Session 618-10/15/97

Session 618 10/15/97Greetings to all here present now. We are in this area and have traveled many places/times. The whole Earth is now set for the final stage. The entity has traveled in different places setting the coordinates and the energy grid marks as planned exactly. We had utilized this movements around the world to get ready for the great anchoring. We have not been here for quite some time and the reason for this is the supervisory empire of the CORONATION and EXTRONY of the Galaxy 489. This Galaxy’s marked 489 in the grid/star galactical map. 489 is in existence for many millions of years. The earth is a tripogony of existence. We have walked with you many, many years. We have trained you and guided you over the years. We have prepared you for the very same three years to come. It is the trilateral COLINCOR CORSDIS or the three top cornea or the eyes of the three or the concave X. More or less, the three points of convecture. The three arc points are converging at this very moment. It is the greatest power of every millennium. And they are focused within its con-venture of convex. That is the three line/linear trisecting and forming a what would be called the point of a Star of David. We have many different forces and fields that are going to split the — what would be called — the second sub direction. Every force and energy of its field has many different splitting elements which happens only on a certain point. It’s like a acorn or walnut that falls from a tree and splits open at a certain point. We have many different elements and concepts and different directions to speak about. It will take time to explain all to every. And not every is all. That is there are some thoughts here that will be far beyond people’s grasp. It sounds like and even looks like, but instinctively everyone in this room and the rooms around have all the awareness of the presence of IDUS. IDUCE is that element that is ready and focused within its own course. We have many different directions and focuses that are what we call the implement of the knowledge. Therefore for the next three years will be years of classic — what would be understood as — test and chalice. Not only to this place but all those in this area. But this cloud formation that is making a premature, is not a cloud formation but is us in the presence. You have many different safeguards all around; and many have the aspect of the safeguards to direction you. But remember, there are many different forms, many different ways of perceiving, many different icons and many different symbols. You are now in its own element – the element of knowing and sharing. We are now ready for your questions.

IS: Thank you for coming in. And why did we have such a hard time to get out from Rome?

Forces: There is a lock-down in existence and it is on the other side they did not want you to leave — for they finally realized that you were there and moving from place to place was a force of camouflage to the other side. So they tried to get what would be considered their own presence.

IS: So, what would it have benefited the other side for us to stay in Rome?

Forces: It would not benefit the other side at all. It is they that would like you to leave.

IS: Oh, so we should have stayed longer?

Forces: It is not for the other side to benefit, it is they who wanted you to leave. What we are trying to say is that in leaving you have escaped them knowing and moving around in which you were, allowed you the flexibility to pick up vibrations and also to set them down. But at the same time to make arrangements that you can. And also doing it is the arrangement of listening. We have said that it is not the leaving of this group would be a combination of a success, but that our group will have the high ground while everyone is looking to the low ground. All this comes with many different usage — many different ways. But remember we will not forget the purpose or the wisdom that we have received here tonight. Not to make things complicated — as things do get complicated — especially when they are showing you your own shirt that you came in with. Remember the next three years are three years in decision-making. Those are the years of which will activate many different levels. Question.

IS: Thank you. Those blue rosaries — are they lost?

Forces: There is a question of misguiding of it. But eventually it will turn itself up.

IS: So it wasn’t left in Rome?

Forces: We don’t see it at such.

IS: Thank you.

JU: When — especially in the recent year or two — certain amounts of anxiety and stuff that I deal with, could you give me some help in how to control that; because it never was a problem for me before.?

Forces: Well, let us say it was an anxiety factor that you’ve always dealt with. It was a problem before, but not as to the scale in which you think you have it now. But in all reality, it is anxiety that you have been with for a while. You need to focus on your own meditations and you also need to calm yourself down. Also, being along in many different Churches of worship by yourself will give you a calming energy field that you looking for. But, basically the forces of the different guidance of different prayers of Churches of different buildings — one could be less, one could be more — but the lesser you will be not attracted to is the more the out coming. But again, anxiety we all have. But in the praying and in the chanting and in the saying of the Rosary, this anxiety will dissipate more and more.

JU: Thank you. And um, in terms of music and energy that comes from music how can — there seems to be tremendous effects sometimes that even when you don’t have the energy to do something where music can effect your energy levels, could reenergize, could wake you up or whatever — how does that work or why does that happen?

Forces: Why music effects the waking up process of those who are asleep?

JU: The energy level, just during the course of the day — how it can totally change the energy level…

Forces: It is different notes and different levels of octaves of sound. The very nature of listening to sound is a healing nature. Some, as you would consider, grate on your nerves. Others are melodic — and you can handle that. All these things in how we move in time and space for what you did. So, therefore, even though one is relatively asleep, in the same household, it could still be one who is wide-awake. Music has a field of connecting the minds eyes with what would be considered as peaceful state. Having it at different levels is very important, too. But music has always been a universal language to all nations.

JU: Thank you.

ER: Thank you. Can you guide me in what would be the thing for me to watch out for the next three years — something that would strengthen my commitment and resolve?

Forces: Remember one thing, it is easier to look upon those who do not do that which you think should be done. But remember, that is not your turn. Best to do what you need to do every moment. And the right reaction will come forward. But remember one thing. A job that you do have is not an easy job. For there are many people who need what would be considered a life-long doll-like existence of… [Inaudible]

ER: Thank you very much.

ME: What things can we continue to do for those people that Tom give’s, or the things that you give us to give to them, is there anything particular?

Forces: Let us have your question and the meet of it.

ME: What would you give to us to give to other people, specifically, who are coming for our help, probably not knowing what’s happening or aware of the things that are going on.

Forces: Sometimes the very simple and natural two words — Thank You.

ME: Thank you.

Forces: As far as knowing what’s going on, that’s a gradual element of truth. But it is best in this particular case, and the weather in its own entirety, we can move on through other areas of the Northeast.

JSW: The heating with El Nino, how soon is that going to start affecting the area around here, and are their any things that we should prepare for.

Forces: Remember, this is an underwater effect. You will see many rays of the moon tonight — illustrating many different qualities. But what I do not understand is why people would have such a stupid way of dealing with tickets. Can’t you try to eradicate the person who’s in there [Inaudible]

JSW: Thank you.

IS: Could we have a little bit more explanation on that?

Forces: Which one?

IS: The answer to JW question — what JW just said.

Forces: Well, leading away from the King, and sleeping those things in Egypt.

DD: The seven-tribe groups that you talked about to Dr. Dee — were they the same as the seven tribe groups that you talked about in the session with the aliens?

Forces: We find them to be the same.

DD: Also the ten rules of projective geometry were they the same as the Ten Sephiroth?

Forces: Yes.


Forces: Well, we do have a positive note that is the willingness of these — the Higher Forces as you call them — to be the Empires of this whole galaxy.

IS: Thank you.

NN: What the entity said about when we die and not looking towards the light but looking away from the light, does that change anything as far as meditation how we’re supposed to focus on the light — is there anything different with that?

Forces: The only reason why you were instructed not to look or focus on the light, is you surely will die.

IS: Is what?

Forces: That you surely will die. Looking onto the light is not a positive thing, it is something that would be considered the Arab nation has taken over that… In one respect this could be good… [Inaudible]

IS: We can barely hear, is there a way to get…

Forces: We’re still speaking; we haven’t changed what and how we spoke at the beginning.

IS: Should we continue?

Forces: Repeat?

IS: Should we continue with the question?

Forces: Oh yes, we’re getting everywhere fast.

IS: Could we have a little bit more explanation about looking towards the light or not going towards the light?

Forces: Repeat.

IS: Could we have a little bit more understanding about why we should not look towards the light when we pass on?

Forces: You have not been programmed for that side of the brain (and sight of that kind of light…?)

IS: We don’t; we can’t hear what is being said. Is there something that’s blocking?

Forces: Not that we know of. [Inaudible] Important to the circuit and important to the development of what is to come.

IS: Why should we not look towards the light?

Forces: You’ve never been instructed… [inaudible] Question.

IS: Um, could we re-ask the same question again?

Forces: Yes, knock yourself out.

IS: But could we get an answer, we can’t hear the answer.

Forces: What question you want to ask.

IS: Why should we not look towards the light when we go across? When we die, why should we not look towards the light?

Forces: Because it’s a recycling zone.

NN: Also, with meditation — when we meditate though — still we should focus on the light as we did before?

Forces: Yeah, that will help.

NN: Thank you.

JE: Why is 1947 when sort of considering everyone started discussing aliens, when they’ve been here forever, what was the significance of ’47?

Forces: The names, so much more made it together, mathematically in each one has their own mathematical side. Question.

IS: Could we get an answer, should we re-ask the last question? Is there a reason why things are coming through so difficult?

Forces: Many different barriers to go through when reconnecting with the entity. You have the force of God in which he dwells upon us, and will deliver us, in right time. We have a pit stop out of nowhere, so remember one thing, girls in this bathroom to your left, guys to this bathroom – it doesn’t work. But, tars and coins do not work in America. Therefore we transfer the bones of the traveller into that of a mess.

IS: is there a way to make clearer the information coming through?

Forces: Occasionally, once the initial conversation is had that you’ll see what is here.

IS: We can barely understand.

Forces: What we’re trying to say is, we will try to make the exit as best as we can. Only after reviewing of the soul.

IS: Is it because the entity ate before the session?

Forces: He didn’t eat anything.

IS: Oh.

Forces: And if he did, we’ll deny it. [Inaudible] Question.

IS: Should (JE) re-ask his question?

Forces: Yeah, why not, nothing to loose?

JE: Why was 1947 significant when all of a sudden aliens became a big issue — when they’ve been here forever, what was significant of ’47?

Forces: It is the whole government to pile up information, so that when it is ready to be offered, they’ll be on top of it with the information side.

JE: And why was I born in ’47?

Forces: Because you weren’t born in ’46.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: ’47 is a powerful year. It is a year that would put a great deal of strength and the opportunity and the inner focusing of the Higher Forces — in which of course are here speaking tonight.

JE: Thank you.

Forces: Question.

IS: Was there any reason why in ’47 is when…

Forces: ’47 is called the pivot year or the door of entry. All souls born in ’47 are entering into the door or the pivot entry from another galaxy.

JE: What galaxy?

Forces: This is called the Orion galaxy — the Orion Empire.

IS: And those space aliens were they from this Earth or were they…

Forces: They were from the Earth; they got paid their wages as farmers.

IS: The space people that showed up in ’47?

Forces: The what people?

IS: I don’t know what to call them: entities. The ones that showed up at Roswell.

Forces: I didn’t know anyone showed up but the people who were involved with the experiment. As far as we can see, this is what was going on.

IS: What was going on? There were no aliens; there was just government experiment?

Forces: No the controlling, altering, fixing, planning and working with the aliens and trying to get the information that they’re willing to give. But remember that we are the watchers and empires of the universe, we don’t get involved on the hot water, or sexual, or what would be called rejuvenation in the design plan of all existence. This powerful day and also entry is very, very conducive and has tremendous power to those involved.

IS: But why all of a sudden did they show up in ’47; all of a sudden it became a known thing. Why wasn’t it…

Forces: We knew the computer has different ways — we don’t know the day or the week — we honestly could not help you.

IS: Is there a better way for us to understand the answer to that question…

Forces: What question?

IS: Why the aliens became an issue in 1947, since they were here…

Forces: Because of a treaty that was signed and now they’re beginning to look at the treaty and say does it make any sense.

IS: Oh, so what you’re saying is that it was the first time there was an actual treaty between the government — these humans — and these aliens, is that correct?

Forces: Um-hum.

IS: So, it became known not because they were or were not here, but simply because there was finally a treaty, an actual treaty.

Forces: Yes, signed with Eisenhower.

IS: Right, but there were treaties before, like thousands of years ago with some kings or something, also, was there or not?

Forces: Yes, so why don’t we go into the synagogue and experience this.

IS: Thank you. Also, why did I get so sick on this trip?

Forces: It put you into a defensive mode, but it’s also to help you make the transition easily.

IS: Which transition?

Forces: The transition from one experience of the beginning of the group to the new experience you will meet with a certain part of the group.

IS: For the what part of the group?

Forces: What would be considered the — rest of it is called — the using of it when one finds… [inaudible] Back to your empire.

IS: I don’t understand.

Forces: What we’re trying to say is that there’s a reason and we can go back and take a left turn and [Inaudible]

IS: Ah, did I have any lifetime in Italy?

Forces: Yes.

IS: When.

Forces: This part is remained…

IS: We are not able to understand.

Forces: These are the brown stones that… Question.

IS: Can I repeat the question?

Forces: Yes, anytime.

IS: But we’re having a hard — we are not hearing anything.

Forces: Well, we try out best, if you do not hear it, then it is not meant to be heard by you. Question.

IS: Okay, so I should ask that question again, is that correct?

Forces: Well we don’t know what you’re trying to say now.

IS: Did I have a lifetime in Italy?

Forces: Yes.

IS: What time what age?

Forces: 1630.

IS: Anything particular? Or just another…

Forces: Very strong-willed individual.

IS: Woman or man?

Forces: Man. But we would expect that it will not form itself off.

IS: It will not what?

Forces: You will not deviate from the course in this particular case.

IS: Thank you.

JU: Um, just a question on — if you could give me some guidance — for the coming period, this year.

Forces: Remember that this year is the beginning of the test in which people will be asked to do things that they traditionally do not want to be bothered. But if you take a look at this there will be some… [Inaudible]

JU: Thank you.

ER: Could you tell us if the entity Ian Wilson, is he a reptilian that’s been walking among the humans and helping in that aspect for a long time?

Forces: Repeat your question.

ER: The entity Ian Wilson; he was involved with helping write the Montauk Books…

Forces: Yes.

ER: And apparently some books about the Shroud of Turin. He seems to pop up everywhere.

Forces: Yeah and the next place he could pop up is Chile.

ER: Is where?

Group: Chile.

ER: Is he a reptilian?

Forces: Question.

ER: Is the entity Ian Wilson human or a reptilian?

Forces: There are times when he is of an extraterrestrial focus and other times just a normal body.

IS: So what is his true self?

Forces: It.

IS: It?

Forces: Question.

ER: Thank you.

ME: Can I have some guidance for the next coming days or months?

Forces: We have come to the end of the explanation of this category. [Inaudible]

IS: Can ME ask his question?

Forces: Yes.

ME: Can you give me some guidance on the year to come?

Forces: It is up to you in your own prayer and private time and your own meditation. Remember the planets and the bodies that are there before you are there because they do not want to bow down to anyone.

ME: Thank you.

IS: So that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

Forces: We consider it a good thing.

IS: It’s a good thing?

Forces: Yes.

IS: Okay.

JSW: The prophets all seem to have a reptilian nature, as we start to study more and more of them, is this — would this be a human/reptilian cross and would that be the immaculate conception of the abduction thing?

Forces: We would say so but they break all the violations anyhow.

JSW: So is humanity itself still a reptilian nature?

Forces: Well it is and it isn’t. One comes from the constellation of Orion as peacemakers in this galaxy. At this point if there are no other question.

IS: Yeah, I have a question. What was the spaceship — was that a spaceship that we say through the airplane window? The shadowy thingy, cigar-shaped?

Forces: We see no problem with that. Question.

IS: Who were they? They seemed like intent, if they were a spaceship, they seemed like intent on their own business — really totally…

Forces: Well the table is relatively new compared to the seat.

IS: Do what? Do what?

Forces: When the conditions in which we would speak through, is rather good.

IS: When will that be?

Forces: Sooner than you think. At this point we will be leaving but we will speak to you again. Hang onto these principles and try to drive them home as best as you can. Greetings to all here present now.

Group: Our Father, who art in the Heavens…