Session 152 3/13/78

FORCES: We have the pleasure to be here with you once more. We see that your progress shows that some are moving forward. As far as the point in time, it is a very uneasy moment. Many strange things are happening that the movement forward as progression should be, but more of a stalemate of many motions. It seems like the checkerboard is, what would be considered, in chess as each opponent is checkmate by many obstacles and situations. We find the situation very uneasy in the next two years. Major moves must be accomplished by major concerns in order to prevent too much devastation or home to individuals. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: The moves that you are speaking of, are they the whole country…the whole world?

FORCES: This represents the country, state, city, people, commitments, ideals.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Any guidance for me?

FORCES: Just as the disciplines must be adhered to, the moving forward in many parallel patterns must be accomplished.

BR: Thank you. Who was the one that divided the ark in three?

FORCES: The different sections of the Jewish people. North and South and the Christians.

BR: When was this done?

FORCES: We would prefer it to be at this side of the captivity to Babylon.

BR: Thank you.

DD: How is the drain in the new kitchen? It’s stopped up a little bit, especially around where it goes into the floor. Would I be correct in not taking it out?

FORCES: You should put a what would be considered, filter over the drain. If you have heavy particles going in, it is easily accessible to stoppage because of the length of pipe from one to the other.

DD: Is it stopped up now where it can’t be unstopped without taking it apart?

FORCES: You can try to unstop it with similar conditions: hot water should be the answer.

DD: About the diagram I drew with two pyramids, you said increase the degrees 3, 4, 5. There’s something I don’t understand. Does that mean make a different diagram based on 3, 4, 5?

FORCES: 3 degrees, 5 degrees, 4 degrees.

DD: About the alchemy, I was reading the Book of Judges, and I can’t see alchemy for anything. Is there any way…can you help to me to perceive into it?

FORCES: Alchemy is only the reflections of the commitment of the soul. We can only give what you are worthy of receiving.

DD: So, I’ll only see what? (———)

FORCES: You will only see In patience through time what you need to see.

DD: But all the Alchemy is in the Book of Judges?

FORCES: You would find it as such.

DD: I don’t understand about Simeon ben Yohai the other day. Was he for Jesus or against Him?

FORCES: Repeat.

DD: Was the man who wrote the Zohar, Simeon, was he for Jesus or was he against Him?

FORCES: Personally, he was for, but in reality, he could not express too much for the concern of those around him.

DD: So, is Rab-Ham-Nuna Jesus?

FORCES: We would figure such.

DD: He was?

FORCES: We would consider it a figure symbol.

DD: Symbol for Jesus?

FORCES: Parallel.

DD: On the rectangles, what does the rectangle of the whirling square mean?

FORCES: This represents the creation above and below the planes of manifestation on the third dimension.

DD: Creation like in the beginning manifesting into the third dimension?

FORCES: Similar too, yes.

DD: And the reciprocal of a rectangle, what does that mean?

FORCES: This is above the creation.

DD: And the Diagonal?

FORCES: This is going in to creation.

DD: And the pole or eye of the rectangle?

FORCES: This is the point in which the above and below is met.

DD: Einstein discovered the formula E=mc squared. Can that be interpreted the same as was given that there were three creations: matter, force and mind, and each one of them corresponds to one of the elements of the formula?

FORCES: Three, six, nine. Umm-hmm,

DD: Does E would be force?

FORCES: We would have it as such.

DD: And M matter?

FORCES: As such.

DD: And then mind C squared? How could this be used?

FORCES: Very slowly.

DD: The 3, 6, 9, which of those numbers, which is matter and mind and force?

FORCES: We already gave you that.

DD: You gave me which number is matter and which number…

FORCES: You will listen and you will hear.

DD: Well, three is…nine is the physical. Thank you very much.

HI: What happened to me in this evening’s meditation? Why did I come out of it so depressed?

FORCES: Because you wanted to stay in it.

HI: Oh, thank you. The following questions are for NN. In my personal rosary, what would be a good thing to ask for intercession for during this period?

FORCES: Grace and insight in God’s laws.

HI: Thank you. In the Books of Kings when it talks about the good kings and says they did right in the sight of the Lord except that the high places were not removed…”

FORCES: What is meant by the “high places”?

HI: Yes.

FORCES: Those used to be the altars or sacrifices or points of reference to the false religion.

HI: Thank you. And why were these so-called “good kings” unable to remove the high places?

FORCES: Because they didn’t pay attention to the importance of same.

HI: Thank you. Is Psalm 51 the strongest of the psalms of seeking forgiveness and penance?

FORCES: You would find many strong psalms. Fifty-one is strong.

HI: Thank you.

FORCES: One thirteen is strong.

HI: Thank you. The prophet Zechariah in the Old Testament was he the same soul as St. John the Divine?

FORCES: It could be seen as such.

HI: Thank you. What is the prayer to call upon the force of Raphael?


HI: Thank you.

FORCES: Please let me finish

HI: Excuse me.



HI: Thank you. Could anything further be given on Raphael?

FORCES: He looks like and speaks like the moving of a white beam across your eyes.

HI: Thank you. The following questions are for DL.

IS: Does he look anything…when man can see him…like the pictures that they have on him?

FORCES: If you would like it to be.

IS: Thank you.

HI: What patterns cause disharmony in self, leading to self-destructive impulses and why can I not let go of things that I am supposed to have conquered?

FORCES: This has come from a lifetime with Moses where the entity started a rebellion under the false golden image causing all sorts of decadence and holocaust to be offered up to the image. So, at this particular life, strive to influence others to return back to Egypt. A large percentage was about to follow, and then Moses came down causing havoc in which self was consumed into the earth below and burning coal. Self was put into the nether world in which the entity had to
evolve and make amends. This was a lasting impression on the evolution of self causing a reoccurrence and pattern throughout every life that self must finally grow towards God with all force instead of running from. In every particular incarnation this was the major theme, and this was the theme in which shall be throughout the entity’s life that God was not mocked from the very beginning, That all those who went astray on this day from that point on had to overcome the desires of the flesh, the lust of the mind with constant discipline. The entity is geared with tremendous amount of storehouse of the knowledge since the beginning of time, for self was in the stars and in the ethers when the earth was being formed, but in short, in order for the entity to be saved from self-destruction, he must finally make that commitment that Moses asked before going up to the mountain, and now the entity has to meet that quality in every life.

HI: Thank you. Can we have a diagnostic reading for the lump under Mrs. Mulligan’s arm and treatment for same?

FORCES: We would find an accumulation of many cells that are out of order. We would find that this accumulation is the perversion…perverseness of the thoughts of giving. That is, in short, there is a strictness in giving out which causes this condition. That the woman mentioned should perceive a spirit and not a resentment in giving. In so giving freely and not resenting the times of offenses done to self or in question the entity it would have a flowing response releasing the tension under the breast or under this, what would be called arm, releasing the cells that have been accumulated for tension/anxiety causes a certain condition that makes the cells go out of harmony and out of order. If self would only realize that faculty of giving just as Jesus had gave abundantly to all who came. Do not relinquish in giving, for in giving, you are gaining and made whole. In the spirit of the wholeness, you are made alive, it is in this giving that we all have our credence of life, and when we stop the giving through selfish greed, anxiety, or fear, we are shortening our days on the earth.

HI: Thank you. Any direction…

FORCES: This could be relinquished and removed with positive and prayerful thought. If the entity is given to the rosary or to credence or to that of saying decades or the repetition of prayers in this particular religion, it would find recourse and solace and abundant help if sincerely done, for that, then, would create and cause the removal of such a condition throughout the body.

HI: Thank you. Any directions for the immediate future for me? (?)

FORCES: Straight ahead towards the arms of God vary not to the left, nor to the right, believe and you shall receive. Thy faith will save you.

HI: Thank you, the following questions here are for BH. Could I be given any guidance for spiritual development at this time?

FORCES: We would strive that the entity becomes closer with her relationship to the meaning of the mother of God and that the expressing…expression of the feminine virtues of patience and forbearance would be tolerated in her life. But in this personal relationship with the Mother of God, the entity should surround herself with light blue and white, in so doing, she will set her centers up for the feminine virtues of reception and receptivity to be absorbed into the body, for the entity from the beginning of time was in the service and the handmaiden of the temple and always shall be if consistent. If not, the entity shall walk the streets in darkness.

HI: Thank you. Is it correct that when I develop more spiritually that my name would be changed to BH?

FORCES: This could be.

HI: Thank you. I understand that Zeena was the name of an Atlantean city, is Zikon also the name of an Atlantean city?

The Channelors: Zeena was a consciousness of the Atlantean city which meant to be wayward, to be forgotten, to be lost. Zikon represents the light bearer, the Flash, the Horse racing through the sun.

HI: Thank you. I understand that Atlanteans are living inside earth at the North Pole and I understand that there as a doorway to Middle Earth by the trailer, are the people in the Middle Earth Atlanteans?

The Channelors: We would have a variations and variations of same.

HI: Thank you. In Kings, when it refers to high places where the idols that were worshipped, are those high places the structures like Stonehenge and those that are found all over the earth?

FORCES: It seems like the entity BH should join up with NN and receive the answers that NN wants.

HI: Thank you.


FORCES: Correct.

HI: Did the Atlanteans originally build those structures like Stonehenge to receive energy from the sun, moon and Jupiter to run their cities and as the place where they kept the transformer that guided travel from one galaxy to another?

FORCES: Correct

HI: Thank you. Could you tell me what is happening at my job? The department is larger, and I am working for more analysts and I am busier now than ever before –

FORCES: The spirit of expansion. The entity will be called upon to do service and yet to be called upon to bring God into their lives as best as she could. Keeping her mind and her faculties sane she would be able and would be able to do all that is required with the development of same.

HI: Thank you.

IS: What is my worst lifetime on this earth that I ever had?

FORCES: Rocks and mountains and air and fishes, seas and bears and seals and lashes, of the great and of the less, you ask the least and get the best. The entity was involved in the raising of the Atlantean consciousness. The entity’s name was considered as Iannis in which she in the Upper-part Sector northeast of that which would be considered Atlantis was given the wisdom and knowledge to lead great flocks of people from one sector to the other. It is from this sector Iannis met with that of Thomas [pronounced TOE- MOSS] or Thomonis (pronounced TOE MO NIS] in which the drive and the faculties of the centers were so much alive that the communication with the angelic world was at one at one-ment. As progression through and leading the people from the sectors of darkness, that is the Apochese, the Aparels, what would be considered desirable Untouchables, the entity Iannis healed with her fingers the light shock force of light that was projected through, in which many through the course of years were removed the bandages of decadence and disease. It also was through this entity, Iannis, that she was the assistant to Thomonis in which his bandages of wings that were strong became stronger of the spirit force, in which the entity utilized the strength force field coming through this faculty, for this specie was the sector or leader of force in which you had to be expressed and toned down in order to be communitive. The entity moved through, many globular light structures, building as they went, enforcing cornmunities and states of consciousness. The greatest down-fault in which the entity had experience was when crossing a great spasm or bridge of glass, as might be considered, the entity became nervous and fearful and became negative. Pessimistic is the word that is used today, in which her thoughts shattered the bridge tremendously, causing a great deal of damage and annihilation to the mission. A few were saved during this particular passage in which they progressed and moved forward and built a community tremendous in size in the south, what would be considered off 400 miles from that point of Richmond or near the point of Charlottesville, south of Richmond. Four hundred miles today would be off the coast in the Atlantic Ocean. This would be considered the worst in the entity.

IS: Thank you. It was a bridge that we were crossing by…were we in the physical?

FORCES: It was a bridge of a physical/spiritual level in which vibrated at a certain decibel, and the thoughts in which you produced, because of this fear, destroyed the passable passage in which the souls were passing through making a confusion and state of consciousness for souls to be lost in the earth.

IS: Why was I afraid?

FORCES: The unknown seemed to have tapped a un-fathomed situation.

IS: Did I come out of it in that lifetime?

FORCES: To the point of creating a city consciousness in that sector.

IS: What was scary about that bridge?

FORCES: Nothing. It was the bridge between the Higher Spheres and the earth.

IS: Oh. And there were souls moving from the Higher Spheres to the earth or from the earth to the Higher Spheres?

FORCES: Both ways were in direct control.

IS: Thank you. Who operated the Stonehenge in England?

FORCES: They would be considered the High Priests or the Mystics of the Law of One.

IS: There was such a thing, “The Law of One?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Could I ask if it was Jesus?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. At what point after death, does a soul review their Akashic Record?

FORCES: That varies for the individual soul, the faster one is revolved on the other side, the faster they review the record.

IS: Are there souls that it takes more than one life and death until they can review their Akashic Records?

FORCES: This would be hard to believe. Every life that is had in the earth, a reviewing of the record is made.

IS: It’s just a question of how much of that record is reviewed?

The Channelers: All part, every part of it is.

IS: Thank you. What is this astral place that Jesus entered with his physical body that we cannot enter during sleep? Is it other dimensions?

FORCES: Let us call the lower elemental dimensions.

IS: And we cannot enter it?

FORCES: Let us say there are chains that wou1d considered impassable at times.

IS: Thank you. In that lifetime that was a glass so would that be my fear of crystal balls, also?

FORCES: Similarly. (Generally)?

IS: Thank you. Are there divine souls that when they enter the other side, there is no need for them to see the Akashic Records, and if so, where do they go?

FORCES: Every entity’s soul level reviews the Akashic Record.

IS: A person that goes with the Forces and is deposited in another galaxy, what does he do there? Can he find a mate?

FORCES: His life is then taken and planned and centered in a controlled package. (Faculty)?

IS: Could you give us a little more on that?

FORCES: Some sectors are planned, especially in receiving visitors and controlling the faction.

IS: They can’t find a mate or something like that?

FORCES: This is possible.

IS: To find a mate?

FORCES: Correct.

MK: Thank you. The book The Secret Places of the Lion, to what degree is it correct or accurate?

FORCES: 45%.

MK: It does exist, though; an initiation school in Peru that would have information referring to one group that is continually incarnated for the good of mankind?

FORCES: This would be near to true.

MK: Was I Michelangelo?


FORCES: The lifetime that Tom spoke to me about the stonecutter in Italy, can more be given on that?

FORCES: You were a simple apprentice at that time, concentrating less on developing the art, prevented you from becoming a world-renowned sculptor.

MK: This was my attraction for that for Michelangelo, the desire to be a sculptor?

FORCES: To fulfill what you had not completed.

MK: Thank you.

BR: Could you tell us more about what happened to Jesus?

FORCES: We would suggest that if you put your energies into the expression and creation now, you would be developing on a material and mental level the faculties that are in you unexpressed, but if you are only receptive to the voice of that person who can give you a good and direct guidance, namely, IS, who we work through in all geometric symbols and shapes. But because of foolishness and the arrogance of the mind, you are not receptive to your own victory. Question.

BR: Could you tell us more about what Jesus was doing, what was happening the three days that he wasn’t or the earth after His crucifixion?

FORCES: He went into the middle earth to see the Kings of the place to bring a new Law of Love, Patience, Cooperation, Forgiveness, Tolerance, and Faith. Question.

BR: Did He have a battle with Lucifer or Satan in the middle of the earth?

FORCES: Yes and no. Question.

BR: How did He get the keys to let the people out?

FORCES: Simply take them.

BR: But is Lucifer in the middle of the earth?

FORCES: His abode is anywhere be would wish.

BR: Thank you. Was Abraham alive at the time as Jesus?

FORCES: Let us say no.

BR: Thank you.

DD: Could you explain when yours building a room with IS as you put more things in it. It seems bigger than before, even when you put more things in it?

FORCES: It is the illusion of space and time one of the laws of creativity.

DD: How does this work?

FORCES: You are utilizing the invisible space of height and the dimension of width to bring into manifestation, and occupy, and not to waste.

DD: Could you tell us more about the eighth dimension? Do you have animals as such in that dimension?

FORCES: It is a high dimension. You would not find animals there, as you would know it on the earth.

DD: Do you have…like the Holy Living Creatures spoken of in the Bible…are they animals, or what are they?

FORCES: We wouldn’t consider them animals.

DD: What are the Holy Living Creatures?

FORCES: Not animals.

DD: Well, they take the form, as spoken of, as an Ox…?

FORCES: Similar to what you are. Creatures are related to man’s consciousness so that he might relate to what these creatures are. They do, not meant to be that creature.

DD: What are these forces that take on that aspect? Within man?

FORCES: The expression of the energy field around the universe.

DD: Are these angels?

FORCES: Angels? No.

DD: Then what? It was spoken of like in Revelation…the Holy Living Creatures. I thought they were within man. And, also, on a higher level, what would they be?

FORCES: Forces of energy manifested to serve the expression of God.

DD: So they take on these aspects for them to relate to man?

FORCES: So man can relate with them.

HI: Do the consciousness of the people in Middle Earth; do they also have a certain life story of Jesus as we do here?

FORCES: Similar.

HI: Was Jesus born in Middle Earth to them—?


HI: Do they know that He came from this side of the earth?


HI: The key that He had to get, was it actually a physical key?


IS- Was it a force field?

FORCES- Something similar.

HI: Is that the reason why the people in Middle Earth are more advanced than us because of the heavy…


IS: The people in Middle Earth have started from a different point ——?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: The van insurance, should we eliminate some of the extras?

FORCES: You could eliminate a few items. Look into the possibility of insurance here and the benefits if any.

IS: Thank you. Now the way it seems to work out, is ah,or not to work out with RU being at SN and HA. Is it working out? Is it what has to he?

FORCES: It will work out, for better or for worse, for sickness or in poorer. All that.

IS: Is she welcome there?

FORCES: Even HA is not welcome where ever. Welcome is a strange word. She is…HA is curious to find and to talk and to pump and to sow.

IS: And will RU be obliging?

FORCES: Without her ever knowing it.

IS: So things are the way they should be?

FORCES: Couldn’t be any better.

IS: Do other galaxies have life, people that look like us?

FORCES: Similar.

IS: So when God created man, He created man all over?

FORCES: Consciousness of mankind.

IS: But the physical, those other galaxies, they are physical?

FORCES: You would find same.

IS: And maybe coloration different, but…

FORCES: Correct.

IS: I see, but in reality…

FORCES: Falling under the same law of creation.

IS: And at the same time, too?

FORCES: Near to same.

IS: Do they have histories?

FORCES: We all have histories.

IS: Like the Bible creation…

FORCES: Near to same. Every galaxy, every planet of life has the same Book.

IS: The Bible?

FORCES: Near to same.

IS: Is Jesus also the head in those other galaxies?

FORCES: Authority is King.

IS: So each one of those other places will have another Jesus?

FORCES: Would have one.

IS: Would have one, but not our Jesus, their own Jesus?

FORCES: Same, of the same. We here now express appreciation of listening to you, but only strive in moving forward, and not to waste too much of the time (?). We would also signify the strength and unity in your prayers and meditation that gives you the insight for things you need to know. We shall talk to you again soon. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father who art in Heaven…