Session 655-8/15/03

Forces: Greetings to all here present now, we are in the area along with a dozen others and find the influx of travel for the visitors to be extensive. We have noted the energy breakdown and grid to be a flux of diverted force field to the east coast. We also find that this energy grid had been experiencing such a channel of direction they have to simultaneously use sectors within the great falls of Niagara because of its water agents along with that area of Montauk Point. The tremendous sector of energy was taken and then sucked out of the states and moved to these points for their time travel experiment. There was two types of experiments that happened that created the impact of the vortex to snap. The one experiment was projecting to the (year) three thousand and sixty [3060]. The other was a drop-off to the year two thousand and twenty-five [2025]. Each one was a catalyst for the other. There was also a revisiting into the past to that of King David to receive information directly from him for that of the continuation of life that only through research he had. There was a simultaneous transmission of past, present and future that had been accomplished – snapping the energy in half. This of course was done without the know-how or the merit of them – hundreds of people who were put into darkness. Again, the amount of information to be learned was quite awesome, but at the expense of hundreds to thousands and millions of people without lights and electricity. An interesting footnote with this particular experience: it put into several different categories of tests. One: A test of the people. Two: The test of the system. And, Three: The test of the future planning expeditions. The people, of course, had passed it with flying colors. They had just calmly and also strongly dealt with the situation without reaction. They simply put one foot in front of the other and got through it. This is looking at it very remarkable. It is not easy to get so many people on such a hot day to do anything, let along to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We have to say there was a lot of order and caring for one another; regardless for how strange that might sound – the spiritual component was very, very high. In fact if you would do a research on that particular night, the crime level was even down. This too is a very strange effect, another test of humanity and its comfortability of what would be considered peaceful coexistence. We would find that there was a strange phenomenon that manifest in the air and that is very strongly; strangers became to help one another. We also find that this migrated also into Canada. The other aspect, which we speak about, is that the police and all its officials was ready to experience an emergency. They were testing the police force at a strange, strong hold. Testing to see if that force can be sent out into the streets in tremendous unison. There were those areas up in New York State and that of New York area that just could not do it. But, we find in the same tone and voice that the gasoline pumping and the food cooking and the taking care and the watching, was all orchestrated and the reason why they were able to go along with such a very productive item was the Y2k (and 9/11) that the training of this prepared them for this day. That people were not freaking out but more like tuning in. We also find that the rest of the world looked in horror, thinking this might be a terrorist reaction and waiting for the next assault or craze. Of course there were those interested in this to know that a tremendous amount of energy focus has been left in the room through the many different moments of prayer and services. So, we speak now of all these details for the first time. We don’t (——-) talk to you openly about it because there are other things that you will be receiving and therefore it would be yours for the taking. Now we find that in such a development, those who were involved or caught in these dilemmas had to experience a historic event one more time. That is working together and hearing this aspect. It is not an interesting item to be able to leave behind a predicament and then get into another area. So we are now ready to understand that through this vortex changing, a tremendous power and influence has come in through the service of the entity. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. I want to thank you for the mammogram that came up perfectly, exactly the way you said it would. And I thank you for that.

Forces: Well of course we oversaw the results, which gave you a calming experience when you thought the bottom was to drop out.

IS: Yes, I did think that. That’s because I’m still not understanding what is wrong with me. So, I thought it was that.

Forces: Remember, the cycle with the vortex open to the other side does leave psychics and seers and also very sensitive’s kind of in a twilight zone of exhaustion and tiredness. Therefore, its not particularly coming from you, but because the vortex door is open.

IS: Does the semi-dreams and feelings that I had the last month have anything to do with what has happened?

Forces: There is a tremendous results from that into this blackness of power-surge energy stoppage, yes.

IS: Thank you. You said they went into the future to drop off something or someone at 2025. What is that?

Forces: It is another area in which the earth will be at a critical mass of conflict and trying to avoid total annihilation or what would be called anarchy.

IS: 2025?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is not 2011 when you are going to come in?

Forces: 2011, yes. But it will continue and there is tremendous amount of work to continue – even through and up to 2025.

IS: Who created this experiment and who knew about it?

Forces: Of course the normal institutional World Order aspects, but also those above the World Order that have their own agenda. Of course our own understanding of this is labeled and recorded. And of course your government as it is said those who are the builders and shakers of this mass event.

IS: So Bush knew?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And when you say above the World Order, who are you speaking of?

Forces: Those who are involved in the situation.

IS: Who is above the World Order?

Forces: When we say above, it’s those who are the orchestrators of it.

IS: Okay. Is this the families?

Forces: You would constitute that to be true.

IS: How many families are involved in this?

Forces: We have over 7 to 10.

IS: Is that the 7 to 10 kings that the Book of Revelation speaks of?

Forces: It does.

IS: Will they ever come into the open?

Forces: They would have to.

IS: When?

Forces: In 2016. At 2011, it will be manifest.

IS: And the thing that was dropped off, is it a thing or is it a person, or is it?

Forces: It is more like a capsule of fragmented implantations to orchestrate a reaction that would be happening at that time.

IS: And the thirty-sixty, 3060?

Forces: That is a critical time for the continuation of humanity.

IS: In JMM book, he’s talking about at a certain point there will be no longer a Jewish religion. Is that true?

Forces: It would be formulized as such a strong concept. But of course we have to say there would be many difficult changes and more affinity to the Traditional Jewish religion in the beginning. So technically, it’s a interesting truth. But, the truth is it will become more of what it was in the beginning of time.

IS: In the time of Abraham?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you. So, how close is JMM book to the truth?

Forces: Of course we find that there are many different truths in the book and there’s a lot of truth to be revealed through the book. But as far as the level of understanding of the truth, it is not as high as it should be.

IS: Thank you. And the King David, what is it that they are trying to find out from King David?

Forces: The extension of the gene pool and eternal youth.

IS: And why would he know that?

Forces: Because it was given to him at that time.

IS: So how come he didn’t have it? He didn’t use it or?

Forces: Again, he just had it. But, unless a lot of items – circumstances did not permit for it to be used.

IS: And how did they know, these families, that King David had that?

Forces: Because of a lineage pulsation that they have of gene research that will trace or trigger it to the very beginning of the information sector ridge.

IS: Thank you very much.

EH: In order for them to talk to King David, didn’t they have to revisit an explanation or a conversation that had already happened?

Forces: They would zero in on the conversation while it is happening.

EH: I see. Who was he talking to, King David talking to originally that they listened into?

Forces: To Samuel, the prophet.

IS: Psychically, then?

Forces: He was talking to him and receiving.

IS: When he was a child?

Forces: Yes.

EH: So King David received it and spoke to Samuel?

Forces: Or visa versa.

EH: Okay. And these people went and just listened in on the?

Forces: At the anointing, yes.

IS: So the anointing is that regeneration?

Forces: That is when it was revealed to King David.

EH: The secret, the formula.

Forces: Yes.

IS: King David had the formula for building of the Temple. He drew it out, everything. Is that the same kind of a thing?

Forces: Let us say it was received, yes.

IS: Thank you.

EH: Was that meaning the physical body or the temple.

Forces: The temple itself that we speak on. It would reflect to the body anyhow.

EH: Thank you.

NN: Thank you for all the help that you’ve given me at work. What is the beginning of human DNA and when did that first?

Forces: The old saying is the more you are of assistance to the one we speak through, the more we assist you.

NN: Thank you very much.

Forces: What was your question, we were too busy answering you.

NN: Thank you. What is the beginning of human DNA and how does that tie in with the pyramids and also what you were speaking of tonight with the gene, but the secrets of the ?

Forces: Now, lets say, give us a question; you’ve given us six.

NN: Okay. Where does human DNA, what is the very beginning point of that?

Forces. Now your answer you gave is in the question, where is the beginning of DNA