Session 151B 3/10/78

As the days move on, we find ourselves more and more in communications with you than with anything else. The force and growth of this particular group is destined and developed around harmony of the spirit. If we could only get you to understand the different contexts of these words. Striving to do the best one can possibly do under all conditions and learning to give of yourself willingly and abundantly. We are here now ready for your individual questions.

BEAURA: What was Elijah doing when he put his mouth on the boy’s mouth, Elisha. his eyes on…his eyes and his hands on his hands?

THE CHANNELLORS: It was rejuvenating the astral force and also what would be considered breathing a life force into the boy.

BEAURA: Did the Essenes. . .thank you. Did the Essenes have a method of bringing the dead back to life?

THE CHANNELLORS: Certain rhythmic, rhythmic movements of the lungs and the heart.

BEAURA: Thank you.

DAVID: Could you tell me what the dimensions for the oven for alchemy would be?

THE CHANNELLORS: Three (3) feet by two (2) feet of height, three (3) feet.

DAVID: And how is this heat created in this?

THE CHANNELLORS: It could be created by coal, by oil, by electricity, or by the sun.

DAVID: With the rectangle, do I understand it right that when the ship is at rest, is it a cube or is it a rectangle?

THE CHANNELLORS: It does change certain positions. It could be the cube.

DAVID: Does this start off with the seventh center.


DAVID: And then it changes into.. .what does it change into then?

THE CHANNELLORS: More of a rectangle.

DAVID: And that is the sixth?


DAVID: Or does it go down to the bottom?

THE CHANNELLORS It is more of a expression of all the centers together.

DAVID: The names Jehovah and Elohim, is one of them, is Jehovah for Genesis and Elohim for Revelation?

THE CHANNELLORS: Not particularly, it could be put in that perspective.

DAVID: When you unify the name like in the Shema, what does that do how does that work within the centers?

THE CHANNELLORS: It seems to set up a pattern of sound to make them aware of their development and growing towards the light.

DAVID: Which two centers would that be?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find it from the solar plexus to the heart center.

ISIS: Could it also mean Elohim for Genesis and Jehovah for Revelation?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find that to be necessarily true.

ISIS: So it.. .does it.. .Jehovah or Elohim, those different names of God, do they refer to different groups of principalities that came?

THE CHANNELLORS: Different expressions and situations found in life.

ISIS: So it was not necessarily. ,,when that group was, let’s say, removed, that other group that was helping there, then their name was also removed from the face of the earth?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would say so.

ISIS: So the names that are existing now, as we know the name of God, then those are the groups that are working with the earth at this point from whatever point we have history of?


DAVID: These two gods, these two names, why do you have to unify these names, these two groups?

THE CHANNELLORS: To get a complete cycle accomplished.

DAVID: What is the Summation Series?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is a technique and system in which has derived the fastest possible action of moving things to its completed destiny.

DAVID: It’s like building a…is that the way you would build anything that, in the rosary…repetition?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is a couplet. In this you would find the secret of the word. You’d find the word and find the meaning couplet. You’d find the answer to this particular system.

DAVID: Couplet? Does that make a verbal word or something like that, that same word?

THE CHANNELLORS: You will have to do your work now.

DAVID: Why is the ark a .444 root rectangle instead of a 5? Does it mean it’s not complete, or does that go with the evolution of mankind?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would be going with the evolution and completion of one set system.

DAVID: So what would be the next size to build the ark, on different dimensions?

THE CHANNELLORS: The side of two (2) pyramids together.

DAVID: So it would no longer be in the shape of a ark?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would be in the shape of what would he considered a dome.

DAVID: You would build it on two pyramids together though?…


DAVID: But in a dome shape. Is that how our temple will be?


ISIS: Is it something like what’s in this room?

THE CHANNELLORS: Similar, near to it, but a little bit more.

ISIS: More rounded off in the middle?


RU: These questions are for the entity Luke. During the year from our last birthday to this one, what was the most important aspect that I should have worked with?

THE CHANNELLORS: The unity of the Forces of perception, deception, and compromise of what would be considered the laws. The laws of being receptive to situations smaller than that which is urgent.

RU: In regards to the above question, in what way or ways was I found lacking?

THE CHANNELLORS: The inability to listen attentively to the small, little details. Not too much of it involving to be concerned, just enough to be perceptive of the small, little incidents to be aware of the big, complicated manifestations.

RU: Thank you. During the next year. from this birthday to the next birthday, what are the three most important aspects for me to work on in my personal development?

THE CHANNELLORS: The ability to have the perception and the awareness of the small things and the ability and the perception in the communication with your God.

RU: Thank you. The following questions are for the entity Rebekah. Is Samuel and Daniel the same entity?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find them not.

RU: Thank you. Was Jimmy Carter Jeroboam?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find the tendencies to be such.

RU: Thank you. Can you tell us anything regarding Steven Spielberg, the producer/director of Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

THE CHANNELLORS: This entity could be sidetracked by the glamour and the glory received. This taking and misusing what was part of destiny and changing it a hundred and eighty degrees (180°) around from what it should have been.

RU: Thank you. Is there anything that could be given to help the children with their stomach problems?

THE CHANNELLORS: More of a congenial atmosphere, an atmosphere of less tension and positive expression or expressions in breathing, in coloring and writing. Also, mild peppermint tea, mild teas to soothe the aggravation, little bits of bananas and mild honey. We would also find the egg yolks would be a nice sandwich.

RU: Thank you very much.

HI: In Proverbs it states “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him”. Then what is happening when a man has to die a violent death for God?

THE CHANNELLORS: Repeat your question.

HI: In Proverbs it states “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him’. Then what is happening when a man has to die a violent death for God?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is a commitment and a changing forward to his next life.

HI: Thank you. Also, in Proverbs it states also that “A man’s heart deviseth his way, but the Lord directeth his steps”. Does that mean that whatever decision a man makes, whether it be from the spirit of light or darkness, that the activity based on that decision is always from God?

THE CHANNELLORS: God would have the last say-so in everything, correct.

HI: Then, in that case, would that mean that black force can never destroy or cause any action, but it can only deceive the heart?

THE CHANNELLORS: It could destroy temporarily, hoping for the white force to become stronger.

HI: Thank you.

THE CHANNELLORS: We would answer the question on this call that has just come in directly if necessary.

RU:The question is from Joe Laguna. Is it all right to go ahead and ask it now?


RU: Joe has requested information concerning his physical, mental, and spiritual development. He wants to know if there is a direction he should be following in these regards, particularly in regard to his creative outlets.

THE CHANNELLORS: Come in and close the door. Tell the party to wait on the line, and we will give you the answer.

RU: (On phone) Joe… Door closes.

THE CHANNELLORS: Repeat the question.

RU: The entity Joe Laguna has requested information concerning his physical, mental, and spiritual development. Specifically, in regard to if there is a direction he should he following with his creative outlets. For example, if his direction with music and recording is beneficial to his spiritual development, and if not, what should he be doing?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would see this, find to be the entity with a lot of internal unrest and what would he called dissidence to the perspective avenues of expression. As far as the harmony on the physical. mental, and the spiritual level, there should be more of a getting involved with physical work, more involved in subduing the desires and imaginations, and putting these energies and expressions into creative, tangible ideas and physical. tangible structures.
We find the physical aspect within the entity more in respect to be developing in more consciousness of habits, of breaking some habits that have trapped the entity for many years and breaking them in order to getting in perspective to new avenues of expression and releasing the chains that tie the entity to a karmetic pattern. We would also find on a mental approach the procrastination on many levels tying the entity into a slothful way and attitude and giving up before ever fnishing, which would dissipate a lot of the energies that have been given to him in order that the expression could come through to him, We would find on a spiritual level all the storehouses and reservoirs that has been reserved from other lifetimes to be finally into manifestation and expression in this life. In short, we say that the entity’s ability to express his spiritual talents must come through certain disciplines of his mind and his body, and then a certain amount of hard work and expressing it on a physical level . (End of Side A) We would find that music would be the proper expression, but more in alignment to communications and systematic systems and ideals through music. Rather, more to the communication of deeper feelings and expressions of higher ideals through the individual music, which will come after certain disciplines are followed in the particular life. A more giving and more open attitude to the expression of the spirit in his life will benefit immensely. Also, the ability to move without feeling hampered or guilty with the expressions of his responsibilities around him. This movement could help in developing his musical tendencies and creative abilities on a physical level.

RU: Thank you. And with the technical aspects of recording, is that sti1l a positive thing?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would be the aftermath of all that has been given – that the recording would change and alter into a greater and finer reception only after the other qualities have been implemented.

RU: Thank you very much, Is it all right for me to return.


RU: ——-the information…

THE CHANNELLORS: Correct, correct, correct. Question,

HI: When man is weighed in the balance, what are the aspects in man that are weighed, against what? (tape noise)..,

THE CHANNELLORS: His heart against his motivations.

HI: Thank you.

MK: If there is a . . . If there is a great plan, and if one knew the exact position of the stars of one lifetime of a person, of an individual, and the exact position of the stars at the birth of another lifetime of this person,
could a formula he gotten from this, a mathematical formula?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would only succeed in blowing your head out of your body.

MK: But there is a formula, or…

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find a formula, but they would not follow man’s mathematical skills.

MK: There wouldn’t be any way of, like given three lifetimes, you wouldn’t be able to find five or Six?

THE CHANNELLORS: Oh, we don’t run things that way.

MK: Would Judas be more represented by Leo or by Sagittarius?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find him under the quality, Judas who?

MK: Judas who betrayed Jesus.

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find that underneath the quality of Scorpios.

MK: Can I have some guidance on how to schedule my day and things that I should he doing?

THE CHANNELLORS: You must wake up at 6 (six). You must retire at 2 (two). Two (2) in the morning is adequate for you, and waking up at six (6) is more than enough. Your meditation, clean yourself. and proper work. Getting to the positions of planning a few moments before you go to bed what you are going to do and your discussions with Isis what you plan. You should not allow her to tell you what you should do. You should be the one to be showing her your plans. If she has any corrective measurements, then you obviously correct them, but as far as the entity to go down, not you but her, to take hammer in the hand and correct and do what has to be done is a misuse of the energy and abuse of your energies. This plan if followed and taken into perspective, will give you the incentive and the spirit to learn and do what you would have to he done.

MK: Thank you very much.

THE CHANNELLORS: We would answer the questions on the phone if it needs to be.

RU: The question is from the entity JU. Why am I not breaking out of the pattern that I am going through now, and could you give me guidance to break out of this?

THE CHANNELLORS: The desires and imaginations are not stopped at the very beginning, the entity falls into the imaginary skills, and the loathsome desires that are decadent unto the entity. It is rather that he should break away from these imaginations that are so destructive and
so decadent in creating what you call, what would be called disharmony in the physical body. It is also an attitude of selfishness, of not being loved and wanting to be loved and not the ability to give out in the measurement that the entity asks in return. It is this simple and yet as complicated. The entity shall only break out of this cycle when he stops analyzing with his logical mind all the things that he wants and desires for himself. Rather, to always give and never ask to receive again in return and never to analyze these poor conditions of all the things that have not been done to him. This is one (1) percent. The second percent is when his energy raises up and becomes a little more powerful than norm, he should use It in hard and direct work in expressing the work in physical craftsmanship in developing his craftsmanship and not just meandering around the craftsmanship. When the energy is there, not to look for ways of escapism but to consecrate and concentrate his thoughts on one (1) particular item, rather than wandering around away from his commitment or responsibilities.

RU: Thank you very much.


ISIS: Until Sarah’s death, did Abraham have any other children besides Isaac and Ishmael?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would believe he had a few.

ISIS: They were from Sarah or from other…

THE CHANNELLORS: There is a question whether they were from Sarah or from other maidens.

ISIS: Did Sarah also have any other daughters besides Isaac?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would he a complicated question to answer, but we would have to say no.

ISIS: So actually, Isaac was her only child?

THE CHANNELLORS: At this point in time, true.

ISIS: What happened to Abraham’s children by Keturah?
What happened to Keturah and to the other concubines?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find that there was an internal
unrest and more of a destruction that followed.

ISIS: Are there remnants of these children in other lands?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find them in Mongolia.

ISIS: Mongolia. You mean the Keturah aspect are the Mongols today?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find a certain percentage in this particular land.

ISIS: Any good ones?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find that is what we speak about as a line coming from Mongolia to Tibet to India, through India to Iran, through Iran to Israel.

ISIS: I see. So this is a good line, then.


ISIS: Thank you. Were Isaac and Ishmael good friends?


ISIS: How come that Sarah was barren, and then Rebekah was barren, and then also Rachel, why were all those females barren?

THE CHANNELLORS: For the females had to go through spiritual progresses before they could bring the souls into the earth.

ISIS: So that means they were spiritually evolved to a point but not evolved enough?

THE CHANNELLORS: Until they could have a child.

ISIS: Was the Ahimelech of Isaac the same as the one with Abraham, as Abram?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would say there would be some similarities.

ISIS: But it’s not the same person

THE CHANNELLORS: It is a toss-up.

ISIS: Well, if it’s not the same person, that means there was a dynasty of like…


ISIS: I see. What happened to that dynasty?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would be found in the military operations of today.

ISIS: What was it at that time that both Abraham and Isaac feared to call their wives their own?

THE CHANNELLORS: It was more of a desire on a physical level for comfortability and material gain.

ISIS: It wasn’t by any chance they…like they truly for (?)?


ISIS: So far everything has been happening – sex between father and daughter, brother and sister, etc. There were no ten commandments as of yet. So why did Abimelech think that Rebekah must be Isaac’s wife instead of sister, and why were they afraid of only this family it seems?

THE CHANNELLORS: Because there were laws in that time that gave them the way to control and work with themselves in other nations spiritually progressed.

ISIS:I see. Tenets from Atlantis or from Egypt?


ISIS: Were those spiritual laws?


ISIS: Thank you, The blessing of Isaac to Jacob came from you. Then would it have really mattered if Rebekah received Isaac or not? Wasn’t Isaac actually in a trance?

THE CHANNELLORS: It is more of a quality within the human body that had to he exemplified and expressed.

ISIS: But…

THE CHANNELLORS: The desires being fooled by the spirit.

ISIS: Oh, I see. So Rebekah expressed the spirit.


ISIS: Oh, I see. Giving her power on a physical level for the physical world.


ISIS: Did Isaac have other sons at the time of Rebekah, or with Rebekah?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would say a few.

ISIS: A few sons with Rebekah?


ISIS: Besides Jacob and Esau?


ISIS: What is their line?

THE CHANNELLORS: Their line was distant.

ISIS: It’s not as important to..


ISIS: And daughters, too?


ISIS: It was on purpose by you that Jacob married Leah, correct?


ISIS: With all these women fighting over him and him running from one to another and who knows how many concubines, when did he have time for God and did he have a big male ego?


ISIS: Was that why he had to fight the angel?

THE CHANNELLORS: Indirect and direct yes. More to exemplify there are sometimes personalities we do not understand that they manifest to exemplify the spirit world and the culmination of battle that goes on and the finalization of such. Jacob should have found more time for God, but he found also more time for his desires. God seem to have been involved with other matters in his life, but when it all came down to the bottom level, they came last and his God came first,

ISIS: And that’s really the main thing.


ISIS: How did Jacob manage to change the coloring of the livestock with speckles and rings? I asked already once, but I didn’t understand the answer.

THE CHANNELLORS: By placing certain colorations before their eyes, by fixing the thought pattern to the chromosome makeup in which brought out that particular gene to be dominant, or as we would consider, the forcing of the animal to think the color.

ISIS: Then it could be done today, too?

THE CHANNELLORS: There should be no reason.

ISIS: It’s nothing like magic or anything like that?

THE CHANNELLORS: It was magical when it happened.

ISIS: I guess it would be magical…. Thank you. What kind of angel was Jacob wrestling with?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would consider it to be Metatron.

ISIS: Do you mean to say Metatron couldn’t conquer Jacob?

THE CHANNELLORS: It was the ability to allow the so-called encounter. It was meant for the angel to give the name
to Jacob, but Jacob had to go through a certain test within himself.

ISIS: What was that test?

THE CHANNELLORS: Ego and his pride.

ISIS: Towards his God.


ISIS: Could we have that physical thing that caused that test? What was it on a physical level that was that test?

THE CHANNELLORS: Him doing the things his way.

ISIS: Who told him not to do that way?


ISIS: So it was himself with himself then?


ISIS: But you already knew that he was going to win.

THE CHANNELLORS: Over himself.

ISIS: Yes. Thank you. Is it because Jacob cheated Esau not Laban cheated Jacob? Or is it because that Jacob cheated Esau that Laban cheated Jacob?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find something decent about that.

ISIS: It is like immediate, quick karma.


ISIS: Were the sons of Esau actually dukes in today’s sense of the word? By whom and where were this type first established?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would say correct. The duke, I think, would be considered in England.

ISIS: In England. But then what kind of dukes were they the sons of Esau?

THE CHANNELLORS: They were more of property ownership too.

ISIS: I see. Thank you. In Chapter 37 of Genesis are the Midianites and the Ishmaelites the same?


ISIS: Are the Midianites and the Ishmaelites the same people in Chapter 37 of Genesis?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find that they came from the same heritage.

ISIS: A desert people.


Isis- Thank you

Channellors- One being taller, the other being more beastly.

ISIS: uBeastly? Then who were the Midianites?

THE CHANNELLORS: The taller ones.

ISIS: And Moses married one of them.


BEAURA: In Proverbs it says “He that blesses his friends with a loud voice rising early in the morning, it shall be counted as a curse.” What does it mean “rising early in the morning’?

THE CHANNELLORS: That he who is always wondering and concerned that his friends hear him say how good they are.

BEAURA: I see. And that means if, when your first thoughts when you wake up, it should always…

THE CHANNELLORS: If you go after your Friends, you get reward with friends.

BEAURA: Thank you. That means in one sense, too, also the first thoughts arising should be of God and…


BEAURA: Thank you. Yesterday…

THE CHANNELLORS: Dedicating the thoughts first to God.

BEAURA: So whatever thoughts you have of another person should go directly to God.

THE CHANNELLORS: The thoughts you have of God should go to God.

BEAURA: True. (Laughter) Thank you. Yesterday in the session you said the ark was in hiding, is it on the earth that it’s hiding, or in another dimension…

THE CHANNELLORS: Could be considered the elements of the earth.

BEAURA: It’s within…is it still together?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would consider such.

BEAURA: Could you say where it might be found?

THE CHANNELLORS: Be in the earth.

BEAURA: Thank you.

THE CHANNELLORS: It would be found in two (2) or three (3),
places in parts, Mount Carmel Mount Horeb, and Mount Sinai.

BEAURA: Thank you.

THE CHANNELLORS: In Mount Carmel you would find it at the northwest sector. We would say about 300 (three hundred) degrees or 300 (three hundred) feet up on the northwest sector. Mount Horeb it would be at the southern slope about 400ft. (four hundred) feet up on the ledge within the cave, And Mount Sinai near the top northeast sector about five (5) to seven (7) to ten (10) feet down.

ISIS: You mean there are actually three arks?


ISIS: The ark itself is in three pieces?

THE CHANNELLORS: What would be considered such.

DAVID: Was it made in three pieces?

BEAURA: Thank you. What happened that the ark is in three pieces?

THE CHANNELLORS: Division of the people.

BEAURA: Thank you. After Adam was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, he went to a mountain. Was this mountain on the earth?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find it in Ethiopia.

BEAURA: Thank you.

DAVID: What did Jesus mean when he said to Mary “Behold thy son” and to John “Behold thy mother” on a spiritual level?

THE CHANNELLORS: It means the unifying of humanity.

DAVID: Would the three apostles who made it – one symbolizes the spiritual would be Tom and the one who symbolizes the mental would be John and the physical Philip?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us say the spirit is through John, the mental is through Thomas, and the physical is through Philip.

DAVID: In Chapter 5 of Genesis…

THE CHANNELLORS: And let us say all three (3) made it on other levels, too.

DAVID:- Oh really, on the highest level, though. Tom wasn’t really considered an apostle, was he?


DAVID: On a higher level Thomas wasn’t really an apostle, was he?

THE CHANNELLORS: He was a teacher.

DAVID: He was a master in his own right?


DAVID: So he wouldn’t he considered along with John and

THE CHANNELLORS: They were teachers, too.

DAVID: In Chapter 5 of Genesis, the Book of the generations of Adam and the day that God created man, are we in the fifth day of creation?


DAVID: So the book of the generations of Adam hasn’t really happened yet?
THE CHANNELLORS: There are a lot of things haven’t even taken place yet.

DAVID: So that’s like prophecy for the whole future the sixth day?

DAVID: And each one of those people was a prophet, would that be in future times?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would be taken such.

DAVID: Why did Lamech live 777 years?

THE CHANNELLORS: He ate yogurt.

DAVID: What does that number mean?

THE CHANNELLORS: It means that it’s before 778 (seven hundred seventy-eight) and after 776 (seven hundred seventy-six). Perfect soul on every level.

DAVID: The two witnesses in Revelation, is this going to happen towards the year 2000 that there’s really going to be two witnesses like two prophets, and they’re going to go to the cities and be killed and resurrected?

THE CHANNELLORS: Two (2) thoughts of ideas that would be destroyed. Question.

DAVID: When John saw the New Jerusalem, it was said before he was on top of the Great Pyramid, what does that represent?

THE CHANNELLORS: He was high off the ground.

ISIS: What are those two thoughts that would he destroyed?

THE CHANNELLORS: That would be kindness and love and compassion and patience.

DAVID: So it is two, it is two people then on the physical level there will be two entities?

THE CHANNELLORS: Two (2) countries.

DAVID: What two countries is that?

THE CHANNELLORS: Cannot be given.

ISIS: Will this happen in our time?


DAVID: Was the dream I had about a lifetime I had in the
Revolution correct?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find it near to same.

DAVID: It wasn’t exactly, it wasn’t that same entity?

THE CHANNELLORS: Near to same.

DAVID: Who was it then?

THE CHANNELLORS: Last night, yes; this morning, no. You would find yourself a gunsmith taker-upper. You took the guns of the Revolutionary soldiers, and you took um upper, cleaned them and polished them and worked with them and gave it back to them. Your name was Simeon, Simeon Bonarts (pronounced BON’ARZT) or better yet Simeon Barnet (pronounced BAR- NET’).

DAVID: I had this dream, what did the dream mean then?

THE CHANNELLORS: You were the servant for this particular person.

DAVID: Oh, I see. Tom told us the other day that I was a glassblower and a sculptor. What time, what period was that in?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find it during the period of this sector.

DAVID: Of the what?

THE CHANNELLORS: During the same sector.

DAVID: The same lifetime?


DAVID: So that person was a sculptor, too, in marble?


DAVID: And the glassblower?


DAVID: Thank you very much.

RU: For the entity RH: On February 7th I fell into a deep sleep and seemed to astral travel. I was in the children’s room and it was daylight, and I saw a giant Menorah, and a voice told me how it could be taken apart into two sections and explained its meaning. Then it went back together, and I experienced the finding out of a great revelation. Upon awakening, I couldn’t remember it. What does it mean?

THE CHANNELLORS: Means that the entity must now produce work and express this particular work on a conscious level, and then the Menorah will come into fulfillment and reveal itself to her.

RU: Thank you. When Jesus was on the earth, was I physically near him?


RU: Could anything be given in regard to that lifetime?

THE CHANNELLORS: More like the woman or the young lady who went to the same Essene school.

RU: Thank you.


HI: As we have the Christ-consciousness of Jesus, what do the people in Middle Earth have? What’s their Christ-consciousness?

THE CHANNELLORS: Of the same origin.

HI: Did Jesus travel to Middle Earth also?


HI: Thank you. Do they also have space travel and spaceships?


HI: Is it the same concept, as we perceive it?


HI: Thank you. Is their technology comparable to ours, too?


HI: Is it then…is it somewhat like Tolkien described in his books?

THE CHANNELLORS: Near to same.

HI: Thank you. Are their life spans like ours?

THE CHANNELLORS: Shorter and longer.

HI: Does that depend on the races?


HI: Thank you. Do they also have the perception of the outside earth as of ours?

THE CHANNELLORS: Some do who are called teachers. Others do not.

HI: Thank you.

ISIS: When Jesus traveled to what is called to get the keys out of hell, did he travel to an actual, physical place?


ISIS: Is that what they consider Middle Earth?


ISIS: Why didn’t want, Onan to give his seed to Tamar?

THE CHANNELLORS: It was more of the inability to be ready to express giving.

ISIS: Why didn’t Judah want Tamar after the first child?

THE CHANNELLORS: The responsibility of the spirit changing process within the individual.

ISIS: So he was the seed for the Christ. And yet he was not that much.


ISIS: Did Joseph’s brothers ever tell Jacob that they sold him?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find that that particular entity of the previous question had his down points, but he made up for it when he came to his upper points. The brothers? No.

ISIS: What did Martha do after she saw Lazarus resurrected? What happened to her?

THE CHANNELLORS: She was disgusted.

ISIS: She was not humble?


ISIS: Did she try and find a logical reason why it happened?

THE CHANNELLORS: She turned it out of her mind.

ISIS: What happened to that soul then?

THE CHANNELLORS: Lost a lot of progress.

ISIS: Is she back on the earth?

THE CHANNELLORS: She had come back many times.

ISIS: Will she ever believe”

THE CHANNELLORS: In time. Question.

MK: Are Moses, Elijah, and Jesus the angel Metatron?

THE CHANNELLORS: No. We here now will take this opportunity to say that all answers must come, and in time they must be applied. Strive to do the best you possibly can. We shall speak to you later on in the evening. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…

SESSION 151 part 2 March 10, 1978

Greetings to all here present now. We have been busy doing certain forces of work in order to prepare for the months ahead. We are striving to build those requirements that are needed in manifesting certain structural systems in the physical level. These Items will bring about certain harmonious relationships with other countries. Striving to keep thought in order and in harmony to be the main factor. We are now ready for your questions.

DAVID: Is the entity Daniel and the entity John the same entity?

ThE CHANNELLORS: We find them not.

DAVID: Could you give me a lifetime and tell me something about the lifetime I had during the time of Jesus?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would like to know how you assume you were in that particular lifetime.

DAVID: I had a dream about it that I helped James and Peter at the crucifixion.

THE CHANNELLORS: Certainly you were in that particular lifetime during the stage in which Jesus had made many missionary and expressive works in the earth. You were one of those members who received and heard the word and listened to it more properly and spread it around to those around where you were. That in which you took care of nets and string or that of selling goods, deriving your help from the land and also giving to relatives and friends in the community in which you lived. Striving the important message in which the Master did speak on, you did bring it into fruitation by sharing it with all those that you met and became aware in conscious form of the great privilege and honor that you had shared in the learning and growing with wisdom and understanding through this particular man.

DAVID: Did I meet him personally, talk to him?


DAVID: Thank you.

RU: For the entity Dr. SV: Four years ago my daughter had her left breast removed for cancer. Will it re-occur, and it has been advised that she should attempt a pregnancy, should she do that?

THE CHANNELLORS: Repeat the question.

RU: For Dr. SV: Four years ago my daughter had her left breast removed for cancer. Will it re-occur, and she has been advised to attempt a pregnancy, should she do that?

THE CHANNELLORS: We find the entity as he speaks of in proper and fit health, but we would find the ability to share and to give the flowing sweetness of her feminine qualities sometimes stifling and shut. In such a condition, this would cause some cancerous reaction that would be in quote/unquote passing stages. In the large percentage of cancerous growth in the breast, they are found to be passing stages in the feminine development of receptivity and expressing from the spirit world that and flowing it into the physical world. When there is a structural blockage between the spirit world of receptivity and the expression of such of the unseen into the seen, it would cause and create cancerous growth cells within the lymphatic system structure around the breasts (?). In such conditions, this would be best suited as a calm atmosphere, produce with that of the inkling of that peace and (?) what would be considered security from the physical half or the male physical half of the marriage. In re-assuring and in strengthening the moral factor and fibers running throughout the system. We also would find that a solution of castor oil and parts of olive oil and sunflower seed oil would and could be aligned within the area with that of a pressed heat system creating a blockage let-up in the area. Soaking it in this solution could and should alleviate what would be considered cancerous cells. Certain types of food and intake could also be taken. That is, certain herbal remedies or qualities mixed together in a fine solution. Water is also a remedy in which warm, luke-tempered water mixed with a solution of olive oil and 3 (three) parts of salt in a warm embodiment, and the message in brisk rubbing down in a circular movement from top to bottom in a circular movement on the right side down to the left side. This is a system that can work during and through the pregnancy stage. If the individual stays receptive to her spiritual faculties, if she gives out what is being received during the most blessed moment of pregnancy, if she en-tiles, entails herself to that of being a channel, and her masculine side being subdued allowing the feminine side to be more expressive, there should be no serious, critical conditions manifested with proper diet of fresh vegetables minus the spinach, minus that of potatoes (the skins of potatoes would do), then the entity should have a normal, flowing vehicle. In short, there should be no basic problem, only from what said entity would create out of selfishness and lack of giving.

ISIS: What is in that solution… in the first herbal solution, what are the herbs?

THE CHANNELLORS: The herbs that would be beneficial: one (1) part of lobelia, two (2) what would be considered Chamomile, hops, bloodroot, and golden seal . Each in a fine mixture of three (3) teaspoons for some of the first three (3) parts mentioned, three (3) teaspoons of the last parts, more to two (2) teaspoons of the last part. Of the lobelia, we
would say two (2) pinches of said herb.

RU: So it’s two pinches of lobelia, three teaspoons of
Chamomi1e, three teaspoons of hops, three teaspoons of
bloodroot, and two teaspoons of golden seal?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would find the last two (2) have two (2)

RU: That’s two bloodroot and two golden seal?

THE CHANNELLORS: This should be a tea drank preferably in the evening before retiring and in the mid afternoon.

RU: Thank you. Now the ointment.. .the oil that you gave for a massage, that should be massaged both on the remaining breast and the area where the breast that was removed?

THE CHANNELLORS: It should be massaged on the remaining breast and around the area of the same item, but in short, it should also be massaged on the base of the neck and shoulders where much of the tension that leads to this area congregate.

RU: Thank you very much.

ISIS: How often should that he?

THE CHANNELLORS: As often as would be pleasing to the entity three (3) times a day to five (5) times a day.

RU: For the entity GL: Is there any guidance for me at this time particularly anything for health?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would suggest that you strive to allow
God-consciousness to enter within your difficult plans.
You must release all sorts of possessions on a mental level
and to strive for a spiritual take-over in your development.

RU: Thank you. When are we all leaving New York for good?

THE CHANNELLORS: When you all are doing what is necessary for good.

RU: Are aluminum pots bad to cook in and what is the effect on our house?

THE CHANNELLORS: Aluminum pots would not he beneficial If you have the money to buy other pots, then we would suggest a certain amount of cast-iron pots along with that of stainless steel pots with a coating more or less the enamel pots without chipping, but for the best type of cooking comes with the attitude of the cooker.

RU: Thank you very much. For the entity JU: What happened on the spiritual and physical level to the moon on June 18, 1178?

THE CHANNELLORS: Is the date 1178?

RU: Yes, the year 1178.

THE CHANNELLORS: We would consider that a transversal of the pattern and a forethought of a new consciousness in you.

RU: Thank you, Who was Blaise and what was his relation to Merlin?

THE CHANNELLORS: We would say that he was an interesting personality of the mountains who had the knowledge and forethought to communicate with other elements around, but consider a relationship of a distant nature with Merlin.

RU: Thank you.

ISIS: What kind of new stage on that date 1178?


ISIS: What’s the new thing that’s taking over in 1178?

THE CHANNELLORS: This was a time of discovery and revelations of physical items.

ISIS: For certain people?

THE CHANNELLORS: For the world consciousness.

ISIS: Is it manifested already?

THE CHANNELLORS: There are certain continents that have been discovered by this changing of the moon.

ISIS: Discovered?


ISIS: Where?

THE CHANNELLORS: What year are we speaking about?

RU: 1178.

THE CHANNELLORS: And then follow through the discoveries from that point on.

ISIS: Oh, I see. I’m sorry. Thank you.

RU: Could an understanding of Merlin’s imprisonment in a rock he given? What really happened and is it related to the forces asleep on the island of Britain?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us say it was the imprisonment of the spirit for those who do not want to listen. When the spirit is turned off and not received, then it is put into a state of epiletic process and sent into a rock to test, cataclitic atmosphere of test state.

RU: And is that related to the forces that were mentioned as being asleep on the island of Britain? That’s why the entity Tom couldn’t go there till a certain moment?

THE CHANNELLORS: This would be electric field throughout the island of Britain.

RU: Thank you. What was it that drew all the knights and kings to Arthur, and what is there that has drawn so much power, so much power and events to the island of Britain throughout history?

THE CHANNELLORS: Eliptic field that surrounds the island for the psychic and spiritual revelations to the world.

ISIS: Then was Merlin indeed imprisoned in a rock?

THE CHANNELLORS: A state of a rock.

ISIS: Thank you.

RU: And is all this related to Atlantis and the Atlanteans?


RU: Thank you.

HI: The entity Jacob asked if you could give him some guidance on how he is proceeding with the electrical works?

THE CHANNELLORS: The entity is doing a fair share in developing the electrical system, but with a little bit of open-mindedness to future planning, he can come up with new ideas and systems without being asked for such qualities. Foresight and foreknowledge would be his for the asking if only the receptive quality is given to he received. In short, he is doing a fairly good job in the skeletar system for the electrical p1anning.

HI: Thank you very much. Also, how do people in Schuyler feel about us staying, living here?

THE CHANNELLORS: There’s a mixed feeling, but it is a feeling of pride.

HI: Is that also the reason why no one has visited us?

THE CHANNELLORS: We will answer the phone at this moment. It is more like a system in which they do not want to make a bad impression.

HI: I see. Thank you. Could you also tell me how JH is doing?

THE CHANNELLORS: In all reality, a stronger personality will be developed through it, not that bad.

HI: Thank you.

MK: We know two of the lifetimes of Elijah — as Elijah and John the Baptist — can the other be given?

THE CHANNELLORS: With the question that’s still on the phone, we can answer it now.

(RU answering phone: Hello. Yes. Oh. All right. (inaudible parts of phone conversation)

THE CHANNELLORS: It would he needed for some help in certain perspectives to this particular entity.

HI: Are you referring to Johnny?

THE CHANNELLORS: Let us say the consciousness of both,

HI: Is there anything that I could help him with?

THE CHANNELLORS: In the deliverance of picking up the entity,

ISIS: Why are we all having so much car trouble?

THE CHANNELLORS: Poor planning and poor workmanship of preparations for the road.

ISIS: But yet every car we own?

THE CHANNELLORS: Must have certain proper maintenance. (End of tape) Question.

RU: Is there something that we should call him back and tell him to try and go back to Virginia Beach or he mentioned if we wanted to come and pick him up, or what would be the best thing?

THE CHANNELLORS: Best plan is to get the vehicle together or a vehicle together and proper maintenance before traveling on the road. Question.

RU: Thank you very much. So I should tell him to return to Virginia Beach?

THE CHANNELLORS: This is a decision the group would have to make. Question.

MK: It has been given before that Elijah had three lifetimes of which we know two – John the Baptist and Elijah. Can the other he given?


MK: Thank you. The symbol of a dead man in a dream that people, others in the dream would think he’s dead and I know he’s alive, and I seem to be the only one, and it recurs…keeps recurring.


MK: The symbol of a dead man in a dream that other people in the dream think he’s dead, but I always seem to know that he’s alive. What does this symbol mean? It keeps recurring.

THE CHANNELLORS: The entity must face certain qualities within that think they are not there, but in reality, they are still there, still not rooted out of same.

MK: Thank you.

ISIS: With JE and JE’s work, what can be given to help him out?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would he a stage of evolution in which a positive or a more harmonious progression could be done, rather than impatience, JE should become tolerant and patient of the individual . If through the patience and tolerance system of working with the individual in such a way of creating in a harmonious way a relationship of cooperation, if this still is not adequate, then a lateral transfer to another sector would be advisable. If this is not in the keeping or not possible then the what would be considered, resignation, and we will put the entity into another particular bank in this area,

ISIS: If that should happen, is that the point where everybody starts coming down?

THE CHANNELLORS: It would not he well to have everyone come down but would be the starting point of having everyone come down.

ISIS: Thank you, Now, I once had a dream about me being in the desert and the other forces were outside surrounding us and me talking to the girl or the enemy, and yet nothing was accomplished. It’s like I tried to go out and help, tried to help her out to get away from black force enemies, and yet there was no way that it could have been done, and we just kept getting more and more bombarded in that house that we were in the middle of the desert. I think the last part was that the enemy was taking over. This dream took place a few years ago.

THE CHANNELLORS: It is more on a worldly level interpretation in which refusing to try and help the certain worldly aspects of the mind out and not accomplishing it leaves a deep feeling of failure.

ISIS: Why couldn’t it he accomplished?

THE CHANNELLORS:Not being receptive to the qualities at hand.

ISIS: Thank you. What is the meaning of the word raca that Jesus spoke about? RACA (Isis spells it.)

THE CHANNELLORS: In what particular area did he refer this?

ISIS: He said “if any man call another man raca”. He was bringing it forth as some sort of bad word.

THE CHANNELLORS: In this particular area where he said that particular name many ways in many of his talks. It would be considered the name “fool” or “stupid”, but in one respect it’s deeper than fool; it is degrading the Holy Spirit.

ISIS: Is this a Hebrew word or an Aramaic?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would find it in Aramaic.

ISIS: Thank you. People that entered this, area, earth our time warp from other galaxies or times, are they consciously aware that this happened to them — those that have to stay. I don’t mean visitors in spaceships, but people that were thrown in?


ISIS: And do they remember the other place…


ISIS: . . .they came from? They do?


ISIS: If so, how would they he recognized and why not one of them came forward?

THE CHANNELLORS: Because of responsibility to the commitment of coming down. It is more of an erasing of that thought for a period of time. They know, but yet they do not know, and the sign of them is that the pinky is longer than the rest of the fingers

ISIS: But then, they don’t really know.

THE CHANNELLORS: They know. Question.

ISIS: Okay. If so, do they come in, are some of them children in orphanages?


ISIS: Do most of them come in as children?

THE CHANNELLORS: A large percentage.

ISIS: They come in to fulfill a mission?


ISIS: Are they from other times, galaxies?


ISIS: The stars that are seen in the fourth dimension, are they planets or what, and in what dimension are they in?

THE CHANNELLORS: The stars are not the same as the stars in this dimension. They are like unto heat force furnaces. Question.

ISIS: You mean to say they are like what we have in the Bible like an example of the sun of the morning star?


ISIS: So they are forces, rather than lights?


ISIS: Thank you.

Isis: So there is communication between those stars, correct?


ISIS: Now are any of those children that were, those orphans, have any of them come to he known as famous people in history any time?


ISIS: Moses. Yet he doesn’t have now a longer pinky.

THE CHANNELLORS: You couldn’t find him to find that he has one,

ISIS: I couldn’t find those people?

THE CHANNELLORS: You would not be able to.

ISIS: You mean the longer pinky is in another dimension?

THE CHANNELLORS: Sometimes the pinky can bring itself back.

ISIS: Anybody else?


ISIS: Was he a positive force?

THE CHANNELLORS: He could have been.

ISIS: So was Hitler – wasn’t he Hitler?

THE CHANNELLORS: It was Hitler in the negative fashion,
gone astray.

The Channellors: Queen Elizabeth.

ISIS: Is she on the earth today?


ISIS: Also, that first lifetime they come in, wasn’t
though Moses born to an earthly mother and father?


ISIS: But I mean those that were, came in like if somebody here disappears with an airplane, he ends up in another dimension, something like that.

THE CHANNELLORS: So also with Moses.

ISIS: You mean the soul took over, a different soul took over the body?

THE CHANNELLORS: A higher vibration.

ISIS: So a boy was born, and then souls were switched?


ISIS: But are there any entities that come in complete entities in a physical sense?


ISIS: Any of them that is famous?


ISIS: Thank you. What is the meaning of the following Tarot cards: the High Priestess, should I continue?

THE CHANNELLORS: This represents the quality within those who are on the path of enlightenment and the certain qualities of judgment and wisdom mixed within the book of learning and the structure and understanding of that power in all that they do. Within the qualities of the females who utilize the spiritual powers adequately. We shall return again during this weekend and must leave this moment. Greetings to all here present now.

THE GROUP: Our Father who art in the Heavens…