Session 117 B?? – 5/29/77

The following is from (BH)’s shorthand notes.]

Forces: Greetings. We have received the end. It is interesting, isn’t it? [(NN) struggles with the tape recorder and can’t get it to work. Others try to help her.] It isn’t meant to be recorded. There is nothing that we can do. Also a state of clumsiness. We have chosen to come at the right moment to re-affirm to all here the heaviness of your own commitment and responsibilities in the future. You need to take on such. Everyday should be a new day to increase your knowledge and advance the cause further. There is no end. Do not look for one. Do not look for your limitations or comfort. Many of you seek only your own personal comfort desiring nothing else. Once this is achieved, you seem to stagnate and become dull, dumb, and dizzy, irresponsible, and irresistible to the black force. We have a fine example in RU who is dull, dumb, and dizzy in her responsibilities. She seeked only avenues to suit her comfortability, and she conquered all those desires which represented her image, and now she feels she has done everything in her power to retire for life. Such an individual will find no one responding to her and her life a waste only when it is too late. She has planned a retirement party for herself completely dull and dumb and dingy. Do not allow your life to become so dull and mundane that you cease to exist to responsibilities and environment. Every moment must be worked, every second. You must keep manifesting the spirit. By giving in to desires on a sensual level, you will not move for this takes your creative energy. Then, only one thing will be open to you — emotional tantrums. Such was the case with the one who left, and such it is with anyone who wakes up in the morning having a tantrum. Such individuals are still on the sensual level, having an inner battle with their soul. Still, advancement for you or them in these conditions as to comfortability and image have been nil. Stress once more everyone is responsible in contributing to the future of the group and his own development. Do not sit back and take it easy and think others will take care of you. You must do it yourself. Do it now, for tomorrow will be too late. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Any particular reason why part I or whatever it was before this moment was so hard to hear… what happened?

Forces: Stressing point of your own involvement and energy level. A session can only come through when the consciousness is raised to a certain vibration and you are ready to take with us. We do not communicate with monkeys.

IS: In a case like that, is chanting helpful to raise the vibration?

Forces: Chanting is raising your own vibration. It was necessary and needed, and when we stop you, it means we recognize it and take the energy.

IS: The other times, was the chanting doing harm?

Forces: It means the energy field would have reached and passed the energy needed.

IS: I meant previous sessions.

Forces: We answered in response to such.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Is there a connection between the nervous system and the tentacles of the blob?

Forces: There is a direct connection between the nervous system and the blob. Our desires. Remember, the blob, as you call it, is seated over the heart and gets energy from the gonads’ misuse and misapplication and represents Judas who fell away from the apostleship of Jesus. Represents misuse of your energy and must regain commitment to your God. It is connected through the nervous system and in such a manner that it is throughout the whole system.

NN: It reaches to everything in the body?

Forces: Negative field reaches out.

NN: Thank you. It was said that singing is like praying twice. Is that because the cells have to produce twice as much energy?

Forces: It is also recorded in other heavens when you sing.

NN: Is plain song considered singing just as much as a varied melody?

Forces: It is considered just as much.

NN: Thank you.

HA: Should we change our diets at this time?

Forces: Changes or additions in your diet you will find in your grocery.

HA: Thank you. Is there anything I can do to curtail my blob?

Forces: Discipline, meditation, and prayer, and a schedule.

HA: Thank you. Why was I born a Scorpio this lifetime?

Forces: I rather think you not to be a Scorpio.

IS: Is she a Libra now under the new astrology?

Forces: it is said tail of Scorpio or what would be called the latter part Libra Scorpio.

IS: Is she coming out of one karmic influence…

Forces: To her consciousness.

HA: Any information for us in general?

Forces: Keep thy meditations strong, your prayers, and your schedule concerning the future.

HA: Thank you.

SN: The skin problem I have been having on my arm. What causes this and what can I do to cure it?

Forces: This is a direct battle within yourself. It is called eruptions or volcanic eruptions or what would be called the shakes. It is a continual battle with the spirit element within self. To conquer it is to set a purpose within self and also a purpose on a spiritual level or else it will continue.

SN: Thank you.

Forces: Anytime. If you do not do what has to be done, we will make it itch. If this does not work out, we will scratch it for you.

SN: Will the…

Forces: We have our doubts, but we think if you have strength in the spirit, all things will manifest.

HI: How am I doing and what must I be working on?

Forces: Doing all right. You must be working on self. Takes a stronger person inside a person. You have developed a certain element of creativity, and that must be expressed through your hands.

HI: Since reading the new astrology book, thought had become a Pisces, but then learned I had become an Aries?

Forces: A light influence of Aries, also a subtle one.

HI: How is Jacob doing?

Forces: He has to be following more scheduled ideas and put them down on paper. His dreams and his plans and strive to put them in operation within two (2) years.

IS: Does that mean he will have prophetic dreams?

Forces: In a sense.

IS: Projects for him to do?

Forces: Yes.

LK: Can you explain the feeling I had in the skylight room? I don’t know how to explain it, but it had a cloistered effect.

Forces: Like a dimensional pull into the fourth (4th) sphere. The whole house is created and constructed to have complete energy flow into that room- essence of lines, energy current, the water, even the cement flow of drain on the floor -a circle accomplishing energy flow. Whenever there is a drain’ or duct on the floor, it conducts energy through it. It is always that way. The architect had this energy flow in mind. Was done by us.

LK: That’s why the room was the surgical room?

Forces: You are a genius. When we do something, we do it right. Mr. Sperry who worked on that room did it all right.

IS: You already undid it?

Forces: We have our ways.

IS: The things we have been discussing about where to keep the ark, how to arrange it. Can you tell us how to do this room, please?

Forces: We would suggest many things but…

IS: It’s because of the East business.

Forces: You have an option to use. You could do one or two things. Construct a tent connecting to the inside from the living room, and worship God in a tent until the temple is built, or you could use the dormitory on the second floor as a meditation room until you have space for the permanent one, or you could put the ark to the West… [clears throat] Ran out of Smith Brothers. You could use on the eastside, mirrors, and as you will see, it will no longer be west or east — there will be one side reflected in all.

IS: You mean in the skylight?

Forces: Wonderful.

IS: The other door knocking right into the ark or something?

Forces: Look at the room, and you will see what we are talking about.

LK: The ark on the east side and mirrors on the west wall.

IS: Correct?

Forces: Correct.

IS: The mirrors would be covered with black drapes only to be opened when the door is closed and a service is in process? Other than that, that door would not be permitted to be open while it’s a meditation room?

Forces: What door?

IS: The one between the skylight room and the library.

Forces: That door is fine with us. You can open the other door and enter that way.

IS: We’ll forget the dorm now – the chimney room on the east side. This is a better idea.

Forces: Better idea. Everything in the heavens gravitates around this house. It is so perfect. That is the way it is aligned with the heavenly bodies.

DD: Should the ark sit up high on a platform?

Forces: If you can do that.

IS: Those two (2) angels that we got…

Forces: We picked them out long ago.

IS: So it was my fault that we didn’t get them a long time ago.

Forces: We wouldn’t say that. There has to be development seeing one thing to be ready to have another thing.

IS: So I failed a test?

Forces: Just our instrument so that it would be recognized when you passed a test. You are like a floodgate that opens or closes only after the group consciousness has met the energy flow. If you would have purchased them a year ago, they would be in storage.

IS: In storage? Thank you.

BH: Could you tell us the best way to pray? You told us in a session prayers should be a request that is not a request, and then in a Cayce reading I read the way to pray for anything for yourself is by praying for it as to the benefit of others. What is the best way?

Forces: Put them both together and do both.

BH: Thank you.

IS: Is it correct that we should have a red carpet in the skylight room?

Forces: I think that is so wonderful.

BH: Is there anything I should be specifically doing to prepare for the move to Virginia?

Forces: Discipline, concentration, alertness to things around you.

BH: Thank you.

GL: Could you tell us about the black holes in space what they represent?

Forces: Where do you find black holes?

GL: I read about them.

Forces: They represent vastness of creation.

GL: Are they like entrances into other universes?

Forces: Just said so.

GL: What should be done with the electricity in the Schuyler attic?

Forces: It should be checked out by a professional. It will be found to be okay.

IS: In line with that, the things we were discussing today…

Forces: Wonderful, wonderful.

IS: Okay.

Forces: Not that we did not have anything to do with it. We can’t wait to get started. Clear any passage more than 300 (three hundred) feet wide in a circle, so that way we can go up and down. Walk off 300 (three hundred) feet, and you will find out how big we are.

DN: You or your ship?

Forces: If I was 300 (three hundred) feet, I would find it difficult to be here. Count 1,298 (one thousand two hundred ninety-eight) steps north. That is the place. Direct north, due north from the door.

DN: The front door or the back door?

Forces: Only one door that opens north.

DD: Is that your landing site – due north from the front of the house we are to clear an area 300 (three hundred) feet wide?

IS: If I understand correctly, the front door going across the other property. Is that it?

Forces: Perfect.

IS: Should we do it tomorrow?

Forces: Do it when you have the time to do it.

GL: Can you give me some personal guidance at this time?

Forces: Work, create, and work again.

GL: Are there specific areas I should work in to create?

Forces: Wood, stone, metal, iron.

GL: Thank you.

MK: About the self-sufficient electrical system, is it necessary for the house? Is a steam engine a possibility?

Forces: All these possibilities.

MK: Is there any other method or way to produce electricity?

Forces: You can create a solar roof.

IS: Is that in the big house?

Forces: No problem on the big house. It is made perfectly in mind for that.

MK: Because it gets sun all day?

Forces: Umm-hmm.

GL: Should we use the solar panel they have now or develop what Tom gave us?

Forces: As time goes on, you will find out what would be convenient.

IS: Is it correct that the roof shouldn’t be raised in the big house?

Forces: We would rather not do that.

IS: Even though…

Forces: It can be done to raise the roof.

IS: Anything that can be done by the professional…

Forces: Make plans for it, and we will check them out.

IS: Nevertheless, even though we might get solar heating, we would still need an electrical double system.

Forces: Double system.

IS: Plumbing same thing? Professional plumber?

Forces: Will do – it’s right.

IS: Then we don’t need a plumber?

Forces: Yes and no.

IS: Does that mean among ourselves we have that knowledge?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Is Moyer doing all right?

Forces: Doing all right. Could be faster, but time and considering areas, doing all right.

IS: Should we get in touch with him?

Forces: If you went. Encourage him, and give him incentive to try. Question.

IS: Thank you.

BR: Why was the door locked when we got there?

Forces: Stupidity and ignorance.

IS: Carelessness?

Forces: Nothing is ever carelessness.

BR: Is Rachel the same entity as Eve and Mary?

Forces: Correct.

BR: Could more be told about the angel (Zaphiel) on the bottom of Tom’s robe?

Forces: There is a direct flow of energy from this dimension to the 4th (fourth) dimension.

BR: Thank you.

JU: Would it be beneficial for me to become a lawyer?

Forces: If you can discipline your mouth. Look into schools and plans, and we will give you the answer.

JU: Could you give us the dimensions of the foot box you told us to make? The earth box?

DN: The box to remove the grossness from the body.

Forces: How to construct?

DN: It was to be made of oak and the inside preferably aluminum.

Forces: There you have it. A perfectly square box with a hole on the top.

IS: It doesn’t matter what dimensions?

Forces: Correct.

JU: Could you give us some guidance so we can be sure our marriage will be for God?

Forces: If marriage will be for God.

DN: The angels we bought… Can you tell us who they represent, who made them?

Forces: We could consider alive inside them spirit breath. Let the name be written in a very special place, it will be interesting when people come over and make sarcastic comments. Angels will take care of their hide.

NN: Is that like the golem?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So I wasn’t mistaken when I saw the eyes move?

Forces: No. Do not say this to anyone, or else they might get spooked out. As you can see, there are many reasons why this session could not be taped.

DN: Was anybody in the group involved in making them?

Forces: Yes. They were made by an individual who had the strength and evolution of his soul from the beginning of time to bring them and encase the word of God into the earth discreetly.

DN: Can you tell us who the entity was?

Forces: No. In the group, under the group, over the group, through the group.

IS: Is it the entity Tom?

Forces: [No answer]

IS: Was it 1910 when the statues were made?

Forces: Give or take 10 (ten) years.

IS: He worked on the statues 30 (thirty) years?

Forces: Thirty-three (33), thirty-three thousand (33,000) years. Only a few of these statues, and they have enormous power. You have found four (L) Two (2) are free to operate, and the other two (2) are encased and enclosed and cannot operate.

JE: Did we find the other set?

Forces: Correct.

JE: Is it possible to get the other set?

Forces: That would be up to you.

DN: Can we ask about Jody… what to do?

Forces: She must work with her husband and cannot fly around. Disciplines she must meet by responsibility.

DN: Should we invite her to the house?

Forces: This is in question.

DN: Can I ask about the condition with Lorraine’s stomach? Can you give any help on that?

Forces: Caused by aggravation. Calm down. Warm milk. Food diet. Attitude work. Man problem.

IS: This is the husband she must stay with, or that she will stay with?

Forces: No.

IS: Can we ask if she is meant for this group?

Forces: No, you cannot ask that question.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: If she would sincerely go to God, it would be nice.

IS: She is falling into mental trips?

Forces: That is your question and your answer, too.

IS: Thank you.

RH: Is it correct that this group is the next part of the Bible to be written?

Forces: Some chapter.

RH: Sometimes I feel I would like to write it all down.

Forces: What is stopping you? Question.

RH: Should we contact or have any relationship with those Mennonites?

Forces: In time.

RH: Tom did a drawing on a piece of paper in pencil. It had 1999 on it with a lot of symbols with countries and sandals, and finally all symbols said everything would happen in 1999.

Forces: Yes, it is a paper that will tell you everything that will happen in 1999 that gives position and attitude of each country in the time ahead of us.

IS: Centers represent Israel?

Forces: Principle of a shepherd, and this would be the unnamed country.

DD: Did anybody in the group help build the house in Schuyler?

Forces: All helped to build it.

DD: Some alive that helped build it?

Forces: Yes.

DD: Was Virginia part of the Garden of Eden?

Forces: Direct line for a positive energy flow.

IS: Is it a straight line with Jerusalem?

Forces: Lined up in such a way that the flow line of Jerusalem going through Nashville, Tennessee, and Salem, North Carolina.

IS: Any significance North Carolina/Virginia poor and Jerusalem/Virginia rich?

Forces: Spirit in Virginia, as you well know.

DD: What force is in a rectangle?

Forces: The force of elements on earth.

DD: How does that work?

Forces: Direct and reflective type of action. Great deal of information given. Use it wisely. Meditations important. Group consciousness important. Harmony important. Discipline, develop, control your minds. Do not rest. Move ever onward. Be impetuous to come up with a new way. Move. New ways to old. Greetings to all here present now.

GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens…