Session 653-8/1/03

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. It is the first of the month; a month of prayer. It is the month that we would say — one should pray. For the things that the doors of the time force is to be opened. You might say, what is the time force, or the time center? We are here to tell you — the time center and force is on the first of August. With each passing day it becomes stronger and stronger. All creative substance and work is become increase to the point of explosion. We do wish that on your Second Friday of the month that expression of this time travel concept be shared. It is of lineage of time and energy but is also a focus from hence forth for the first thirteen [13] days of August to be that of celebration and also humble devise of energy to be received and to be experienced. We find that on the Thirteenth of the month it is stronger than any part of the year. As we show and explain, this is the exact moment throughout history in which the experiences of warp time travel exist. It is the time in which the Great Pyramids were built and the time in which great traveling was done from this planet and to the origin of this planet — Mars. Earth is the woman part, Mars is the masculine part. It is when the connection of the energy field is in synch. One might not understand this but there is a invisible force field around Earth and Mars from the beginning of its own concept. Mars is close to this. And in so doing is an experience that cannot be achieved unless involved. Therefore, one needs to involve him or herself to that presence of not doing anything in opposition. For as you know, that is not abstain by individuals but by members of the public. You might wonder where we are going with this. It is the direct doorway between Earth and Mars. It is the exact doorway that was created during the Pyramids. It is the doorway exchange that happened between the Pyramid of Giza and the Pyramid of Giza on Mars. The Pyramids were doorways and thresholds of time travel. The Pyramid of Giza was also the time travel from this to Mars; well anchoring. Unfortunately, the development of this is much less because that of the super-rod or the existing had to show his identification, therefore completely different from what he was. Mars and Earth are in conjunction and the energy field is tremendous during the next ten to twenty days. But in the next thirteen days, it’s a rebirth of all that is and can be done. Prayer is very important because they do not know who they have or who will represent them in the future. The entity had to say, “Your lights are too close, you lights are on but you’re too close anyhow”. Unfortunately, this is the time of year where people just like to relax. In so doing, in so doing, this relation brings the bridges to different concepts of the aura. We have the constituted change. Each one a bit similar to the next, but each one different from the next. Mars is most closer to the Earth in the next few days, which would resemble the exact doorway opening from the beginning of the Pyramids and all the way subsequently through. The last time Mars was closer to the Earth is approximately, is over 60 some-odd years ago. It is very important that one would represent the placing of these Pyramids on Mars and to leave of course that which is unexplained or that which is just not absolved. The doorway between Mars and Earth also has it’s benefit sequence and that is those who lead the channel and those that lead the gamut of the pamphlets can adjust by putting their own sequence and their own code within each planet and with each client. So, something to think about. I am completely exhausted in that field of trying to make physical things happen. This is why when you said you like to… And you are allowed to snicker or laugh… to, to, we don’t do this to often, it might create something… But in so doing the doorways between Earth and Mars also extent the abbreviation of the power of the computer and the nailing down of Mars as a concept. At this point I think we have covered all that we had to do. Yes, we will be ready for your questions. We are not particularly ready for your questions. We have many other things to talk to you about. But in so doing, this portal that opens up also allows the spirit world to be more manifest, insight and ingenuity to become more expressed, and also psychic information to be more pronounced, along with creativity to be more exact. This was the beginning of the Pyramids and this was the time in which those who created this philosophy have found themselves to be joined once more again in this tremendous habitat of energy. We then are now fullfilled in explaining everything that is before you and all things that are to come. We are ready for your questions this time.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Why is the… Is it because the entity is very tired or why is the communication so sluggish or so not exactly correct? Difficult?

Forces: Well, from a scale from 1 to 10 we don’t see any difficulty here. We’re quite exact in what we’ve said. If you want to give us a seven or failing, we’ll be pleased to go to another class. [Laughter] But I think what we have talked about in the last four minutes, give or take a minute, it has been exact. I think we’re doing better than the last Session.

IS: Yes. [Laughter] You talked about something, about snickering, or something.

Forces: Snickering? In the last Session?

IS: No, this one.

Forces: You can’t hold us to everything.

IS: But is it because the entity is tired or because the doors… or why is that happening?

Forces: Are you talking about this Session?

IS: Yeah.

Forces: You better go for what you have now.

IS: Ok, thank you. How is my health? Could I be checked out by you?

Forces: We find you to okay, we don’t see anything in particular. Of course you find yourself with blood in your stool but that’s because of hemorrhoids.

IS: How about, I keep smelling that thing that normally years back would only come when I had an infection. A sinus infection or something.

Forces: Well, sinus infection is very prominent; it last for a few months or weeks and it will be dispersed.

IS: It hasn’t…

Forces: But, it hasn’t gone away yet, let us finish please, and therefore you basically increase your garlic in your system.

IS: Thank you. Because it hasn’t left me at all.

Forces: Well, increase your garlic and everything will leave you. [Laughter]

IS: I’m also going to be going for a mammogram, am I okay in that direction?

Forces: Again, we reviewed what you are and we don’t see any particular thing standing to be alarming. We don’t interpret it as such, no.

IS: Would somebody else interpret it as such?

Forces: We doubt it very much; we wouldn’t perceive it to be such, no.

IS: Why have I become all of a sudden allergic to cats — or is just this cat?

Forces: We don’t think you are particularly allergic, there are some times within your immune system that you built up an intolerance, not particularly cat. I think it’s also psychosomatic because the cat tripped you and you landed on your face. So therefore, there is a certain amount of why don’t I distance myself from this critter.

IS: So, I’m really not allergic to cats?

Forces: It’s psychosomatic or you’re protecting yourself for survival.

IS: Why has that cat, this particular cat, I’ve been so good to it, why has it been such a nemesis to me?

Forces: The cat has half a brain cell. It does not mean to be nasty or bad, it’s just not functioning in all stems.

IS: Did April function better?

Forces: Well she might have functioned better, but she sat on her rump a lot.

IS: But she was less dangerous to me! [Laughter]

Forces: This has a merit of truth in it’s own right.

IS: So with my health, they’re not going to find anything bad again in my health.

Forces: We don’t see it; we don’t see it at all.

IS: Is there a danger futuristically?

Forces: You know, we are thinking that ourselves tonight. ‘If there was a danger futuristically?’ The question is we couldn’t find it yet. When we do, we’ll be in trouble. There’s always a danger futuristically. The question is when you hit it then you deal with it presently. So, dangers happen.

IS: Yeah, but you know what I’m asking.

Forces: Futuristically, yes we do.

IS: Yeah, about the cancer, that’s what I’m asking.

Forces: Yes, we’ll see it no. For your answer, no.

IS: Thank you. I mean, can you see me, let’s say 10 years from now, what my situation is?

Forces: Well if you moved a little bit to your left, it would be 10 years from now.

IS: I mean, can you take a look at me and see what’s happening for me?

Forces: Now, or 10 years from now?

IS: 10 years… well, 10 years, yeah, I would like to see what you see for me 10 years from now.

Forces: Not bad, not bad, 10 years from now, not bad.

IS: Alive still?

Forces: Yeah, alive.

IS: And in health?

Forces: More alive, yes, in health.

IS: Good health?

Forces: Better than bad health.

IS: Well, do you see me healthy?

Forces: Yeah, we’re still planning to see you healthy, yes.

IS: Thank you. The cars, what do I do, how do I deal with that? I mean, I have a few thoughts and I don’t know I have a few different scenarios. One of them I thought… shall I say them or you will tell me?

Forces: Sure, go ahead.

IS: One of them was the original one was that I will give Tom my Volvo and buy myself a new Volvo. So I went looking for the Volvo’s and I don’t see that the new Volvo’s are any better than what I’ve got.

Forces: Better keep what you got.

IS: Better keep what I got?

Forces: Either way would be good.

IS: Either way?

Forces: Whatever you decide.

IS: Is there a… then I was looking at BMW’s for me and then give Tom my Volvo. But they saw my Volvo and they wanted to buy it. They said, ‘we’ll give you good exchange money on your Volvo if you buy the BMW’. So, I thought to myself, we’ll if they want the Volvo so badly, I will keep it. I don’t know!

Forces: Who wanted your Volvo?

IS: Well, the BMW people said…

Forces: Oh, yes.

IS: The BMW people said, ‘OH that’s an easy sell’. So I thought to myself, well in that case, I will keep it. I mean I want to keep it, to give it to the entity or whether to whether to give him a car that’s a little bit higher off the ground, that’s a 4-wheel drive. I don’t know what’s the best.

Forces: Either way, but the later part is the best.

IS: The 4-wheel?

Forces: Yes, with the certain…

IS: I didn’t understand.

Forces: Well, that was a slip of the tongue. We didn’t say that.

IS: So, when I said the 4-wheel drive, that’s what you meant?

Forces: Yes.

IS: That that’s probably the better option?

Forces: It can be the best option. Question.

IS: Thank you.

ES: Can you tell us the name of the Galaxy that we live in?

Forces: The name of the Galaxy?

ES: In reviewing the Sessions, we were trying to figure that out, the other day.

Forces: The name of the Galaxy… Well, you have the Milky Way which is a lot of Galaxies you can see. There is a certain information that comes across and maybe this might be helpful to all three of us. Repeat your question?

ES: The name of the galaxy.

Forces: [Inaudible]

IS: Can you give us help on how Tom can do the NAHUC 2005 thing…

Forces: Interpretation of the website. This can be done very well.

IS: Talking about NAHUC, his convention, and the entity’s convention. How to make it the best…

Forces: [Snoring once] We didn’t do that. What was your question, we need to focus.

IS: [ES]’s question was…

Forces: Yes.

ES: The name of our Galaxy.

Forces: And we gave it to you, no? In another live. The Galaxy in which we are seeing ourselves is called “Orion Mogul Plus”. And you might have a little experience with, but this is basically… Go ahead; laugh not, for fear that your trousers will fall. Question.

IS: Okay.

Forces: [Inaudible]

[Recording ends at 25:18 abruptly]