Session 620-5/31/98

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in this area and find that lots of mountain of work has been accomplished. In seeing the different wars that are abound in the galaxies beyond the Earth, we find the interesting effect of a galactical attack and invasion of the stellite frontier. In all these years we have prepared you for the moment. It is with this event that those who have been here thousands of years ago are now back. We have watched them and in their futile attempt they have entered the areas of your Earth. What is, what has been, what will be, are all the questions that needs to be addressed. In so doing, we find that the addressing of the events of change on this Earth has come to be. We’ve watched the comings and goings and wars that have endured around your Earth. It is on this particular day we enter in to speak to you clearly and without any provocations of thought. Knowing that in so doing that many days have gone by in seeing and progressing to this moment. Yes, in all that is done there has been and will be the bridge and the destroyer. The attack has been ongoing in many different sections. This is the war ward, a D—-ship and the wayward a Dutch ship of the North has now entered into the space. The wayward Dutch ship is of a arc stellar constellation of M24. They have violated the space of travel and once again have been and is back from the visits of Moses time. They are now back. Strange as it might seem, the people of the Earth are being prepared for this news. There are crop circles being inscribed periodically in this West Coast for signs and delivery of the moment. Many crop circles have been recorded and noted in England, France, Holland, Netherlands. But strange as it is, none has been noted on your West Coast. Oh drastic moment; oh drastic time. This has been noted and erased from vision. There is a team that enters in and when the crop circles appear, immediately the radiation group of this country goes into action and calls it a radiation spill, blocking off the area from which it is found. Therefore, know that this point all radiation spills are not to cars colliding together but a crop circle that had landed on its backside. Knowing of all of these things, this cleanup campaign eradicates the signs of the time, the signals from the visitors, so those who see them are on special missions and scouts to eradicate them up and down the West Coast. We find that many times there are changes. Changes that are so drastic that by going through them you will never be the same. It is going through this Earth that we become more in-tuned to what we are, who we are, where we are. It is true that many things people tried to cover, but the major information of these circles have been camouflaged by this secret troupe called the C-S-T-R-G, the Crop Circle Radiation Group Training. So, it is their job, the Crop Circle Training Radiation Group, to eradicate all crop circles, potatoes and the like. What we would say is with this invasion, we will find that many different countries will mysteriously have atomic testing. We find as one, the biggest entry point in the countries of this Earth is found first in India, as promised. And then, what is known as Pakistan. People do not believe for one moment that India and Pakistan had detonated an atomic bomb. One has their technology to do this, more or less. It is a underground attack of these entry items of galactical war. They had been eradicated by the atomic fusions of five droppings in India, thereby traveling and escaping to Pakistan. In which so, do not be a bit surprised if Tibet explodes a nuclear bomb. And then we all will be crazy. For then this whole thing has been under attack in its own prime. The war, you will see, will continue. The weather changes have encountered. We have not been here in a long time. We have been encountered as busy. Many violations of the laws and entry points have been going on and even though we would love to lie in support and give information all this time, it just cannot be accomplished. Oh, happy faith. There are many items that are happening before our eyes. But we need to be aware of this invasion, that it will affect many countries. They will camouflage it as testing when in reality; it is a full confrontation for the World Order. We stand before our self and say, do I need this? Do I need a World Order? Do I need the priming of this? But in all reality, this is what controls these countries. Yes, we have not been here but we are visitors and this entry point is that of what we have said. One attack meets another attack. With two of these ships in the Earth, we too must become on a war alert. Meaning, the arsenal of equipment will be turned on and utilized by various different sundry people. Earth. We know that the scared moment of the now is challenged by the unknown problems of the fair and the bold and the hereafter. We would like to say we notice the energy field and we notice your thoughts and dreams. Of course, each step at this point will mean a struggle, a valuable lesson in itself. But each accomplishment must be had in a slow fashion. In a concise fashion. We have seen the traveling’s of the moon and stars. We have gone back from this solar system to the one beyond and to the one beyond that. They are all lined up in all different directions. The conflict goes on. But the saving grace of this conflict is simply repeating that force and centering yourself in that energy of blue. So when that need is come, you could call upon us to be there and support what has to be accomplished. We find ourselves with a certain amount of time. We will answer as many questions as we can and speak more to you about as many subjects as we can. It is not easy to move back and forth at this moment, but we are doing what we can in the moment. Question.

IS: Thank you very much for coming in. Um, should I open the house for tourism?

Forces: This is a question that the group would have to review, but with all the ins and outs of it, there’d be some moments you would not want to do it because of having them come through. It is one thing having it on paper, another thing having it really happen. It is something that we would say it can be done but remember, it is a conscience changing and one’s responsible for that of the moving and flow of this energy. But we find that it is to no problem in doing it.

IS: Thank you because I have to give an answer at the latest by tomorrow morning.

Forces: I hear you. Sounds like you have to. Question.

IS: Thank you. For JU: What should she do with ED?

Forces: We find that this soul is more or less off a path of social norms and also on the path of speaking from the others as far as information gathering and recycle of these particular, what would be considered, watches, as he moves. But, is good to alert the different standards and fields that he might develop in, in math and or science.

IS: Is he emotionally, uh, is there anything that can be given to emotionally make him a little bit more able to cope with his environment? Is he

Forces: There are many things that can be administered. We would say that it is best at times to leave a certain amount of it alone and have more in the doing of it.

IS: So, any kind of professional is not needed at this point like psychiatrist, psychology, any of that?

Forces: Either way, it could be done. But we find that as time goes on, his evolution of his childhood increases, so will his inner strength to it.

IS: Is he dangerous to other humans?

Forces: No.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: When Jesus says, “Whatever you ask in my name, I will give it.” What name is that?

Forces: There is a name that He has that He knows and it is to heal and bring to order all the chaos.

NN: Is it one of the names of God?

Forces: It is a name that is beyond form and shape and when if have, do not fool with it.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Is that name basically a feeling based in actions that a human does?

Forces: It could be applied to such. Question.

IS: Thank you.

MER: I want to thank you, most of all, for being with me at this time, and helping me through my healing process. Are the medications that my doctor is giving me, are those sufficient and are they correct? And, uh, is there anything dietary or supplementary that I should be taking in addition to the things I’m doing now?

Forces: Let us say this: That with the focusing of your meditations and of your spirit rejuvenation, and the prayers that is recited, this focusing and prayers and rejuvenation are more part of this, what would be considered, earned or healing for you. Every item that you say or do, it is like having a book. They see only what is good for the agenda.

MER: May I also…

Forces: We…

MER: I’m sorry.

Forces: Go, go, go on.

MER: May I also have an affirmation.

Forces: Yes. We notice that in these prayers and meditations, they will activate and help the cells become strong again. The entity that we work out of has been busy himself in the etheric level sewing up your holes and tearing’s. Affirmations are good, but we do say, believe in a miracle for such is your cure. But in so doing, you must trust the living God and put your faith in His hands. It’s not an easy moment in your life, as we have all to see. But it is not how the candle burns, but it is how the light is received and given out. The burning of the candle could be quick or fast, slow or long, short or short. But in so doing, it is not the burning of the candle that is its glory, but the light that it gives out. In so doing, compassionately hearing all those items, that it is your turn to strengthen yourself willingly without fault or concern. We speak to you on these issues. Your healing is taking place and you are particular in that strength that is the focus of the sounds. As far as an affirmation “Lord, in my depths of sorrow and concern, I cry out to you. Take my hand and lead me. Guide my vision and instrument thy protection in all that I do, think, and say. In thy will, is my creation. In thy blessing, is my hope”.

MER: Thank you so much.

JA: I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me and for all the wonderful doors you have opened for the people who mean so much to me. But I, I need to ask if I could get guidance at this point for strength and for my next steps. I just, I just seem not to know that right now.

Forces: The way and the steps are before you. The path is known. The way has been prepared for you. One step at a time. Just walk. For in so doing, we grow in wisdom and faith. But in so doing, we also grow in that spirit and knowledge that turns all things around. For, what is today is no more tomorrow. And what is tomorrow, is no longer yesterday’s. For once it is up; it finds itself to be in a different spot. But in all this remember that no day is guaranteed. That no life has the monopoly of controlling life. Walk the path. Walk the walk. You shall find that there are those in strength and faith that have gone on before to accomplish the destiny of choice.

JA: Thank you very much.

MS: Hi. Um, thanks for the opportunity. Urn, I feel as though I’ve exhausted every possibility. I need to know if you can help me with some direction, where I should be working.

Forces: Many years or many days have come and gone your way. Stiff or strong, head is eager. But there is a force that is to be reckoned with. Many a day, many a night, soul quench the thoughts of flames that lead you to question the reason and understanding of purpose of mind. There are those moments in your life that you were given guidance, chose not to hear. Now we tell you openly, distinctly and incredibly, your direction deals with the inner self. Draw upon that. Lead that into form. Guide that in a way of construction. For as you did in Egypt and built many a temple form, you change your flight of passion and don the mortal call. In one, or two, or three, or four, the different styles you lived before. In all the things that your hand did touch being that of gold and dust. Building this temple. Erecting this plight. You never stayed in man’s own sight. Build you this. Build you that. It all came crumbling down to that. Stand once more and stand tall. Draw upon the nature the ceiling tall. Erect you this. Guide you that. Now’s the time to accomplish that. So be you fair or be you tall. Be you young; be you old. All the things that have passed you by, this is now a new divide. Walk through this and you accomplish that, of other lifetimes that you wasted that. So now we tell you in quite clear of word, your destiny is here to stay. And all the while you shall blossom for that your name that you fought to remember that. Sad as all, great and tall, you walked with all the famous all. Holy in this, Rembrandt that. Moshe this and Confucius that. But of all the things you ask tonight, is for us to show you the way out of this. Take your strides and take your spirit. Do what comes to you naturally. Know before the end of this day your vision shall be on its way.

MER: Thank you.

IS: Thank you.

F: Thank you. I was wondering what I needed to do to build my strength both, both spiritually and physically.

Forces: [Quietly] Look for 28, Look 428. [Normal volume] We see the entity in storages of flight and marble dust around. We see a pall of tall cinders, of gardens, and of ground. We see the life of one quiet monk whose name is now quite defunct. But of all that which this life at that it comes about to namely that. That in this moment in which you were a monk of great standards and fortitude of knowledge to be done. 1630 to your place and of this was what would be a Spanish place near that what is known as, what would be called, the White Spring sulfur tall. Madrid is the place in which you were and built this now your quite a call. We see the only distant place from a galaxy, what is called, Sirius Minor and Sirius of all. Through this galaxy you traveled to that is what is known to you. The feelings of this star in which you process many afar. This particular life took well, in which you died on that of yourself. You came aback anew and this a woman of an Indian camp. Finding yourself the chief wife, seven children you produced as his wife. Now we know this lifetime of all, the backaches and the complaints of all. But in the mass and in the dust you built the Urth and Ur of that which is to be called the Iroquois. In such a place, in such a time, you built a nation and set time. Now you’re back in this form of all trying to put it all and all. Regiment of time to match the monk. Regiment of space to match the race. Do you this in such a pace eat on time. Regulate the amount of which you eat. That is, be it fruit and be it good. That is what your system needs. Be it fruit, be it good, that will do you as it should. But remember the grains as well and also remember the water well. Drink at least six to seven cups a day to keep your vision. Of all those purposes and all those dreams, remember now. Your choice before was given well. Now it’s time to make that. Now’s the time. What we see in such a quest is for you to gain the chest. Keep your thoughts in creativeness live. In so doing it will get you by. But in this your question states, what you need, what’s your faith. Keep your prayers and keep that silent space. But most of all, keep your word and it will be done. The mantra for you: I am your son. Use me. Guide me. Let my choice be made today. One of great and show me your way. Be my heart still. Be my heart ready. Here I’m Lord. Here I’m Lord.

F: Thank you.

JU: Thank you for coming in and being with us this time. Uh, can you give me some guidance to deal with the problems and situations at work successfully?

Forces: Write down circumstances. But with each circumstance’s the minute the fault the answer lies the answer. The minute you write down the quest of the problem the answer is there at the end of the writing. We would say strive to do your work well and regroup yourself in it as well. Watch your days and write down different tasks to accomplish on each day. Each day a different task. Follow through as has been given. Once it was said that there is a person that you need to supervise and in such review in what you had given. Refrain and regroup as much as you can and in so doing, you will put to task the anxiety and fear and see the accomplishment and the vision.

JU: Thank you. You said earlier in the session about centering an energy of blue when we’re faced with these alien influences. Can you explain what we would need to do or is that sufficient?

Forces: Centering in the pineal gland a blue light, a prayerful attitude repels such attacks and declares, declares yourself of who…

[End of Side A]

DD: The fifteen-phosphene figures. Are they the ones you told me was the code, the Aborigine code?

Forces: Yes.

DD: And the, uh, curtains and the lines from the Kabbalah book, are they the projective geometry?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Can you give me more clues as to how to deal with it?

Forces: In these lines in which they transect the way they are formed in a circle peck. Remember the peck is the circle. It is called a circle peck. Now remember this, that if such a line there comes a form, it is now 287 and that is, what would be, a form. 287 is the centering number of this equation. Dissect that and you will get 41236180-0 or .0. Of that is the equation of what would be called the vortex of the Nordic star. Remember the star is not the star of the North but it’s called the Nordic star. And of and under such a path, comes the great Russian bear. The Russian bear is the symbol of all equations that have been squared.

DD: Thank you very much.

ER: Thank you very much for my sister’s, uh, baby and their health and well being at this point. Thank you. Um, at the lecture that we went to, to see the man Duncan Cameron, um, (I); DD and I at least had the feeling that we had seen this man or knew this man before. Can you tell us what that feeling was?

Forces: He has traveled through this house to, what would be called, eavesdrop and witness. He has known of and has come through the house in many a times. Thinking you yourself have seen him and as you look to look for him again, he vanishes.

ER: And this is on a conscience level of his? He was sent here by?

Forces: At this point we will take a break and regroup at…

ER: Thank you.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…

Forces: It is not whether you that are watched or perceived why. It is that there are times when those who have knowledge of the strength energy of this fortress who come in and try to take what is not theirs. But remember, it is only through us that we allow anyone to come through our embassy. And if this one called Duncan was allowed to come through, you must understand and bid that a bubble had been put over his head to get what not he should not take. It’s not his place but ours.

ER: Thank you very much.

IS: And does he recognize us?

Forces: If we gave him that choice to fulfill what he had to accomplish, yes. But left with a whole different type of understanding. No one can come through these walls without being affected by what we place.

IS: Did he also make it here through on a physical level as a guest?

Forces: He had to come through in a travel time guest. It is not to be aware of not to understand but he traveled here from the future to the now.

IS: Thank you. And, may I, is it a good idea for me to take on, am I, is there enough revenue in the way I am going to do it by appointment only for me to even bother with that tourism?

Forces: [hand gesturing, laughter] We notice how important this question is. We’re giving it some thought.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We are not done. Whatever.

IS: Ah. Thank you. DE. Just for the record, the names of the previous people that were here speaking was M and, uh, F. They know the voices. DE now.

DER: Thank you for coming. Will you please give me some direction in my spiritual and my personal life if possible?

Forces: Remember, no one can tell you what you need to do. But, if you want suggestions and advice, we can do that. You need to understand life, in all its problems, are not easy. And the pain of trying to find that which is right for you, might not be right for others. The search is desperate and painful to know that peace in. The glimmer of peace is illusive. The mask of knowledge is sin. But remember, in sinning we die and in dying we are born again. But what is this thing called peace on Earth, good will towards men? We wonder of such statements. How nice they sound from a distance far away. We wondered at your words of peace on Earth, good will to men. We scratched what’s left of our world beyond to see what words this means. Peace on Earth, good will towards men? It’s better than an ice cream. What words you look for to decide your peace that lies inside. I know not when such moments of peace that comes this way again. You look for peace and reasons to be a gas. I know not when these answers, these thoughts. You’ve come this way so many times before. But why oh why you see this wall you can’t but pass it all. We cannot tell you what to do. We simply sit and watch. But if I were you, my child, I’d start the record again. But why you can’t, for goodness sake, eat your food, drink your wine and find that peace within. I tell you why for all to hear. You dropped your mortal sin. We find that on this Earth you’re on that it’s not a fare game. You put your best and strive the rest but then it falls again. So, what are words for you tonight? Play the record again. And then you’ll see to your delight, that it might be fixed within. There is no peace on Earth, my dear, and good will to men. But what you’ll find that’s inside there is all the things within. Your peace does lie your future inside and not at all out here. For stride you must, as big and great, you need to look within. We can’t but tell you tonight your future and your sin. But remember, give yourself a break and go within. It’s not that difficult. Not that hard. It’s painful out here that we’re in. For there is none that can give us rest, but finding that secret within. I told you much and guide you more but hope you hear our words. Be sorry now for your pain is great. There is no safer place than within. There you will not be disappointed. There no one can steal. For what you do out here, my dear, has all come from within. So walk your path. Grow your food. But remember this: that the only hope and peace you may find has all to come from within. We care a lot about your road but sometimes it is not the road we would take, the vision we would do. For we know it comes from within.

DER: Thank you very, very much.

IS: W.

W: Thank you for being with us this evening. Um, some guidance with mental versus heart decisions. Business, lack of decisions. Home purchase decisions. Work decisions. Personal decisions.

Forces: We come from a distant place to be with you tonight. We traveled far according to your standards of flight. But you know we here sit and watch as though it is the Council. For what we speak to you all tonight is one voice of many who watch this flight. And we don’t sit alone tonight. Tonight the Council meets with you. It is of thousands of others too and has been spoken of too. But never, never, have we heard such words of confusion from you. We’ve heard many cries and we heard many tales. We’ve heard many ways to do things. But we must tell you this night tonight that we hope you come through. We’d like to say words of kindness, though, and put’um on a greeting card to you. It would be cheaper, as you know, and the envelope could be blue. But such words we speak tonight sometimes never get form. And we speak to you with compassion, too. For Lord knows, you could, you could be out of form. We hear your voice. We hear your question of such a thing tonight. There are many things and many questions we’ve been given by you tonight. We asked you to look inside. You too must do your work. As far as business, strife, and family, the pains will also be. For nothing is safe in this world. Nothing could ever be. I would love to say from the Council seat that not to worry about light. I would love to say, from this distant place, that all will be well. But it’s not. And all is not well with you. And it is so, so solely, solely, solely true that we are not here to put any more burden on you. We’re here to help and to assist you. Why don’t you start believing in the salvation of the spirit of man? I’m not asking you to think of God. I’m not asking you to be greater than you are, for you are just a common man. But I am asking you to look also inside. To draw upon your spirit needs you too. You can look good, talk well, and be a businessman, too. But what does happen when your body crumbles down and there’s no one home for you? Yes, things are good when the body’s good and the food is plenty too. But when you can’t eat, and can’t smell, can’t see – who is there for you? Remember, all these questions you bring to us, we answer then rightly too. But with the love of the Council seat, we must ask you to do your part too. It is not easy. The questions you ask are all questions belonging to this Earth. Should raise your eyes up and see the distance of this Earth. You’re not alone. You’re not by yourselves. So we don’t really care how you do the things on this Earth. But as far as business and family, too, we wish we could say, they’ll do. But you’re guaranteed them all, one way or the other, to fall. But what do you then call upon when this moment comes? You call upon the soul that you are. That others from other galaxies look upon and testify to the difference and the uniqueness of you all. They don’t understand you. You’re strange to them, you know. Too many emotions. Too many things. As you said today, as we heard you talk, “Too much stuff.” We wish we could answer you, oh friend. You’re questions are so deep. And to tell you the Council’s truth, we’re too important and too busy to care whether you’re business keeps. We are interested in your soul and that is eternal. So what happens to that is what we are interested in here tonight. And hopefully, that will keep.

W: Thank you.


JF: Thank you for joining us and allowing us to be a part of this. My question to you has to do with the building in which my fianc�e and I reside now. And I have two questions. One is: Do you have any information or advice for us in terms of how to improve our functioning situation and get out of there? And the second question is: Is there anything that we should know about that place? Do I have any work to do there with them? Thank you.

Forces: When you speak about that place, we assume, which is not right, the place is time to move. The place is done that you had been in. And now, you will accomplish that. As far as the building, it’s not the one. There’s more to follow after that. But what is important to both of you is to get ready for this move. That in being receptive to the signs, you can perceive the move. We think, for sure, that the building is there but what is different too, it’s the spirit of the work that comes first. The building will happen too. So now we see the building is only the reflection of you two and in so doing, we give you this guidance. The building is waiting for you.

JF: Thank you.

IS: Um, is there anything that could be given towards helping JF’s daughter?

Forces: May we have the name of this soul?


Forces: [Quietly] 4428167. [Pause, normal volume] We find this entity completely sound. We find in this entity that the light and ex… ex… ex… amount of energy coming is a high, developed soul and that it is a very pure soul in its form. And that its confusion of things around does complicate itself. We find this entity, named YUS YUS in the time of Atlantis. The name YUS YUS was a Merlay sound in which she had control over the ethers and vibrations of this time. She was also involved in serving great, what would be considered, molecular structure colors. That is, she created her own form of colors during this time. We find that the existence of this time to this time that is now is a carry over and that in so doing, we find that the individual is meshing two lifetimes together, one in which she had lost her true expression of self in the confusion of the demands of the moment. In so doing, we find that she takes up this fight within this lifetime. We would surround her with colors, with fine linen and garments of silk, and to reiterate that lifetime with such elements. And we also will say, that in so doing, this kind of web that has fallen around her will be removed. It is only a consciousness of a web that has fallen around her because of the two lifetimes that are meshed together in this. And in so doing, she will gradually come out like a cocoon, to her new whoever that is person when finally done. In short, the protection is there and given because it is asked to the Council tonight.

JF: Thank you very, very much.

IS: Ah, while the Council is there, may I sort of get in whatever could be help for me?

Forces: You could get in on good behavior.

IS: So you’re getting me in?

Forces: You’re getting yourself in on good behavior.

IS: Can I, am I doing it? Can I do it?

Forces: It just happened.

IS: Oh, thank you so much.

Forces: It’s done.

IS: Thank you so much. L.

L: Good evening. Thank you for being with us tonight. Um, thank you for the information on JF’s question about our living circumstance because that has been weighing very heavy on my soul. Um, and that was very helpful and I, I feel relieved and refocused, somewhat, regarding that. It’s been really difficult, our situation. We really appreciate your help and your guidance. Um, I’d like some information about what my mission is regarding my music and my voice so that I may stay on the right path.

Forces: Sometimes we say good evening. But in retrospect, where we stand, it’s morning.

L: I’ll never make that mistake again, I promise. Thank you.

Forces: What we’re trying to say, it is all relative, but in the joking form. What is your voice and what do you do with this? It is quit clear that you’ve trained very well and you’ve taken the time to connect from this world to the fourth dimension. I do not know if you all understand this concept. But you are now in the third dimension. But understand this clearly that you are going in a cyclical pattern again. A circle pattern of on upward. And in the year 2011, you will open to what we call the flat door. The flat door or the door is just a box. It is a beginning to the fourth dimension. Your Earth is beginning to revolve into that area of space in its travel that has taken thousands and thousands of years through the first dimension. Then it went through the second dimension. And then it has gone through the third dimension. You are about ready to enter into the fourth dimension. But it is touching it. It will take another thousand to two thousand years before you enter totally into the fourth dimension as known. But the box is all, is the totalness of the fourth dimension. But we call this box the capsule and it gives you a essence of all that is in the fourth dimension at one moment. So, your voice is that of bringing and meshing the souls and preparing them for the fourth dimensional entrance, the entrance of a fourth kind. The fourth entrance or the entrance of the fourth factor. We call this the fourth x-factor. Your voice is the job of revealing this work and meshing the information of the beings around the Earth, through the Earth, in the Earth and, of course, the Council hears this of you. Your job is clear. To bring men and woman through this fourth dimension and get them ready for it. By the year 2011 it will be upon you.

L: Thank you.

IS: JE. A while before, am I ever gaining back, ah, my voice.

Forces: You never lost it.

IS: Well, what is wrong with me? Why can’t I…

Forces: You have too much chocolate.

IS: [Much laughter] Thank you. JE.

JER: If, if the aliens are coming into the Earth, why are they fighting over the Earth? What is, what’s so special about the Earth-the universe and zillions of planets and galaxies-what’s so special about this one? Why does everybody want to tamper with this one?

Forces: In fact, why don’t they leave you alone?

JER: Exactly.

Forces: We understand the concept. But remember, the Earth is filled up with souls that the extraterrestrials don’t understand. And you have emotions they don’t have. And you have the ability to sing, and praise the spiritual side in you, and the ability to be creative. They want that. That is why they have put on the Earth many viruses so they can get that energy away from the Earth. They cannot handle the Earth with all this nonsense going on. Therefore, their quest to subdue the Earth and shut up all the creative people of the Earth because it’s too much noise. What we’re trying to say is they cannot handle the emotions. It’s foreign to them. They live off the emotions. They cannot handle it. What we’re trying to say is you also have been given the key of remembrance and the key of the Kingdom. They want that. It’s not your emotions they’re after, even though that is interesting to them. They want your inheritance, the right to the Kingdom. They do not want you, as Earth people, to remember that key to the Kingdom. They want it. Therefore, the biggest fight goes on, on the Earth to get control over the Earth and its people. You are a prize possession. You are a prize commodity. You are a prize item that’s not found anywhere in the galaxies. Because of your love and your heart, they do not understand it and cannot comprehend it. That is what’s alien to them and they need to control it so they can control this Kingdom that is huge among us, great, enormous, on and on and on. You just happen to be in their way.

IS: Is there any connection between what you just said and Jacob and Esau story?

Forces: There is a connection. There is a very good connection. We are just trying to tell you that you’re not in the way. You have just as much right to be here in this galaxy as anyone else and a right to your own position and space and place. We hope that helped you with your question.

JER: Can I ask another questions? Does this mean that the Earth, per say, in all the entire universe, is unique to this, to this one configuration? It doesn’t exist anywhere else?

Forces: Correct.

JER: So what does exist everywhere else?

IS: As a matter of fact, they just discovered another planet. What is on that other planet?

Forces: Could be almost anything. But I doubt it to be anywhere in a replica of what’s on the Earth. Forget it. The only thing that comes close to Earth is that of your sisters planets of Mars and Venus and that’s because they’re intertwineable. Mars has been colonized and inhabited until it no longer was feasible to be there and they all jumped on to the Earth. In the evolutionary scale, it’s moving up and to the point where Mars has already been, but what we’re trying to say…

[End of Side B]

JER: … then if we’re unique here, is it, how do the other worlds exist? I mean, it’s, it’s, the different, there must be zillions of different kinds of aliens but their not, how do they fit in the scheme of things? I mean, if we’re, if we’re part of God, then what are they? How do they exist? I mean, what’s their evolution?

Forces: They exist perfectly naturally and happy. But their difference according to their specie gene coupling, according to their maker, their existence is just as important as yours. But it is different and so being different, it’s different because of the area they come from or galaxy they come from just as on your planet Earth, those living in tropical countries have different skin tones than those who are living in colder areas of your country. They all have different works, different jobs, different skills and this is something, ah, you will, as you will go on to find out exist.

JER: So, is their God and our God not the same?

Forces: We can say that the God concept can be a shock but it is a overall omnipotent God that is overseeing all of this, that goes beyond this galaxy and beyond all the other galaxies that you can even imagine. There, in the distant place, is what you call God and that terminology and concept can apply there. But you’re here, so therefore, that cannot be understood at this moment because you’re too busy dealing with the things you need to deal with here. Therefore, not to say their God’s different. There are many directors before you get to the Godhead. So, in this particular question, yes, their God is different.

JER: Thank you.

IS: So their local God is different just like our local God, the Elohim, etc.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Do they have, ah, visibly physical bodies or anything similar to ours. Is it, is it different dimensions or is it the same?

Forces: Everything will be different according to the area and dimension they live in. They’re some who can live and exist and come into the Earth and have their beings and move on and you will not even know it.

IS: Because they come from different dimensions?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And, are there, as portrayed, some that are able to, ah, take over the physical body as we have it?

Forces: And change it, yes. These are called Earth changes. Question.

IS: Thank you. I just want to give a chance to B.

B: Thank you for your guidance tonight. Would you help me in direction in my job search?

Forces: It will be the answer: we will. We will help you find the appropriate place. Confusing as it is for this moment in your life, but the place is and will be presented. You will work and walk in many different areas, but this particular place will be more like counseling and more like guidance and more like home.

B: Thank you.

IS: Ah, as far as the things that I do at the house on a work level, uh, is there any guidance for me there? I mean, how deep should I get involved? I’m still asking, I’m still wondering about the tourism, about that my other endeavors. Should I stop certain endeavors so I am ready and open for others coming or how should I…?

Forces: It will be given to you as you go through with it.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: But the guidance is moment of thought and revelation and each one will be given to you at that moment.

IS: Thank you. For the entity T and the showing that’s going to take place of the paintings and other places that are interested in showing, uh, his work, how will that go? And my second question, am I receiving the correct pricings of things?

Forces: It will go. It will go very good. And yes, that line upon line, precept upon precept.

IS: Am I assessing things correctly? Am I receiving it?

Forces: You are a good assessor.

IS: Thank, am I receiving it from you? That’s, I don’t know about me being an assessor. Am I receiving from you?

Forces: We, we, we hear you. We understand what you are saying and you will be guided.

IS: Uh, thank you for that. As far as ED goes, uh, is there something that JW can do specifically to, ah, to help him?

Forces: Music, and the sounds of music, calms him down. And maybe we would say this in a joking fashion, he should be involved with the weather. [Laughter] At this point, we have come to an end. We have one more question and then we will leave.

IS: What is the purpose of all these crop circles?

Forces: We will answer that.

IS: Oh, thank you.

Forces: But now, one question is from the floor.

DD: Is it, is my idea about the Noah being still on Mars and, it’s kind of a wild idea, but is he still on Mars and the whole flood scenario, or was it, when did they leave Mars? And when, I had some, some idea like that. What’s the point on the bible in the bible story they left Mars?

Forces: Let’s say this concept is true.

DD: So, Noah was still on Mars?

Forces: The concept of Noah being on Mars in a flood is true.

DD: And then the flood. He came to Earth?

Forces: He came to Earth in an arc ship with all the genes. With all the birds and the pigeons and the geese and the ducks and the ducks, and the dot dot… you know the song.

IS: So, are you saying that Noah was taken up with the arc ship to Mars?

DD: He was on Mars already. He came to Earth.

Forces: It’s not our fault. [Laughter]

IS: Oh, I’m really… it’s your question.

DD: It’s true. I mean, it’s true he was on Mars and he came to Earth. That whole flood story is Noah coming to Earth on the ship and that was the end of the Martian thing and they came to Earth and planted all the seeds from Mars.

IS: You mean, just like when Atlantis broke up and certain…

DD: Atlantis, remember, was on Mars originally. The Forces said.

IS: Was Atlantis on Mars?

Forces: Its creation of a material form through the different spirit forms, yes.

IS: No, their not saying it was from Mars their saying it’s from the spirit.

DD: So, Noah wasn’t on Mars?

IS: The spirit form. That’s different.

DD: So, physically, Noah was on Earth?

Forces: I do not think you understand what we’re saying and I hear what you are trying to understand. But the concept of gene transferring is all we’re saying… did happen from Mars to the Earth and did travel in an arc ship just like the Arc. And it traveled and on it were all genes, two by two, until it landed on the Earth to propagate that type of species.

DD: What time frame in the bible was that?

Forces: Two o’clock.

DD: I mean, in Genesis, what chapter?

IS: The First.

DD: Thank you.

IS: So, but Noah, as we understand it, still was on Earth and the, and the flood, etc. etc.

Forces: That particular item did happen. But, what we are saying is Noah, another Noah concept, was on Mars and did the same exact concept moving. A paradigm was happening.

DD: So, it’s like time travel?

ER: Simultaneous?

Forces: Yes. This point, we will speak about crop circles. Crop circles are given to you as instructions by the Orion Empire to tell you that they are here and has landed behind Mercury and that there are those who traveled the comet quote Hava and jumped off at Mercury to stay. So, we appreciate being here with you but knowing we have not been here for a long time. Knowing this, we are tied up with the different conflicts that are happening beyond your planet. Watch the signs. Do not believe all you hear of atomic explosions in India and Persia. Look deeper than that for underground is the nest. Greetings to all here present…

Group: Our father, who art in the heavens…