Session 641-2/22/02

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We find ourselves in this evening as a projection of the days to follow. There is a tremendous unbalance that is shaking up the west area coast; to the fact that it is held together just by pins and needles. We find that this area is most susceptible in the next few weeks to a major earthquake and at the same time a volcanic eruption. We see one is affected by the other, but in all the spectrums abroad, hopefully this could be diverted. There is too many things going on at the same time. We also see the market of Wall Street, as you call it, going through a tremendous upheaval and unbeknownst to many individuals, major companies will topple and change it’s own position of how they do business. Not to mention, that many companies will be moving out of the United States and into other countries to do their products. This is a most dangerous time for your country, but at the same time, we find the learning process and the giving process becomes enormous in it’s own field. We also see the so-called strange relationship between China and the United States happening in a most strange way, at their (cuts of hands). We find that China is selling a product and America is buying which would cause more poly-destruction agents in the atmosphere. There is also a strange feat in which everyone can see and the concept is not in itself that it’s seen, but that which is done in the traveling of itself. We also see extraterrestrial type merchandise when one is taken aback, analyzed as shells or stones, when in all reality, they are (——) shells, more elastic, but tranquil, stones. This too will have a tremendous repercussions upon the place. We also see, there is going to be this unbelievable person. With these many changes, we take these moments for breathing, so that we might understand the pattern that is to come forward. In that of the relationship between China and the United States, we find it very unbeknownst to the people of United States that secret pacts and contracts between the United States and China are in progress. We also see a very strange happening upon the moon, with too much activity is going on, creating solar or what would be considered flares around the moon. Around the other side of the moon, creating flames or fire on the moon. In all reality, it’s not the fire that is on the moon even though it might look like fire, but it is the electricity that is now being produced on the other side of the moon. At this point we will set ourselves to simplify things by going to the beginning of this company and be entertained in that aspect of bringing her in. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Is there something we can do to make the reception better?

Forces: There are many moments in which we have to wait for the signal, for again there is certain force-fields or vibrations around the moon that is interfering with other rays or bands we are sending into this area, but at the same time there are other aspects that is stalling the information. But not that long, it just stops it at certain points.

IS: Thank you. Um, you said that the Chinese are going to bring some product that is going to be very bad for us. Could you tell us what that product is?

Forces: The product happens to be a kind of a carbon and also a filter that will carbon or filter air, air conditionings, and also, certain what would be considered filters within automobiles to filter the air. This causes the carbon effect of poisoning.

IS: Is that already happened?

Forces: We find it to be happening already in it’s own field. It’s an agent of filtering that they use, the Chinese, to do that particular job or work, and in so doing they infiltrated the aspect of this agent in it.

IS: So all the new cars, probably, will have that?

Forces: No, there are certain cars that we are seeing that will have this. Toyota is one, and what we would consider, the Mustang, and we find it also in Plymouths and Fords, and we find it in what would be called the, strangely enough, the Volkswagen.

IS: Thank you, in air conditioning?

Forces: In these cars that we speak about.

IS: So it’s not in other than the air conditioning.

Forces: No we are speaking in the automobile field that they find itself to be.

IS: Thank you very much. What is wrong with my throat?

Forces: In what respect.

IS: Well, again, you know, they want to send me to another specialist. I think I just wanted to change the pill or something, the purple pill, but it seems like I sort of loose the voice, it feels like cotton inside, it feels like I barely can bring up the voice…

Forces: There are times when speaking so much causes a strain. But there are those times we think the resting of the voice would do the most healing than anything.

IS: But even on those days that I don’t work too much…

Forces: Again, we are speaking about the resting of the voice, even on the days that you don’t speak. An accumulation of the voice is of many days of speaking in the past. There are times when a week of rest would be necessary.

IS: Thank you. But it cuts into…

Forces: Well, we realize that but there will be a week that you could possibly do it.

IS: Thank you, but there is nothing else wrong there?

Forces: Well, again, we will look into that area, but we see just a strain of using it so much, that a resting of it would be good.

IS: Thank you very much. Now, may I ask questions, I know I’m taking up, but this is for the house, the closet? Is this the right designing the way we discussed, the round front?

Forces: We find the round front to be in its symmetrical shape correct.

IS: So it should proceed by bring it out a few feet and making the bubble…

Forces: Yes, this can be done.

IS: Is that the right thing?

Forces: Looking at the space in the coordinates that you have working, it would be.

IS: And the staircase, the two feet? That good enough?

Forces: We find it, a little bit short, but it’s still good enough to negotiate.

IS: Should we do it two and a half feet.

Forces: If you could do it less than two and a half, or two and a half, it would be good. But again, even two feet would be good.

IS: [inaudible]

Forces: Well, what we would suggest is diagramming itself, drawing the stair as it would be, as two feet first, and see how you negotiate around that. If that feels comfortable to the circular pattern, than we would do that.

IS: No, the staircase would be on this end, not just a circle.

Forces: Yes, well the two feet is what we’re speaking about in a circular pattern as far as stepping on it, as far as designing it, as far as diagram and trying it out, the two feet in a circular motion.

IS: Because the two and a half feet takes up more of the closet space, it’s sort of at this point I’m loosing, even two feet uses more than one whole section of the closet.

Forces: Then, it seems like what we’re talking about, is trying it out for convenience sake, but we really don’t see a problem with two feet.

IS: I just want to know what would be the perfect thing to do.

Forces: Well, again, we spoke about trying it out as a practice element, so you could feel how it would be.

IS: Yeah, but if I practice and he puts in the staircase and then I want it different, then its just too much work.

Forces: Well, what we’re trying to say is once you practice how it looks or feels, than you can decide if you want to do it that way.

IS: Or make it two and a half.

Forces: Yes, but again, we don’t see a problem with two feet.

IS: Ah, thank you, and also, with my car, the Volvo, was that hitting my car? Because I had a problem with the wind coming in and all that.

Forces: We don’t know what you’re saying.

IS: Is it really, I mean, was that the car that was slated for me, or did I rush.

Forces: The other cars have other problems that you would not want.

IS: Oh, is that right?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So, is there anyway that this car, is there anything that can be corrected… it’s also I think I’m a little too short for it or something.

Forces: Well, you might be short for a lot of cars.

IS: Well, the 2001 was better, height-wise anyhow.

Forces: Well, we’re not going to argue that, it’s just there will be other problems with your 2001 cars.

IS: I see. Is there anyway to fix the…

Forces: Yeah, it can be fixed.

IS: Is it just that they don’t know how, or they don’t want to?

Forces: Well, some parts of it can be tightened down just a fraction more.

IS: So I should pursue it more.

Forces: Well, we don’t want them to break the glass in doing it, but it can be done yes.

IS: Because the wind coming through from the panel, from the window panel…

Forces: Yes, we understand, causes the…

IS: Makes the whole side of the car to be cold.

Forces: You can work on it.

IS: Thank you, and anything else for the house as I’m proceeding, is this correct, building the exercise room, the bathroom, is that correct the potty?

Forces: Well, we see it as being correct, yes.

IS: It should be there.

Forces: Well, of course there would be many times when you would be using that place. As you exercise, you might want to use that facility instead of running out like an Eskimo, to the ice. It’s good to have that facility to utilize.

IS: And the shower, do we need a shower down there?

Forces: Again, if you would want one, you could be. But, we have a feeling it is not necessary.

IS: Okay, I just want to go exactly with what…

Forces: We can’t have too many facilities down there. I mean a commode is a tremendous facility, in itself.

IS: So a commode and a sink, I suppose?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is the finding of where the sewage system, is that where they hid it out to go across the driveway, is that correct?

Forces: We see that, yes, to be.

IS: Is the best place?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you very much.

ER: With the reptilians that we’ve and you’ve talked about, did they come in a generational line of reptilian-human hybrids from hundreds of years or are they reptilians that have taken over human form, once they came to earth?

Forces: It’s called the cube form. And the cube form are designed to take over once they come into the earth, then you have what you call the line or linear form which is the form of many generations. They are both true. One is a form that is many thousands of years of gene replacement and taking over, the other one is a taking over of the body form.

ER: So the Bush family was a generational?

Forces: Well, the Bush family was a gene form, and sometimes they act cubish.

IS: So, some of them, well most of them, do not even know that that is what they are.

Forces: Usually, there, yes, that would be the truth.

IS: As opposed to somebody like Cheney who is a walking…

Forces: Definitely, yes.

IS: And everybody knows, who ever is in the know…

Forces: Exactly, yes. But, in this chain of linear, the gene becomes thinner and thinner. Therefore, the reptilian gene must merge together with humans, so it would become more solid. But if they do not merge with the right form of human genes and happen to hit another reptilian gene, that gene extinguishes within a hundred years. And so does the body part, or family, human, or the gene pool of that particular element.

IS: So…

Forces: Parkinson’s is a gene from this lineage that becomes thin and forms itself of that element or the breakdown of that gene characteristic, or the end of the line for that reptilian force, or race.

IS: So in reality there is not too many actual reptilian genes families, individuals that actually know what they are.

Forces: Yeah, that’s true, but even if you have Parkinsonism, it could be a nice way of saying that you have a very developed gene. Or very sophisticated gene or very intelligent gene, I mean it’s an honor to know you’re out of this world.

ER: For most of the Mormon Church that seems to be growing out in (—-), are most of them, or at least the leaders of that church, reptilian?

Forces: Well, it’s interesting to decide such a characteristic opportunity in floor of spacing and activity of Utah being very, very active with extraterrestrial activity. Some things going on, that would indicate, the indicators are yes. I mean we don’t want to say anything bad or good about any religion, I mean we don’t want to say anything bad, but there is some high activity that are indicators that some things going on with this particular religion. We are not saying the Mormons are all reptilians, that’s not right, or extraterrestrials, that’s not right, but we are safe to say, and this is a good thing to say, that there’s a high percentage of extraterrestrial work in the Utah area, which happens to be where, what? The Mormon’s are at.

JSW: The cave that Adam… cause he said he had to protect the three treasures, um, they say they were frankincense, gold, and myrrh, and obviously weren’t. Can I understand where they, what actually was that cave and what was Adam protecting.

Forces: Of course, you have to understand a cave is the underground caves that are now being found to connect the whole earth population. But also, the caves in here, that you find in America, where a lot of the extraterrestrial activity, some even 200 feet below the level, some 300 feet below or down. And then even at 300 feet, you have another 25 to 50 feet that will hit a main area of these caves. The caves are the protections of the gene pool, for the earth.

IS: For the…

Forces: The very beginning of the genes that was implanted in the earth is buried or is at seed or is dormant or is in the galaxy… or is what we call Atlantean formation or civilization down below.

IS: So it’s not necessarily…

Forces: Well it’s definitely extraterrestrial. But we don’t know what you’re talking about.

IS: I didn’t understand quite whether what the gene pool, we’re talking about all the way from Adam, is that what we’re talking about?

Forces: Well, of course the Adam was what? Directly introduced by the extraterrestrials, be it your way, Jehovah, Adonai (—?), these are all extraterrestrials right? So then what’s the discussion?

IS: We just don’t think of the good extraterrestrials as extraterrestrials. We only think of the ones that are unique to us…

Forces: No, no, no. There are, as we have pointed out, many extraterrestrials. All depends on 5 of them that are not so good, the races.

IS: Is the Ashtar, the Ashtar from the Bible isn’t it?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So those gods are still around?

Forces: Oh, yes, definitely.

IS: The same ones?

Forces: Well, of course they passed on their problems.

IS: How long do they live?

Forces: Well, some could live, three thousand [3000] years.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: What would happen if we, man, would live 3000? It would be, what we’re trying to say is man does live, but he breaks his living with many different body complexes. I mean it would be very boring if man lived to 3000 years, but man’s not capable of developing. I mean we’re not saying that, we don’t want to put that generalization out, but what we’re trying to say in this understanding of the length and space of man’s life… Maybe we should say this. The human being is not, and doesn’t have to die. As it dies, there’s a component in the gene pool, in your genes through the pituitary and pineal glands, that shuts off the growth process. And therefore, the genes do not reproduce themselves, or the cells do not reproduce themselves, with a full deck. So they keep slipping in, slip cells. Slip-sliding, sliding cells we call them. Now, these slip-sliding cells are the framework of basically of pulling out the foundation of the body. And, what we’re trying to say in this area of the frame, is that at a certain point in your development, your body starts repairing itself with what we consider the principle of slip-siding cells. That means inferior cells. And then this component is what causes the diseases to happen, and the breakdown of the bones and all the other degenerative elements of the body. But in all reality, these degenerative elements of the body, are only a catalyst of the bad material, or the wrong material, or the fake material, or the material that was not an adequate material, that it once was building on. Now, how do you correct that? Well, then you correct it by turning off the, using sloppy cell repair-work. And turn on the gene or keep the gene turned on. Now in this particular case, if the gene is kept on, then you have what you call 3000 years of live. Why is man not kept on? Because it was programmed that he’s… not kept on. So, how do you un-program something that’s not kept on, to slip-sliding genes? You, go back to the child, as a child is developing, and you signal the child’s pituitary gland with a certain amount of noise vibration and color light vibration that tells it not to turn off. Once you have that child past the age of 12, and they have gone through the sequence from 7 to 12 with this particular light in the pituitary area, the turning off of that cell does not happen. Until, the sequence is reactivated at again the turning off at the age of 22. But, at 22 if the light is kept on again in the pineal gland from 20 to 22, then the sequence is not turned off again until 33. And at 33, the sequence should be repeated at 30 to 33, light to be shown at 30, to be prepared to 33, then the sequence is not turned off, again, to that of 44. And again the same procedure takes you to what would be considered 62. And 62 takes you to 72. 72 takes you to 82. 82 takes you to 92, and then you have the continuation of you as human beings to go to 3000. Figure you would like that.

IS: Except, who knows how to turn it off?

Forces: Spinning helps to keep it on. The child who spins from 7 to 12, keeps their rejuvenation centers on.

IS: Spinning like turning around?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Ok. So these, they have never been programmed not to age, is that right? That the, those are aliens?

Forces: Well, that’s true, until they hit a certain point. Some where a thousand, two thousand and then they start acting or breaking down. Everything breaks down, the question is when.

IS: And the breakdown is what we call aging?

Forces: Or dying.

IS: So the pituitary and the pineal, there’s always a question which is which. Is this the pituitary between the eyes?

Forces: Well, they’re almost exactly near to each other.

IS: The pineal, from what I understand, is at the tip of the crown, on the head.

Forces: Well, the pineal is located what we call, where the eyebrow is.

IS: The pineal is here then?

Forces: The pineal is where the nose and the brow comes together. The pituitary’s just a little bit higher up.

IS: So they’re nothing here at the tip of the crown.

Forces: You could make something there too. There’s many types of different things that happen there, you know headaches happen there, and implants can happen there, um, but the pineal and the pituitary are basically in those areas. You take the top of your brain, whatever’s left of it, but at the top of your head, not you I mean, we’re talking about, your earthlings, no, we’re not talking that the brain’s no good.

IS: No, mine. Mine’s…

Forces: No, we’re not talking about that, we’re talking nons… mine, not yours, mine. Brain is up here, to the top of your head and going down to this point here, so where these two lines come in is where that’s at, does that help?

IS: Yes, very much. So the pineal, basically is the lowest, then the pituitary is above it?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: But, there is another gland that’s between both of them that gyrates back and forth. And this hasn’t been found by modern scientist up to now. But it will be found, that there is a substance between the pituitary and the pineal that happens when someone is in a form of meditation or in the form of stress or in the form of growth or in the form of creativity, or in the form of perfect love making. Now, I mean, not the sex that you guys think about, but perfect love making creates that center or that gland to become active, which radiates a certain amount of electrical lights around the areas.

IS: But you said stress, also.

Forces: Stress, too, creates a lot of electrical lights around the area. The fear and flight pattern that happens creates that, you, is worked off by that energy too.

IS: Thank you very much.

NN: What’s the best thing to think about in dying or crossing over?

Forces: Pain, and how much it takes to cross over. Um, the transition of the body to go from one place to the other, is a creation or vibration and that vibration or breakdown or the slowing of the vibration that you know of it, or just the crossing over to that other field causes pain. And, the first and foremost in dying, is pain. And once the pain is conquered, there is a certain point in the pain process the individual goes through. And at a certain point there is a stillness or peace until the more pain comes back in. But at the same time, there’s an illumination that comes into the patient who is crossing over, or the soul, that is crossing over from the body. And their illumination, or it’s the extent of awareness happens. So, everything is relative, but what do you want do you want to focus on when you cross over. I would cross over trying to focus on what would be considered the increased awareness of you faculties. I think that will do it.

IS: And the pain, is it in the tunnel? Is there where it happens?

Forces: Well, the pain happens within the whole body. But, then, it is also an element in which you progress from that pain into a different awareness.

IS: And is that still in the tunnel, what they call the tunnel?

Forces: Well, it can be considered the cylinder. The cylinder is the vibration in which one moves from one place to the other in thought forms-creating a cylinder. It is not really a tunnel per se, but a cylinder forms that creates itself when the soul is moving in thought form from one vibration to the next.

NN: And is it possible to hang on to what we know of as prayer.

Forces: The repetition and prayer helps the centering and the focusing and the absorption of that light and that awareness of the centers becoming more acutely sensitive to different vibrations.

NN: So, one could like strive to say something like, the ‘Shema’, is that one of the best things to say, to repeat?

Forces: Well, again, that’s up to the individual and the particular… you wouldn’t find a Baptist saying the Shema…

NN: Well, say for me, would that be…

Forces: Well, that’s true.

NN: Or the rosary?

Forces: Well, again each particular spirit or soul or religion has a certain format of creation that is pertinent and important to that particular race. How we answered that I’m not sure.

IS: Yeah, I just meant about the pain?

Forces: Well, you’ve never died. I mean, what we’re trying to say, in the pain, death creates a certain amount of pain. Cause you know your cells are breaking apart and every explosion of each cell causes a certain amount of pain. I hope that you understand that part.

IS: Yeah.

NN: But, repetition of, whatever, prayer resonates best with that individual soul is one of the best things to do, as far as focusing?

Forces: Well, of course repetition subdues the pain. I hope that helps.

NN: That helps, thank you.

IS: And Mary died saying the rosary?

Forces: Well, yeah, that was what was happening, in her trance setting over into repetition. But every one does it, everyone will do it differently. Some will have a breathing exercise, or a deep breathing, which will be synonymous with dealing with the pain.

NN: My concern is to just make sure that I’m going to the right place.

Forces: Well, again, you’re dealing with so many variables. And when you do go, well, you know, you will be sent to the right place, whether you believe it or not. Many people have been sent to the wrong place, when in reality, that was the right place.

NN: Thank you.

[Recording stops]

IS: …same thing, or less thing? Because, some of them, some of the people that pass away, they are left with a smile.

Forces: Well, that’s because there’s no pain then.

IS: Or, the pain happens after.

Forces: Yeah.

IS: I see, okay. The first thing, there is no pain in that capsule that you are talking about?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Then the pain comes in?

Forces: Yes.

IS: In the passage?

Forces: Exactly.

NN: Is it more of a mental anguish or a mental…

Forces: Anything can be mental, physical, or no chocolate bar.

IS: Okay; now I know what you’re talking about. So it’s not a good tunnel. And those people that would be called the tunnel, the near death experience, they never got yet to the place where the body is breaking down to the point of death, real death, so they cannot experience the pain, they can only experience the peace after the…

Forces: Yes, I would agree with that.

NN: That’s the detachment, the freak out about the…

Forces: Yes, we would agree with that.

IS: Yes, because if they were truly be dying, then they would feel the pain, because, but because it’s only near death they don’t feel it.

Forces: Exactly. I’m sorry it’s taken so long for us to communicate that to you.

IS: No, it’s me understanding it. Which reminds me, you said something, and I really feel like I’m loosing my brain, slowly losing words and…

Forces: Well, that’s all right, we’ve lost ours thousands of years ago.

IS: But, is there anything I can do — I’m taking ginkgo — or, I don’t know what else to do.

Forces: Well, the process, if you understand your losing something, than in all reality your not. When the problem begins is when you don’t think your losing anything, than we could say you lost it. So as long as you think you’re losing it when you think you losing it, then your not.

IS: Except I feel I can’t grab a hold of words, even when I was speaking before I couldn’t grab a hold to remember the word ‘extraterrestrials’.

Forces: Do you remember them now?

IS: Yeah.

Forces: Well, that’s good then.

IS: I mean, what I’m asking is it a real condition that is happening to me?

Forces: Again, if you didn’t remember that you were losing it, then your losing it. But, because you remember your losing it, your not losing it. Does that help.

IS: If that’s the truth…

Forces: No, we make that up.

IS: No, what I mean I just need to really know, so I understand.

Forces: So you don’t know. You really need to know, so you won’t know.

IS: I just.

Forces: What we’re trying to say, is that’s a normal process to think your losing it, when you can’t say something. When in all reality your not losing it because you can say it. But as you can’t say something, and never thought that you’re losing it, that’s when you’ve lost it.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Did you loose us? In that explanation. We don’t mean to be smart, because we’re just trying to talk about a simple thing of losing something.

IS: Thank you very much.

Forces: Yes.

DD: Do I have these correct, that the plane, line, and point, the way I have it put here, Sepher being the plane, Sippur being the line, and Sephar would be the point? Is that the correct way to have it? (Double-check the words)

Forces: In discussing what?

DD: In discussing…

Forces: Are you talking about that in the third dimension or the fourth dimension?

DD: Going from the third dimension, like in projective math, to the fourth.

Forces: Then that would be correct.

DD: So the whole book of Sepher Yetzirah was a mathematical book then?

Forces: That’s right, that is exactly what we’re saying.

DD: Projective geometry.

Forces: Yes.

DD: And that’s how they built the diagram of the tree of life.

Forces: We would correctly say that to be true.

DD: As I study that, I’ll understand more?

Forces: Well, hopefully, yeah. Of course, you will.

DD: One thing hit me you said in the last session, the crystal structure of time. Could you explain more about that?

Forces: That is the doorway that holds all things together.

DD: What does that mean?

Forces: The crystal structure of time is the process that is the solidification and the glue and the ointment that mergers this galaxy with that of the transport galaxy and of other galaxies. It is the concrete form that creates the solidification of your mass, and gives it’s form, by it’s very presence, to time. But without time, and if time did not exist, then your world, as you know it, would not be in existence.

DD: So it is sort of like the movie “The Matrix”?

Forces: We would say so, yes.

DD: Then who’s holding the, that was a program, who’s holding this program? Sort of like the programmed reality, who’s holding this program together?

Forces: Well, we would say, every one of you are.

DD: So the joint minds of all mankind on earth hold this…

Forces: Yes, exactly.

DD: Sort of like the projective reality.

Forces: That’s why murder kind of goes against that.

DD: I have another question…

IS: Because?

Forces: Murder of anything of this vibration goes against it because it breaks the crystal of time. And every murder that happens, assaults the crystal of time. Then that would mean, your reality, as you know it would be totally breaking down. That is why; if someone is in that state of murdering another person, then the crime should not be murder to the person who created murder. The crime of course, should be life imprisonment, or banished to another galaxy or planet. But, murder should not be murder to that of murder. Does that follow.

IS: Yeah.

Forces: It’s not a question of morality or conscience anymore. But it’s a question of the law of the galaxies. If something breaks the crystal of time than it breaks the consciousness of your existence. Therefore, your existence no longer exists, once murder happens. Therefore, when one creates a murder, it assaults the crystal of time. But then, when your powers of authority in retribution to that murder, creates murder, it is assaulting the same crystal of time. So this will be the platform to help those who are fighting against conscientiousness that is against that of murdering those who murder.

IS: Is the crystal of time just for this…

Forces: The crystal of time is the solidification of the beacon of light that goes through all galaxies. But the crystal of time is the essence that creates the solar system. When the crystal of time is fractured to a point that it comes on itself and no longer exists, what you then experience is the black hole. No form.

IS: Is that the crystal that was lower in position the earth in the time of Atlantis?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And they did have time travel, and that is how they have time travel?

Forces: Exactly.

IS: So, they could take, let’s say someone from one time to another…

Forces: With no problem.

IS: As a punishment, lets say, and put him in another place?

Forces: With no problem, yes.

IS: Did they have also, inter-dimensional things, like other dimensions, other time-lines, no, other realities?

Forces: Yes, exactly.

IS: Oh, I see, so they could take someone and banish him just to another reality?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Even at the same time?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And then, create colonies…

Forces: Exactly, that’s where the colonies can come from.

IS: Thank you.

DD: What was the experiment, time experiment, they seemed like they were pretty advanced, on the Titanic-so what were the experiments before that, in that century, and when did they start in the one before that?

Forces: When did what start?

DD: The Titanic seemed like a pretty well organized experiment, so they must have tried it before, what was the one before the Titanic. Or was there one?

Forces: Well, yes there were many. The burning of the great library of Egypt was one. The great, what would be considered, plague, the black plague of Europe was one. That was, what would be considered a time crescent war that hit. And it hit in such a division that the cells of the body where falling apart.

DD: Did someone create that in that time?

Forces: Well, if course, it was created just like, yes, yes.

DD: Who were the ones creating it?

Forces: The ones that were trying to do it experiment. The, medical profession, lets say, at that moment, who were trying to make breakthroughs of what’s inside the body. But at that same time trying to make the breakthrough of the spirit body with the physical body, which created the black plaque to happen.

IS: Well, even if people at this point want to try to find a way to time travel, I mean, this is really very dangerous.

Forces: What?

IS: To even try to find the time-travel…

Forces: Well, it can cause a great deal of havoc if entered into it in the wrong way, yes.

IS: So, the Atlanteans where able to achieve it…

Forces: And do it, yes.

IS: But, that’s because they were centered on the crystal…

Forces: Or in their centering of that spirit, yes, definitely.

IS: And who was the controller of that crystal?

Forces: The controller of the crystal, were the five kings of Atlantis that came together to judge the governments with wisdom and love and kindness. Until they got corrupt.

IS: Corrupt. Then who created that crystal?

Forces: The crystal is the form of the formlessness that is there and only comes into form from the formlessness from those who call it.

IS: So the crystal is always there?

Forces: Yes.

IS: It can always be called upon. If corruptly called upon, it comes in corrupt.

Forces: Yes, exactly.

IS: Thank you.

DD: I have one more question. About the Bible code, I was thinking, instead of putting them in they do now, names, trying to find them, can’t you put in a date, numbers like 1999 as the skip distance?

Forces: You can, but you do have to separate that distance from that place in which you are doing it.

DD: What does that mean?

Forces: Well, what we’re trying to say is, you have to slow time down, so time doesn’t catch up to you.

DD: So if you put it in the Bible Code program, that date, would you find anything out about that time?

Forces: You could, we would see that possible, yes. That’s quite feasible, yes.

DD: Would that be a more accurate way to do it.

Forces: Well, yeah, we would say so.

DD: Thank you very much.

JE: Are the vitamins that I’m taking, do they help with Psoriasis, or what…

Forces: What are you taking?

JE: Just like Centrum vitamins.

Forces: Those aren’t really vitamins. Centrum in a bottle? Those aren’t vitamin. Those are being good doobie vitamins. What you need to do is get a breakdown of your blood system. Spin it down, and then you will get what you need to take. Centrum vitamins are not vitamins, I mean I would take them off the market, I mean you poop them out, we see you poop out your vitamins. Your best to take juices. That would be more vitamins than your body ever had, then Centrum. Centrum is not vitamins. By the time your system breaks down Centrum, it’ll be a century. That’s why call it Centrum. So, how to get the best, I know what you’re asking: What vitamin should you take. Maybe?

JE: Yup.

Forces: We figured that answer. The vitamins you should take basically are C’s, E’s, A’s, Potassium, but of course what you need to do is break it down to your system. Juicing will be a best way, the best way to get these vitamins into your system. Your carrot juices, your green juices…we would also say, and strongly advise you to take wheat grass, and get at least 6 to 7 cups of that a day. It will help you get your vitamins that you need.

JE: Thank you.

IS: And the stuff I’m taking, that’s okay?

Forces: What stuff are you taking? Centrum B plus.

IS: No, I’m not; I’m taking Pancreatin, Niacin…

Forces: Well, your taking something, no what we’re trying to say in this particular case is Centrum is not compatible to the human body. It, you, it doesn’t break down.

IS: And they know that don’t they?

Forces: Well, we know, they know it.

IS: Um, for the, my clients, specifically for […], did I give him correct information?

Forces: Yes.

IS: All the way?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Did he find it?

Forces: Well, again, we won’t say yes. We won’t say no, but we won’t say yes.

IS: Thank you, I just needed to know. Because the last time he yelled and said to me I was wrong, then months later he comes back and says, “you were right, you were right!”

Forces: But it’s always interesting when you leave them alone, then they come back even stronger.

IS: Like right now, my throat, it’s just tired?

Forces: That’s all. We all have that.

IS: My throat?

Forces: Well, again, it’s what would be even…

IS: You gave me the drop of Iodine, and I’ve sometimes been doing it and sometimes not…

Forces: But add with that Iodine, Aloe juice, and that will help.

IS: Aloe juice? To drink how much?

Forces: About 2 to 3 tablespoons.

IS: Take it with water?

Forces: No, no, take it directly. Just the aloe juice. We have to be going.


Forces: What’s the problem?

IS: Just two questions. Will I have moneys to do the work that I’m doing?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So it will come?

Forces: It will come, yes.

IS: And with my clients, is there anything, anybody that, are they, am I right or wrong?

Forces: You are proceeding on course, everything will be there.

IS: And my clients, they don’t. I’m not sure, nobody, I mean nobody, complains about my prices, but nevertheless I’m just asking.

Forces: You are doing what is necessary.

IS: And am I better than the other psychics?

Forces: Yes, heads and shoulders better.

IS: And my clients, they know that.

Forces: Yes, of course they do. At this point, we will be leaving. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heavens…