Session 617-1/1/97

Forces-Greetings to all here present now. We are in the area and we see the matter of course of the fluids and paint and painting it with just a semblance of variance. It’s a very interesting element. We have the different variances and subjects to be called on. We also see that the sausage of 4 hours and whose going be… We find many areas of wanting to build. But the most simplest of all areas is the building this… [long pause] We have a lift off; we have this dream coming in and we find that there are other ships approaching the earth and many changes and many things to develop this level. We find that there will be tremendous changes and difference in the beginning of this year. There are many troubled spots within the country. Australia and we will have Hong Kong. Many things with Hong Kong would be good at the onset. But you must keep an open mind and this; this will be a rewarding time for you. It is or as we speak the hope and joy of this moment. We will also find many earthquakes to come–at least six into the California area. Therefore I would suggest that with all these gifted individuals we find ourselves in different patches for its existence. We find also that there are many swords in the fire and many enlightening moments within the fire. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in at this moment in time. Is the entity okay?

Forces: For the moment we find this to be so.

IS: Am I sitting in the right place?

Forces: We find this to be so.

IS: How is my health?

Forces: We find this to be fine.

IS: Thank you. Is there anything for this group that could be given for this coming New Year?

Forces: This is a area in which many changes will be coming. As far as leading people to spiritual purposes. Ah, you have enjoyed a meal on the 27th. And in such doing there are words and the calmness in these words. But there are many different powers and struggling forces within these uprisings. Question.

IS: The things you used right now as a metaphor.

Forces: The uprising deals with many people who are receiving information but will find themselves shortly into their own development. Much powerful in its own element. We find also that in this patiently awaiting for the changes to come, these two individuals wakes up the changes and stirs the force, you know there are changes everywhere.

IS: The reception is very…

Forces: We are following courses within our own area. And locked into a frequency that will be the best for this particular information.

IS: I didn’t quite understand the information for the group.

Forces: We will move on now. Question.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

ER: Was the information received over the phone this afternoon about the parasitic, parasite, therapy, would that be something we should look into or order any?

Forces: You could look into and order up to you. Question.

DD: The questions I ask in Egypt about the projective geometry being in the Book of Formation and also being in the ten Luminous Emanations–is that correct?

Forces: Yes.

DD: So, can I ask you what is the ark ship? You said one of the planets is the ark ship–is the planet Earth like I was thinking?

Forces: It is considered an ark ship in itself.

DD: Was it an actual ship of Zeus like the one that bounced off another planet?

Forces: Yes. It was just…

DD: So that would be the Earth?

Forces: We would say so.

DD: Thank you.

JSW: When the Hale Bopp comet comes in what will be the, what will be the visible things for us to see with them coming in?

Forces: Oh, you would have to be blind not to see it. The tail from fifteen to twenty or this big.

JSW: Will the comet itself break open or will it be released through another way, the… things inside?

Forces: Repeat the question.

JSW: The comet itself will that break open for us to see or will…

Forces: Some say it has broken open already. Others say no. But the greatest chance for it to happen is introducing brown as the workaholic.

JE: What caused the TWA flight to crash this summer?

Forces: The government is trying to shoot down a UFO existence and went too far and hit her.

IS: Was there not a bomb on that plane?

Forces: A laser by another ship.

JE: Thank you.

JU: Can you give me guidance for the coming year?

Forces: It has already been given. (——-).

JU: Thank you. And the way I’m doing the Psalms and the pattern I’m doing them, is that good, will that work?

Forces: We suggest patience. And calming yourself. In so doing, you will find an additional strength. But most of all, wait and listen so you can be given answers. And such, the answers will give you guidance. These guidance’s will be able to anchor you and direct you to where you need to be. The songs of Psalms should be read. And in so doing you will have that focus or well developed.

JU: Thank you. Can you give the reason that (LH) killed himself?

Forces: It was an accident. It wasn’t meant to be. It was just one of those things of going too far. It was totally; he did not know he was over the other side until he saw himself from a distance. Question.

JU: Thank you.

NN: The person who is going to replace Mark, will it be somebody that I’ll be able to work with okay?

Forces: We would say yes. Question.

NN: Thank you.

ME: What will be in store for me at the job this year?

Forces: There will be a lot of networking with people and understanding the spirit and making them evolve in it. It is more like an inner growth for many who have never grown before.

ME: Thank you.

DE: I would like an affirmation if I may for the year during my meditation.

Forces: Lord, allow me to be still, so I could hear thy voice.

DE: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

JW: What’s the significance of the presence of the Hale Bopp comet coming to Earth?

Forces: Return of the comet that was from the time of Moses. And all the particular problems at that time resurfacing again. Question.

JW: And what can we do to face those problems?

Forces: Prayer and the meditation and the guidance in this discussions. Question.

IS: I didn’t understand before, is there a way that you could give more understand for the coming year for this group?

Forces: It’s more of an enlightening and illumination–to those who need of it.

IS: Any personal information for me?

Forces: That you would have many days of leading those on a dream and spirit level they may get to understand the concept of these being so closely related. Question.

IS: And the dinner tomorrow, is everything…

Forces: We would be manifested through it. Question.

ER: My sister had several dreams now about my mother going to a house where my father’s at–will she be passing on in the next few years?

Forces: There is a likely chance. But then, we see her four years in the making. So there is some sort of protection. Question.

ER: Thank you very much.

JSW: In understanding the prophecies that are coming forward the anti-christ, it’s his fortieth birthday this year so now will he become head of his family and start to become more noticeable and…

Forces: He will find himself more involved in areas he thought he would never be involved in.

JSW: Will he become politically visible?

Forces: More and less of a political value, he will be campaigning to.

JSW: Campaigning for his own or for others?

Forces: Well there will be others too, with him.

JSW: Can we know what section he will be in?

Forces: We will.

JE: Is there something I’m touching that makes my hands crack or is it something else altogether different?

Forces: There is a great deal of electrical force coming from the areas of electricity. It is not the electricity that cracks the hands; it is the energy that emanates from those who are in doing such involved. The emerald is very, very interesting. In such all books are carried by such.

IS: Are you telling him he should wear an emerald?

Forces: Well that would help. But also the emerald rays and also the questioning of putting hot items next too or holding of such hot items next to the skin.

JE: Thank you.

DD: Is the earth itself or was it that ship that we talked about that the one God had–was it a ship that became dead in orbit and became a planet.

Forces: More or less it became a planet by standing still in its own sphere.

DD: But was it an actual, what we call an actual spaceship before it became a planet?

Forces: It was more of a living ark ship.

DD: Which one, which planet was the ark ship?

Forces: It is of a nature called the bio-system. Question.

JU: Atlantis. In terms of our now understanding more about ships and other alien invasions, how does that relate to the destruction and evolutions of Atlantis–what really happened there, in terms of alien ships?

Forces: We would say they were buried in many strategic places only to be rediscovered this year coming. To remind man of their commitment.

JU: Question on… On the, there’s a tendency in all the government laws and things that are being passed and more things coming through somebody like the Clinton administration that’s supposed to be liberal, but there’s a constant trend toward limiting total control and limiting liberties of people.

Forces: We would say that Clinton in his own powers is no longer idealistic but being made to be in control. He is being controlled by the World Order.

JU: Is he aware of it?

Forces: He’s made the pack with them already.

JU: Thank you.

NN: When Jesus gave the apostles the power to cast out all devils, was that a finite number of devils?

Forces: We would say all is in a group or analysis of many. This is a finite number of things.

NN: Is it the same as the names — same number of names of God?

Forces: It was or the same concept, not the same names. Many different concepts, but not the same names. We will materialize and manifest ourselves and feel our presence here in the morning for that which you would have your own food eating. We have centered ourselves around this house at this very moment. All forces and all stations will be represented through here in this thy New Year. We will guide you and direct you. The year is what would be considered not that of without a year, but that which is important. Question.

IS: Thank you.

Q: Are the beings, [?] sees in his vision, good or bad?

Forces: The different structures and dimensions. You will see that all things are according to that which is necessary and needed. At this point we will have to leave. But we have spoken to you in many direct and indirect ways with that of which the last army. You have summoned her so she will not have to eat by herself. We find many different changes in her magic and in her strength. We will find these people walking through the space in which you reside. Innocent people who do not know but are being turned on and by these individuals for the spiritual purposes.

Alice: How can John and Jenny N. win the lawsuit and when?

Forces: This is a very interesting question but there are times when if it is to be a winning proposition then the distance between this and the car must be enacted.

JW: So are they going to win?

Forces: There is a question of winning. It is not a winning that they’ll be doing. More-so settling and paying in the interest a question the lawyer has to come to this with. All things will come to pass on this.

IS: Is L. F. going to win?

Forces: We find this to be true. Question.

IS: The Session tonight has been for me with alot of, more mysteries, not clear to my mind…

Forces: There are many mysteries in our hearts.

IS: When these things are revealed as usually they do, will I be a happy person or a sad person?

Forces: You will be very busy and being, joying and happy.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: All questions, all greetings, all knowledge is of this moment a New Year.

IS: Thank you.

Forces: Yes.

Q: Many I have an affirmation?

Forces: Lord, in thy light I beg to understand thy ways. Show me thy way that I might fulfill the light.

Q: Thank you.

Forces: In this, we all must leave. But only to be hovering above this house for this and the next day. So we manifest ourselves through you all. All greetings, power, amen.

Group: Our Father, who art in the heaven…