and they did eat.” Why not just “and they ate”? Can angels eat or just appear to eat, but in this case ate?

FORCES: They ate giving the appearance of a spiritual food substance that they placed within the bowl. They do not eat.

IS: So the food wasn’t food either.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Physical food. Okay. Did the people of Sodom want to have sex?

FORCES: More of their imaginations gone wild, than and not expressed constructively.

IS: Did Lot know that they were angels?

FORCES: He did.

IS: He did? From the same organization as the Abraham angels?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: How did the people of Sodom find out about the two men in Lot’s house?

FORCES: It is interesting, but through the grapevine.

IS: What are angels then that they can appear not that long ago, and I’m sure they still…in solid — they have appeared solid, right?

FORCES: Right.

IS: Then what are they? Thought forms?

FORCES: In a way. Correct.

IS: You mean they had a club, and anybody could go in to visit the angels?

FORCES: They have a club, but not everyone can go.

IS: But it wasn’t a club the way we understand clubs today, was it?


IS: Was it like a secret society or a society?

FORCES: Hmm-hmm.

IS: How come Lot said his daughters had not known men when it seems that they were married?

FORCES: Question.

IS: Can I repeat the question before?

FORCES: Hmm-hmm.

IS: How come Lot said his daughters had not known men when it seems that they were married?

FORCES: Because there is what you would call a personal commitment to the ideal which had now take over.

IS: But there has to be something on a physical level comparable to this commitment, is that…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: At first Lot didn’t want to go to the mountains, and then he went there, why?

FORCES: To find the course for his body and refreshment and rejoicing for his soul and for the new beginning.

IS: Was it wrong for the daughters to lay with their father, or was it right at that point?

FORCES: It was not right.

IS: It was not right…

FORCES: But certain things had to manifest to preserve the qualities that was in the father.

IS: Yet with Judah and Lamar it was right.


IS: The father-in-law.

FORCES: It was simply that that we have to learn to live with.

IS: Was it right?

FORCES: It was not right, no.

IS: But yet the seed of Jesus came out of this.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: How come that the seed of Jesus came out of that?

FORCES: To fulfill the prophecies.

IS: (?)

FORCES: To express to all mankind that He can come from the lowest and spring out like the Christ.

IS: Why did Abraham for the second time commit, conceal the identity of Sarah? Why did he say that God sent him? Why did Pharaoh…nothing happened to Pharaoh, and he kicked Abraham out, and with Abimelech his household was stricken and yet he asked Abraham to stay in his country. Why in no case was Abraham punished, even if it was a test for the others, why did Sarah have to be appeased?

FORCES: He was dealing with the emotional body and mind and also when nothing was given, then they must react, they become more attentive and aware of certain surroundings. It is just generally the appeasement of these dealings for their future.

IS: But yet nothing happened to Pharaoh, but Abimelech who was more kind, the catastrophe happened to him.

FORCES: Because of his own personal evolution within the man.

IS: You mean to say the more you evolve, the more punished you get?

FORCES: Yes and no. The more responsibilities you get.

IS: Should Tom go to New York? When and for how long?

FORCES: When it is needed to put back some courses. How long? It is up to you.

IS: And what is that?

FORCES: It is up to the conditions and situations around which each will be need. The best time to go to New York is not this particular week, the following week.

IS: Was Abraham’s servant referring to Atlantis when he said whether to take Isaac back to Abraham’s old country in case Rebekah didn’t want to come?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Can we continue our questions? Is everything all right?

FORCES: It is still there. Correct.

IS: How old was Rebekah when she got married to Isaac?

FORCES: Some say 17; some say 23.

IS: You mean she would be 17 of our time, 23 in the old time?

FORCES: To that degree. Correct.

IS: What is meant by “And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah…and was comforted after his mother’s death”?

FORCES: Repeat.

IS: It says “And Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah…and…was comforted after his mother’s death”? He used Rebekah as a lover?

FORCES: More or less from the beginning point of reference. A growing force does prevail.

IS: But it doesn’t mean that he used Sarah as a wife, does it?

FORCES: Yes and no. He was too busy putting the particular (darling) not to see certain mechanical things that he was to do.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Tom’s sickness last week. Could you tell us what was happening then?

FORCES: Trying to avoid and change certain black things that were to come.

BR: Thank you. Can any other lifetimes of Seth be given?

FORCES: At this point it must be not necessary.

BR: (Laughter) Okay.

FORCES: He was also a fire warden in the forest and watched and guided so many people in need of help. Question.

BR: Thank you.

DD: What kind of tools did they use to build the Great Pyramid?

FORCES: All the tools you do not have.

DD: But did they use the simple square and the plumb line?

FORCES: They used more of a beam light that did everything that today people are, are struggling to do.

DD: Can that be made today?

FORCES: It could be.

DD: How was it constructed?

FORCES: It is a very well built construction. Question.

DD: Rabbi Simeon who gave the Zohar, was he alive at the same time as Jesus, or was that later?

FORCES: It is near to correct.

DD: He was a little later than Jesus, like after the Crucifixion?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Were any of the apostles, ah in communication with him?


DD: Did Rabbi Simeon know Jesus?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Was he for him or against him?

FORCES: Was not on a worldly level for him.

IS: Then he was against Him?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Yet he received the Zohar

FORCES: This is information that is applied to those who are striving to turn from the Path.

IS: The Zohar is against?

FORCES: It is for. It shows those who doth read it.

DD: I think Jesus is mentioned in the Zohar.

FORCES: To that point of reference in which it is not necessary. There can only be a certain allotted amount to be recorded in this (contract). It would be taken care of, and with each passing day, new developments will come out. Question.

DD: Could you tell us how to make luminous colors?

FORCES: This could not be said at the moment because of the fragile equipment of putting them together. Question.

HI: How many people are linked to us one way or the other, like family, friends and are affected everybody with a spiritual move?

FORCES: We would say about 79.

HI: Is that each individual, too?

FORCES: For the moment.

SN: With the disharmony and difficulties I’ve been having with Joe at work, what causes them, and how can I..

FORCES: This comes from an old situation in the back where he never seemed to have gotten enough, and everything he did was a major affront of sorts.

SN: How can I make the best of this situation?

FORCES: By striving to do the best.

HA: The angels that are in the Meditation Room, are they images of much greater beings…of physically bigger beings also, in another dimension or something?

FORCES: It would be such in another dimension.

IS: In this era our consciousness can grasp spaceships so we can see and identify them as such. What would be the next thing that we will be able to grasp?

FORCES: Moving through space, time, and walls.

IS: And we will identify it as such?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: With vehicles or no?

FORCES: A slow progress with this particular vehicles in the world. This would be the key that opens up, and all the rest shall be opened to you. Question.

IS: Why sometimes in the Bible are the Principalities mentioned as a negative force?

FORCES: Well they are because of the power in how they might make the other person involved, in reality they are only what they send out.

IS: You mean to say like a blessing that if somebody doesn’t do right with it, then it becomes their curse?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: I see. When you are speaking about giving materials to the hospital, did you mean this house or is it something else?

FORCES: It would be this house for a period of time. Question.

IS: Under whose authority are the elementals?

FORCES: Leprechauns, elves they are under the authority of the elements who are guiding them through that day. It would be water.

IS: Water would mean the seraphim.

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Okay. What is a mechanical earthly soul? Are they ah.

FORCES: Those are the ones who have set themselves down and have decided not to grow any further and the feeling of knowing all that there is to know. Question.

IS: It has nothing to do with clones?

FORCES: This is a whole different ballgame. Question.

IS: Are there such things in the earth right now?

FORCES: Yes. Question.

IS: Are they alive?

FORCES: Mechanically operated. Question.

IS: Then, do they have some sort of brain cells working…

FORCES: Computer programming. Question.

IS: Computer programming. Were the Ten Commandments given in Egypt to Moses and the priests before they were given in the dessert?

FORCES: Correct. Question.

IS: And that’s in the temples, correct?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Hobab-Ben-Reuel- did the other people besides Moses see him, and was he part of the club, and if so, did he appear to them in human form? He was an angel, or was he from the same thing as Abraham was talking about?

FORCES: It is sad when we start to use our logical mind to explain all the spiritual happenings. It is sad because it was an angel and receptive to the problems now in existence (on this (?) to.)

IS: I don’t understand.

FORCES: It is more of a movement towards space and time that sets up new vibrations, new fields of learning.

IS: So Hobab-Ben-Reuel – was not seen by the other people?

FORCES: He was seen, but half the time he was not there. Question.

IS: If our Higher Self is always with God and grows to the glory of God through our experiences here, what happens to the soul if our experiences is of a black nature?

FORCES: It is weighted forward and back, and then it goes through the cycle again.

IS: Sent back where to?

FORCES: Sent back to its original place of origin.

IS: Not with God?

FORCES: To God through many avenues.

IS: You mean to say if somebody is originally from the planet Pluto, the soul is sent back to Pluto?

FORCES: This would be true. We are now ready to leave for the moment. We will speak to you more in the morning with new information and ideas. It has been a good time to speak with you today. We only stress that you become more conscious of your movements and your working habits. All should be taken care of in time. Do not be frustrated nor dismayed about it. Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name…