Session 637A-7/22/01

Forces:We are in the area and finally see that the population is beginning to witness to the inept ability of your president. We do not make a judgment, but there are certain things that he is doing that causes a great deal of conflict-indecision. We find out also as we have said the European nations are questioning the validity and capability of this decision process. There also was a running fight to mesh, heal [concurrent answering machine message from JE] that area of understanding between the Soviet Union and the United States. It is also very interesting aspect, the particular entity JE, we hear he calls in to be present at the session, he psychically kind of tunes in to our presence which goes to his credit that he too becomes part of the session at large. As you know all those who call during the moments where we are here receives the blessing of our presence for whatever that is worth. Well, we see that the United States, your country is scurrying to make it look that they are doing a process of healing with the Soviet Union, damage control we would call it. The biggest blunder is the availability of China and Russia to make this treaty, this Russian treaty goes back to the point of Stalin in its own concepts. What we are trying to say is the country of China and Russia is blocking the United States and there this is the way in which they make attempt to become stronger in its own reasoning, either country cannot be strong to itself, the United States, but joining together is a good attempt to accomplish it. Now they’ll add India to it and not to mention Iran and Pakistan and Iraq and Kuwait and have all sorts of other countries and have something bigger than the United States. It is all because of the inept ability of this President to politically lead this country. We are not making a judgment, we’re just telling you the reactions of other countries. We’re not here to make judgments on a country or countries that’s not our job or our interest. It’s good that you all will get your money back in the income taxes unless; you owe child support they say or owe whatever. But see this is not our interest; we did not come down to talk to you about politics. This is not what we’re into, but remember-so below, so above. There is many different things in conflict up above as it is manifesting below. We would see many different things to talk on, but we do see different signs as has been given as Mt. Aetna is now exploding in its own wake, but it is the height of time too. We are ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you so much for coming in. The Mt. Aetna, the mountain that is exploding now, is that one of the signs or was it another mountain also?

Forces: It is one of the signs.

IS: And the sign is there any prediction about what’s coming with this?

Forces: As we will see, great storms in your oceans, for four years to come, with these great storms, that are unlike you have ever seen before, will create a tremendous upheaval and tremendous calling upon all those to return back to the spirit and return back to meditation of the soul and spirit of chanting. Hopefully with the coming back of people to the meditation phase, and spirit phase then the oceans will calm itself. If this is not adhered to and people turning back to the spiritual practices, then Mt. Rainer will explode causing the greatest disaster your country has ever seen. Mt. Rainer will devastate the whole western coast. The only thing that will be standing of you Golden Gate will be the north gate hanging down into the ocean like tentacles. We also see the only total state to be untouched is Texas. We also see that the West coast will no longer be as it is but will go inland to Nevada and Arizona, we also see the Mississippi to double with the storms spilling in and dividing the country in half with your area of Florida to be gone, and your whole New York City area, from the flooding of the tremendous storms of the oceans to be completely wiped out, and made into an Island. Long Island as you know it will no longer be, and New Jersey as you know it will disappear. No more Atlantic City, as you know it. Virginia will be totally moved inward to that of Richmond and no longer Virginia Beach, as you know it. All this can be averted but, people must need to live together in harmony and work together. So far they have not succeeded. This particular group is supposed to be the way shower, the beacon light, to teach people that they can live together. This particular group is the group that can prevent all of this from happening; by each and every one of you working together. We are tired of your little skirmishes and conflicts from the very head to the very tail. We’re tired of the conflicts of words to the entity and the ‘derogative-ness’ and sarcasm. We are also tired of the accusations made to him. His soul is pure, his heart is one, he is a divine force in the earth to reveal the truth to all. Help both the woman and the male. But most of all to lead them to God. He is no beginning, he has no end. He has been part of us and given his total self to our needs therefore treat him well, if not we will treat you. In so doing you ask what is not, not, Mt. Aetna is your signal, the volcano in the Philippines your signal, your volcano in South America your signal. But your worst signal of ever before, from the plight of man’s knowledge will be Mt. Rainer, it will cause more destruction than man can imagine. The Mt. St. Helena is nothing compared to Mt. Rainer. In fact, NAFTA has already done exercises in your state of Virginia to evacuate the area residents in such a professional and prolific plan on scales never known before. Everything is pointing to enlargement of Mt. Rainer and quietly the government is preparing the evacuation of the whole west coast. And then what would be considered the controlling and enforcing martial law. Yes, it’s not a pretty picture, it can all be prevented, it is all possible that you are now on the cusp of the change to come, as the Aztecs gave you their date of the cataclysm and the change of life, where things no longer go forward but backwards what’s north will be south, what’s south will be north, counterclockwise will be clockwise, and clockwise will be counterclockwise. The year December 21st, 2012. It is a time of the indwelling of the extraterrestrials. We have given you this prediction before, but never been so blatantly open with it. It is time for people to pray together, it is a call upon the earth. The entity went to New Jersey, so that we can manifest the extraterrestrial force there to proclaim to the people get ready. You will find there will be manifestations now, all over the world. Whether this is to happen the end of the calendar year, then your electrical appliances, your animals, your cats, birds, dogs, will revolt and gang up on you and turn on you, the leaves, insects, things that were tame, will no longer be tame. How long man must you walk the earth and trample on mother earth, how long man must you be so arrogant to think you are the superior creatures. We are tired of arrogance, we are tired of harsh words, we are tired of anger, and conceit and judgment. We have given to you all so much time to get ready, now we say to you, wake up there is no time left. Know when the bell sounds for thee. May you all start to work together once more.

IS: Are we safe in this area?

Forces: If we were to tell you, you were safe, let us not say safe, let us say, if you listen to what we have taught you over the years then you will be protected, we brought you here, to an area of protection, we brought your loved ones here, we brought others here because of your presence yes, you are the beacon light in the storm, the beacon doesn’t go out, but you must begin to be the beacon or else all perishes.

IS: It feels like we are so small and so little and when we go to, lets say the Tibetan services today there’s so many people there and it seems like how can we be considered the beacon when there is so few of us. What can we do, what must we do?

Forces: Is it numbers that measure power? Is it the amount that gives its force? Is it that which is without numbers, a few have destroyed many a great nation and brought judgment on it. A few also have saved a people, a few have saved this species on earth by hovering in a ship called the Ark of Noah. A few have left Egypt to start a new nation and a new belief of one God, a few has razed and battered that is known as Atlantis and saved it and the great areas of Yucatan, a few, a few have gathered of great Indians and spoke of man and beast to save the earth from its destruction, a few, a few, a few have sent the light and kept it lit a few, even a few remained in the concentration camps and prayed the chants and psalms to keep the peoples hopes alive. A few. You mentioned you are not many but a few, when you hear the words “a few”, you know you are the strongest of the people.

IS: Thank you. What must we do, besides a change of the attitude, is there anything else that we need to do?

Forces: Everyone needs to change their personal attitudes beginning with self, but the chanting that the entity has taught you is a vibrational chant, the saving grace, the echoing balance, of the ethers. Every chant that is with your voices changes the ethers, calms the storms, makes the waves still, four years we gave you, beginning this time next year, the four year mark begins, can it be abated? Teach the people the chant, near and wide; with one voice the chant can abate the storm and the flood. Remember; think this not impossible, we have given it to you.

IS: Did the Llama, the Tibetan man, Master, what does he recognize in the entity Tom? Does he recognize a past life, does he recognize, who does he recognize?

Forces: As they say, ‘who say ye that I am’ he recognizes within himself, what he sees in him. What has happened is he himself knows the torch going, and he sees the flame again, he sees the torch and bearer of the light before him, but he also sees that he, in the presence of this entity, to be the humble servant of him. He sees and witnesses a force that offers sustenance and succor to his very essence. Never before has he himself been healed in the presence of the master. The entity is very humble and reveals not who he is. But the master of this monk religion sees who he is for truth and humbles himself before him. It takes a master to know another master, and to be strong enough. I must be less for you be more, in such a great presence he did him honor by humbling himself in his presence. In so doing it is not the entity that came and hugged and kissed him, but rather He from on high came down from his platform and became a humble servant to that of us who works through him. Thousands of years the great art of revelation has been handed down from master to master. A master knows the other master. And since the beginning this particular religion teaches that when the master is there revealed in the flesh, one must recognize and do homage to the presence of the Buddha. If you do not know that we chose him to speak through, we, the force, has chosen his body to speak through it. Does not that make it a temple to us? Does that not make it our house? So therefore we chose him from the beginning of his birth. He has been faithful for 52 years for us to be speaking through his vehicle. What then do you think this master spiritual leader of the monk religion saw in Tom. He saw a kindred spirit.

IS: I also perceived, what I think is a lifetime that they had together, is that correct?

Forces: The entity, yes, but also they existed in the Lassa together. The entity was there with him.

IS: Both of them there Tibetan at that time?

Forces: In Lassa together.

IS: The lifetime I perceived with the entity is Chinese?

Forces: The entity was Confucius.

IS: And did he save the lives of the whole monastery with the former master?

Forces: In his magic of the Chinese mystic, he did.

IS: I did see today then Confucius then?

Forces: You saw him manifest in the flesh and he did manifest the sacred tears of mercy which marked the entity’s eyes with flames of streaks. For only those who perceived the flame saw the mark of the flame of mercy in the entity.

IS: Thank you. You mention that Texas is going to be safe, is it completely going to be untouched?

Forces: Completely.

IS: Is that the only state that’s going to be safe.

Forces: The reason why Texas is safe is the entity spent a year and 6 months more or less meditating in the center of Texas, radiating it with the sacred words of healing. Knowing the future, he planted the seed to protect that land.

IS: Should we get some property there?

Forces: If you wish.

IS: Thank you, the surrounding nations at this point that surround Israel, the Arabs, the Iraqi, Egyptian, the Palestinians, are any of them, let’s say the Palestinians, are they the same names from any of the tribes that Joshua did not eliminate?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Which ones, which ones are the Palestinians?

Forces: Palestinians would be considered that which Joshua was told to destroy and did not, they were the tall ones.

IS: The Anakim?

Forces: Correct.

IS: So those were the Mountain people or were they the Hebronites or the Jebusites?

Forces: We would consider them the mountain people.

IS: Any other remnants?

Forces: We would have the nethons, the nethenfort, nethenzorites, and the zonuts, which are considered those of the valleys. (listen)

IS: Today which ones?

Forces: Libya.

IS: Libya? Are the desert people, the Bedouins, are they descendants of Ishmael?

Forces: We find it to be so.

IS: And any of the other Arabs, are they Esau?

Forces: Some are, we will go around the room with the questions.

ES: Thank you for helping me with the job for today. And really the service — for the morning meditation, would it be a good thing if we start some chanting, the one that T has taught?

Forces: Yes.

ES: And you want to start with it.

Forces: You start, many does not matter.

ES: Thank you very much.

JA: Thank you for the new job, and I just want to know is there anything I need to do to complete my relationship with Linda finish all that off in a proper way.

Forces: Cordial and polite.

JA: Thank you very much; it has been an easy transition from you and from Tom.

Forces: You asked us what you should do, we told you to be patient and wait, and you got through it by that same principle being patient and waiting, sometimes the ride is as you speak it, the ride is as it is being said, sometimes the ride is the process of the ride, sometimes one doesn’t know that they’re on a ride.

NN: Is the pain I’m having in my feet is it Arthritis.

Forces: You could blame it for that.

NN: Thank you.

Forces: Sometimes it is good to take a ball and just keep rolling it, the energies sometimes gets blocked in those areas.

NN: So take a ball and roll my foot on the ball?

Forces: Yes.

NN: Thank you very much.

J: In a recent session you talked about, I thought you were relating something to do with bringing the light and the spirit to beings within the earth that might be alien or might be a hybrid of alien and man and because they did not have the soul or the spirit it had to do something with mission of the souls that came into the earth 144,000, I thought there was a hint of something like that that you were spelling out. Is that correct or could you explain that a little?

Forces: There’s some aspects of bringing in the light or igniting the light of the torch to certain dark creatures, this is a possibility that happens through the chanting and praying and the moving of self.

J: Is it the type of thing that we look at that so and so is bringing light to other souls, is this a vast thing that encompasses millions of souls in the earth or is that partly what the missions of enlightened souls throughout the ages has been about?

Forces: We wouldn’t say millions of soul carry the light, only a few, it only takes a few, a few, a few, then there will follow to suit what you say, millions of souls catch the light.

J: That alien influence is that an underlying thing throughout the souls that don’t have the light throughout the earth.

Forces: It can be applied to that yes.

J: Thank you and at this point there seem to be so many more people that are asking questions now, either about information seeking someone or guidance or having abilities themselves or else they’re looking for some place, what do we do? What would be the best thing to do, bring them to Tom?

Forces: You can’t bring them to a fire hydrant.

J: Thank you.

D: Certain fears, seems like every once in a while I go into these fear things, can’t get out of then I take certain things will help, you told me I helped myself before, can you give me more guidance with that?

Forces: We will put a special metal door in front of those fears to block them from coming down or in or through.

D: Could you say where they come from or would that be negative so, is it a past life, something I did?

Forces: It is called the anxiety rush, everything coming at you at once, but again it is just a concept, a door will prevent that from happening.

D: Is it all right to take that certain things I take?

Forces: That is up to you.

D: It won’t hurt what you do?

Forces: It won’t touch us we don’t take it.

D: I asked this one a long time ago and I don’t remember the answer, about being, it’s in the Kabbalah as far as being on the end of the right, is that where I am?

Forces: Let us say you’re in the right place, how’s that?

D: That’s not exactly it; in the end will I be on the end of the right?

Forces: If you want to be on the end of the right you’ll be in the right place.

D: I want to be on the end of the right.

Forces: Then you’ll be on the end of the right.

D: Thank you very much.

A: Thank you so much for coming in. This plan I’ve had for the last couple days to spend a few months in New York at my Grandmothers house, while I’m getting ready for the law school test and then to come back to Nelson county to work and live until I go to law school is that a good plan?

Forces: We don’t find any problems with that.

A: Is it going against you not to try and go to Europe?

Forces: No, we’ll go to Europe ourselves.

A: Also, I think I’ve always had a problem with daydreaming too much, could you give me some guidance on that?

Forces: Daydreaming is going into the other dimension and getting absorbed in it. Sometimes its good to visit that and come right back. We will prevent you from daydreaming too much if you want.

A: Yes thank you.

Forces: We’ll put a lock on it and when you enter in we’ll give you a few minutes and when the timer goes off the muffins come out.

A: Thank you very much.

IS: Is there a better thing for the entity A how to, what to do, where, when?

Forces: Where, what to do, when.

IS: Meaning, as she has said that to go to her grandmothers and then come to Nelson County or is should she, which school should she go best, what’s best, in that direction?

Forces: You give us many questions.

IS: I just want one, what is the best for A to do?

Forces: It is best for her to do what she, is what she is being led to do, that will turn out to be the best, everything is in order.

IS: Thank you, how much thyroid should I or can I take a day?

Forces: How much are you taking?

IS: Well I was supposedly taking 1 milligram a day and I started taking a little bit more and I don’t know whether that’s right? And the Potassium?

Forces: The potassium is open to whatever you want.

IS: Is there any help that you can give (DD) that he’s undertaking to work in the bathroom?

Forces: He will do fine. We’ve sent in masons to help him on the etheric level to guide him through it. No problem — piece of shower.

IS: Is there anyone else here that can help?

Forces: Anyone who wants to. He’ll be doing fine. You can’t have 3 men in the tub. Rub a dub dub.

IS: Should I order that large…

Forces: Order it.

IS: Or the small one?

Forces: Whatever your heart’s fancy.

IS: I just want the right one. I don’t…

Forces: We find the large one will serve well too.

IS: Thank you. The cat — the black and white cat — is that the cat you sent us?

Forces: Yeah, we did. We might not have done the right thing. [Laughter] What you have to understand — the cat has been sent to protect the place. It’s an edict. And the cat protects the etheric level from that of anything that would do harm to the house. That’s why you have cats galore to your other side. But we’re not asking you to be cat people. But it is part of the temple. A cat is always surrounding the temple from the beginning of time. It is the etheric presence that the cats are instinctively aware to protect the presence of God. That is why cats are in the earth. They protect that temple of God. You will find lots of cats in some temples in the East, that are there because the protect that presence of energy. And lets put it a different way. The cat is drawn to the energy, and they know their place. It’s like the entity had said: he ordered the cat be left alone and be an outside cat. Well if you look at the cat now, he’s very comfortable. He sits there under the order, as though it too had heard it. So just as you had seen cats come and go because of the presence of the temple. And that is the presence of the cat.

IS: Bob also tried very hard to be accepted here. He’s dead now — correct?

Forces: We never say that. Cats have 9 lives.

IS: Well, he’s no longer in this dimension?

Forces: Try to find him.

IS: My throat doesn’t seem to get any better. Is there anything I can do?

Forces: Well, of course the gargle with iodine would help — very light solution. And of course the time of what would be called the castor oil packs around the throat. Otherwise, it will gradually get better and better.

IS: Will it really go away?

Forces: We just said that.

IS: Why is it such a long-term thing?

Forces: Because it is a long term.

IS: I keep feeling like there is more to the story.

Forces: In what way?

IS: Well, since it started when I got that cold, and I took the drops, and nothing before that has happened, and nothing has helped it ever since. So I feel that there’s been another factor here that has affected me.

Forces: Well, there’s also an allergic effect that’s going on that you never experienced before, and that’s causing some conflicts on that feeling.

IS: And it started with that cold?

Forces: Well not actually. People wake up and are allergic to everything. One morning they aren’t, next morning they are. This is the way it works.

IS: So why won’t it go away? Will my allergies go away?

Forces: We will work with you.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: At this point…

IS: One more question… I need a big question. Can I ask it? About my psychic work?

Forces: We’re still here.

IS: Thank you. It’s a big question. Number 1, is my voice somehow connected to — maybe I’ve done something wrong with that?

Forces: You have those feelings, and the entity talked to you the other night about putting those feelings behind you. He showed you how to do it. And you’re absolved of any quilt.

IS: So today, have I done any harm?

Forces: We do not see this.

IS: With my psychic work — how do I best continue with it, with the people — to give them the information?

Forces: The entity told you how to do it.

IS: And will I see clearer? I couldn’t see…

Forces: Eventually it will work and you will see more and more. The more you do, the more you’ll see. The more you see, the more you’ll do. Greetings to all here present now…

Group: Our Father, Who art in the heavens…