Session 129 – 9/13/77

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We have been taking part with you during this season of celebration and joyous occasion of spiritual rebirth. We have been witnessing the many changes around and through this earth. It seems that the greatest change to come has been recorded during these moments. The past week has been a tremendous change of force in this earth. What has been accomplished by many individuals against the forces of stagnation has been immense. It is with great strength that the days to come will be days of positive white encounters. We find that now is the time in which great advances towards plans and commitments should be enacted and put into process. It is the moment and time for active relationship with the spirit world and beyond. It is through these moments that you all can process and progress rapidly. Do it now and you shall be the victor. Wait, and the loser, it will be yours. Now is the time to plant the seeds for the, the harvest is ripe. It is at this moment that the White Forces are gradually becoming stronger. Do it now and the plan will be a success. We stress the fact of many changes and events to come. The energy factor will be a greatest ever. Condition in the western sphere: we shall see many changes of political structures that have been taken for granted will change considerably their point of reference, shocking almost the entire world. With this change shall come physical changes. Great storms from the south moving in rapid speeds of thoughts. These storms are cleansing and needed for the purpose of cleansing. Be aware that the strength of the sun should be moderate. For the sun will be going through great changes also. What you would be calling a sunspot, it is truly a storm upon the sun. In so doing, causing a psychological effect on many people or depressions. Guide yourself strong in prayer and meditation that these depressionary forces will pass you by. It is again a high moment and has been for the past few weeks. But remember, again, that one must apply and put into the field his seed and then leave it and by faith, hoping the natural elements shall take care, will raise from the earth a great force. Again, as the entity has said, death is but of the earth. The earth is your crypt and tomb in which all are recycled. Carbon dioxide if taken in internally would kill, but put into the womb of the earth, rejuvenates the plants and allows them to give the cycle of oxygen. So let us be mindful of the ever, ever present effects of our existence along with those who are so close to us. Our very presence and being alters and corrects or destroys the creative plan. Let us be conscious of the fact that we are individual cities working to become perfect. In such a city we become strong for the unit. Let us not lose our purpose nor lack the strength to be aware of the keen message in which the Lord God bestows upon those that through silence seek after God. Question.

IB: I’d like some information about the community, the group of people who are considering a community. At this point in time I’m very discouraged. Can you please advise?

Forces: The community that you speak on has been guided through many sources, but the most important source of all is their internal source of truth. The group has come a long way, but if looked at it closely, it is a short way. You are now all approaching a turning point, a leaving the islands and land and entering into the ocean of conscious elevation. The group will only meet this crisis if they join together in harmony and pitch in working and creating. A group would be a group if they would not… and I repeat… a group would only be a group. If they will not serve one another they will no longer be a group. A group, a consciousness, an organization, a mass of people. In order for them to be in the same quarters together, they must learn how to sacrifice and give up what they personally want. This test is now upon you as far as the rest. It is in no way, shape, or form hazardous to your health to tell them that it is about time we seriously look into ourselves and our endeavors and what our ideals are. If you had come together for a social meeting, a social club, a get together, these are a dime a dozen and can be found anywhere. But if you come together as per se, as has been already recorded on a spiritual purpose, on an ideal, on operational functions, how much more is your measurement of commitment and advancement when you turn back to what has to be accomplished through patience and silence, through long hard suffering, through that of giving up of self? The group as you speak of is only meeting up with a social and physical condition. It is in this condition that the higher quality which is of spirit is refined and put into perfume. But an ounce and a drop of this to make the perfume is hard to receive. Many souls live an entire life only to leave behind them a drop of this perfume. But to us a drop of perfume is nothing. But if we were on an individual level, then it would be something. The same with this particular group. They are striving for something. It was not in the bags. It was not travelling to and fro, It was in our peace and in our harmony, in our security with our God that we find our strength. We cannot undo what has been done, but we only stress to you that this particular group will, first of all, meet up with oppositions that they have created themselves. The shadow or the screen is demoralizing, but do not allow shadows or screens to rule your life. Break through these shadows that are mysteriously hanging about. Break through and see the true light, a new beginning. Break through the everyday concepts and everyday logical feelings that you, too, will be open to the test. It is that this, what we speak about, the test; meeting together in groups must first develop your own higher ideals and interest. If they are found wanting, then it is come upon you. And in thy own weakness you will only find the strengths. Now it is true that this particular group has been pampered for a while. Now it’s time to say: “This is what we’ll do. And this is what will have to be done.” But it is a twenty-four hour commitment. For no sooner would you make such a tremendous commitment to the outside world, but you seem to get involved with the physical things of the outside world. Guide that aspect and do not allow it to take over your personality, for it can easily be accomplished and easily be done. Question.

IB: Everything seems to on a talking stage and has been for a number of years. When I press for action there’s been a great resistance, and I find myself in a position of mediator or peace maker all the time and I — I’m wondering if maybe it really isn’t a group that ultimately should be together.

Forces: It is a group that is about ready to meet the encounter. Those who are strong will remain. Those who are weak will find thousands and thousands of reasons and excuses why to leave. But that which is to be remained behind will be a precious safeguard, a condition of life and peace all at the same moment. It is time for you to make decisions yourself. Rather than to be the mediator, be the actor. Go after that which must be done and do it. And then say what had been done by you. This is the only ‘retro’, course that is open for you to take. If ye dare to enter into their surroundings, which you do, but go there in the light of helping, then it would be abusive. Keep thy own strength and goodness at hand. For no man knoweth the hour when that of the Force shall come down and take you back. Yes, it is time to move on, and those who are strong enough will join you. But those who are weak will find it now time to leave. But also, leaving when it is necessary is one thing; but leaving when every thing is for you is another. There is a strength that comes from this particular force, but we must keep our minds and hearts constantly into this force. Question.

PR: A while ago I sent away for something — for some tapes that were sent to me through the Lutheran Hour, which there were many sermons recorded on these tapes. And I thought they were… would be helpful to me in search of what it is that I must do here. And I’ve recently received them and I don’t know if I am approaching the right road to use these tapes to further God’s will. Can you tell me if I am on the right road with these tapes or not?

Forces: This must come from self. Rather for me not to tell you yes or no, for each item has its own benefits. But rather that you pay attention from that still small voice within. And by doing such you will be guided under certain circumstances that the world presents. Do not seek after approval from the outside world, but seek only that which is right and fair and just to your mind and to those who are near you.

PR: Thank you.

GS: A man has involved himself in a project called the Hunger Project with a goal towards eliminating starvation on our earth in twenty years. Should I join with him?

Forces: There is a greater project to be undertaken. Not only on the food level. For remember, the food is only the afterthought of the mind. Food, as strange as it sounds, is in abundance. And even though the world is seeking after it, there can be an abundant amount of food in the world after, and only after, man has disciplined his mind. The thoughts of the mind generate from man into the ground. And when they hit the ground there are countless of billions of cells that are dormant in the earth. That is why certain parts of the mountains on the eastern shore will give readily to that of physical forms and physical sense of peace. Those atoms on the south side or the west side of this continent do not generate or re-generate themselves as easy as those on the east coast. The reason being thus: when a physical body is born, they manifest in this earth. They move and have their being in the energy of light. Each soul has its own quest and problems that it must meet. But one on the quests in which we all must join in, that of proper food, proper environment, and proper care for the physical body. If one should eat right, then he will remain well. If one should eat wrong, one should remain weak. As far as the food is concerned, this is up to you. We cannot say join this group for this purpose, but we can say that at this time it would be advisable to develop the active qualities within rather than the passive qualities of waiting. These are the qualities within this machine is necessary for that of proper and better enlightenment with each passing day. With that we can only stress that we do hope that they somehow maintain an existence. To take from the course of peace and harmony and believe and act into this food chain of concentration will have an effect. How much an effect is classical. Only the Americans have that purpose of faith if applied rightly. Or would have that purpose of swimming when applied wrongly. We must remember, that we are a stellar ship moving through space. We are a small cosmos moving through space, While we are here, we are responsible for everyone on board. We are responsible for our actions and reactions to be a part of. For the strength of the people is the strength of correcting the unavoidable correction to bring America’s consciousness into a harmony that they no longer seek after pleasure, but will now turn to the industrial road of creation for self-help and self-worth. Question.

MT: Should I see Dr. Felman?

Forces: There are times when this entity can cause more harm to the astral body and the akashic body in which you are developing and correcting. Yes, there are times when this is needed, but the moments coming up will dictate not the right time for self-evaluation by a thin line measurement. But you should perceive the intuitive qualities that are coming through you. If this is done then there is no need to search after physical people, for your have turned on the radio station in which God himself is broadcasting and will guide you through the roughest storm to give you the answers within an eternal circle of truth and of peace in your personal life. Question.

IS: With the little sickness in the house here and there, including the entity Tom, the cough, are we doing what we’re supposed to do? Or is there something we should — else we should be doing?

Forces: It is a drawback from the tremendous force against that of the negative force of creation. Doing right is relative. One might do right and the other one would perceive it to be wrong. We can only say that it will work itself out. Vinegar, heated as of course, would be a great healing.

IS: Taken internally?

Forces: This is the purpose. By breath and of smelling. But it is a reaction to the great battle that has been encountered and confronted with in Newfoundland showing you a classic example that when man’s thoughts are generated and it is entering into the earth, this gives the reaction to creation, And the creation is elemental life and that life is given back to man so he can elevate it into a higher consciousness. We, too, are elevating around us. And what we touch and say are our elevation marks in which we are effecting and continue to affect those who do not perceive nor want to — the power of the spirit. Question.

IS: If we should consider travelling this coming week. Is it something that would be too much for us at this point?

Forces: It would not be the greatest undertaking. It would not be the hardest. It would be soft yet it would be strong. It would be strong but yet it would be soft. It would be well to wait a period of time. Perceiving this waiting factor would be the best option so that your spirits would be high in order to work.

IS: Now in the Virginia house, is everything going according to plan?

Forces: According to whose plan?

IS: Yours.

Forces: According to our plan, it could be improved. As far as the fruits are concerned, there is a tremendous amount of insecurity. This must be corrected so that when the time comes, you, too, shall perceive and do the same as I do.

IS: But now on the… on the physical things, the workers, have they done what they were supposed to do? Is that all right now?

Forces: (After a pause) Question.

MK: Why does three o’clock in the afternoon seem to be such a chaotic time of day both inside and out?

Forces: It is the ending of a day and the beginning of a new. It is a very symbolic gesture that the White Force of that residing within the dark is watching at the moment in which we have the roughest test.

MK: Thank you.

IB: Can you give us any timetable as to how we should set up our plans for moving towards a community?

Forces: This timetable is more of the ability for the group to work among themselves without a personal encounter of your own focusing hot or cold. We must not focus upon the item itself, for that distracts us. But, we must strive to focus upon the spirit of that might. Question. This is the strength and the power in which we speak and many changing processes in which man himself has found to be unique. Chances are this Easter should be the most rejuvenating moment of everyone’s existence. Question.

IB: Will the differences between the (—-) and the (—-) be resolved?

IS: [After a period of silence] Should we continue to ask questions?

THE GROUP: [There is continued silence, so the group begins to chant.] Adom Malach konium, Adon Malach konium, Adon Malach konium, Adon Malach konium. Adon Malach konium, Adon Malach konium, Adon Malach konium, Adon Malach konium.

Forces: With this force that is generated, seize upon it and use it and apply-it in your life. It shall guide you as your song shall guide in the guide darkness. The only item that is in front is the dark. Question.

IS: Should (IB)’s question be repeated?

Forces: It would help at this moment now.

IB: Will the differences that appear to be between the (——–) and the (——-) be resolved so that they can both be in the community?

Forces: This is like taking two bulls and putting them out to pasture. This encounter is inevitable. Do not get in the way to prevent, but strive to prevent every day. Question.

IB: What part can I play in this community?

Forces: It is an active part of logistics. One must learn how to develop and control a large group of people. This is an instinctive urge that has been given to you since the beginning of time. Question. In such a role, we find that there are many changes to come. But most important, do not allow them to depress you. Meet up with the change and correct it. But do not strive to correct it for the sake of correction. Strive for that of the sincere happiness that shall come upon all those who honestly approach and pursue a spiritual and spirit commitment. Keep that which is inside the strength that which rejuvenates and creates a stronger body. Do not allow the inner qualities to become lax, for it can happen at any moment when no more of that sending frequency is open to us. But as the point, which has been stressed at the beginning, now is the time to start planting. Now is the time to start reaping. Greetings to you all present here now.

The Group: Our Father, which art in the heavens…