Session 1482/22/78

FORCES: We find this situation to be interesting and with each passing moment more direct in its application. To work in this area and to work with the dedication takes the strength and the harmony of purpose. We have stressed dedication of purpose comes from within and must be developed from an inner part rather than an exterior part. All this is in time taken care of. There are areas in this area, sections in the changing process. Many strange forces of change has been upon us. We are now ready for your questions.
IS: The foremost question on my mind is the – whether we should bring down the group at this point, the whole entire group, or (?) emergency operation. Should we send out (four?), should we send out MK or MK and DD to work, maybe BR, or whatever else we should do?
FORCES: We find that a situation and conditions as stated to be of a concerning nature. We also would establish the fact that all means and purposes and positions are at hand to correct this outward flow. Everything is in its inward and outer parts ready and available to sustain and create such losses and profits. We would stress the factor of the spiritual nature that the prayers and meditations must be concerned with the force, and if that force becomes strong, then the force for the material substance on the earth becomes strong, as that is the truth. We would find a certain set plan, that would benefit all alike, and the plan would be harmonious to growth and exceptional to speed (?). Plans were created to help other plans. We would sense a stressing factor that is no longer necessary, distressing factor. We would advise that the attitudes be in a most positive manner, and corrections in such a way that only positive actions would stand. Failure or negative actions cannot have its place in this consciousness. What could be done could be a series of plans: the first plan is the sending of the force that is already here, that is of MK, that is of Hope Island, and that is of BR and of DD in a force of receiving adequate jobs. The second plan would be for MK and what would be DD and BR for adequate jobs. The third plan would be for MK and BR for adequate jobs. The fourth plan should take place in a month and a half, and that would put you (?) in the end of March, the beginning of April, that is for the entity NN to receive guidance and help and adequate plan, preparation in storing and coming into view an adequate plan. We would also suggest for this entity to deal with chemicals and food items, corporations. Also, we would inform of a personal business level dealing with fine arts and works. We would also suggest for the entity RU to stress the factor of coming and immediately applying for jobs dealing with school preparation or bettering in regards, what would be called, food (clericals?) or still in strength. There would be found in certain school functions, positions of bookkeeping and records. We would also apply the strength of the Force in selling of merchandise in corporations. This could be put into plan that MK and the entity RU, with along side later on the entity NN applying also with the entity BR for outside jobs. Each allocating to positions that they are well needed. As far as the house in the New York area this could maintain its low until the testing of this particular segment could be analyzed, putting you in the month of June or the end of May. At this point we would be able to give you a direct decision and operation of the final and, what we would call, settling reactions. We would advise that they would be changed up and down. There could be a permanent change for moving on into this area at the end of June by all members of the group. Question.
IS: Thank you very much. Uh…
FORCES: Remember that it isn’t as bad as it seems, that the mental attitude attracts situations. Things shall work out if a positive reaction is upheld.
Q: What was the type of communication that was … that I was having when I was in the bathroom upstairs, somehow telling my mind something? Was that for real?
FORCES: It could be considered a teleport or more in line with the changing of the FORCES.
Q: In what area should we look for jobs around here? Or should I look for a job around here?
FORCES: This could be applied in the (?) of lumber, of wood, of the telephone situations, of corporations or department stores, of big rug outlets, of major chemical and glassware appliances. Preferably into the Charlottesville area, or you might find it also necessary in the area of Scottsville.
Q: Thank you.
Q: In what area should I look for a job?
FORCES: This might be found in supermarket, in food chains, or in the undertaking of clothing and furniture appraisals. Also the past particular job, of course, bandaids.
Q: Bandaids? Oh, thank you. (laughs) Thank you.
DD: Can you tell if Thomas Jefferson (?) sessions?
FORCES: Correct.
DD: Who was … who was spoken through?
FORCES: It spoke through the mouth. Question.
DD: Well who was (?)
FORCES: The entity could have been several. Question.
DD: Did he get all the designs or the University of Virginia through the sessions?
FORCES: Correct.
DD: Then the Holy Spirit (?) was it originally supposed to be like you said a spiritual commune?
FORCES: Correct.
DD: And how was it, how was it supposed to be set up?
FORCES: Under certain stars. Question.
DD: (?) In the beginning of Ezekiel there are certain numbers. Three, four, and five. You said that there was a Pythagorean theorem?
FORCES: It could have a solid foundation in this area.
DD: What does that represent, the theorem?
FORCES: It represents the astral and the physical body merging on the spiritual level.
DD: Is there any way it could be applied in architecture? (?)
FORCES: You would find it in many architectural forms and diagrams.
DD: Also, is there any specific book in the Bible dealing with alchemy specifically?
FORCES: You would find some in Proverbs, and some would be found in the Book of Judges. Question.
DD: Thank you.
IS: Uh, what should be the color of the living room and the color of the dining room? Three years ago we received that.
FORCES: The pastel pink should gravitate to the dining room.
IS: So it’s the pink and green.
FORCES: Correct.
IS: And the blue and the violet the lilac?
FORCES: Gravitate that to the living room.
IS: Thank you. Now, the arch in the hallway, the (stairs?) going down, is it the way I see it? Is that the way it should be done?
FORCES: You could put three arches in that one area.
IS: Going straight or carving over what is now the doorway going down and then two more up to the (?) bathroom?
FORCES: That could be done very well.
IS: Or should it be from the beginning of the hallway from the library wall one archway, another, and another?
FORCES: That could be done also.
IS: Which would you prefer?
FORCES: Either one will be adequate.
IS: Ah, thank you. Is there anything that I could be doing in this situation?
FORCES: Just keeping your mind open to corrective, saving techniques. Question.
IS: How… the saving techniques, uh, where would I be getting it, or how can I (?) about it?
FORCES: This could be done to the application and receiving of certain ideas applying and discussing these ideas until they take shape and form.
IS: And the building?
FORCES: Correct. Question.
Q: (?) to look for a job, which field should look into?
FORCES: Adequately in the women’s apparel.
Q: Okay, thank you. And also for Jacob who will be coming here to look for a job, does he look in the same areas as you gave him in two sessions ago?
FORCES: This could be adequate. It could be done well. But also, working with children still could be applied.
Q: Thank you.
FORCES: Also in maintaining the position in job area for a moment could be applied until an attitude and certain circumstances will correct it.
Q: I see, thank you.
Q: Can you guide me at this time, specifically with, uh, when I first came into the group Tom had mentioned, or hinted at, almost like a schedule I’d be following of things to happen. Have I fallen far behind that, or…
FORCES: Let us say you have some movement still to happen.
Q: Anything else that I should be doing now? How can I develop a (?) an attitude of not running away or, working with things, or?
FORCES: By just simply meeting the most difficult tasks with a most positive attitude and with a most assured feeling. Question.
Q: Thank you.
Q: The dream I had the other night about my old boss, um, could you tell me what that dream means?
FORCES: This would be a changing of his consciousness and moving on to stronger responsibilities. Also a change within self.
Q: Thank you.
DD: Tell me what the dream I had the other night about the third shadow of Christ?
FORCES: Representing the FORCES of wisdom coming through the earth.
DD: What was the shadow?
FORCES: Physical, mental, and the spiritual forms that are shadows in the earth. Question.
DD: The tribe of Ephraim that’s what you was blessed before Manasseh when it should have been the other way around. Why was that?
FORCES: This represents the (?) force manifesting in the earth, the spiritual force coming first. In reality the physical force appears to be first. Question.
DD: Was Ephraim the spiritual force?
FORCES: You would consider it a spiritual nature. Question.
DD: Why then in The Revelation Ephraim is not mentioned in the seal?
FORCES: It is transported or transformed into the other force. Question.
DD: Manasseh and Ephraim are one in Revelation?
FORCES: This would be adequate. Question.
DD: Thank you.
IS: Do you mean like the (? war?) that we saw for the outside of our (?) here in the front?
FORCES: This could be done very well.
IS: And am I correct that I am beginning to receive some information (?) eventually we ourselves can do it?
FORCES: Correct. Question.
IS: Also the fact that we are with that (high?) thing and all the (?) roads. Is that correct, too?
FORCES: This could be done also.
IS: Now, with the entity, uh, RU should she come down sort of shortly and get a job here?
FORCES: I see it as possible.
IS: And with her, I assume something to do with a school. A teacher or whatever, kindergarten?
FORCES: Could be a teacher’s aide.
IS: Teacher’s aide. It would be here in Schuyler that she would apply or –
FORCES: If the attitude was correct, it could be.
IS: (?)
FORCES: Then the searching begins.
IS: I see, and… but BR wouldn’t be here?
FORCES: This could be, but it would take a certain amount of stress if it was in this locale.
IS: I see. But for RU it doesn’t matter?
FORCES: RU is a different function all together.
IS: I see. Thank you very much. And is there anything –
FORCES: In short, the entity could strive to work a place that’s near in the same area.
Q: In teaching or is it teaching here?
FORCES: Correct.
IS: That’s for BR, too?
FORCES: This could be possible.
IS: Is that what (?)
FORCES: It would be possible.
IS: I see. Is there anything that I could be doing?
FORCES: Maintaining and functioning of the structural household-ship in the area.
IS: Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?
FORCES: Striving to accomplish it.
IS: Are there other things I should be doing that I’m not doing?
FORCES: This would come in time. (?) not as fast as it should be now.
IS: Are we somehow on any plan the way we’re moving?
FORCES: Correct.
IS But that’s not the first and foremost plan that was (?)
FORCES: Correct.
IS Could I have help getting (?)
FORCES: It is being helped. Question.
IS: Thank you, very much.
Q: The thought I just had about perhaps if Jacob kept this job at Virginia Beach, (?) possibility of the certain financial aids, here. Would this be according to your plan?
FORCES: This could be adequate.
Q: Okay, thank you. And, also, would it be better if I looked or a job or, if I would stay here in the house?
FORCES: It would dictate to work in the house in the harmonity and in the plans dictated in the past. As the days move on it could be for other reasons but at this moment responsibility would be in the house.
Q: Thank you.
Q: Could you tell us more about Laban and, uh, the stories in the Bible is very confusing. He doesn’t come off too well, Jacob.
FORCES: Jacob had certain problems that needed to be worked with. Laban was wise enough to work with them.
Q: Laban was a master at that time?
FORCES: Could be considered such.
Q: Thank you.
Q: Um, in Proverbs 27 it says a prudent man can see the evil and hideth himself, but the simple pass on and are punished. What does that mean?
FORCES: It is to take time and use it properly, not to abuse the time by wasting it. Question.
Q: Thank you.
Q: With the dream about my boss, does that man he’s going to be leaving Harts and getting another job?
FORCES: It could mean a change in that direction. Question.
Q: Thank you.
DD: Will we ever be doing stonework for ourselves?
FORCES: It could be acne very nicely.
DD Out of soapstone?
FORCES: It would be possible sometimes expensive. Question.
DD: Thank you.
IS: The house as its proceeding now with the plans, the arches in the different places, the domes, the hutches, the cabinets. Are they all according to plan?
FORCES: Correct. We will watch over the group and will send certain financial help to ease the burdens. We will also try to bring and manifest certain things to move it forward. Greetings to all here present now.
GROUP: Our Father who art in the Heavens…