Session 155 4/11/78

The Channellors: As we move forward, we must perceive future items and things to be done. We must keep our minds and eyes open for the creative possibility of expression. All to life moves by and as it moves, so must we, in our movement and in our doing. We must understand that in creation we are co-creators with the Father. We are now ready for your questions.

MK: Do you have any guidance for me at this moment?

The Channellors: We can only say that a stick-to-itiveness attitude has begun and will be developed as you move on, but more so, to receive and to be receptive to items around you, and when the rush of avoiding, when your heart speaks to you to do, only causes more complications in the end Question.

MK: Thank you. This tooth that I have, is it starting to grow or is it just me or what? It was never supposed to grow again.

The Channellors: It is showing signs of movement.

MK: But it’s okay? It’s not decaying or anything?

The Channellors: In time it would be.

MK: Thank you very much.

Isis: Now, was Jesus…I don’t know how to ask this question correctly… but Jesus was not the Son of God, but rather God made Him His Son at a later time?

The Channellors: He was considered of the Hierarchies, the Princi, Princeties, Son of God, created by God.

Isis: What are they talking about in Psalm 89: “I will make Him My Son, and He shall call me His Father”?

The Channellors: This represents those who have fallen away from their Son-ship.

Isis: Then, in reality, everybody is the Son of God?

The Channellors: When they are receptive and responsible to the Law.

Isis: Okay, that’s what I mean. It has nothing to do, though, with a specific, the way on the earth we understand father concept? That means, this particular parent gave birth to this particular child, therefore, this particular child has a mother and father who are such…and…such.

The Channellors: All life creatures of human form, created by the Higher Forces, by God. What they did with that energy, either made them Sons of God or sons of Satan.

Isis: I see. So what the creation does is to reflect its creator, and since the good creation is Jesus, to reflect the good things, so he was accepted as such, He was given His Son-ship back, is that it?

The Channellors: Correct.

Isis: But He’s not the only begotten Son, or…

The Channellors: Correct.

Isis: Thank you.

David: In the Bible which talks about Sampson did he have twelve (12) labors, that he did?

The Channellors; Correct.

David: Was it the same twelve (12) labors of Hercules?

The Channellors: Correct.

David; Would he be the same person as Hercules?

The Channellors: Symbolically.

David, Also, Daniel has twelve chapters, does that mean ever chapter goes along with a tribe?

The Channellors: Correct.

David: And that’s sort of the key to understand the chapter?

Forces- Correct

David: In what order, given in Genesis? The order given in Genesis?

The Channellors: The order given is different from this order in Daniel

David: What would it be in Daniel? What order would it be ?

The Channellors: From the first to the last.

David- Reverse order?

The Channellors: You would find the smallest one to the largest one.

David: Also, the numbers you said, before when I was making the diagram, Three, Five, Four, did I understand that correct as I calculated it, the 3, 6, 9 equals 3, 5, 4?

Channellors: Near to correct.

David: What needs to be corrected on it?

The Channellors: Attitude.

David: How can my attitude help at this point?

The Channellors, This has to come from self. If any revelations are to be received by you, your attitude must be at least receptive and positive in your creation, or else there shall be no creation in receptive ideas.

David- Thank you.

Beaura: The fires that have been happening around here…there’s been many fires lately. What is happening?

The Channellors: Our need to express!!! When people hit a one train-track thought, one track mind, they can cause a brush fire that can wipe out the area. It is a reflection of that section where people have become very stiff…necked in their minds, and we just performed a few sons.

Beaura: Thank you. The woman that Isis used to see when she was little, a woman sort of like a mermaid, without any, she had legs, though, and she sat on the water with flowers around. What is that woman that she’s seeing? It was a dream?

The Channellors- It represents some of the elements of another form of expression. In another way, it is a deities over certain elements.

MK: The earthquake noises that have been heard around the country in various parts, what are they?

The Channellors: You would have two train of thoughts on this,
one, the earth movements internally of gas fusions in which explodes without a seismograph recording but an explosion that has an effect upon the atmosphere. You will also would have movements by terrestrial beings whose ships produce the sound by their movement and propulsion.

MK: Thank you.

Isis: Are those the sounds also that we heard in Virginia Beach?

The Channellors: Correct. Also you have some sort of strange testings on the human level but on a higher level it’s us.

Isis: Is that part of Virginia Beach losing its beaches?

The Channellors- For a moment it would be done.

Isis: The (?) is rising?

The Channellors: Ohh- trouble in its sense. It’s a trick.

Isis: Why is it we had so much difficulty with this guest bathroom and still do and I don’t see the end of it?

The Channellors: It is more whether that it would benefit this expression. Have it a manifest in a small room than in the largest rooms.

Isis: You mean those things had to happen, all those catastrophes?

The Channellors: More of a outlet or escape valve.

Isis: Then we shouldn’t close that room until the whole house is finished.

The Channellors- That is smart thinking.

Isis: That’s correct, no?

The Channellors: We could not have said it better.

Isis: Okay, then the next thing we should go to, is it the upstairs or the downstairs with the kids? Or is it the upstairs chimney, that room with the stairway (?)?

Channellors- We would suggest a complete working on the ground floor.

Isis: Thank you.

David- Have the seasons changed, to me I’ve noticed that like, they say March winds and April showers, it seems like they come, like it’s a month off now. March no longer has the winds and…

The Channellors; There’s no exact amount of predictability in your weather nowadays.

David: Thank you.

Beaura- It says in the Bible that Abraham went, ah when Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed…Abraham woke up early and went before the Lord. What is that place that he went…what does it look like where he went before the Lord?

The Channellors: It is a place that would be found within.

Beaura: Thank you.

Isis: The dreams I had through this night. That I know there was tremendous activity, but I can’t remember. I can’t remember everything or even anything specific, and yet I know. I remembered specifics at another moment in the dream. What did it all mean?

The Channellors, It is showing a, vance, advancement and plans for the next six (6) months.

Isis: The tiredness of things during the day, is that for any reason?

The Channellors: Changing of the cycle and a series of magnetic and electrical pulls in the weather. It should shortly abate itself and move on.

Isis: Thank you, Is it true that SP has lost now everything, or isn’t he telling the truth?

The Channellors: The only thing he didn’t lose is his mouth. He is in a consition of what would be considered a position of loss in many respects.

Isis: That means, does he understand, does he begin anything to understand?

The Channellors: Secretly he understands very well

Isis- And his wife?

Channellors- She is a toad. She’s very difficult in receiving, yet her pride seems to follow first.

Isis: Should we even look into buying other property in this same section, like the house down from the back?

The Channellors: If it is suitable to the development, it wouldn’t be bad.

Isis: Thank you.

David- I asked before about the measurement of man, and you gave me an answer, but I didn’t understand that. Could you measure it from the shoulders, shoulder to shoulder, tip of the hand?

The Channellors: We cannot give you any knowledgeable information until your practical application of that knowledge has been deemed adequate.

David: How should I apply this to understand more?

The Channellors: The attitude and the creative abilities within you must be expressed in harmony and the desire to want before we can fulfill the desire of knowledge.

MK: Last session you spoke off Ezekiel 40 as being… having -to–do with initiation of the fourth degree, is, are the various degrees of initiations, I think it was seven when Tom spoke to us, what is the one aspect, let’s say, each one that the initiate must work on?

The Channellors: This is a personal initiation for each level, each circumstance each envoy of other lifetimes must be taken into consideration compared with the physical elements of today, the benefits, the positives, the negatives, in each level differs from one person to the other, but the general theme of expression of concentration on a certain ideal within that level is valid.

MK: Thank you.

Isis: It says ” Thou art greater than all the other gods’, is it talking as a figure of speech of the other entities or is it really talking about the other gods which were like the person in charge, like what I had with Virginia or whatever they are called? Are they called devas also?

The Channellors: You would say correct on that.

Isis: So all the other gods, actually the thing that was wrong was people kept on worshipping the local…

The Channellors: Correct.

Isis- Now in that case the book Findhorn, ah those people, are they, what are they worshiping?

The Channellors: Their physical desires of gratification even though they cloak it with the spiritual laws, they must move from the earth out of the earth into the spirit realm. Yes, it is good to take it through the earth, but not to allow the earth to be the only receptor or element of completion, but in reality, it is a beginning stage of development that will move on to other expressions that will be more of a refinement.

Isis: In that case, their worshipping the devas is like in the old days when people worshipped those devas.

The Channellors: This would be compared to near as near as possible.

Isis: When it says “Thou shalt not have any other god before me, this is what it was talking about, these other gods.

The Channellors: Correct.

Isis: And that school, that group that’s what they’re doing?

The Channellors- In an indirect form, they will be finding themselves doing this.

Isis: Thank you. Even thou, is that true, those forms that they give and those measurements of things?

The Channellors: It is true to a developing stage of movement. They do change as their demands change.

Isis: Now with RU and the school that she works at, what can be done for RU herself?

The Channellors: More of a maturing in her attitude and a open growing pattern of giving, rather than always demanding, also a development in which would be said the entity needs to receive a spirit force rather than wholly on a mental, physical, logical force. Faith is the lacking principle here that needs desperately to be developed.

Isis: Then, what can we do, its obviously she’s not, she doesn’t want, she can’t or whatever?

The Channellors: We would just have to suggest that time take its course.

Isis: Should she quit the job?

The Channellors: It would he more of a growing force test. Yes and no the test is still there, if she does not do it here, she would have to meet it in another place.

David: In alchemy, they have four major, like four elements in things, mercury, sulphur, and salt and a fourth one, I don’t know what it is, its called something like Azoth. What do these represent?

The Channellors: Nor can knowledge be given to you on any level and application of your wisdom and your desire to produce must be had. The four elements are into, or interrelated with one another. You would find certain oxidized chemicals and oxidized vapors and a fourth element an oxidized gas.

David: Thank you.

Beaura: With the Pharisees and Sadducees that were before Pilate with Jesus, and they said “Let His blood be upon us and upon the children”, next lifetimes when they came back, what type of lifetimes did they have?

Channellors- Not much to speak of.

The Channellors:
Beaura: Thank you. With the woman that Isis had in a dream, with the mermaid ah, was that another lifetime of Isis?

The Channellors: It was an association. We here would only stress that a positive approach to a development in this house as you create and develop in this house, it is a cabalistic law that you are fulfilling, each and every one of you. If you fulfill it right, then the levels of learning will be given to you, an expression of wisdom will be had. Each and every section in this house is the house of development, a house of God. Each and every section represents a certain divine aspect within man. So, just for the sake of that, the records show that no matter what small details you do in the house, you do it within this system of development of a certain Tree of Life. We shall be meeting with you soon again. Just move with a positive approach, and the answers will always be given to you. Remember, it’s not that you should dig up for answers, to meet, but just to tap into the Higher Forces, and they shall give you all the answers you need. Greetings to all here present now.