Session 665-7/30/04

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area. With, I would consider, a very interesting night. We have witnessed the many changes of the atmosphere of the Earth and also the melting of the ice caps. In, of course, their many different striated effects. There are some ice caps that are being just broken off completely and floating away and then there are others that break off in strips and they stay in its place. The idea that the general area of the ice does bring down the temperature of the atmosphere — even if it’s one degree, that one degree does change elaborate things on the Earth. And not only that, in so doing it also changes the polarity of the Earth. So, in this regards we find that the Earth is going through many different changes in its structure and atomic creation. We also see that there are those attractions and likes of different planets. The more attractions are being felt by the planet of Mars still; and the activity on Mars is enormous. There are many different graduates of effects that goes on with Mars from the visitations of the different planets. We know by the administration of your president at this time, he would love to continue flights to Mars. One of the most positive things in his administration is to get out of the Earth and to head to Mars. We’re now ready for questions.

IS: So you think this… Thank you for coming in. You think it’s a good thing to go to Mars to make that…

Forces: There are no choices left, Mars has to be colonized by the Earth. It’s one of the many different aspects that has to be accomplished.

IS: Wow. When do you see it colonized, officially, I mean openly — that the Earth people all know?

Forces: Well Mars will begin to be more in affect by the 2013 to 2015. It will be its prime time of colonization. We would see that by 2030 there will be living units on Mars and mini-cities and there will be vacation spots. But there will be also a great introduction of extraterrestrial relationships and a new higher understanding of science and the ability to heal oneself. There is a quality in which the gene therapy can affect the growth within the body. We find that in so doing there are many structures within the body that have, what would be considered, stem cells-alerts. These are signals in which the DAFFER, or the DALFA of the nerve system will be connected to the message. In so doing we have a creation of DALFER or DALFA and then the connecting of the energy to rejuvenate and exhilarate the process of healing and growth. This is all by frequencies and you would understand that people will just turn on frequencies and this will promote a certain amount of rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is done gradually and is an understanding that only the one who is to be rejuvenated can feel the process of the cells within the body changing to higher experiences. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you, wow. 2030 is a long time for some of us but not that long for some other people.

Forces: Everything is relative in its own form. We would find it to all be relative. Forgive us while this entity’s nose is running all over the place.

IS: What is wrong with my right side?

Forces: [Blows nose with tissue.] This is the first time we ever blew a nose. [Laughter] In our thirty-some-odd years. We’ve never blown a nose before! Like blowing a gasket. [Laughter]

IS: Can you heal him?

Forces: Heal him; we wouldn’t waste our energies on blowing noses.

IS: So can you do something…

Forces: We don’t intend to hang around in this body while we’re blowing his nose.

IS: But can you heal the entities body then?

Forces: Well we’re stop the onslaught of… whatever.

IS: Can you…

Forces: What was your question?

IS: Can you tell me if there is something wrong with any of my teeth?

Forces: Well, you know, we understand there’s a certain stress within your jawbone. There are times you could give yourself exercises in this nature. But in so doing we say you could rap a warm towel around your chin and around your head and it might alleviate some pressure. We also say sometime it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy a certain amount of rubbing with alcohol at certain points under the ears, what would be considered, wood alcohol or just plain alcohol that you find in a bottle. But just dabbing it under the ears would rejuvenate a certain energy flow. We don’t see it as a critical condition in its effect, but we do see it as an annoyance.

IS: But is there anything wrong with the teeth.

Forces: We only — excuse us while we blow that particular thing — we don’t see anything wrong in those areas. At this moment we just see an energy flux that comes and goes.

IS: So there’s no root canal necessary anywhere?

Forces: No we don’t see that happening.

IS: And the headache, continuous, is that from the same thing?

Forces: We have a feeling that we see a clog area in the sinus canals. We see a lot of this going on.

IS: So the headache is from sinus?

Forces: The fallout of sinus, yes.

IS: [whispers something] And the jaw is from what, what did I do, what happened?

Forces: Well sometimes eat slower and just rub the lower jaw to release some of the tension in the jaw and massage the temples. This will be a beginning of the exercises to help you.

IS: And rub the alcohol behind my ear?

Forces: Yes.

IS: And my foot is it…

Forces: It’s getting much better than what you’ve experienced two weeks ago.

IS: Will that foot ever get healed?

Forces: Yes, of course.

IS: I mean where I’ll be able to again move around.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you so much. Now the people that I worked with today, did they feel, especially the couple, did they feel that I’m helping them?

Forces: They did leave quite relieved with some of the stress and burdens that they are going through.

IS: So do they believe that I am helping them?

Forces: Well, of course.

IS: They do believe that, yeah?

Forces: Yes, people of desperation will believe it in the condition that they find it. The answer is yes.

IS: I did help them then?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you. For Alice, is finally anything beginning there?

Forces: What was that?

IS: Alice? In the hospital?

Forces: What was the question?

IS: Is she getting any better, is anything going to be help for her?

Forces: Well, as amazing as it is she’s quite bright at how to lose weight even in the hospital. We find that she keeps herself moving and exercising and a lot of exercise she does at night. But she hasn’t gained any weight in her x-amount of time being there because she exercises and you’ll find her exercising at night so it would keep her muscles moving and she could burn energy that way.

IS: Is there anyway to stop it?

Forces: Just to have her stay in one position. This is the best way to do it where she would reward herself by stopping the process.

IS: Does she want to die?

Forces: We don’t see that now. She does want to heal herself.

IS: So, why is she exercising.

Forces: To loose weight.

IS: So it doesn’t make sense.

Forces: Well, it’s a sickness that takes over.

IS: Thank you.

ES: The frequencies of healing that you spoke of is that the Solfeggio notes in the Gregorian chants, did they click into that?

Forces: Yes.

ES: What centers are they, are those six notes healing?

Forces: Stomach and the kidneys and the diaphragm and the tongue.

ES: Oh, thank you very much.

NN: The stem cell research that’s going on is that something that morally or spiritually is okay? The basic concept of using the embryonic tissues — I mean how does it work in terms of a soul being?

Forces: Well, we have to say there are some spiritual practices involved and there are some physical practices involved. But in all reality, it does not allow the soul… excuse us while we sneeze. [Sneezes] It doesn’t allow the process to become less. [Reaching for tissue] We’re sorry; we were busy with the nose. We are totally rapped up in doing this creature’s… we are known to make a phone call. It is interesting how you deal with these two holes. [Laughter] And we’re still trying to understand it. But I guess that when it rains it pours. Now, your question with stem cells — in between the nostrils — we would say that it is not a spiritual question as they are hooking it to, because there is not a soul attached to the stem cell, per se yet. It hasn’t developed to that degree. So it’s not an ethical question. Even though it would debated as an ethical question. For they feel the soul is involved with the stem cell; but it is not. But I don’t believe anyone would listen to us if we said it is not a spiritual question. Therefore, they can continue to do stem cell research. But we don’t want to sound too biased here. They’ve already advanced in stem cell research in the laboratories and in the cloning process.

IS: So basically what you’re saying is that cloning does not bring in a soul?

Forces: Well as we watch this and listen to this, we’re very interested in your computers here. We’re trying to understand that in stem cells, there basically is not a soul involved but it is the magnetic — no, it is the molecular structure of the energy of the cell that gives it’s reproduction power. So there is a quality of energy and organism and force field that is very interesting. I hope that helps.

NN: Thank you. So, I mean there’s nothing really wrong with it, as long as they use it for a positive — I mean for healing somebody.

Forces: Well, what we’re saying is it needs to be put under control like narcotics and signed and noted and documented. Never to do it out of control.

NN: Thank you.

CN: That’s interesting, thank you for coming in. Is the sunspot that’s right in the middle of the sun right now — directed at us — is that affecting Earth?

Forces: Oh yes, this is making everyone emotional and unstable and erratic in their behavior. It’s very unnerving in it’s approach.

CN: And what other, are their any other affects that we’re going to see from that?

Forces: Emotional flare ups and encounters. Things that don’t really make any sense or structure. But a lot of people are beginning to come to a point of knowing that they have to find groups to be and be able to continue their study in the spirit. And the groups are solidifying and becoming more and more involved with one another; that this too will become a great influence in it’s own development aspect.

CN: So we should be kind of aware of the attack that might be coming from different personalities; and emotions are going to be raised at this time?

Forces: Yes.

CN: Thanks. There’s the last session, actually one year ago, on the 1st of August was talking a lot about Mars also. Is there a connection, I mean what’s happening again, you brought up Mars again?

Forces: Well, of course here it is the beginning of the paradigm and the energy flow and the grid coordinators that happen once a year between Earth and Mars. And this is the beginning and the entrance of the vortex or they call it the ‘worm-hole’ in which time travel happens; from the 1st of August to the 13th of August. Interestingly enough, the Olympics starts on the 13th of your month of August…

CN: I was just going to ask that.

Forces: Which is a world order condition and figured out to the T to reinstate the energy fields that was on the Earth at the beginning of the cycle of the invading of the aliens — extraterrestrials mind you — at that particular time thousands of years ago.

CN: So their using this Olympic event, I mean is it because of everyone’s consciousness focused on it that they can do something?

Forces: And also the energy will be of a conduit between Earth and Mars. Mars is also known for the warrior aspect, which will take place.

CN: What’s that mean?

Forces: This is the Olympic feat or the energy field of excellence or the battle for excellence.

CN: And does that have to do like the battle for the extraterrestrials or the battle against them?

Forces: Well you’ll have a kaleidoscope of interactions in this field, yes.

CN: Thank you.

Forces: But know that the connection between Mt. Olympus at that time and Mars would be phenomenally astute in it’s connection of energies from the Earth to Mars and back again.

CN: Thank you.

Forces: And there will be a lot of presence being that this is your 2004 CITRUM, there will be a lot of reappearance of souls that have gone into the time warp in the 50s.

IS: What do you mean?

Forces: Through experiments in the 50s they have disappeared and will reappear again.

IS: When?

Forces: Through this the 13th of August.

IS: Will their reappearance be noticed?

Forces: Well they’ll vibrate and shiver and appear and exist for a few minutes and then disappear.

IS: So, they basically are lost lives.

Forces: Not that they’re lost lives, but their existing in another dimension and will appear on the Earth as they were in the 50s.

CN: Is this through the Philadelphia Experiment?

Forces: It is something, yes, like that.

IS: Do they know that they are disappearing and reappearing here?

Forces: Well they exist all the time where they’re at, so they don’t understand that they’re pulsating into different field or a different force field. Because they are constant.

IS: So they might just have a headache or something?

Forces: Yeah, that could be it. One big great headache.

IS: So that would be just the manifestation to us, but to them it would just be like a headache or something.

Forces: Yes.

IS: You say they are existing in another dimension, what is there existence like, meaning do they have a world, home, houses, families?

Forces: Well, of course they do, but there are many different fields of existence.

IS: Are they aware now that their existence is different from what it was?

Forces: Yes.

IS: What do they attribute it to; I mean how do they explain themselves?

Forces: Well, they feel like they’re having a bad hair day. They don’t see it. But in reality they have changed.

IS: So to them, they continued life here on Earth.

Forces: Yes.

IS: Are they dead?

Forces: No, they still exist, no they are not dead.

IS: So in their mind they are still here continuing from the 50s?

Forces: Yes.

IS: So, to them they have not gone into another reality, to them they are on Earth, because they are on Earth…

Forces: On the other side, connected to Mars, yes. There will be a glow around Mars during the next period of the 1st to the 15th of August, so there will be a lot, again, strange phenomena happening. And also the sunspot is creating it and you times that by three, with emotional stuff that makes no sense whatsoever.

IS: But, those people that appear and disappear and those people that live in another existence, what do they think they are living in or are they aware consciously that they have made a shift into another dimension?

Forces: Well let’s say that they are like, as you talk of them, those on a highway going a hundred and twenty miles an hour, and when they shift up even higher, they could go a hundred and thirty miles an hour. But there are those who are behind them that are to busy trying to clean up after them and are going two to three miles an hour. So each group goes at a different speed or energy and each one has its own field. At this point, we will be leaving. But we will speak to you again soon. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…