Session 149 3/1/78

FORCES: Greetings to all here present now. It has being a long time since we arrived. Items and ideas and places have changed. Circumstances and areas have come and gone. We move through time, the space of life before we know it is gone. What do you think what do you stand to see when everything around you moves so fast, and yet you move just as fast. You shall be here and then shall go, but remember the passing deeds of today will be done for tomorrow’s fruits. Situations in the world, harmony can exist, peace can be at hand, but the body must be disciplined. The soul within the body must strive for strength. As time goes on, we evolve further and onward. We mustn’t stop the progress. This particular entity must move to where he must begin to express the spiritual ideals. If limited through negativity and if limited through attitudes of limitations, then you are stifling self’s growth. Move forward and progress and move to claim your rightful place. We are now ready for your’ questions.

IS: Can I go up and close the music?

FORCES: You could lower it. Music has a certain effect upon the individuals present. Question.

IS: What are the limitations right now on the entity that he must move, and what are the things that he’s supposed to move through, and how can I help?

FORCES: By just allowing those manifestations and expressions of spirit to be accomplished.

Q: Are the limitations?

FORCES: Doubts, fears.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me what’s the meaning of all the series of dreams I’ve been having over this last few weeks? It’s been like a nightmare.

FORCES: It is more of meeting of self, removing some of the gross drossness that of heavy weight that has never been touched in your experience. If you shall master and channel this, you will be making strides unbelievable to your’ own imaginations. As it is, you have made strides on a spiritual level in order to conquer the gross and heaviness of the body, but as time moves on, this is the hospital of your soul, and as you move into the space of understanding, you shall change as a different person from worldly desires and worldly ambitious and comfortabilities to spiritual ideals arid spiritual desires and spiritual ambitions.

HI: Thank you. Could you also tell me what I should do with Jacob and with my marriage in particular?

FORCES: We would dump him into a vat of apple pickle juice, turn him around four times, take, him out, put him into a plunger, set him straight upon the walk of life, and drinking the apple juice and vinegar juice three times a day would help him to lose the consciousness of the earth. But in reality, patience and time should be the answer here. Remember, you must go to your spiritual ideals. He either will follow or be left behind.

HI: Okay. Thank you.

DD: What does it mean that I saw my blob?

FORCES: It means you saw your blob. In reality, you saw a certain aspect of the inner self that needs to be disciplined.

DD: What can I do about my meditations?

FORCES: By meditating more.

DD: Can you tell me what tribe goes along specifically with the liver?

FORCES: You have the bitterness and the gall. The tribe that has resentment. You would find that associated with China or Japan.

DD: Would it be Levi?

FORCES: You would find it in that area.

DD: With the pipes downstairs to the small water heater that goes to the master bathroom, is it all right to go into that with one half inch copper pipe?

FORCES: Sometimes it is well to do with what you have.

DD: Work with the pipe that’s already on it?

FORCES: Whatever is at hand, utilize it.

DD: But if it’s not long enough, use a little bit of the other stuff?

FORCES: You are the craftsman. You would be given the knowledge as you move on. It can be done.

MK: The dream I had the other night where Tom appeared as a priest who arrived late at the service, and he replaced another priest and was announced by still another priest who told the audience to sit closer to the front, and I also was in ‘the service as an altar boy. Can you tell me what all that meant?

FORCES: It means the time is at hand. This entity is the high priest, for he’s been chosen from the beginning o4 time to bring a message to the people. It is a service that has not been planned. He is replacing all other prophets and priests of the worldly elements. He is unique to himself. He is chosen not by man, but chosen to replace all priests, for the consciousness of priesthood is of man’s doing. He represents the consciousness of the priesthood of God, which is God’s doing. You being an altar boy represents the humbleness and servitude that one must reflect and subject himself to in order to receive during this most dedicated moment. Remember, it is grand to be of this era that you are chosen to be partakers of this moments to be partakers of this experience. It is grand that you have been chosen. It is more grand that you are the we and the be and the see of all the elements above and below that have gathered for thousands of years to manifest this moment. As devastating, as high enlightening, as all…encompassing, you have been chosen for these moments in the schism of time. It is an awe…struck thought. Why me? Why not someone else? The answer to that is: there are others who are doing their part, but this is “the” part. The congregations that sit in the audience represent those who are doing their part, but they now must move forward in order to receive their part. The message must be given out:
Do not stop the entity from giving. As you stop, it shall be taken away and fall apart. If you allow it to progress and move forward without fear or doubts, then you shall flourish like a cedar of Lebanon, but remember, it is the moment. It is the hour. You are part of the moment.

MK: Thank you very much.

BR: IS was speaking about the woman of Virginia. Could you tell us more about this woman?

FORCES: Each state has a certain deity over its consciousness. It has been built over and up over the centuries. It just so happens the state of Virginia has this particular expression.

IS: Is she the way I see her?

FORCES: To be more exact, correct.

IS: And did I have these conversations with her?

FORCES: To be more exact, correct.

IS: So, in reality, all states are under the Higher Forces?

FORCES: In reality, correct.

IS: Thank you,

RU: Could you give me any guidance for the new job I’m going to be starting, as far as how I can help the situation?

FORCES: Correct. You should at least say thank you. That is the first guidance we will teach you: to show a certain amount of gratitude before asking how you should go about doing.

RU: Thank you.

IS: We all say thank you for all the things that have been received in the Flushing house.

FORCES: Think not that you should receive things just because of the very nature of your existence. The wind shall move faster than your eye, and yet you shall not see, but we shall do. But remember, again, do not expect Just because we speak to you. We will give you everything you would ever need and want in abundance, as we have proven ourselves, and now it is time for you to prove yourselves, and you must give in abundance, just as we have given you in abundance. As far as your jobs concerned, just simply service and a humble spirit, and that is all you will be needing, and allow us to work through you in situations that are crucial. Question.

RU: Thank you very much.

IS: Thank you. Is there any help you can give for Hotep?

FORCES: This is a point in time that must be met. Discipline, correction, awareness techniques. This is a point of time that must be taken. Chances are time shall be the worker on this. Question.

IS: Is it greed?

FORCES: It is greed. It is a selfishness, the base qualities that need to be purified. Question.

IS: Is the plumbing going the right way?

FORCES: If it wasn’t, the water would back up.

IS: All the new fixtures that we’re putting in, the drains that we are using, all the different things…are they correct?

FORCES: They will serve its purpose.

IS: Why is MK falling asleep in meditation?

FORCES: This is a pattern that must be
corrected. It is a forgetfulness. It is a lack of discipline.

IS: So it is within his power to overcome it?

FORCES: If he wants to.

IS: Should we send MK to get a job?

FORCES: During this situation it is needed that a certain amount of consciousness on what you do have be respected. As it would be needed but as it would also be needed the work to be done, let’s first see if the work gets done and if that is done, that would be more in alignment than to getting a job outside, for the same is in the process. How would you help this thy house? Service. Then simply do thy service. Do what is asked of you, and render the things that are needed rightly. Do not cheat and take short cuts on the responsibilities. Do the service, and then items -will work itself out. We shall answer that question after we see the results.

IS: Thank you. Is there something wrong with my principles?

FORCES: We do not see that in general. Just the lack of faith at times.

IS: Why do I have this difficulty with my feet? Is it a karmetic thing?

FORCES: It is a changing force. It is the shoes. It is the arch. It is the weight. It is the expression of the cement, the floors, the walking, the upholding, the different routines. It is a generally healthy expression, but a changing expression. It is and should and will be corrected.

IS: Thank you. It seems with the way…it’s like on one hand, I keep saying I have to have control over it, and then a thousand other things, it doesn’t happen, and I feel like where are my Forces or because it’s coming from the source that I have no doubts?

FORCES: It will work itself out.

IS: Is there anything else in the house that I can be doing?

FORCES: You are doing enough for the things that need to be done here.

IS: Thank you very much. Anything for the Flushing house?

FORCES: They must strive to be closer to their God and strive in the harmony and unity of the endeavor and consciousness that this place represents.

IS: How often does Tom have to go to New York to visit the Flushing house?

FORCES: It must be fed to be maintained, the channel must be kept open until the (?) shift of pulls to this place. We would suggest that every four to five weeks a visit would be adequate.

IS: For the entity Tom?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Then it means I remain here?

FORCES: Either you or him, either one.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Could you tell me if my understanding is correct that my sister she would represent my uncommitted aspect…

FORCES: Correct.

HI: And that if I would move towards God that she would have no choice but to move, also?

FORCES: Correct.

HI: And is that the same way with Johnny?

FORCES: Correct.

HI: And Jacob, too?

FORCES: Correct.

HI: Thank you.

IS: So that goes along with what I felt about how committed one of us is, that’s the reflection of the sister or the family?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you very much.

DD: What are the 24 Elders?

FORCES: These represent the shades of light within our consciousness.

DD: How do they work?

FORCES: Guiding the principles and ideals of rights within us.

DD: Like in a ship that has 24?

FORCES: It is connected in a orb.

DD: You mean hat they exist in an orb?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Is that within the skull? Is that where they exist in the body?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Could you give me any guidance on not just on meditating, but to meditate more, but is there anything else
That I can do?

FORCES: That would be more than enough.

DD: What do I do that’s incorrect in meditation?

FORCES: The sincerity of meditating must be had. The conscious effort of controlling the mind and centering it on a theme, rather that just to sit and fall asleep.

DD: Should this be focusing…

FORCES: Focus on the light between your eyes. That would be the effort and prevent thee from falling asleep.

DD: Thank you. Also, on the rectangle I had a dream about it. Is there some kind of law, a formula, or something that goes along with rectangular ships as far as having more space than a square shape?

FORCES: The law is founded upon the invisible spheres, in which the rectangle is the symbol of. From this, all forms of energy and shapes expound upon.

DD: They all come from the rectangle?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: How about the eighth circle?

FORCES: You would find that in its proper position.

DD: Within the rectangle?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: So that would be the shape just above them all, in a way? So the ark is that way?

FORCES: Correct.

DD: Thank you very much.

BR: When you say “Greetings to all here present now”, what happens inside us when those words are being said?

FORCES: That is up to you.

BR: Does it effect all the centers?

FORCES: It still is up to you.

BR: Thank you.

RU: The things that I’m trying to work out right now, is that connected with at Yom Kippur this year when I dumped a whole bunch of the drops frito the thing, or have I added more to that with my opposition and things?

FORCES: You can continue to add without even you knowing. Could have a direct connection.

RU: Thank you.

IS: The bedrooms that were pointed out for the kids, that one room on the ground floor to be divided into the two bedrooms. Is that correct?

FORCES: We could not have done a better choice.

IS: Thank you. Now, HA and SN and JS, what is happening with them?

FORCES: They must become closer to the ideals and purposes of what this particular group stands for, or they shall be swallowed up in the maze that is of the world.

IS: Am I correct that whenever it gets very bad, okay, they come. Then, we give them some, and Simon took most everything, instead everything was given back to him, and so he sort of again lifts up his head thinking he’s the victor or that he’s done it and becomes arrogant again?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Now do I overcome inside…this kind of…at one point I feel so sad for them, on the other point it’s like I just want for Simon to disappear. Where do I find my balance?

FORCES: Just keep on moving. It is better for him to be a servant. As it is, his name means faithful servant.

IS: Thank you. Now the little boy in the newspaper, was that…

FORCES: Let us say it was working through us.

IS: Was he a great soul?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Came in for that specifically?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Thank you. The way we have in mind to pierce the living room ceiling for the bowl?

FORCES: This can be done.

IS: Is it the correct thing?

FORCES: It will have to be worked with, but it would be able to be done in relatively, in proportion, and in size which would be altered here and there, but still can be done.

IS: What’s the size of the bowl?

FORCES: What’s the size of the…?

IS: The rectangle bowl, the egg, the indention?

FORCES: What is the size?

IS: Should it be 2×3 or 3×4 or…?

FORCES: This could be 2×3, 2×4, 4×4, 2×3.

IS: That’s where the name is going to be?

FORCES: Understand.

IS: Thank you. The budget that we’ve done – is that then correct?

FORCES: It was done okay.

IS: Did I put in the wrong thing, for instance, on the telephone? I didn’t put enough?

FORCES: It would be worked with.

IS: Thank you very much.

HI: Could you tell me please what happened in meditation this afternoon when I suddenly went to a different house, and I didn’t know where I was?

FORCES: These are traveling warp zones the entity seems to take the individuals and bring them to different consciousness.

HI: Thank you.

DD: Why is that I move so slow?

FORCES: Because you don’t move fast.

DD: Is it because of laziness or fears?

FORCES: A certain comfortability and a certain tack.

DD: A certain what?

FORCES: Development that you would call style.

DD: You mean image?

FORCES, You developed a style. Now you must develop a style to move.

DD: So should I just go ahead…like I just said I have been slow. Now how do I start moving fast?

FORCES: By starting to move fast.

DD: Thank you.

RU: The dream I had about all of us getting on a train and going on a long trip, everybody in the group, and the other people on the train were like Oriental, but they were like Americanized in the sense that they didn’t have on Oriental clothes, they had on Western dress. IS and Tom were like in the dining car having tea and coffee and that sort of thing. What would that mean?

FORCES: It means a lot of traveling in the future.

IS: For the entity RU?

FORCES: For the group.

RU: Thank you.

IS: The thing that the entity Tom has to move into, does it deal with the things I felt about the services and what they are developing into?

FORCES: Deals with a lot.

IS: That will manifest on a physical level, too?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: You said that the entity Tom has taken the place that wasn’t scheduled or something? Could you explain that?

FORCES: Not at this time.

IS: Thank you.

HI: Is coffee really bad for you, psychically?

FORCES: Coffee is not good. It’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s not bad.

HI: Thank you.

FORCES: Smoking is bad. Smoking is bad. It’s not good.

DD: I had a dream that the thing I made, the triangle with beads, I was talking with IS, and she said it’s specifically the word of God. Could you explain that?

FORCES: Each bead represents a certain atomic structure of the elements. Question.

DD: How’s that?

FORCES: That is how it is.

DD: Is that the word of God?

FORCES: That’s how it is.

IS: But the whole triangle doesn’t it represent the name Jehovah?

FORCES: Correct. The eye of God.

DD: Thank you. Can it be used like the rosary at all to meditate with?

FORCES: It could.

DD: How would that be? I mean you wouldn’t say…what part of the Bible would you use with it?

FORCES: You would take any part and repeat it as many tines as you will find your bead.

DD: Thank you.

IS: That chapter that I was doing from the Psalms together with Job, that was correct, right? That was a helper?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: That was the exact chapter for that book?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: Now is there another chapter in Psalms for every other book like the same way?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: What do you do when you do the Psalms?

FORCES: You find the book.

IS: I have to find the book for the Book of Psalms?

FORCES: Correct.

IS: From another book?

FORCES: Right. We here have strived to be with you and only advise that with each passing day you will find yourself growing with more answers to your questions, more awareness to the spirit within. Remember, the spirit within gives you the answers to some of the perplexing problems. Be with your meditations and your prayers and develop thee with the presence of your God, and all will be accomplished. We shall speak to you again. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father…