Session 128 – 9/6/77

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have enjoyed the scenic route of this expedition. We must commend you all in succeeding on a physical level in doing certain items that we could not possibly do in the earth. In short, you had been a tremendous success in this upper layer of experience. We have witnessed to the expedition and the movement through the country of Newfoundland and we only can say that it was a success on every level. If you could have only have heard and seen the excitement when you finally went onto to your transport boat to take you back, you wouldn’t have believed the attention you received! But everything had worked according to schedule. And if you could have only have seen the thousands of elements that went into making this trip as on-time as possible. Each particular segment had to be played out at a particular time or else the whole particular flight would have gone up in smoke. This was the particular flight of the group that they did not become comfortable and relax too much, but to move, and in moving it produced the schedule that was planned. It could have not been done any better than how it was done and now we are preparing for your next trip. But we’ll not reveal that to you until a few days. Questions.

IS: Those things that I considered petrified castles, is there such a thing?

Forces: You would find these what would be called “kronkins”, or castles of rock in which indirectly are the energy fields for the black forces long before man or the son of man became embedded into the physical body. The earth’s crust in certain areas, Arizona, New Mexico; you’ll find also in France, Egypt, certain parts of Turkey, certain parts of Tibet and Lebanon these particular energy field centers. Some are white and some are used for the black side, of course, these particular castles were not used for productive means. It was the landing or the extension for the Lords of the North, demolishing team of destruction in which was still embedded in this land. Very few of the White Forces success has ever come from that land.

IS: So those castles really… were they also at one time actual castles that got petrified?

Forces: They were energy fields that came from them a housing of force one a material level to destroy in which it would be said a castle-shape resided.

IS: Now with the entity Ray, is there anything you can tell us?

Forces: It is a soul that has been retrieved from Newfoundland. Inside there is tremendous work to be had, but it represents the seed of truth from this particular area to be saved.

IS: So it’s the best of Newfoundland. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best?

Forces: It is a young spirit of Newfoundland that had to be removed.

IS: Now since our mission was successful into Newfoundland, so to speak, into the fortress of the black forces, what does it mean now? Did we actually create a path for the white forces there? Like a beam or a territory? Or did we actually claim something that the black forces no longer can touch? A specific thing?

Forces: We would advise that the territory has been penetrated by the white forces and new areas have been claimed for the white forces’ development. You will see a tremendous chain of reaction to come.

IS: And Newfoundland was a part of Atlantis? An actual part that didn’t go under?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And are there people there still alive that have generation after generation still somewhere…

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now, the thing with… what happened with some members of the group… I’m… I can’t ask how can this be avoided, but why bother with these particular souls that actually endanger everybody else?

Forces: It is up to these particular souls to make it their duty to advance and take that which is to be successful. In short, it is in the scales of the balance of their lives that they have to choose and are given the perfect opportunity to make the correct choice. It is at this moment that the choice must be made or else certain conflicts in their own lifestyles will be manifested. There are souls that need to make that choice. And certain circumstances has been placed in order to make that choice. As far as the time element and the choice, if it has not been done properly and according to plan then other aspects take over.

IS: Yeah, but it’s like those… it’s a very dangerous aspect. Really! It’s a very dangerous aspect to the entity Tom, it’s a very…

Forces: It is a dangerous type of experience you are working with, with life and death, with the many lives to come after, with the souls that are in the earth. It is not a safe project that we are endeavoring. But we only hope that those individuals will become strong in their self-determination to do that which their conscience and will dictates for them to do.

IS: Well, nevertheless I wouldn’t go and put matches near gasoline-and hope it doesn’t explode, a lit match near gasoline.

Forces: We will still have to pursue the course of endeavor.

IS: Thank you very much. The things that bumped into the tent and the way I reacted, did. I mess up?

Forces: There is no particular negative field from that reaction.

IS: The bee stinging me, did I understand the cause?

Forces: It would have to be re-evaluated. Yes, to give and not with a secondary thought.

IS: That’s why I got stung.

Forces: It is to raise a consciousness, to become aware of an item involved in giving.

IS: Now for the entity (TY), is that correct the way we’re going to do it?

Forces: This should. be the best for all concerned.

IS: Thank you very much.

GL: What did. Merlin do in Atlantis and was he like Melchizedek?

Forces: Let us say Merlin, as his name is known to you, was a magician simple doctor of the earth, who did that which the earth atoms dictated for him to do. Melchizedek was also of the same but a higher order of vibration in parts and it was a priestly concern in this area. Melchizedek had power over much; Merlin had power over a certain state.

GL: Thank you.

IS: So was Merlin involved in Newfoundland also?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That part of Britain, isn’t that that part…

Forces: You would find it as such.

IS: But Merlin was involved there too, he was in that whole territory.

Forces: He was involved. in that area as well as Ireland and. Scotland and. Britain.

IS: Does it mean that the entity Tom is beginning now to fulfill, beginning a fulfillment of something?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Your next trip as a group. Question.

IS: Is it into one of those countries that you’ve just mentioned?

Forces: We will go on with our questions.

DD: Would you tell me about the dark ships, what do they run off of?

Forces: The dark ships run off the negative atmosphere in the earth and all the negative voice or vibrations from the people.

DD: How does that relate to like a fluorescent energy?

Forces: This is an energy that changes the energy that is positive to negative.

DD: Does an air-conditioner have something in it that counteracts this?

Forces: It could.

DD: What part would it be?

Forces: The filter.

DD: It filters the air?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What does the Thummin mean, from the last session that I asked about the Urim, you said it meant the beginning, and the Thummin was said to be the end. So what… how would it be manifest…

Forces: You will find it in all creative beings and vibrations of color and sound and the general atmosphere around the earth.

DD: Is there any specific like form it would take the Urim?

Forces: Find it as a pyramid and a square together.

DD: A square around the same pyramid that’s already made?

Forces: Correct.

DD: What would be on the square, would there be anything else added to the square to make the Thummim?

Forces: It would have four stones on the corners and a hanging of one in the center.

DD: Thank you very much.

RH: Did King Solomon have understanding as well as great wisdom?

Forces: Let us say he applied the wisdom. He had understanding.

RH: Is understanding an attribute of the heart, while wisdom is from the mind?

Forces: Understanding and wisdom would be the same aspect rolled into one. One is the action, the other is the reaction.

JE: Would you describe on a spiritual level all that was happening from the time we reached the boat dock to the time that the boat sailed?

Forces: What was happening there was that the black forces as you know of them was drawing up an immense wall to prevent you from leaving the island, in which the White Forces, which is represented by which you know of us, were in a battle to persuade, confuse, entangle, disperse, de-centralize their powers. I wish I could have shown you what was going on there, it was the most craziest scene I’ve ever witnessed to in my whole entire traveling’s. It was a mess. Everything was up in the air. You thought by looking upon the incident at the contact of the truck. From that point on it was a crazy house. People on the physical level were running back and forth; on the spiritual level they were running from galaxies to galaxies, from space times to space times. It was a most interesting sight, and you had us per chance a chuckling away.

IS: So that hit of the truck was really one of the ways of retaliating back at them, confusing them.

Forces: One of many avenues of approach that you had encountered. A most extreme counter reaction that the entity took upon was to have the females drive in which the black forces could not pick up that vibration.

JE: What was in the white truck?

Forces: In the white truck were items that would be considered merchandise of fixtures, of decorative items of interesting things.

JE: Was there any contraband in the truck?

Forces: It was a black force truck.

JE: What was happening once we reached the ship and the glow was on the city and the clouds were passing over the boat?

Forces: That was on the physical level the battle that was carrying on in the heavens.

JE: What does your battle look like?

Forces: A mess.

JE: But is it like a battle you would see like in the “Star Wars”, that kind of — that kind of battle?

Forces: Let us say ours are a little bit more sophisticated.

JE: Are the black ships ever destroyed?

Forces: Let us say their energy is made void.

JE: But do they re-group, the new thought-forms?

Forces: Once the energy is void, they no longer exist.

IS: That black ship that I saw, that looked like in the form of a bat, that was actually a black forces ship?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And it was coming… it was trapped?

Forces: Correct.

IS: That’s what it was. It was trapped with the white ships surrounding it.

Forces: Until we voided it out.

IS: Now in that white van, did they get caught?

Forces: Let us say they were followed.

IS: So actually that black ship came too close, almost found what they were looking after, but before they had time to sort of report or something, before the real attack…

Forces: The black forces, while they were busy trying to take care of you, their prime baby, as you might call it, was in that truck.

IS: You mean there was something in that truck that was more important… to them for that second split-moment?

Forces: Correct. And it just so happens that you, of all people, happen to collide with it. In short, the vibrations of the White Forces took over that truck and dematerialized it in which caused this particular truck to be followed and scrutinized or look very closely at.

IS: Will they get caught?

Forces: This is neither here nor there.

IS: Thank you.

JE: The lounge in the boat we were on, it was real dark inside. And what happened to (RH), did they lounge look something like the one in “Star Wars”?

Forces: Let us say, for your sake, yes.

BH: The Beothuck Indians in Newfoundland, would they be direct descendants of Atlantis?

Forces: Correct.

BH: Thank you.

Forces: Correct.

BH: The physical body of Ray, he’s looking like an elf. Does that have to do with that fact that it’s the black forces in Newfoundland and he’s taken on that form?

Forces: He is what you would call a small magician.

BH: A black magician?

Forces: Not black. An elemental type. But the powers must be developed and worked with in order for him to become creative.

BH: Thank you. The statue that (HI) gave us, is that Saint Francis of Assisi?

Forces: Let us say that it is an interesting statue. Remember the one out, as what you have placed in the hallway, would be termed as Francis, But it would not be identified as such. This one would be identified as Francis, but it is not of such. So the paradox continues.

IS: He’s the other one that Tom mentioned the name, Anthony?

Forces: We do not say Anthony or Francis or whatever name. But it is still there and must remain silent in itself for a future plan.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Despite a lot of prayers that what happened specifically would not happen, I failed on the trip when it counted most. And can you tell me what I can do to change that, that, that never happens again?

Forces: We had considered you as a possible item of attention by the black forces. At the beginning you were creative, industrious, and the black forces could not become attached or near to you. Evidently as the time went on certain personal grudges became manifested within you and patterns from the past re-appeared, which was heart breaking and a dangerous moment in the upper sphere where we were at. But, nonetheless, we had encountered and conquered it. As far as your future is concerned, if there is to be a productive one for you, you must ever so walk the path and disciplines, never again to allow such thought-forms to enter, or to even give credence or acknowledgment to those thoughts as being real. In such a case, there is a tremendous chance of turning all this into a most constructive output.

JU: Thank you.

MK: The questions I asked two Sessions ago-about the Transfiguration and Moses and Jesus and Elijah are a unit representing a name of God, does that mean that when one of those entities is present on the physical that all three are actually present?

Forces: Let us say that this is very good. Correct.

MK: And would this be true also of Noah, Job, and Daniel as mentioned in Ezekiel?

Forces: Let us say it is symbolically true for this.

MK: Thank you.

RU: You mentioned before we went to Newfoundland that you had a base there. Where was the location of it? Did we pass it on the trip?

Forces: We have a base that was invisible, that was involved, what would be called noticed in the section under John’s Basilica.

IS: If by some weird chance I would have stayed in that church, let’s say I wouldn’t have left. Let’s say I would have stayed for a day, two days… was there any possibility that you would have come for me?

Forces: Let us say you would have received certain experiences. Question.

IS: Thank you.

LK: What are the stars that we see in the sky?

Forces: They are the reflections of patterns of thoughts of man on the earth.

LK: Are they something that have an actual physical existence?

Forces: They do have an existence actually. They are only the reflections of man’s positive thoughts in the earth.

LK: Do all the stars that we see in the sky, do they exist in the third dimension?

Forces: Correct.

LK: So they could be travelled to?

Forces: Correct.

LK: When a saint… person becomes a saint on the earth what would he come back in a past lifetime in the… what would his next lifetime be once he’s reached what we call a saint?

Forces: He either can move on or come back to help others.

LK: Is that something… well, that’s not like reaching Christ-consciousness is it?

Forces: It is a thought of Christ-consciousness.

LK: Does that mean… well only people that are in the Catholic religion get nominated or whatever to be a saint, Somebody else who is not in that religion but maybe on a spiritual level does the same thing.

Forces: Sainthood is given to all of the souls that have passed their tests on the earth. It is not only in the Catholic religion, but it just so happens that that particular religion expresses the law of the earth.

RU: But are… are all of the saints that have been recognized by the Catholic Church, the ones that are still there that haven’t been removed from the roster, are they all indeed saints on the spiritual level?

Forces: Let us say yes.

NN: What was the significance that we had to be on the boat a total of twenty-four hours coming and going?

Forces: Could have been a significance of a pain in the neck. It represents a new beginning and the new expression of your consciousness. A day of awakening.

NN: Thank you. Also the service that we had on the boat going over when it was the full moon and we were up on top of the deck and we had a service, could you explain what was happening?

Forces: We had a jolly good time. It was a very interesting experience. The vibrations of the whole creation of the heavens and waters were in harmony to the service in which you drew upon and received plenty of the atoms from your other lifetimes.

NN: You mean like with positive atoms from other lifetimes?

Forces: You had received atoms that were necessary and were released to you at that time.

NN: Thank you. Also those musicians, Bruce and Laura, the ones that I like, could you tell me about them?

Forces: They are nice musicians who can play a good note. It would be interesting if they were involved their progress would be continued also.

NN: You mean if they were invited out?

Forces: Takes time for their evolution to begin.

NN: Then just let it be for the moment?

Forces: We didn’t say that.

NN: Thank you.

IS: Those twenty-four elders… the twenty-four hours, could they also mean the twenty-four elders somehow?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And each elder represents a different kind of faculty.

Forces: In the body.

IS: And so each hour that we were on the ocean the thoughts from each elder, from each separate elder came in into us and…

Forces: Worked and became manifest.

IS: All the casualties from this trip, the little sickness here and there, what is all that? Could it have been prevented?

Forces: Yes and no. But yet it was the casualties of the fight with the black forces, and not really casualties at all.

IS: So it’s the black forces within ourselves, each one of us?

Forces: In which the battle took place.

IS: Now if the black force would have won, would we have been a little sick?

Forces: If the black forces would have been victorious, you would have never left the island.

IS: I kept having that feeling!

RU: Is that why I kept… before we left when I kept looking at things in the house, I kept looking at them like I might not see them again?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And is that why I kept on being… trying to make sure that we’re going to be as close as possible to the boat leaving?

Forces: Correct.

IS: In what shape would have never left the island? Would we have been dead physically?

Forces: Let us continue with our questions.

RU: Earlier (RH) asked about wisdom and understanding. You said one is action and the other reaction. Which is which?

Forces: Wisdom is the reaction. Understanding is the action.

RU: Thank you.

IS: But how come if Solomon was so smart and everything… I know the question has been asked before, but how come that he wasn’t smart enough?

Forces: It is the paradox of life. If one becomes too smart, then he becomes stupid.

GL: What (DD) and I were speaking about this afternoon about Osiris and about the five Adams and the five reasons, was the correct?

Forces: It was accurate.

GL: Also what are the five reasons?

Forces: These are the laws which make up the universe of the earth. These are the elements within the physical body that are considered the centers of the lower. These are the creative nations in the world. These are the spectrums of colors of the five major colors, five major notes, and five major stones, five major planets, five major seas and oceans, five consciousness levels of existence in order to move on to the others. These all represent a spiral of learning, but grouped into sections.

GABRIELS: What do you mean by “grouped into sections”?

Forces: Each one is compared to a learning process that would take periods of years, months, and days, hours, and weeks, as you would say, in which each group would be given to the individual to learn to the fullest and then moved on to the next group of consciousness.

IS: The entity Jody, what has happened to her?

Forces: It is a change and a fight within her. There has been an explosion and. a wanting to break away. It wouldn’t have hurt to check and see and bring a bridge across to her.

IS: You mean through other members?

Forces: Correct.

IS: And the La Guardia group?

Forces: There is a slow growth there, a fighting to remain secure in their fantasies, but then there is a slow growth into their evolution.

IS: Was it somehow understood by them about us not going there?

Forces: They had an idea, a reason, a receptive charge. But remember, their progress is on a different level from your progress.

IS: What about Joe Pinto? Why is he coming around to spy on us or something?

Forces: It is what you’d call a hunger before. It is a fear and also desire to be helped and doesn’t know how to communicate or ask for this help.

IS: Thank you.

DD: Could you tell me what the sephiroth… the sephiroth “Daath” means?

Forces: This represents the one creative being or the one consciousness of evolution in which all species ascend to.

DD: Why is never shown on the chart? It’s always hidden.

Forces: It is hidden because once received, you are no longer here.

DD: Is that like the Revelation?

Forces: Correct.

DD: The swords they had in the movie “Star Wars”, are they real… like real swords?

Forces: Correct.

DD: Were they the same type on a… they… did they represent on the physical the type of swords that you would have on the spiritual level?

Forces: We would have one or two available.

DD: And they… do you actually have combats like was shown on the “Star Wars”?

Forces: Your particular trip to Newfoundland wasn’t just “whistling Dixie”!

DD: So on a spiritual level there actually are sword fights?

Forces: Correct.

IS: When did the black forces realize that we are going to be in Newfoundland.

Forces: There was rumors to them that we were heading that way. They realized it on the third day. They had reports on the second day. And they had intuitive feelings on the first day.

IS: But you mean to say they didn’t know anything about it until we actually reached Newfoundland?

Forces: That was our doing.

IS: Thank you.

DD: The dream I had with three like Samurai warriors walking across the desert, and I thought they had swords like that. I could see all three of them. And they were going to fight a battle like against large odds. Could you tell me what that meant?

Forces: This represents what was coming out in this Newfoundland trip.

DD: What does the three represent?

Forces: The three faculties: the physical, and then the mental, and then the spiritual.

DD: And did it also happen before, like a previous… previous lifetimes or future?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now my dreams this morning that I had about trying to kill me, what do they mean?

Forces: This represents the great struggle within in order to produce the White Forces. There are struggles around and within not to manifest the White Forces or the plan for strength. There is a great deal of battle going on for a pervasion or preservation of black force ties, It will soon manifest but will be chopped to bits, It cannot become representing in this strong ties. Remember your force must be ever increasing to creation and spiritual strength. You cannot give to the desires of the physical body or to the sexual forces. If so, it would only destroy and condone the condemnation of the energy fields around. There is a great deal of battles going on. But you must become creative and strong in your own personal existence as we move on.

IS: Now this is personally for me?

Forces: This is for the consciousness of the group.

IS: Is it for me also, then?

Forces: It was a message for you to receive and to learn and to know. But it is a message for the consciousness of moving forward.

IS: You said it soon will manifest. Is it going to manifest through me?

Forces: The manifestation is on an individual level with everyone and their own personal existence and personal strength of applying that which is right to do and following it.

IS: Are certain individuals going to be specifically involved in that?

Forces: It would be manifested that each individual will have to answer the call and choose the right decision. But we still have to move forward.

IS: You said it will be chopped down to bits. That means that black force will not succeed?

Forces: It will not succeed because of the great strength that will be given for the White Forces’ work.

IS: So this is actually a warning. Thank you.

GL: Could you give us a formula for something like lembas (Lord of the Rings) that was like a super kind of food that sustained people for long periods of time?

Forces: This formula could not be applied in this consciousness at the moment. It would cause too much pain. You would ply, apply the principals of seaweed, of yeast, honey, and what would be called white powder.

GL: What?

IS: What kind of white powder?

Forces: This must not he mentioned. But could not be found. White powder, better known, near to, practically baking powder.

IS: Thank you.

GL: Thank you very much.

RH: With the… with the fight between the White Forces and the black forces, is to be a warrior for the White Forces to acknowledge that there’s a black force either within you or without you? When we know it, when we all know it, when it starts to happen, is it… isn’t it fighting it to… to have humor or to have positive thoughts? Is that our swords to become?

Forces: The sword is to acknowledge that it is there and to do away with it by remission and, of course, eradication of it by humor.

RH: Humor is a big… is a… is a big weapon for it.

Forces: Humor is the weapon.

RH: Also the way we packed for the trip, the clothes … the way we had. The clothes that the whole… it was camouflaging us from the black forces.

Forces: Correct.

RH: And when we were in good moods and humor we were invisible to them?

Forces: Correct.

IS: Now why is it that whenever the entity Jehu goes into something there is always a reaction, a counter-reaction, a next reaction from the entity (DN)? What is their karmic relation? What is the thing that binds them so closely together in the negativity rather than in positivity?

Forces: It is a plant like the strawberry. They send out runners or roots until all those who are of their own is called, those who hear the note react. When you do not put money into the spiritual bank, and the emergency happens, there is nothing to call upon it. And it is only an experience or an excuse to retaliate or to retrieve or retreat into that consciousness of depressions and that consciousness of sexual gratification. If you are not busy doing it, disciplining yourself, when the time of the test comes upon you, you will become weak and found wanting, it is a test for both. But, nonetheless the test is there. It is up to both parties to become strong and stand on their own merits rather than to depend upon one another.

IS: Why do they depend upon one another? To reach hell? They’ve never done anything good for each other.

Forces: This they will find out as time goes on that each must develop and become strong within themselves.

IS: Is there some karmic thing that they are paying by having this kind of closeness?

Forces: There was a misuse in another lifetime in Rome, in India, and Pakistan.

IS: Of relations between them?

Forces: This would be more so in a possession and moving forward as far as property and ownership of land.

IS: They took away from each other, things, so now they must give. But all they end up giving is the bad things. Is that something…

Forces: It is something that needs to be looked into.

IS: Thank you.

NN: Could you tell me about the man that (RH) and I saw when we first were in that… that first campsite and we were going to look for the water and that man on the bridge, why that happened?

Forces: It is a manifestation of a lookout point, you might call it, for the black forces.

NN: So that was one of our first contacts with…

Forces: Correct.

NN: … the other side. Thank you, also. the chant that I’m thinking of right now that I say in my head a lot now, it just seems like it’s really, really effective. Is it as effective as I think it is?

Forces: It is effective. We only here have to stress that certain lifetimes on this particular island was faced by the entity (DN) and (JU), was faced by the entity (RU) and (BR), was faced by the entity of what would be called (RH) and (MK). All these individuals were picking up and laying down certain structures and replacing and eradicating certain other structures, or making use and preparing for future structures. There were certain within their soul bodies that were in that particular time left behind that had to be erased. Others had to be created and taken, taken. Others had to be totally annihilated and removed. All elements were being faced, removed, taken, and worked with. It was a most interesting sight for this opportunity to happen and to manifest within itself this opportunity. We here can only say to each and every one of you and stand by what you believe as far as your conscience for good. Do not falter or go within your own desires or within your own physical moods or depressions for this is a destructive quality. But remember, only those who want to continue on this path will remain. All the others will have their course to take. If you are to be strong, and strengthen it in itself that of divine love, that of service, and going forward, then you will be the one to benefit from this progress. Only those who are strong within themselves, only those who do trust in God can understand what is happening before them. Now we give it a name. Now we give it a title. Now we give new strength to it. The black forces might not appreciate this strength given, but nonetheless it is given. So it will be your strength and your progression to go forward with more conviction and more in harmony to the laws. Greetings to all here present now. As we will see and be heard, as we would be, as we will carry on, but we shall talk to you again on those things needed.

THE GROUP: Our Father, who art in the heavens…