Session 563 1/24/91

Forces: Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we see the different changes that have been described. It is in such a way that the undertaking of time has focused this moment for those things that have been spoken of thousands of years ago. It is with these changes that great uncertainty and mishaps occur. As we would look upon those things that would direct and guide nations have now turned to disillusion. We see the uncertainties of the actions and merits to be profound in such directions that the strength of a nation is tested. We only stress the facts and powers in which those who come together to plot a course of action should always enter into their own prayerful state. In such doing, they establish themselves in a line of receptivity and a line of action. These moments have always been anxious moments to growth. Prayerful attitudes and centering of selves would be the only source of focus in order to receive and be guided on things ahead. We see as have been noted the changes throughout. We understand that Iraq has the strength to create such destruction, and yet we have been focusing and controlling the actions at this moment. Now there shall be many changes coming about, but these changes are altered by certain powers that will be sent down from different directions. There are those qualities that manifest themselves at this moment in this situation that countries face now. Iraq has caused much tremor throughout the world. We see a force of control and at the same time contempt. Those qualities have a unbelievable strength in themselves but will be put at bay and will be checked. It is not easy, as we have said, to go through these times. But calling upon thy own centers within will allow answers and guidance and through such guidance, directions. As we have said about the Soviet Union, changes are imminent and equal to that of internal changes drastic and on a scale never known before. It is the force of change that the people themselves will use the word revolution. We see the capturing of many units in the area of Kuwait and many underground tunnels that would give the suggestion of inner cities. We see the different sequences of airships and bombardment of these qualities of unsuredness in their next actions. The 16th of February would find itself a marked day again, and the 11th of February is when the force of light and angelic guidance would come down to touch the earth and give it understanding in what it has to do. On the 11th of February would be more of a protectorate that She will become involved in this action. We would find it to be the same woman of Lourdes that touched the earth many years ago. Now we are ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. Is everything all right for the entity at this point?

Forces: It is not normally done, but we are doing good.

IS: Thank you. And the 16th… the 11th was the protective force of Light, and the 16th is again darkness?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: We would see the 16th of February as a massive move by Iraqi armies into the areas of Saudi Arabia going down south into Iraq from that areas guiding from the different uses of machineries and equipment from Jordan. We would see also an extension into the areas going north into Iraq and different other sectors in this quadrant. We would find that this is the date in which movement that has long been expected and waited for will show its ugly head.

IS: Thank you very much.

S: If I may ask a question about the war: Is Syria providing a safe haven for Iraqi aircraft and other military equipment at this time?

Forces: We see there are many areas of camouflage secondary and third existence in which these missiles that they have are literally sent and hid into the area of Syria and belief of a sector found in Jordan. We find more so that Syria is a component of storage in the lower sectors. We also see that Iran has certain qualities not be known to them of hiding these weapons and vehicles and then to remove them, use them, and replace them back in the area. We would find this to be true.

S: An attempt has been made to destroy the nuclear weapon development capability in Iraq. Has this been successful?

Forces: No.

S: Is it because the target that was struck was not sufficiently struck, or because there is an area that has yet to be taken under attack?

Forces: We are going to go to the area in question to look for ourselves. We see the 33rd latitude 45th longitude: In that area you will find an underground complex and on the 35th longitude and 35th latitude. The 35th latitude, longitude, 35th longitude, not the 33rd latitude for the… For the 35th latitude. 35 longitude, 35 latitude is that spot. We find those sectors to be active, and if those sectors are taken out, then that would accomplish your thoughts.

S: And one final military question. Before the attack was undertaken of nuclear weapon development, had Iraq achieved either by its own research and development or by purchase from any other country…

Forces: The answer to that is yes. Strongly, yes. With the assistance of the Soviet Union.

S: And is that device or weapon in either of the two positions you just gave?

Forces: Yes. You will find them situated on the latter one nearer to the mountain ridge, northeast of Baghdad.

S: Thank you.

IS: Thank you very much. In light of all these things that are happening with Iraq at this moment, Jeremiah is Jeremiah speaking about the alliance in Chapter 49 of the kings of all these different northern nations, is that speaking of the alliance right now in what’s happening?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Is Syria still the more dangerous one than Iraq, or is Iraq the most dangerous one now?

Forces: We would compare them equally along with Libya.

IS: I see. So even though right now Syria is not in action, but yet we’re finding out that they are keeping underground things for Iraq, will that be revealed somehow and exposed?

Forces: A lot of this information might not be revealed readily, but over the course of months it will be quite evident.

IS: One more question about the Middle East: In no disrespect to the American armies, but is that a possibility that had Israel gone in as it has done previously, it would have done a faster job or…

Forces: There is no question about the different types of operations at hand. Israel would have stung and created a tremendous blow to the Iraqi movement painful to Saddam Hussein, painful indeed, but it is that particular aspect of the Israelis what target and where the most painful influence would be in interest. Yes, of course.

IS: Thank you very much.

B: Do other Arab countries, specifically Syria and Libya, have that nuclear capacity at this time?

Forces: Not to the potential. Not to the potential. Not to the potential.

B: Thank you.

JA: In Revelation when it talks about the darkening of the sun and the stars, and they had the special about what was happening with the bombing of the oil wells…

Forces: You will see a huge plane Iraq shall have, and when this takes to the skies, it would be like a darkening. It is one thing the eye of the Air Force should keep a lookout for a huge plane taking off straight up. When this touches the skies, it should be taken out.

JA: Thank you.

JE: Are the Soviet military advisers or the Soviet Union funding or backing or advising in the war as it is?

Forces: They have an interest. They still have an interest. They have their problems at home, but they still have an interest.

N: Is there any kind of conspiracy between the Russians and Germans in terms of this war?

Forces: Let us say the German people have been in pain for many years. There is a tremendous loyalty and spirit with their unity. There is also a tremendous zeal to regain their stature. They do not like the Soviets in their own field. They have their own agenda to reestablish their dignity. They do not find — we do not find them at this moment at this aspect.

N: Thank you.

E: On February 11th you mentioned the Light of the Lady who was at Lourdes who will come down, would that be at several places simultaneously or one place on the earth or just the essence of that?

Forces: That day would prove itself to its own deed.

E: Thank you.

J: In this conflict all this time we would look often for a representation of Babylon symbolically, but here it is in the physical in this war, is this the representation what it means in Revelation.

Forces: Repeat your question.

J: I’ve always been thinking of Babylon symbolically representing this or that force when these days would come and never conceived that the war would come from the area where Babylon existed…

Forces: There you have it.

J: And the second is: Is there someone in the American military that understands the strategies and what they’re facing, aside from everything you hear in the news which isn’t really accountable for anything as a working scope of what we have to deal with?

Forces: We would have to answer that, that yes there are those who perceive. Yes.

J: And they see him holding back his Army and his Air Force until …I mean we’ve seen no Air Force, and we know he has a 500,000- man Army, and neither one has done hardly anything at this point. They’re just staying behind and taking the waves of attack until the time for them to move. Is that his strategy at the moment?

Forces: We haven’t disagreed with that.

J: There’s no way that air or any of that type of strike can be effective against those hidden troops and equipment?

Forces: It is taking its toll in itself, yes, but it will have to be dealt when the aspect of seeing is felt. You have a lunar eclipse coming, and under this guise you would have certain information released. This attack will be taken.

J: This attack meaning the attack we’re making now or…which one are you referring to?

Forces: The question has been answered.

J: Thank you.

M: The angel force that was mentioned that will be coming down in February, what will it change? What would be its purpose?

Forces: Illumination, understanding, insight. It is what you call a “Spiritus”, a “Spiritu”, or to be illumined, or to walk with the Spirit, or to have the Spirit reveal or revelation, or to give extra strength through the Spirit to call upon the force of the Spiritus.

M: Thank you.

D: On the cards would twelve, there would twelve cards to the suit? Is that correct?

Forces: Correct.

D: And I take out the Knight and the Page?

Forces: Yes.

D: So it’s the King, Queen, and ten number cards?

Forces: That we don’t find any problems with.

D: Thank you very much.

T: Thank you. We’re finding that the Germans have given a lot of technology to Iraq, is there any other things they have given we have not been told yet, or that…

Forces: We have to understand focusing on one country alone is not the proper means of identifying responsibility. The responsibility lies with other countries, too. Selling of armaments should be a reviewed process in which nations should be careful in selling of equipment computer technology, giving them the facilities of launching their missiles accurately. In this so doing, America has given tremendous amount of technology in the computer field, authorized and sanctioned. We would say the California area was responsible for giving high amounts of computer systems. We would see what you would have as a company, famous in the hospitals, to be involved with a lot of machinery and instruments in this country. We would see France and England, too, and along with Germany, but again each country must reevaluate their objectives for financial rewards versus what the country they are selling it to will do with it. Whether it is too late or not that is irrelevant. The point in question is that more than just one country, Germany, is involved, and more than just one country should take responsibility.

T: Thank you.

IS: So what you are suggesting is the best way maybe in the future or whatever is to have sort of a United Nations of equipment and ammunition and all of these things selling by cooperative, like a Fair, by agreement of all nations? Something like that?

Forces: A system must be devised in which there are checks and balances. Any nation buying “x” amount of weaponry does so not to decorate their buildings with.

IS: Thank you very much.

BA: What would be the best thing for the United States to do to help Israel?

Forces: Each side is giving and taking. Israel is quite capable of handling a situation. A lot of room and space and cooperation between both sides, as it is. And allow a certain amount of respect for Israel who has dealt with the Eastern area more so directly, but each side will work with the other in its own field.

BA: Thank you very much.

R: You’ve been very generous with information about the war and the responsibility attached to it. I’d like to talk a little about peace and ask you a question about peace. I’m trying to build… help facilitate a network for peace and peaceful purposes among humanity and perhaps beyond. It’s an immense task, and I would appreciate any guidance you can give me in terms of what to proceed with first, where to go because there are many places that seem to call me urgently to attend… to go to and to build this network, and whom to look for and how to know them?

Forces: The first place to go to is self. Instrumental in its ground work meditation is the force in self. Centering and from that will span your directives. Peace cannot be given to you or to the world over night, nor can organizations incorporate peace, but it can be instrumental in securing peace. Peace must be applied and must be earned by daily actions. Peace is a strange commodity that comes from an action given by faith. Faith and trust by the masses to do what is normally right. If one would focus sincerely and try to guide his or her way on a daily basis and critique themselves on the things that need to be done, then life and those living would be too busy creating and critiquing and working in fields of developing that society in which will ultimately be a peaceful context. Peace is a commodity earned, and organizing groups to ensure peace does not normally guarantee peace, but at least it allows the road for it to be accomplished. Start with self-first, then from that will everything follow.

R: Thank you.

IS: Can we continue?

Forces: We haven’t stopped you.

IS: Thank you.

BF: I would like to ask something about my personal life, about getting a job. May I do that?

Forces: Everyone has a right to get a job, and you can do that, but I think everyone in this room would say that this job that you would want to get, it is a job that might be something that you have not thought about. Now, we would like to be comical at this time and kind of give you a joke about: “You? A job?” [laughter] Then we would say you ARE the job. Anyone who has to follow you, that’s a job. [laughter] But kidding aside, a job will be given you. Your concerns are that of livelihood and self-fulfillment, and it’s kind of important, and it is to be respected that you receive a job. Now, what we are saying to you is maybe a job is already before you and might be even higher than you. That in itself is a job, and we must emphasize the fact of you having NOT a job is a job. We know that this time is very difficult. We will give you a hand. We shall come and intercept and intercede with a certain amount of mercy. It is a sad moment, a painful moment for many. We have watched, and we have witnessed to the changes on the earth. We will intercede. We would say there was a hand in that. We will speak to you again on other subjects dealing with this. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…